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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  August 3, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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overnight. it's all ahead on the ktvu morning news. good morning to you. welcome to a brand new day. tuesday august 3rd. i'm dave clark. >> and i'm in for pam cook this morning. let's get a quick look at weather and traffic. >> good morning everyone. we have another fog bank moving locally [ audio problems ] santa rosa cloudy, low clouds pushing into the east bay as well. that means the fog is on the coast and around the peninsula and around the bay. that means temperatures very close to yesterday. 60s for the coast. 60s, 70s around the bay and low to mid-80s and few upper 80s out of the fog. right now traffic is moving well in the east bay except for one thing. i'll tell you about that in a seconds. northbound interstate 880 that traffic looks good. so does southbound 880. also this morning looking at
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eastbound and westbound 80. westbound 80 looks good. east 80 just up the road from this picture at willow road there's an accident involving a truck that's blocking the left lane. i'll tell you more about that and the rest of the commute. first let's go back to the desk. all right. it's 5:00 in the news right now oakland police are investigating an overnight shooting that happened at a housing complex. the shots were fired into this house about 11:00 last night. none of the three people inside were hurt. shortly after that police stopped a car that reportedly had fled the scene. two men and a woman were arrested for outstanding warrants. they're also being questioned about the shooting. the investigation continues. also a major road still closed this morning because of a water main break overnight. this happened north about 8:30. police say the street was buckling as water came up from beneath the asphalt. both lanes are closed between
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western avenue and east washington street until those repairs are completed. we'll keep you posted with updates. time now 5:01. ac transit service expected to be back to normal this morning that's following a court ruling about the labor dispute. we're live in oakland with details of the judge's decision. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. according to some of the bus drivers we spoke to this morning, it may take time to get back to the regular work schedule. maybe a week or two. we can show you this morning buses on their regular route near 14th and broadway here in oakland. the drivers we spoke with did not want to go on camera this morning with their feelings about an alameda county superior court judge's ruling. ruled in favor of the request to lift an imposed contract on its more than 1100 bus drivers. ac transit imposed a contract on its bus operators and employees when talks broke down between the two sides and a judge ruled the matter would
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have to go into arbitration in order for both sides to come to an agreement. ac transit's board of directors met last night for an hour and a half but still have not made a decision on whether or not to appeal the superior court judge's decision. >> by the time we resolve how we're going to be able to address this, we're in a further deficit than the $56 million we're fating currently. so the board will have to decide what kind of tests they're going to make. >> reporter: ac transit has until august 10th to lift the contract and put the regular work schedule back in place. despite a judge's decision back in early july for arbitration, neither side has agreed to sit down to negotiate. riders have already dealt with an 8% cut in service and have had to pay higher fares. looks like they may face more inconveniences if this dispute continues. coming up we'll hear from the union president and how she feels about their latest victory. live in oakland this morning, back to you in the studio. >> all right. time now 5:03. new body scanners for tighter
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security now in place today at oakland international airport. the tsa will roll out the first body scanners in terminal one paid for with the federal stimulus money. the passengers don't have to go through the body scanners. but if you don't, you'll have to go through a standard metal detecter and submit to a pat down. tonight several bay area cities are taking part in anti- crime event known as national night out. they're going to host parades and block parties with music and food all meant to bring residents together with local law enforcement to take a stand against violence and crime. last year 1500 communities nationwide took part in that event. time now 5:04. we already have big traffic news. a big rig crash. >> that's right. eastbound 80 at willow avenue. there's an accident there. traffic is going to be effected eastbound past willow avenue because of this truck crash blocking the fast lane.
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according to chp it's going to be there for a little bit. but the only good news we have is it's in the noncommute direction. most people are coming the other way at this time. but it could slow traffic down. no one was hurt. that's other good news. but it's eastbound 80 in the left lane at willow avenue. and they have a few more minutes at least until that's going to be out there. hopefully they'll clear it soon. go to live pictures the bay bridge toll plaza and westbound traffic is light there. also this morning we're looking at san jose and that's off to a nice start. 5:05, here's steve. >> all right. thank you. maybe a subtle change today. slight warming inland. not a lot. maybe a couple degrees. a few hints it might be slightly warmer away from the coast. the coast doesn't change too much. too much fog out there. little mist. not a lot. mild to warm, cool for some. coast doesn't change much. around the bay 70s. mid to upper 80s maybe inland. and the reason i'll show you why here in just a second.
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these temperatures i can roll these in for about the last seven days and not much changes at this time of the morning. san jose 58. sacramento at 58 degrees. las vegas by the way just recorded not only their hottest july ever but hottest temperature ever. that's pretty impressive. if you were down there in july and said it's cooking, well, it was. fog continues to be an issue. all the monsoon moisture erupting in the four corners and also in southern california but not for us. a low is digging in. but the sea breeze has been cut in half and just a little hint of warming in some of the higher elevations. that will translate into a couple degrees warmer away from the coast. not a lot. fog, drizzle and then sunny. bumped highs up a tiny bit. fairfield 85 yesterday, 88 today. may not even notice. upper 80s to near 90 well away from the coast. 60s, 70s very similar to yesterday. if you're heading to santa cruz after the fog burns off they
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get a little bit of sun but not much. highs upper 60s and low 70s. much cooler pattern kicks in tomorrow and that will take us into the rest of the week. all right. 5:06. still to come, did toyota know about acceleration problems before the accidents started? we're going to tell you which bay area city could soon have the highest medical marijuana tax in the whole state. and could san francisco soon be getting rid of all plastic bags? tell you what happens today. good morning. traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving around the bay area except for one problem. we'll tell you more coming up. q
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today in the gulf of mexico bp engineers will conduct one last test before they start sealing up the broken oil well. the engineers are going to test the well with an oil-like liquid to make sure it can handle the sealing up process called static kill. if it can, then they'll spend today through thursday pumping heavy mud down that well and finish sealing it up from the top end with concrete. the same thing would be done to the bottom of the well weeks later. right now the only thing keeping the oil spilling into the gulf again is a temporary cap that's held for more than two weeks now. time now 5:10. today the full u.s. senate will debate the nomination of elena kagan to the supreme court. the confirmation vote is expected by the end of the week.
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we're live in the washington d.c. bureau with more. good morning allison. >> reporter: good morning, dave. as of right now about two dozen senators have said they will vote against elena kagan including one democrat. but still she has plenty of support to get confirmed. and as the senate begins debate on her nomination today, we expect to hear a continuation of the comments from her confirmation hearing when democrats hailed her as brilliant and fair minded and republicans lashed out at her lack of experience as a judge and her political views. one even accused her of lying about keeping military recruiters from harvard's campus when she was dean of the harvard law school. >> i'm just a little taken a back by the tone of your remarks because it's unconnected to reality. >> reporter: a vote on her nomination is expected thursday or friday. i'll have more on what california's senators have to say about it during my next
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update. reporting live from washington d.c., ktvu news. president obama says he's sticking to his promise to end the u.s. combat mission in iraq at the end of this month. >> our commitment in iraq is changing from a military effort led by our troops to a civilian effort led by our diplomats. >> now the president made that remark before a group of disabled veterans in georgia. when president obama took office, there were 144,000 american troops in iraq. but august 31st that number will be down to 50,000. their job will be to train iraqis not to fight. while the san jose city council could decide today whether to put medical marijuana's tax measure on the november ballot. if it's approved by voters, that measure would impose a 10% tax giving the city the highest cannabis tax in the entire state of california. critics say that would put an unfair burden on patients. today the san francisco board of supervisors is going
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to consider expanding the city's ban on plastic bags to all types of stores. three years ago san francisco became the first city in the country to ban the use of plastic bags at large supermarkets and chain drugstores. now it may expand that ban to all stores. the proposed new law would take effect in march 2011. time now 5:12. get you to where you need to go. sal is still watching a big rig crash. >> dave, that's right. highway 80 eastbound as you head up towards willow avenue there's an uninjury accident. ten minutes or so to get that out of the way. it's not going to be a major problem but it's there for the early drive up to the bridge. we're looking at the highway 4 commute a little bit farther east in eastern contra costa county. it's not a bad driver. as a matter of fact it looks pretty good heading toward the willow pass grade. westbound -- at 5:13 let's go
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to steve. except for concord buchanan, they say clear, everyone else says cloudy. fog is making its usual push. lots of clouds. around 11:00 or noon for the bay and then for the coast kind of hit and miss. tends to want to hang out by the coast. not much change here in our pattern. cool to warm for some. inland areas might bump up just a bit on those highs. the sea breeze has been cut in half compared to 24 hours ago out towards the delta. and there's slight warming in the higher elevations. warming about one to two degrees, doesn't seem like much but the combination of the two should spell slightly warmer to the coast. no change here. 55 oakland, berkeley. 87 in las vegas. average high in las vegas i believe 96.2. not the radio station but that was their average high for las vegas in july. warmest july and warmest month ever. that's pretty hot there. reno also very hot july.
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50s up and down the coast but record cool on the coast in california and towards chris i crescent city. a lot of fog in july. either it's cold or hot. fog, sunny, cool to warm. system dig down from the pacific northwest. that will bring a cooling trend tomorrow. coast sun cool warm for a few. 60s did increase some temperatures slightly away from the coast. but not too much. it will still be in the 70s for many or low to mid-80s unless you're far enough inland might get three or four degrees warmer. cooler pattern kicks in wednesday, thursday. take us into the rest of the week. european markets opened the trading day mixed as oil prices moved above $81 a barrel. the highest prices in nearly three months. now asian investors were encouraged after a series of economic reports showing the economy may not be slowing as much as previously thought in the u.s., europe and asia.
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japan's make jumped 1%. hong kong and asia also gained ground. the dow up 200 points. stock features dipped today however thanks to disappointing earnings coming from problem pocketer and gamble. there are a lot of more reports coming in today. personal income and spending, factory orders and pending home sales all out later today. toyota is facing new lawsuits over the sudden acceleration problems that caused a huge recall in the last few months. now an attorney says there's proof toyota knew about that problem as early as 2003. the lawsuit was filed in a southern california court and could be given class action status. time now 5:16. san francisco considering a new fee on beer, wine and other alcoholic drinks. city officials say this fee would help cover some of these $17 million a year that's spent
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on picking up and caring for abusers of alcohol. the city wants to impose a tax that would increase as a percentage of alcohol increases. supporters say it would cost about a nickel per drinks. but critics say it could be worse than that and could send people elsewhere when they dine out. >> the customer is going to choose to drink in oakland or sonoma or napa or wherever. but why here? how special is san francisco at the end of the day when we're all scrimping and saving? >> is it onerous for a consumer to pay 5, 10 or 15 cents more for a drink. will that stop anybody from drinking at all? no. it will not. >> now because this is a proposed fee and not a tax, voters don't have to approve it. but if it does become law the hospitality industry says it will immediately challenge those fees. time now 5:17. some east bay school districts could be in danger of losing millions of dollars.
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coming up we are going to tell you why. plus school hasn't even started but san francisco's already trying to crack down on truancy. and for the first time we hear from mesherle's father. and traffic on marin county doing very well. we'll tell you about the morning commute straight ahead. what this droid does will change how you do movies.
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good morning.
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we have low clouds and fog pushing inland and a little bit of mist once that clears off and slightly warmer well away from the coast but still 60s, 70s closer to it. state time now 5:20. some east bay school districts could be in trouble when it comes to getting education grants. the state department of education is postponing giving $311 million to 31 districts all over the state hoping they will reform consistently low achieving schools. that means school districts in oakland, m.diablo, west contra costa, could lose out because there's not enough money to give out the board will give grants to those that apply to all in their districts. mt. diablo could lose out on its bid to improve four of its six schools on the list. with the new school year weeks away, cities are doubling efforts to prevent students
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from skipping classes. at least 9,000 students are considered chronically truant. that costs the school district millions in federal funding. school officials say they will continue their efforts to contact the parents of students who skip school. and if necessary they say they're prepared to take legal action against the parents and the students. police in martinez say they've arrested a man suspected of causing more than $10,000 in damages to john newer elementary last week by stealing copper pipes from the cooling system. they went to his house on a probation check. they say he also sold some of the copper to a metal recycling center. time now 5:22. we are hearing for the first time from the father of former bart officer mesherle. todd mesherle was one of about a dozen people yesterday attending a rally in support of
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his son. last month mesherle was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for the shooting death of oscar grant last year. todd mesherle tearfully told us his son is doing okay behind bars in los angeles when he awaits his sentencing. >> he's in the wrong place. we love him dearly. grew up to be anybody he wanted to be and chose public service and this is his thanks for making a mistake. >> unlike the last promesherle rally there was no organized opposition at yesterday's gathering. organizers say they plan to hold more of these rallies in the bay area before he's sentenced in november. the raw tape of todd mesherle's entire interview is available on the ktvu website. just go to and click on the mesherle tab. a death row inmate is suing to block new execution procedures. this lawsuit comes just days after the office of
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administrative law gave its okay to detailed instructions of how prison officials should administer a lethal three drug cocktail to condemned prisoners. the lawsuit claims among other things that regulators failed to adequately consider other methods as an alternative to the three drug cocktail. thousands of researchers at the university of california have a new contract to consider. the union members are due to vote on the contract within the next two weeks. now the specifics are not available, but this contract would reportedly cover about 6,000 post doctoral researchers at the ten uc campus. prison reform for city employees -- pension reform i'm sorry for city employees is qualified for the november ballot. public defender is behind this ballot measure called the sustainable city employees benefits reform act. he says it will save the city $170 million. it will require employees
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including elected officials to contribute 9% of their pay towards their pensions. police and firefighters would contribute 10%. your time now 5:24. coming up next, we will have details of the crash that killed a local musician and injured several others. some san francisco supervisors want to keep troublemakers off of muni and they hope to do that by introducing some steep new fines. we'll explain coming up. also we'll tell you about a new hitch in the plan to bring the oakland a's to san jose. good morning. if you're driving any time soon, the roads are pretty good. there are a couple of problems though. we'll run those down coming up.
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good morning to you. welcome back. ktvu channel 2 morning news tuesday august 3rd. good morning. thanks for waking up with us. time is 5:28. let's head to steve for a look at your weather. >> hello. good morning. low clouds and fog again making their usual push. at least in the pattern that we've been in for about the last four months. almost everybody says cloudy. i am going slightly warmer. fairfield 85 yesterday. i'm going to go 88 today. vacaville up to cool stow gastro just because there's a slight decrease in the sea breeze. not much change. 60s and 70s for many in areas
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that have been stuck lately on temperatures. now here's sal. good morning. traffic is moving along pretty well as you're driving near the coliseum on interstate 880. also the morning commute looks pretty good if you are on highway 4 coming up in just a few we'll run down some of the traffic problems including a stalled big rig on one of the freeways. now back to the desk. all right. time now 52:00. a new effort is underway to stand the violence on muni trains and buses. we're in san francisco right now with details about a vote that's scheduled for later today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave. a san francisco board of supervisors is set to vote on a new measure today. here's what it would do. basically if you're found to be loitering or standing around a muni bus stop or flat form while carrying a concealed weapon, you could be slapped with a $1,000 fine. the same true for any other type of aggressive behavior like harassing other passengers. the fines go up from $500 where they're at currently up to
5:30 am
$1,000 per violation. the san francisco board of spferses will vote on this proposal at 2:00 this afternoon. >> we want to send the message that crime on muni, aggress pursuit, crime, it's something we don't tolerate. >> reporter: now so far this year there have been several incidences where muni passengers have faced violent and aggressive behavior. along the third street line there have been three attacks this year. and just last week a man was stabbed near a muni train platform. a survey of riders and visitation valley found many of the riders experienced some form of harassment. >> sometimes they're provoked. people spitting at them or try to block them from leaving the buses. >> reporter: now san francisco police say according to their numbers, reported crime on muni has actually dropped 45% in the last six months. however, a police spokesperson
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told ktvu that if muni riders believe this measure would make them feel safer, they say they'd support it. live in san francisco, ktvu, channel 2 news. time now 5:30. san rafel police want your help. looking for a man accused of sexually assaulting a young woman. this attack happened in mumson park where parents often bring their children to play. the victim was walking alone about 10:30 sunday night when the suspect attacked her from behind. >> the suspect came up behind her and had a knife and forced her to the ground and assaulted her there in the park. and then he fled and she went to her home and then called us from her home. >> police say the woman suffered some injuries. she was treated at the hospital. police have only a vague description of the suspect. they say he's either weight white or hispanic, about 6 feet
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tall weighing about 250 pounds, has a goatee and thick lips. if you have any information about this, contact police. 5:31. we are learning more this morning about a fatal shooting that happened sunday in pittsburgh. police are looking for this man. 29-year-old isaac who police say is a transient with a long criminal history. police suspect him of shooting and killing the 25-year-old victim at his home. investigators say the victim was a prospective gang member who refused to assault another person on orders from other gang members. his name hasn't been released pending notification of his family. time now 5:32. bay area music fans are mourning the death of a local musician killed in a car crash in oregon. oregon state police say the van's driver fell asleep and drifted off interstate 5 just north of med ford yesterday morning. there were two bay area bands inside. funeral pyre and early graves
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seen performing here. police say the singer of early graves 28-year-old daniels from pacific a was ejected from the van and was killed. the driver and another passenger suffered nonlife threatening injuries. alameda county sheriff deputies arrested a 12-year-old boy suspected of driving a stolen car. now police responded to reports of a suspicious vehicle blocking a driveway in unincorporated san lee an do and spotted the car leaving the area. a vehicle check show it had been stolen. now officials tried to stop the young man and finally did at 166th avenue and l street. he was arrested on suspicion of stealing the car, evading police and being in possession of stolen property. ac transit riders should get some relief today after days of major delays. ktvu's jade hernandez is live in oakland with details about this court ruling that deals with the agency's labor
5:34 am
dispute. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. drivers won't immediately go back to their regular work schedule, but we spoke to some drivers this morning who were excited about the judge's decision any way. >> all right. >> woo hoo. >> reporter: the drivers we spoke to this morning did not want to go on camera with their feelings about the ruling yesterday. but you can tell some drivers were very happy. the judge ruled in favor of the ac transit union request to lift a contract imposed on ac transit by its union members. they have until august 10th to carry out orders. the agency imposed a contract on employees when talks broke down between the two sides and a judge ruled the matter would have to go to arbitration in order to come to an agreement. the contract forced drivers to adhere to a new work schedule among other things which included working unfamiliar routes. >> this has been a dictatorship
5:35 am
from day one. and as the union, we have a right to negotiate wages, working hours and benefits for our members. >> reporter: ac transit's board of directors met last night for an hour and a half but have not made a decision on whether to appeal the judge's decision. despite a judge's decision back in early july for arbitration, neither side has agreed to sit down to negotiate. riders have already dealt with an 8% cut in service this year and have had to pay higher fares. it looks like they may even face more inconveniences if this dispute continues. coming up we'll hear from those caught in the middle, the riders and why at the end of the month they may be forced to pay for some of this dispute. live in oak land, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:35. in san francisco muni drivers are about to get an almost 6% pay raise. the board is set to review the increase later today, but since
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the wages of operators are written right into the city charter, approval seems almost certain. the average pay for operators would go from almost $28 an hour to $29.52. that raise comes as some other union employees are taking pay cuts. time now 5:35. let's head right out to sal who is watching the roads. hi, sal. >> hello. right now traffic is actually okay. we have a couple of things that are not that great but for the most part we're doing well. go to eastbound 80 as you head towards the commute. right now traffic is moving along pretty well except for a big rig that stalled. traffic is going to be eastbound 80 effected at willow avenue. live pictures now traffic is okay on westbound 80 as we get up to the bay bridge. also this morning's commute is going to be all right if you are driving up to the commute there no major problems on 237.
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and this morning's drive is okay if you are driving on 880 nearby. 5:36. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. show this you couple things going on. area of low pressure is going to dig in tomorrow and it will bring a good cooling trend tomorrow. today i think inland areas will warm up a bit. and all that what we call the monsoon season down into arizona has been filtering into southern california and southern nevada. you can see if you have travel plans maybe down to palm springs or l.a. , san diego or las vegas, it's kind of hot and humid. not just the dry heat. for us slight warming trend today. by the coast it won't matter. i don't think around the bay. but inland the sea breeze cut in half and there's slightly warmer air aloft. slightly warmer weather for a few. not much. san francisco 53. 55 and 60. high of 62 degrees. still going to be below average along the coast and probably around the bay. fog, some mist and then sunny. cool to warm.
5:38 am
upper 80s to low 90s well inland but still 60s and 70s. around the bay 59 san jose. oakland berkeley running one degree warmer than liver march concord. it seems like they've been there all week. 53 for san francisco. 87 las vegas and reno at 58. very hot july readings. and reno it's their seventh warmer july ever in las vegas their warmest july ever. cool conditions l.a. down to san diego and crescent city and around here as well. just too much fog. a couple things going on. low digging down by seattle. it will be here tomorrow. but today a lot of dry air over us. away from the coast fog, drizzle, warmer inland. yesterday fairfield 85. 88 today. brentwood low 90s. out to the valley sacramento be in the 95 degrees. that should be warmer weather for us. lake county up as well. more fog but cooler on
5:39 am
wednesday. carry that into thursday and level out as we head in towards the end of the week. all right. 5:38. today the san jose city council is expected to officially endorse an attempt to get the oakland a's to move to the south bay. but there may be a new stumbling block. the site under consideration for the new ballpark is near. hp pavilion and the light rail station. but right in the middle of the 14-acre ballpark site is an at&t field operations center. and a company spokesman says at&t has no plans to sell that property. now there is speculation that at&t's refusal to sell the land is a kind of pay back because the san jose city council recently refused to allow at&t to develop housing on another property it owns. time now 5:39. guess what? you'll get a chance to see the new transbay terminal today. between 4:00 and 7:00 this evening you can actually tour the new facility on main street between howard and fulsome. it will be serving as a bay
5:40 am
area transit hub for about 7 years or until the new transbay terminal is built at first and mission streets. by the way the old terminal will close this saturday. still ahead, the top three most stolen vehicles. also california students will now face some new academic standards. we'll tell you why some critics are outraged. good morning. traffic on northbound 280 getting up to highway 17, well, we'll tell you more coming up. it's not back-to-school, it's forward to what's next
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with an hp netbook, samsung reality or lg cosmos for under $20 after rebate. good morning. low clouds and fog should burn off sooner inland. that marine base slightly warmer away from the coast, around the coast and bay.
5:43 am
if anything only one or two degrees warmer. 60s and 70s. welcome back. quick look at some of the top stories we're following right now at 5:42. still repairing a big water main break. it ruptured beneath the boulevard north overnight. the street's going to stay closed between western avenue and east washington street until those repairs are finished. also today bp engineers plan to run one more test on that broken oil well in the gulf of mexico. and if everything checks out they're going to start pumping heavy mud and then cement into that broken well. this is the first step at a process to permanently seal it up. and today the full u.s. senate begins debate on the nomination of elena kagan to the u.s. supreme court. she is expected to be confirmed at a vote scheduled by the end of the week. time now is 5:43. we're just getting in breaking news about an earthquake in indonesia. the quake has a preliminary
5:44 am
magnitude of 6.5. and it hit on the waters off of indonesia's eastern coast. so far there are no immediate reports of injuries or damage. the closest city is 110 miles from that epi doctor. a river outing in louisiana ended horribly when fire officials say six teenagers drowned. they were playing in the red river near shreveport last night when fire officials say they stepped into a drop off of water more than 20 feet. crews were able to rescue a seventh teenager. the teens range in age from 13 to 18 years old and reportedly with adults, but no one in the group could swim. late last night the city council voted against placing a controversial measure on the november ballot that would have effected how the city conducts labor negotiations with its police and fire unions. the measures would have eliminated the city charter provision that allows a legal arbitrator to make the final decision when talks stall
5:45 am
between the city and firefighter or police unions. the city council says it needs more time to study that issue. in san jose city officials in the firefighters unions have agreed to return to the bargaining table tomorrow to try to find a way to bring back some of the 49 firefighters laid off over the weekend. there are hopes the city's new fire chief who just started this week will have some new ideas to bring to those negotiations. time now 5:44. california's getting rid of its current academic standards and they're adopting ones used by most schools around the country. the state board of education decided to make the switch yesterday to help give kids what it calls a stronger more organized approach to math and english. this will also give the state of california a better shot at winning the federal race to the top education grant. california's current curriculum was considered one of the best when it was adopted 13 years ago. critics say the common standards just aren't tough
5:46 am
enough. meg whitman and jerry brown shattering financial records when it comes to spending money on the upcoming gubernatorial election. most of it because of meg whitman. the republican candidate spent almost $100 million through the end of june. according to just filed campaign finance records. $91million of that came from whitman's own pocket. jerry brown on the other hand spent $633,000 through june 30th. a recent ktvu field poll showed brown with a lead over whitman. and the latest poll on the lieutenant governor's race shows san francisco mayor is in a dead heat with the current lieutenant governor. the latest poll conducted by texas based hill research shows him leading new? by one percentage point well within the margin of error. he's raised more than $1.4 million for his campaign
5:47 am
compared to $620,000 for-month- oldon ado. he just signed a deal to write his memoirs. he's only 16 years old but the entertainer says this is a way to thank his fans. the book titled first step to forever my story will be released in october. the book will be a behind the scenes look to his rise to stardom and will include exclusive photos. just 16. >> just figures back to the days in elementary school. seems like only yesterday. >> my memoirs would have been very short at age 16. time now 5:47. check in with sal. what are you checking on right now? >> we're doing eastern contra costa county this time. we are looked at westbound highway 4. in fact we're looking at it now. the traffic is actually doing pretty well on highway 4 westbound as you drive up to the willow pass grade and over
5:48 am
to con ford. also this morning's commute is going to be okay on westbound 24. as you drive up to the tunnel little bit of mist, little bit of fog, but nothing unusual there. and the morning commute is going to be okay at the bay bridge toll plaza. yesterday we had a big delay or kind of a biggish delay not that bad about 6:30 but better by 7:00. a semitruck carrying lettuce jackknifed on i-10 and phoenix heading down traffic on that side. you can see dramatic pictures. remember yesterday we had that very small produce spill in san francisco in comparison to this. this is a major problem. these are live pictures. i'm not sure if anyone was injured but this is a huge mess people in phoenix are dealing with. if you know someone in phoenix send them a tweet and let them know you're on top of what's going on for them. 54:00. let's go to steve. >> all right. thank you, sal. speaking of down towards las vegas, the desert of southern california and into arizona, the monsoon moisture which
5:49 am
usually kicks in in july is carried into august as well. any travel plans down there, business, pleasure, what have you, there have been some areas of rain that have formed and a lot of clouds and also makes it more muggy and humid. not use today that down there. hot is one thing. but it's dry heat. not right now. for us we have a bit warmer weather today. slightly. still plenty of fog out there. since making its annual push cloudy. little bit of mist around oakland san francisco as well. 55, 60, high of 6. one warmer than yesterday. fog, mist then sun and warmer. upper 80s and low 90s. slight warming aloft. up above that 2, 250 feet. that should translate into warmer weather. 50s to upper 50s san jose at 59. 50s up and down the coast. eureka's cold. you can see the moisture
5:50 am
continues to stay to the east and south of us. there's a low driving down from the pacific northwest. fog, drizzle, sun, cool, warm. warmer away from the coast and fog should burn off slightly sooner. 60s for many. 70s and then mid upper 80s to very few low 90s. tomorrow cooler as we get the roaring sea breeze carrying us into thursday and friday and level out towards the weekend. all right. thanks, steve. countrywide financial corporation now owned by bank of america has agreed to pay $600 million to settle shareholder lawsuits. that's after stockholders claimed that countrywide concealed mounting risk that loosened requirements for borrowers during the housing boom. it's the largest pay out so far by any company involved in the mortgage meltdown and would end several class action lawsuits. the s.e.c. continues to investigate country wide for misleading investors. research in motion expected to unveil its newest phone
5:51 am
today. the new slider reportedly includes a touch screen with a pull out keyboard. research in motion already holds nearly 42% of the smart phone market. that's nearly double the market share of number two apple. but blackberry's growth has stalled recently. and looking for ways to retain its market lead. credit card companies and several smart phone makers are working together. they want to make it possible for phone owners to use their phones as credit cards. the idea is already popular in the united kingdom and in japan. a boston consulting firm says 80% of people under the age of 34 would prefer to pay for items by using their smart phone if they could. time now 5:51. a new insurance industry report is out on the top three vehicles stole in the united states. cadillac, ford f-250 pickup trucks and infinity g37. the highway institute reports theft rates for these vehicles
5:52 am
are three to five times as high as the average for all other vehicles. and the average dollar amount of insurance claims is higher as well. on our website at we have the full list of the kind of vehicles the thieves seem to like and find which cars are least likely to be stolen. go to and look in the right now section. 5:51. the pressure is mounting against adults who literally open the door for kids to get alcohol. what california lawmakers just decided about a new law and possible penalties. and tell you how the doyle drive is unearthing mysteries that are a gold mine of lovers of history.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
welcome back. a bill that would hold adults libel for underage drinking is headed to the desk. it makes adults who give alcohol to minors responsible for any damages, injuries or deaths caused by the underage drinking. it would not apply to commercial or licensed alcohol vendors. not clear when the governor may sign that into law. time now 5:55. you know the bay area has a long and varied history. those crews are out there working on doyle drive in san
5:56 am
francisco are finding out firsthand. as they dig up the earth in that area, they have found everything from a gun battery to a coin. this one minted in nazi germany. people familiar with the area say they're not surprised that some really interesting things are being found. >> there's been so much happened here over the years that you can hardly dig a hole without finding something. >> crews dug up those artifacts while they were excavating one of the two tunnels going through. when the project is completed in about three and a half years, some of them will be cleaned up and then opened to the public. uc berkeley researchers are finding a treasure-trove of information by combing through online internet sites. men like photos while women prefer narratives along with a few photos and say men add about half an inch from their height and women subtract five pounds. when it comes to the self, when
5:57 am
do it while talking about work, and women do it while talking about home, sex and emotions. >> interesting. now we get to talk about our commute and traffic. >> you're too kind. thank you very much. we do know a lot about the commute right now it's actually doing very well if you are driving around the bay area. let's go to live pictures 280 northbound coming up the highway 17 that looks pretty good. no major problems there. also looking at 680 heading to the south bay out of pleasanton, traffic is okay. there is stalled car in one of the lanes may add to delays. at the bay bridge toll plaza still light. 5:57. let's go back to the desk. and coming up during our 6:00 hour, will today's ac transit commute be a normal one following a court ruling on the union contract? we will bring the latest in a live report. also we'll have the continuing investigation into a sexual assault in a normally quiet bay area community.
5:58 am
we have a live report coming up. foggy. very foggy. but it will burn off sooner. and it will be slightly warmer. we'll have the slightly warmer forecasted highs in two minutes. ñ
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