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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  August 1, 2010 9:00pm-9:45pm PST

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happened?! captioned by media access group at wgbh . complete bay area news coverage. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. a usually quiet east bay community is rocked when a suspected drunk driver hit two people and what we're learning about the driver's relationship to a bay area major league baseball player. good evening. i'm mauerebe naylor, heather holmes is off tonight. >> i'm ken wayne. it happened in daylight and left a trail of destruction, stopped only by citizens who got involved and it turns out the suspect is the brother of a san francisco giant's outfielder. ktvu's debora villalon is live
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with the story. >> reporter: ken, this was a one hospital man destruction derby through danville about 10:00 this morning, and well into the evening, police were still picking up the pieces. 23-year-old cainian schierholtz is the younger brother of nate schierholtz, broth grates of san ramon high in danville, the same high school witnesses say cainian swerving past. >> it was a joyride and hit this and hit that. >> reporter: michelle devine and her family watched as schier holt's dodge truck took ot a light pole and dragged it down the street. he had already sideswiped a truck and went on to rear-end a lexus alt a stop sign. >> i was extremely afraid he might hit a child or an adult or go on a curb because he was just reckless and he was just going. >> reporter: the first frantic
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calls started to pour into police moments before when schierholtz struck a bicyclist. teenager daughter jumped off her bike to help him. is he hospitalized with scrapes and bruises. he knocked down a pedestrian in the bike lane and injuries that that victim was able to shake off. by the time schierholtz was in the residential area he was leading a caravan of cars, led by the first driver he had the, all trying to warn others and stop him. >> there was a parade of cars going up, maybe a motorcycle or two, and they were honking their horns and such for him to hull over. >> reporter: the drama ended when schierholtz dead-ended on a windy road and tried to come down. other drivers blocked him and one pulled him from the driver's seat and punch him, emotioned boiling over. >> he got hit in the face one time and when he was put on the ground, he was kneed in the back and that is when i told the guys enough, he is not
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going anywhere. it's a sad situation. a young kid and so early in the morning. he was out of it. >> reporter: toxicology has been run on cainian schierholtz and tonight he is jailed on $350,000 bail and ten various counts of dui, hit-and-run and driving without a license. he did not resist arrest and, in fact, was barely able to communicate and now investigators are trying to backtrack on where he had been and what he had been doing before this episode of extreme driving. reporting live in danville, debora villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. >>the san josi firefighter's union launch a last-difficult effort to save the dozens of jobs. the city says there is nothing new about it and it comes a little too late. ktvu's paul chambers reports. >> reporter: standing tot, possibly for the last time, nearly all 49 san josi firefighters say they are  hopeful to get their jobs back as the union offered their
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ninth proposal to the city. >> the san josi firefighters are stepping up and making yet another proposal that we believe should knock down all the barriers. >> there are some positive things in it in terms of amount of pay reductions and benefit reductions the firefighters are willing to offer. it appears to be the same as their prior offers. >> reporter: with the new proposal, the s say they will save the city millions of dollars into the future. the union is giving up payre raises into fiscal year 2011 and also they are removing the no-layoff provision from the contract and willing to give up 10% of benefit for new-hires. >> when you consider how much we would need to have void the layoffs, we need almost $10 million. so there is a $6 million gap between what they are offering and what the proposal actually saves. >> reporter: with the final round of layoffs and closures, the city will lose two fire stations, four engine trucks and one ladder truck. all the items were removed from the vehicles and stored in these containers. >> with less firefighters the citizens, you know can suffer,
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but also there is not enough firefighters to back us up in big incidents that there could be injuries and death. >> reporter: most of these men and women say it was a pleasure serving the city and are hopeful that they will return to do the job they love. >> this is the department i wanted to work for and i was very, very lucky to work for and i will never give up hope to come back here. >> reporter: with the dispute loom between the union and city, it appears the next step is the city charter process of binding arbitration, but before that can happen, the council will vote on tuesday whether binding arbitration will go before votvoters in november. i'm paul chambers, kutv channel 2 news. a judge is expected to issue a ruling tomorrow in a contract dispute involving ac transit drivers and the agency's management. the union representing drivers went to court on friday, asking for an injunction. they want to stop management from imposing a new contract until an arbitrator weighs in on the dispute dispute.
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the new contract started lasted month after three months of failed talks. transit officials were forced to cut route because of drivers calling in sick. union officials say drivers are not taking part in a sickout. bay area drivers on southbound interstate 680 will soon have a faster way to move past traffic backups. drivers signing up for a fast trach account will get a toll credit to use on the 60 express lanes set to open next month. carpools and hybrid vehicles and motorcycles will be able to the 14-mile express lane will be the first one in northern california. it's scheduled to open september 20th between highways 84 and 237. pittsburg police are trying to uncover clues after a man was shot and killed earlier this morning. officers responded to a 911 call after 1:00 this morning and found the man shot inside a garage at a home on is an remo way, that is not far from west
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leland road. the man reportedly rented a room in the home. police have not yet released any information about a suspect or motive in the shooting. san francisco police are still searching for more suspects in connection with a brutal attack yesterday morning in. org park. investigator say a 40-year-old man was stabbed several times, beaten and robbed by as many as 12 people while walking through the park. he was taken to san francisco general with life-threatening injuries. police arrested three suspects so far and have only released their ages, saying that they were 17, 18 and 20 years old. oakland police are trying to determine if two shootings, which happened just a few minutes apart last night are related. one involved a familyi driver and passenger. police found the abandoned taxi before 10:00 p.m. at a gas station at 35th avenue and international boulevard. officers say someone drove the taxi driver to the hospital, where he is being treated for a single gunshot wound. in the second incident two men were shot?
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the 1100 block of 65th avenue. there is no word on suspects or motives for either shooting. two men were arrested earlier this morning, accused of stabbing another man in downtown santa roe rosa. attack happened before 2:00 a.m. before the 7th street parking garage. investigators say a 38-year-old man approached officers say he was stabbed during a fight. with the help of witnesses police arrested two men, both charged with attempted murder. the unidentified victim is expected to survive. a sacramento couple faces charges of false imprisonment and child cruelty after allegedly chain a 13-year-old boy it a kitchen table for two days. police say the boy oci cape his chains friday night and asked neighbors for help after his father and stepmother left to go gambling at a casino. when officers arrived, they say the chide was handcuffed with the chain wrapped around his neck and legs. boy said he was chained to
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table and physically assaulted after angering his father and stepmother. >> it's not the most extreme case of child abuse that we have seen, but it's definitely not the normal case of abuse. >> the boy's father, john vang and stepmother, thong vue were arrested thursday night. passengers boarding a tour boat in san diego got a shock had the gangplank beneath them collapsed. it happened last night as 100 people were walking onto the ship "bahia belle." for a trip around mission bay. the wood plank fell apart and more than a dozen people fell into the water. >> all of a sudden, we all collectively at same time heard this cracking of wood sound, and next thing we know, the whole structure is falling backwards. >> two people were injured and witnesses is a baby in a stroller fell into the water, but was okay. the waters aonly about a few
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feet teach. by this morning workers wrapped what was left of the planning in plastic. the resort hotel who operates the boat refused to comment on the accident. santa cruz officials will conduct a oops on a hammond victim found in a parking lot. they announced the arrest of 44- year-old castillo, suspected of killing juan carlos garcia. garcia's body was found at soquel highway. doug suttles took reporters today on a boat tour in venice, louisiana. today's tour comes as bp is trying to seal is the well. the federal government is responding to accusations that
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bp was alluded too much flexibility when using chemical dispersants. retired coast guard admiral thad allen said regulators did in the ignore environmental guidelines. response follows a congressional report that is critical of bp's use of chemicals on the gulf slick. epa says the dispersants used were appropriate and an essential tool in limiting the spill as impact. long-term effects of dispersants on sea life are unknown. fire season has been quiet so far, but bay area firefighters are warning that could change in an instant. nearly two dozen people in austin, texas are rushed to the hospital after a balcony tears away from the side of a condominium. free vaccinations in a bay area community at the time when the state is facing a whooping cough epidemic. the 10:00 news continues in 90 seconds.
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. you would likely know that temperatures have been cooler than normal around the bay area this summer and it's been relatively quiet fire season, but as ktvu's john sasaki reports, firefighters are warning that all could change very quickly. >> reporter: cal fire is keeping its crews sharp for the big game, which could come at any time. today we watchedded as this crew trained for battle against an imagery fire in napa county. >> right now it's the heart of
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fire season. >> it absolutely is and people could get lulled into a sense of complacency, because we have had mild temperatures, but we're not. >> reporter: unlike in recent years, this year's mild weather has allowed crews to have a lot more dress rehearsals before having to face any major incidents. >> that is higher relative humidities which affects the dry fuels and lower temperatures as well, we just don't get the conditions where the fire start are as likely as in red-flag conditions. >> reporter: the overdue red- flag conditions have the firefighters practicing hard, dragging hose hundreds of feet up a rocky hillside and putting out flames. >> training is very important, because we have seasonal firefighters who aren't with us year-round. >> reporter: firefighters' safety is paramont and the crew was ordered to evacuate because the fire changed directions. >> they have to look out and establish that hey, that fire is moving at you and they move down the hill. >> reporter: while the bay area
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has remainer relatively unscathed, los angeles is dealing with wildfires. we found this man working in his hard and he feels he has enough defensible space for the fires. >> because of the fact we're on this particular hill and there is a lot of open space, a lot of grasses, and some dead trees and so forth, that could be a fire hazard. >> reporter: fire officials say the cool summers have no cumulative effect on fire conditions in the last three months of fire season. all it takes, they say is one brief period of hot, windy conditions to get the hills primed to burn. in napa county, i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. a fire near highway 101 alarms drivers in southern california today. the fire in calabasas burned about 12 acres of harvey brush. traffic slowed down as drivers saw heavy smoke over the san
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fernando valley. meanwhile the crown fire near palmdale is 87% contained tonight with crews expected to surround it by tomorrow evening. it's charred about 22 square miles since thursday. and the scissors fire in san diego county burned 110 acres this weekend. that is now fully contained. for more information on how you can prepare for fire season and protect your home, go to and scroll down to the "right now" section. a parolee was arrested at santa rosa high school and accused of stealing school property. a campus alarm went off just before 130 this morning and officers say about they arrived they found michael sullivan- snell leaving the school's gym. investigators say he was carrying property belonging to the high school. sullivan-snell was arrested on charges of burglary and for being a parolee at-large. two escaped inmates from arizona are still at-large while a third is behind bars.
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police say tracy province and john mcclusky are still on the run and should be armed and dangerous. renwick was spotted in colorado. officers pursued renwick and gunshots were exchanged before he was taken into custody. the three escaped yesterday morning from the prison by cutting a perimeter fence. police say they hijacked an 18- wheeler and fled. the two inmates on the run are still believed to be in arizona. 23 people were rushed to the hospital in austin, texas, earlier this morning when a second-story condominium balcony collapsed. investigators say 30 people were on the balcony at a party when it tore free from the side of the building. the victims suffered broken bones and other injuries, none of which is considered life- threatening. austin officials are trying to determine when if the balkan we was up to code when it was built last week. minneapolis v medical
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center research series say e.coli strain st-131 makes up 17% of drug-resistant strains in the u.s. that is especially worrying because that strain is resistant to just one class of antibiotics and can cause serious illness in people with healthy immune systems. scientists say if the st-131 go undergoes one gene mutation, it could become untreatable with current antibiotics. whopping cough remains a major concern. today residents in one bay area county got free access to the best prevention. ktvu's tara moriarty reports. >> reporter: free vaccinations couldn't come at a better time for teresa gomez' family. >> i need to get shots for my daughter, who is entering kindergarten. it's really hard for me to afford the care that my kids knee. >> reporter: a program called "neighbors in health," is
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providing immunizations for 300 children insonma county. city council timing as of two weeks ago the number of cases of whopping cough in california climbed to 1500 in what looks like the state's worst whooping cough epidemic in years. according to public health officials, 1200 children are living in sonoma county without health insurance, a number that has steadily risen as m-more people continue to lose their jobs. california health officials are expand vaccine recommendations to include children under the age of 7, accultures over 64 and women before, during and immediately after pregnancy. besides vaccinations, children received free dental examine as well as vision, hearing and physicals. >> it's the idea that little
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things become big things as they become older. >> reporter: kaiser permanente, santa rosa and the united way taled up five years ago to launch the program and since then they have hooked up more than 10,000 children to health insurance. >> it's scary, because you are worrying about money. >> reporter: victor peralta had no insurance two years ago and they helped setup coverage for him. >> when i was in school, i couldn't see nothing. it was distracting me. >> reporter: now he has glasses, a new sense of confidence and an insurance plan for only $8 a month. >> putting thisinto the kids now, so can we can make the future of sonoma county better. >> reporter: and so far it seems to be paying off. in santa rosa, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. seven children have died
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from the disease in california. in the first six months of the year, there were 248 cases in the bay area, compared to 41 in the same period last year. a proposed new fee could make fast-food more expensive in san francisco, but it has nothing to do with trying to make you eat right. we'll explain. and here iran's response over three berkeley graduates in prison for more than a year. weather system has been cooling off the bay area over the past few weeks. it will stick around and we have another cooling trend in the five-day forecast. i have that coming up in about 20 minutes.
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[trumpet playing "reveille" throughou
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reviving the economy means reinventing the way we do business. here's to the owners showing us the way. [trumpet playing "reveille" fades to silence . a proposed new fee on fast- food restaurant meals in san francisco is aimed at keeping city streets clap, but some restaurant owners think the fees would triumph away customers. claudia cowan has the story. >> reporter: cheese burgers, fries and shakes, staples of the american diet and leading contributors to pollution in the city by the bay. an audit of san francisco's
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litter found fast-food wrappers, cups and napkins are the second most identifiable source of trash on city streets, right behind cigarette butt. so compete that problem city hall slapped a tax and raised more than $2 million. >> the money thats who come in basically offset general fund expenditures. >> fast foot joints and mini- marts may be next. city is considering a similar fee to offset the cost of change up all the fast-food garbage. critics say san franciscans are paying enough. >> it will hurt the consumer and i think long-term will t- will continue to drive the cost of dining out in san francisco higher and eventually people will say we're too expensive. restaurant margins elizabeth fannon says it's unfair to raise their price because some customers are litter bugs. >> if people are throwing the
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wrappers out their window, there is no way we can stop them from doing that. >> reporter: along with the cigarette fee, san francisco banned styrofoam cups and plastic bags and a similar program in oakland is raising $300,000 a year, maybing it likely that a burger-track tax is something that resident here's will have to learn to swallow. in san francisco, claudia cowan, fox news. in news of the world, in kabul, afghanistan, hundreds of protesters took to the streets today, demanding an end to the occupation by the u.s. and its allies. a united nations report said 2400 afghan civilians were killed last year, the deadliest year since the war began. today's protest followed riots in kabul when a convoy collided with a car, killing one afghan and wounding three others. in israel, prime minister benjamin netanyahu planned to hold the hamas government responsible for the latest rocket attacks in israel.
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a robot hit a community center last night, the coact in a 36- hour period. the israel military carried out an airstrike against hamas after the first rocket attack on friday night. and in pakistan, the northwest part of the country devastated by monsoonal flood is bracing for more mud today. relief efforts into the region have been hampered by washed out roads and bridges. teenage toll stands at 1100, with at least 30,000 people left homeless. iran said three uc berkeley graduates detained a year ago are being investigated for owe breaching the security of the islamic republic." the charges appear to be in recent u.s. pleas for their release. shane bauer, sarah shourd and
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josh fattal were detained after warping across the border with iraq. they have been in prison for a year, but not formally charged. >> authorities in sacramento will investigating a double- homicide after two bodies were found inside a home when firefighters responded to a georgia fire yt discovery was made yesterday morning at a home on mullberry street in the community of sutter. the two people found dead were identified as jack martin and his wife, susan martin. it 1-year-old joseph simlick is behind bars and considered a person of interest in the hopeds. simlick was reportedly dating martin's daughter, but the couple recently broke up. just ahead, the unique and inspirational program turning young lives around in the east bay. this could be a critical week for california's plan to build a high-speed rail line and the key deadline it faces.
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. >> many 60,000 children are in foster care across california and studies indicate former foster children at greater risk ofip carsation and homelessness. now alameda county is hiring former foster youth in an innovative program to help those young people thrive. withelma has a deep appreciation for hope, a room to call her own and a place to reflect. she entered foster care as an infant and knows the insecuritiy one feels when home is an ever shifting place. >> i have been in foster home, group home, ffa, just about every aspect of the foster system you could possibly
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imagine. >> reporter: it's t's entam intimate knowledge of the symptom, workings a youth advocate, sitting side-by-side with a current for the care child as the team meets to decide where that child will live. >> this is a revolutionary effort, asking the child directly, what are your needs? where would you like to be placed? who to you have a connection with? who do you want to live with- often time they feel very alone walking in and we're there to be a shoulder, a partner, and advocate for them to let them know that they are not alone. >> reporter: t. says as a child she was haunted by loneliness. ler older sister was the one person she felt she could count on. >> she was a hard and strong- workion resilient individual. >> reporter: when t. was 13. >> she was murdered at the age of 22 and i would do anything to see her again. >> reporter: her grief, she says, scared away the family that was going to adopt her.
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her life already frayed gain to unravel. we went through so many hardships, abuse, sexually and physically and running away, awol and nobody able to keep tabs on you. >> i know the guy pointing a gun at my face and shot and i don't know how that bullet didn't hit me, but thank god it didn't. because i'm still living. >> reporter: elliot entered foster cares an infant and lived with one foster family through their childhood, but the lure of streets proved too much for him. then in 2008, a family friend was killed, and allen says he wasn't ballistic. allen says he doesn't remember much about the night that landed him in jail for a year, but he says his own actions caught up with him and maybe saved his life. >> it's not a long life expectancy for street gangster around the streets of oakland. >> reporter: when allen got out, he was homeless and broke. a county case worker hooked him
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up with yap. >> so me, the people that are in that office that i work with, are like family. >> reporter: allen is now a student at the college in liver mohr, pursuing psychology and his goal, to work on strengthening families. as for yap -- . >> it has really brought a lot of fulfillment to my life, too. i feel proud to walk into my job every morning or when i come in and know i'm helping someone. >> reporter: at her wall of success, certificates commending her for her educationally achievement, community work and her work for foster youth, t shines. q. it's all possible, if you believe. >> it's a message t ortiz macy wants all children to learn. it's not what they lived through that defines them, but how they live now. healthcare workers for two nursing homes in oakland say they plan to go on strike starting tomorrow morning. certified nursing assistant and other healthcare workers say
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they will start striking at 5:00 a.m. walkouts are taking place at piedmont gardens and workers say they are protesting sick- day policies and say they have been bargaining for a new contract since february. the strike is expected to last five day. house speaker nancy pelosi is expressing confidence about the mid-term eelection. 65 seats could change hands on november 2nd. it's possible that as in the 1992 mid-tems republicans could take back the majority. but speaker pelosi says she is not worried. >> we have a solid plan, messaging and mobilizing at the grassroots level and knowledge of our campaigns and we have 2:1 advantage moneywise, so we feel very confident where we are. >> senator minor leader mix mcconnell admits the gop will be outspent, but predicts that democrats will lose votes because of the sour economy.
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democrats must deal with fresh fallout against ethic charges against charlie rangel. while residents recycle about 68% of their waste, businesses are only recycling about 10%. random surveys will ask questions about recycling practices and what businesses need to recycle more often. the san josi city council adopted a zero-waste policy in 2008. its goals are to divert 75% of wastes from landfills by 2013 and 100% by 2022. the california high-speed rail authority faces a deadline in its bid to win additional federal stimulus money. they have until friday to apply between $700 million and $1 billion to build the route between san josi and san francisco, including a nation is millbrae. the project already received
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$2.25 billion in frants. state voteer's proved $9 billion for the project in 2008, but this money must be used to match other funds. did it live up to the hype? we'll have some of the pictures from chelsea clinton's wedding. and could we see cooler temperatures this week. meteorologist mark tamayo with your complete bay area forecast, coming up next. the most powerful half-ton crew in america has a powertrain backed for 100,000 miles. chevy silverado half-ton a consumers digest best buy and the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road.
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now get 0% apr for 72 months on 2010 silverado half-ton models with an average finance savings around $5,800.
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. well, we spent most of july talking about cooler weather patterns and looks like that pattern will linger into august. temperatures really not a big change with the low clouds and fog pull back to the coastline. warmest locations upper 80s to
10:39 pm
90 degrees and we have another cooler trend to talk about in the five-day forecast. right now i can show you this, the fog has been increasing and already monthing into sonoma county, santa rosa, the latest oklahoma reporting partly cloudy clouds to the south and west. moving to the is the south, with you can see around sausalito and oakland, and also near the coastline as well. as far as highs today, the range from 60 in parka up to 90 in antioch and san josi 8 degrees and adam in the upper 60s at 69 school temperatures coast side and warm temperatures inland. once again, the extended forecast, we'll introduce more cooling, especially midweek, wednesday into thursday. spot forecast for tomorrow in oakland, starting out with the clouds tomorrow morning, 53 degrees. by 12:00, partly cloudy skies and then increasing sunshine by mid-afternoon. a forecasted high, once again, into the upper 60s.
10:40 pm
this is weather pattern we have been tracking it, it seem like forever, and seems loo a few weeks, most of july it's going to stick around at least for the first week of augusting. a cooler pattern setting up. winds still a factor, 10-20 miles per hour. the clouds in the morning pull back to near the shoreline. coolest days, wednesday, thursday and lingering into friday as well. here is the plan first thing tomorrow, areas of fog, possibly drizzle, once again. tomorrow morning 7:00, temperatures 50-55 degrees and then into the afternoon hours, party to mostly sunny. that fog bank pull back to near the short-term, but still partly cloudy skies around the bay. the eventual temperature range in the upper 50s to upper 80s. a look at forecast as we head into your monday afternoon. as far as forecast highs for tomorrow and, in fact, here is a look at five-day forecast. you can see temperatures mainly in the lower 60s to 80s. looked like we skipped past the forecasted highs, but pretty much not a big change from the
10:41 pm
levels of today. readingsreadings, san josi upper 70s and inland out towards the east bay, upper 80s, 87 to 88 degrees. the weather pattern is sticking around and looks like maybe looking long rain, mid-august, august 15th we could talk about another potential warm-up, but at least over the next few days, just minor changes in the temperature range. >> hard to believe it's august 1st and we're still seeing it. >> thank you, mark. mark, i know you have been wanting to know about this. >> i have been waiting. [ laughter ] >> chelsea clinton's we hadding to long time boyfriend marc mezvinsky, wearing a gun by designer vera wang. wang also dressed the bride amazed and was a guest at
10:42 pm
nuptials. it took place on a private estate in rhinebeck, new york. you can see more pictures of chelsea at and look under the "water cooler" section. coming up next, 49ers training camp opens and they are mission a key part of the defense and we'll tell you who is holding out. >> the giants look to sweep the dodgers and joe fonzi has sports wrap, up next.
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. good evening everyone and welcome


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