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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  February 7, 2016 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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they think of their defense. here we are, towards the end of the game. what did denver do? they blitzed, put the pressure on their corners. the timing was right. jim: it's a third and 9. rushing forward, the ball comes out of the hand of newton. it's on the ground and still on the ground. picked up by t.j. ward at the 4-yard line! von miller did it again. he knocked it out of the hands of newton. phil: here he comes, number 58. von miller gets rivers one more time. cam newton didn't feel it, didn't step up. the football just taken out of his hand.
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division] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] phil: cam newton decides not to dive in there. jim: he jumped away instead of jumping into the pile. phil: i guess he made a decision it wasn't worth to it go in and get it. should have dove in jim: first and goal from the 4. anderson trying to break outside but that swarming defense is on him. loss of two. phil: there's no question they're going to run the football here three times, just work the clock. kick a field goal, put you up two scores. and von miller -- jim: he's picked up right where he left off against new england. favre its there was no way against this offensive line. the crowd noise wouldn't be there. worried about all the runs with cam newton. wrong. von miller, demarcus ware, the pass rush has been youth standing. von miller, you have to look at
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game, he's got to be the most valuable player. jim: no question. second and goal from the 6. handoff to anderson and he's churning down to about the 4. and a time-out is called by carolina. so here's the fumble. knocked out of his hands by miller and then instead of going in there and challenging ware for the football, he stepped back and the ball squirts all the way down inside 5. and ward comes away with it, his second takeaway. a pick and a fumble recovery in the game for ward. phil: did he think it was going to be an incomplete pass? i don't think so. i just think he decided not to take the chance to get that recovery. well, look at the q.b. hits here tonight. you know, jim, when you see that football on the ground no matter what the situation is, where it is during the season but especially the super bowl, you
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that recovery. because not getting that recovery almost takes your chances to win this football game away. jim: third and goal. he's going to go up top and throw it through the back of the end zone but it generates a flag on the carolina defense. holding on to demaryius thomas. referee: prior to the pass, holding. defense, number 24. the penalty is half the distance to the goal line, automatic first down. phil: double move by demaryius thomas. jim: ron rivera says that was not a catchable ball. phil: yeah, but you know what, if it was holding it doesn't matter.
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phil: and really a good call. peyton manning knew if it wasn't wide open he was going to throw it high anyway. jim: that was ron rivera before he saw it was a defensive holding call and not pass interference. anderson, in the end zone for the touchdown! 12-point margin. peyton's done the math and says we have to go for two here with 3:08 remaining. anderson not to be denied on that carry. phil: well, that was some run and he ran right through luke
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watch number 59. boy, c.j. anderson determined. strong and as you said early in the game, he thinks he's a running back. he gets better with more carries and he wears the defense down. good example there on that touchdown run. jim: they're going to review upstairs the touchdown and make sure he wasn't down first. phil: looks like a touchdown. jim: anderson has put together a nice game. 22 carries, 2 yards and a touchdown. and in every playoff game he
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including one for 34 yards tonight. phil: he talked to us a little, saying he's learned to be more patient. he knows that sooner or later he's going to bust one and get those extra yards. jim: the touchdown is confirmed. it's 22-10. phil: i think we've said for a couple of weeks -- referee: after review of the play, the ruling on the field is confirmed. it is a touchdown. phil: jim, we've been talking about it for weeks, even during the year. you look at denver and you say
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super bowl on its defense. jim: can i tell you something? week one we had denver hosting baltimore in our friday practice meeting. you looked at our group and said denver has a super bowl-winning defense. you saw it before the first game. two-point conversion coming up. the try from a couple out from the gun. and manning hits the pass to fowler to make it 24-10. phil: fowler, same thing we just saw to the outside where they got the holding pedget against josh norman. little stutter go to the inside. beats roman harper. jim: it all started with the play, though, by von miller,
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hand of cam newton. recovered by ward. and then anderson. fighting off the likes of kuechly and davis. to cross the plane. phil: sean mcdermott upset about that touchdown. jim: the manning family. eli, cooper in the foreground. olivea, archie in the -- olivia, archie in the back. phil: a little dab will do you. jim: didn't think it would be coming from the denver bench. phil: two years ago the denver team was all about the offense. two years later, it's all about the defense. jim: coming up, "the toyota postgame show" with j.b., tony,
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highlights and analysis as well as the presentation of the lombardi trophy and we'll find out who's named super bowl 50 m.v.p. coming up on "the toyota postgame show." here's the cbs eyevision 360 on the touchdown. steps up away from ware and the ball tipped away. that denver definition in full lockdown mode. and partner, i'm going to give you a little more credit. you said at the a.f.c. championship game, you said first team to 20 wins and it was
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you said it then air tonight, you thought the first team to 24 would win and 24 is the number right now for the broncos. phil: well, thank you after halftime, i thought after what we saw, you get to 24 because of -- because of the defensive plays. jim: jackson and then ware wrapping him up at the 5! phil: we talk about von miller, demarcus ware but it's just the inside players, we didn't give them enough credit tonight. 97, malik jackson. demarcus ware, everybody's chasing cam newton. jim: that's the seventh time that newton has been sacked in this game. the second one by ware, future hall of famer. getting to taste something very sweet late in his career.
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in the end zone. gets away for a moment from miller and now lobs it out of bounds. just nothing, nothing there at all. phil: boy, cam newton took a really big hit at the end by derek wolfe. i think it's easy to say this is probably the biggest pounding and punishment he's taken in his career. jim: and he's absolutely livid that that was not roughing the passer. favre i don't think it was. he was outside the pocket. derek wolfe hit him with one step. jim: they're going to punt here with 2:08 to go and fourth and 24. phil: they're going to punt, try and use their time-outs. jim: they only have two. phil: yeah. two-minute warning. ron rivera says this gives me a better chance than thinking
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and 24. jim: there's no one back for denver and it's toughed down at about the 35-yard line by kurt coleman. so just 1:57 to go. we've reached the two-minute warning. favre by letting it bounce, it ate up more time. got it inside the two minutes. [ music ] [ dog barks ] love you maxie. ever wonder, what the pets we lovov do when we leave? chug, chug, chug! yeah! from the humans behind despicable me. hi, how are ya? enchant\. the secret life of pets. you be a good boy leonard. jump bounce sound of faucet turning on sound of water running
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when you're good, you're good. and... we're makin' magic now (karate yell) now, now now, now, n-now, n-now... let the good times roll. cbs tuesday. jim: the lombardi trophy, soon to be presented. you see joe namath in the background. terrell davis and some of these legends that are going to be a part of that presentation. lynn swann. 1:357 to go. the panthers can only stop it twice. anderson falls at the line of scrimmage. so is this it? is this it for pate season phil: i did this before and i was wrong. jim: it's got to be. phil: it's got to be. how could you have it end any better than this if you're
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to fight through a complete change of philosophy for the football team on the offensive side, to go through that injury, get back in there, which almost a miracle itself in the 17th game of the year and finishes it off. jim: there's only been one hall of fame quarterback. one eventual hall of fame quarterback whoever retired after winning the super bowl and that's john elway. before peyton took the field today, john was the oldest to ever play in this game. peyton soon to join his brother with two super bowl titles. favre there you go. john elway, two years ago after they lose the super bowl, starts making the transition into this team we see right now. jim: last time-out called by carolina. peyton told us i'm still a member of the band. i'm not the lead singer all the time but i can still sing a few solos.
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jim: coming up, the "the toyota postgame show." j.b., tony, bart, bomber -- boomer and coach cowher. i'm going to have a heck of a time trying to make it in time for the m.v.p. presentation. but you made it for the m.v.p. presentation. phil: congratulations on your new son. jim: what a week. super bowl week starts with the birth of my son jamison february 1. anderson. thank you for that, phil. two yards shy of a first. they'll run it down to about a minute left. cam newton, never seen a defense like that before. phil: that's right. i think they knew coming into
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you can watch on tv, you can study all those tapes and everything but you don't understand the speed of this denver defense until you see it in person. cam newton and the carolina offense, they found out. it's faster than it looks on tv. jim: and time-out just before the play clock ran out. and off the field he walks. you have to think one last time. josh norman very openly talked about his admiration. his favorite team growing up was the colts. his favorites player was bob sanders. second favorite player was peyton. >> congratulations. phil: you know, you talk about peyton manning. we did ask him about how do you
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i thought his answer was just perfect. he said i want to be remembered as being a good teammate. respected by all the coaches and my peers. i want everybody to know i love the game of football. jim: he said that and he was choking back tears when he said that. phil: it was. jim: that was his last point of emphasis. i just want everyone to know how much i loved football. phil: i think that's pretty evident in the play. jim: so carolina gets it back without a time-out to play with, 54 seconds to go. it really is an amazing story, this denver team. what they went through during the season. give brock osweiler credit. he started seven games and went 5-2 in that stretch. brought them back from 14 down against new england in the regular season and cincinnati to win in overtime. i don't know if anyone ever saw
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would come back from the foot injury, come back as a backup, reenter the game week 17. when it was a turnover-filled start for the broncos, give them a spark. had they lost that game, they would have entered the playoffs as a five seed instead of a one. and it's lateraled by cotchery over to whittaker. phil: of course the game is not over yet but i'll say this week 17, halftime, gary kubiak wags his finger at peyton manning. he goes are you ready? peyton said yes. jim: you have to give kubiak credit how decisive he was on that day. the pass goes out of bounds. and kubiak, what a return to his football home and he gets doused here. he's going to become the first, again, to ever win the super bowl as a head coach for the
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phil: just think about it. two years ago he was fired by the houston texans. i like what he said. he told us something on wednesday. we were watching practice. he said life in the nfl is fair. you just keep working hard, you'll get rewarded. so a great example of it. jim: newton over the top. to whittaker. and tackled down there by trevathan. and kubiak giving credit to reerves, shanahan, seifert, john harbaugh. he said he learned a great deal about passing through baltimore last year. not only about x's and o's but the morale of the team. phil: i think he's coached a little differently here in denver than he did in houston. connecting with the players a little more. that's what this game is about,
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and get the best of their ability out of them. gary kubiak winning the super bowl. says it all. jim: even evan mathis, the left guard for the broncos is out there recording the moment with his camera trained on number 18. referee: after the play, personal foul, unnecessary roughness, offense, number 14, for a late hit. it's a 15-yard penalty. plus this situation require as 10-second runoff, so please put one second on the game clock. jim: mercifully they run it down to one second. the first to ever get to 200 wins. some of the records. and now two-time super bowl champion. a final star turn it is for
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taken super bowl 50. jim: all right, tracy, down to you. tracy: thanks a lot, jim. peyton, your second super bowl but what a season it was for you to get this win today. what does that mean? peyton: it's very special, tracy. this game was much like this season has been. it really tested our toughness, our resilience, our unselfishness. it's only fitting it turned out that way. great bunch of teammates and guys i got to play with. i feel very, very grateful. tracy: you mentioned this season but does this win make you think about all the seasons you've had and all the successes and what a career it's been. do you reflect on that right now in this moment? peyton: sure, you do. of course on the bus rides and
7:23 pm
and you reflect on all the coaches, family members and friends that have helped you get to the super bowl, get to this point. i'm very grateful. i've taken the time to call those people, tell them i appreciate their support and obviously it's very special to cap it off with a super bowl championship. tracy: so peyton is this your final game for your career? pate: -- peyton:i'll take some time to reflect. i want to go hig my wife and kids figure. i'm going to drink a lot of budweiser tonight, but i definitely have to take some time and thank the man upstairs for this opportunity. i was very grateful. tracy: go do it. enjoy it. congratulations. peyton: thank you, tracy. jim: no way peyton was going to announce it right there. not going to try to upstage the
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teammates. in particular, that fantastic defense that had a brilliant performance tonight and all season long. phil: week 17 at halftime through now, he conducted himself perfectly and he played his role on this football team as well as you can do it as a quarterback. jim: well, the confetti was flying tonight for the denver broncos and a fairy tale ending for their quarterback. the broncos take it 24-10 and coming up next, "the toyota postgame show." for phil, tracy, evan, mike carey, jay feely and all the crew, lance barrow, mike arnold producing and directing. jim nantz saying so long from levi's stadium. you've been watching super bowl 50 on cbs. the trophy presentation is
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show with stephen colbert. he has teena fey, will ferrell and more surprises coming your way. welcome back -- back to our seat. i'm james brown along with my guys, of course, tony, coach, bart, and boomer. two years ago denver lost convincingly to seattle. john elway went out and built a championship defense and boy, did it show out. boomer: this one is for pat bowlen, for peyton manning and this one is done by one, wade phillips. what a performance by this defense back-to-back in the a.f.c. championship game and now in super bowl 50. bart: j.j. watt may have won the m.v.p. but von miller introduced himself to the masses. what a show he put on. bill: there's no question the m.v.p. of this game was von miller.
7:29 pm
half sacks in each game. two caused fumbles. a one-man wrecking ball. tony: hats off to demarcus ware. he had himself a game to. i want to talk about peyton manning. i know he didn't play the best game, the one turnover. but my hat's off to him, the season he's halt, up and down. it was a great sheriff's last stance. james: and everyone knew there was going to be that defense and the supporting cast to get it done and boy, did that defense do it. up next, the vince lombardi trophy presentation to the champion broncos. for the past 27 days, four men have outfoxed - and simply, outlasted - authorities by making their getaway in a prius. this game ends now. cat versus mouse is now cat versus panther.
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and the official blu-ray of super bowl 50. don't miss out on this great opportunity. own a piece of broncos history and visit now. james: the celebration here is because the broncos have knocked off the carolina panthers by the score of 24-10. they claim the super bowl 50 lombardi trophy. and up next on cbs, a special live "late show with stephen colbert." he has tina fey, will ferrell and more surprises. we welcome you to the postgame show, now up to jim nantz. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the super bowl m.v.p. of
7:33 pm
terrell davis and the vince lombardi trophy! >> the m.v.p. of super bowl iii, joe namath!
7:34 pm
lynn swann. >> woo! >> yay! jim: thank you, lynn swann. commissioner, it's time to present the lombardi trophy so
7:35 pm
annabelle is here and i think we're going to pass it down to joe ellis as the c.e.o. of this broncos oh. i know you want to accept it with these words. roger: let me just thank all the bronco fans and tonight peyton -- peyton, i don't know if this is your last rodeo but it was one heck of a ride and we all thank you for the ride, so thank you. annabelle, i know this is a special moment for you and we're all thinking about pat. a great man, a man who loved this oh, and we're proud you could -- organization, and we're proud you could take this back to denver for pat bowlen and your denver fans.
7:36 pm
congratulations. jim: annabelle, the mike is yours. >> if pat was here today, he would say he's very proud of his team and the best fans in the nfl. on behalf of the bowlen family, congratulations to the denver broncos for the third time, broncos country, you are super bowl champions! jim: big john, why don't you put your hand on that trophy. i know you've had it in your hands before but this one, for constructing this team, what
7:37 pm
john: i'm going to say this you would not want me to say this -- but this one's for pat! jim: why don't you hand it off here, number seven, to your great friend, gary kubiak. how do you describe this moment and what this team and defense did tonight? gary: this team has been international all year long. and this team is exactly the way we wanted all year long. we kept battling, we call ourselveses the grinders and we ground it one more time, to a championship. jim: congratulations. the first in the history of the game to win a super bowl as a head coach for the same team he played for. that's you. congratulations. gary: thank you, jim.
7:38 pm
bowl 50 is von miller. von, this was a fascinating matchup with you and cam, the first two draft picks back in 2011 and all night long this denver defense was making life very difficult. how about this run by this denver defense all season and in particular tonight against the highest scoring team in the league? john von: i'm so proud of you guys. it's been every last one of you guys in the locker room that have gotten me to this point. i'm very, very appreciative of them. happy for clady, the o-line, and bronco nation. we're going to celebrate this one all summer. jim: congratulations, von. what a couple of games you put together in the last two weeks, too.
7:39 pm
peyton manning, and let him hold that trophy. well, the word was last night when you spoke to the team, at the end it got difficult to get the words out. can you share with us what you said? peyton: well, it's certainly been an emotional week for everybody, jim, and last night it was a special time. just the players and coaches were in there together and we kind of reflected on what all we've been through this season and this has been a tough, resilient, unselfish bunch of guys and that was evident tonight in this game and i've been honored and grateful to have been a part of it so i was thanking them for letting me be a part of the stadium. jim: not everyone inside the stadium heard what you said to tracy wolfson. if you'd share it one more time. the commissioner made reference
7:40 pm
is this it? will you ever step onto the field again or do you walk off the field holding this in your hands? peyton: i got good advice from my old head coach and good friend tony dungy. he said don't make a quick decision. this has been an emotional night. iwuh tonight go celebrate with my family and teammates and i'm going to drink a lot of beer tonight, jim. budweiser. von miller is buying. those are my priorities tonight. i'm going to say a prayer and a thank you to the man upstairs for this opportunity for sure as well. jim: there's only one thing that can be sweeter to have in your hands than that trophy and that's your two children who are right here. congratulations, peyton. peyton: thank you very much. go, broncos! jim: and we're going to send it back to james brown. congratulations to the champions of the world, the denver
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it's the official super bowl product worn by players and coaches during the postgame celebration. and the official blu-ray of super bowl 50. don't miss out on this great opportunity. own a piece of broncos history and visit now. >> this is "the toyota postgame show." let's go places. james: and postgame show aerial coverage brought to you by budweiser and a remainder -- reminder again, up next, a special live late show with stephen colbert. tina fey, will ferrell and more surprises coming your way. that's coming up next here on cbs. and we're going to start with the only guy who picked the
7:45 pm
tony: every dog has his day. he's done so much for the game, the legacy he leaves behind, it's really behind to be hard to match the blueprint for all these young quarterbacks that come into the league. they're going to be looking at peyton manning's career as a way to do it on and off is field. it couldn't have happen for the a better guy. bill: he always had great respect for the game. always did it with dignity and always showed great humility. the guy was without a doubt to me the face of the national football league. bart: he's a trailblazer. he changed the way not only the way quarterbacks prepared. he's been gracious in victory and defeat. if this is his last ride, i feel privelifpblged to have taken the field against him. boomer: the thing i appreciate about peyton manning more than anything else, you said humility
7:46 pm
the media might have tried to make super bowl 50 about him but he made it known the team was look that defense and he was along for the ride and that humility is what stands out for me to run peyton manning. james: without a doubt, class. let's check in with evan washburn stranding by with coach rivera for the panthers. evan: coach, this game seemed to be decided on the defensive side of the ball. was there anything you could have done offensively to make a difference? ron: the biggest thing is we couldn't turn the ball over. a couple of times we get into their half of the field and we turned the ball over. we lost a fumble and an interception. we had opportunities to put it into position to score. theis aren't the times of things you can't do and expect to win in a championship game. especially a defense as product ive -- productive as they are.
7:47 pm
incredibly gracious with your time all week. thank you for taking time and talking to us. ron: this is all a part of it. i told our guys, this is the same team that lost to new york in the super bowl and look where they are today. let's learn and grow from this experience. james: ron relationship remarks class act there as well. we will step aside. we have more to come your way here from levi's stadium after this. whether you're out on the town... or in for the night... at&t helps keep everyone connected. right now at at&t, buy the samsung galaxy s6 and get one free. buy one get one free. no matter how you hang out, share every minute of it. right now at at&t,
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7:50 pm
james: super bowl 50 coverage continues on "the toyota postgame show" over on cbs sports network. that is the 24-hour home of cbs sports, and right now let's take you live to the ed sullivan theater in new york city, where stephen colbert is starting a
7:51 pm
bowl forecast of the late >> stephen: thanks, boomer! let's do this! stephen colbert. ( band playing intro music ) ( cheers and applause ) captioning sponsored by cbs ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: welcome to "the late show,"" everybody. hello, jon. hello, human. hello, everybody. >> stephen! stephen! stephen!
7:52 pm
>> stephen: thanks, everybody. welcome to "thealate show." tonight, i am proud to say we are live from the ed sullivan theater here in new york city. ( cheers and applause ) i'm your quarterback, stephen colbert. i just want to thank everybody at home for sticking with us, or for losing the remote in a bowl of queso dip. either way, i'm grateful you're still here. it's an honor to follow the super bowl, especially super bowl 50. that's a milestone because now, the superbowl gets to join a.a.r.p. that's discount movie tickets. bus rides, everything. and because we are broadcasting live, i could do anything. ( cheers and applause ) anything. >> jon: you can do anything. you can do anything tonight.
7:53 pm
>> stephen: and cbs has a team of lawyers standing by to make sure i don't. ( applause ) nothing here. let's get to it. we've got an amazing show for you tonight. from "whiskey tango foxtrot," tina fey and margot robbie are here! ( cheers and applause ) from "zoolander 2," the great will ferrell! ( cheers and applause ) and from the upcoming film "keanu," key and peele. will be on the show. and i'm very excited about this-- i will be joined by donald trump's kryptonite, megyn kelly. sorry, i got it in my blood right now.
7:54 pm
every super bowl i like to work off some of the that nacho weight by tossing around the old pigskin, the lacy burrito, the dimpled brown tackle magnet. so let's go straight out to somebody. the man in the camo. >> nice pass, stephen. >> lieutenant colonel christopher landers and the u.s. army's 10th mountain division inafghanistan! did you guys watch the superbowl? >> actually, we're a couple time we watched it nine hours ago. >> stephen: of course! what was i thinking? did you guys have a super bowl party, order some pizza? >> well, papa john's doesn't deliver to kandahar, so we made a seven-layer dip. >> stephen: that's cool. what's the recipe? >> the bottom layer is salsa, and the top six layers are dust. >> stephen: that sounds good.
7:55 pm
well, thank you, sir. and to you and all those serving overseas, please stay safe. >> thank you, stephen. >> stephen: this one i have to warm up a little bit. this one say hail mary. boom! astronaut scott kelley at the international space station. scott, did you folks up there watch the game? >> we absolutely did watch the game from up here, and it was a great view from our skybox. >> stephen: did you do any kind of super bowl party, make a big batch of chili or something? >> well, chili, uh, we wouldn't make chili, because it's not like we can crack a window up here. >> stephen: i get your drift, scott. do you think you can throw me a spiral from up there? >> i can throw you a spiral.
7:56 pm
>> stephen: all right. i hope he's okay. we've lost the feed. and apparently the ball. do we know where it is? is it just floating out in space someplace? who's got the ball? ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: thanks chewie. he's shedding. that guy would make a good linebacker or a great mascot. okay, we got time for one more. i can't quite see who it is. you in the back, the tall guy with the really big ears. ( cheers and applause ) >> nice arm, stephen. >> stephen: president obama! did you watch the game, sir? >> of course, i did. after every super bowl i call the winning team and
7:57 pm
i also call the losing team, because sometimes i bet on them. >> stephen: circ hate to brake this to you. but betting is illegal? >> i'm the president. i honor pardon myself. >> stephen: fair enough. sir, what was your favorite part of tonight a game? >> probably when the winning team sealed the deal with the touchdown thanks to the guy who was really good. >> stephen: sir, that's incredibly vague. are you sure that you watched the game? >> well, look, you caught me. this is not actually live. this is a pretape we shot last week. ( laughter ). >> stephen: sir, with all due respect, i've made a really big deal about the fact this is a live show tonight. i've-- i really find it hard to believe that you are pretaped. >> all right, i'm going to prove it to you. come on out here. >> stephen: hey, man. good luck with the live show. that's a lot of pressure. glad i'm not you. >> you see. >> stephen: okay, i stand corrected. ( laughter ) so let me get this straight-- you don't even know who won the game, sir? >> i didn't say that.
7:58 pm
it was the denver broncos.
7:59 pm


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