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tv   Action News 630pm  ABC  November 30, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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it was back in september that downtown charlotte erupted in violent protests after video showed scott gunned down as his wife pleaded with police. severe weather is moving through charlotte--police say that seems to be keeping many protesters at home. abc's lauren lyster has the latest from charlotte. script: the officerin shooting death of keith lamont scott was caught on his wife's cell phone... don't shoot him he didn't do anything -- drop the gun and it ignited protests in the city of charlotte... nats world news protest the district attorney announcing why officer brent vinson - accused of shooting scott -- will not face criminal charges. sot: he acted lawfully what he saw was a man who had drawn a gun when confronted by police, exited a vehicle with the gun
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(7-11 from presser) the d-a walking through evidence including footage showing he says the bulge of a gun at scott's ankle minutes before the shooting. at the scene the same ankle - no bulge, where a holster was recovered. and testimony from four officers --that scott had the gun in his hand after getting out of the suv, after being confronted by police sot family lawyer 2 name: it' was safe to say he //"there's no definitive proof keith had a firearm in his hand// the scott family's lawyers, say their inquiry isn't over sot family lawyer - name: we still have real questions about/// how they responded to info on his brain injury, and failed ot de-escalate the situation tag: prosecutors are publishing their report online -- the d-a urgint the community to take pause and read it. both sides -- urging peace and denouncing violence. lauren lyster abc news los
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the tulsa, oklahoma police officer accused in the shooting death of an unarmed black man is set to stand trial for manslaughter. officer betty shelby was charged after shooting terence crutcher in september. a judge decided to go ahead with the trial after reviewing the video in the courtroom. shelby claims crutcher was armed and threatened her. investigators.. however.. found no weapons in his car or on his body. a former police officer in south carolina.. man.. is currently on trial. we're now hearing from officer michael slager about the moment he opened fire on walter scott. this video made national headlines because it shows scott.. in the green shirt.. running away from slager. slager claims scott took his taser from him. sot: "and i saw that taser coming at me..coming at me like this." (butted with) "i fired until the threat was stopped, like i'm trained to do." prosecutors say scott was 18
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if convicted.. slager could get 30 years in prison. you can feel those brisk temperatures out there... and guess what... even cooler temperatures.... are on the way... let's head over.... to 13 first alert chief meteorologist... bryan scofield... who's tracking it all. bryan... the las vegas valley will be dropping into the upper 30s tonight with some areas into the mid 30s. make sure you protect the bring the pets inside! after the chilly start we keep it cool in the afternoon but similar to last few afternoons with highs into the mid 50s. now... here's a look....
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we're following... i'm gina lazara reporting from the strip.....where casears entertainment is just two weeks away before they start charging for parking.....following the roll out of paid parking from mgm properties earlier this year. i spoke with a las vegas expert who says it was just a matter of time before caesars made the big change. good news for locals though --- self parking will still be free. i'm david schuman at bonanza going on right now to elect three parents to the school's new organizational team. the team will help advise the principal on decisions like budgeting, staffing and curriculum starting next school year. all clark county school district schools will have a team like this made up of parents, teachers and support staff. for parents not on the committee who want their voice heard...monthly meetings will be open to the public. i'm tom george - a group called the schools become a sanctuary that means that they would to keep kids safe i'm marti
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today they donated two vehicles from their fleet to 2 non profits that have made a huge impact in the community . transition services provides work for more than 400 hundred people with developmental disabilities .... and building nevada helps repair homes for disabled and both non profits sat monye spents renting vehicles will go towards their programs .... that help people president elect donald trump begins a "thank you" tour tomorrow.. following his historic white house victory. he also made a big announcement that he's leaving his billion-dollar business.. because the presidency is more important. abc's kenneth moton has the latest from washington.
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with his billion dollar company. the president-elect made the announcement on twitter that he'll "leave his great business in total" to his children "in order to fully focus on running the country." nats the business separation to avoid conflicts of interest comes as trump fills key economic posts. secretary of commerce...fellow billionaire wilbur ross. treasury secretary...goldman sachs executive steve mnuchin. sot steve mnuchin we're gonna have the most significant middle income tax cut since reagan, we're going to incorporate th program, so this is, this is gonna be a tremendous boost to the economy mnuchin who promised to focus on the american worker praised trump's deal with carrier to keep 1000 factory jobs in indiana, vp elect mike pence's home state. sot mnuchin called them and said we want to keep jobs here...i cant remember the last time a president did that trump is expected to release the details of the deal in indianapolis thursday. it's the first leg of his thank
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nats applause trump is still trying to decide on a secretary of state...sitting down for dinner with contender mitt romney who once called trump a con man. trump's white house chief of staff reince preibus on fox news. sot reince preibus when he makes the decision, it's the decision that's best for america regardless of background (kenneth standup close) trump's team hinted he is down to four secretary of state finalists...romney, senator bob corker, former cia director david petreaus and forme as for trump's business, house democrats are calling for a congressional hearing to examine his conflicts of interest. kenneth moton, abc news washington. you could soon see a big change in gas prices. we'll explain what happened today in the middle east.. that could cause oil prices to skyrocket. plus... how would you like to have dinner..... with the new president-elect? how much...... it'll cost you... and... where that money is going... next. and remember, chopper 13 brings you breaking news fast and
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down 6 big gamn boyd down 2% caesars up 2% wynn resorts up 2% red rock resorts down 2% oil prices are surging after opec's new deal to cut production. the conglomerate finalized an agreement today in vienna to cut overall production by 1.2 million barrels a day. it follows months of intense negotiations.. pitting saudi arabia against its regional-rival iran. this could be opec's last
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the president-elect has promised an "energy revolution" that includes a stop to energy imports from opec nations. trump also says he intends to open federal lands to onshore and offshore drilling. and.. the final figures are in for cyber monday. shoppers spent $3.45 billion.. which is a new online record. adobe digital insights says shoppers spent 12 percent more this year over 2015. mobile shopping continuet now accounting for a third of sales. consumers spent just over a billion dollars on tablets and smartphones.. up 34 percent over last year. that's still $130 million less than what was spent on mobile devices on black friday. there's some creative ways to raise money for president-elect... donald trumps... inauguration! for a million dollars... you can have a candlelight
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a ladies luncheon.... with the women of the first family? the lowest-priced package to bring in big donors is: -25- thousand dollars. that's for.... two tickets to the inaugural parade.... victory reception..... the inaugural concert... and... a black tie ball. trump's team is trying to raise.... -65- to -75-million dollars for his inauguration. they say... they won't accept money from registered lobbyists. president obama's team..... raised -53- million for his inauguration.... which is a record. taxpayers pick up the tab..... for the swearing-in ceremony and security. the money that's raised..... goes to pay for the other celebrations. a deadly severe storm system blasting its way through the southeastern u-s. next.. your first look at the damage that left dozens of homes leveled. and... a consumer alert.... about one of the hottest holiday gifts... how your new drone.... could be hi-jacked..... by hackers.
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and right now police are involved in a stand off with the suspect. the gunman has barricaded himself inside a home on the city's west side. several shots fired inside a home where the officer had confronted the suspect a team of officers went in to rescue him--he was rushed to the hospital...and now officers are trying to get the gunman to surrender. we're getting a look..... at some pretty unbelieveable video.... tonight. this violent road rage incident.... in the u-k.... was all caught on camera it started with two trucks..... crashing into each other.
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they start fighting and punching each other. then.... the man in yellow.... gets back in his truck..... and rams into the other truck.... several times. but... it doesn't end there. the other men lock themselves inside their truck... and... that's when... the other man gets a shovel and video out of los angeles that you just have to see to believe. a woman says her vehicle was vandalized for six hours while bystanders watched and took pictures. a security camera caught somebody carving letters into the paint.. jumping on the roof and even ripping off the grill.. and there were plenty of witnesses 122-128 they would come by... and just take off. after several hours.. somebody finally called police and the woman was taken into custody. police say they believe she
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the next cyber threat.... could come from drones. security experts are warning about..... "drone-jacking" mac-afee labs warns.... hackers can target drones..... because they don't have good security.... making it easy for someone with the right equipment.... to take control. the experts predict.... those tool-kits to exploit drones will be on the black market.... next year. they're now calling on drone makers..... to update software.... to make the devices more secure. now... wildfires.... slamming the south... the death toll is on the rise.. in all... -9- people are killed.... after nearly two dozen tornadoes were reported... across four states. abc's.... elizabeth hur is in new york... with more. script: ((nat)) "lightning.. wind!" heavy wind.. ((nat)) "heavy rain.. lightning.. woah!" rain and fire.. ((nat)) "go! go! go!" wreaking havoc across the south.. ((nat)) "there's the tornado right there. let's go! let's go!" from louisiana to tennessee..
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alabama.. the storms.. devastating and deadly.. with home after home leveled.. and thousands left without power.. ((sot)) man2: "thought it was my time for a minute there." more damage in mississippi.. but.. no one killed. ((sot)) man: "we're really lucky that nobody was hurt here tonight, you know, it could be the other way." in tennessee.. ((sot)) don armando: "i'mappy that we still have our restaurant." ((sot)) roy rogers, business owner: "no one expected this!" authorities blaming the deaths there on wildfires.. ((sot)) tn fire presser mayor: "i've never seen anything like before rain arrived.. which officials say helped but also created new challenges. ((sot)) tn fire presser chief greg miller: "we are experiencing some small mudslides and rockslides because there is no longer that foliage that is holding everything together." the storms.. on the move and threatening new areas tonight.. but the damage.. done.. homes and cars burned to the
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work won't be finished.. for quite some time. elizabeth tag: fortunately, officials in tn say the worst is over with more rain in the they can return home. eh, abc news, ny the las vegas valley will be dropping into the upper 30s tonight with some areas into the mid 30s. make sure you protect the sensitive plants and bring the pets inside! after the chilly start we keep it co afternoon but similar to last few afternoons with highs into the mid 50s. friday we notice winds increasing into the windy category with
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vegas. sunshine will be around with a few clouds as well. we will cool off again friday night into saturday morning with lows into the upper 30s to mid 30s in the valley. slightly warmer this weekend another major cool down could be moving in early next week. 13 action news.. the nevada highway patrol and
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unwrapped toy valued between 10 days of giving. all gifts will be distributed by the las vegas rescue mission to families in need. this saturday..... to celebrate "the 13 days of giving".... "the nevada highway patrol" with the help of "the clark county school district police"..... will be at the n-h-p southern command..... collecting toys and inspecting your child car seats. they also have..... a limited number of car seats and booster seats..... to give away.... plus.... they'll install them....
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starting at -8- a-m..... at the n-h-p southern command..... on sunset.... near decatur. there are donation bins all over the valley. you can drop off donations here at our studios.. along with nevada coin mart.. las vegas paving and n-h-p southen command. there's also... "triple-a southern nevada" and "findlay toyota".... at the valley auto mall. we want to thank.... "findlay toyota"... "nevada coin mart".... and "zippy shell"... who are all proud sponsors.... of -13- action news and our "-13-days of giving". the new star wars movie isn't even out yet and it's breaking when and where..... you can get a sneak peek of this season's... hottest flick.
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the new "star wars" film..... "rogue one" has broken a box office record.... and... it isn't even..... in theaters yet! the hollywood reporter says.... the movie has the biggest number of ticket pre-sales for 20-16..... for both "fandango" and movie-tickets -dot- com. the movie hits theaters.... december -16-th. if you need a sneak-peak....
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for the film.... on friday. it will feature...... never before seen footage... and... a question and answer session.... with the cast and director. take a look at this... if you're looking for a holiday gift.... this may be it! it's called... the "fon-doodler"..... basically a hot glue gun for cheese.. you load it with cheese... it melts and then squrts..... the liquid cheese... onto crackers or nachos. coming up later.. in tonight's abc primetime lineup.. speechless 9:00 - modern family 9:30 - black-ish 10:00 - designated survivor then on 13 action news.. live at 11.. a lot of us are fed up with porch pirates stalking u-p-s and fed ex trucks--in hopes of getting their hands on our packages--- and now one man has invented a tool to put an end to it. we'll show you how it's scaring
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but remember.. we're always on.... at k-t-n-v dot com.. our k-t-n-v mobile app... and...
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demolition derby exclusive. >> what she's telling only "inside edition." >> the whole rear of your car is completely shattered. and she was branded. >> the message that was burned into the kidnapped jogger's skin. >> branding her as though she were a cow. plus, what's in this stolen bucket that's worth $1.6 million? >> he starts to walk very briskly this way. then, they ate frog legs for dinner? >> they taste like a garlicky sort of chicken wing. >> and what this lip reader says the president-elect and mitt romney were saying to each other. and in the wake of the apocalyptic inferno, the burned


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