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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  August 6, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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a critical deadline today in the debate over same sex marriage. a fatal plane crash in colorado and there is a connection to the bay area. we're live at the alameda county fairgrounds where hundreds of u.s. veterans are receiving help but not a hand out. we'll explain coming up. good afternoon.
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tori campbell has the day off. authorities in colorado this morning released the names of three people killed in a crash of a small plane on wednesday and two of them are from the bay area. the beach craft was flying over the arap hoe forest in a remote area southwest of boulder headed from boulder back to sunny vale here in the bay area. the plane so badly damaged and burned they first couldn't identify how many people were on board. the pilot 70-year-old, 56-year- old and 25-year-old from spokane, washington. we're finding more about the stabbing death of a 20-year- old man on the school campus. police found 20-year-old's body ne the high school ten miscourts late wednesday. today they told us the stabbing happened during an argument over a woman. the suspect is 20-year-old.
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and he turned himself in last night. police are still looking for a second man believed to be the only witness. meantime, his family is mourning his death saying he had recently turned his life around and had plans for a two year religious trip this november. early this morning oakland police respond today a call about a prowler on east 12th street near 12th avenue. once there they discovered two young men trying to steal a quarter million dollars worth of pot. throwing the pot from a second floor apartment into garbage bags when they arrived. officers nabbed both robbers but trying to figure out who lives there. they discovered a similar pot grow at that building two years ago when they came there to check on a shooting. the labor department released more of its latest unemployment figures and the news is not good for the prospects of economic recovery. the unemployment rate for july stayed at 9.5%. private employersed ad only 71,000 jobs. economists say at least 200,000
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a month are needed to bring down that unemployment rate. well, let's take a look at the stocks. there it is. there's the big board. down 69 points on the dow. stocks have been down all morning. you can blame in part the payrolls being down and people being concerned about our economic recovery. hundreds of needy and displaced homeless veterans are going to head to alameda county over the next few days for some much needed help. it's called the east bay stand down. and the goal is to help get the needy veterans necessary services. we're at the alameda county fairgrounds with more on this stand down. >> reporter: well, good afternoon. that's right. the organizers are calling it a one stop shop for veterans. they can get a free haircut, new clothes. behind me here there's a tent offering legal services. and over here they can actually get their driver's license or renewed perhaps under the dmv
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tent. 450 veterans expected here throughout the weekend at the alameda county fairgrounds. the seventh east bay stand out started yesterday. it offers free services to vets and families and even their pets. one of the goals is to reduce homelessness. participants are able to receive showers, meals, a place to sleep and also receive information about medical, dental care, employment and substance abuse programs. the director says for many this experience is the first taste of order they have had since their military days. >> so by creating the military atmosphere again, we try to bring them back, give them the sense of community, give them the sense of organization and also have them you know part of the camaraderie. >> i heard about this and i hadn't used my benefits since 1977 and i decided to come check it out. >> reporter: stand down is a war term that refers to the practice of removing combat troops from the battlefield so they can be cared for in a safe
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area. estimated about 15,000 veterans living in the bay area. and the number of women in the military and those who need help after getting out is on the rise. now although many of the services are provided to veterans on a daily basis, the information is often scattered and difficult to find. we're live at the alameda county fairgrounds, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> all right. thanks. sheriff deputies have been documenting the number of homeless still camping out on the steps of the county courthouse in santa cruz. demonstrators began camping there july 4th in protest of the city wide camping ban. the protesters want the law scrapped or have the city create more shelters. city and county officials as well as the sheriff's office are reportedly working on a plan about how and what to do about the organization. a popular sandwich shop will be force today close. a victim of its own success.
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the event that shook the world in japan with protest today in the east bay. and people near the coast expect to see sunshine this weekend? we have the bay area forecast. next time you ride a muni train you may notice people on board wearing yellow vests. they're not muni drivers or police officers. we'll explain who they are and how they're supposed to keep riders safe. our real national pastime?
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same sex couples hoping to marry in a court watch closely. judge walker has already overturned proposition 8. but he must decide. he gave both sides until today to file briefs. we're live from san francisco with more on this story. hi, craig. >> reporter: good afternoon. supporters of gay marriage are riding a roller coaster of emotion. on wednesday the federal judge ruled the ban was unconstitutional. today there's a lot of activity around different orders and who's going to file what. both sides have to file an appeal to the ruling or argue to lift the stay of the ruling. this morning at the clerk's office in san francisco it looked like a normal day. but behind the scenes a flurry of activity. the clerk's office wants to be ready in case the judge lifts his own stay.
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following wednesday's ruling, federal judge walker anticipated the defendants would appeal, but the stay could be lifted today and the clerk's office wants to be ready. >> if the judge decides to lift the stay we are prepared. we're running extra copies of marriage licenses and appointment sheets for those and ready to take in any same sex couples or opposite sex couples that decide to come in so we're prepare and had ready for that. >> reporter: the clerk's office is also training a group of volunteers just in case they get some overflow. now other challenges are underway across the united states on gay marriage bans. gallop poll found recently that 57% of americans still oppose same sex marriage. massachusetts a judge recently struck down defensive marriage act which defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman under u.s. law. same sex marriage is currently legal in massachusetts, connecticut i iowa, northbound northbound and washington d.c.
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and arrange tina became the first south american country to legalize same marriage. here in san francisco the defendants have until midnight to file their appeal. the stay however could be lifted some time before midnight. we understand that motions for and against are being filed as we speak right now. and the judge could make a decision either this afternoon or perhaps just after 5:00 into the early evening. live in san francisco, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> and of course we'll be watching for any developments. thanks, craig. while many hope to settle this issue quickly, legal experts are describing a very long process when they say how long the rest of this could take. they say it could take three months to file legal briefs with the ninth circuit court of appeals and another nine months before oral arguments begin. plus they say it will likely head to the supreme court after that. plaintiffs asked to put the case on the fast track but proposition 8 supporters have decided whether or not they
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would agree to that. we have complete coverage of the legal battle on our channel 2 website at when the judge makes his decision on the stay we are going to post that online too. the senate judiciary committee has unanimously approved san francisco attorney to be the next u.s. attorney for northern california. president obama nominated hague to the post earlier this year to replace the current u.s. attorney. she currently works for the san francisco based firm. haag must still be confirmed by the full senate. tonight more than 200 young musicians will honor the memory of a 14-year-old alameda county girl whose murder remains unsolved. she played in the castro valley orchestra. she was found stabbed to death in her home 16 years ago sending relatives, teachers and friends organize the summer music program to provide other school age performers a chance to practice and perform together. the concert tonight starts at 7:00. it's going to be held at the
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redwood chapel community church on redwood road in castro valley. seating come is first come first seated and the concert is free. there's a new plan to increase safety on some of muni's most dangerous lines and involves so-called community ambassadors. we take a look at what type of protection those ambassadors will provide. >> reporter: the role of the community ambassador is to serve as a liaison. they will ride from the third street t line and the brown know during the early morning and evening hours. some we have talked to have already noticed them. >> we saw them with the yellow vests on. and then there were several people trying to get on and it was kind of crowded. so he was asking if he could help. >> reporter: there are 12 ambassadors and speak seven different languages between them. their job to provide assistance as well as address any concerns
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or questions they may have. the program was formed in response to several violent attacks on muni that have happened in the last few months. >> there was problem with violence. especially violence against seniors and many members of our monoling wall chinese speaking community. >> it's definitely a program to bring the community together. help people who are less fortunate who can't speak english maybe. >> reporter: the ambassadors have been training with san francisco police for the past two weeks. they are paid civilian workers. they're not police officers and they're not armed. some riders expressed concerns about that. >> i think it's a good idea but if push came to shove they have no real enforcement power or weapons obviously and there's not really a whole lot they can do. sometimes you have a large group of people causing trouble, seems it may have some benefit but could be very ineffective as well. >> i just hope nobody gets hurt. a lot of people don't like to listen to people especially if they're not wearing a badge or
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gun. i just hope that they'll be safe. >> reporter: the community ambassadors will remain on the trains through mid-september. that's when the money for the program runs out. city leaders say they're working on finding other revenue sources to keep the progragoing. in san francisco, ktvu, channel 2 news. an annual peace memorial ceremony held in japan today. on the 65th anniversary the day the u.s. dropped an atomic bomb killing 140,000 people. the u.s. ambassadors to japan attended. that made it the first time ever that an american official has participated. the u.n. secretary general was also at that ceremony where victims of the bombing were honored. gathered outside the gates to mark the 65th anniversary of the bombing. a coalition of peace groups called for the end of nuclear weapons.
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they chose the lab because of the weapons, research and development work that goes on there. among the group was survivor of the bombing. >> i am grateful for thousands of thousands tens of thousands of folks that are giving themselves time and energy. >> the protesters held a moment of silence at 8:15 a.m., the time of the bombing 65 years ago. california is one of several states effected by the recall of one million pounds of ground beef that may be tainted with e. coli. the u.s. department of agriculture announced the recall today by the modesto based valley meat company. officials say seven people may have gotten sick by a rare strain of e. coli after eating that meat. now the meat was produced between early october and mid- january. and there's concern that some consumers may have it in their freezers. the company said on its website this is the first time in its 50 year history that it has had
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to issue a recall. it's a big event in san jose this weekend for people interested in medical marijuana. for the first time ever a cannabis convention called hemp con is coming to the south bay. organizers are promising an educational event with a full weekend of seminars, presentations and hundreds of exhibits. hemp con is going to be held at the san jose convention center's south hall on south market street. it kicks off at 2:00 this afternoon and will run through sunday. they are expecting patients and really anyone interested in medical marijuana. the weekends is here. but if you are hoping for heat to go with the weekend, you may be disappointed. mark joining us now. hi, mark. >> hi. you might have to make a road trip to inland because temperatures there on the warm side. but here in the bay area looks like the fog was still the dominant weather feature especially coast side and around the bay. here's a closer inspection of live storm tracker 2. there we go with the cloud bank pulling back to near the coastline.
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already clearing in parts of san francisco but still stubborn overcast for parts of the shoreline. but already a few breaks in the clouds as well near the head lands and parts of approaching point ray and a few breaks in the clouds near the shoreline as we head into the afternoon hours. a look outside right now looking out toward the bay. here just beautiful with the clouds pulling back to near the golden gate bridge. as far as the temperature pattern, really not a big change from yesterday's high. currently san francisco 60 degrees. fairfield 71. liver more 72 and san jose in the upper 60s at 62. we're sticking with the forecast with cool temperatures for the beaches, warm temperatures inland. pretty much the same pattern this weekend with minor changes in the temperature trend. and then the extended forecast a bit of a bump but no major heat waves inside. keeping all of july cool and at least until the first half of august. we'll stick with this right into the weekend. but the clouds in morning and
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drizzle and partly to mostly sunny skies in the afternoon hours. in fact that's what we have later on today. by 3:00 we could have patchy coastal fog and temperature this is afternoon most areas in this range 58 to 82 degrees. for the evening hours fog increases and already a few patches pushing back into the bay. clear skies inland at least for the evening hours and temperatures this evening mainly mid-50s to mid-60s. pacific 59. san francisco 62. the warmest location toward antioch is 83 this afternoon. san jose 76. and morgan hill at 80 degrees. these temperatures will check in right around 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon. here is a look ahead to your five-day forecast. temperatures into the weekend no major changes here for saturday. more fog for the morning hours. and temperatures could actually cool off for saturday. pretty much the same deal as we head into sunday for the second half of your weekend. and then slightly warmer temperatures for monday and also into tuesday.
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but looks like for coast side right around the bay instead of turning on the ac this weekend you might be turning on the heater. especially for the morning hours because it has been pretty chilly at least between 7:00 and 10:00 . >> i know. it's hard because people are finishing up suntan season and at the pool. >> i know. you wouldn't expect these cool trends in the summer but it's been so long. >> that's not a trend. >> yeah. it's been a constant. >> any heat in the future? >> i would bet on the second half of august right now. >> second half of august. okay. we'll keep waiting. >> yeah, we will. incumbent united states senator barbara boxer and her republican challenger will debate live here in the bay area on september 1st. the debate will be here on ktvu channel 2 news which is hosting the event with the san francisco chronicle and kqed f.m. immediately following an extended version of ktvu's 6:00
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news. randy is going to moderate that debate with a panel of professional journalists asking questions of the democratic and republican nominees. it appears a popular san francisco sandwich shop may be the victim of its own success. a san francisco superior court judge has issued a notice effective august 26th, the order comes after months of complaints from neighbors about the noise inside and the long line outside. the city's planning department says the owner has a permit to run a coffee store, not a restaurant. ike's manager says they tried to be good neighbors. >> we literally have somebody out here eight hours a day walking up and down the line asking people to keep the sidewalk clear, keep their voices down to generally behave and be courteous. >> the manager says if the sandwich shop is forced to move it would take at least six
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months before they would be able to reopen somewhere else. still ahead, tonight will be the end of a line for a long time bay area landmark building and a new beginning for the tunnel. only days away from drilling work to make that.
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a state supreme court says an age discrimination suit against google can go to trial. he was 54 years old when he was fired six years ago. he says co-workers and supervisor called him an old man and a if you have had dedud dewhich showed a bias against older workers throughout the company. google says he was not fired because of his age and says it will prove it does not discriminate when this case goes to trial. today saudi arabia started suspending service on blackberry smart phones. the government ordered services blocked or face a million dollar fine. the ban effects all blackberry users. the government says it took the step because it was concerned about data security. the move comes despite efforts by the company that makes blackberry and the u.s. government which makes relying on them for work. the terminal will shut down for good.
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the bus terminal is to be demolished to make way for a $4 million transbay transit center. still be able to catch buses at a temporary terminal which goes into operation tomorrow morning. the new terminal is scheduled to be completed in about seven years. cal trans contractors will begin carving out the fourth floor of the tunnel on monday. crews will use a 54-foot long digging machine with a rotating cutter to begin the work on highway 24 between oakland. the fourth bore is expected to be completed in late 2013. a new free shuttle service up and running in oakland. the broadway shuttle operates weekdays between jack lennon square and 7th avenue. the program is funded by clean air grants. oakland redevelopment funds and various downtown property owners. ac transit is operating a new service. officials hope it will bring more people into downtown oakland. coming up on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00, governor
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schwarzenegger is in the bay area today to talk with business leaders. find out what he has to say about california's financial picture and the state budget. plus take a look at san francisco's latest piece of public art. the rocket ship is a retro style spacecraft that made its debut at the bernny manifest value. our next newscast is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. have a great friday and a great weekend.
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