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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  August 4, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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a federal court ruling is expected today. is the same sex marriage ban constitutional -- [ inaudible ] >> -- san francisco. >> already slow traffic in some areas. we will tell you where coming up. >> fog and mist out there. warm up yesterday but today they will come right back down. we will have those coming right up. >> residents contacted police with an alarming discovery that prompted the evacuation of a south bay neighborhood overnight. the morning news continues. >> complete bay area news coverage continues. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning. thanks for waking up with us, it is wednesday, august 4th. i am claudine wong in for pam cook this morning.
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>> and good morning. i have dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. here is steve. >> thank you very much, dave, claudine, good morning, everyone. low clouds and fog have thickened up. the sea breeze is showing itself more so, west-southwest 24 at fairfield, yesterday 17. cooler today, some low mid-80s away from the coast. closer to it fog and mist and 60s and 70s. now an update on your traffic with sal. >> steve, this is a look at macarthur maze. so far so good here. also driving out to interstate 880 in oakland anytime soon a nice drive past the coliseum. >> 6:01. a federal judge in san francisco says he has already made up his mind and his decision on whether california's same sex marriage ban is constitutional. jade hernandez is at the courthouse now with that ruling
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will be handed out later today. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. a decision is expected later their afternoon right here at the federal building sometime between 1:00 and 3:00 this afternoon. there are a lot of things we can expect to see later today. supporters asked the court yesterday even if they lose not to allow same sex marriages to resume until they appeal. attorneys have said they are confident any such ruling in favor of lifting the same sex marriage ban would be overturned on appeal. they said same sex marriages wouldly licensed under a cloud of uncertainty and should they succeed on appeal marriages would be invalid. but advocates are hopeful about the decision today. >> american tradition doesn't always get it right the first time but eventually justice does prevail for all people, so i know in my heart that it is our generation's obligation and honor to see this through and to see this into the history
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books. >> reporter: keep in mind the question the judge seeks to answer today is california's ban constitutional. for opponents it is an equal rights issue. the couples who filed the lawsuit say they are fighting for equal rights for millions of americans who don't have the right to marry their partner. on the other side supporters of the ban say the court should uphold what the voters want. prop 8 passed in november of 2008. the ruling is expected this afternoon and is certainly to be appealed and could reach all the way to the u.s. supreme court within the next couple of years. live in san francisco this morning, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, jade, make sure you stay right here with us at ktvu channel 2 news as well as for the breaking news on the judge's decision. we will bring it to you today on air and on line when it
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happens. time now 6:03. a bomb scare caused authorities to evacuate dozens of homes in san jose last night. this all began yesterday afternoon with a call from a resident. he told police his roommate had an explosive in their home. 20 to 30 respects were evacuated from their homes while police tracked down the suspect. the man surrendered after 10:00 p.m. and allowed the bomb squad to go in and search his apartment. >> the bomb squad was called out here. they searched and nothing has been found and the residents have been allowed to go back home. >> the residents were allowed to go back in about 1:30 this morning. the suspect, a 54-year-old man, is being questioned by the police. >> oakland police are searching to the gunman who shot two people at a party. it happened around 11:30 out the new parish nightclub.
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the injuries are non-life- threatening. the visions were taken to the hospital but police had more problems to deal with. a fight broke out at the hospital between the friends of the victims. at least one person was tazed by police and was arrested. >> that shooting happened while ma bay area cities hosted peaceful gatherings as part of the national night out. the city of oakland held more than 400 parties including this one in knee fruitvale district. they all came together to take a stand against crime in their communities. >> it is really important that we build a network monst. ourselves especially in these kind of dire times. >> we are more apt to do something about something that is wrong when there is numbers. >> now some oakland residents say the recent layoffs of 80 police officers makes keeping peace a lot harder. ktvu heard that that same concern at a national night out party. this one was held in vallejo, residents are also dealing with police layoffs and cutbacks
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because of the city's ongoing budget crisis. >> train service is getting back to normal this morning following a major derailment in west oakland. allie rasmus is at the station right now with an update on the situation. good morning, ally. >> reporter: good morning, claudine, you said it the morning commute is back to normal here. in fact one of the trains just a few seconds ago just pulled in and you can see there are dozens of commuters and travelers getting off the train and also getting on the train. now it is a release for morning commuters and travelers. about 10 minutes ago we checked in the waiting area. there were 20 people getting ready to start their morning commute. all amtrack passenger trains have departed on time so far this morning. now the track that these trains run on were cleared around midnight this morning about eight hours after yesterday's train derailment. it happened between the emeryville station and jack london square. union pacific spokespersons say two empty rail cars on one of
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their freight trains tipped over so they had to shut down the tracks to clear -- [ inaudible ] >> -- relief everything is back on schedule. >> -- need to be at work at 9:00, so it is for me, yes. >> today i do depends on it very much because i am kind of in a bend because i have broken truck up there in davis that -- >> -- so you are glad that -- >> -- absolutely -- [overlapping speakers] [ inaudible ] >> -- train, not an amtrak train, so it is union pacific that is going to be conducting an investigation to find out why those empty rail cars tipped over in the first place starting all of this back up. reporting live in emeryville, allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 news. >> 6:07. sal, you are watching downtown san jose. right? >> that's right, dave and claudine, good morning to you, and 280 in downtown looks pretty good and if you are driving out of town to the valley should be a nice drive
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and by the way we are also checking cal train, no delays reported there or on muni or bart and if you know anything different just tweet it and i will find it. if you want to tweet me i am at sal underscore casteneda. got that? cool. that looks good. we don't have a lot going on. there is not a lot going on reported by the chp. a couple of things here and there but for the most part it is a nice drive. southbound 101 to 580 looks good. no problems reported on the richmond bridge. we just had a new crash reported northbound 680 ramp to eastbound 580 involving 2 to 3 cars and no further details that one just came in. 6:08. here is steve. >> sal, thank you. low clouds, fog, and mist.
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it would be that way, steve. that means cooler weather. a little warm up yesterday. fog burned off sooner, temperatures came up. now that was away from the coast. by the coast it is just socked in. that is the word i keep getting from people, it is -- [ inaudible ] >> -- high of 62. yesterday made it to 63 officially. there is always some parts of the city a little cooler, some get sun sooner. a little warmer but not much. should be around 68 degrees today and that is not happening. santa rosa 81 yesterday, 62, 62 san francisco, walnut creek 87, 82 today. oakland had low clouds and fog burning off over lake merritt yesterday about 10:45 or 11:00, a little sooner than the past couple of mornings but it will stick around today. that is the same as yesterday but the sea breeze is stronger so that will counter act any
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warming that has taken place aloft. a big spread there. sonoma 53. crockett vallejo 54 and the same for them. they are checking in with 57. their afternoon highs are warmer than many locations here, that is for sure. that is going to settle in along the west coast and that means a big time cooling trend. it startses today. fog, mist, gives way to cooler weather, for some, sometimes on the coast it can be a slow process. upper 80s well inland or 90s up in lake county but tomorrow even lake county cools down, folk, sun, breezy and much cooler as we head into friday and we will just keep it right there for the weekend. >> 6:10. we are going to know in a couple of hours if they will be back on the job following another day of delays. they say 15% of their work
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force called in sick yesterday, approximately the same number thf district said missed work each day during the past two weeks when they were imposing a new contract on drivers. a judge tossed out that contract on monday but both sides remain at odds about the contract and the sick calls. >> they make $100,000 plus in wages and benefits. they really-it to the riders and the taxpayers to come back. >> there are 15 operators at 10:00 this morning called in out of 1100 sick today. >> now ac transit and the union are scheduled to begin arbitration talks later this month. the district says it needs to service cuts. >> next on the news will he or won't he? speculation on whether the
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mayor will run for re-election in oakland. >> reporter: coming up i will show you how much oil is still in the gulf.
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good morning to you. welcome back. time now 6:14. bp oil says the effort to sale up this oil well in the gulf of mexico appears to be working. the mud is holding back the
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flow of oil. they call this a static kill. there is also word this morning that 75% of the oil from the spill has been cleaned up or it has been broken down by natural forces. but there are concerns about all of the dispursant chemicals used out there. a senate hearing today will question what is the long-term impact. ktvu's alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. bureau with the details on that, alison, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave. three weeks after the well was capped and the oil stopped flowing into the gulf scientists say most of it is gone. a new report finds that 75% of the oil that flowed from the broken well has evaporated, dispursed or been captured, and the remaining oil is breaking down rapidly. here is what president obama's energy czar had to say about it last hour. >> in terms of what is left it will continue to weather in the ocean as it comes ashore it can
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be cleaned up but certainly we are seeing far less oil than we were and i think that is a testment that we have worked hard to ensure its success. >> reporter: the question is how much damage has been done to sea life and the ecosystem. the senators are holding a hearing this morning on the use of dispursants in the disaster, the long-term health effects are not known. we are going to be coughing that hearing for you and have more here later. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> it is 6:15. today is president obama's birthday. he is 49 years old. the president is going to fly home to chicago to celebrate with his friends but his family is actually out of town. first lady michelle obama and their youngest daughter sasha are vacationing in spain. their other daughter mily a
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malia is at mother camp. -- [ inaudible ] >> -- deduction like 3 vehicle license fee. and it also cuts the state sales tax nearly in half. democrats say this is going to lower taxes across the board for californians, republicans say the plan relies on billions in income, car, gas and business tax hikes. >> 6:17. there is speculation their morning that the mayor will not run for erelex, the deadline is this friday for candidates to enter the race but some people say he is not raising campaign money, he is not talking consultants not showing up at his office much anymore, indicating possibly he will not pursue a new temperature as the mayor of oakland. now oakland city council
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women jean kwan and rebecca kaplan as well as former political analyst joe tooman are in the race for mayor of oakland. they used yesterday's natit eve their plans to reduce crime. all of them say the starting point is the oakland police department and figuring out a way to cut costs to prevent more police layoffs. one candidate says the $71 thousand starting pay for oakland police officers is too high. >> in this climate that is not justifiage, even here in the bay area. >> they talked about a retirement program and other more cost-effective strategies to handle the police department. >> maybe you can do some things like what chef gascon is doing in san francisco where you use civilian types to do some of the investigations and the evidence. >> now former state senate pro tem leader is also in the race for the mayor's job. many consider him the front- runner. he was out of town and not
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available for comment. >> the state cam troller has issued an order requiring all citys to report the salaries of their toll officials. this follows the scandal in the town of bell. critics blasted the city manager there for his all salary of nearly $800,000 a year and also pointed to the police chief's salary which was $457,000, that is double what los angeles -- [ inaudible ] >> -- says he is going to post that salary information on the comptroller's website in november so anyone can see how much city officials are being paid. >> all right. time now 6:19. let's get you to where you need to go. sal is watching the east bay. right? >> that's right. we are starting at the macarthur maze this morning on 80 westbound coming around the berkeley curve, what they call it even though it is technically in oakland they call it the berkeley curve on the way to the bay bridge toll plaza it is light so far, no
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problems getting across the bridge. you will see fog here and there along your commute. steve and i are all of it. this is the san mateo bridge and we are showing it to you just because it is foggy. this might also effect the flights coming in to the san francisco airport unless that fog lefts. we will talk to steve in just a moment. let's move along to 880 that traffic moves well. westbound 580 traffic slow already coming in over the altamont pass. at 6:19 here is steve. >> sal, thank you sir, i don't think the follow will lift until tomorrow. today low clouds and fog and mist out there. it did burn off yesterday a little sooner for some. i mean by noon it is fog free for almost everybody. [ inaudible ] >> -- cooler. i-- just doesn't matter by the
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coast. there is just a lot of fog and there is no sign of that really doing anything except maybe lifting that -- [ inaudible ] >> -- warm things up very much. 60s, 70s and some now 80s instead of the nois inland unless you are up towards lake county. mt. tam is warm. there is still warm air aloft but the sea breeze will counter act that -- [ inaudible ] >> -- tropical moisture looks like it is ending down into arizona. i know some san jose state students are heading down there, meteorology students to -- [ inaudible ] >> -- be sunny. but anyway for us we will have a system -- [ inaudible ] >> -- give us a really big time cooling trend inland but probably more likely tomorrow. today it will just be a couple of degrees, 3 to 5, instead of warming up though we do cool it down. no change around the coast and around the by but instead of going up a couple of degrees temperatures will start to slide back and boy, will they ever by friday and by the weekend we will just keep it there, claudine and dave --
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[overlapping speakers] [ inaudible ] >> -- suspended its flight from guadalara to oakland and flights are being rerouted. it says it was forced into bankruptcy after it could not reach a labor contract with its pilots and its flight attendants -- [overlapping speakers] [ inaudible ] >> -- based company says sales of games including 2010 -- [ inaudible ] [overlapping speakers] >> -- helped boost sales. [ inaudible ] >> -- electronic arts has beaten analysts -- [overlapping speakers] [ inaudible ] >> -- 1200 jobs also lowered operates expenses. >> time now 6:22. we have have got breaking news right now -- [overlapping speakers] [ inaudible ] >> -- crashed into a building. this is a small single engine plane crashed into a building. we don't know what the building is. we don't know where that plane was coming from or how many people were on the plane or how
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many people may have been in the building at the time but you are looking at the pictures of the crash scene. you can see the firefighters. you can see the smoke. you can see -- [overlapping speakers] [ inaudible ] >> -- background behind me describing the scene -- [ inaudible ] [overlapping speakers] >> -- building in phoenix, arizona, and you are looking at the end result as that camera pulls out. we will get you more details. we don't know any word on casualties but we will get you more details as we get them on this breaking news from phoenix -- [ inaudible ] [overlapping speakers] >> -- 6:23. and coming up on the channel 2 morning news it could be the largest counterfeiting bust open the west coast. [ inaudible ] >> -- bay area business people in prison. [ inaudible ] ♪ [ music ]
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♪[ music ] [ inaudible ] >> ktvu bridge check. right now we are looking at the golden gate bridge. traffic on the richmond bridge, san mateo and bay bridge, everything looks okay but it is a little bit foggy. steve and i will be back soon. now let's go back to the desk. >> 6:26. we are going right back to our
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breaking news coming out of arizona, a small plane just crashed into a building in phoenix. we are looking at a live picture. we are picking up live pictures from the area, but this small plane -- [overlapping speakers] [ inaudible ] >> -- building after that plane hit it. we don't know what kind of building this is, whether there were any people inside at the time but again, this -- [overlapping speakers] [ inaudible ] >> -- crater left. you can see the -- [overlapping speakers] [ inaudible ] >> -- still breaking news. we-- this may have been a small -- a four seater plane but we don't know if there were four people on board or if there were any survives either on the plane or inside that building. we are told this happened near the deer creek airport in phoenix. we will bring you more details as we get them. >> 6:27, prosecutors are charging nearly a dozen people with smuggling phoney luxury items into the bay area for sale at san francisco's
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fisherman's wharf. immigration and customs enforcement officials or ice showed of some of that merchants seized. this is a sampling of the 200,000 counterfeit items they say were shipped in from china and would have been worth millions. >> it is bad for the economy. it robs americans of jobs, stifles innovation and it promotes crime. >> this was the culmination of an operation in which they raided stores and arrested people. the suspects face charges of conspiracy, smuggling and trafficking of counter fit goods with penalties as high is a 20 years in prison, dave. >> time now 6:28 coming up next, police want your help. they are trying to find two men involved in a home invasion
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robbery in menlo park. >> reporter: and good morning. i am jade hernandez, is a same sex marriage ban constitutional? , a federal judge is expected to rule on that case. we will have more on that story and many more, the morning news will be right back. caitlin: i was diagnosed with scoliosis.
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♪[ music ] [ inaudible ] >> it appears -- [overlapping speakers] [ inaudible ] >> -- area, a small plane literally fell out sky -- >> -- you are -- >> -- short time ago -- >> -- follow -- >> -- they -- they put the fire out. the building looks like a crater. we are told this -- the compan is a pest control company in phoenix, arizona. witnesses say it sounded and looked like 3 plane was trying to land.
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obviously it did not. early reports say this was -- [overlapping speakers] [ inaudible ] >> -- camera zooms in -- [overlapping speakers] [ inaudible ] >> -- the side of that building or went into the building period. we don't know if anyone survived on the plane or -- [overlapping speakers] [ inaudible ] >> -- near the deer creek airport in phoenix. again, breaking news -- [overlapping speakers] [ inaudible ] >> -- more details as we get them. >> okay. and time now is 6:32 and good morning. thanks for joining us here on the ktvu morning news, it is wednesday, august 4th. >> i am dave clark with claudine wong in for pam cook, it is time -- 6:32. >> topping other news a judge says he is going to announce his decision today on whether to up hold or overturn prop situation 8. jade hernandez joins us with more on this. hi, jade. >> reporter: good morning, claudine. a u.s. district court judge's
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decision today is expected to be appealed right here at the 9th circuit court of appeals. now we are live in san francisco this morning. this case is expected to its way all the way to the u.s. supreme court. the question, is the same sex marriage ban approved by california voters in 2008 constitutional. a judge's decision is expected early this afternoon, sometime between 1:00 and 3:00 this afternoon. proposition 8 supporters have already asked the court yesterday even if they lose not to allow same sex marriages to resume until they appeal. on the other hand, same sex marriage advocates are hopeful about today's outcome. they say this is an squall rights issue. >> constitutional cases like this one are those instances where we right a past wrong and that is what really makes america -- those things that we hold so deer, the tenants of quality under the law for all people, equal protections without exception, those are deeply steeped in american
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traditions and not yet been made through for the lgbt community and it is about the time -- [overlapping speakers] [ inaudible ] >> -- for millions of americans who don't have the right to marry their partner or have a right to the same benefit a legally married couple has. witnesses in this case also testified marriage is an evolving institution in the united states. on the other side supporters of the prop 8 ban say the court should uphold what the voters want. it passed in november of 2008 here in california, the conservative religious coalition which sponsored proposition 8 says a male female definition of marriage is universal and children are better off with married by lodge qal parents. coming up we will share with you a few of the events planned today which coincide with the judge --- [overlapping speakers] [ inaudible ] >> -- news -- >> -- news and for
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breaking news on that decision. we are going to bring it to you today as we get it on air on line when it all happens. >> 6:34. police in menlo park want your her. they are trying to find two gunmen who say they carried out a home invasion robbery. take a look at the sketches of the two seasons. police say they got into a home saturday morning on san mateo drive. one held a women resident at gunpoint while another stole an iphone from another woman and escaped. no one was hurt. the only item appeared to be taken was that iphone. they were latino. police in oakland are searching for a bank robber who say they sass hit the same bank twice. now we have got this photo. take a look at it:suspect. this was taken early yesterday
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during the latest robbery. police say the robber is about 2925 and 35 years old, about 5'9" tall and weighs about 180 pounds, investigators say he first struck the wells fargo branch on june 29th. that is the same branch they say he robbed again yesterday morning. there is a $5000 reward for information leading to his arrest. >> 6:35, federal prosecutors
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>> -- 20 to 30 residents were then evacuated from their homes while police tracked down that roommate. the man surrendered himself just after 10:00 p.m., then the bomb squad went in and searched his apartment. >> the bomb squad was called out and searched the area and nothing has found and the residents have been allowed to go back home. >> they were allowed back in.
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the man is being questioned by police. >> 6:46. sarah palin's daughter bristol is calling off her engagement again to levy vaughan stone, the father of her son. 19-year-old bristol cancelled hear marriage plans after johnston told her he may have fathered a baby write another woman and she said the last straw was when he said he was going to a hutting show but was actually shooting a musk video that made fun of her family. during an interview with people magazine bristol said johnston is obsessed we the limelight and that she teal files she got made. they announced their engagement two weeks ago. >> they are dealing with hackers. according to microsoft the worm was designed to burrow into software.
6:48 am
it has tried to infect as many as 6000 computers. both have released updates. >> let's see how the commute is going. sal is watching everything including milpitas. >> that's right, milpitas, the big freeway that goes right through milpitas is 237 and already getting slowing cross in the valley. it was not too good yesterday. we are hoping for a better day today. [ inaudible ] >> -- on entertait 80 coming out of richmond el cerrito and into berkeley and emeryville. when you get to the toll plaza though it hasn't been that bad. westbound looks pretty light coming into the city. it is 6:48. here is steve. >> thank you, sal, good morning. [ inaudible ] >> -- today that is different. it is really started to crank up so that means cooler. a lot of mist out there, too. coast and bay side more misty
6:49 am
conditions this morning. fog, then sun, but cooler -- [ inaudible ] >> -- over the next couple of days in fact if anything inland areas should cool down even more so as we get to tomorrow. today though there will be more fog and a cooler pattern and temperatures below average again -- [ inaudible ] >> -- second day in a row 1998, putting a very -- [ inaudible ] >> -- both and those are below average temperatures. i mean it has just been that pattern for the longest time. fee san rafael and napa. the city is at 42. palo alto -- [ inaudible ] >> -- your high has been at least 90 or higher, 7th longest stretch ever i do believe. -- [ inaudible ] >> -- deserts of southern california that might be ending, for us though a system will be coming in from the
6:50 am
north and that is going to lift that fog starting tomorrow -- [ inaudible ] >> -- fairfield, which was 91 yesterday. we will go 84 today. 70s vallejo, 62 in the city, 77 santa rosa and -- [ inaudible ] >> -- thursday and friday, maybe -- i will -- i will -- [ inaudible ] >> -- middletown yesterday was 98, 98. so if you want heat go up to clear lake. if-- if -- [ inaudible ] >> -- friday and then into the weekend. [ inaudible ] >> -- toyota reported the rirn to profit. the world's largest automaker says it made nearly $2.25 billion in the quarter that ended in june, that is after suffering a $900 million loss during the same time last year. they boosted their forecast based on that positive report. let's take a live look at your numbers this morning. there you go, the dow is up about 28 points this morning. stocks are edging higher after we got a report on private employment that showed a modest
6:51 am
pick up -- [ inaudible ] >> -- shows the economy however slowly is at least headed in the right direction. in about a half an hour the federal trade commission is going to announce details of a settlement in an antitrust action against intel. they charged them to use their size to -- [ inaudible ] >> -- micro devices -- advanced micro devices. amd says that led to higher prices for consumers and other chip makers. >> 6:51. coming up on the ktvu morning news, a history making move by the state water board. it involves a delicate balance of nature in the delta. >> federal stimulus dollars used to do studies of exotic ants. who is behind that research and
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who is complaining. ♪ [ music ] [ inaudible ]
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well, good morning to you, welcome back. here is a quick look at what we will be working on for mornings on 2 today. uc berkeley is getting heat for asking students to submit dna samples. we will tell you what statute lawmakers are now planning to do about that. oakland's plans to allow large scale marijuana growing operations are attracting attention from the federal government.
6:55 am
plus we will continue to keep a close eye open the trains and the service that is starting to get back to normal following a major derailment yesterday. we will have those stories and a lot more coming up in just a couple of minutes. well, waives of aid oactive gastro the sun are hitting the earth following the latest solar flare. take a look at this animation. this actually shows how the radiation is being sent harmlessly around us. we are protected be the earth's magnetic field. but satellites and the international space station are effected, they are supposed to be shielded as well. it could disrupt communications and power grids in the coming years. it makes the northern lights more visible furtherer south but it is unlikely we will see them here. for the first time a state board has adopted criteria defining how much water must flow from the delta to the bay.
6:56 am
the state water resources board based its move on a report ordered by the legislature last year. it says diverting 50% of the delta's fresh water is not adequate to maintain nature's balance in the sacramento-san joaquin delta. while water agencies are disputing this report, environmentalists say it will ensure the future of the delta delicate ecosystem. >> several bay area projects are featured in a new report critical of stimulus spending. tom coburn and john mccain say they are wasteful, mis-managed and failed to create jobs. a study is number 6 on the list of 100 stimulus projects considered wasteful. the academy has received almost $2 million to send researchers overseas to photograph and analyze thousands of exotic ants. >> the laws say this is a
6:57 am
worthwhile project. it was supposed to create jobs. it does not. >> also included in that report is a uc berkeley study that is using almost half a million dollars in stimulus funds to research neptune's atmosphere. the report also mentions a project by san francisco based pacific voirn. that non-profit group is receiving almost $200,000 to assist siberian communities in working with russian policymakers on issues. a white house spokesman calls it not credible and said their spokesman said it prevented a worse downturn. >> traffic is busy approaching the bridge and this is 880.
6:58 am
not bad. light so far. now here is steve. >> we had more fog, also local mist out there coast and bay. once that burns off a little later today. cooler, breezy, then much cooler inland thursday and friday. >> it does. >> thanks, steve. that is going to do it for us open the morning news but we have much more news ahead coming up on mornings on 2. you are taking a live look at the federal building right now. we are waiting that huge ruling on prop 8 that is expected later today. >> we are also live from phoenix arizona with this, a small plane just crashed into a building in phoenix. stay exactly where you are, mornings on 2 comes your way next. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc. >> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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