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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  November 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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the latest images.... just coming in. carla? in the smoky mountains of tennessee--the air is filled with smoke--the glow of fire peeking through trees--and so far rain in the area not helping at all. at least 30 structures are burning --including a 16 story hotel. mandatory evacuations were orderd for downtown gatlinburg in east tennessee. cabins at dollywood--a popular tourist attraction in nearby pigeon forge were alo evacuated. one person was hurt--but so far no deaths. facebook has activated its closed tomorrow. a ring of fire circled green mountain near denver. a brush fire grew to 300 acres forcing some evacuations because strong winds were blowing embers into a nearby neighbhood. right now its 90 percent contained--and people are returning home. , a live look at the 215 ...
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from the airport connector.... to warm springs! this is a look at our traffic map in real time. (ad-lib) those closures went into effect about two hours ago ... 13 action news reporter mahsa saeidi is in our live drive with a look at the conditions now. mahsa. tricia steve.... right now we are on xx going xxx. let's turn the camera around ... so you can see for yourself. ad lib... now driver' to get to the airport ... but if you're not headed to the airport... you're going to want to avoid this area overnight.. the delays are expected to be significant... if you're headed to henderson on 215 east,,,,you should use an earlier exit... jones...decatur...
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diamond road or st. rose parkway... take it over to the 215. the lanes are scheduled to reopen at 5am. no closures are scheduled for the 215 west. breaking right now-- a plane carrying a brazilian soccer team has crashed in colombia. the plane went down about 22 miles from the airport in the city of medillin (med a jeen). 72 passengers and nine crew members were on board. the flight was coming f the team was on its way to a competition. in a tweet the airport mentioned survivors but no word on how many. anchor (bt) karla get ready.... for a big cool down!!! a freeze warning has been issued.... for parts of southern nevada. 13 first alert meteorologist.... karla huelga is tracking..... when and where.... it will hit.
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we're following new developments tonight on that developments tonight on that violent attack at ohio state university. police now say the suspect posted a message to facebook only minutes before it happened saying quote: "i can't take it anymore. america! stop interfering with other countries, especially the muslim ummah. we are not weak. remember that." police the 18-year old from somalia rammed his car into a crowd of
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knife. 11 people were injured.. one critically.. before the suspect was shot and killed by a campus police officer. be advised.... "it looked like he was trying to hurt as many as he could." authorities say the teenager was a legal u-s resident and a student at ohio state. an update.... to some breaking news.... roads shut down for hours..... after someone was hit..... by a city bus.... near m-l-k and alexander. police say... the victim was noti when he was struck this one else.... was hurt. 05 i was just sitting in my car crying....trying to piece everything together in my mind now... to a frightening story.... elderly women..... on the east side of the valley say..... they've fallen for a new scam..... this time... it's in person..... and... it's scary. 13 action news reporter..... gina lazara spoke with many of the victims.... she joins us... in studio....
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story... so it doesn't happen to you.... or your mother. gina? all of the ladies i spoke with were between 79 and 91 years old. what they had in common was.... they were all out running themselves. "a man hollered me miss miss!" zee hout was out shopping alone. when a man and a woman approached her in the parking lot of a shopping plaza near nellis and sahara. "my wife saw something wrong with your tires" after a small discussion about what was wrong... she handed over her keys to the "i can fix it for you for 200 dollars" zee was feeling thankful that this man was willing to do her a favor. until he asked her something that she thought was a little strange.... "he sat there for a minute and he said can we say a little prayer he said i'm a family man..." so he took both of zee's hands and held them as he closed his eyes to simulate he was praying. he started squeezing them really hard... "the next thing i knew he was tearing at the rings on my
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69th wedding anniversary. zee says he used all his might to hold her down so he could wiggle it off. "i said -- you're getting all you're getting out of me today. i just started beating him in the face with the cell phone in my hand with the nails as far and as deep as i could just gouge him" he ran off and was never to be seen again. "i just started screaming but there was nobody around" these as zee... not all as violent.... but still quite scary.... "i feel like i'm the dumbest person on earth" i reached out to police but haven't heard back about this scary trend just yet... but the ladies all told me --- that police told them.... these people are gypsies that moved into town recently to wreak havoc on our community -- specifically elderly women... gina lazara 13 action news a happy ending for a valley family who had their christmas decorations ripped off.
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inflatables have been recovered and are once again bringing joy to the neighborhood. after we aired this surveillance video last week. since then.. the family says crime stoppers was flooded with tips and detectives were able to track down the thieves and recover the goods. we're told one suspect confessed to authorities that he saw the story on the news.. and planned to return the decorations. 305-311 we've got a death trap here. we've got a death trap. warn your neighbors...warn everybody th motorcycle advocates are demanding action at this intersection. they say it's a death trap because you can't see where the road ends and the sidewalk begins. 13 action news reporter bryan callahan is live at rainbow and oquendo with a look a the problem. bryan. when i'm standing right on top of the transition you can clearly see the road... curb... and sidewalk... but when you look at hundred feet behind me you can see they all start to blend together...
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an hour speed limit. "i'm just riding along and next thing your know 'm waking up with somebody standing over top of me." two months later... leroy benavidez is still recovering from his accident... that destroyed his bike. while the injuries are starting to heal.. "i've been on the crutches now for a week and a half. the rest of the time i was in the wheelchair." the marine veteran says his anger is growing after driving by the intersection of rainbow and oquendo over the weekend. "the cones and barrels put there after my so the next guy coming down through there riding again can't see it. it makes you angry." other motorcycle riders are now demanding action. nats from video... that video has been seen more than seven thousand times in less than a day... nats... and highlights the problem benavidez says led to his crash. he says riding north on rainbow... he could clearly see the gravel... but couldn't make out the curb he now know separates the road and the asphalt sidewalk along are crusing down the road and you can't see the sidewalk." benavides says a simple change
11:09 pm "how much time does it take to put a barrel or a flashing light." when we contactwed clark county about the issue they said they will be looking into it. the construction company doing work in the area did not return reporting live, bryan callahan, 13 action news. it's the image.... that no homeowner... ever wants to see. strangers rummaging.... through your home. and... neighbors say.... these kinds of crimes.. are invading their area. 13 action news reporter.... tom george spoke to people who say... they're afraid.... in their own homes. tom lead well luckily the robbery that happened inside this house was all caught on
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there's been a lot of crime in this neighorhood that hasnt it all happened in broad daylight on a saturday... video showing two thieves ransacking a house near durango and flamingo while the owner was out of the country... sot people coming through your house and took your stuff.. its not real.. and she's not alone... neighbors have been on edge lately... sot theres been cars set on e street theres been trash cans set on fire recently... and the stats seem to back it up... a quick search on metro's crime near durango and flamingo in noticing this left on her door while she was out of down... one neighbor says they saw a suspicious car around the same time... driven by a man she claims is the same one from this video... sot it was the same guy on the camera in the house on camera... they say their once safe street.. just isnt the same... sot people are getting desperate and going anywhere, doing anything... sot people often ask you whats the best neighborhood? whats the safest area in las vegas, and you have no answer.
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neighbors are on edge until well. just look for this story on our website at tom george, 13 action news. after all the thanksgiving cooking and cleaning... you're probably ready.... to go out to eat. 8:02 darcy: did you know we were gonna come when that c grade went up? both talking over each other: channel 13! after the bre dirty dining. and.. take a look at this out of control vehicle spinnning on the highway.. and you won't believe what it took to finally make it stop. stay with us.
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reverse on an australian highway. it happened after the driver became unconscious. it took several minutes.. but they were finally able to open the door and stop the vehicle. the driver was taken to the hospital. it's unclear what caused the medical episode. we're following new developments.... in the kidnapping of a california mother. sherri papini was found alive..... on thanksgiving morning.... -3- weeks after she vanished.... while jogging. now... we're hearing from an eyewitness who found her tied up on the side of the road. 41-49 my initial reaction... hose clamps on her wrists authorities are looking for a dark- colored s-u-v..... with two hispanic females.... armed with a handgun. the shasta county sheriff's department says... a team is interviewing pappini.... tonight. they also said... they have no reason.... not to believe....
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weekend eating behind us, it's time to go dirty dining. tonight, 13-action news chief investigator darcy spears gets an earful from restaurant owners who say the health district has it in for them. fish and chips, chinese food, korean bbq. you'll find it all under one roof at this little restaurant on las vegas boulevard and cheyenne. but you'll also find a c grade and 36 demerits. 8:02 darcy: did you know we were gonna come when that c grade went up? kwi and yong cho both talking at the same time: channel 13! husband and running vegas restaurants for 28 years. they say they know what they're doing. as for the health district? 8:49 yong: they don't know what is smart thing. darcy: they don't know what they're doing, you think? kwi: yeah! yong: yeah. the inspector wrote them up for not using hair restraints, storing wood hot plates in the only hand sink, keeping sanitizer buckets on prep tables and not properly washing their hands. 6:46 y: busy time i go over
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washing hands--that's crazy! i say you go home same thing--you do same thing? when the inspector found raw meat thawing at room temperature on the condiment cart, kwi told her thawing per the health regulations takes too long. and when she got written up for leaving food out at unsafe temperatures during the inspection... 3:11 kwi: anything outside... cooking! what we gonna do? we can't put everything put it inside outside. as for the pepto bismol kept handy in the kitchen... 4:54 kwi: i eat that one for sick and pain. darcy: right. they just didn't want to see it mixed in with the food. the health report says kwi admitted dumping dirty mop wastewater be disposed of into a sanitary sewer or septic system. 5:49 kwi: mop water i put in the toilet. i put in the toilet. she asked me, i don't know how to do that. maybe outside? inside? i'm thinking it's maybe outside and she said no! speaking of the toilet...
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with where the restroom is located. you have to actually walk through the kitchen and the storage area to get to this door labeled office, but which is actually the only restroom in the restaurant for customers. kwi and yong say it's been like that for 10 years and they don't understand why it's a problem now. 11:25 kwi: people no problem. we got to keep clean, you know, i do! myself! why she complain too much? i don't know why. they've told the health district to keep that i away from their restaurant and next time send a supervisor instead. /nat/ the imminent health hazard closure came at soul food express cafe. it was shut down at the food truck extravaganza after inspectors found sewage spilling from the truck onto the ground and into the surrounding area. darcy tag: uss fish and chips still has a c grade. soul food express is back on the road with a zero-demerit a. darcy spears, 13 action news. we are staying on top of breaking news out of
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officials now say the plane was having electrical failure when it went down just 22 miles away from the airport. 72 passengers and nine crew members were on board. the flight was coming from bolivia carrying members of a brazilian soccer team playing in a south american championship final. rescue crews are on the scene and say there are at least six survivors. mark december -9-th.... down on your calendar. that's opening day..... at "lee canyon ski resort". the resort is currently closed..... for winter prep..... as they use snow guns..... to suppliment the -4- inches of natural snow..... that fell.... over the weekend. the chilly weather will continue as one storm system makes an exit and another pushes into the area. northern parts of the valley
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system starts to make its slow push to the east. expect overnight lows in the the system makes its final exit. highs temps will reach the high 50s tomorrow with clear skies. wednesday we will be in between system, but high temps will only reach the low to mid 50s around the valley. the winds will be light with only high cloud cover. late wednesday/early thursday, our next system start to make its entrance. we'll see extra cloud cover and some breezes thursday with highs in the mid 50s. the cloud cover will friday and the winds will pick up. it looks like friday will be upper end breezy/lower end windy, but the winds will put an extra bite in the air as high temps will only reach the low 50s. the system makes an exit by early saturday, which will clear skies over the weekend. saturday high temps recover to the mid 50s, then to around 60 on sunday. a system will pass to our north monday, but it'll be close enough to bring us some breezes
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an 8-month old girl is being called a miracle baby tonight in arkansas.. and for find out... how she's doing.... after she was thrown from a car.... during a horrific crash.. and... that's not where.... her incredible ordeal ended. it's a story.....
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being allowed to act as his own defense lawyer. today's ruling follows another decision last week that dylan roof is competant to stand trial. roof is accused of opening fire last year inside a predominantly black church in hopes of starting a race war.
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penalty. tonight... an infant is being called.... a "miracle baby"..... after she survived.... a horrific car crash..... in arkansas. authorities say... the -8- month old was ejected..... from the vehicle..... but was found in a drainage grate... -25- feet away.... with only... a scratch! jakesia colson/passenger: "so i started running up and down the highway, looking everywhere for the way she .. they had to pull out the drain. and she was just sitting there, looking and waiting for them to come get her." the car seat the baby was in at the time of the crash.... was not properly installed. however... the family was not cited..... in regards.... to the car seat. some tense moments on a las vegas bound jet when the passengers hear a terrifying sound.. thousands of feet off the ground. up next.. see why everyone on board was
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8- and remember... to watch.... "good morning las vegas".... for all your latest news.... weather... and traffic. it all starts at 4-30....
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photo of a naked 70-year old woman who was showering at the gym. she also wrote a caption that said.. quote.. "if it can't unsee this, then you can't either." mathers is charged with misdemeanor invasion of privacy. passengers flying from dallas to mc-carran are extra happy.... to be in las vegas.... tonight. the american airlines flight..... had to make an emergency when onef failed.. thousands of feet.... ound. marcia beckman, passenger 4:53:25-4:53:33 "so you could see when the stewardess everybody getting nervous well we heard a bang we heard sound at mc-carran.... around 8:00 last night. passengers finally arrived around 4:00 this morning we'll be right back.... with a final look.... at your wake-up weather
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here's jimmy kimmel with a
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live at - 11-. next.. and remember.. we're always on.... at k-t-n-v dot com.. our k-t-n-v mobile app... and... our roku channel. our next reports begin at 4:30-am on good morning las vegas. thank you for watching..
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