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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 21, 2016 4:15am-4:30am PST

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>> to hear the reaction of the flight being delayed because of a gold star family and the first class cabin booing that was really upsetting. >> passengers reportedly made comments like this is just baloney, and i paid first class for this? harry's father says he doesn't know whether those who complained knew that a gold star family was on board. just a reminder to be kind to everyone because you don't know what people are going through. >> still, your four rows back. slow down. if they need to get someone off the plane, it's okay. >> yeah. they were going to retrieve the remains of their son. >> exactly. >> a terrible time for them. >> and even for those people who didn't know that, just be patient a little bit. all right. well, there's a major development in the case of a newborn who was taken from her home in kansas after her mother was murdered. >> police have now found the infant hundreds of miles away. and now at least two suspects
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latest. >> reporter: baby sofia reunited with family as investigators from two states and the fbi work to find out who killed her mother and why. newborn sofia gonzalez found alive and healthy in dallas two days after she was abducted from her home in wichita. >> it is the best possible outcome to a very sad case. >> reporter: thursday afternoon, her father comes home to find his little girl missing and her mother laura abarca-nogueda shot to death. friday morning, still no suspects. the fbi now joining in investigation. >> expertise, technology, and speed probably are the three primary things the fbi bring to the table. >> reporter: saturday, police announce an fbi tip has led to the search of a home in dallas where sophia is found alive. two suspects taken into custody. as far as the relationship between the suspects and victim? >> can't say much, only that they were -- they knew each other. this is a complicated case and
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right. >> reporter: family and friends coming to grips and remembering the 27-year-old mother who will never get to see baby sofia grow up. >> i found out she was killed, like, just no words. there were no words. >> reporter: police are still interviewing the suspects. their identities have not yet been released. but thankfully, police say baby sofia is in good health this morning. phillip mena, abc news, los angele many americans are having with their airlines. >> what happens when your frequent flier miles disappear, and what you can do about it. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" continues
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along with the long lines and cramped seats, one of the more frustrating t frequent fly sg when frequent flying miles suddenly vanish. >> just vanish. it happened to one man who ran into quite a bit of turbulence when he tried to get them back. here is abc's paula ferris. >> reporter: don says he has the best job in town. he's the editor of the local newspaper in tiny oakland, maryland. to pay the bills, he uses a
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allowing don and his wife, suzi, to take pretty cool trips. >> all made possible by those cards and those points. >> reporter: a big perk until it all got tripped up. >> something was wrong. >> reporter: don was still spending, but his points were not adding up. >> talked to barclay cards month after month after month. >> reporter: finally, someone at barclay card corrected the glitch that had been sending the points into a bl 94,000 miles were still missing, more than enough for three cross-country round trip flights. and while the reps saw them in the system, no one could put them back. >> it was the epitome of exasperation, feeling helpless, sensing they're never going to fix this. >> reporter: he called into abc news fixer. our fixer, stephanie zimmerman, swung into action. >> i wanted to talk to you about what happened. >> reporter: stephanie contacted
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and, within days, they restored don's missing points and promised him 20,000 more just for his trouble. but what exactly happened? barclay card said the card was issued through another bank and when they took over, a debt error occurred. they said the mistake was not widespread and thanked the fixer for bringing it to their attention. how can you stop something like this from happening to you? keep track of the points. a lot of online tools track everything you're earning. set on goal so you know what you're saving for and when you'll get it. >> thanks abc news fixer. >> it's been handled. >> it's been handled. coming up, our viewers speak out about our mannequin challenge. >> i missed that. i'm going to have to go back and check it out. >> oh, i mean, i call it everyday life here in new york when you try to get on the west side highway and try to go somewhere. >> frozen in time. and we'll have all the feedback you're giving us on the new abc app, wnn inbox is straight
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well, it's time for the world news now inbox, and, apparently, the mannequin challenge has taken social media by storm, as you know, and we couldn't resist because it hasn't jumped yet, but with our own world news now team joined in on the craze. >> i want to see this. i wasn't here for this day. nice. and is somebody powdering your nose? >> yes, i'm powder. >> very realistic. >> every commercial break, can someone touch up the powder, and wardrobe fix my tie. >> you're not supposed to tell and admit that i'm a diva, which is true. >> it looked like a lot of fun. we got nice feedback from that. >> where is my warm water. >> waying, great mannequin challenge, love you early a.m., so funny.
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you guys did a nice job. >> that was nice. thank you, cindy. >> friday's polka, the a cappella. i was here for that. >> good. >> take a look. ? world news polka world news polka ? ? if you're up -- >> so our viewer, steve, writing you can't top the world news polka. wow, they were really good.. >> they were. >> they were really, really good. throughout, you know read some of the tweets, and there is a viewer who noticed i have not eaten on tv. >> you have a thing about that. what's up with that? >> it's like oprah and the ugly cry. you don't do the ugly cry. so i try not to eat while -- >> sometimes you suffer for your art. what's up with that? >> well, this one viewer is surprised. she's like, let me get this straight. you'll dance on tv but you won't eat on tv? and i think it was a slight on my dancing skills. >> well, you're a man full of contradictions.
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comments, right? the good and the bad. here's one we can relate to. timothy writes, sometimes i welcome insomnia so i can watch. thank you, timothy. i think that should be the slogan here. >> that should be our motto? >> "world news now," better than sleep. >> better than sleep? >> better than sleep. >> it's -- >> that's factually accurate. this is more fun than sleeping. >> it's not better than much else but sleep. >> but other things you can do at night might be a little more fun. >> exactly. >> but this is better than sleep. >> that's our motto. them coming, please.
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right now we're tracking rain headed toward the valley...and snow in the mountains! greg will have your minutes. but first lets get to what happening right now... our crews at the scene of breaking news overnight...a rollover crash on the 2-15 near tropicana... and a crash on the east side of town... right now we're getting new details on that crash near sahara and nellis. police tell us a motorcyclist is in critical condition after around 12:30 this morning. the driver of the car was arrested for d-u-i.. 13 action news reporter parker collins is headed to the scene right now to get more information... this isn't causing any traffic issues right now...but that earlier crash on the 2-15 is... lets get over to yasmeen... today, showers, heavy clouds and snow are expected to the valley and surrounding areas! thanks to support from our


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