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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  November 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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learning about the bus driver tonight. his name is johnthony walker and he is 24 years old. police questioned him right after that horrific crash. he now faces five counts of vehicular homicide. police say they strongly believe speed was a factor--forcing the school bus to veer off the road, roll onto its side before slamming into a tree. a warrant has been issued to remove the black box from the bus and reve bus' video cameras. nearly two dozen of the 35 children on board are hospitalized tonight. a team of n-t-s-b investigators is on its way to the scene. tonight's tragedy in tennessee has many parents around the valley wondering if their children are safe on a school bus. experts here say the answer is yes.. even without seat belts. last year.. federal agencies began recommending school buses be equipped with seatbelts.. but they are not a requirment in most states. ccsd says it hasn't seriously
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but experts say because of their size and weight.. school buses are still the safest way for your children to get to school. "the most dangerous way to get to school firsts and foremost is in a vehicle driven by a sibling. but secondly is in a vehicle driven by a parent." estimates show it would cost 30- thousand dollars to retrofit each bus. that would work out to 48 million dollars to retrofit the school district's 16-hundred buses.. from contact -13- an urgent alert tonight..... about a scam..... targeting holiday shoppers. and... it starts right here... on your phone 13 action news reporter..... mahsa saeidi shows us how thieves are using fake apps.... to steal.... your personal information!!! "i really trust my iphone, that's why i stuck with the iphone." whether you have an iphone or an android -- tonight ---
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a financial danger --- right at your fingertips! "(could steal your identity?) sure, absolutely." a surge ... of fraudulent apps! in apple's app store -- and in google play! the crook's impersonating all retailers ... from zappos to ... payless. "can you tell which one is the real one?" "i would just base it off their logos." not good enough... according to it expert ...curt miller. "it's very confusing." "i wouldn't even know which one of these is the dollar tree app." so how do you protect your "7,000 reviews, which tells me this has been around for a grammar errors... in the description. finally ... check out the developer info. ask yourself...does it add up? " is the nike website." "it cost me only 5 bucks" thus no reason to fear the season -- "i bought an oval bassonet." "pooooppy dress." just take an extra moment -- put in?) yes. exactly." really the best tip.
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company ... here we have zappos dot com. and let them lead you striaght mahsa saeidi, 13 action news. breaking right now--the japanese meteorological agency now says the earthquake that struck near fukushima just hours ago was actually an aftershock of the massive two- thousand-eleven quake. this video shows the moment the quake struck iwaki city. it's from a japanese tv station. you see the camera violently shaking during the 7-point-4 magnitude quake. the agency warns another big quake could be coming in the next few days.
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moderate tsunamis. protests :04 seconds of chanting chaos in the streets of columbus, ohio where hundreds of donald trump protesters have been blocking traffic. at least two people were arrested in the melee as police threatened to use pepper spray to clear the streets. a similar scene in portland, orgeon where protesters sat down in the middle of the road. -3- people were of that demonstration metro has a great lead in the search for an armed robber after he looked straight into a surveillance camera. this is video from the jiffy smog shop on sahara and eastern. a man robbed the technician over the weekend.. getting away with a few hundred dollars and the victim's phone. at one point.. the robber threatened to kill the technician if he tried to get help. sot mother f sit down look at the wall and don't say s
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"you ask...we investigate". "this dog is just left out there to fend for itself in the heat...the cold...the water" a valley couple shot this video..... showing a pitbill in their neighbor's yard... hiding from the rain.. they say.... this helpless dog is stuck outside.... all hours of the day.... and.... its been going on.... for months! 13 action news reporter.... gina lazara went to find out.... what animal control is in mike burke, neighbor "when i saw him huddled it just broke my heart and i'm like i have to video tape this i'm done. i'm done playing with these people" mike burke and his wife jen live next door to this dog.... they say the pit bull's family has been neglecting him since cold...the water" neighbors say...the barking...never stops. jen burke, neighbor "1am to 11am....just outside barking constantly" but jen and mike say it's his cry for help. jen burke, neighbor "the way he
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hours." with calls to police....animal control....their hoa....and now.....this video circulating facebook. jen and mike are pleading to get this problem resolved. mike burke, neighbor "we've been over there ten times. knock knock knock hey we're your neighbors we would like to talk to ya. we know they are inside and they just won't answer the door. they never answer the door" but they want. it will be me...fine. i'm gonna stand up and i'm gonna say this is wrong and as a society we need to fi i also knocked on the family's door today but they didn't answer. i could see though --- by a notice on their door.....animal control did pay them a visit today just before 4 oclock. the county confirmed they are investigating this. we'll keep you posted on what happens. gina lazara 13 action news. we heard about this story thanks..... to shaneen maxwell posting it..... to our facebook page.
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you need us to check out.. send us an e-mail..... to 13investigates@ktnv dot com.. and... be sure to include.... your phone number. a somber anniversary for las claimed more than 80 lives.. and left another 600 seriously injured. the tragedy led to mandatory sprinkler systems in buildings around the world. we're following new developments on that deadly winter storm. tonight.. 5-million people are under storm warnings.. in the northeast.. up to 18 parts of upstate new york causing school closures. and a school bus carrying high school students from rochester to new york city crashed and overturned on a snowy highway. fortunately.. no one was seriously hurt. and in new hampshire.. at least one person was killed in a crash caused by icy roads this morning. tonight.. a second storm is moving in and expected to arrive for thanksgiving. new tonight..
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the team from moving to las vegas. sources say former raiders' star ronnie lott is close to signing a deal with the city of oakland and alameda county to either sell or lease the current stadium. the group is hoping to negotiate a stadium deal and redevelop the land into a new sports complex. in just a matter of hours.... we'll find out.... the name..... of the new las vegas.... n-h-l franchise... and... see its logo.... for the first time! tonight... the n-h-l sent out a tweet "sleep well vegas..... tomorrow..... your vegas hockey n-h-l team.... unveils its name. we'll be outside..... the t- mobile arena.... waiting for the first look.... when the unveiling starts... at 5:30 p-m. check out this disturbing video of the shocking moments as a boy is repeatedly shoved and punched at school. now.. parents everywhere are demanding answers. plus... it's an elaborate on-line scam.... that's even fooling.... experts. "it's like a bad dream. like it really didn't happen," contact -13- exposes....
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bryan it's a video..... that has outraged millions....
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on- line!!! a middle school student.... in alabama is seen..... being chased around school.... being shoved and punched. while this is happening... students are heard.... egging it on.. many say.... they want to know.... where were the teachers? the school district and the police are now.... investigating. we're following new developments on the protests against an oil pipeline in north dakota. tonight.. authorities are defending a decision to douse protesters with water in subfreezing
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were sprayed for so long.. their clothes froze to their bodies. at least 17 people were taken to the hospital including several who were treated for hypothermia. authorities said it happened after protesters started throwing things at officers.. injuring one. from contact -13- a warning.... about a "cyber scam"..... that could leave homebuyers... penniless!!! and... it's so convincing.... it even fooled.... experts! the target: your life savings and new home. for a couple.... it started..... with an e-mail..... to their real estate attorney...that appeared to be from..... "the title company". just a day before closing.... they abruptly changed the account number..... where closing costs and the deposit... would be sent. little did they know.... they were wiring..... -1- hundred -39- thousand dollars.... to a thief. so he didn't catch this was a scam. do you think he had a responsibility to check? that's what we paid our lawyer for. the couple was forced.... to surrender their keys and move out. but... there finally appears to be...
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along with the title and insurance company..... will split the difference and give back the money. so... here's what you need to know... so... you don't make.... the same mistake. be very wary....inancial e- mai. call the recieving party... directly... and... verify..... before wiring any money or... just don't wire.... any money. come to your closing.... with a cashier's check. saving your money.... but... is it enough? to really get your money working for you... you need to invest!! it may sound scary... but.... as i show you tonight.... in my contact -13- report... it's not as hard.... as you might think!! < shopper a: i save for worst case scenarios, in case something were to happen. some of us are good about putting a little something away. others need a little encouragement. shopper b: my husband is better at it than i am. so that's a good motivator.
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to start investing. unfortunately most people aren't properly planning. ken himmler/financial author: statistics show the average american spends more time planning their annual vacation, then they do their financial future. financial author, ken himmler, says don't be intimidated and don't make excuses. shopper c: it takes a lot of research and time. that's a thing that we don't have right now, is time. so we're saving you time, and doing the research for you. first of all, it doesn't take a lot of cash to get started. just 5-dollars a week. a lot of us spend that much, just on a cup of ken himmler/financial author: if you have $25 a month and you want to start a college fund or is invested with others into a collection of stocks, bonds, or other securities. there are four main types: money market funds. bond funds, that are a little more risky, but offer a bigger return. stock funds, that are even more risky. and hybrid funds. ken himmler/financial author: once you get to 5 or $10,000, now you have enough money, and you can change to an exchange traded fund, or an index fund.
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that means more money in your pocket. and the sooner you start, the more money you'll earn. let's look at someone in their 20's. by investing just 25-dollars into an index fund, every month, you could save 75-thousand dollars or more, by the time you're ready to retire. now you might say, the problem is you're swimming in debt. himmler says, don't let that stop you from starting to invest. ken himmler/financial author: some people will say ken, should i pay off all my debt? i don't know. if we pay off all your debt, are you just going to charge it all back again? maybe the better thing yourself in debt. in the end, himmler says the hardest part of investing is just making the decision to it takes a decision. and that's all it takes.> so... where do you start? we have some helpful information.... on our website.
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of the best on-line brokers. just go to.... k-t-n-v dot com... and type in.... the keyword... "links". the holiday shopping season begins in less than 3 days. but while shopping for deals.. porch pirates are also looking to score. amazon customers now have a safe alternative. amazon lockers are located all over the valley. here's how it works. once you're done shopping.. you select the nearest locker location. moments later.. you'll receive a code. then.. just go to the locker.. type in your code and the locker w package. parts of the las vegas strip are being transformed... into a "winter wonderland"! tonight... a -60-foot christmas tree.....was lit.... at "the park".... near the t-mobile arena. there are -13 thousand lights... and... -3- thousand ornaments.... on the tree. the park also features: fake flurries... an ice skating rink.... and santa himself.. .tonight...mostly clear and colder. lows 42 to 47. northwest winds 10 to 15 mph. .tuesday...sunny.
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62 to 66 on the east side. north winds up to 10 mph in the morning becoming light. .tuesday night...mostly clear. lows 46 to 49 on the west side of the valley...44 to 48 on the east side. winds generally light. .wednesday...sunny and breezy. highs 60 to 64 on the west side of the valley...63 to 67 on the east side. south winds 10 to 15 mph shifting to the southwest 15 to 25 mph in the afternoon. .wednesday night...mostly clear. lows 40 to 45. northwe .thanksgiving day...sunny. highs around 63. .thursday night through saturday night...mostly clear. lows 42 to 45. highs 62 to 65. .sunday through monday...partly cloudy. highs 60 to 63. lows 41 to 44. that does it for this edition of 13 action news. we'll be right back.... after a short break....
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and i'm steve wolford. here in the valley... as the holidays approach. the las vegas fbi is warning the public about theives using skimming devices to steal your credit card information. it's undetectable and it can happen anywhere from your favorite store to the gas station. it's now such a big problem in las vegas.. the fbi is creating a task force involving all law enforcement agencies in southern nevada. fred bradford/special agent, years go by the technology for picking up masses of information has really enhanced has really increased. last month alone.. 23 skimming devices were discovered in metro's jurisdiction. the fbi warns everyone to be vigilant and to monitor your credit card statement.. and if if you find any bogus charges.. report them immediately. most of us have a credit card or two.... in our wallet.
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the right card? good credit or bad... anyone can profit.... from plastic. tonight.... contact 13.... looks at your options!!!
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student cards are meant for college students with no credit. secured cards require a security deposit. ken himmler: you throw in 300 to $500 and then you start making charges. and i would suggest making the charges in small increments and pay that card at least every 2 weeks, because that can boost your credit. the good news is, you get that deposit back when your account is upgraded or closed in good standing. now if you want to save on interest: then you want a or balance transfer card. these cards are typically for someone with good credit. but beware: tricia : what are the pitfalls of balance transfers for the consumer? ken: well typically it's the fee that you have to pay right up front. but balance transfer cards can definitely help pay off high interest debt. just make sure with any of these cards, you understand whether you're getting a fixed rate, or introductory rate that jumps up after a certain amount of time. finally, if you want to earn extra perks just for using your credit card: then get a rewards
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want. there's catalogs. there's travel. you can get tires changed. you can get gasoline. there's all kinds of different and keep in mind, these cards usually have higher aprs. in the end, whatever card you pick, pay your bill in full every month, before you build up too much debt. michael/credit card holder: it's real easy to spend, and just pay $50, insead of the cards to choose from..... you've decided..... what kind works.... best for you. to help... personal finance site... "nerdwallet"..... has a list of.... the "best credit cards of 20-16." they even.... narrow down..... the list.... by categories. we have more information.... at k-t-n-v dot com... just type "links".... in the search box. starbucks regulars are probably noticing a few items are a little more expensive. the company says prices on
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30-cents this month. starbucks prices did 'not' go up on 90-percent of its beverage menu.. including hot coffee and tea did not see prices change. back in july.. starbucks raised the price of some coffee drinks by as much as 20-cents. new concerns from samsung tonight.. only weeks after halting sales on its galaxy note 7. and... we'll explain why... you may not really... be getting.... the lowest price possible... when shopping on "amazon". that story...
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of devices catching fire... due to overheating batteries. the company says... there are no confirmed new cases... and.... is re-assuring customers... it's devices are safe. it was just.... last month... when samsung halted production... of galaxy note -7- devices... that were catching fire.
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shopping on amazon. but a new investigation shows that's not always the case. 13 action news anchor beth fisher has more on an amazon pricing secret.. so you don't waste your money.
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lower prices may be available from other sellers." the site goes on to say "service and fast delivery are critically important" as well. when shopping amazon, don't assume the first listing is the best listing, with the lowest price. scrolling down for other vendors. for 13 action news, i'm beth fisher helping you, so you dont of the best overall deals... for "black friday". they include... a "canon rebel... digital camera" set... for only -4-49-... that's a discount..... of -2- hundred and -50- dollars. at kohl's... they have a "j-b-l...
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for -1- hundred and -20- dollars. that's a nearly..... -2- hundred dollar savings. and... at costco... they have a "kirkland... -16- drawer tool chest" for -4-99- that's a..... -4- hundred dollar savings. we have more... at k-t-n-v dot com. just search.... under the keyword... "links." that's all the time we have for tonight's contact 13 special report. thanks for watching. remember... contact 13's "call for action" is ready to help you..... just call one of our volunteers.... any weekday.... between -11- a-m and -1- p-m. our hotline number is... 702- 368-2255.
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from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, shia la buff. anna camp. music from green day. and now, here we go again, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? la one of labeouf. >> jimmy: very nice. welcome. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for braving the elements to be here tonight. i don't know how many of you were here but we had a crazy


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