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tv   Channel 2 News 11PM  CBS  February 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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fund his campaign. senator sanders took about $220k from wall street firms. sanders has repeatedly criticized clinton for accepting millions in speaking fees from wall street firms. : my opponent her super pac got $15 million from wall street last quarter the latest monmouth university poll has sanders with a ten point lead over clinton. "donald trump, who has a commanding lead in the gop race, spent a good part of monday attacking jeb bush." : jeb bush, total stiff bush sounded off on trump during his evening town hall event we have the front running candidate, it's all about him, there;s no servant nature in his heart. bush, marco rubio, john kasich and iowa caucus winner ted cruz are all in a tight race for second.
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thanks danielle. and with the nevada caucuses starting in less thanks danielle. and with the nevada caucuses starting in less than two weeks, be sure to stay with channel two news on air, online, and on facebook and twitter for continuing coverage of campaign 20-16.
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look at the pinpoint 2 forecast" a large ridge of high pressure will settle in over the west coast for the next week, giving us very warm, though not record setting temperatures. sunny skies and high temperatures in the low 60s tuesday will give way to a few clouds midweek, but temperatures will stay up in the
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weekend, with lows near the freezing mark. winds will generally light throughout the week. squaw valley is expanding some of their programming that focuses on the environment... they're advocating to reduce the amount of co-2 produced at the ski resort along with other things. as part of this mission they've announced the beginning of a new program that they're calling "drink mountain tap". ryan canaday was at the resort today and joins us now live in the newsroom. ryan tell us about the new efforts... well guys it's to reduce the amount of plastic waste that's generated at the resort. squaw valley will discontinue the sale of plastic water bottles. and instead... offer
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visitors. "water" the tap water at squaw valley is supplied by three sources...all coming from the local watershed. "water" and to appreciate this water that has been recognized as the best tasting in california...squaw valley is not only encouraging visitors to drink the water, but to do so by contributing to a good cause. sustainablity-"to get people to think about how they can change their practices, in their everyday life that maybe will have an impact on the climate." the resort has installed 20 water refill stations at both squaw and alpine..and they've begun to sell these eco-friendly pouches to reduce single-use water bottles. "you can roll it up, put in your pocket and it's reusable, dishwasher safe, bpa free all those things people are looking for." gross says the idea started at the 20-15 iron man in tahoe.. when the aid stations for the racers provided large water tanks with spickets to reduce water bottle usage .
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opportunites we can look at for daily operations at the resort. the solution...these water pouches. and the reaction from skiers has been nothing but positive. ernie brassard-skier-"the first time in my life that i've actually carried water while i'm skiing and it's actually a positive thing." thomas hummel-skier-"more convenient than a camel bag, you don't have to worry about a backpack on you and they're easily storable in your pocket." the resort hopes people continue to use these pouches to stay hydrated on the slopes, while still making an impact on the environment. the long term goal is that this program can influence people both on and off the mountain. "people start thinking about climate change and what're the things we can do, that you can do at home whether it's in your business or your personal life that you can do to make an impact." the drink mountain tap program is expected to save 28,000 plastic water bottles from going to landfills every year. covering the story live in the newsroom, ryan canaday channel two news. turning to the crime beat... sparks police are investigating an armed robbery that happened at a casino early this morning.
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the robbery around 4 o-clock this morning - at the alamo casino on greg street in sparks. police say one person walked into the store... and showed a large silver revolver... then gave the cashier a backpack and ordered her to fill it with money. the suspect left the store with an undisclosed amount of cash. sparks police say the suspect is described as a white man... five- foot-eight... wearing black face paint, black clothing and a black baseball cap. reno police are investigating a burglary they say happened at a liquor store early sunday morning. it happened at the total wine on south virginia street-- where officials say two suspects took a large amount of alcohol. take a look at some security photos of the two suspects, who police describe as two black men, about 6 foot 1 with heavy builds. they also have this photo of the suspect vehicle. it's a newer four- door white ford f-150 pickup truck. total wine is offering a $1,000 reward for the arrest and prosecution of these two
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if you have any information that can help in either of these investigations, call secret witness at 3-2-2 49-hundred or text your tip to 8-4-7 4-1-1. a man was killed early this morning when he was hit by a car while walking on the interstate. nevada highway patrol says they were called out to i-580 northbound just south of bower's mansion -- shortly after one a-m. when they arrived, officers found a man lying in the roadway. 18 year old chile bartels of carson city... was pronounced dead on scene. n-h-p says 42 year old james dolan of sparks -- the driver of the red honda civic that struck bartels was on scene when they arrived. dolan was taken into custody... but on charges unrelated to the crash. officers tell us they found another car in a ditch near the incident. there was another vehicle that was involved in a previous crash south of our location. as of right now we are still conducting investigation. it is unknown on the status of the driver of that vehicle right
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sergeant smith tells us they are still investigating whether that second vehicle was related to the crash. republican state senator greg brower is formally resigning from his northern nevada seat. this announcement comes months after an he said he would not be seeking re- election. former assemblywoman heidi gansert, and businessman eugene hoover are running on the republican side. reno attorney devon reese is racing for the democrats. coming up, the super bowl is the biggest sporting event of the year when it comes to betting and today people are collected their winnings... we'll show you how sports books
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welcome back, super bowl 50 is officially in the books.
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of money was bet on the big game in nevada's sports books. "10-15-16-17-18. thank you." 132-point-5 million dollars changed hands on the game between the denver broncos and carolina panthers. that crushes the previous record that was set two years ago -- by more than 13-million dollars. of all the money spent -- sports books throughout the silver state came away with a profit of 13-point-3 million dollars. ben "there's always gonna be interest in the super bowl, just because of the game, and the wagering aspect of it. that just makes it more enjoyable for even a layman." the state also benefits from the super bowl bets -- generating nearly 900-thousand dollars of tax revenue. if watching super bowl commercials is your favorite probably seen the beloved budweiser clydesdales. well, four of them... now retired... live in west monroe, louisiana. mary beth harter got marshall four years ago. and from
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sammy. she's helped turn m-b-h farm into a clydesdale retirement home. and she says caring for these guys is a 24/7 job. "it's an honor but i'm not going to pretend it's not a whole lot work caring for them the way they should be cared for, it's a lot of work and very specific taking care of these feet that are big and the white hair that they've got." harter says before you can own one of these horses you have to meet certain requirements to ensure they get the best possible retirement. but despite the work-- she says in the future she wouldn't mind adding more clydesdales to the herd.. still to come on channel 2 news at 11, we'll show you how the world is reacting to north korea's claims of a rocket launch. mike will have a look at your forecast after the break....
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cruise ship to make a u-turn just one day after setting sail. we'll have the details next. "this is channel 2 news at 11, northern nevada's number one newscast, with arianna bennett, landon miller, sports with garrett dearborn and mike
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congress doesn't regulate wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place by a corrupt political system where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is funded by over two and a half million small contributions. people who know you can't level the playing field by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message.
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welcome back, tonight, 45- hundred passengers are on their way back home after their royal caribbean cruise sailed into a violent atlantic storm. jericka duncan has the story 20 foot waves....and winds over 100 miles per hour - forced this cruise ship to make a u-turn just one day after setting sail. "there was a point where i was like this thing is going to tip." george sycip, told us via skye, that during the storm...his balcony door appeared to be lifting away from the frame. "you could hear the waves crashing, metal twisting, all night long it was scary." the anthem of the seas left the new york area on saturday, heading
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got caught in a storm. jared johnson shot this video after the captain ordered everyone to their rooms. "at one point people were falling over and they said hold the wheel chair, myself and others were standing over holding the wheel chairs so they weren't going to be sliding around." while the worst is over, george sycip says he's still worried. "we are rocking right now. it makes me wonder if it's the stabilizer on the ship because it wasn't rocking this much on the way down." royal caribbean says the ship experienced wind speeds higher than what was forecast. the coast guard reported wind speeds of up to 115 miles per hour when the storm hit. jericka duncan, cbs news, new york. "channel 2 news continues with chief meteorologist mike alger's pinpoint 2 forecast, broadcast certified by the american
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a large ridge of high pressure will settle in over the west coast for the next week, giving us very warm, though not record setting temperatures. sunny skies and high temperatures in the low 60s tuesday will give way to a few clouds midweek, but temperatures will stay up in the 60s into the weekend, with lows near the
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generally light throughout the week. a large ridge of high pressure will settle in over the west coast for the next week, giving us very warm, though not record setting temperatures. sunny skies and high temperatures in
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way to a few clouds midweek, but temperatures will stay up in the 60s into the weekend, with lows near the freezing mark. winds will generally light throughout the a large ridge of high pressure will settle in over the west chief meteorologist mike alger's will settle in over the west the low 60s tuesday will give way to a few clouds midweek, but temperatures will stay up in the 60s into the weekend, with lows
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will generally light throughout the week. thanks mike. after the break president obama unveiled his plan to battle the zika virus, we'll have the latest deatils next plus, concerns are growing... that north korea is getting closer to being able to launch a long- range missile to the
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details af the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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welcome back. the united states is closely watching the developing situation on the korean peninsula. concerns are growing that north korea is getting closer to being able to launch a long- range missile to the mainland of the united states with a nuclear warhead. brian todd reports. it took nine-minutes and 46- seconds to get into orbit... on the way up, it dropped debris in four locations in the seas off the korean peninsula and japan... but now, the military and political fallout is resonating around the world from north korea's rocket-launch. u-s and south korean forces are on high alert. u-s officials telling c-n-n -- additional sanctions and possible military responses are on the table... and they will begin talking to
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setting up so-called 'thaad' defense batteries-- capable of shooting down high-altitude missiles. coming on the heels of what north korea claimed was a hydrogen-bomb test.. the threat level from kim jong un's regime-- has rarely been higher. this shows that north korea has mastered a very complex technology, which are 3-stage launchers. so at this point i think north korea has made a qualitative leap, and soon they're going to make a quantitative leap-- because they can actually start to put these things in production the north koreans are crowing over the launch... with a celebratory display of fireworks... the regime's popular news- anchor says this was a gift from their top scientists to, quote, "the great comrade" kim jong un... and she vows , there will be more satellite launches. experts say kim's doing this to extort economic concessions from the u-s, south korea and china-- but he's also got to show strength inside his regime--
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top officials this spring. "in the run-up to the may workers party congress, he wants to demonstrate success- so that he goes into that party congress with a great deal of leverage." analysts say kim's also in a tense position with his top generals-- after he tried to take power away from them. "he's had to execute some senior generals; and i think that essentially there is friction that remains between the kim inner circle, and the generals and the admirals. therefore he's got to give the military what it wants, which is a stronger nuclear deterrent, as well as long-range ballistic missiles." a high-stakes standoff that's got military units jittery on both sides of the d-m-z. the south korean military fired warning shots after a north korean patrol boat crossed their maritime border. one analyst says with the tensions so high, we can expect more cross-border skirmishes.
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the cdc announced today-- it is moving to a level one activation to combat the zika virus. the white house says it needs 1- point-eight billion dollars in emergency funding from congress to battle the virus. president obama unveiled his plan in an interview with cbs this morning's gayle king. president obama: we're going to be putting up a legislative proposal to congress to resource both the research on vaccines and diagnostics in addition to vaccine research and diagnostic testing - the money would help to control the mosquito population in vulnerable areas such as puerto rico, hawaii, florida and texas. this is done in close collaboration with the cdc. there are classic ways you control vectors: insecticides, larvicides, cleaning up the environment the virus has been linked to a rare birth defect known as microcephaly...which causes head and brain abnormalities. the government has issued a travel warning for zika affected areas - but not a travel ban.
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cases of zika in the continental u-s. the potential of the zika virus has prompted a new restriction on donating blood...worldwide . it was business as usual at united blood services today....but anyone who's been to a zika infected area is being asked to wait 28 days before donating blood. mary meeker:"at this point we've had a lot of people call in and ask for information prior to coming in. and we've had a few we've had to deferr but not a significant amount. in other areas of the country, people regularly travel to mexico and the carribbean to escape winter.... but northern nevadans seem to head to europe. mary:"we see travelors...but our donors seem to go overseas and to europe and that kind of thing. we don't see nearly the level of travelors to mexico as some of our sister center in central california and texas." they anticipate the new restriction will result in a 2% drop in the blood supply worldwide.
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"now, here's sports director garrett dearborn, with channel 2 sports" if you've paid attention to our high school basketball coverage this season you might have noticed the bishop manogue girls basketball team is pretty darn good. in fact they are undefeated in league play and their only loss was early in the season at a tournament in california... but the defending north champs had to go through a major transition in the off-season... dalas practice earlier. the bishop manogue miners girls basketball team has been steam rolling through their compitition as they eye a second straight division 1 north title.
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and reed they have beaten every other northern nevada team by at least 20 points... but the team underwent a coaching change from craig holt last year to carlnel wiley this year who had already worked with many of the girls at the nevada early. understanding they had to adapt to me changing so i think our whole culture changed." "yea i was super open minded, it was a new system and a totally with wiley over the summer. a lot of these girls i have also trained with. it was a very easy transition. it was just trying to get to know his practice and coaching style. i really think it affected our team very well." one of the biggest advantages this miners team is there depth... from their starters all the way down to what they call the bench squad their really is no drop off... they are able to score no matter what. "depth is good because it pushes and challenges them in practice. i have some very expieranced plyaers that also help me with
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bench squad they are awesome." " it is great we can put anyone in and we know they can put anyone in we know they will play hard and work hard and they will do great things, it is awesome." "i think so because we always need someone to come in and give us that extra energy, because we have expectations, and we know what we expect from one another so that holds us to another standard we want to achieve." we are in the final week of the regular season and you can see if the miners stay undefeated in the sierra league this friday night on 2 the hoop... dallas colodny channel 2 sports. -college basketball had a battle of women's undefeateds, with number one uconn taking a 59-game win streak to second ranked south carolina's house. -reed alum gabby william had 5- points and 10 rebounds and uconn rolls 66-54.. the huskies are 51-10 against top 10 teams since 2008-09
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super bowl 50 was the third most watched tv program in us history....nielsen's overnight estimated audience averaged 111.9 million people watching the broncos top the panthers on cbs. that's 300-thousand less than watched super bowl 48 and 2 and a hlf million less than watched last years game, which set the all-time mark. speaking of the super bowl the world champs arrived today in denver with the lobardi trophy in tow...former pack stars brandon marshall virgil green and reed's kyle roberts all are going to get rings...denver will have parade for the champs tomorrow morning. but quarterback peyton manning didn't have to wait for a parade, he was at disneyland with his 4-year old twins mosley and marshall being honored as the super bowl winning qb. thanks garrett. coming up next-- mike will be with a last look at your
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you're watching channel 2 news, coverage you can count on. mike has a last check of your forecast-- a large ridge of high pressure will settle in over the west coast for the next week, giving
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skies and high temperatures in the low 60s tuesday will give way to a few clouds midweek, but temperatures will stay up in the 60s into the weekend, with lows near the freezing mark. winds will generally light throughout the week. your next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30 with john potter, andi guevara and jeff >> ladies and gentleman, please welcome the musical director of "the late show", jon batiste! (cheers and applause) and now your host, stephen colbert!! (cheers and applause) and the late show band, "stay human." (cheers and applause)
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