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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  August 2, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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rob roth is live tonight in san francisco with late details
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from outside the courthouse, make that oakland tonight with late details from outside the courthouse, rob. >> reporter: we're in charge of the transit union leaders where people are still awaiting word. so far there's been no word. >> ark c. >> ac transit has started to experiment with the way they put service on the street. the way that service has been put out if for the public is wrong. >> reporter: ac transit may have to cancel weekend service to close their budget.
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today 168 bus drivers called in sick. that's because buses to arrive late must compensate. >> i get off of work and i have to wait for an hour for my bus to get home. >> reporter: i went to >> i a job interview, and everything was going great until they found out i was on public transportation then they bailed on me. and if the decision comes down in the next hour and a half, we'll bring that to you. nummi drivers will soon receive a raise of 15%. with the raise, the nummi drivers will earn $29 an hour.
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the city's charter guarantees nummi drivers a hiring comparable wage to the rest of the nation. it's been a san francisco landmark now for decades, but now the transbay terminal is set to close on friday. transit officials gave the media a tour of the temporary facility that will replace it until the new center replaces it in 2018. >> it's a lot cleaner than the old facility. we've got a clean side, well lit. we have better lighter, full time facility manager and security 24/7. we also have realtime signage. >> reporter: the public is invited to an open house tomorrow afternoon at the new
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terminal from 4:00 to 7:00. for anyone who wants a sight of the old terminal, this is the week to do it before they close for good. the state supreme court voted 6-1 to uphold proposition 207 209 which was passed in 2006. opponents of the ban had sued to get it overturned claiming that the law creates barriers for women and minorities that don't exist for other groups such as military and veterans. president obama says tens of thousands of troops will remain in afghanistan because there is still work to be done. while addressing 25,000 disabled veterans in atlanta this morning, president oe obama said his plan to draw troops in iraq is progressing
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as promised and scheduled. >> i made it clear that by august 31st, 2010, america's combat mission in iraq will end. and that is exactly what we're doing. >> reporter: by the end of august, some 90,000 u.s. troops will have come home since he took office. but a transitional force of 50,000 troops will stay behind to train iraqis, conduct counter terrorism missions and provide security for u.s. civilians there. even some republicans are praising the draw down and commitment to iraq. >> i commend the president for couldn'ting the policies, continued secretary gates, continue the progress in iraq. >> reporter: yet concern continues in the safety of iraq. >> the hard truth is we have not seen the ends of american sacrifice in iraq. but make no mistake, our commitment in iraq is changing from a military effort led to
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our groups to a civilian effort led by americans. >> reporter: ahead of the pivotal congressional elections in november -- the u.s. commit in iraq has been decreasing it has been expanding in afghanistan. after the iraq draw down is complete there will be fewer troops deployed to both of those regions than when he took office last year. the house ethics economy charged maxine waters with violating ethics. waters has denied any wrong doing. tonight's announcement comes days after charles rangel of new york was charged with more than a dozen ethics violations. rangel has alwaysdenied any wrong doing.
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a speech in south carolina, ben bernanke said the financial crisis is behind us. but the fed chair said the slow recovery has kept consumer spending low. >> we have a considerable way to go before we achieve a full recovery in the economy. and many americans are still grappling with unemployment, with foreclosure and with lost savings. >> bernanke predicted that consumer spending will pick up in the next few quarters. wall street was bullish in trading today with stocking finishing down on the first day of august. a weaker u.s. dollars pushed energy stocks highers, and economic reports send u.s. stocks climbing. the dow jones industrial average soared 208 points. the nasdaq rose 40 points. for more financial and
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consumers news, visit and click on the business tab. cooler weather helped firefighters in southern california to get a grip on wildfires that has burned hundreds of acres. four homes and five out buildings were destroyed by the flames. fire officials say they don't have an initial cause yet but they say people working with a tire iron on a car wheel may have started that fire. in the -- > a heroing or deal today after a plane crash. and we're still waiting on
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that heat, it's not here yet, i'll let you know when it could arrive. i'll see you back here in just a minute.
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. the faa tonight is investigating what caused a small plane to crash on to a san diego golf course killing a woman and injuring a man and three children today. nobody on the ground was injured when the home-built plane went down on the golf course this afternoon, it's unclear if those on board were related. investigators say the pilot radioed the tower that the plane's door was open and he wanted to return to the airport. in san francisco work crews on that massive doyle drive project are digging up some fascinating items, everything from an old gun placement to a walrus tusk. jim has more on what they are finding. jim? >> reporter: frank, when you're digging in an area that has been occupied for close to 350 years you are bound to come up with some pretty old stuff. caltrans' archaeologists who
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started mapping the area 10 years ago say they are not surprised that a couple of interesting things have been uncovered here. while they are not considered finds as no one new they were here there were some old gun 'em placements at least one of which was buried when the golden gate bridge was built. >> dates to 1900, 1896, it was buried and cut in half by the construction of doyle drive originally. >> reporter: when the doyle drive project is completed in about # 1/2 years the gun batteries will be cleaned up an open to the public. so far, archaeologists chris ca beauty says they have also unearthed a lot of cobblestones used back in the days when transportation on this former military base was on horseback and the column from what was probably the original gate to the national cemetery. the artifacts were dug up by crews excavating one of two tunnels that will probably replace the original doyle drive through the presidio. >> it's exciting because it's tied the landscape here and the
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history. >> reporter: some of the items found are a german coin minted in world war ii and lots of military buttons. >> there's been so much happened here in the presidio you can hardly dig a hole without finding something. >> reporter: he says he wants to find out more about an old walrus tusk. >> that came up in an area we wouldn't have expected to find walruses or tusks. >> reporter: he also referred to something really old on the grounds, an indian site dating back maybe 800 years, but it's not ready for viewing and he won't tell us exactly where it is. jim vargas, ktvu channel 2 news. engineers working on the broken bp oil well in the gulf say several leaks have sprung up but that development is not hindering their progress. incident commander admiral thad allen says crews will test whether bp can proceed with its static kill plan. that process can take more than two days. >> so after the preparations and the injection tests are complete the injection tests
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find its will be evaluated, that will probably take several hours, then they'll initiate at that point what has been called the static kill. >> reporter: kill. >> in the meantime the e.p.a. released a study of the chemical dispersants used to break up the oil. they said they were no more or less dangerous as the ones used in other wells. a research relationship between bp and uc berkeley is coming under intense criticism. on friday, dozens protested in front of an energy research site upped construction heavily funded by bp. the protestors demanded the university sever ties with bp because of the disaster in the gulf. but uc berkeley officials say the research facility has nothing to do with the oil spill and say the disaster should strengthen the commitment to finding alternatives to fossil fuels. a top government official told international regulators
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the u.s. is committed to fighting global warming. a us delegate told them the u.s. is not backing away from emissions targets. the european union has promised to reduce carbon emissions by 20% over the neck year but said it would raise that goal to 30% if the united states and other major polluters adopted equally tough targets. we may be starting a new month but it seems like we're stuck in the same old weather pattern. let's go right over to bill for a look at more of the same bill? >> yoo, it definitely is going to stay cool around here, but that's the good news if you're a firefighter or an air quality expert. we have had a good year for not having any issues or big issues. the air quality has been good. it continues that way as fog, coming off the pacific, just washes our air with that westerly flow. so the air quality around here, the visibility, probably noticed it, but there were days in san francisco you know where you couldn't see mount deab
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employee very clearly from say, you know, potrero hill. but the weather has been good, the quality has been good, you can see things out to the fair loans. right now it's right to see in the av loans. we'll go south of the market. there is hunter's point, you can see it coming up over the potrero hill area, you can see fog heading your way if you're out towards hunter's point or candlestick point. the forecast for the fog is just as we talked about, it's back tonight, surprise surprise, it's -- we have just had an ongoing deal with this pattern and it's not going to change. this week will continue to be below average temperatures, it's not cold, and it's just a few degrees below the average. the coast we're talking about fog nights and mornings, just there. i don't think you'll -- didn't see much clearing yesterday, i think we did on saturday. we'll see more in deandre iguodala a bay, and temperatures coast side have been average at best. late in the afternoon right
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back to the beaches, partly to mostly sunny, temperatures on the high end, mid-80s, not mid- 90s, mid-80s, so temperatures on the cool side. fog will come back tonight, yule have it in your neighborhood tomorrow morning, continuing mild. i'll have the forecast for your area, your morning wake up temperature and the five-day forecast back here in a little bit, see you then. >> thank you bill. support terse of that beaver colony in martinez is set to celebrate the city's unofficial mass cots this weekend t beaver festival is scheduled for this saturday between 11:00 and 4:00, the event is organized by an event called worth a dam. spend d-a-m. they sport the support the family of beavers, it will be held and include live music, environmental displays, children's activities, and beaver tours. . really, today, it's about
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managing you power. >> nasa scientists are managing a crisis at the international space station, a situation that could send astronauts on an emergency space walk. we're learning more about a pay area student athlete that was on board the plane that crashed in pakistan. . new at 6:00, protecting passengers from crimes like these. a new plan that would make criminals pay and potentially keep you safe. plus, we're monitoring a battle brewing in if south bay, what a local company is refusing to give up that could impact plans for a new stadium. say good-bye to plastic. some service providers want to turn your smart phone into a credit guard and ow it would work, tonight on ktvu channel 6.
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. uc berkeley astound newspaper is reporting that a 19-year-old student from cal is the victim of one of the
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crashes in pakistan last week. this photo of misha daood. she was a soccer star, the air blue jet she was traveling on crashed in the foothills killing all 152 passengers on board. tonight the astronauts on board the international space station are preparing to take a space walk after a serious malfunction in the station's cooling system. >> everything the crew needs to survive, they are in good shape, all those systems are active. >> nasa says the space station crew is safe and that all critical operations are intact but saturday night a pump on the steer you're of the station failed training a circuit breaker and shutting down one of two cooling loops. nasa engineers have been scrambling to put together a response plan while astronauts here on earth practice repair ec. techniques in an underwater tank. on board the station crews temporarily shut down some
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operations including gps and freezers that contain specimens for space experiments to take a load off of the station's power system. >> unnecessary lights are off, unnecessary heaters are off, things of this nature. but we don't have any restrictions, if you will. it's really, today, it's about managing power. >> the iss crew has already planned a space walk to work on the station's heat exchange system. now that work will be hut off to handle this emergency. the plan calls for astronauts douglas what he lock and tracy dyson to take two walks in space to install a new pump. nasa expects to lock in the timetable for the space walks by tomorrow morning. they are tentatively set for thursday and sunday. the man who hosted the popular 1960s television program sing along with mitch has died. record producer mitch miller first went on with the show in
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1961. as the core sang the words to the song were superimposed on the screen so the audience could sing along. he would encourage his fans to follow the bouncing ball. he died saturday in a new york city hospital after a short illness. he was 99 years old. we're just learning that a judge has issued a ruling in the ac transit contract dispute. coming up we'll have the much anticipated decision. plus ... >> paul chambers in san francisco where some are calling an organized crime ring to mean more police on the streets. in oakland why health care workers from two different facilities are walking the picket lines just off of trendy piedmont avenue. >> the bay area's major news of the day. frank so manier bill, julie haener, complete bay area news coverage.
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. complete bay area news coverage continues. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. we begin tonight at 5:30 with breaking news, this is just into the channel 2 newsroom, a judge has issued a ruling in the ac transit labor dispute. >> that ruling came down just moments ago ac transit and the drivers have been locked in an an degree contract dispute and rob roth is live outside union headquarters in oakland with details on the ruling and the reaction. rob? >> reporter: frank, there were cheers here at union headquarters when the ruling came down and that happened just a few minutes ago. a superior court judge judith ford ruled in favor of the ac transit bus driver's union saying that the new contract is null and void and that the old contract should be imposed. now a few minutes ago we spoke with the union president and --
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to get her reaction, and this is what she said. >> ac transit still has the opportunity to come and negotiate and not wait until day 35. that means a restoration of the service that the public deserves will be put back. and everybody will understand that we have done what we started out to and that was deal with this process in court. >> reporter: that was claudia hudson, president of the transit, the bus driver's union. we also spoke with mary king, she is the interim general manager for transit. she says she is disappointed in the ruling, they are going to have to make a decision on whether or not to appeal that decision, which is their right. there is also a question that ac transit has said that in they lost in court that they may have to lay off bus drivers and they may cancel weekend service, but it remains to be
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seen if they have reached that decision yet. reporting live in oakland, rob roth, ktvu, channel 2 news. again the headline at this hour, the judge has ruled in favor of the union, we'll have more of this coming up on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. it's a simple scheme. they are shoplifting items such as cosmetics and selling them on the street corner. ktvu is live in san francisco with the specific area officers are targeting. tonight, paul? >> reporter: good evening maureen, we're at the 2010 of 7th and market street here in san francisco. if you can take a look behind me behind the bus right there that is where the is a hotbed of criminal activity going on accord to go police. some are calling it an organized crime ring. >> it's not about people who are out of work and trying to get food, this is an organized effort to take products and resell them quickly for money. >> some of the market seems to be an area where you can walk by and if you're in the market
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for something you can hear it being hawk out to you. >> reporter: now drug stores and places like receive way say they are targeted for these type of crimes t thieves come in grab items such as cosmetics, radio, deodd rant and alcohol and quickly make their way down to 7th and market where they try to resell the items. sometimes they do it for money which they use to buy drugs. san francisco police acknowledge this is a problem which is why they have officers in and out of uniform patrolling the area. safe ways say they welcome the added police presence but the larger problem is what happens to the criminal after they are arrested. >> if you have a prior conviction of shoplifting then it could be an additional charge, okay, which could be a felony. if it's your first time and you have all the proper identification and you -- they have done a check on you, you could be cited and released. >> until you see that kind of deterrent where they are actually prosecuted and sent away for the crimes you are not going to see a decrease in thefts. >> reporter: now san francisco police say there's not much
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more they can do to stop the crime other than keep up patrols. sop lifting is a c priority for police in this city meaning it's a crime that they will respond to when they get a chance. however, that priority is elevated if the criminal becomes confrontational with the store employee. to combat the problem some of the stores that have been targeted for the crimes have put the commonly-stolen items under lock and key. live in san francisco, i'm paul chambers, ktvu, channel 2 news. the f.b.i. is asking for the public's help tonight as they look for those responsible in a 2-year-old fire-bombing case in santa cruz. a pair of fire bombings occurred two years ago today at the homes of two uc santa cruz researchers. the first went off and start add fire inside the researcher's home. he and his family managed toes cape the flames through an upstairs window. the other fire bomb landed near the parked car of the other researcher. the car was destroyed. a $50,000 reward is still being offered for information leading to an arrest. a sacramento couple is out
5:33 pm
on bail tonight after being arrested on charges they kept their 13-year-old son in chains and tethered him to a kitchen table. investigators say the boy's 41- year-old father, john deng, and stepmother song vu were imprisoned an charges of imprisonment. he was found yesterday after he escaped the home and flagged down someone for help. when the boy was found he was wrapped in chains of padlocks securing each ankle and a long chain connected the pad long. he is now with his biological mother. a group of nursing homeworkers walked off the job and other workers were brought into replace them. craig devro reports that striking employees are making some strong accusations. >> dozens of people work at piedmont gardens and grand lake gardens, walk picture line at 5:30 this morning. tension came with vans carrying replacement workers or scabs, in union speak, confronted picture terse at the driveway.
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[ chanting and yelling ] >> we like go to the doctor and we to have stay in the hospital overnight, the deductible is $3,000, you know how many paychecks i have to save for $3,000. >> reporter: the union also claims workers who take more than 5 sick days a year have been fired. >> i got a courtesy notice for calling in sick. i was dog eye sick a eye came in with a pink eye. >> reporter: there is even an allegation that a person was forced to work when sick and that led to a quarantine. >> the residents experience as happens often, there was a virus, we did take care of them and the state was aware of it. >> reporter: late this morning they walked around the block and hollered outside the office of management. they brought out a couple of the people who live in the neighborhood. >> i think it's a good thing for people to stand up for what they believe in and it's all they need, civil ukes. >> the workers work another 0 two different facilities owned by bap how.
5:35 pm
the american baptist housing of the west. we didn't speak of any of the residents of buildings but for those who came out on their balconies to see they seemed to approve. that goes for the daughter of two parents who live here. >> they are lovely people who take care of people who are elderly and confused and have alzheimer's and take -- treat them with respect and dignity and it's difficult that they are out here. >> reporter: they say their workers get 12 days of sick leave but acknowledges half of those days are for kinder care. they deny it fires people for being sick more than five days a we're but it admits it does police workers who don't have legitimate reasons for being sick. the strike is scheduled for five days. in oakland, craig devro, ktvu, channel 2 news. officials of the california state fair said today despite concerns about financial struggles this year's event was a big suck sea. the fair wrapped up last night with a total attendance of more than 741,000 people. which is up 10% from last year. the increase comes after a five-
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year slide and officials credit a change in the date of the event. they moved it up by one month to make sure children and families could enjoy the fair before school starts, people also may have been lured by 25% discounts on promotions such as free attendance for children on tuesday. a new below to the california economy. the well known company that says it is moving more than 500 jobs out of the state. why a vote in the u.s. senate could keep thousands of california teachers on the job was postponed today. new information today reveals a health li na could face people eating meets, people which meats like hot dogs and bacon could face. ., complete bay area coverage.
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. boeing today announced it plans to move hundreds of jobs from long beach to oklahoma cities. some california employees will be relocated while other positions will be filled by applicants locally in oklahoma. they say the move will provide a more competitive cost structure for customers, the move is expected to begin earlier next year. the u.s. senate postponed voting or a measure to help states pay medicaid reimbursement t $26 billion measure stalled after a report today indicated it would add $5 billion to the federal deficit. it would provide $16 billion to medicaid, 10 billion to keep
5:40 pm
teachers on the job. >> and that means class sizes of 40, 42 even. it means fewer school nurses. it means even school districts that have had to go to 4-day school weeks. >> the democrats who control 59 volts in the senate need to find at least one republican to help them overcome a threatened filibuster on that bill. the u.s. treasury department today released a new report linking millions of new hires to a tax credit designed to put unemployed people back to work. the report says that since the so-called hire act took effect california businesses have added 756,000 workers and nation-wide they say the figure is 5.6 million, but a treasury department official admitted there is really no way to say how many of those people would have been hired even if the higher act were not in place. if you're a man who wants the attract women wear red. that seems to be the conclusion of a study at the university of rochester. researchers there showed women photos such as this one with
5:41 pm
the same man wearing different colored shirts and asked which one they found more attractive. women considered men wearing red colored clothing to be higher in status and more likely to earn a better living. and the high status judgment triggered the attraction. the study appears in the journal of experimental psychology. knew research suggests that nitrates found in processed meat may contribute to a higher risk of bladder cancer. the study by the national cancer institute found those who consumed more meat treeded with nitrates had a 40% greater risk of being concerned with bladder cancer than those who ate little meat treated with nitrates. they are found in bacon and lunch meat. a new study finds mind over matter may contribute to faster healing. they found the healing of patients suffering from diabetes related foot ulcers different depending on the state of mind. they found that anger, frustration and depression over
5:42 pm
the wounds slowed the rate of healing. a tiny chip, a new idea, and from this laboratory in stanford university what could be revolution in solar energy. still ahead. . and after the fog burned off a nice day today but you can see that fog bank in the distance. what what is in store for the workweek. we'll have some answers in just a moment.
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5:44 pm
. researchers at stanford giants are announcing what they call a solar energy break through. an entirely new way to create
5:45 pm
electric from the sun expected to be even child pornographyer than fossil fuel electricity. this remarkable story, john. >> this could be the real deal. >> reporter: the beginning of a new solar power revolution. finally a chance to replace fossil fuel cheaply. the sun gives us far more energy than we can use today and it's unlimited. but compared to fossil fuels solar power such as from these roof arrays converting sunlight to electricity remains just too expensive. >> you know, i would like to see us use our engineer new deand bring solar up to where it should be. >> hopefully somebody will figure out how to make more with it and it will catch on. >> at stanford university we found that somebody. materials science professor nick meloche who showed us a little chip like that may hold solar's future. >> we really think it can be a big mp forward. what we have shown here is a new physical process that's quite different from the normal way uconn vert that energy. >> what's holding back solar is
5:46 pm
lack of efficiency. today, only about 20% of the energy falling on the solar panels is converted to electricity. the rest wasted as heat. by combining heat and light researchhave a game-changer. >> so 50% or more increase in their efficiency, you'll drop the cost by the equivalent kind of percentage, and make it lie rehighly competitive or better than natural gas fios plants. >> reporter: he says his experiments now confirm that cheaply made chips with special coat its can create electricity each at 1100 address far hotter than today's can survive. solar collectors foe can youing heat and light on the chips can again rate eres tries tee from the light and heat a traditional steam turbine to make even more electricity that's up to 60% efficient. triple today's solar only. >> this would really replace, at least during the daytime, a lot of the energy that is currently again rated by
5:47 pm
natural gas. >> reporter: he says the chip and heat exchanger add a negreli lidgeible cost, just a few thousand dollars, to a multimillion-dollar solar power management. he says it will be a few years before details are worked out but he calls this a significant break threw in solar power. the words "green," or"natural" seem to be popping up on a lot of products in the stores including the cleaning aisle, but some consumers question whether they can trust those. now an independent organization called the natural trust association has developed a set of standards to determine whether they are environmentally friend he and has awarded its seal to those who meet the standards. >> the natural product's associations criteria for their home care certification standard is that the product has to be at least 59% natural and what that means is the ingredients come from renewable, you know, purpose full natural ingredient like plants and mineral based
5:48 pm
ingredients. >> based. >> last year 13,000 products were introduced with the word "natural" in their name making things even more confusing for consumers. coming up next at 6:00 the transit agency that is considering raising certain fines on passengers to a thousand dollars. julyly anderson in the newsroom with a look at some of the other stories we're working on. >> also details in the labor dispute between ac transit and the drivers, what the judge ruled within the past 30 minutes, the reaction and what this means for riders. also these huge cranes from the portland of oakland with sent on an 8,000-mile journey. and the common household item crews used to slide them on the barge. plus the one building that could stand in the way of that proposed new stadium in san jose for the oakland a's. see you at 6:00. >> we'll see you then julie. on to weather, same old same old. foggy in the morning, burns off, turns into a nice day. >> it's definitely been a repetitive pattern. the big thing is it is slightly
5:49 pm
below average temperatures all summer and san francisco for the month of july was one of the coldest in the records, they go to 1876, they were the 13th coldest july on record in downtown san francisco. so it's been chilly out there and the fog continues to be a player. we go outside and i'll show you that we have fog right in your neighborhood if you're out towards the avenue answer you know a lot of you do live out here and i used to live out on the avenues when i was in college. sit a foggy place very often this time of year. but this year has been a little foggier, you see it right there, right now that's what the fog is doin'. it's in your neighborhood if you're down on 42nd street or out by sunset. the forecast tomorrow then is more of the same. the fog and low clouds come back in, they are in the neighborhood, all the way -- the fog is to livermore, napa, cool coast, warm inland, you've heard that. the upshot, we're not doing fire stories. i mean i can't remember a team where, in this business for 2 years or so now, in this area, where we had so few fire stories this time of year because it is just, the
5:50 pm
history, and the way this climate is that we have a lot of fires this time of the year. height of the fire season but this low pressure pressure center has cooled things off significantly all summer long, all spring as well, actually kept us wet in the late spring with some light showers. that pattern continues, not just this week, but the long- range model suggests beyond that. so get used to it. this might be our pattern for the next couple of weeks. if you get your heat in the valley, go up to redding or red bluff or marysville or south of stockton, it's warm. pretty mod down there, you probably know that in you're in those areas. but when you get over to our area it's foggy and cool especially in the morning hours. through the microclimates i would expect 90s right there towards concord, tomorrow mid- 80s, you try to get out towards rio vista and oakley. more of the same. fire danger down, air quality is great. and i suspect that utility usage, out of those inland bay valleys, those big houses that have air conditioning, they are not using it that much. so it would be interesting to see some of the numbers on that
5:51 pm
as well. so it has definitely been an interesting year. and as the season ends, we get to the end of the season, we'll look back and we can make more -- have more of an understanding of whaty really went on here, frank and maureen, we're going to s to it back to you guys, see you back here a little bit. >> thank you so much bill. well a consumer alert is going out tonight and it's about spray bottles. coming up find out about what you need to know if you have trouble.
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. as some bay areas cities face police layoffs, police departments say the event will be an opportunity to educate neighbors about crime prevention. as in years past neighborhoods across the pay area will close off streets giving neighbors a chance to get to know one another better. the event's goal is to make communities safer, in some cases, with fewer police officers. a new report finds that in general fewer children are being injured from exposure to household cleaning chemicals. but they face a high risk of poisoning from one type of product and it's something found in most homes across the country. >> there is no improvement in the number of exposures and injuries related to cleaning products and spray bottles. and clearly, children are getting into those spray bottles, sometimes drinking it and spraying each other.
5:55 pm
>> a report from the national children's hospitals organization found that the number of injuries from children -- to children, rather, from household cleaning products fell by almost half since 1990 but as you heard there accidents involving spray bottles of chemicals remained the same. of the 12,000 young children send sent to the hospital by accidental poisoning, about 40% involve spray bottles. experts say those bottles rarely have child safety caps. i think it's a situation where the responsibility falls on all of us. parents to keep their homes saalso manufacturers to look at different designs for packaging. >> brad man says new laws went into effect 30 years ago requiring child resistant safety caps on many medicines and cleaning products, the american academy of pediatric recommends keeping dangerous chemicals in a hoon locked cabinet out of sight and out of the reach of children. a native american tribe is studying ways of re-introduced the california condor to the northern california coast.
5:56 pm
the fish and wildlife department has given 20 # thousand dollars to the uroc tribe for the research. they are looking for the best way to reintroduce the population of the birds t return of the condor would have cultural significance for the f.b.i. which has a sacred dance inspired by the large birds. there is much more news ahead. we'll have more on the breaking news we had from the ac transit contract dispute which came down the last hour, plus we'll also hear more from johannes mehserle's father who is spec speaking out the first time today on ktvu channel 2 news. we'll have much more on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 which is next? higher fines for trouble makers on uni trains and buses. find out which crimes are being targeted on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. . >> >> announcer: for complete bay area news coverage stay with ktvu channel 2 news and
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