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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  August 5, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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sal -- >> reporter: frank here in this neighborhood near twin peaks, many people still remember the crime. the victim's parents say today was an important day to help the family put it all behind them. >> engaged in harm which indicates a serious danger to society. >> reporter: scott thomas didn't show much emotion today when a judge read his sentence. >> a true monster is going to be in prison for the rest of his life. while he's technically allowed to go before a parol court, i don't think that a parol court would consider thomas for release again. >> reporter: thomas walked into crayton bakely and stabbed a 16- year-old.
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this man, cubitz saved her life by intervening and getting stabbed himself. lawrence father tim says his daughter is now doing well, despite what she has gone through. >> i am very proud of my daughter. she's doing fine and she's stayed on top of the fringe on all of this. >> reporter: the district attorney asked for the highest possible sentence. >> mr. thomas is a psychopath with a long life pattern of violent behavior. >> reporter: the family told me they are happy with the sentence. but they want violent offenders not to be released under certain conditions. especially not on weekend, that's how it happened.
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sal castaneda, ktvu channel 2 news. a concord man pleaded not guilty today to felony charges in connection to the mauling death of his young grandson. steven ayashi was charged after his pit bull killed his 2-year- old stepson. they say the pit bull had previously killed three family pets and shown aggression toward the toddler. the man allegedly behind sunday's hit and run spree in danville was arranged today on four felony drunk driving and hit and run charges and one misdemeanor. a judge today reduced sherrholtz bail. sherholtz family was in court today though his brother, nate
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sherholtz was not. a day after a federal judge overturned prop 8, the courts are trying to rule on how to implement the law while the supreme court decides the case. >> reporter: a day after that court ruling, gays and lesbians here in the city are waiting to learn when they could get married. as hetero sexual couples married, same-sex couples continue to celebrate same-sex couple ceremonies. vanessa and maria yesterday were denied a marriage certificate because federal judge walker issued a stay. walker tomorrow will receive paper work from prop 8
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opponents on whether to lift the stay ahead of appeals to the ninth circuit court and the u.s. supreme court. >> walker when he said this opinion, he said it in concrete based upon the evidence that he had. an appellate court may blast it away later. >> this case is just in its beginning stages. >> we've always said that this was the first step in the battle. we've been in the court for nearly six years. we have a couple more years to go. >> reporter: in the meantime some same-sex couples are hoping their wedding date will come soon. >> we have a scheduled wedding already in three days, this sunday. so we're hoping like the sand will -- or the stay will be lifted. >> reporter: legal analysts and participating in this case tell us it could be a week to two weeks before they expect judge
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walker will enforce his ruling against propositioneight. a female irs agent shot and wounded a man today who was trying to rob her. it happened just after midnight near kirkwood and lasalle avenue. two men tried to rob the agent who was on duty at the time as a criminal invest investigator for the irs. >> the agents fired at one of the suspects. hitting one of the suspects. that suspect is in custody at the hospital. nonlife threatening injuries. >> police are conducting criminal and administrative administrations into the incident. the irs a also conducting an internal investigation. police say three men wanted in connection with a home invasion robbery in pleasanthill may have known their victims. and that drugs could be the apparent motive for the crime. police say it happened shortly
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before midnight in a home on shilton single parkway in pleasant hill. investigators say two men came through a sliding door with shirts and vests that said police on them. now officers say they stole electronics and escaped in an suv driven by a third man. champane or brown in color, possibly a chevy with a license plate similar to either one of these, vtez960. or vtez460. alameda county police arrested 60 people, most of them gang members. what led them to the suspect is a high the tech tool that's most likely associated with sex offenders. rob roth is live with more on this. >> reporter: here in alameda county, dozens of recently
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paroled gang members are now wearing ankle bracelets with gps. this is one of 40 gang members on parol on alameda county who's every movement is tracked through satellite. today he met with his parol agent and had his bracelet check. >> it helps me think more, stay from more people, more places. >> reporter: this man who also didn't want to be identified says the angle bracelet has helped him stay out of trouble. but-- >> it makes me feel like that dog who had a leash and he could only go far enough or he would choke. that's how it makes me feel. but at the same time, i've been able to stay out of trouble.
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>> the data that is excraplated and used with our partners has helped. >> reporter: they arrested 48 people, 33 of them were gang members. authorities also say they seized guns, drugs and found an indoor marijuana grow. >> we're doing random checks at various locations of parolee's who have those associates to make sure their in compliance with their parol terms. >> those that were arrested today were wearing ankle bracelets. oakland firefighters made quick work today of a fire at a liquor store. it happened around 2:45 this afternoon on 23rd avenue and east 20th street. firefighters managed to contain the fire to the back of the building, damage estimates range at $250,000. there's no word tonight on the cause. the vast majority of latino
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students attend school in english. a new poll find that is creating a through language barrier for their parents. univision poll find only 20% of latino parents are able to communicate well with their children's teachers. 47% of spanish speaking only parents said they were able to help their children with home work. americans for prosperity and citizens against government waste they are calling for a spending revolt to handle what they call out of control state spending. there are negative side effects to raising taxes. >> you continue to raise taxes on people, you continue to hurt the business environment here in california. they only do one of two thing, they either fail because they
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are pushed down so hard. or they leave. >> organizers point to the pay scandal in the southern california city of bell as a prime example of government waste. a new free shuttle service was unveiled today in downtown oakland. it's called the broadway shuttle and it runs weekdays up and down broadway down to grand avenue. the shuttle will make 19 stops in the city's downtown districts. ac transit is operating the new service, officials hope in part it'll help more folks from the bay area to jack lindon square. practicing dentistry without a license, police say it was happening in the east bay. details on the man charged. plus a health care for one of the uc berkeley graduates. tonight how the defendant's mother is trying to intervene. back here in just a few
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the mother of one of the uc berkeley graduates, she is asking for help. >> reporter: like the first call, it came with no warning or explanation as to why the two were allowed to speak.
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the three uc berkeley graduates, shord, bower and patel have not heard when they will be released. the communication has been sparse. the most recent call from sarah shord to her mother took place on sunday. >> this is what she wanted to tell me in the phone call, she said mom they are denying me medical care and she's also in solitary. she's still in solitary. this is inhumane for this woman to be in solitary for more than a year now. >> reporter: sarah says she has a lump in her breast among other issues. mimarimar is familiar with the prison known for its poor conditions. >> she's not in good condition. she will not have good access to medical care. >> reporter: it is against iranian law to keep prisoners
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in solitary confinement for a certain time, he calls it torture. >> i told her that we got a call from president obama, of course she was very excited to hear that. but she wanted them to hear it too. you know, the messages are always, the phone calls are not just to sarah they are also to whoever is listening. >> reporter: the iranian government sees this is a political rather than a criminal case and has advise for the families. >> they should distance themselves from the u.s. government. it's a human rights case. the u.n. should get involved in this case. >> reporter: iran's president is expected to travel to the u.n. and has expressed interest on speaking with president obama. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. the united states senate today voted 63-37 to confirm kagan as the fourth woman to
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certain on the supreme court. all republicans joined in expect two democrats. today president obama praised her saying he is aware of the significance. >> when kagan takes the bench, there will be three women. >> kagan is said to be sworn in saturday afternoon to replace paul stevens. >> for the seventh straight week, mortgage rates have hit a low. the rate is now 4.49%. that is the lowest ever since tracking began back in 1971. but the low rates have not been enough to entice home buyers. >> they are worried about their job sister stability i think. they don't feel a sense of
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urgency to buy a house. the number of americans who are receiving food stamps rose to 41 million in may according to a new report. in sonoma county food stamp use usage has rose by 77%. many more people are eligible but don't apply because it's either too hard to get the food stamp office or they find the paper work to be confusing. as many as 450 homeless veterans are expected to attend a four day stand down event
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starting today at the alameda county line. this stand down is aimed at getting the vets social, medical and legal services. >> it's a one stop shop for social services so that they don't have to run all over town trying to get things down and not being able to do it. >> while the veterans are at the pleasanton stand down, their pets are also receiving care. and the fog has made its stand down also. >> it has been nice out in the inland valley where it's sweltering out this time of year. the fog is making its way just like last night across the bay. here's the deal, it's going to get easy into the inland neighborhoods. so in the next few hours it's over the east bay hills. that wave of cloudiness will continue all the way down to
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walnut creek and concord. these highs today below the average. 75 in santa rosa. 85 in antioch. the reason the antioch is so hot, they're dipping into the heat. it's not influencing any of our temperatures as much as it's influencing livermore or santa rosa. the weather pattern stays with us, it's cool. stays cool. and we know how to deal with it because we've had it all summer. with temperatures in the mid- 50s, you'll definitely need a jacket or what have you as you get on to the train or take your kids off to swim practice. looks like yesterday, looks like the day before. nice day, 68 degrees. a very nice day in walnut creek. 79degrees, that's a pleasant, pleasant day. let's take a look at the fog forecast. 7:00a.m. there it is. little drizzle on the coast.
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tomorrow afternoon, no kidding, look at that, goes back to the coast. although shows some fog lingering. that means pacifica, daily city, you're going to have a little less sunshine than we had today. 73 in campbell. 78 in san jose. in the five day forecast, more of the same. good air quality, that's how it stays. right in the your bay area weekend, i haven't seen a summer like this ever. it's not bad, it's just different. the california supreme court says an age discrimination lawsuit against google can go to trial. former google employee bryan reed was 54 years old when he said he was fired in 2004. now he claims a supervisor and coworkers made derogatory
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comments about his age. reed says google owes his thousands in stocks. an oakland man has been charged with practicing dentistry without a license. mario pacheco has pleaded not guilty to multiple charges. p pacheco's business was ceramics lab. they say three victims paid up to $11,000 for dental work that led to medical problems. pachecos is scheduled to return to court. what has to be one of the greatest catches ever in a baseball game. seriously, this is unbelievable. what the new york times reported today about lance armstrong and performance enhancing drugs. what this droid does will change how you do movies.
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with blockbuster on demand, this does hit films on a 4.3-inch screen so big, the way you see them will never be the same.
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introducing the new droid x. pre-loaded with blockbuster. the next generation of does.
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lance armstrong's department is criticizing today's report that links lance armstrong to performance enhancing drugs. a teammate said the team
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engaged in systematic doping. lance armstrong's attorney says the allegations are not true. time to us to talk about the giant, they're back at it in atlanta and still at it. >> in progress as we say in ga. but today not so good. take a look at andres torrez with the giants already two on. in comes aaron rowan but that was all they were to get. our friend timmy lincicum with eight. and linsky blasts one to right center. that will leave the premises. they're in the 7th inning right now. you see tim lincicum's expression there. the giants are trailing, the braves have a tough bullpen.
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so their work cut out for them, 3-2. meantime, we show you something from japan for no other reason that it's probably the best catch i've ever seen. take a look at it. happened the night before last. of the cubs does his spiderman impression. gets up on that wall and makes that catch to rob an apparent home run. the nicely done. and i have no idea who won but i would bet his team did. that's the sporting life for right now. pretty cool catch. >> absolutely. >> that was incredible. >> should be a wall jumper. >> spider man, should be so good. coming up on tv 36, a scary scene last night for residents in one east bay apartment complex. two men dressed up as police officers invade a home in pleasant hill. tonight at least one neighborhood says he's moving
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out because of what happened. we'll have the full report coming up in 30 minutes on tv 36. that is our report for now everyone, i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm frank somerville. for everyone here at ktvu2 news, thank you for joining us. have a good night. >> good night.
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