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tv   Action News 630pm  ABC  November 22, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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officially... the first major professional sports team.... here in southern nevada. the announcement was made just about ten minutes ago along with the unveiling of the new logo. merchandise is already going on sale right now in a packed toshiba plaza. the vegas golden knights will begin play at the start of the 2017-2018 season. we're also following some new developments involving another major league sports team. city leaders in oakland are making a last minute push to keep the raiders from moving to las vegas. but tonight.. clark county officials say it's nothing to worry about. 13 action news reporter tom george explains how the oakland proposal could impact the potential stadium deal. tom lead in clark county commisisoner steve sisolak says although the nfl generally wants to see teams stay where they are... in this case, oakland hasnt
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and las vegas has already put its money where its mouth is... nats with the raiders off to a potential deal with the ronnie lott group to try and keep the team in oakland with a new stadium.. but clark county says its too little too late.... sot i've met with them dozens of times over the past year and so now to have something come up at the 11:59 hour, i mean i just dont see it as being realistic. steve sisolak says now that the state has approved 750 million mark davis and other team leaders are on board... especially since a stadium board and potential location are already in place... sot theyve made it clear that they want to come to las vegas and like i said i committed the that, theyve committed and i take them at their word. so far, oakland hasnt offered any specifics on how their own stadium plan.... which makes sisolak believe its just a hail mary... sot i think thats something that would have played out long that never worked, and i dont
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tom tag oakland city leaders are expecting to discuss their options a week from today. the nfl owners could vote on the proposed move to las vegas as soon as january. tom george, 13 action news. new at -6-... want to know...... where you're most likely to encounter crime..... while shopping this holiday season? the answer is: the same in cities.... across the country. in both.... north las vegas and henderson..... walmart stores..... were the number one locations... for police calls..... last year. contact 13.... ch darcy spears reveals..... where police are going more than almost anywhere else. and... "you pay... for it". :35 laura when i saw the numbers i was absolutely shocked. shopper laura salaz spends money at walmart, but she doesn't expect to see so many of her tax dollars spent there. 2:44 laura walmart is using my public resources as their private security. it's not only walmarts in southern nevada....all across the country, [nats] police are responding to scenes like these: two women fighting in the shampoo aisle.
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service. [nats ktnv file] north las vegas police responded to the walmart on lake mead 441 times in 2015. that's a first place tie with cheyenne condo apartments. and there was another walmart in north town's number 2 spot with 395 calls. nearly all for shoplifting, petit larceny and suspicious situations. :51 laura those are resources that are better used somewhere decatur and charleston an [nats] henderson police rolled more often to the walmart on marks road than anywhere else in their jurisdiction. almost twice a day. the other henderson walmart on lake mead was the 4th busiest location for cops there. 9:38 darcy are you getting called there too often? capt seekatz no. we're not. captain wade seekatz says when it comes to walmart's call volume--size does matter. 1:14 capt. seekatz: there is nobody else
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24-hour operation. he also says walmarts serve as a landmark for entire shopping centers. 3:02 capt seekatz that's going to account for a call to walmart that has nothing to do with the business except they have a big sign and big name recognition. but leaders in other communities aren't buying it. victor crist hillsborough county florida county commissioner 16,000 calls coming from the walmart stores. that could be very expensive, especially for the taxpayer because you know they're footing the bill. the mayor of beech grove, indiana, where the two women and a child were brawling, is declaring walmart a nuisance. beech grove mayor: i've had it with them. if they don't want to become a good corporate partner then hang on. in beech grove, walmart can be fined up to $2500 if police show up too many times in a month. the mayor hopes that will get the corporate giant to hire more staff and security, which laura salaz would like to see our leaders do here. 6:30 laura maybe there should be a tax on walmart per call.
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north las vegas police declined an on-camera interview. clark county said they "we're going to take a pass on this." and mayor goodman's office said she didn't have time to talk about it. metro says they go where the calls are and it's up to stores to decide when they need police. starting this week, metro will have extra resources at major retail locations throughout the holiday shopping season. darcy 10 pack tag walmart would not provide an on-camera interview, but they sent a statement saying they're moving aggressivel calls through their restorative justice program for some shoplifters and by bolstering presence at the front of stores. their full statement is on our website with this story at darcy spears, 13 action news. president-elect...... donald trump is outlining his agenda..... once the doors open to the white house... but... what he's doing.... behind closed doors.... is now garnering criticism..... even from members of his own party!
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grounded right before the holidays. we'll tell you why pilots for one airline are refusing to fly. bryan. mostly sunny skies will continue through saturday with a weak front altering our high pressure by pushing it more to the northeast. this means the back end of high pressure which will allow cooler air to be filtered in from the north. and remember... chopper 13..... brings you breaking news.... fast and first... and... only.... on 13 action news. we'll be...
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sp500 up 5 all of the big local gaming stocks finished ahead except mgm resorts. caesars was up by about 1-and a half percent. las vegas sands also up 1-and a half percent.
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finally.. bad news for lufthansa airlines.. which has been forced to cancel 900 flights because of a pilot walkout. the german airline says roughly 100- thousand passengers are affected by cancellations.. which include more than 50 intercontinental flights. lufthansa pilots are asking for an average annual pay raise of 3.7 percent.. after going without a raise for more than five years. president-elect donald trump is continuing to take meetings...... as he lok top administration posts.... but.... there are other meetings.... that mister trump has taken..... that are raising questions on ethics..... even from members of his own party... the president elect.... firing back.... on twitter. abc's... lana zak... has more. trump i want the next generation of production and innovation to happen right here president elect donald trump posted a video outlining his agenda once inaugrurated tackling, trade deals, restrictions on energy prodution, immigation and
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workers in the executive branch. that lobbying ban--intended to separate business interests from the public interest an issue that with mr. trump's portfolio poses a challenge, says abc news contributor and former bush-cheyney strategist, matt dowd, matt dowd you cannot take advantage or benefit from a foreign state or a foreign government. that's a huge problem for donald trump. there have already been a few meetings that seem to blur the line between business and government--first with real estate developers in india, and now a british politician who, lobbied about the trump golf course in scotland.... now the first house republican is breaking ranks to criticize mr. trump's business entanglements, writing, you rightly criticized hillary for clinton foundation. if you have contracts w/foreign govts, it's certainly a big deal, too. #draintheswamp meanwhile, supporter, rudy guilianni said he could see the president elect dropping his pledge to call for an investigation into his former rival, hillary clinton. but could go either way giuliani there is a tradition in american politics that after
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behind you. i'd also be supportive of continuing the investigation. lana zak tag: and regardless of what mr. trump decides, it's worth noting that in this country the president doesn't decide who does or doesn't get prosecuted. that decision is supposed to be made based on evidence, independent of politics. lana zak, abcn, w "are you ready to die?" that's what one child involved..... in yesterday's deadly bus crash says.... the driver said.... just moments before the crash!!! now... retrieve..... that will provide the answers.... about exactly what happened. and.. you won't believe what happened during a confrontation between police and a woman in a wheelchair.. and why the officers are now under investigation. staying on top of breaking
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now saying the shooting of a university police officer appears to have been an ambush police now say they are looking for this man--deangelo davis. police say the wayne state university officer stopped davis on his bike and then three shots were fired. the officer---in his 20's and on the force for 5 years-- was shot in the head. he is said to be in very critical condition. the suspect is on the loose--multiple law enforcement agencies are involved in the search. some police officers in houston, texas are under investigation tonight over this video.. showing a woman in a wheelchair being tased. the woman says she confronted the officers after her daughter was arrested at a gas station. you see her and police yelling at each other. that's when one officer throws her phone and another tases her in the back.
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she's resisting. i'm gonna taser you! no taser her!" after falling to the ground and handcuffed.. the woman claims she was tased again. she was charged with resisting arrest. authorities are now reviewing the video. new information on that tragic school bus accident in tennessee. tonight.. we're learning the driver was speeding.. and now faces 5 counts of vehicular homicide. abc's elizabeth hur has the latest from chattanooga. documents allege. the driver of this mangled school bus was speeding. causing 24-year-old johnthony walker to lose control and first swerve to the right then to the left eventually, overturning and crashing into a telephone pole and a tree killing 5 children at the scene.. the youngest in kindergarten. neighbor "it's just a horror story a tragic scene we saw children escaping through the roof hedge." according to
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elementary school were on the bus the school open today with counselors on hand for so many still in disbelief. parents "so sad, no words. you can't explain this." parents "i thought about that all morning, do i want to take him to school. he's here because maybe they can explain it to him n-t-s-b investigators from d-c are now in tennesee to get to the bottom of this.. ntsb - tbd police in the meantime.. revealing so far.. a warrant has been issued to remove the black box and video cameras from the bus and they are also awaiting blood test results from the driver for clues. elizabeth hur tag: more charges against the driver, pending. last check, twelve children still in the hospital in
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an early thanksgiving gift..... from president obama.... to dozens of federal inmates. the white house says... the president commuted the prison sentences of -79- inmates today.... many of them convicted of non- violent drug offenses. the president has commuted the sentences of more than... -1- thousand federal inmates.... more than.... the last -11- presidents combined were serving life sentences. president-elect trump met with the new york times today..... hoping to smooth things over.... with the newspaper. trump cancelled the scheduled meeting this morning..... before quickly re-scheduling it. the times..... questioned trump on issues from the future of his business..... to hillary clinton's e- mail probe. a times reporter..... tweeted.... the on-the record part of the meeting today. he says... trump told the times.... he has great respect for the
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it treated him very rough.... through his campaign. new developments right now involving questions about where some of the money from the trump foundation went. in tax filings just posted today on guidestar.. the charitable foundation acknowledges it was involved in what's called "self- dealing." that's when a non-profit gives money to its leaders.. their businesses.. or their families. it's against the rules.. but in this case.. many specifics are still missing. that includes details about what may have happened and why.. who got the money.. and if any penalties have high pressure is coming back to the southern nevada region today! this means sunny skies will be common along with temperatures ranging between 62 and 67 degrees. mostly sunny skies will continue through saturday with a weak front altering our high pressure by pushing it more to from the north. by thanksgiving, high temperatures will range between 60 and 65 degrees and just about hold there until sunday. by sunday, a front passes over head and clouds will build along with a breeze.
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temperatures will drop a little further; ranging between 58 and 63 degrees into monday. clouds will build along with a breeze. with the passing of this front, temperatures will drop a little further; ranging between 58 and 63 degrees into monday.
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preview is the season finale of tonight... is the season finale of "dancing with the stars". it's now.... down to -3- couples vying for "the mirror ball trophy".... in one of the closest competitions.... in the show's history. will it be the race car driver??? the olympian??? or... the athlete known.... as "mega- tron"? abc's...
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to tango - but it takes three stars to vie for number 1 at the dancing with the stars' finale nats battling for the top spot -- 16-year-old olympic gymnast laurie hernandez len goodman "there was nothing in that dance i didn't like" nats indycar driver james hinchcliff julianne hough 'hands down you are the best male dancer we have ever had on this show' nats and retired nfl star calvin johnson jr. len goodman without dout most improved dancer in this final nats - 'it's the finals and i'm ready' monday -- an elimination -- country singer jana kramer getting sent home. nats - "it was our time" and in the semi-finals nats: "you take my breath away" little person terra jole eliminated season 23 -- bringing the likes of vanilla ice, marcia brady actress maureen mckormick, and
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now nats - "the freestyle crowns the mirror ball champion" audiences have seen the last dances before they cast their final votes. nats: perfect score 10! hernandez 10s hinchcliffe 10s! lauren lyster tag: viewer votes will be combined with judges' points from tonight's 24 hour fusion challenge to determine the big winner. and get ready for a reunion -- all 13 of this season's couples also expected to perform. lauren lyster abc news los given to any american civilian. we'll show you... who received the honor...
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include.... robert de niro.... ellen degeneres..... bill and melinda gates..... kareem abdul-jabbar..... and michael jordan. coming up later.. in tonight's abc primetime 8:00 - the middle 8:30 - american housewife 9:00 - dancing with the stars then on 13 action news.. live at 11.. that's 13 action news for now..
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at k-t-n-v dot com.. and... our k-t-n-v mobile app. "inside edition" is next so stay with us. thank you for watching.. and have a great evening..
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kanye west, mental collapse. >> what is your emergency? >> was he handcuffed to a gurney. >> gigi hadid apologies for her melania trump imitation. >> the guy that didn't know p won until today. >> 3, 2, 1. >> then, the new line of defense. >> how garbage trucks are being used to protect americans from acts of terror. >> and, blinded by the light. >> we appear to have an issue with laser pointers from someone in the stands. >> a quarterback laser attack on live tv. >> medical mystery solved.


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