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tv   Action News 3PM  ABC  November 18, 2016 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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school. plus... big changes coming to a valley roadway -- that could effect your weekend travel plans. when things will return to normal. but first... brand new information this afternoon out of pahrump -- whe several exotic animals from a home. and for the first time -- we're hearing from the owners. 13 action news reporter parker collins has the story. i got an up close your of the animals in the cages in the back of the house... they were calm and quiet. take vo officers watched over this house all night. now they're removing the last of the big cats and taking them to a nearby sanctuary the sheriff's office says the owners do not have permits for all the animals and the
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and pee is everywhere. one of the owners facing charges says she rescued these lions, tigers and other animals because they're old and need a lot of care - which she loves to give. she says she's had a permit for years with no problems. take sot harley kulkin, animal owner's boyfriend 23:05:17-23:05:23 "for her it would be no different than if you took her children away from her a very loving mother and they couldn't say how that would happen in pahrump parker collins 13 action news. and -- according to court docm first time one of the people charged has been in trouble with the law for exotic animals. a few years ago in california -- one of their tigers escaped into a neighborhood and had to be shot. because of that incident -- they were forced to move their animals to pahrump. this is the second pahrump home recently -- where exotic cats have been seized. deputies arrested trisha meyer last week -- after finding tiger cubs and monkeys inside her home.
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yesterday's deadly crash near flamingo and torrey pines. at this point not much is known about the suspect -- police describing the suspect as a hispanic male in his 20's with short hair--his face bloody from the wreck, so he may have an injury and wearing gray pants and a black jacket investigators say the suspect lost control of his car and was hit by a truck before getting hit by another car. metro tells us the man then took off on foot. 27-year-o killed in the crash. a 13 action news update this afternoon... police have arrested the second suspect -- accused in a deadly shooting near twain and torrey pines earlier this month. 25-year-old jorge latorre was taken into custody sometime yesterday. investigators say he and cody sullivan -- who was arrested earlier this week -- are the men seen in this surveillanc video. they say the two broke into a home -- and once inside -- they shot and killed a man. the weekend is looking to be
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gives us plenty of sun and slightly warmer temperatures. highs will stay below the 70 mark, but above the normal of 65. winds will be light and overnight lows will stay monday more changes could be on the horizon. there are slight rain chances with it. rain chances sit at 20 percent at best with most of the rain 60s and expect more clouds than sun on monday too. drier air by tuesday with highs rebounding slightly from monday. nats of protest chopper 13 fast and first over jerome mack middle school this morning teachers and students are
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-- as it considers nine schools across the valley to switch to charter. 13 action news reporter marissa kynaston was at a protest this morning -- with dozens of people that could be affected. the sidewalks in front of jerome mack middle school were covered with parents-- teachers-- and students this morning-- all protesting the possible changes to their school. mack middle is one of nine being considered by the state-- to switch to a charter school. the nine schools were chosen-- performance-- and low test scores. one teacher i talked with says they have been making changes the last couple years-- with new administration-- and new teachers. she says-- the changes theyve made will take time to make a difference. take sot patti buono teacher, mack middle they have 2 periods of english at our school, 2 periods of math, we are making huge gains, we're just not there yet, we just need the time to get there marissa tag the parents-- teachers-- and
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holding up signs like this one-- but on the back-- a list of people they want parents to reach out to before that next decision is made in december. we'll be sure to put that on our website-- ktnv dot com. mk-- 13an. get ready for some huge headaches along parts of the 215 this weekend. part of the highway will be closed in both directions near the airport connector starting tonight at 9 p-m -- as crews work on the flyover off-ramp. but that's not all -- parts of the 215 anyone not going to the airport this weekend -- so you'll have to go with exits you might not ordinarly use. coming up at 6 -- yasmeen hassan tells you how to get around the problem spots. another controversial police encounter caught on camera. an officer seen punching a woman in the face. why he says using his fists was justified. plus... a bizarre road rage incident in
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and another stabbed during the violent encounter. what set the whole thing off. remember chopper 13 is bringing you breaking news fast and first. and a look at today's closing numbers.. the dow was down 36 points, closing at 18,868
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and as he tased me, i pulled my knife out and stabbed him a buncha times." ohio police say one man was stunned with a taser and another stabbed during a reported road rage incident. tried to block another car from passing him. (capt. robert massucci/warren police dept.) "and he literally followed him riding his -- i would say tailgating him the entire time until he got into warren and that's when he leapfrogged him, slammed on his breaks and then confronted him." the driver who was stabbed remains in the hospital -- in critical but stable condition. police are still investigating what exactly happened -- and
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charged. an arizona police officer caught on camera -- punching a woman in the face. now -- we're hearing from that woman -- and learning what the officer says led to his violent actions. abc's marci gonzalez has the latest. this is the cell phone video - investigators in arizona are reviewing? nats - "hey you can't hit a girl like that" trying to determine whether times, i was choked flagstaff police officer jeff bonar was called to the home wednesday for an eviction - his body camera - nats - "yeah i've been here a few times before." turning off before the confrontation? then back on- afterward nats - "stop kicking" bonar claims- morris resisted arrest, kicking and kneeing him in the groin before he hit her. something she denies. nats arrest video i didn't do anything?.
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the cell phone video captured by a bystander - nats - "i got on camera" immediately launching an investigation. chief kevin treadway "we are taking this again, very very seriously, marci gonzalez tag they're looking into the officer's actions and why the body cam wasn't recording the entire time. the officer is on administrative leave?and morris is charged with aggravated assault and resisting aggravated assault and resisting arrest. mg abc news ny a washington family lucky to be alive this t missing for days after being stuck on a remote road with their children. how a chance encounter led to their rescue. plus... winter weather pounding the heartland. we'll take a look at the latest conditions as a blizzards warning is issued for millions across the country. you're watching 13 action news, where you get breaking news fast and first. stay with us.
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l-a.... it quickly burned about 2-acres before crews were able to contain it. firefighters reported "multiple explosions from propane within the compound." according to fire officials no one was injured. right now -- no word on how this all started. right now -- at least 2 students are in critical condition after this school bus crash in nashville. tennessee. in the accident -- most of those injuries are said to be minor. authorities say the driver somehow lost control of the vehicle while exiting off the interstate -- and struck a guardrail before rolling the bus. nearly 50 people were on board at the time. a family of four in washington state are found safe and sound after they went missing for days. it all started when their car got stuck in the mud on a remote logging road. they all huddled together for forty- eight terrifying hours
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thanks to a hunter -- they are now safe. 911 call: i found some people in the woods? the mcallisters.. from grays harbor they've been gone a few days and have some babies w them. [butted with] sot jason mcalister it got dark on us so we spent the night on the side of the road after i made a shelter. the father says they survived on a diet of leftover halloween candy and rainwater. they had no cell phone and turned the van's engine on and off in shifts to keep warm and they were reported missing after no one showed up to meet the school bus bringing their 7 and 8 year- old daughters home from school. and take a look at this... a sea of foam flooding the streets of san jose. fire officials say a malfunction at the san jose airport in a new hangar caused the fire retardant to begin spreading. crews now desperately trying to clean up the mess. the fire department warning people in the area to stay away
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winter weather on the way for millions of people across the country. storm warnings now being issued across several states -- as the conditions turn deadly. a-b-c's marci gonzalez has the latest. blizzard-like conditions? whipping through - and blanketing parts of the northern plains nats up to a foot of snow -falling in wyoming - and colorado? nat? wheels spinning in the snow much of it, at rusho a weird mix of slush and snow" causing - accident- nats sirens after accident? and creating big delays at denver international airport traveler we were delayed until 4:00 and then they canceled it and said we'll have to wait till the morning. the first major snowfall of the season - leaving its mark - man shoveling snow? before moving east? mos: it's overdo we were expecting it a long time ago so we are pretty prepared for it? creating what for some was a welcomed- winter-wonderland-
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i don't like to be hot, so when it come to snowing, yeah i'll get out here and let it snow. make me a snow man and put it on facebook whatever i gotta do, but i enjoy the weather man i love it." marci gonzalez tag fun for some- but still a serious concern especially on roadways? with the storm blamed for several deaths in colorado and minnesota? mg abc news ny let's go to 13 first alert chief meteorologist bryan scofield. bryan. pretty nice in southern nevada as high pressure moves in and gives us plenty of sun and slightly warmer temperatures. highs will stay below the 70 mark, but above the normal of 65. winds will be light and overnight lows
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upper 40s. we will notice more clouds on sunday, but a mix of sun and clouds expected as of now. monday more changes could be on the horizon. there are slight rain chances in the forecast. another system, will move in from the pacific and this one could have moisture moving in with it. rain chances sit at 20 percent at best with most o staying east, into arizona where it could be heavy. this system will help drop our temperatures back into the mid 60s and expect more clouds than sun on monday too. drier air by tuesday with highs rebounding slightly from
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thanks to some big name companies setting up shop. a new amazon-dot-com fulfillment center is in the
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along with a warehouse and distribution center for 'the honest company". that's jessica alba's beauty business. the deal isn't finalized -- but now that the governor's office has okayed it -- it just needs a few more signatures. lighting/parade-v tonight -- you can get into the holiday spirit in downtown summerlin. the annual holiday parade kicks off at 6 oclock. afterwards -- you can watch the big tree lighting ceremony -- which will be hosted by olympic gold medalist connor fields. santa claus and other special guests will also be there for the festivities. if a medicine makes a claim on the box do you ever question it? well -- maybe you should. why the government is cracking down on homeopathic medications. you're watching 13 action news, where you get breaking news fast and first. stay with us.
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stepping up -- to make sure that's the case. kumasi aaron tells us -- they're turning their attention to homeopathic medicine
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"the ftc said they had to issue this enforcement policy because they are seeing more mainstream marketing of over the counter homeopathinc products right by other over the counter drugs. like this one promises to shorten the duration and reduce the severity of a cold." --take vo:-- here are some others, promising to sooth cough and throat, relieve pain, relieve eye irritation. the f-t-c wants to make sure the marketing for homeopathic drugs lines up with reality. --take graphic:-- it's requiring that "...companies must have competent and reliable scientific evidence for health related claims." they will have to clearly disclose on their products' labels and in their advertisments that there is no scientific evidence that the homeopathic product works and that theories of homeopathy date back to the 1700's and are not accepted by most modern medical experts. --take nat:-- --15:48-53-- so this is an example of a homeopathic medication that they mark it as a homeopathic so they can make claims on it. --take vo:-- we spoke with dr. caitlin o'connor... a naturopathic doctor. she says this issue is about more than what the product
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you know exactly what it is you're taking, and how they combine: --dr. caitlin o'connor / naturopathic doctor-- --14:26-45-- "it's important to not just look at by one and make sure is the safe is there a medication that i'm taking that could potentially interact with it. is the ingredients on the back of the bottle really what the product is all about on the front." --kumasi aaron/ @kumasinews-- "the ftc says they will keep monitoring the advertising and marketing of homeopathic drugs and if the marketing is still misleading the company will be in violation of thetc for the now, i'm kumasi aaron." right now we are working on all-new stories for 13 action news live at 3-30... including shocking video out of chicago. a kiddie fight club in the classroom. you won't believe who was egging these students on. plus... donald trump's transition is shifting into high gear and it's not without controversy. who he's naming to some top posts.
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live at 3:30... a terrifying case of road rage in arizona. a woman pleading for help as a man chases her for miles before slamming into her car.
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police have alcohol breathalyzers to test suspected drunk drivers. but what if someone is suspected of driving stoned? we'll take a look at a new device that could soon make that a whole lot easier. but first... donald trump's white house team is starting to come together... with three new positions filled today alone. but he's also having to deal with some lingering disputes. abc's maggie rulli has the latest from washington. th of announcements from team trump pence: "the president elect is a man of action alabama senator jeff sessions and representative micheal pompeo of kansas to director of the cia. but the announcements also


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