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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  August 2, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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morning news. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> well, good morning to you. welcome to monday, august the 2nd. i am dave clark. >> i am claudine wong in for pam cook. let's check weather and traffic. good morning, steve. >> on this monday morning low clouds and fog. not everybody says cloudy. far enough inland it is clear, but cool, the overheight lows -- [ inaudible ] >> -- upper 80s to low 90s put this looks to be the warmest day of the week. by the coast fog and drizzle and 60s or low to mid 70s. here is sal. >> steve, right now traffic is moving along okay if you are driving out to the hayward area. eastbound 92 there is an accident there. also the morning commute is okay on westbound 24 heading to oakland. now let's go back to the desk. >> sal, thank you. at 5:00 there may be
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possibly be relief soon for ac transit riders. a judge is set to decide today whether to issue an injunction in an ongoing contract dispute that ac transit said has led to a sickout. jade hernandez joins us live in oakland with that story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we told you a judge was expectthat decision was postponed. we are live in oakland this morning. you can see ac transit buses, there is bus stops right there. we are at the corner of 14th and broadway this morning. as i mentioned a decision was postponed at least until today. this is a contract dispute between ac transit and its union. the union's contract expired june 30th and after three months of negotiating the union went to a judge, looking to force both sides into arbitration. ac transit decided to impose a contract, which took effect july 18th. now that brings us to today, august 2nd. for several weeks as the union waits for a judge to decide
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whether or not to lift the newly imposed contract some bus drivers have called in sick. up to 20% each day since the new contract has been put into place. we spoke to a bus operator this morning. here is what she had to say about this. now we do understand as i mentioned we spoke to a bus driver and we don't have -- actually i have been told that we can listen to that bus driver right now. let's listen to what she has to say about this dispute. >> i am actually -- [ inaudible ] >> -- but i am actually you know come to work every day and -- and just you know adapt to what we have been given and hopefully the judge will make a decision in our favor, ruling in our favor, because we don't want the buses to stop rolling. we don't want to in convenience the passengers at all. >> reporter: we are live in oakland this morning. as i mentioned an alameda county superior court judge is expected to make a decision on
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whether or not to grant an injunction which would lift that newly imposed contract and also lift the newly imposed work schedule which many of the bus drivers have said is unfair. of course, we will have more on the story throughout the morning. live in oakland jade hernandez ktvu channel 2 news. >> 5:02. in san jose the firefighters union is trying to come up with a way to get laidoff firefighters back on the job. the union offered a new proposal yesterday to the city but the city says it still doesn't contain enough cost savings. >> when you consider how much we would need to have avoided the layoffs we need almost $10 million so there is a $6 million gap between what they are offering and what we actually need.
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>> with less firefighters the citizens can suffer but there is not enough firefighters to back us up in these big incidents that the injuries, could be death. >> the city is closing two fire stations. in addition to the firefighters another 142 city employees lost their jobs in this latest round of cost cutting layoffs. >> 5:03. minutes ago healthcare workers at two nursing homes in oakland went on strike. kraig debro is at one of those facilities now. he has the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i am on 41st street off piedmont avenue. behind me some workers have just got in off their shifts here at speed monte gardens, which is a retirement community. these people, about 120 strong here, also grand lake gardens, the other facility owned by the same company where the strike is being held. going on strike today over a number of issues including benefits.
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out here they are prepared out here, the owners are anyway. they have brought on a security team out here to make sure that everything stays safe. there is a guy over there with a video camera next to that car there videotaping the things that go on here. according to the healthcare workers they have gone on a strike here before. that is a five day strike, at least scheduled for that long. the last time it took three days before they got back to the table. i mention benefits, pension being one. the other issue is sick leave. >> we get five sick days a year, that is it, if we do over that we are fired for it. >> you are fired. >> yeah, you are terminated because they call it a pattern and people have to come to work sick. >> reporter: now according to him a couple of months ago, perhaps a little bit long area go than that a couple of people did come to work when they were sick and once that happens they actually had to quarantine the place, the state had to quarantine the place, but again that is something that the union is saying, i have not
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been able to talk to the owners, to get that confirmed, nor have been able to check with the state. that at least the claims they are making here, but certainly we are even taught that if we are sick we are not supposed to come to work for get others sick as well. as you look at the union workers walk the picket lines i can tell you this started a few minutes ago. there is a raily at 10:00 a.m. today and again the strike is scheduled for 10 days. there you go the chapts of no justice, no peace. we will have more from out here a little while later -- [ inaudible ] [overlapping speakers] >> -- a suspected drunk driver is in jail this morning accused of causing five hit-and-run accidents. it happened yesterday morning along danville boulevard and railroad avenue in danville. police say when it was all over 23 man had struck a bicyclist, a pedestrian, a truck, a light pole and an suv. investigators say he did not
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stop at any of the crashes. and witnesses followed him and that is when police arrested him. >> there was a parade of cars going up, maybe a motorcycle or 2 -- [ inaudible ] [overlapping speakers] >> -- honking their hornings and such for him to pull over. >> the 51-year-old bicyclist was hop hospitalized with cuts and bruises and that appears to be the worst of the injuries. he is the younger brother of giants right fielder. he is being held on $350,000 bail and nine various counts of dui, hit-and-run and driving without a license. >> all right. time now 5:07. let's see what is happening in our commute now. sal, i know we have . what happened? >> that's right, a car came out, dave and claudine, and took out some of the sand barrels at one of the exit lanes. you see those yellow sand barrels eastbound 92 so that is going to be there and they still av to fix it although traffic is light in that direction. just be aware it is there on 92
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east before his per onboulevard. all right let's go to live pictures, westbound bay bridge traffic looks good into san francisco. small delay at the toll plaza. this morning's commute in san jose is off to a nice start on northbound 280. 5:07. here is steve. >> sal, thank you very much. and here we are into august now and if you -- if you have been saying, boy, it has been a cool summer, well, it has. may-- hold on steve -- march, april, may, jiewfn, july, all below average on temperatures and august is showing every sign of just staying right into that pattern. it just persistent paper, areas of low pressure just hang out on the west coast and that keeps the fog going. we have fog, mist and drizzle. warm to hot for some, cool for others. so temperatures by the coast 60s, around the bay 70s, upper 80s to low to mid 90s. lake county is always warmer than everybody else it seems. 52 san rafael-napa, san jose airport says clear but san jose
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state's web camera, their meteorology department web camera shows low clouds over san jose proper. 53 in the city. 54 livermore and concord. 37 tahoe, 50s up and down the coast, 52 ukia, same as eureka and monterrey. that is unusual, chilly. fog for some and cool overnight lows in the low 50s. a series of systems continue to move in. high pressure will give a warm day inland but then it is bumped out here. cool to warm, thick fog coast and bay along with local drizzle as well. so from the low 60s, 70s around the bay, then you get over the coastal hills will warm up just a tad for few. 80s, upper 80s to a few low 90s. then after that we start a cooling trend. it will show itself more on wednesday and also thursday. this again does look to be maybe the warmest day of the week, claudine and dave. >> all right, time now is 5:09. up next we are going to have iran's response to the weekend
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rally calling for the release of three uc berkeley graduates. >> all right we are going to find out why a state agency i monitoring what politicians do on social media websites like twitter and facebook. >> reporter: and president obama is shifting his focus today to the iraq war. i will show you what he is planning to announce coming up. >> good morning. westbound 24 traffic looking pretty good on the way to arinda and oakland. tell you more coming up. it's not back-to-school, it's forward to what's next with an hp netbook, samsung reality or lg cosmos
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for under $20 after rebate.
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welcome back. this morning president obama will be in atlanta to speak to a veterans convention and tell them about the progress being made to meet his deadline of drawing down all combat troops from iraq by the end of the month. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom with more on this. >> reporter: good morning to you, claudine. that's right president obama will declare today that he is making good on his promise to end the war in iraq. seven and a half years after the shock and awe campaign that started the iraq war president obama goes to a veteran's convention in atlanta today to say that major combat operations are winding down and all combat troops will be out this month. a transitional force of 50,000 troops will remain to train iraqi police but he says that the u.s. is moving from a military to a civilian effort
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in iraq and all troops will be out next year. he is also going to talk about beginning to pull troops out of afghanistan next year but republicans are skeptical that will happen. >> generally speaking this time next summer we are still going to be engaged in one hell of a fight. we are going to need every troop we have today i think still in afghanistan next year. >> reporter: this morning's event in atlanta will be the first of several over the next several weeks that president obama is going to use to highlight the transition in iraq. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> time now 5:14. in the gulf of mexico bp engineers hope to start the process of a permanent fix on that broken oil well as early as tonight. now the static kill, that is what they call it, involves pumping mud and cement into the top part of the well, after that will become a bottom kill procedure, pumping mud and concrete from the bottom of the well. in the meantime bp and federal
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officials are denying charges they used excessive amounts of chemical dispurse ants on that oil. i think we all worked hard to not use any more than we had to. they were effective. >> iran is responding to the weekend protests marking the one year anniversary for detaining three uc berkeley graduates in tehran. relatives and friends of the detainees demonstrated on friday in new york outside the iranian mission to the u.n. demanding their release. protests were also held in san francisco, washington, d.c. and several other cities. now yesterday an iranian government spokesmen said the three americans should be answerable before the law like
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any other individual. >> candidates for several statewide offices gathered in san francisco over the weeke to talk about the role religion has played in their lives. democratic gubernatorial candidate jerry brown made an appearance at the forum but his republican opponent meg whitman did not. they said there was a scheduling convict. >> well, i am disappointed a lot of canare here and not particularly meg, you know for whatever reason. >> the first debate between the top two candy dates is scheduled for uc davis. they say something needs to be done to regulate 3 messages politicians are sending on new media. in a report released day the watch dog agency says political posting on twitter or facebook or in text messages should be held to the same standards as traditional advertising on tv, radio or newspapers. the commission says it is time to rewrite regulations to meet
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the challenges of new technology. >> time now 5:16. well, if you plan to ride muni this morning be aware of this, construction starts today at the west portal station for the installation of new fair gates. they are also installing new emergency and swing gates as well as ticket vending machines. the goal is to help customers move through that system faster using the smart card. there will be signs posted telling passengers how to get through the one fair gait that remains open. >> time now 5:17. let's head right over to sal keeping an eye on the roads sal. >> good morning to you. right now traffic is moving along relatively well around the bay area, north bound and southbound 880 traffic looks good passing the coliseum. also this morning's commute looks good if you are driving along eastbound 92. there is an accident at his per onbut even so the so the
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traffic still looks okay. here is steve. >> here we go with a pattern that is locked in. look at the wind direction. sfo west at seven. if it is overcast then the wind is not that strong. oakland southwest at six, napa west at five. fairfield west-southwest 23, gusts to 29. then even west-southwest at nine at vacaville. if vacaville gets a southwest wind that is a delta breeze, it just can't get too hot. i mean it can get warm obviously far enough inland but again the pattern is just carried right over from july right into august and it it looks like every sign points towards a really cool pattern for the first, oh, about, oh, 5- 7 days. plenty of fog and low clouds on the fog and there local drizzle, city has been -- even though they get some sun it just doesn't warm up very much.
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below average temperatures. i think every day, if i am not mistaken, every day in july except one had fog for the city. 53, 55 at nine, 60 at noon and 640 on the high side after some fog and drizzle, sun ian breezy. i know some of you think anything over 75 is too hot. mt. tam 68, one degree cooler than yesterday at this time. mill valley, though, 51, so a big spread there. sonoma 52. gilroy vallejo 53. but these are cool readings, pleasanton 54 and atthere ton menlo park and stanford all at 57, 50s up and down the coast. cool pattern for us and the coast and san diego to eureka. tropical clouds yesterday down in the four corners staying down there. warm day inland. system will start to move in there. and that will start a cooling trend tomorrow and then really start to cool things downwind and thursday. low clouds, local mist, drizzle, sun, then cool and warm, thick fog though coast
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and bay so be careful. 80 santa rosa, 88 fairfield even though you have a good see breeze, antioch brentwood 90, 70s for many on the peninsula it has been a really pleasant pattern for some. fog nights and mornings then cooler thursday into friday as that fog thickens up. ♪ [ music ] >> european markets open the day on the upswing following the lead of far eastern shareholders. hong kong, shanghai, australia all closed up more than 1%. japan's was up 1/3 per sent. investers were encouraged after manufacturing data slowed concerns that pay shining could tighten controls. let's take a look at how the markets closed on friday. dow was down a point but stocks ended their best month in a year, even though we are seeing a slowing down in terms of growth here in the u.s. as we head into august we are expected to see a big gain today thanks to strong economics and earnings reports overseas showing recovery there
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faster than expected. -- home-ownership in the u.s. could sing to its lowest level in 50 years. the housing market analysts estimate six million of the eight million homeowners currently are behind on their mortgages and could lose their properties in the next two years, that would put the rate at 62%. the percentage of households ioning their own homes has been sliding since the 2006 housing bubble burst. >> spirit airline says some people were surprised on the first day that passengers were charged a carry on baggage fee. the discount air liven is now charging between 20 and 55 dollars for any item too big to fit under a seat. spirit will have extra workers on duty to help passengers the first couple of days to speed up the boarding but officials predict this new fee will eventually lead to faster boardings. >> all right. time now is 5:21. and coming up a san francisco man becomes the victim of a brutal mob attack and police
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this morning are still looking -- [ inaudible ] >> -- inspirational program. this one helps foster children in the east bay. ♪ [ music ] >> -- westbound 80 traffic moving along pretty well, here as you can see coming up from the macarthur maze. we will tell you more about the morning commute coming up. ♪ [ music ]
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♪[ music ]
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>> good morning. we or low clouds, fog and even local drizzle so not much change by the coast, 60s, 70s around 3 by and coast, inland 80s to low 90s. >> ruffle 40 people are facing charges this morning in napa county after a raid on a cock fighting operation over the weekend in american canyon. acting open a tip they broke up the cock fight taking place in a inch kad arena on american canyon road. they also found two dead and 50 live birds at the scene. most of those arrested were cited as spectators but others were jailed on more serious charges. a 33-year-old oakland man is in the hospital this morning with life-threatening injuries after police say he was shot numerous times. [ inaudible ] >> -- outside glide memorial church on ellis street in the tenderloin around 3:00 yesterday morning when he was shot 16 times, including once in the face, investigators are asking jane one with
5:26 am
information to come forward. san francisco police continue their search this morning for more suspects in connection with a brutal attack this weekend in delores park. investigators say they are looking for two or three more people who stabbed a 40-year- old man several times. now at first they thought 12 people were involved in the attack near 19th and church streets but now they think many of them were spectators. the victim is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. police have arrested three suspects on suspicion of robbery and attempted murder. time now 5:26. and another bay area law in forcement agency takes a lit because of money problems. coming up which service are being cut. >> san jose firefighters offer a new proposal to save some of their jobs. why the city of san jose says it maybe too little too late. that story straight ahead. >> a violent weekend in the east bay leaves a taxi driver injured. details coming up. >> good morning. san mateo bridge traffic looking very nice heading out to highway 101.
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we will tell you more coming up. ♪ [ music ]
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good morning to you, welcome back, this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news, it is monday, august the 2nd. i am dave clark. >> i am claudine wong, pam cook has the day off. time now is 5:29. let's check weather and traffic with steve. >> good morning, another fog bank moving inland but not everybody is reporting cloudy skies, a couple of locations
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inland say clear but a couple of see breezes, so 86 firefield, 90 antioch brentwood, 70s and 80s, with local drizzle around the coach and bay so watch out for that. now here is sal. >> steve, right now on the golden gate bridge traffic lookses good heading down to the toll plaza. at the bay bridge plaza it is light with a small delay in some of the cash lanes. now back to the desk. >> san jose city leaders say a new proposal by the firefighters union offers too little too late. allie rasmus is at a station shut down over the weekend. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are in front over station -- fire station 30 here in san jose. it is one of the stations that is going to be effected by the budget cuts and layoffs the city of san jose is facing. you can tell it is top of mind for the people who live in this neighborhood because directly across the station from this -- in front of this business there is a giant sign the owner
5:31 am
posted out here that says danger your fire company is closing. they are warning people about the changes coming to the neighborhood here in this fire station closure. now a total of 49 san jose firefighters lost their jobs this weekend. they turned in their gear and along with two fire stations the city is also losing four engine trucks and one ladder truck. the city of san jose is dealing with a $118 million budget shortfall and they are negotiating with the local 230 firefighters union to try and cut the fire department budget. yesterday the union announced their latest proposal. the 9th proposal they have offered the city so far. the union says it is willing to give up pay raises. they are also removing a no layoff provision in their contract and the union says they are also willing to give up 10% of benefits to new hires. >> san jose firefighters is stepping up once again and making yet another proposal that we believe should knock down all the bear ers. >> although there are some positive things in it, in terms of the amount of pay reductions
5:32 am
and benefit reductions the firefighters are willing to offer, it appears to be the same as their prior offers. >> and the city of san jose's chief negotiator says there is still a $6 million gap between what the union is offering and what the city needs. the budget cuts and layoffs come as a new san jose fire chief starts his first day of work today. reporting live in san jose allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 news. >> your time now 5:32. contra costa county sheriffs deputies are investigating a drive-by shooting in richmond that sent three teenagers to the hospital that happened just before 5:00 last night at market avenue and third streets. the victims a 14-year-old girl and two boys ages 14 and 16, were standing on the corner when someone drove up and started shooting. all three were rushed to the hospital with non-life- threatening injuries. the motive of the shooting is still not clear. oakland police are trying to determine if two shootings that happened a couple of
5:33 am
minutes apart on saturday night are related. one involved a taxi driver and a passenger. police found the abandoned taxi just before 10:00 p.m. at a gas station at 35th avenue and international boulevard. police say someone drove the taxi driver to the hospital. he had been shot one time. in the second incident two men were shot at 1100 -- in the 1100 block of 65th avenue. no word yet on suspects or even a motive for either shooting. >> we are just getting word that a uc berkeley student was among those who died in that big plane crash in pakistan last week. we found this photo of her on the facebook page created by her friends. she was a 19-year-old sophmore and soccer player, traveling in her home country of pakistan when the air blue jet crashed into the foothills killing all 152 passengers on board. officials there are calling it
5:34 am
the deadliest domestic crash in that country's history. >> a loud demonstration is happening in oakland right now. just about 30 minutes ago caregivers at two facilities officially went on strike and there is also tensions on the picket lines. kraig debro is out there right now. he will be back with us in a couple of minutes with the latest from that scene in oakland. >> two special units with the vallejo police department are onuspension until november first. you can blame the loss of the parts of the units on the city's precarious financial situation. the city says the unit costs about $100,000 a year to operate. supporters of the program says one dog can do the work of three or four human officers when it comes to searching for a suspect. >> ned has already got seven arrests under his belt and only working the street for a month
5:35 am
and a half -- [ inaudible ] [overlapping speakers] >> -- units and bring them back in november. in the meantime the other three dogs will stay with their handlers or be turned over to the police department for the suspensions. >> a small earthquake rattled california's salinas valley right now. it hit about 9:00. the u.s. >> s says it was centered 17 miles east of king city in south monterrey county. so far there are no reports of any damage or injuries. cal fire is saying that fire crews now have the upper hand on that wildfire smoldering near the town of palmdale north of los angeles. they expect to have the fire fully contained sometime this evening. now it has burned 22 square miles. that is almost 14,000 acres in the high desert and destroyed four homes and five out buildings. investigators believe this fire started on thursday by someone doing car repairs. now the cooler than normal temperatures around the bay area this summer are making it a relatively quiet fire season
5:36 am
for us. the firefighters are warning that could change quickly. cal fire is keeping its crews sharp and are training them for battle against imaginary wildfires like this one n napa county. >> right now is kind of the heart of fire season. >> it absolutely is and people be lulled into a sense of com placensy right now, because we have had those mild temperatures but we are not. >> fire officials say the cool summer does not, does not have a cumulative effect on fire conditions. they say it only takes a brief period of hot windy conditions and you mix in with that some dry brush to spark a wildfire. time now 5:36. as we told you a very loud demonstration is happening in oakland right now. about 30 minutes ago carevers at two facilities officially went on strike. there is some tensions out there already on the picket lines. let's go to ktvu's kraig debro out there with new information. good morning. >> reporter: good morning,
5:37 am
dave. the picketers actually lked aro so they are back now in front of this is piedmont gardens one of two retirement facilities. they are striking in front of this morning. it is actually piedmont gar dinners and grand lake gardens, if you go to the right police just showed up on the scene. i just asked a cop a second ago whether or not they needed a permit to be out here, there is some kind of ordinance violated. i have not gotten an answer to that but they are here now. they are striking over a number of different things, pensions, sick leave, those are just two of the things. you can see them walking here. of course one of the things the union is a little upset right now especially is how do you have money to hire security company replacement workers but don't have money to settle a strike with us. now, this has been going back and forth since february, they have been in contract negotiations since february and as i said, one of the things
5:38 am
about this strike has to do with sick leave. the union is making allegation that they have to come to work at -- at -- their 7th they of sick leave -- [ inaudible ] >> -- another one, they could be fired, so what they are doing is they are coming in sick and then in one case according to the union that led to the actual place being quarantined. >> we had a situation one person came in sick, they worked two or three days later people up in the health center started getting sick. they had to come out -- the state had to come out and quarantine the second and third floor for three weeks. >> the residents experience as happens often, there was a virus. for resident protection we did take care of them and the state was aware of it. >> reporter: now it wasn't clear if she was talking about that particular incident that the union official was referring to -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: -- but she was
5:39 am
saying from time to time things like that do happen. it wasn't clear the reason for that. again this is one of two facilities that are going to be striking for the next five days. in addition to the security company and the police, about half an hour ago there was a van entering to the driveway right here, they are picketing in front of it so half an hour ago when a van tried to get in there was bumping and shoveling back and forth -- [ inaudible ] >> -- kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the city of san carlos has received a $2.2 million grant for a transit improvements on a project. it is designed to improve pedestrian and bicycle access to housing, jobs and transit on the east side of the city. for example, sidewalks will be improved in the area of two key streets near the san carlos cal train station, the sidewalks are going to be widened and some utilities will be placed underground. >> all right. time now 5:39. let's get you to where you need
5:40 am
to go this morning. sal is watching our commute. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. traffic continues to move along very well around the bay area. let's go to the east shore freeway. things are beginning to get more crowded and we are looking at westbound 80, that traffic looks okay getting out to the macarthur maze. also here at the toll plaza there is a little bit of a back up only in those cash lanes. and if you are driving on northbound 280 getting up to highway 17, that traffic looks good. now at 5:40. hello, steve. >> hi, sal. >> good weekend? >> yeah, and your giants are on a roll. >> aren't they? >> yes, sir. i was just reading over here san diego, you probably heard of it it is down there, down yonder, their average high for july was 69.4 degrees the 5th coldest july ever and their records go back to 1875. >> wow. >> yeah, and fullerton also had a record low average lie for july. i know ramona was in there, so i mean it has been cool. i haven't heard from l.a.
5:41 am
yet. i bet they come in with some as well. it has been a cool pattern. there is -- this has been going on for four months in a row. it actual started in march and the pattern just keeps right on going. very unusual. i been doing this a long time. very unusual to see four almost five months in a row of the same pattern. 53 in the city. 55, 60 at noon, 64 for the high. fog, drizzle. so fog, drizzle then sun. cool for some, mild for others. warm or hot depending on how you look at it. mt. tam 68. actually they are 67 two below yesterday's readings, the see breeze has picked up at travis so i have started shaving off some of those highs from yesterday. all the factors are in place to be cooler sonoma 52. mill valley 51. gilroy vallejo 53, place san ton 54, atthere ton 57, 37 tahoe. 52 eureka, ukia and monterrey
5:42 am
as well so chill in the morning air. rain down in finings exand the 4 corners and it is staying down there although some of it is creeping into southern california. the system will move into the pacific northwest. today is the in between day, the transition day but tomorrow that system digs down and will lift the fog and i think by tuesday night-wednesday, here comes a cooler pattern, wednesday into thursday looks way below average on temperatures, so low clouds, drizzle then sun. cool for some, warm for others. 60s for some, 70s and 80s for some. fairfield has a wind. better bring those highs down. 80s for a few but upper 80s to low 90s if you are well well away from that vea breeze, more fog tuesday then wednesday into thursday, we will settle in there on friday, no change really on the horizon. >> still ahead iran's response after a series of rallies call for the release of three uc
5:43 am
berkeley graduates. >> also there is new information about what led to the escape of three convicted murderers, plus the latest on the search efforts. >> good morning. traffic is moving well on 237 so far as you drive across the freeway. we will tell you more about the morning commute coming up. ♪ [ music ] ♪
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well, good morning to you. welcome back. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you right now at 5:45. a 23-year-old man is facing several charges in connection with five hit-and-run accidents in danville. you are looking at his picture, can 19 surholtz, the younger brother of nate sure hotle, police say he hit a bicyclist, a pedestrian, two vehicles and a light pole before he was
5:46 am
arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. also this morning president obama will speak to a convention of disabled veterans in atlanta. he will be talking about how the troop draw down in iraq is going and also talk about the war strategy in afghanistan. iran is now responding to those weekend demonstrations held in several cities demanding the release of three uc berkeley graduates who have been in prison now for more than a year. a spokesman for iran says the three should be answerable before the law like any other individual. >> the arizona department of corrections plans to increase security at a prison where three convicted murderers escaped over the weekend. two are still on the run and should be considered dangerous. officers arrested a third inmate in colorado about 700 miles from the prison in arizona. gunshots were exchanged before he was taken into custody -- [
5:47 am
inaudible ] >> -- fence, police say they then hijacked an 18-wheeler and fled. two inmates on the run are believed to be still in arizona. investigators with the national transportation safety board are heading to the site this morning of a large cargo plane crash yesterday. that was in alaska's national park. it went down 180 miles north of anchor age. all three people on board were killed on impact. witnesses report seeing a fireball that sparked a small fire that was quickly contained. drivers in daily city are being given a heads up about a planned checkpoint tonight conducted by the police department on hillside boulevard. police say the purpose is to -- [ inaudible ] >> -- while impaired. the the check point is
5:48 am
scheduled to start at 6:00 tonight. >> sal you are watching contra costa county? >> that's right, westbound 4 has been slow already in parts of antioch. here in bay point it is not all that bad as you come up to concord and head to 680, which a lot of people are doing. 680 southbound traffic is okay, so far into walnut creek. bay bridge toll plaza getting a back up. this is the first time we have seen a back up in the last few weeks here at this early hour so we will see what happens. remember one day it is likely to be back to the same old bay bridge back up. we will see when that happens. and moving along on 280 northbound up to highway 17, so far so good. 5:48. here is steve. >> all right, sal, thank you. low clouds and fog and drizzle out there -- [ inaudible ] >> -- cool down a little bit as we head towards midweek. lots of fog in the city. 53 right now. 55, 60 for noon and then 64 the official high for san
5:49 am
francisco. same as yesterday. just daily fluctuations. really not much change, fog, drizzle, then sun, cool to warm. san rafael-napa 52. palo alto-san jose 56. oakland-berkeley 55. every morning the same temperatures due to this cloud cover. 50s in the valley. sacramento 59. a delta breeze as well. still near 90 though. another cool pattern up and down the coast including down to l.a. and san diego. dealing with cloud cover down there but not us. that low is going to usher in an even stronger cooler pattern by tuesday and then we will carry that into wednesday and also thursday. so there is really no sign of any significant warm up. low clouds, drizzle then sun. cool for some, warm for others. but for many it is another ho- hum pattern same as what we have seen for a long long time. fog, sun, then warm for inland areas a cooler pattern takes over, takes us into the end of the week dave and claudine.
5:50 am
>> the united are rib immerits plans to block some blackberry functions which they say could hurt efforts to make the country an international business hub, the government says blackberries present a security threat because of encrypted data sent open the devices that can be moved out of the country. they have a strong following in the middle east not only among foreign professionals but with young people who see the blackberry as a way to avoid unwanted government attention. twitter marked its billionth tweet. the san francisco based company has about 100 million users around the world. the movie about -- [ inaudible ] >> -- big money at the box office again. inception held on to the top spot, bringing its three week total receipts to $193 million. that did put it ahead of -- [ inaudible ] >> -- so for the third -- [
5:51 am
inaudible ] >> -- revenge of kitty galor rounding out the top 5. >> 5:50. still ahead there are plenty of them in your house and in min but are they dangerous, we will have to tell you about a new study about spray bottles. why they may be more of a health hazard than you think. >> plus this could be a big day for american idol and it is all about the future of that show. ♪ [ music ] our real national pastime?
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good morning to you. drivers on southbound 680 will soon have a faster way to move past traffic back-ups between pleasanton and milpitas. if you sign up for a fast track account you will get a 10 dollar toll credit to use on the new 680 express lane stew to open next month. that 14 mile express lane will be the first one in northern california scheduled to open september 20th between highways 84 and 237. >> a couple accused of locking their 13-year-old son into a chair are out on entail this morning. police say the boy was chained up for two days and escaped on friday night. the boy says he was being punished for something he did on wednesday. he was allowed to go to the bathroom and sleep in his bed. >> it is not the most extreme case of child abuse that we
5:55 am
have seen but it is definitely not the normal, you know, case of abuse. >> police arrested the boy's father, john bang and stepmother song view after shortly -- shortly after the teen's escape and the two now faces charges of false imprisonment and child cruel cruelty, the 13-year-old is now in the custody of his mother. a large number of household cleaning product injuries are linked to one type of container, they report 40% of all cleaning product injuries involving children under the age of six were from spray bottles. while they make fast work they don't have packing a the way other containers do. younger children can easily spray products into their mouth or eyes. the fda has issued a recall by systemments marketed as sexual stimulants and they are
5:56 am
sold in black plastic bottles, the fda says both products contain an active ingredient of a prescription drug not listed on the product label. no problems have been reported by the users. >> time now 5:55. we may find out today who is going to be the new judges on american idol. now we have heard rumors that judge carr a didihas been fired from the show a that fear lopez and steven tyler will be the new judges. fox could announce them today. auditions for the new idol season are already underway. just this morning lindsey lohan walked out of jail but she is not free just yet. she was released at 1:35 this morning after serving less than two weeks of her three month jail extension. however a beverly hills judge ordered her to report to a rehab facility within a day of her release. a judge sentenced her to jail
5:57 am
for violating her probation on a descrung driving conviction. in case you missed it an american investigation of a royal wedding happened this weekend. chelsea clinton married her long time fiancee. she walked down the aisle wearing this beautiful gown by vera wang, who was also there. they exchanged their vows saturday evening at an estate in the small community of rhinebeck, new york, they were friends as teenagers, both attended stanford university. >> all right. time now 5:57. and let's head right out to sal who is -- [ inaudible ] >> -- pretty well in the south bay with 280 looking guide here. also the morning commute looks good if you are driving on southbound 680 getting to the south bay. and this is a look at the toll
5:58 am
plaza. back to the desk. >> all right. time now 5:47. coming up in our 6:00 hour, today could be the day for a court ruling in the ac transit labor dispute. we will bring you a live report on what may be ahead for commuters. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc.
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