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tv   Action News 6pm  ABC  November 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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of this ready to sell merchandise as soon as the name is unveiled but they've been very careful to keep those items under wraps. and we're following some big developments involving the
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live at 6:30.. see what the city of oakland is doing now in a last-ditch effort to keep the raiders.. and how it could affect plans for the new las vegas stadium. a neighborhood under seige... and... people who live there say.... they're done with the drama! 13 action news anchor.... lesley marin went to silverado ranch..... to expose teens with trouble.... in mind. neighbors say they have caught these teens...hanging out by the pool late at night..when they wake up in the morning trashed. each of these incidents now racking up a pricey tab. they break whatever they can.... robert smera is on the hoa board at silverado place-- he shares surveillance video of his biggest problem. "pull the light out of the pool day turn video cameras" here smera says a teen flips off the security camera before beginning to mess with it. they trashed one of the bathroom ripped all the tile out these little problems smera
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cost people who live here. walmart is going to raise their prices because of their losses and and we have to you know we have to do something in the last two years-- hoa dues have gone from 50 to almost 60 dollars. and the problems continuing piling up for homeowner. the bottom line is just devaluing our property metro has been out to talk to parents as well as the communitys security company. but neighbors say it's not as for getting something done the hoa doesn't do anything the cops don't do anything the parents obviously won't do anything.... yeah kinda screwed we reached out to metro who says their last crime report from this neighborhood was months ago. they urge people who live here to call 911 or 311 immediately, when something happens. lesley marin 13 ac the officers involved.... in the shooting death of a u-s army veteran.... may not have to face..... any criminal charges. a fact finding review was held
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case.. with the public. and... detectives say... efren trujillo soriano.... ambushed officers. but... police later found out..... soriano was suffering.... from p-t-s-d from his time.... in the military. william huddler, metro excessive force investigation team 15:58:26:22 we learn a lot about the people involved in officer involved shootings, and it is heartbreaking to find our there are issues involved that possibly could have been contributing factors to their behavior the final decision will come.... from the district attorney.... in the next couple of weeks. 13 action news is helping to bring about change after some people in a valley neighborhood called us about a dangerous road. that was six months ago.. there is still work to be done. this is what desert inn rd and theme rd looked like back in october. no signage, adequate lighting ... a street that dead ends at these barriers sot 135845 there is a lot of accidents there 135847 people living nearby say crashes were a
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but some say other problems have popped up. standup : this is one iof 2 stop signs that the county recently installed here in desert inn and theme rd to try to prevent accidents but as you see cars sont know where to stop behind the stop sign they roll right through and residents here say its' not working,. .. 140213 there is a stop sign i forgot ... there is alot of people who are not stopping including me , 140211 142113 i am so afraid to stop because i dont know who is presence of our cameras and the districts senator mark manendo prevented drivers from breaking the law sot 145534 since i pulled up i would say maybe 1 out of 5 cars actuallly makes a complete stop and probably 3 0out of the five will do some kind of rolll. 1445545 and at night 140114 they should put a blinking red light there . 140122 drivers forget the stop sign is even there during the day .... it still happens 14233o i was
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say okay i think its not working 142340 150919 that's a perfect to .if school buses are going through they are 135224 take the stop sign away and do another road toward hollywood . that road has been planned -- the county says it's going to street.. or other traffic issues.. let us know. just send an email to and be sure to include your phone number. the search is on for the people killing 8 deer.. and leaving their carcasses on mount charleston. we'll tell you what's being done about a possible case of poaching. police are getting ready..... for a busy "black friday"... but... one major retailer is responsible.... for thousands of more calls.... than others... why walmart is clogging up.... police resources... and... how it's costing you.... money!!! mostly sunny skies will continue through saturday with a weak front altering our high pressure by pushing it more to the northeast. this means the back end of high
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cooler air to be filtered in from the north. (ad lib about chopper 13 over toshiba plaza based on what we've learned at this point in time)
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about -8- dead deer...... found rotting.... on the side of a road.... near mount charleston. 13 action news reporter david schuman spoke with hunters about what appears to be a gruesome crime. "that's so wrong." landon gallegos is just 12 years old...but he took one look at these pictures and knew it was poaching. 14:13:58 landon gallegos,
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it...just to kill." a hunter since he was disturbed landon to find out that in september -- eight deer were found illegally killed...and left to rot on wheeler pass road in the spring mountain range. 14:04:00 nick duhe, nevada department of wildlife "no meat taken, antlers left with them." department of wildlife officials are disgusted with the crime. 14:03:29 duhe,"it's a shame to see that because you have so many sportsmen here in southern nevada that go about it the right way. they get their licenses, they apply for their tags." count landon and his father among those hunters. ultimate violation of the spirit of the sport. 14:13:35 gallegos "that meat could've been used for coyotes, other animals and humans, people who actually need it. but they're just left to waste." if caught...officials say the people who did this could spend up to four years in jail for the felony. david schuman "unfortunately, the department of wildlife is no closer to finding the poachers than when they found the deer. a 3-thousand dollar reward is being offered for information
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just ahead of the holiday shopping season.. america's biggest retail store is coming under fire. 2:44 laura walmart is using my public resources as their private security. see how some officials are fighting back against walmart to reduce the number of police calls. and... a man is run over.... by his own car! what happened before... and after he was run over... that now has him facing.... charges.
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let's head out to toshiba plaza for the monumental
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high pressure is coming back to the southern nevada region
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common along with temperatures ranging between 62 and 67 degrees. luckily, winds will be mild; ranging 5 to 15 mph out of the southeast with no gusts expected. mostly sunny skies will continue through saturday with
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the northeast. this means the back end of high pressure which will allow cooler air to be filtered in from the north. by thanksgiving, high temperatures will range between 60 and 65 degrees and just about hold there until sunday. ont passes over head and clouds will build along with a breeze. with the passing of this front, temperatures will drop a little further; ranging between 58 and
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truck.. which then ran over him.. then crashed into a home and injured a woman. security guards unsuccessfully tried to stop the man from leaving a strip club because they say he had too much to drink. he ran from the scene but police were able to find him quickly because he left his driver's license at the bar. from contact -13-... toyota is recalling.... more than.....
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it affects models.... made between.... 20-11 and 20-16. the company says... there's a problem with the latch.... and that the vehicle's sliding doors could open.... while it's moving. toyota officials haven't confirmed.... if the malfunction has caused.... any injuries or deaths. the car-maker says.... it will notify owners of the problem.... in mid-january. the hot item this holiday season comes.... with a whole lot of rules. and... if you don't follow them... you could have police.... at your door! we're talking about.... drones of dollars... and.... they're flying.... off the shelves. but... if you give one, or get the f-a-a five dollars..... to register your drone..... if it weighs more than.... half a pound. you can't fly above.... -4- hundred feet... or... anywhere near.... planes or helicopters. and... don't forget... contact 13's "call for action" is ready to help you.... with a consumer problem. just contact one of our volunteers.... any weekday....
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ou 702- 368-2255. sports history was just made in las vegas... we now know the first major professional sports team in las vegas will be named the 'vegas golden knights'. we're continuing to follow the historic announcement, we'll have much more coming up. and... an apartment complex forced to deal.... with no hot water.... for months! how we're getting results..... for dozens of neighbors..... in a story..... you asked us.... to investigate.
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officially... the first major professional sports team.... here in southern nevada. the announcement was made just about ten minutes ago along with the unveiling of the new logo. merchandise is already going on sale right now in a packed toshiba plaza. the vegas golden knights will begin play at the start of the 2017-2018 season. we're also following some new developments involving another major league sports team. city leaders in oakland are making a last minute push to keep the raiders from moving to las vegas. but tonight.. clark county officials say it's nothing to worry about. 13 action news reporter tom george explains how the oakland proposal could impact the potential stadium deal. tom lead in clark county commisisoner steve sisolak says although the nfl generally wants to see teams stay where they are... in this case, oakland hasnt


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