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tv   Action News 5pm  ABC  November 30, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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rolled their new parking system out. "i think caesars was watching and realized we are not gonna be left out of this! i don't think they had to do it but i thinik they were feeling pressure because people were parking at one hotel and walking to another just to avoid that ten dollar fee" scott says caesar's was missing out on money that was sitting right in front of them by not rolling out paid parking earlier. he says it's an easy change for the casino giant......that will bring in tons of revenue. the latest parking announcement includes.... several more properties.... on the strip. they're listed here.... on this map. the paid parking will be rolled out..... over the next few months. and.. new information on another parking related charge. the wynn las vegas and encore will start charging for valet in a couple of weeks. it will cost 13 dollars for up to 4 hours.. and goes up after that. self-parking at the wynn and encore will still be free..
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the days of free parking are almost gone at resorts owned by mgm. in one month.. locals will be charged the same as visitors. right now... a father's behind bars... accused of shooting and killing his son. this is michael gardenhire. officers were on another call..... near rainbow and windmill.... around 8:30 last night.... when they heard.... -3- shots. they ran to where the gunfire was coming from... and... that's when.... they say..... gardenhire came out of an apartment and said.... he shot his son. police believe.... this was related to domestic a killer is on the run tonight after shooting a man near durango and tropicana. 13 action news reporter marissa kynaston explains how the victim's young son may have witnessed the whole thing. take pkg sot ltn dan mcgrath, metro 04:25:33:15 they were arguing, they have some custody issues late last night-- a man and a woman were arguing in this apartment complex. and police say-- the argument-- may have been over their child. i was able to talk with neighbors-- nat 14:38:53:09 knocking they say that child--
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caught right in the middle of the parents argument. take sot carlo concepcion, neighbor 14:42:18:25 sounded like the guy was trying to take her car concepcion lives right next door to that couple-- he says he saw that argument spill into the parking lot. take sot carlo concepcion 14:42:01:08 next thing you know we heard a loud bang police say-- during that argument-- somebody else got involved-- then shot and killed the father-- right in front of his child. police are now trying to figure out who this other man is-- calling the shooting random. take sot ltn dan mcgrath, metro 04:28:06:06 he saw the argument, it's going back intervened, and then the 2 males were exchanging words marissa tag police say the child who saw the whole thing happen is still with his mom and grandparents right now-- cps was not involved. mk-- 13an. the former c-c-s-d junior high teacher..... charged with having an inappropriate relationship with a student.... will spend at least.... - 3- years in jail. in august... nicole wilfinger pleaded guilty...... to statutory sexual seduction and sexual conduct..... between a school employee and a student. the former molasky junior
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in april. according to the police report... the victim was a family friend. right now... the damage is severe.... in northern alabama and south tennessee. nearly two dozen reported tornadoes..... tore across -4- states... including a new twister..... just outside of atlanta. "there's the tornado right there. let's go! let's go!" in alabama... the storms.... devastating and deadly.. with home after home.... leveled... and... thousands..... left witho the death toll now stands... at -9- ... with at least.... -6- injured.... including children. those storms also moved across east tennessee where they put some badly needed rain on those devistating wildfires. firefighters say it's done a the damage has already been done. tonight.. tennessee disaster officials say the death toll from the fires now stands at 7. dozens more have been injured.. and several families are still searching for loved ones. investigators also believe the
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was 'human caused. scripps correspondant todd walker is there tonight with the latest on efforts to clear roads.. so rescuers can reach homes and make sure everyone else made it out alive. --todd looklive full=-- downtown gatlinburg was mostly spared but all around it is essentially gone. hundreds, including the mayor of gatlinburg himself, have lost their homes, their businesses, hundreds, including the mayor of gatlinburg himself, have lost their homes, their businesses, and plenty of other buildings.
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hurt, but that could have been
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emergecny crews are on the scene..the airport is closed. no injuries have been reported so far. carolina have decided not to charge..... the police officer..... accused of shooting and killing..... keith la-mont scott.... back in september. scott's wife..... capturing the entire incident..... on cell phone video. officers say.... scott had a gun... and... ignored their commands.... to drop it! andrew murray, mecklenburg county da sot: he acted lawfully what he saw was a man who had drawn a gun when confronted by police, exited a vehicle with the gun ...commanded at least 10 time
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scott's death...... sparked protests and added more fuel to the debate.... over the use of deadly force.... by police. attorney's for scott's family say... they plan to keep investigating... and... potentialy file.... a civil suit. new developments in the mysterious abduction of a california mom. sherri papini's husband.. keith.. issued a statement about her condition after she was found along a highway on thanksgiving day. bruises.. her hair was chopped off.. she weighed only 87-pounds and she had been branded. investigators now say some of that information was not supposed to be released to the public.. and there is also information in the latest press release that shouldn't be there. papini disappeared while jogging almost a month ago near her home in redding. new information on that tragic plane crash in colombia.. that claimed the lives of dozens of brazilian soccer
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told flight controllers the charter flight was out of fuel. 71 people died when the plane crashed in a mountainous area near medellin. only 6 people survived. president elect.... donald trump kicks off.... a "thank you" tour tomorrow.... after his historic win..... for the white house. but... in the meantime.... trump's filling more top spots.... on his team. secretary of commerce...fellow billionaire wilbur ross. treasury secretary... goldman sachs executive.... steve munchin. trump's still trying to on a secretary of state. his team has hinted..... that he's down to four finalists... inlcuding former rival.... mitt romney. donald trump's pick for the new health and human services secretary...representative tom price has caught the attention of alot of voters.... they believe.... this suggests.... the president-elect intends to follow through on his campaign promise..... to repeal and replace "the affordable care act"...or obamacare. 13;18 - 25;17: i don't think there's any question that rep price has been one of the most vocal critics of the affordable
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to repeal it over 50 times. instead... price is proposing insurance companies give young, healthy people..... cheaper plans... in exchange for higher premiums on those..... more in need of care. older people would benefit more..... from higher tax credits... than younger fols. in tonight's healthy living.. some new information about managing your diet as you age. in a study presented to the american heart association.. researchers say older women who eat a high protein diet could heart failure. experts recommend eating less meat and more vegetables that are high in protein. and.. another new study explains why 'sleep-time' means money. some new research says sleep deprivation costs the united states up to 411-billion dollars a year in lost productivity. their message is... invest more of your time in healthy sleeping habits. that includes consistent wake up times..
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before bedtime and exercising. in less than an hour.... the "four-and-two" runnin rebels tip-off..... against southern utah for the season's.... first away game. this game is not.... on t-v. but... you can listen to it live... on- line. we've shared a link..... to where you can listen to the game.... on k-t- n-v dot com. watch your screen closely. take a look at the figure in the background. what that thief got away with..... would make any leprachaun.... green with envy. plus.. a push to make your children and it could affect nearly every school campus in clark county. and... from contact -13-. your next road trip.... just got more interesting. netflix is shaking things up with a big change. bryan? the las vegas valley will be dropping into the upper 30s tonight with some areas into the mid 30s.
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for the quick-thinking thief..... accused of stealing a bucket of gold flakes..... off an armored truck. the bucket is worth.... -1- point -6- million dollars. where's the guard? he reportedly left the open truck..... unattended to grab his cellphone.... from the front seat. schools new at -5-.. a local non-profit called..... the "rogers foundation" is calling on all c-c-s-d schools..... to be sanctuary schools. that basically means... they would not turn in.... any student that's in the country.... illegally.
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to designate unlv as a 'sanctuary school.' 13 action news reporter tom george is live at cashman center with more. tom. in response to the state of fear and uncertainty among students that has been created by the president-elect's threats to civil rights, the rogers foundation today held a press conference calling for all k-12 and foundation today held a press conference calling for all k-12 and post-secondary education campuses in southern nevada to unequivocally and publicly declare that their campuses will be sanctuaries for undocumented students, staff, and their family members who face imminent deportation. from contact -13-... nevada is the -5-th most
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to identity theft and fraud!!! that' study... from "wallet-hub"... which compared all - 50- states... and the d-c area. the credit-monitoring site... looked at different factors... including identity-theft complaints per capita... and... the average amount lost... due to fraud. topping the list... was d-c... followed by.... california... florida... and massachusetts. your next long flight... just got more interesting. "netflix" will now allow users... to watch shows.... off-line. that means... you can download movies... and shows... to watch later... without using wi-fi... or your data.
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with all netflix memberships. as certain smartphone apps change the way americans date.. they're also transforming the issue of sexual harassment. according to the pew research center.. nearly half the women who use online dating services have been harassed. that includes receiving vulgar messages that can have an impact on a woman's sense of security. mg: you feel afraid you feel that you can't go out into the cyber world without being harmed one woman is fighting back with felipe".. to publicly shame harassing suitors. she also started a petition on "" to end harassing messages and pictures on social media. today could be special for a lot of coastal residents. it's the official last day of the atlantic hurricane season. there were 15 named storms this year. 7 were hurricanes.. including matthew.. which was the first major hurricane to make landfall in
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adlib let's go to chief meteorologist bryan scofield and '13 first alert weather.' the las vegas valley will be dropping into the upper 30s tonight with some areas into the mid 30s. make sure you protect the sensitive plants and bring the pets inside! after the chilly start we keep it afternoon but similar to last few afternoons with highs into the mid 50s. friday we notice winds increasing into the windy category with
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vegas. sunshine will be around with a few clouds as well. we will cool off again friday night into saturday morning with lows into the upper 30s to mid 30s slightly warmer this weekend with highs near 60. another major cool down could be moving in early next week.
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to see a show... on the strip... you better act fast.... some popular entertainers on the las vegas strip... have decided to stick around.... but just... l and at six: what's in a name? the army is saying...a lot. and they're not too happy with the name of our new professional hockey team. the longest running country music show.....
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dunn" are extending their residency... for at least.... one year. the las vegas valley will be dropping into the upper 30s tonight with some areas into the mid 30s. we're about an hour away from the start of big change. new on 13 action news live at
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with the way a school is being run are getting the chance to take matters into their own hands. and... here's a look..... at what's coming up..... in tonight's primetime line-up.... right here on a-b-c... at 8:00... it's "the goldbergs"... followed by... "speechless".... at 9:00... it's "modern family" at 9:30... it's black-ish at 10:00... "designated survivor".... and we will see you tonight... for 13 action news... live at 11... and a reminder.. our 13 days of giving toy drive is underway right now. we're teaming up with nhp and findlay toyota to donate new.. unwrap and 20-dollars. all of the gifts will go to families in need at the las vegas rescue mission. we want to thank.... "findlay toyota".... "nevada coin mart" and "zippy shell"... who are all proud sponsors.... of "13-days of giving". that's our news for now... but... stay with us.... for abc's world news... up next. we're always on at along with our mobile app and roku channel. we'll see you back here in 30-minutes for action news.. live at 6.
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breaking news as we come on the air tonight. the deadly tornadoes. the watches late today across several states. more than two dozen twisters in 24 hours. in atlanta, the sirens. the system stretching from the south to the northeast. also, the state of emergency at this hour. seven dead. the wildfires out of control. fueled by the winds. families racing to get out. breaking developments in the plane crash. learned. what the pilot said moments before the crash. inside the meeting. the dinner with president-elect donald trump and mitt romney. and we have new reporting tonight, the post that could be given to sarah palin. the house explosion. the mother of three, the family dog crawling out from the debris. and an abc news exclusive tonight. the mystery mom who vanished, the husband breaking his silence


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