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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  August 9, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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a controversial ban on toys in some kids meals goes into effect today. we'll tell you where the new rule applies and why some parents may be confused about it. a car fire causing major problems on 280. we'll tell you more coming up. our unseasonably cool pattern looks like it will continue for a while. we'll have the cool highs coming up. and we following a deadly overnight shooting in front of a popular nightclub in san francisco. we have details just ahead. well, good morning to you. welcome to monday, august 9th. i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. it is cool this morning. >> pamela, you are correct. a little breezy, cool for some. the fog, though -- [ audio
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breaking up ] and temperatures, once the fog breaks up, close to what we had yesterday. 60s. mid70s for some. morgan hill, 78. santa rosa. upper 70s or low 80s well inland. northbound 280, right near ray street, a car, with a van, was blazing away in the two right lanes. the person did get out. but apparently suffered some minor burns as a result of being too close to the car fire. police and fire, along with paramedics are on the scene. and traffic is slowing down here on 280, coming up to downtown san jose. you need to give yourself extra time. southbound 101 on the golden gate bridge looks good. now, let's go back to the desk. topping our news this morning. we are following a story about san francisco, looking for suspects near union square. there was a deadly shooting. one woman was killed. a man and a woman were injured.
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it happened shortly after 9:00 last night, on mason street, near geary. investigators say the three victims were gunned down in a barrage of gunfire outside the ruby skye nightclub. >> in this area, you know, there was a lot of rounds fired. and officers are investigating at this point. authorities have not yet released the name of the woman killed. the other two victims are expected to survive. police say it appears the three victims did not know each other. and it's possible they were not the intended targets. now, ktvu's tara moriarte will have more on the story in our next half hour. also, two young women are recovering from gunshot wounds they suffered after leaving a party at another nightclub in san francisco early this morning. that happened shortly after 2:00 a.m., between fulsom and harrison. the two victims were rushed to sf hospital. their injuries are not believed
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to be serious. police are searching for the two gunmen, who are only described as well dressed. chp wants your help. they are trying to find an armed robber involved in a freeway shooting on 680 in san jose. this happened south of mckie road. investigators say the driver of a white chevy trailblazer fired shots at a silver dodge durango, hitting that car four times and injuring a male passenger in the back seat. the chp describes the gunman as a latino man in his 20s. he had a black goatee and a mustache. the next time you order a kids meal, you may not get a toy. it is a controversial ban that goes into effect this morning in some parts of the bay area. allie rasmus joins us now with the details. >> reporter: the supervisor who supported this say one way to cut down on childhood obesity is to separate toys from the fatty food that is often found
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in fast food kids meals. around a new ordinance that goes into effect today, if it contains more than 450 calories and more than 30% fat, it won't get the toy. one of the most confusing thing for parents may be figuring out which restaurants are affected, since there are only a handful of fast food places in the unincorporated county. a spokesman for mcdonald's says he doesn't believe any mcdonalds will be affected. this ordinance was imposed by supervisor board president ken yeager. it passed in may. and he says santa clara county is the first in the nation to pass a ban like this. he says one in four children in the county are obese. and the goal is to set an example so that other cities and counties can pass similar
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measures. coming up later on, we are expecting to talk with supervisor yeager. we're also trying to track down a list of all of the fast food restaurants in the unincorporated parts of santa clara county, that will no longer be serving toys with some of their kids meals. reporting live, allie rasmus. ktvu news. the woman who says mark herd harassed her, now says she is surprised and saddened that herd has resigned from the company. she said she met herd when she was working for the marketing department. she also said she is a part- time actress and said she and herd have settled their affairs privately. she also said she did not have an affair. the investigators said there was nothing to support her harassment claim. but they found instances where
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herd submitted false reports for meals and travel. including one time that he got paid for work that didn't serve as legitimate business expenses. herd says he relied on his assistants to file the claims and never meant to submit false claims. there are charges against 42-year-old christine shreve- hubs, a married mother of three, allegedly allowed boys to fire pellet guns out of her car. 67 counts of abuse have been lodged against hubs. investigators say it has been going on for two years. police say hubs is a long-time friend of the family. >> it's very difficult. these family members are known in town. she's known in town. and as best as we can, we're preparing the children when they do go back to school. >> reporter: no one was hurt in the pellet gun incidents. but bail for hubs is set at more than $4 million.
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time now, 6:06. san francisco will be more bike friendly. the work starts today to double the number of bike lanes in the city. ktv u's paul chambers joins us live now. he knows all about that. >> good morning, dave. and if you like to ride your bike, you'll have a lot more room here in the city. the first lanes will be down behind me. and as the city of san francisco more than doubles its bike lane mileage. there will be a lot of room here in san francisco. because on friday, a superior court judge lifted a 40-year- old injunction, which blocked the city from lifting the ban. the injunction came about in 2006 when a lawsuit was brought against san francisco, on the grounds that the city leaders did not provide a sufficient enough environmental study. but that's all over now. and when it's all said and done, bicyclists will be able to ride on 34 new miles of lanes. but doing this will mean a loss
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of curb side and parking in some areas. one man we talked to this morning said make figure the city more bike-friendly will serve multiple purposes. >> tough times. people want to save money. and maybe get a little exercise in. so makes it more sensible. >> the mayor will be on hand today, when the first stripe is laid down. this is a long awaited improvement. according to the coalition, who says psycheling -- cycling has increased. this morning, we will talk to bike lift -- bicycle lifts and motorists. i'm paul chambers, ktvu, channel 2 news. 6:08 is the time. sal has been checking 280, san jose, that car fire. how is it going, sal? >> that's right. it's messing up traffic. even though the car fire has been put out.
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280 at ray street, which is north of here, about maybe a mile. and traffic is quickly backing up here on 280. as you drive up to downtown san jose. i would say, if you can -- it's early enough where you can use an alternate route, maybe stevens creek or something else before you get on downtown san jose freeways. or use 101 to 880 and getom that way. get on that way. right now, it's not a good way to go, 280. westbound 84, looks good, getting up to the tunnel. and no major problems. and this morning's drive at the bay bridge toll plaza is light. and checking the old twitter f. you know of any traffic issues, muni, bart. send me a tweet. sal, underscore, cast ned a. >> and you is k send me one, too. sp weather. people are saying, low
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clouds, fog, cool, breezy. i believe san francisco has had low clouds or fog reported every day since the first of july. that's a long stretch to have gray skies and temperatures. being influenced by a strong low in the west. temperatures remain way below average. you have to be pretty far inland to get to those. there's a lot of areas in the 70s. low clouds. sunny and breezy. 86, 2002, the record. you'd think it would be warmer. but no, no, no. oakland, 95 in 2002. almost all were. 77 today, 83 is where they should be. and san jose, 84. not i've been close. 6 degrees-- 62 degrees at mount tam. it's one degree cooler than it was yesterday. mill valley, sonoma, crockett
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vallejo, in the mid-50s. we have 70s on the desert. but 50s and 60s up and down the coast. record low temperatures again on the coast in southern california. oceanside, newport beach, i don't think they got over 67 yesterday. coolest highs ever. tahoe, truckee. numerous reports of hail. and street flooding. and reno, 35 consecutive days of 90 degrees or higher. that also ties a record. we're sitting here cool. they're hot up there. this low here. there's another right there, combining to give the sierra a little more activity. for us, it's just a cool pattern. low overcast. no heat expected. there's nothing this week. that's for sure. morning low clouds and fog, heads back to the coast. and hangs back there. comes right back in. in the evening hours. and overnight into the morning. so slight warming maybe near the end of the week. but that's really going to do it. low clouds, mist, sunny and
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breezy. cool tomorrow. highs 50s, 60s, and 70s. 60s, 70s. for some, mid-70s. concord, danville. santa rosa, 77. fairfield, 76. now, that's cool. that's cool this time of year. and a little warmer thursday and friday. entire 6:11 is the time right now. this morning, the body of a world war ii veteran is coming home. coming up, we'll tell you more about the emotional journey that ends in the bay area today. and coming up, family members of the aid workers killed in afghanistan talk about their sacrifice.
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good morning to you. welcome back. crews are preparing now for the final phase of drilling on the relief well in the gulf of mexico. as bp confirms the cement sealing that original blownout well has hardened. the oil giant is saying that recent tests mean that bp engineers can start drilling the 100 feet of that relief well, meant to close the blowout for good. in fact, it happened by this weekend. a new report also indicates the oil rig had a history of maintenance issues. internal bp documents confirmed almost 400 maintenance jobs that were overdue before april's oil rig explosion. you can get much more coverage of the gulf oil spill by going to our channel 2 website, click on the u.s. and world news tab, right near the top.
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we have an update this morning to an emotional story that dates back 60 years. the recently identified body of a world war ii service member arrives back home. it arrives at 6:30 this morning. back in 1944, 20-year-old sergeant john bonnadpllt ssiolle was flying over oakland when it was shot down. for years, his sister tried to get them to find his body. using dna, they identified his remains. tomorrow, he'll be buried with full honors in colma. the air force will provide a fly-by in his honor. allison burns joins us now from our washington, d.c. newsroom with the latest on aid workers killed. >> reporter: good morning to you, pam. that's right.
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and a dentist, an optometrist, a nurse. we are learning more this morning about these aid worker that were killed in afghanistan. 10 of them were on their way to set up a medical camp in northern afghanistan. six of them were americans. they were all volunteers. and the team leader, tom little had lived in the country for thirst year -- 30 years. his widow says he'll be buried there. >> he gave his life, the best years of his life, you know, to bring medical care to afghan people. and he'll be buried in a christian cemetery, right there in kabul. >> reporter: in fact, five of the 10 victims want to be buried in afghanistan, but the fbi is complicating that wish. it's flying all of the bodies to the united states for autopsies first. now, the u.s. military is stepping up its outreach in northern afghanistan. an area once thought to be much safer. reporting live from washington, d.c., allison burns, ktvu,
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channel 2 news. time now, 6:15. what we know this week, if gay couples here in california will be allowed to start marrying. the judge who overturned the same sex marriage ban could issue a stay, blocking same sex marriages from resuming while that issue is appealed. governor schwarzenegger and attorney general jerry brown are both urging the judge to allow the judge to let the marriages to resume immediately. it's taken years to get here. but this morning, a massive machine is set to start work on the fourth bore of the caldecott tunnel. drilling is set to begin at 10:00. the 130-ton, 50-foot long machine will start from the east side, with engineers expecting to drill about 10 feet a day. the entire two-lane tunnel will be about 3200-feet long. caltrans hope toss have it open for traffic in about three years. >> that will be interesting. time now, 6:18.
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let's see what sal is saying about our morning commute. >> we have been watching highway 24, coincidentally. and remember, we had a car fire on 280. they cleared it, got everyone out of the way. now, 280 has completely recovered, which is great in downtown san jose. also this morning's commute, traffic is moving as well. and this morning's commute on north and southbound 880, it's also looking very nice. so we're off to a nice start for this monday. 6:19. here's steve. on this monday, gray skies. another night of cold lows. temperatures are running slightly warmer. not much complication. there's so much gray out there. overcast conditions will make it a tough day to warm up. if you are looking for warmer weather, you have to head inland. big low up in seattle, portland. i mean, that's a big one for this time of year. and that has lifted fog. and that keeps the wind cranking along. another low in nevada, which
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fired up thunderstorms around the sierras yesterday. 54 in the city now. 57 at 9:00. 60 at noon. we'll did for a high -- go for a high of 63. what's new there? around the bay, 60s and 70s. and inland, mid- to upper 70s in areas that should be around 90 this time of year. 54 to san rafay -- san rafael. not much changing. look at that big low up there. until that cools out, we stay very cool. cool to mild. if you're in the sun and it's a wind-protected area, it's not bad. it can be all right. but there's a lot of low clouds in keeping with the wind. was it cranking up yesterday or what? another sunny day. continues through wednesday. and a slight rebound on some of those afternoon inland temps thursday and friday. 6:20. we want to check in on president obama right now. these are live pictures at the white house. see those guys around him?
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those are the super bowl champs, new orleans saints. and the president has welcomed him to the white house. and they're smiling. he's happy. we're going to listen to the president. >> lisa jackson. from eva. secretary donovan from hud. craig fugate from fema. we've got a few very proud members of congress with us, senator mary landrieu. and representative steve scalise, are in the house. congratulations to the owner, tom benson, who has led this team. >> all right. the saints, by the way, are there not only to celebrate the fact that they won the super bowl, but taking part in first lady michelle obama's program on childhood obesity. it's called let's move 60. they are helping the president and first lady and encouraging
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kids to be healthy and athletic. >> seems like a pretty good example there. all right. this morning, crude oil prices are climbing again. oil is selling for nearly $82 a barrel in european trade. that is after prices fell from the u.s. jobs report. some analysts say prices seem influenced by technical. air traffic fell by 1.8% last year. the decline was biggest in europe, where traffic was down more than 5%. but the number of travelers was up more than 7.5% in the middle east. airports on the asian pacific rim, and the caribbean also saw it increase. photos first believed to be shot by ansel adams. but a bay area woman says she has the real story that puts everything into focus. and electric car owners in the bay area have new reason to get all charged up.
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good morning. 2:37. so far, so good. driving west. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather straight ahead. >> so, ah, your seat good?
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got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru. welcome back to the morning news. the u.s. chamber of commerce is
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supporting carly fiorina in her senate campaign. chambers announced the endorsement this record and will highlight her record. fiorina says she plans to cut taxes and help businesses. a recent field poll shows boxer with 47% of the vote, versus fiorina's 44%. a car may soon have betterax sez to charging stations. funds will support 3,000 home charging stations, 2,000 public charging stations and 50 charging stations near highways. your time is now 6:26. we've got a follow-up now on a very intriguing story on about a fresno man who claims photos he bought at a garage sale are the long, lost images of famed
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photographer ansel adams. all along, there has been question about them. but now there is new doubt. marian said the pine tree photo was taken by her uncle, earl brooks. she turned it and other prints which appeared to match the disputed ones over to a group of bay area ansel adams experts who have concluded that they are not the work of the famed photographer. >> my conclusion is that they are uncle earl's. they are earl brooks'. >> but the man who found them said his expert concluded that they are ansel adams. if it turns out the photos were taken by ansel adams, this clekd could be worth hundreding of -- hundreds of millions of dollars. responsible for an horrific overnight attack. we'll have details when we come back. also, san francisco police
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are looking for a suspect in a shooting in union square. and there are signs that europe is recovering. we'll get ready for the opening bell.
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welcome back to the morning news. there's the opening bell live in new york this morning. looks like a pretty good opening, following a decent rally overseas in europe, after signs of a recovery there. later today at the new york stock exchange, dora the explorer will be visiting. nickelodeon. you've watched some dora the
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explorer. >> i'm sure. we'll get to those numbers in just a moment. >> we'll just push on ahead and smile and say good morning to you. welcome to the ktvu morning news. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. with a violent night in san francisco, one person is dead, three others wounded after two overnight shootings outside nightclubs. ktvu's tara moriarte is live with the latest. >> reporter: well, good morning, pam. we're here in front of ruby skye, a very popular nightclub, just blocks from union square. in front of this is where the deadly shooting happened. but the club was closed. it's closed on sundays. however, next door, to the left, is a speak-easy called slide. and that was open for business. one woman was killed, two others shot between 9:00 and 9:15. here on mason, near geary. police believe that none of the victims knew each other and say it is possible the victims were
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not the intended targets. now, hours after that shooting, south of market, there was more violence, just before 2:00 in the morning, two young women suffered gunshot wounds, after leaving the 1015 nightclub. according to the 1015 security manager, the girls had left the club and were walking on columbia avenue, between harrison and fulsom, when they got caught in the crossfire of two men arguing. their injuries are not believed to be serious. we spoke to 1015 security manager just a couple of minutes ago, go -- about the club's policies. >> about 20 people working security. i had 20. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: now, back in july, a man was killed during a fight outside jelly's nightclub near
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the ballpark. the second homicide there in about two years. that violence spurred a crackdown on san francisco nightclubs. now, this week, mayor gavin newsom is expected to sign a measure into law, giving the city's entertainment commission, the power to revoke a venue's operating perpt. particular -- permit. particularly, thursday, friday, and saturday night, police will be checking to make sure they are complying with lighting. back here, there is a security camera mounted underneath the ruby's sign. police will probably be using that to determine more of what happened here. once again, however, ruby skye was closed when this happened. it is not believed to be linked in any way to the shooting. we're live in san francisco, tara moriarte, ktvu, channel 2 news. oakland police say five people were wounded in a drive- by shooting. that happened just before 11:00 11:00p.m. investigators say the gunman may have used an automatic weapon. all five victims are expected to survive.
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and police are still looking for suspects and witnesses. a hayward family is upset this morning after an alameda county sheriff's deputy shot and killed their pit bull. that happened last night, on cherry way. the dog's owner tells us here at ktvu, that his mother was taking the dog out for a walk when it all happened. he said she opened the door and the dog ran out. shortly thereafter, the dog came upon a sheriff's deputy. >> got to about right around the corner. by the mailboxes. and he seen the officer. and i guess he started walking towards the officer. and my mom told the officer, he's not a mean dog. and he shot him. >> now, the owners claim that their dog, who had only three legs, was usually an indoor dog. he was shot seven times. the alameda county sheriff's department, which is confirming the shooting, says it will have more to say about this case later today. time now, 6:34, three bank robbers in cupertino are still
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on the loose, despite an extensive police search. the bank was robbed about noontime saturday. the three gunmen got away with an unknown amount of cash. k-9 units from sunnyvale and san jose, were called in, and a chp helicopter also joined in on the search. the discovery of two oriental fruit flies last week in milipitas is forcing the agriculture department to start spraying today in milipitas and fremont. it will cover about a 12-square- mile area. with scott creek road on the east. great mall parkway on the south. and center road on the west. the oriental fruit fly is considered to be an exotic pest. it infests more than 200 types of fruits and vegetables. including tomatoes, avocados, and citrus. if you still hold your cell phone to talk and text while driving. we have a warning for you this morning. law enforcement agencies across the state are planning a one-
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day crackdown tomorrow to catch distracted drivers. chp says those drivers are responsible for the highest number of crashes caused by drivers not paying attention. seeing someone weaving in and out of a lane. there's a couple of possibilities. are they falling asleep? are they under the influence of alcohol or drugs? as you get closer, you notice they are either texting or talking on the phone. >> chp says in the last two years, more than 1200 crashes statewide have involved cell phones. those crashes killed 16 people and injured another 850. a second statewide crackdown will take place on august 18th. time now, 6:36. cyclists have a reason to celebrate this morning. work begins to double the number of bike lanes in san francisco. ktv u's paul chambers has more. >> reporter: cyclists have things to celebrate. motorists, on the other hand, not so much. because they're losing roadways
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among other things, as the city prepares 30 bike lanes, miles of bike lanes here in san francisco. a superior court judge lifted a 4-year-old injunction, which blocked the city from moving forward with its plan for dozens of new bike lanes. the injunction came about in 2006, when a lawsuit was brought against san francisco, on the grounds city leaders didn't do a sufficient environmental study. now, with the injunction being lifted, the city is able to install three or four new bike lanes. one man is happy because he says it will make biking in the city much safer. >> i think safety should be number 1. and there are a lot of cyclists in san francisco that rely on their bike to get to work. and i'm one of them. and it is a little bit of a tradeoff. but i think it's worth it. >> and that tradeoff will be a loss of curb side parking and traffic lanes in some areas. some of the streets that will be affected are townsend, market, north point and ocean
6:38 am
avenue. according to san francisco bicycle coalition, says cycling has increased in the city, 53% since the injunction was put in place 53 years ago. the mayor is set to be in place when the first stripe is put in place here. we're not sure what all 34 miles will be added. but dave, pam, i say this, and i'm serious about this. i think we should get our bikes out, tool around the city and see exactly how safe it is. what do you guys think? >> i think that's a great idea. >> but we can't keep up with you, paul. >> i'll slow down. i'll slow down, i promise. >> i have a cool little beach cruiser. i'll join you out there. >> okay. time now, 6:38. sal, what is happening in contra costa county? >> we're starting with highway 24. and westbound traffic is doing okay. although it should get a little slower as you get to the tunnel. remember, they start drilling the new tunnel today. woo hoo.
6:39 am
a lot of people who drive highway 24, very excited about this. let's go out and take a look at the westbound bay bridge. that traffic is backed up to about the middle of the parking lot. and there are no major problems on northbound 101. although it's a little more clouded. i think some people are avoiding 280 because of an earlier problem at ray street. 280 looks good. >> here's steve. all right, sal. thank you. and big fog bank. look at this. fairfield is overcast. fairfield is overcast. and they have a west wind, west/southwest to 22 miles an hour. if they have low clouds, you know we're done. can't get that warm. very close to yesterday's highs. 70s inland, in areas that should be upper 80s and 90s. even vacaville has a southwest at 5. there's a lot of low clouds there. i just show that area because it's straight out to the delta. delta breeze has definitely established itself. and en low clouds make it to fairfield, travis air force
6:40 am
base, that's a cool push. cool air in place. locked in for a while. close to the coast in bailem. windy at times. and you get a difference in pressure grades. starting to get a little difference in temperatures. sunny, but only in the 60s and 70s. almost for everybody across the board. the cloud deck just has lifted up a couple thousand feet. helped along by a very strong low, up in the pacific northwest. that means areas that are far inland. like sacramento. struggle to get into the mid- 80s. right here. that's coming in. any time of year, except right now, we'd probably be saying, well, now, looks like rain. it might be strong enough to chew up this fog bank as we head towards tuesday and wednesday. but today, it's there in full force. very similar temperatures yesterday. i did bump san francisco up two because their low is going about two degrees warmer. 76 today. no change for oakland. san jose, 78. 76. santa rosa.
6:41 am
mount tamalpais is at 62. mid-50s, mill valley. sonoma, crockelt vallejo. 52, ukiah. sacramento, 56. and even they'll be around 85. not much. and maximum temperatures set on the coast in california. i think it was newport beach and oceanside, only hit 67 for a high yesterday. coolest highs ever recorded for the day. couple of lows, one in nevada. that triggered up thunderstorm activity around tata hoe of the- - tahoe yesterday. and that other low, right there, coming interest portland. a combination of those two, meaning no heat in sight. that's a cool pattern that has established itself. low overcast. breezy, drizzle. but leaves behind some rather cool and way below-average highs. slightly cooler toward the end of the week.
6:42 am
low clouds, fog. 70s for many. 60s for others. close to the beaches. and it doesn't look like we're going to warm up any time soon. although near the end of the week, maybe a little bit. >> thank you, steve. 6:41 is the time now. apple says one of its hottest products may be too hot. we'll tell you why the silicon valley company has issued a safety warning. also, santa clara county's controversial fast food toy ban takes effect today. we'll tell you about it.
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well, good morning to you. welcome back. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following now. 6:44. the work starts today on some of san francisco's new bike lanes. on friday, a judge agreed with the city and its long legal fight to make the streets of san francisco more bike friendly. that ruling will add more than 34 new bike lanes. just a couple of minutes ago, the remains of a world war ii serviceman came home to the bay area. it took years for sergeant john bonnassiole's sister to get the german authorities to locate where his plane had gone down. he will be buried in colmawith full military honors. and a humanitarian group says it has no plans to leave
6:46 am
afghanistan despite the murder of six of its medical team. the taliban said it killed them for, quote, spying and preaching christianity. it's something the group denies. fire started yesterday afternoon in santa clarita and was put out a few hours later. deputies say the boy confessed to accidentally sparking the fire when he dropped a lighter in dry brush while he was smoking pot. two other people who refused to move away from the fire were also arrested for obstructing firefighters. it's less than 10 days before the start of the school year in petaluma. the department is bringing in more community service officers and volunteers for the first two days of school. the safe root -- routes to traffic safety operation will take place august 17th for the waugh school district and 18th
6:47 am
for the petaluma school district. controversial fast food toy ban takes effect today. allie ras mus joins us now. >> reporter: good morning, dave. this ordinance may be difficult for parents to understand. first of all, it only applies to the unincorporated part of the county this. carl's junior, for example, is in santa clara county, but also in city limits. the new ordinance doesn't apply here. the other thing is figuring out which kids meals will be restricted from getting a toy, and which ones can get a toy. we did a little experiment here at carl's junior -- [ no audio ] >> all right. we'll get back to allie rasmus in just a moment. that was allie rasmus reporting live from santa clara. more details coming up shortly. >> it's kind of confusing as to which restaurants are affected. so it's very interesting. right now, we want to check in with sal on traffic.
6:48 am
hopefully, traffic is not interesting. i think people like it to be boring. >> i think they do. as a matter of fact, there is not a lot going on. let's go outside. i want to show you that traffic is going to be okay here on highway 4, baypoint, with no major problems. as a matter of fact, traffic is moving along pretty well. getting up to the willow pass grade. also, this morning, we're looking at highway 24. and again, traffic looks very nice, all the way through the tunnel and into oakland. two tunnels open in the westbound direction, of course. and at the toll plaza, there is a small delay here. after you pay the money, there are no delays into san francisco. it's 6:48. here's steve. >> all right, sal. thank you. and a happy monday. fog is up there, way up there. 2500, 3,000 feet. the national weather service in sacramento was talking about how deep this fog bank is. so if you know they're mentioning it, it has to be. and it's already made its way to fairfield. that's a strong surge. they're also talking about the
6:49 am
thunderstorms popping up over the sierra. had a pretty good storm south of lake tahoe. for us, though, it's fog and low clouds on the go. 54 in san francisco. we'll go 57 and 60. and a high of 63 today. low clouds, fog and mist. temperatures, you're saying it has to be cooler than normal. boy, i'll say. no doubt about it. 63 in san francisco. 68 is average. forecasted high, santa rose 77. should be 83. mountain view, 71. san jose, 76. should be 74. i think for the fair, this has to be the coolest stretch they've had. most of the records were 2002. 58, palo alto. and san jose, 58. a little numerology here. there you go. 42 in tahoe. things have calmed down. things will pop up a little more. probably on the cool side.
6:50 am
56, ukiah. another cool pattern up and down the coast. there goes one low. the main low is controlling our weather up there. and that is showing signs of actually dipping into northern california, which for this time of year, deserves say wow but that's keeping us below average. you get the sun. if you're in the sun and it's a wind-protected area, it's okay. but definitely, we're way below average on these temps. if anything, maybe slightly below average. 6:50 is the time now. apple says it will post warnings on its website about older nanos. there have been 61 cases of overheating batteries in first generation nanos, sold in 2005 and i could two. -- and 2006. a notice about battery replacement has been on apple's website.
6:51 am
but it requires several quicks. so the japanese government required apple to make it more prominent. no plans to ban black berries -- blackberries. the united arab emirates says it will follow suit in october. bahrain says there are legitimate concerns but a ban is not a good answer. blackberry says it is working with saudi arabia to get around the security worries. let's check in on wall street. here's a look at the new york board. a little gain there. the dow jones up seven points. nasdaq and s&p 500, up slightly. not as high as expected, after a bit of a rally this morning, still going on in europe, after signs of a speedy or at least a faster recovery than expected. but we'll keep watching the numbers throughout the morning. >> all right. time now, 6:51. let's go back to ktvu's allie
6:52 am
rasmus. she's in santa clara county, where you've been telling us about a controversial fast food toy ban that starts today. >> reporter: yeah, dave. i was in the middle of showing you a demonstration when we got cut off. this toy restriction applies to kids meals that have more than 485 calories and more than 65 milligrams of sodium. so we got this and looked up the nutritional information. if you buy the cheeseburger and the fries that, puts you over the 480 calorie limit. you don't get a toy. however, if you skip the fries and get just the cheeseburger and orange juice, you will get the toy. this may be confusing for parents, as wellas for workers in the restaurant who figure out on a case-by-case basis. santa clara health authorities will be in charge of enforcing the restrictions. and charges could range from
6:53 am
$200 to $2,000. a statistic four kids in santa clara county are obese. and he says the start should be separating the toys, the rewards, from the fatty foods that often come from these fast food kids meals. reporting live from ktla, allie rasmus. >> we'll be right back. stay with us.
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welcome back. time to look for what's coming up on 2. we're working to get more information on two shootings at nightclubs. we'll have more to crack down on club violence as well. plus, find out why there are concerns this morning about the safety of new express lanes set to open on interstate 680. we're also going to continue to monitor san francisco's federal court, where a judge could lift the suspension of his ruling against proposition 8, which would then allow gay couples to get married again. time now, 6:56. tomorrow will mark one year since 6-year-old hassani campbell has disappeared. they opened this new office, the citizens for the lost society, has organized
6:57 am
searchers, vigils and fundraisers. police arrested hassan ii's faster father and mother. no charges were filed. they were eventually released. nearly everyone agrees, he's the greatest receiver in football history. if you missed it, jerry rice entered the nfl hall of fame. he entered with several others. our ktvu website has an entire section dedicated to jerry rice and his induction into the hall of fame. just go to -- go to see what's happening in oakland. >> 880 and traffic looking good on 880 in both directions. at the toll plaza, westbound traffic does look good so far. now, here's steve. >> well, gray skies. and there's a lot of fog. that means cool conditions. 60s, 70s. coast and bay.
6:58 am
maybe warmer. we're way below average now. this will be the fifth month in a row if it continues. >> i have noticed. >> i think a lot of people have. >> it's just really odd. >> i'm thinking we'll go back to school. and have this huge heat wave. >> you're probably right. thank you for watching. thank you, mornings on 2 coming up next. we're following a number of stories. again, here's a live picture in san francisco. overnight violence outside nightclubs. we'll get a live report. also, we're in santa clara. there's an issue about banning toys inside fast food products. stay tuned. mornings on 2 comes your way next.
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