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tv   Morning Blend  ABC  November 18, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>>. ?? . >> it is friday morning, everyone. >> two comedy sets are playing there tonight and tomorrow. we'll tell you who a little b. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> how are we doing? >> it is chilly. it is cold in the studio. >> i saw my breath this morning. >> what did it look like? >> i didn't sign up for this. people don't think it gets cold in vegas. it was cold this morning. >> all of the people that came to vacation. they brought their bathing suits. no, there will be none of that.
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>> baby update? >> phone here, not ringing. a check from a doctor saying and i quote, if there's no baby by thanksgiving she will induced 8 p.m. thanksgiving night. we will, maybe, have a thanksgiving baby. in that case i will put in a turkey pan. and take a photo? >> just so show, it is >> that could be really cute. i dare you to follow through and do that. i will stop at the oven. >> little bit nervous. i get nervous watching people do things and this is a big thing that she is about to do. i'm really excited. >> what about you? >> maybe i'm nervous for you, buddy. >> i have the easy part. >> that's right. i have gained more weight than
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i don't know. it has been bad. [laughter.] >> too much. >> oh my god. >> yesterday i was down in downtown summer land, get all of the preparations for tonight. it kicks off at 6 o'clock, and second holiday parade that goes throughout the downtown. >> they are pulling out all of the stops. >> it is pretty awesome. >> they have santa claus. and egloo. and it holds santa? >> the little cove. >> the ice rink. >> tell me about the ice rink. >> it is called the rock rink. >> are you a great skater? >> i'm a great ice skater. >> let's do it. >> tuesday night, over the next
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will have pet photos with santa, 7-9. i will be there. i'm all about getting my photograph with santa. >> santa knows that bones is what the dog wants. there's a tree lighting ceremony, and after that tonights there's going to be presenting a check to make a wish nevada, courtesy by downtown summer land. >> they will have a lighting later in december. >> there's a lot going on. you have to go online and check it all out. >> it reminds little bit of disney. it is like, it -- well, having a parade is bananas. and i saw it during the daylight hours. and during the night, it transforms. it is incredible. the ice rink is magical. >> i love it.
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things like that. i put up my christmas tree. are you feeling it? it is early, i know. >> are you in the spirit? we want to know. are you listening to binge crosby. >> we have links online, mix 94 -- i almost said mix 94. morning i have s >> carmine's is offering a thanksgiving meal, and you don't have to go to the west side of manhattan to get it. and michael is here. >> how are you? >>. great. fantastic. >> look what you brought in. >> we do it only one, we do it big, large, the wow factor.
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>> how many servings is that? >> it will feed up to 6 people. >> that's one portion at carmine's all of the time. >> i get a massive head. >> you order the lasagna. >> this is the porter house for you and me. >> thanksgiving is around the corner. >> we brought in 250 turkeys, that's the feed the 9 private dining rooms and off sight catering for this. -- site catering. >> you have to come back to the loading dock. >> is that what you are saying? >> that's how we do it on the east coast. >> that's funny. this is what i feel about carmine's with all of the people in vegas that is from the east coast.
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feel like you are at home. i love this place. >> we want you to feel like you are at home, like grandma's house. we have our regular menu, you can do to porter house, sea food. oh. >> honestly, you set it up earlier. you have this available for take-out as well. >> yes. what comes in the meal? pound turkey, mashed potato, sweet potatoing and stuffing, baby carrots and brussels sprouts, and a choice of pie. >> how do you recommend people order? >> i call and say i have 8 people? >> yes. call them and we ask you to pick your choice of pie at that time so we have enough to go around. >> what is the price?
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>> that's fantastic. that's easier than me trying to figure it all out. >> no dry food. >> no cooking, no cleaning. >> is that fast food open? >> hold these meatballs. >> what is your suggestion of a good >> come to carmine's and get it. [laughter.] have you private dining rooms, especially italian families we get big and loud. >> plenty of room. 10 people, 20 people. we can do up to 400 on the second floor. >> you have a new addition coming. we have a new addition coming. we will have barbecue.
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>> next year, virgil's at the link. >> we do pulled pork, breskette. >> and you say barbecue, it depends where you are from on how it should be done. try them all. >> they will bread. >> corn bread. colored greens, hickory smoked beans, homemade and cheese. >> you will be there? >> the other chef is going to be there. come over and eat. >> the execute chefs are good. >> that's true. >> speaking of his
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recommendations on pies? >> they are all good. >> i know they are all good. but it is hard to choose. >> apple. >> it is american. >> you have a traditional guy. >> located in forum shop at caesar's palace. if you do the shop, we are around the corner from the fountain. >> and there's >> i don't know about that. >> you go on frank sinatra. you think it is a loading dock. there's vip vallet. and i ruined it for everyone. it is great having you. to. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. thank you. >> it is a beautiful spread. >> this is killing me.
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carmine's, you can dine out, take in, or take out and dine in. [laughter.] >> you can call or go to the website on the scene. >> stay with us.
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>> pregnancy can be one of the most exciting things that a woman can experience. and as excited as expected moms can be to see their bundle of joy, you don't want your baby to come too early. how can you know the signs of premature labor? >> the doctor is here to tell us about that.
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a regular term pregnancy is. usually people say 9 months, it is closer to 10 months. >> it is closer to 10 month. any baby born before 37 week. up to your due date is full term. 3 or more weeks before their due date is considered premature. it is important to understand that a baby born be at risk for serious health risks, 28 weeks, 32 weeks, they have serious health concerns like infection, and developmental delay. >> you are worried about the health of the baby, and how often is a baby born premature? >> on average? 380 thousand premature
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it is declining because patients are a mora wear of the signs of -- more aware of the signs and symptoms of early labor. >> let's talk about that. it has to do with advances in medicine as well. >> absolutely. >> right. doctors like yourself to be able to community that the signs what they should look for. what are the signs and >> the big red flags, cramps, abdomen pain that occurs 10 minutes or closer together, and that becomes more and more severe. and look out for leakage from below, pains that goes from the back to the front. these are the signs. if there's concerns that you are going into labor early,
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history of premature delivery es, they are at risk for premature delivery. if you have concern about your body, pick up the phone and call your doctor, or go to the nearest delivery room. >> i have had friends who went to the doctor everyday every two weeks. not because something was wro, they want to make sure it is all good. >> and reducing the risk, what are some of the ways? >> the most important thing i tell my patients who are trying to get pregnant, once you get the missed period or get the positive test, you should get to the doctor right away. especially for women who have a history of premature delivery.
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delivery. sometimes it requires medication, and close watch. starting a prenatal vitamins, get rid of smoking, alcohol use, and getting rid of physical and emotional stressors is key. those measures can go a long way to prevent early delivery. >> is this something that you speak to any women, thi be something to watch for? >> absolutely. the number is declining every year. we need to educate our patients and need to know the signs and it is surprising for a lot of them, emotional and physical stress can cause early delivery. a healthy, well-balanced diet, and light exercise if your doctor recommends, and getting rid of the physical and emotional stressors.
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baby prematurely, what can they expect? >> you know, it is a stressful, and scary time for new parents of a premature baby. if determined that the baby needs to be to neonatal unit, that the parents have a clear open line of the team of doctors and nurses. the nicu well-meaning doctors and really have sympathy. but they need to take an active role, and be comfortable with the treatment and decision making. >> once the parents are able to bring the baby home after the nicu, what do you think is important for the parents to
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finally cleared to go home. they will be parting from the team of providers who were important in the baby's care. the care doesn't stop. they will have close follow-up that needs to be done. and limiting the amount of time that friends and family that comes in to see the little one. there are guidelines at and each baby is each individual situation, isn't it? >> yes. >> thank you. >> for more information and to schedule an appointment, call the number or go to the website on your screen. and they are on facebook and twitter. >> thank you very much. are you on facebook or twitter? you should like and follow us too. vegas morning
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. >> if you are a monty python fan, you have probably already bought your tickets for this. they are performing friday and saturday night. there are stories, and music, they have been performing on and off for four decades and they have released their 8th album. and they will do pop up tours. they will be at the bunk house. >> and after their songs were in the movie the walk to remember. they will perform november 23 at the house of blues. if you like to see the full list
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to ktn you moved and the reason why you moved there is because they were one of the first can cox giga blast. >> they are tiers of internet
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with giga blast you get up to 3000. it is roughly three times higher than their highest tier. 30 times faster, than other companies can provide. this is the faster stuff. >> i stopped by your house to take a look at how fast and how many things you can multitask. it is ridiculous. take a look. you moved to this place specifically to get cox giga blast. you are playing a video. >> it is 4 k video that they have. they are very large files that requires a lot of bandwidth. it is unbelievable the things i can watch all at the same time. >> what can you watch at the
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>> i'm scared. ?? >> pretty cool, right? ?? >> trying to put i perspective. i counted 12, 4k streams. you are not typically watching four things at once. >> typically, no. >> why is this important? >> i have my small business that i run with 3d printing and i'm a photographer and uploaded files at the same time and watching
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i have no digital tiling or nothing of that sort. >> you have 3d printer there. you model them, and paint them. and upload and people buy them from across the country, and all over the world. i skype with people from australia, talking about projects that people want me to do. it is important for me to have good internet and good contact. >> you have streaming the video, downloading all of these things. it is not just downloads. you think as a consumer, you watch things on youtube, people upload to youtube, and the cool thing is giga blast, the same speed going down, going up. it is super, super fast and for you and for your business it makes a lot of sense. >> it does. >> let's talk about the devices that are connected.
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connect to the wireless in my house. >> i counted 15-20. me, in my place alone. >> you have your wifi scale. and a water bottle that connects. why? >> it tracks how much water i drink. and if i'm water, it yelling at me and tells me to drink more water. >> the light bulbs are wifi, and smart devices and you have refrigerators that have full computers in them now. and listen to pandora while you are looking up a recipe. >> and you can play music. it seems to be where everything
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we were born a week away from each other in 1984. we are super nerds. i say that nicely. your cell phone, desk top, laptop, surround sound, the smart tv, everything is connected. all of that stuff trying to go down the same pipe, you need >> you need a lot of speed. it is like having, like, kind of like what you said, instead of the spaghetti bowl, it is the auto bon. >> i have been trying to break it. i haven't been able to. >> i have watched him. if i ever need to upload something, i will come straight to you. >> it is great having you. >> thank you.
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fastest internet data can cox, it will burn your eyebrows. >> i have a community, live to give is desserts in the desert. it is a sweet way to give back, and support families here in the value. go to old school
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switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month. that's the speed you need to stream... ...connect on social media... learn, shop and more with fast in-home wifi. so call 844-560-link. get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan and autopay. speed may not be available in your area. ay. ?? >>. >> shawn, that giga blast was awesome. >> i know. people of lass vegas will get
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leaner and their skin little bit of smooth. >> do you know why? >> the opening of medicine spa, and they have skin rejuvenation, and tattoo removal. >> sarah lopez is here. >> great to have you back. >> the grand opening, you have been in a preopening state. you shindig. >> it is coming. december 8. >> we are so excited, starts at 4:30, and it ends when it ends. >> [laughter.] that's the good part. it is a great event. food, and drinks and music, and most importantly we will have our staff will be there so the they can demonstrate on people. and all of the procedures that we feature as well as educating
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treatment care. >> it is excellent. it is a really fun night to go to. if you are interested in any of the features that you have offer. you have been gearing up for weeks. what are some of the procedures? >> everything, really. everything from sculpture. and micro needling and we are adding and changes procedures and adding to our menu. we tell people, educate yourself, and go and research whomever you are going to, research us. go on our website, make sure they know what they are doing, and credible. >> some companies say don't look anywhere else, come here. >> it is true. >> it is true. right off the gate you are supporting the community. >> yes. i'm not originally from las
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i was heavily involved in my community. i have been here for 6 years and vegas has been so great to me. as business owners we should be leaders and use that as a platform to give back. jessica and i were here, and we met some of the leaders of the st. jude group. they were telling us before -- i viewers know who they are, in case they don't. they rescue children from abusive and traumatic situations. i become so emotional, anyone that knows me know that i love children. and i said what can we do? let's do a toy drive. the holidays are coming. i can't imagine -- every kid deserves to open a gift.
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>> for sure. this is great. you have teamed up tw them. they have been around the vegas -- oh, we had -- we had a crash there. everyone is fine. they have been in the vegas area for 50-some years. i believe they are in bolder city. >> yes, they are. what are you looking for people tonate? >> unwrapped toys, from toddlers to teenagers. and contribute. there's only so much we can do. but if we get the community to contribute, we can impact their lives. i think about it, i wouldn't be where i am at today without the love and support of my family. these kids are coming from tragic backgrounds. it would mean so much. >> oh, sarah.
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items? >> 9:30-5. to phase laser. we have our neighbors, we have neighbors now. we are so lucky. we are so lucky to have you. they are such great people. and they are offering their place of business as a drop off location. they will donate 75 meals three square for every application that is submitted. on top of helping us in our toy drive. you are partnering up with your neighbor. and the coffee shop, down the center. >> all of village square. >> they are all teaming up. this is fantastic. >> it is awesome. where can we find you?
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between the theater and keller williams. >> in addition, you will have a raffle, right? >> we are. all participates that come, they will be entered into a raffle, and receive a 250 dollar gift card. it is all about giving. maybe additional prizes to give out. >> very cool. there are wives that have hairy husbands right now >> enter that raffle, honey. [laughter.] >> congratulations on the opening. and it is awesome that you are giving back. i have seen pictures of the new spa, it is gorgeous. it is such a beautiful place. >> it is clinic? >> no. it is so hip, sheik, and pretty. >> it is pretty. >> thank you very much. >> so will you be after you visit. that's great. >> thank you very much. >> thank you for everything.
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8. they are located at the village square. visit the website on your screen. >> go to our website. wow. it is great. you can click on the positively
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shopping lines by shopping online. with the short cut comes the possibility of cyber theft. it is great, i know. to help us protect your identity is kirsten hoyt. great to have you. >> good to be here.
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>> why are we seeing this increased risk of identity theft during the holiday season? >> if you look at the activity this time of the season, we have black fridays to the christmas eve sales, and the activities in the stores and online. a lot of activity. >> as i understand it, there are two ways for the criminals to breech online, hacking company who you just purchased from. or make it look like you are purchasing it from a company, but in fact, you are giving the credit card information directly to the criminal. >> there are those two ways and we have breeches that happened in the news. you know, that is cause for concern. most of the continues have addressed it with the individual
9:41 am
so you are exposing yourself to your information being stolen on the public wifi network, it is open. there's no password. but there can be a password, and they give it everybody. and someone can listen to the traffic and capture what they want to capture. when you are the free airport wifi or coffee shop. information. >> people sit there with rabbit ears in the shop and they capture everything. >> that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. >> what have we learned from this survey? >> a couple of things. we learned that while people know that those public wifi networks are dangerous, 75
9:42 am
convienice. >> 37 of the people were hacked and breached in some way, and 25 percent of them have invested in identity protection. >> my goodness. let's talk about the long-term goals when it comes to fighting the criminals. it is a shell game, we move here an what do you do? >> it is a one-upmenship. you will see a hacking happen, and they are one-upping all of the time. companies are starting to invest in cyber security and we see that in the jobs.
9:43 am
cyber security and no bodies to fill them. wow. >> i bet that the university of phoenix is trying to fill that hole. >> we are. we are working on new degrees and we have certificates that can help you get into this area. >> excellent. great to talk to you, doctor. >> i will make sure to be on protected wifi to make sure t it is great to have you. >> good luck. thank you. >> keep yourself protected from cyber crime. they are out there, everybody. >> >> help fight them. >> thank you very much. >> do you know of someone who makes a difference in your community. head to vegas morning, click on give back, and fill out the form. one person will receive 500
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. >> the holiday are around the corner. the kicks off a whole month of get-togethers and the cocktail parties, seeing your family and friends. you want to look your best.
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and look your best this holiday season and it takes 5 minutes. >> you didn't say holidays? my wallet just got lighter as you said that. >> the wallet is not going to go lighter with this. >> not with this. it is a great way to improve your appearance. you don't want to be insecure. it is the holidays. you have the people you don't want to see. but you will off. you want to kill them with kindness and a white smile. we'll get your teeth as bright as my shirt. not the same color. >> jealousy is ugly. >> it can whiten your teeth 2 shades -- it changes the way we
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we see the trays and the goop. they taste bad and they are messy. and the sensitivity. that's the worst part. i could get through the strips and my teeth were paining me. they dehydrate your enamel. that's why you get the sensitivity. they high drad the enamel. and that's the make or break for a lot of people. have seen. it was created by a dentist. >> you are going to see this. wow. that's after the first use, and the 7 days. so, number one, results in less than five minutes, we talked about the sensitivity.
9:49 am
hadn't died down. it lifts stains off of your caps, crowns and veneers. >> i have 6 crowns up here. it looks great. over time, they will tell you that their smile goes uneven and there's nothing they can do about it. and you can see all of the green check marks next to the product. >> it is 2 step on the top and bottom. get in my grill, camera guy. >> this is the stain out swab. over the 2 minutes we accomplish
9:50 am
>> results will the holidays. it lasts up to 6 month. >> you can't lead with your smile. he can't avoid it. i go right to your teeth. people should pay attention to that. >> before i had the crowns i had a dark tooth. it was a root canal situation. to have dark, teeth, and the teeth that are bright, white, it is a big, big thing in our lives. >> it is another advantage of
9:51 am
i had a yellow tooth. you can focus on that one particular area to get it white. >> there's this quick stick. this is a great stocking stuffer. this is an on the go quick stick. we'll give you three for the special. it is tide for your teeth. results up to 6 months. >> don't put tide on your >> during the day we are drinking coffee, when you are at work, you don't have time to brush your teeth. pop the top, and you spin it and drink more caffeine. and left the stains off of your teeth, and it is like brushing your teeth. >> without doing all of the stuff. that's fantastic.
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coffee damage. >> it is a dramatic change in your appearance. people will talk about anything, i don't like my nose, i need bigger -- whatever. they don't talk about their teeth. it is a personal thing. >> you have a special offer? >> 60 percent off, buy two get one free, which includes 3 on the go stain out quick sticks all the 1-800 number screen, or go to website, tell them you saw scott on the show. we'll give you the ing santa cl free shipping. we love the word free. it is great having you. >> thanks for having me back. >> great christmas gift. mention that you saw it on the morning blend. you get 60 percent off. three free quick sticks and free
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smile. call the number, or go to power >> they are on facebook and twitter. >> remember to check out vegas morning
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[laughter.] all right, you guys. what you were just watching was your channel 13 morning blend mannequin challenge. you have heard about it, right? there's been a few. we had to be apart of it. >> where everyone was dancing to the -- oh my goodness, the harlem shake. what are all of these things. participated in. >> i saw that. welcome, zac. this feels familiar. because today. we are losing zach. we are losing our great, great producer. zach is going to california. for exciting reasons. tell us what you are going to be doing? >> i am a mmj. a multimedia journalist. i am going to california.
9:57 am
college? when do you join us? >> 2013. it was that soon. he started as an intern on the show, then an associate producer. and then producer. >> i have had an opportunity here. >> and then -- you guys have been great. it has been great to work with you. it is an honor. and showcase the community here. and working with all of our guess. i'm going to miss them too. some of the regulars. >> there's a slight bit of positive. with you and micah around, far more handsome than me. [laughter.] we are going to miss you so
9:58 am
mean-mugging him. >> no, you haven't been very nice. i understand. say that you will come back and visit. >> all of my visit is here.
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