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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  July 31, 2010 9:00pm-9:45pm PST

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an armed robbery caught on cap a. the images show what lengths some merchants go to trying to protect themselves during police budget cuts. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> and hello again, everyone. i'm heather holmes. the vallejo police department has endured several cuts and some merchants say they have felt the cuts.
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ktvu's mike mibach is live with the dramatic video of a robbery, mike? >> reporter: the police department says it is dog its best at a time when it is forced to make cuts to its resources. in a city known to me as a city of opportunity, a cashy says that some criminal is doing that by taking the phrase to heart. a clerk who did not want to be shown on video and wants to be known by t. j. says that the store has been hit three times. >> the door was open, he told everybody to get on the floor. the time, 9:31. the surveillance camera shows a man running in, pointing a gun at a customer. t. j. makes a move toward his own gun tucked away in a drawer. he decided against it. >> it would have taken me a couple of seconds.
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i just got to lay back and give him what he likes. the robber cleaned out two registers, discovered the gun and takes that, too. >> that's a pretty big deal. that's an armed robbery, someone going in there demanding money. that could have turned out very, very bad. the vallejo police department is investigating the incident at a time when police jobs are on the line. at midnight. the cash strapped canine unit and s.w.a.t. team will be suspended for at least three months due to budget con straifnlts officers who participate in the two units receive extra pay. not anymore. >> it has been better but i will say this. there is a can-do attitude. these are the toughest times that we have seen but people are going to get it done. they see vallejo police doing what they can with what limited resources they have. >> it takes communities working together f you don't want something going on in your neighborhood when you see it, sometimes all it takes is just to say, hey, what are you
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doing? >> reporter: t. j., despite having a gunpointed at him agrees. he says that officers are doing whatever they can, when they can. >> they responded on time and were here for a while. i left the tape with them. they came out last night and kept an eye on the place. they are doing what they can, you know. the public has to be involved. they just can't do it on their own. >> reporter: the cashy y says that the armed robber got away in a white four-door car and he has decided to give a reward for any information. and a major bust this evening of a cock fighting ring. they found a fight in progress with dozens of people watching it. many of them escaped the raid but police did arrest about 40 men, most cited for spectators.
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a few were jailed on more serious charges. san francisco police arrested three young people including a juvenile and say they are looking for as many as 7 people in connection with a brutal attack early this morning in dolores park. investigators say that the attack happened around 1:30 this morning near the intersection of 19th and church street. they say a 40-year-old man was walking through the park when a group attacked him, stabbing him several times, beating him and robbing him. a call to police led to an immediate response. >> officers set up a perimeter around the park. we were able to detain 7 suspects, 3 of those suspects have been booked for attempted murder and for robbery. >> reporter: the three suspects include an 18-year-old, a 17- year-old. the suspect was taken to the hospital with life-threat oning wounds a grass fire burned several
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acres in contra costa county before crews were able to extinguish the flames. it happened on highway 4. crews responded and had that fire con tapped in about an hour. no property damage or injuries were reported. the cause is still under investigation. near hayward, fire crews quickly put out a small brush fire that sent smoke drifting across highway 280. the fire burned on the westbound side of the highway. one lane was closed while firefighters confronted the fire. no word on the cause. an investigation is underway in san francisco into the shooting of a man wearing a bullet proof vest. the man was on taylor street around 2:30 when another young man walked up and shot him several times at close range. witnesses told ktvu that the shooter said to the victim, quote, i told you i was coming before he opened fire.
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paramedics cut the victim out of the vest before taking him to the hospital in critical condition. no arrests have been made oakland police identified a hayward man identified in east oakland. 45-year-old montego bay joesuas was shot. the tattoo artist was in the area visiting friends when a gunman walked up to him and opened fire. no arrest has been made and police have not determined a motive in the shooting the families of the three uc berkeley graduates in iran are spending another night without them. three have now been jailed for one year. as ktvu's john sasaki reports, rallies are held around the country calling for the trio's release. >> this is an anniversary that no one wanted to recognize. exactly one year ago, the three uc berkeley graduates were arrested and imprisoned by
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iran. today, friend are causing these origami cranes to call for their release people walked around the district demanding their freedom. >> one year ago, they contentedly walked around thetrail. they want the iranian government to release shane bauer, sarah shourd and james fattal. >> this is a travesty. >> government of iran, understand. we can blame only you and we can fight on you. >> reporter: the rally started at mission highlighting the lives of the captives. this is a friend of josh fattal. >> he had a vision of collaboration wall the peoples of earth working together to make a better future for all of us. but it's sad, because all i can do is think about her there
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alone in her cell. you know, she visits with her friends for two hours a day which gives me hope. but mostly i think about the struggle she's facing. >> reporter: these protesters make the point that they are the wrong kinds of people to hold hostage because they are opposed to u.s. policy. they have been independent minded and have been opposed to the u.s. foreign policy. they are ambassadors of good peace and will. the group also stopped at dolores park. similar protests are happening around the world all calling for the three young americans' release. iran has not made a comment you will find more about the three detained by going to our website and click
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on the u c hikers' tab near the top of the page. two strong earthquakes have injured dozens of people and damaged hundreds of homes. the first quake in the northeast measured 5.7. the second quake about 700 miles south of tehran destroyed hundreds of buildings. no one has been reported hurt in that quake. iran sits atop several intersecting faults it could be several days now until the rig which has leaked into the gulf of mexico will be permanently sealed. it is called a static kill. the well is now temporarily capped. both bp be a the government are
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optimistic -- both bp and the government are optimistic that the fix will be permanent. it is official now. chelsea clinton is now married. the secrecy and buildup to the nuptial had celebrity watchers flocking to the small community of rhinebeck. >> the once awkward teenager who moved into the white house at the age of 12 is all grown up. chelsea clinton tied the knot in new york. she said i do to long time boyfriend marc mezvinsky. the child is the only former president bill clinton and current secretary of state
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hillary clinton. this is america's version of the royal wedding and the guest list rumored to list as the who's who of the celebrity world. actor ted dan son among the attendees. >> what did you give? >> my goodness. >> the wedding itself was locked up like for the knox. the f.a.a. issuing a no fly zone and secret service set up a road block but the clintons tried to make good with locals who were inconvenienced by the massive security, giving them a bottle of wine from a local vineyard. >> with a letter saying that sorry for the inconvenience and to enjoy the bottle of wine. >> details of this wedding had been super secret but it is likely the bride wore a vera wang dress. the designer was in town. as for the cost, friends of the clintons say it will be under a million but experts estimate it
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candidate for several statewide offices gathered in san francisco to talk about faith. just as notable as who showed up for the event was who didn't. >> reporter: this afternoon in san francisco's chris venture. the candidates were asked about the role faith played in their lives. but there were few candidates to speak off. jerry brown was here but meg whitman was not. >> i'm disappointd in a lot of candidates that around here and particular meg. >> the candidates cited a
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problem with their scheduling. >> the forum would not have put brown and bitman face to face but brown did not pass a chance to make hey. >> after accepting two did iational debates, the whitman campaign has been critical of jerry brown for not accepting an october 2nd debate in fresno aimed at a latino audience. he says that would have fit bitman's campaign strategy. she has a debate in fresno at 5:00 on saturday afternoon in spanish. that's her idea. >> three debates are scheduled to take place just weeks before the november election, a public policy institute poll released earlier this week shows brown with a 37-34% lead despite lopsided spending with brown still waiting to spend his campaign cash. >> i find it astounding that after the spending of 110 million, the race is still a
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tie. >> the race is set to take bless in less than two months. unless the schedule changes, the two will face off on august 28th in u c davis. group of harley davidson riders hopped on their bikes to help school children in san mateo. the san mateo harley owners groups deliver toys in christmas but this year, they decided to expand the event, delivering back packs full of school supplies and dropped off 1,000 checks to help families. what is it going to be? meals on the table or a back pack? we want to take that decision out of their minds. >> reporter: the medical center will distribute the school supplies. they had dough maded for the
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holidays for the past 19 years a fundraiser this weekend helped keep bay area pooches clean while helping to protect police dogs. a whole day of pet washing has held to provide bullet proof vests for dogs. the vests cost 400. the event comes at a time when many cities are suspending their canine units because of shrinking budget. >> not every police dog is issued a bullet proof vest so we are here to change that. the reason is that they can't afford and they can barely afford the canine program. >> last year was the first year of the event and they raised $71,000. this year's goal was to collect 100,000 dollars. dozens of animals in san francisco have found new homes this weekend. the san francisco spca is hosting 72 events hoping to
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complete 72 adoptions in 72 hours. so far, 67 animals have been adopted within just 48 hours. the s p.c. a says that cats are especially in need of hopes. so many kittens are coming into the shelter. the event continues tomorrow until 6:00 p.m. at the spca adoption center on florida street. >> a manhunt is on for three convicts who escaped earlier today from an arizona prison. the men had been identified as tracy province, daniel renwick and mcclusky. the three escaped after cutting a perimeter fence. they kidnapped two truck drivers at gunpoint and fled in an 18-wheeler. authorities say that the truck drivers were later released unharmed. police are warning people that the convicts are armed and dangerous. the bush administration's tax cuts are set to expire next year and a fight is brewing in congress over whether to renew
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them. alan chernoff explains which taxes would be affected. >> reporter: they enjoy their money. >> we are spenders. we like to enjoy our lives. >> reporter: even though chris and his wife dawn had stable jobs, they are preparing to tighten their belt. chris, an accountant, figures he soon needs an extra $350 a month to pay more federal taxes. >> we are looking at not going out to eat as much, redues the amount thatey could save. >> reporter: brace yourself. there is a very good chance your family also may soon have to confront the same tough choices to find extra money to pay uncle sam. tax rates are scheduled to rise once the year ends. that's because the tax cuts that george w. bush championed in 2001 and 2003 were put in
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place only until the end of the year. >> if congress does nothing, taxes will increase the hardest. >> thinks obama pledge to let tax rise for only families who earn more than $250,000. >> as it stands now, families who earn less are about to get waxed. >> this will be a dramatic effect to the middle class. >> middle class tax rates are scheduled to go up by 3%. for the chuggs, who make about $171,000, the chang will put them in the 33% bracket rather than the 28% bracket. if the families cut tax spending by $350, that may hurt the economy. alan chernoff, new york. the highway patrol is
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investigating a bus crash east of the toll plaza. they say that a big rig hit a car. the car then struck a charter bus carrying 35 people. several people were taken to the hospital. they are all expected to survive. the accident on eastbound interstate 80 closed several lanes of traffic for more than an hour. a big announcement in san jose. the fire department underwent layoffs but, now, firefighters say they have a plan to restore jobs and service. >> it is being called one of the biggest disasters in pakistan's his from time to time the latest on deadly floods. the fog is pushing back into the day. details coming up.
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san jose firefighters say they will accept significant concessions to help save jobs.
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negotiations broke after the union and the city could not agree on cuts. now the union say they have a proposal that would restore the crews and. the union plant to reveal details tomorrow morning. around the world, in pakistan, furious efforts are underway after days of heavy rain unleashed deadly floods. thousands of homes have been flooded or destroyedsecurity experts are worried that the disaster could be fueling antigovernment feelings. the king of saudi arabia is holding talks withsyria.
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they fear that an international tribunal may indict hezbollah and police in paris broke a protest of several african women who refuse to leave a site. many in france reacted with shock to the violent scenes. no one was seriously hurt. french police said such evictions are never, quote, a simple procedure. the president of brazil offered asylum to and iranian woman who may be facing death by stoning. her punishment for alleged adultery had prompted an international outcry with human rights group working to save her life. >> human rights campaigners are trying to reverse a stoning of
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a woman. according to the international campaign againststoning and their contact in iran, the authority is now going after her lawyer. they are holding his wife and brother-in-law until he turns himself in. the campaign will not let up. >> the fact that he is alive is testimony to this campaign and the fact that pressure does work. we are not going to be completely celebrating until the stoning sentence, execution sentences have been rescinded and she is free to go back to her children >> reporter: why she was sentenced for allegedly after extra marital affairs with two men. she was tried and acquitted of murdering her husband but found guilty of adultery. >> what's incomprehensible is that iran is about to stone a woman to death for a consenting relationship with two adults. >> the steps was us is spend
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saying, quote, according to information from the relevant judicial authorities in iran, she will not be executed by stoning punishment. human rights campaigners say that the judgment is still in court record. iranian tv recently ran a program calling this all a western and israeli campaign to discredit theislamic republic. according to the campaign against stoning, the two children were allowed to visit her in prison. her spirit has been lifted by the attention her case has drawn but she still lives in fear that, one day, suddenly, her life could be taken. in london, amy kellogg, fox news. what a difference 48 hours makes. we'll have an update on that massive wildfire in southern california that threatens thousands of homes. also an unusual summer fest underway tonight in a west oakland warehouse.
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southern california firefighters have contained more than 80% of the massive crown fire. the 14,000 acre fire near palm dale is now smoldering, spreading dense black smoke into the city. firefighters say that their primary task was keeping embers from reigniting. at it peak thursday, it threatened 2300 buildings. investigators say that they believe that workers hammering on a tire rim may have sparked the fire a new hillside fire broke out this afternoon about 30 miles east of los angeles. the glendorra fire burned. and that is contained now at about 80% n kearn county, cooler weather gave firefighters a break as they battled two more wildfires. they expect to contain both fires by tomorrow. those fires burned a total of 20 homes and 28 square miles of
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forest and brush. for more information on how you can prepare for fire season and protect your home, you can go to and scroll down to the right now section. more than 800 fires are burning tonight across russia as a sweltering heat wave during the past several weeks have left forest and grass land bone dry. at least 25 people have been killed and hundreds of homes, including entire villages, have been burned. as matthew chance reports, the fire is blanketing the russian capital in thick smoke. >> reporter: across vast slates of western russia, firefighters are battling the flames, from the air and on the ground. the high est temperatures in 130 years have turned russia's forests into furnaces. more than 700 fires are raging
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every day, blazing areas the size of portugal. entire ville ams are burned to the ground. it wooden houses were engulfed by raging fires in less than 20 minutes. touring this destruction, russia's powerful prime minister state television shows him being begged for help. >> by winter, your houses will be rebuild. >> so you say that our village will be rebuilt? yes, he says, i promise you that. >> reporter: in the russian cap at capital, smoke and ash is blanketed by smoke and ash. the population is warning to stay inside. ministry officials say more than 1100 people, many of them
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drunk, from drowned swimming in the river. >> of course, this deadly russian summer is far from over. matthew chance in moscow. the f.d.a. has given a men lo park company the first to test an embryo cell therapy on humans that may give paralyzed people to walk. it's hoped that the stem cells will stimulate damaged nerve cells to produce a substance called myelon which insulates nerves enabling them to carry electrical impulses from the brain. the f.d.a. had delayed human trial for a year while it delays animal side effects. an event called sand by the ton featuring 300 tons of sand,
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fire art, eight swimming pool, nine stages of live music, sand sculptures and a carnival all taking place in a warehouse in west oakland. >> we just want to have fun and if we can raise a little money while doing it, that's good, too. >> the fun began this afternoon with water slides, dancing and music and other outdooring a tiforts and events. about 80 artists and businesses are located in the warehouse, including sculptors, bio diesel developers and chocolate makers. kites, some as big as houses are flying high today over berkeley. the annual kite festival at the marina featured a special guest, the consulate of japan. this year is the 150th anniversary of the arrival of
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the first japanese ships to cross the pacific and reach the golden gate. the kite festival, by the way, continues tomorrow. >> looks like fun. >> uh-huh. one legendary basketball star visited san francisco today and the message brought to youngsters. and will we see a warmup in august? our teamologist mark tamayo has the forecast.
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here in the bay area, we have been dealing for cooler than average weather pattern. that will stick around over the next at least few days.
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right now, i can show you live storm tracker 2. not a lot to show you. we do have fog developing closer to the coast line the san mateo coast line and we still have that onshore breeze that will help transport the fog back into the bay. wrapping up, july 2010, san francisco, a very chilly july. july 3rd was the warmest day of the month at 72 degrees. look at what happened. the coolest day coming up on the 21st. temperatures, 56 degrees but a string of 60s, 61, 62, 64 and not a big change as you head into your sunday for august 1st. one story is this. warm temperatures inland, fog, like i said, returns overnight. the extended forecast, a little bit of a bump in the numbers. spot forecast in san jose. 56 degrees. by 12th, 69 with increasing
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sunshine. 3:00 in the upper 70s. this has been the cooler than average weather pattern, at least the cool weather pattern over the past few weeks that sticks around over the next few days. high pressure rebuilds a little bit. as a result, we' we we'll bump up the numbers a little bit. patch croix fog coastside that could break up into the afternoon. as far as the plan for tomorrow morning, area of fog concentrated by the coast and near the bay. still some patchy coastal fog and there is the eventual temperature range for most of the bay area. santa rosa, 89 degrees. richmond, 68. mimes these numbers are not a big change. antioch, livermore, cop cord, gilroy, 86 degrees. partly sunny for the afternoon,
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forecast high of 63. here ace look ahead at the five- day forecast. a little bit of a bump in the numbers for monday and tuesday. and then the story, we are very familiar with, we're going to cool down for wednesday and thursday with lows in the mid- 80s. the one bonus in this weather pattern, there has only been one red flag warning and that goes back to june to start out the air day. that's a couple of big bonuses for us. >> that's cool. >> thank you, marc. basketball legend george the ice man gerwin vowed some of the youngsters. the nba hall of famer spent the afternoon with kids shaping and preparing youth clinics. the program began this month but wrapped up today. the event focused on not just about improving the kids on the court but encouraging education and health. >> i really enjoy being around
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the kids. i think it's our responsibility as adults to make these kids realize how important education is. >> instead of shooting hoops -- we encourage them to shoot the basketball rather than guns. the a's look to stopped red hot chilling white sox. and everyone still talking about the battle at at&t park.
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good evening, everyone. welcome to this saturday night edition of sports. as the calendar flips to august, all is good. a come from behind victory over your vie ales is good. bar i zito locked in a duel with chad billingsley. blake deposits one into the seats. zito has pitched extremely well in four games against the dodgers with nothing to show for it in the win column. zito was on the hook for a loss until pat burrell rescued the giants in the 8th with two outs and buster posey at first, he


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