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tv   Channel 2 News 11PM  CBS  March 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:40pm PST

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coverage you can count on" trump:"this has been an amazing evening." clinton: "thank you all so much for coming. what a super tuesday!" cheers a very super tuesday it was for these two indeed... the numbers are still trickling in tonight.. but we have projected winners in most of the 12 states and one u-s territory that participated in primaries or caucuses today for super tuesday. donald trump and hillary clinton are racking up victories-- one after another. cbs's craig boswell has more from washington. republican frontrunner donald trump had a super tuesday with cbs news projecting primary wins in seven states. "i think we have done something that no one thought could be done." ted
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the night his homestate of texas a crucial win for the conservative candidate. cbs news also projects he won oklahoma. "our campaign beats donald trump resoundingly." marco rubio picked up the first win of his campaign with cbs news calling minnesota for the senator. a third of republican voters said the most important quality in their candidate is that he shares their values and can bring change. for democrats, it's that they have the right experience. cbs news projects hillary clinton won seven states she now has a third of the delegates needed to clinch the democratic nomination. "our country belongs to everyone not just those at the top! feel the bern! bernie sanders is celebrating a victory in his home state of vermont. cbs news also projects he picked up colorado, minnesota and oklahoma. "the people, when we stand together, will be victorious!" while nearly every candidate in the race picked up a win the
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ahead -- they're harder to washington. so if it's easier to see it in writing-- here you go. projected winners in georgia are clinton and trump.. in vermont, sanders and trump.. clinton and trump took both alabama and massachusetts... sanders and cruz win oklahoma.. and clinton and trump are projected winners of tennessee.. arkansas.. and texas. sanders took colorado.. but we're still waiting for the projected republican winner there. in minnesota.. the projected winners are sanders and rubio. and we're still awaiting results from the alaska and wyoming caucuses. now, no candidate can clinch the nomination tonight. some 35 states still have to vote - including new york and california. here at home-- nevada governor brian sandoval's office says he will support whoever is the republican nominee for president. the brief statement followed an associated press survey of republican governors and
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they'd vote for donald trump if he wins the republican nomination. just under half of those who responded by this afternoon would not commit to backing him-- which could foreshadow a major split in the party this fall. governor sandoval has not formally endorsed any presidential candidate.. although his office's statement did say he caucused for florida senator marco rubio last week. today sparks city councilwoman julia ratti announced her candidacy for the state senate seat left empty by late senator debbie smith. in a statement, ratti said she was devastated by smith's death last month but wanted to be candid with voters about her hopes of finishing the democratic lawmaker's term. candidate filing begins next week. ratti works as a consultant for girl scouts and is finishing her second term on the sparks city council. she says her focus has been improving older neighborhoods and providing quality parks for the city. "now here's mike alger's first
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it is looking more and more like the weather pattern will change for the active, and a little sooner than originally thought. wednesday will still be mostly sunny, dry and warm ahead of the first weak cold front that moves through the region thursday. there is only a slight chance that first system will be able to overcome the shadowing effect of the mountains and produce valley rain, but the mountains should pick up some high elevation snow thursday and
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through the next week. thanks mike. some sad news to report out of el dorado county.. where search and rescue crews have recovered the body of a zephyr cove woman who was reported missing last month. on saturday carolyn batchelor's body was found near inspiration point.. buried in snow.. close to where her vehicle was found the week before. investigators are not considering her death suspicious, although they are still looking into how she died. turning to the crime beat.. sparks police are looking for a man suspected of holding a woman against her will in his car this weekend. police say a woman got into a car with this man on saturday in the parking lot of the western village casino.. but then, she told police, she started to feel uncomfortable. when she tried to leave, police say he tried to keep her in the car, which is described as a silver four- door mitsubishi.
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contacted casino security. police want to find that suspect. if you can help, call secret witness at 3-2-2 49-hundred. the western states sheriff's association is holding its annual business and training conference at the peppermill casino this week. today.. vendors displayed new products for law enforcement officials at a show. the sheriffs also gathered to discuss the newest ways to use social media, and to look at how law enforcement is perceived to the public. organizers say sheriffs from 15 states come together for this conference every year to resolve problems that are affecting the west. "lack of appropriate management of public lands is affecting our economy and when our economies locally are affected we cannot provide adequate public safety and we're all seeing that we're all dealing with it so i think it's god that people know we are fighting for that." for the next few days...the sheriffs will also meet with organizations like the forest
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and customs discuss the best ways they can work together with the federal agencies. the conference ends on thursday. high school graphic design students across the state are entering a contest to make a new welcome sign for nevada roadways. amanda ketchledge is live in the newsroom to tell us about this contest for young nevadans. amanda-- landon-- with the help from high school artists, the state hopes to greet travelers with a new friendly 'welcome to nevada' sign. and officials say they made this contest to highlight these creative students and their future careers. bethany drysdale, nevada department of tourism: "it could have gone to a professional graphic designer, it could have gone to a big firm or paying a lot of money for this. but what a great a way to get a student involved, to get a student to proudly say i did that. something they can put on their resume when they look for a job later." governor sandoval calls the current signs outdated. so state officials are hoping the new design will better represent what nevada has to offer for tourists passing through. sandoval, along with the nevada departments of transportation,
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teamed up to make this opportunity possible for students. three finalists from each region will be chosen and then it's up to the public to pick the winning design. right now there are 50 entry points where the new signs design will go up. bethany drysdale, nevada department of tourism : "it's really a way to get people to understand there is more out here than what they may think we hope these signs will create when tourists enter it. " the contest will run through march 25, and a winning design will be chosen in april. for more information on how to enter, see the online version of this story at ktvn dot com. may will be when we will start to see the new signs on nevada roadways. covering the story, amanda ketchledge, channel 2 news. coming up - health officials say unintentional misuse of prescription meds is one of the biggest risks facing seniors.
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in health watch tonight.. studies show that the majority of seniors take more than four prescriptions a day-- and misuse is among one of the most serious health risks they face. that's why the university of nevada's sanford center for aging is hoping to help educate seniors before they medicate-- with a new program called medication therapy management their goal is to mitigate risks such as hospitalization, early admission to nursing facilities, and scary side effects. greta- "a very major side effect is dizziness which causes seniors to fall." greta- "we provide a comprehensive medication therapy management review which would identify those at risk factors that they may be experiencing." medication therapy management
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pharmacists go over each drug and write a comprehensive list.. which can be taken to a physician to review and ensure all the medications can interact together. the program is free at the sanford center - for those 60 and over who are taking five or more prescriptions. to get schedule a medication review or to speak with susan neeley, their numbers are there on your screen. 784-1612 for the sanford center and 813-1347 for susan neeley. turning to money watch.. tax filing season is well underway. and while every filing season has its own pitfalls and issues... confusion over one form in particular has given this one a new twist. wiberg: "everybody is required to have health insurance, so your 1095 form is your proof of insurance under the affordable care act." under the law, most people must have health insurance or pay the fine.
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1095 b or c forms have been sent by insurers or employers-- and it's creating some confusion among taxpayers who think the forms are required to file your taxes-- they're not. if you're part of the 85 percent who had coverage all year, just check the box on your return that says you had coverage. the irs has a special page on their website on all the provisions. we set up a link for you to take a look at that... at of this story. also in money watch.. tomorrow the home depot is hiring to fill 300 spring jobs at its reno stores. the hiring event will be from 9 a-m to 3 p-m at the west reno store on summit ridge court. they'll be conducting on- site interviews, and candidates are encouraged to apply online ahead of time. for a link where to do so head to k-t-v-n dot com and click the online version of this story. still to come on channel 2 news at 11 - find out why the truckee meadows water authority is using
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water back into the ground. mike will have a look at your forecast after the break.... but first - the federal government is offering a little help to organic farmers-- even those right here in nevada. we've got the details, next. "this is channel 2 news at 11, northern nevada's number one newscast, with arianna bennett, landon miller, sports with garrett dearborn and mike
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organic farmers across the country-- and here in nevada-- are getting a little boost from the federal government. some provisions from the 2014 farm bill are just taking effect now... geared toward increasing sustainable farming... and organic food. clint: "congress did this in recognition of the increasing importance of organic farmers in the us. every year organic demand far outweighs organic production." new programs through the usda... offer incentives-- for planting things that help
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resources... and support pollinators, like bees. farmers can also get low-interest loans... help with field mapping... and protection for crop losses. the idea... is to help organic farmers... but also to encourage practices that improve soil and water quality... and help the environment overall. for more information about applying for these programs... just head to the online version of this story... at the truckee meadows water authority has about 90 wells around reno and sparks -- and they're using about 20 of them to put water back into the ground. something they've been doing since 1993. about 10 million gallons of treated water from the truckee river are injected through the wells to recharge the aquifers. it happens during the fall and winter months, when demand is about 25 percent of what it is in the summer. the water is stored there for later use. miller "we always say we trust groundwater like money in the bank. we only use it when we have to but we like to operate the wells, keep them in service, keep them utilized. we use them
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keep them in place all the time, so that they'r ready when we do need them." about 4,000 acre feet of water were pumped into the ground, last year. and tmwa is looking to expand the program in the future. the third snow survey of the year measured 58 inches of snow just off highway 50 near echo summit-- the best since 2011 for this time of year. last year's march reading was just six point five inches. still.. february turned out to be a bit disappointing. gehrke: "clearly a decline from last months really good start but when we have only one storm event in february this is how you end up. echo summit ended up with snow levels at 83 percent of the historic average for march. not bad.. but the drought concern is not over. frankie gehrke who's been heading this survey since the 1980's says it's an improvement over last year's lowest snowfall on record.. but we need to see
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"channel 2 news continues with chief meteorologist mike alger's pinpoint 2 forecast, broadcast certified by the american meteorological society!" it is looking more and more like the weather pattern will change
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sooner than originally thought. wednesday will still be mostly sunny, dry and warm ahead of the first weak cold front that moves through the region thursday. there is only a slight chance that first system will be able to overcome the shadowing effect
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valley rain, but the mountains should pick up some high elevation snow thursday and friday. a series of colder systems move through the region over the weekend, and it looks like the active storm track will stick around at least
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thanks mike. after the break - a nasa astronaut is home safe tonight after spending a year in space. the details on scott kelly's return to earth... coming up
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after a year in space... nasa astronaut scott kelly made his way back to earth today.. landing in kazakhstan just a couple hours ago. it was a bittersweet goodbye for kelly.. who made his trip back home from the international space station in a soyuz capsule - after 340 days in space. before his departure.. kelly handed over space station command to fellow astronaut tim kopra. it took the astronaut and russian cosmonauts mikhail komienko and sergey volkov about 3 and a half hours to get from the international space station to the barren,
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komienko also spent a year in space. they circled the world 5,440 times on a mission that began last march. their duration was twice as long as a typical mission.. and gives researchers an opportunity to study the challenges of long-duration spaceflight. a little closer to home... today president obama sat down with key senate republican leaders to discuss the high-stakes vacancy on the supreme court bench. reporter: sir is anyone going to listen: pres. obama: thank you everybody. the president refused to answer questions from reporters during the meeting with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and chair of the senate judiciary committee, senator chuck grassley... along with senate minority leader harry reid and senator patrick leahy of the judiciary committee. president obama has vowed to send a nomination to the senate within the next few weeks. today the fbi and apple faced off for the first time since federal prosecutors asked a judge to force the tech company to unlock a phone belonging to
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terrorists. paula reid is in washington where both sides appeared before congress. fbi director james comey testified first in front of a house committee hearing on encryption. he said the fbi's request is specific to san bernardino shooter syed farook's iphone. this case in san bernardino was not about the fbi, it's not about apple. it's not about congress. it's not about anything other than doing a competent investigation. but he did acknowledge forcing apple to unlock the phone would set a precedent. but apple's top lawyer argued any hacking software it provides the fbi can and will lead to a broad encroachment on privacy and security. weakening encryption will only hurt consumers and well-meaning users who rely on companies like apple to protect their personal information. at a cyber security conference in california, attorney general loretta lynch questioned apple's position. i'm just, again, surprised the choice would be 'we're not even going to think about this anymore. we're done thinking.'
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this tor all of us? the hearings come a day after a judge in new york ruled that the fbi cannot force apple to unlock an iphone used in a drug implications in the san bernardino dispute. paula reid, cbs news, washington. fbi director comey also admitted that law enforcement made an initial mistake after san bernardino.. making it harder to access data on the suspect's the error.. investigators would still need help from apple recovering all the information they're seeking. the wolf pack women's basketball team played its final home game of the season against boise state tonight, garrett has the highlights next in sports.
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the wolf pack women's basketball team wrapped up the home season tonight, playing host to boise state. it was also senior night for the ladies as four them were honored including reed high grad nyasha lesure... who wasn't able to play due to a concussion. 1. second quarter wolf pack down 4... when rianna everidge drives to the basket and lays it that makes it 25-23. 2. third quarter now... and boise state's shaelynn shaw lays it in off the indbouds pass the reno high grad had a double
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rebounds for the broncos... as they top the pack in overtime 64-61.....the pack wraps up the regular season at new mexico friday. -the golden state warriors were looking to stay perfect at home without steph curry who sat out the hawks game with an injured ankle. -klay thompson had a game-hig 26 points....draymond green 15points, 13 rebounds, and 9-assists...the dubs win 109-105 in ot. golden state can tie the 1995 bulls' 44-game unbeaten home mark, when the warriors host oklahoma city on thursday. e wolf pack baseball team opened up the home season looking for a milestone win.. a win over santa clara today would be the pack's 500th at peccole, and dallas colodny has more. coming into the 2016 season the nevada wolf pack had won 499 games right here at peccole park, and their home opener against santa clara gave them the chance to get to 500... lets
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the t.j. bruce era at peccole underway... the new head coach said he wanted to implement tougher pitching and deffense... one of his pitchers senior zach wilkins on the hill for the silver and blue today... and he could not of asked for a better first inning... 7 pitches... 2 strike outs and a pop out... second inning he would get some help from his friends... the bronco batter lines one toward second... miles mastroboni makes the catch for one out and will toss to first for the 4-3 double play... but bottom 3rd nevada trailing by 2 runs... when justin hazard... at the dish... and he says buh and bye to that one... a solo shot that carries over the left field wall... first homer of the season at peccole park... the wolf pack scores 14 unanswered runs to top the broncos 14-2... and claim win number 500 for the silver and blue at peccole park. afterwords the guys didn't forget about the man responsible for most of those 500 wins. "coach powers was here for something like 460 wins we
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you what nevada baseball is. coach powers built this program from the ground up." "it is a big deal, coach got the ball to give to coach powers who obviously had a lot to do with those 500 wins and it is kinda cool for coach to start with 500." "super special, happy for coach bruce getting his first win at peccole, and happy for the team to get back on track and get ready for air force this weekend." so next up for the wolf pack they will head back on the road as they open up conference play in colorado springs they will take on the air force academy in a 3 game series beginning on friday.. dallas colodny channel 2 sports. the wolf pack softball team is off to a 13-2 start, and a big reason for it has been the pitching of mckenna the junior picked up her first mountain west pitcher of the week honor. isenberg played the role of ace in the santa clara invitational going 2-0 with 19-strickeouts and a .93 era..... the pack will
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win streak at sacramento state's "hornet round robin" this weekend. thanks garrett. coming up next-- mike will be back with a last look at your forecast. you're watching channel 2 news, coverage you can to the couple wondering what a good deal looks like... no. seriously? we'll give it a 6 for composition. scary. wow, what about just putting a fair, no haggle price on the window? not zany enough? sometimes the best deals
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forecast-- it is looking more and more like the weather pattern will change for the active, and a little sooner than originally thought. wednesday will still be mostly sunny, dry and warm ahead of the first weak cold front that moves through the region thursday. there is only a slight chance that first system will be able to overcome the shadowing effect of the mountains and produce valley rain, but the mountains should pick up some high elevation snow thursday and friday. a series of colder systems move through the region over the weekend, and it looks like the active storm track will stick around at least halfway through the next week. your next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30
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and jeff martinez. >> jon: stephen colbert! yeah! captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing intro music ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey! thanks, everybody! thanks so much! welcome to "the late show." nice to see you. what's going on? ( cheers and applause ) thanks, everybody.
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i'm stephen colbert. ladies and gentlemen, i don't know if you know this, but there's news coming from the world of coffee that has got some folks a little bit jittery. starbucks has announced-- it just came out-- that next year they will open their first store in italy. finally, they will have customers who know what venti means. i looked it up. it means 20, because that is the price of a venti. ( laughter ) now, this could be even bigger than when dom neoopenned in italy and introduced them to the idea of disappointment. it's delicious. it's delicious. i want to say considerations to starbucks and hope the italians enjoy-- >> excuse me. i don't want to interrupt, but when does the singing start? >> yeah, and he doesn't look anything like tevye.
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>> stephen: i'm sorry-- can i help you? i'm doing the thing. >> what scene is this? >> i have no idea. i don't see a fiddler or a roof. >> stephen: okay, i think i know what is going on here. the ed sullivan theater is here on broadway, and the theater next door is where they are doing "fiddler on the roof." and people line up for both our shows at the same time outside on 53rd street. jim, can we get a shot of what that looks like? see both our audiences are right across the street from each other. and sometimes people get mixed up and get in the wrong line. i'm sorry, i'm sorry. but you're in the wrong theater. it's right across the street. it's next store. >> that show started and i don't think they're going to let us in now. >> and we came all the way here from topeka for jonah's birthday.
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( laughter ) >> i'm sorry. i'm so sorry. >> stephen: oh, my god. oh, my god, are you sick? >> no, no, he just makes a lot of wishes, and that was the most recent one. ( laughter ). >> stephen: oh, okay, well, i mean, i guess i could try tri-to sing something. >> yeah. >> that would be great. ( cheers and applause ) >> thank you. >> stephen: would that be okay? would you like that, jonah. >> yeah. >> stephen: okay, okay, let's see. jon, do you think anything from fiddler. yeah what about this matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match find me a find hmmm-hmmm. line?
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for papa, make him a scholar for mama make him as rich as a king. for me, well, i wouldn't holler is it he were as handsome as anything matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match find me a find catch me a catch night after night in the dark i'm alone so bring me no ring groom me no groom find me no find catch me no catch unless he's a matchless match ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: oh! well, there you go.
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i certainly did. >> absolutely, that was great. we're going to tell all our jewish friends kansas to come see your show. >> stephen: that's great. maybe we'll make this a yearly tradition. >> did somebody say tradition? ( band starts "tradition" ) tradition. tradition. tradition. tradition. who, day and night, must scramble for a living feed wife and children say his daily prayers and who has the right as master of the house to have the final word at home the papa. the papa tradition. the papa the papa


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