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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  August 10, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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phones. good morning. thank you for waking up with us. it's tuesday august south. >> let's check your weather and traffic. here is steve. >> thank you very much pam and dave. we do have more low clouds and fog but it should burn off rather soon for the inland areas. over by the coast it's just too much in the way of low clouds and fog and temperatures there 60s. low to mid 70s north bay. steve right now westbound interstate 80 is bad. also this morning we're looking at the 880 freeway that traffic looks good in both directions. now back to the desk. we have breaking news first. we want to take you to live pictures of our roof camera. you are looking at a peer fully engulfed in flames. these are live pictures we're
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looking at right now. fire crews arrived on the scene the smoke you can see it from interstate 880. a peer is on fire right now. we have one of our crews heading there right now. we'll bring you a live report from that scene as soon as they get there. also this morning a suspect is in jail in the fatal shooting of a german tourist in the ktvu tara join us now. >> reporter: san francisco police acted swiftly zeroing in on the accused killer. thanks toon eyewitness account. they arrested 18-year-old phillip stewart just 24 hours after the deadly shooting. last night shortly before 7:00 a distraught stefan schroeer grabbed a flight.
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they were walking back from their hotel when a stray bullet struck her and killed her. a dance party just let out when a gunfight erupted and she was caught in a cross fire. hotel says the husband still appeared to be in shock when they left. it was the coup's first trip to san francisco celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. >> some of the things he didn't want to take because it was too hard for him. >> reporter: two teenagers from san francisco were also jerked in this shooting. the german con sol late called the shooting unfortunate. police have been questioning four other teenagers in this case but released them last night. they did recover a weapon from the scene. police are still revealing surveillance video. the mayor has praised the
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reaction from the cab driver hey oric. he took down the license plate number called 911 and followed the car as long as he could. back here live as the investigation continues we'll bring you updates and as far as we have a little bit more information about her background. live in san francisco tara. this morning police in oakland are look in suspect after a shooting. both victims are expected to survive but it's still not clear what lead up to that shooting. also in oakland a tent standoff ended peacefully last night. a man barricaded himself inside a home. he surrounderred to police after holding five children for several hours. the standoff began yesterday evening after officers responded to a domestic
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disturbance call. no one was hurt. an announcement of the disabean of campbell. his foster father lewis ross told police that he vanished from a car parked in oakland's rockland area. he arrested ross and foster mother on suspicion of murder. both were released for lack of evidence. one organize of a search says shebelis the foster participants are holding back information. >> we need justice. we need to find his body and justice for him. >> search organizes performed a 4:00 p.m. rally today. one million pounds of ground beef is being recalled and now the california department of health is warning about possible e coli
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contamination. valley meat is recalling the ground beef product. it includes frozen ground beef patties that has the code est82 you est8268 inside. it was sold to small markets and grocery stores around california and three other states. for more information and a complete list of the products being recalled you can check out our website at just look for the recall heading under the business section. time now 5:50 the ch be is out there. they are watching today. the cell phones are the number one calls of distracked drewing accident accidents. the cmp will ticket -- the chp will ticket those drivers without a hands free device.
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the fines could be as high as $4200 for a first offense. right now it's 5:05. >> good morning. many of us who come to work here at jacqueline square this morning had a little bit of a surprise the circus train is in town. stopped near jacqueline square. it blocked traffic for several hours before dawn. the so-called greatest show on earth begins tonight at the oracle arena. that train is very frustrating when the train stopped there. we got to see all the buses and stuff on the tracks. that was cool. 5:06 let's go to the east shore freeway. that traffic looks okay. no major problems. bay privilege to is light coming into san francisco and
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this morning on northbound 280 up to highway 17. 5:06 here is steve. thanks. another system dropping down from the pacific northwest. we'll keep that fog rolling around. temperatures very close to where they have been the last two weeks this time. that is low 50s to mid 50s. san jose to 56. 45 up in tahoe. 52 in month ray. 50s up and down the coast until they hit san diego. a strong low sitting up in the pacific northwest just near the oregon border. morning clouds sunny and breezy. cool to warm. highs 50s, 60s along the coast. still there is a pretty decent sea breeze at fairfield. temperatures staying below average at least away from the coast. it does look like it will be warmer toward the end of the week. thank you steve.
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this morning a small tsunami toughed off in the south pacific. the island is located off of australia north eastern coast. more than halfway toward the island of fee dwi. so far there have been no ward on any significant damage or injuries. we'll keep watching. time now just turning 5:08. what is going on with california's budget mess? a lot of people want answers and you may get some in san jose. as for the national economy new ideas will be discussed today. we have the details. . >> and the house has interrupted a summer break. i'll show you what's at steak for california. good morning. westbound 80 traffic moving along very well.
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we'll tell you more about the morning commute coming up.
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bp engineers say they are close to finishing the relief well in the gulf of mexico. the drilling is within 100 feet of its target. the relief well could be completed by friday. then crews plan to pour mud and
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cement to fill the oil well. time now 5:11 emergency session of house democrats in washington is set for this morning to pass a bill aimed at saving hundreds of thousands of jobs. ktvu allyson burns is live. >> reporter: good morning to you. bay area lawmakers say 13,500 teaching jobs and thousands more public teaching jobs will be saved in california. nancy pelosi took the rare step from calling the house back from a summer break. today's vote will provide $26 billion to cash strapped states. the secretary of education says schools across the country desperately need the money this fall. >> we will keep those teachers
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teaching. we'll be able to do more in terms of after school. >> reporter: democrats are cutting food stamps to pay for the state budget bailout. while the house members are back, they are likely to take up a $600 million bill to beef up border security. the voting gets under way in a little less than two hours. reporting live from washington, d.c.. governor schwarzenegger is planning to appeal. the judge issued a temporary restraining order yesterday saying there was serious questions about the legality of the furloughs. the governor ordered 300 state employees to take one day each month. well the governor will likely mention the furlough ruling when he discusses the
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state budget crisis. schwarzenegger will speech before the commerce. he is likely he outlined in today's l.a. times. he writes he is determined to revive california's economy with a budget that cuts spending and holds down taxes. state lawmakers are still in a fierce budget battle. late last night state lawmakers passed a pair of bills that will pull a water bond off the november ballot. governor swats neigher and others pulled for the bond to be post spokenned until 2010. the bond will pay for updates to the state's water delivery system. it goes to the governor and he is likely to sign it. new time now 5:14. 100 soldiers will be reunited with their families. they will touch down this
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afternoon. the soldiers have spent the past year supporting operation iraqi freedom. this by the way was their second tour in iraq. and after more than 60 years of an incredible journey, the world war two airman will be laid to rest. john of oakland will be buried this morning in cole ma. something his family has waited for for years. he was flying a bombing mission over germany when his plane was shut down. his sister contacted german authorities. they used dna tests to identify his repains. they will be with full military honors. the air force will perform a fly over in his honor. long overdue. 5:15 is the time. let's check in with sal. we had circus trains and fires we could see. >> that's right. all kinds of stuff right now on the commute.
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it's pretty mild. if you're driving on the freeway let's take a look at what we have. we have a report of a crash on westbound 92 at the to plaza. traffic is not effected. in fact they can't even find it. we don't have to worry about it anymore they went out there and couldn't find it. let's move along and take a look at westbound 24 driving through the tunnel. that traffic looks very nice. and southbound 880 there is an accident on the right shoulder. you will see some activity. here is steve. >> we're looking at another big fog bank out there. that is starting to move locally inland. there are several changes. so a little bit of high pressure building in. burn off the fog slightly sooner. away from the coast should get slightly warmer as well. still below average. 52-58 though. 50z in the valley. there is still a decent breeze.
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low clouds cover almost everybody expect concord. system to the north right there coming down has been dominating our weather. there are signs by the weekend we might get a little warm up here including the coast which would be cause for breaking news. we'll ease into that. morning clouds gives away to sunny breezy conditions. cool to warm. 60s and 70s along the bay. again there is enough of a west, southwest wind it just can't get that warm or above average on the temps. morning fog into thursday. it does look like a little bit of a warmup. all signs point to a brief one. >> thank you steve. european markets are starting the day mostly lower following the lead of investigators in asia.
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the shanghai coposit lost. that's an indication that the rapid expansion of the world's number three economy is cooling off a built. checking in on wall street likely to be an interesting day as ben bernanke we'll talk about that in a moment. here's where we start the day. dow jones up 45 points. the nasdaq and s & p posting some gains. this morning federal reserve ben bernanke and colleagues will discuss ways to jump start the economic recovery without worrying wall street. it could use money from the feds investment and mortgage security to buy back government debt on a small scale. that could help drive down long- term interest rates. results of the meet willing be announced shortly after 11:00 our time this morning. officials say they saved
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more than $300,000 by changing how county vehicles are used. the county fleet of vehicles traveled more than 2.5 million miles million officials say the average vehicle gets 20 miles an hour. the average gas price is $3. so the county saved an estimated $369,000. the county is also servicing those vehicles every 6,000 miles instead of the old schedule of every 4,000 miles. 5:19. time right now same sex couples are waiting for an important ruling will the matter go all the way to the top court? also elephants walking through oakland. you can see that this morning. some are excited. some are angry. we'll tell you about it. southbound 680 traffic
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low clouds and fog cover the bay. once they burn back upper 70s to low 80s. same sex couples hoping to tie the knot remain in a holding pattern. california's proposition eight is unconstitutional. his decision on whether gay
5:23 am
marriages can begin again his ruling is appealed could come any day now. it seems there is also a very real possibility the same sex issue will not reach the supreme court afterall but could end here. >> it rules in favor of the proponents the court may not take it. >> if the prop-8 fight dies here at the supreme court that leaves america with a patch work of marriage laws some allowing same sex marriage some not. legal experts say that shouldn't be seen as unusual as states already have differing laws regarding hetero sexual marriage. they want the irs to require the couples to use the same rules as iodous for
5:24 am
heterosexual couples. the california system is more fair and allows the state to set rules for special laws. later this morning the wringling brothers will kick off its tradition at the elephant walk. they have released images that show circus elephants being abused. the people for ethical treatment of animals keep baby elephants changed up every day and use what they call painful techniques to train them. one video shows a handler repeatedly hitting a line of elephants with bull hooks. >> this video is so amazing this is per a perfect example -- is a perfect example of
5:25 am
animal abuse. >> we use a lot of positive reenforcement. >> animal activist plan to hold protests at the circus which hopes tomorrow. we have a live update on the peer fire that can be seen from miles away. it has been one year since little hah sam my campbell disappeared. and oakland police agreed to contract discussions but the big decision involves the ballot box. good morning if you're driving on the freeway southbound 101 looking pretty good coming from nevada. tell you more about the morning community straight ahead.
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welcome back. this is the ktvu morning news. >> i want to take you right out to alameda where we have breaking news this morning. a fire we have been watching. paul chambers is on the scene of that fire and joins us with hopefully more information. what have you been able to find out? >> i have very limited information. i was trying to talk to the chief and pio. he's pretty busy right now. there is a peer on -- there is a pier on fire. they are waiting for a fire
5:29 am
boat to come out here. the pier is burning underneath. we are off of by that vista road. the smoke is coming out pretty well here. they have a ladder truck on top of this. they are trying to get a boat to come out here to put it on underneath. it's a pier that is burning underneath us here. this is starting before 5:00 this morning. there are several trucks out here on the scene. we're waiting for the chief to talk to me to give me more information. i will give it to you as soon as we're able to deliver it. once again it is a pier that is on fire. basically there are flames popping up again. you cannot see it that well through the television. we are on top of it. there is a lot of smoke in this area. i will get more information as
5:30 am
soon as i have it. i promise you i will get along and pass it to you. i'm paul chambers. >> thank you. time now 5:30 other news right now today marks one year since 6-year-old hassani campbell disappeared. the police are supposed to release an update on their investigate. ally is with a woman that has been organizing a search for this little boy. >> reporter: we are outside the head quarters for citizen for loss foundation. it's a nonprofit organize dedicated to find missing persons. sherry lynn miller is one of the cofounders of this organization. it has been one year since hassani campbell has been missing. tell us what you have planned to reunit public interest in this case. >> at 3:00 our foundation will
5:31 am
be meeting with tom rogers the district of attorney's offense in hopes we will be lead in the right direction of where we can continue to search. at 4:00 we'll have a public rally outside the district attorney's office. own from there we'll go to college avenue press we are tier january church. >> reporter: workers were inside your shop to help make fliers and generate public interest. what are your hopes from new information that can come out today from the attorneys office or police? >> our hope is to hear they are moving forward in the case and it's close to a resolution. our main thing from day one has to bring hassani home. whatever it takes to bring him home that is what we want. >> reporter: thank you so much for talking with us.
5:32 am
sherry lynn miller one of the cofounders. later on this morning as we mentioned earlier we are expecting to get an update on this case from one of the lieutenant detectives that has been working the case for the past year. and we'll ask about new information that was reported this weekend. when they reinterviewed lewis ross that was his foster father. at one point he had been arrested and detained. it sounds like police are continuing their work and interviewing him. reporting live. new details emerged in court about a livermother woman that is accused of having sex with two teenage boys. faces 67 felony counts accused of sexually assaulting two boys ages 14 and 15. a court document says her relationship with the first boy started in december of 2008
5:33 am
while he was date her daughter. hubbs did not introa plea and bail is set at $4.3 million. we are learning more about the legal efforts to move the murder trial out of alameda county. are accused of killing the veteran bay reporter in oakland. they are asking for a change of venue due what they call the massive news coverage here in the bay area. they called the motion premature. you can get new information on this case by going to and click on the bay trial tab. oakland police have agreed to a new contract opinion requires them to pay more money into their pension plan and work longer before they can
5:34 am
retire. however, this is not a done deal. it's far from a done deal. these concessions are depending on oakland voters passing a par cell tax. >> it brings the 80 officers back that were laid off and keeps the 122 threatened be laid off it keeps them here. >> that parcel tax is $360 per year. ac transit officials say the bus route is on route. hundreds of bus drivers were calling in sick after management imposed a new contract with new work rules. but last week a judge ordered the old contract reinstated. the two sides return to court tomorrow. 122 drivers called in sick yesterday. it has been higher than the usual average of 100 sick calls
5:35 am
per day. if you're heading toward sac sac on interstate 80 a new paving project is under way. cal tran says crews are working between 7:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. seven days a week. some ramps connecting interstate 80 to highway 113 will also be repaved. the project should wrap up by the end of the year. >> our time now 5:35 let's check in with sal. sal everything pretty calm. >> everything is pretty calm and of course if i don't know about something the best way to do it is let me know where. you can go go to twitter and see our twitter address underneath our line there. go ahead and get that send me something especially if your a public transit writer. let's take a look at interstate 280. that traffic is looking pretty
5:36 am
good with no major problems heading out toward the downtown area. as a matter of fact it looks pretty good on northbound 280 getting up to highway 17. northbound 24 driving up to the tunnel not a bad drive at all. you can see traffic is getting a little busier. and we have the maps up to show you nevada everything is all green. the maps are color coded we don't have a lot going on. like wise richmond traffic is moving well on interstate 80 so far. here is steve. >> i had very good weather tweets. >> you just sent one now. >> i did. we have another system digging down through the pacific northwest. very impressive. usually you don't get a very strong low driving down in august. that's what is going on. i think there will be enough here to take care of the fog sooner. morning clouds and sunny. there are subtle hints and fog will burn off sooner.
5:37 am
inland tips tough. if you want warmer weather keep your fingers crossed. we may get a warmup. slightly warmer air loft. the sea breeze is less than yesterday as well. a couple of signs showing the fog burning off sooner and warmer. valley 52. say know ma 53. mid 50s pleasanton. reno 65. their high of 89 broke a string of 35 consecutive days of 90 or higher. they tied records but did not set one. 56 sacramento. system again right there once that moves out that will be by thursday or friday and then the high will build in. until then we have to deal with the cool as a rule as we say. unless you are far away from the coast still getting in the
5:38 am
upper 80s and low 90s. that system is giving an unseasonally cool pattern. still lots of fog. a little breezy inland. lit be breezy but warm. mild to warm. if you're in the sun more wind. morning clouds sunny and breezy. warm i won't say hot it's getting up there. 83 fairfield. morgan hill still cool. north bay much of the beaches. morning fog sunny. thursday that low to the north flies in here. a warmer weekend. sounds good. thank you steve. the bare area is nor for a treat. the motor shower. we're showing some shots of them in the past. the best place to watch are away from city lights where you
5:39 am
can sit back and take in the light show. have you seen it? >> i have never seen it. >> one time i was out in the delta. one time up in hood river in oregon. it's incredible. if you can do it thursday night find a spot away from city lights and it's usually amazing. still ahead emergency warning signs will go off as usual at noon but there is also going to be something unusual. we'll tell you what that is. also check out twice with her daughter now levi johnson wants a shot at sarah palin's old job. westbound 80 getting congested.
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good morning. low clouds fog will give away to sunshine today. fog should burn off slightly sooner. we will go from low to mid 80s along the coast . thank you. welcome back. good morning to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following for you. right now crews are out there battling this. very smoky fire at a pier in alameda. this fire started a short time ago. fire crews awaiting for a fire boat to pull up to help put out the stubborn flames there. he's talking to fire investigators. paul will be back with a live update at 6:00. in washington the house of representatives are back in capitol hill this morning. they will voting on the $26
5:43 am
billion jobs bill. nancy pelosi called them back to take up this bill which will prevent the layoffs of hundreds of thousands of teachers. after more than six decades and years of very hard work by his family the remains of world war two sergeant john of oakland will be laid to rest finally today in cole ma. german authorities identified the world war ii veteran who's plane was shut down. he will receive full military honors. proposed budget cuts that could cost thousands of dollars. wants to close a major command center that imemployees 5,000 people. it's the first step of cutting $100 billion to make up for the cost of two wars. virginia lawmaker says the cut lots be devastating for the
5:44 am
state. violence in afghanistan in the on the rise. a number of afghans killed -- compared to the same time last year. the u.n. says antigovernment forces were responsibility for 57% of the casualties. time now 5:43 the second of three convicted convicts is behind bars this morning. tracy was arrested near yellow stone national park. she was one of the three inmates two weeks ago. u.s. marbles are still looking for the third escapee. they believe john may be in wyoming. the flight attendant was apparently angry after getting into an argument with a passenger that refused to be and stay seated. passengers on the plane said
5:45 am
the attendant took over the pa system and dropped a few curse words and told everybody i had it. when that plane landed he grabbed a beer. he inflated the emergency exit shoot and slid away. he was arrested on charges of criminal mischief. it appears levi johnson is following in the footsteps of sarah palin. johnson will be featured in a reality show featured on his run. after sarah palin got her start in politics. the 20-year-old is serious about running for mayor or city council. dick cheney is back home recooperating from his surgery. the former respect left after failing heart. the 69-year-old cheney has suffered five heart attacks over the years. first was just when he was 37
5:46 am
years old. and former president george w. bush heads to haiti today. bush will visit organizes and talk to haitian citizens about his current situation. hundreds of thousands made homeless by the magnitude 7.7 earthquake. former president bush and clinton are heading up a fundraising drive for haiti at president obama's request. 5:46. there will be something difference about the warning sirens that go off at nonuser tuesday. starting today the text messages will also be broadcast in cant these or spanish. and richmond officials will break ground today ons new transit village parking structure. the official ceremony takes place this morning down in front of the fran sit station. construction will begin later
5:47 am
this month on the six level parking structure. it will provide 10,000 of commercial space. that project will create more than 200 jobs over the roughly two years it will take to finish that project. 5:46 is it time right now? how does it look there? >> it looks okay. we're checking highway 24, highway 680. traffic is not bad as you drive to the tunnel. not a major delay at all. we're also looking at sea pier reports giving us the all clear when it comes to most of the freeways. they don't have anything reported here now. this is a look at westbound 80 coming out of western contra county. and traffic is looking good. and this morning we're looking at the upper east shore freeway
5:48 am
we also check marine county. it is 5:47. here is steve. >> thank you. still a fog bank over to us. we had fog all the way to travis. they are clear this morning. the sea breeze is a little less. slightly warmer temperatures. the fog up to 3,000 feet yesterday was 2,000 or lower. still temperatures re main below average. and that's really enhanced some of that fog and picks up the wind. once the sunset that cool breeze kicks in. 60s by the coast that will not be impacted for warmer temperatures. through the weekend there is a possibility the coast will warm up through the bay. now tampa pass 67. slight increase in teaspoon aloft. say know ma 53.
5:49 am
pleasanton one of the warmer ones i should say at 5. a lot of 50s. really coded readings. the mornings are cool. their temperatures in the afternoon especially up toward minute see know county. there is a low dropping down right there. stylists up around portland. once it ejects out of there once that fog burns off inland. breezy and warm. there is just a lot of fog over by the coast. morning clouds sunny and breezy. getting warmer for others. low 80s to mid toils. still 70s in the mid bay. 60s by the coast. maybe there is a light day warmer by the end of the tunnel. that will be friday and saturday. temperatures begin to bump up a little bit. >> thank you steve. 5:49 is the time right now.
5:50 am
early this morning they will allow blackberry service to continue there. they have threatened to band blackberry e-mail siting national security. talks with blackberry maker research in motion are set to be moving in a positive direction. former hal lard packer ceo may be leading the company under a cloud of scandal. the severance package will cost $34.6 million including pay in stock. far less than the estimated $20,000 in false expenses he's accused of submitting. business professors say only one in four top executives accused of being indiscreet gets pushed out of their jobs. time now 5:50 there is nothing boring about what's happening around the east bay. we'll bring you the update on the monster size drill that is creating a new tunnel and the
5:51 am
buzz that surrounds it. plus do you remember the swine flu? well there may be a major announcement about it today.
5:52 am
5:53 am
this is a big boy. the tough work of drilling that fourth bore has started and if the work goes as planned,
5:54 am
traffic will be flowing within four years that will be a big relief for thousands of committers in the east bay that use the caldecott tunnel. funding is coming from the economic stimulus money provided by the american recovery act. the temporary transbay terminal in san francisco is getting mixed reactions from some riders. it opened on saturday on the corner of howard and main street which several blocks from the old terminal. the temporary site will be used for the next seven years until the permanent bus hub opens. it has been confusing to navigate the new routs. >> i talked to people and asked where is it. >> it's brand new. you have to expect that. we've been able to limit that to a certain point by handing out the brochures.
5:55 am
>> crews land to expand the terminal to include more bus stops. the my terminal opens in 2017. today the sidewalks are for people coalition in san francisco we'll kick off a campaign against proposition l. proposition l will make it a crime to sit or lie down on any sidewalks or on my object on a sidewalk. members of the group say it would also make it a crime to do many common things like sitting on a chair in front of your own house. they plan to announce their campaign at 10:00 a.m.. santa cruz deputies say they ewed 19 citations. they found people camped out on the steps. the seven were arrested for allegedly without permission and refusing to sign their citation. your time now 5:55 the
5:56 am
world health organization decided today whether to lift the h1n1 pan dammic alert. health officials say the h1n1 flu virus killed almost 19,000 people around the world since the outbreak started last april. but the number of cases has dropped dramatically since the beginning of this year. veteran might be of the stanford medical school is promoting what he calls the best diet ever. professor john teaches a popular course by the same name and helps clients and cancer patients to eat better. the diet basically consists of five foods including soy or tofu. blueberries and other berries to fight off cancer. onions or garlic for general anticancer qualities and
5:57 am
tomatoes to help prevent prostate cancer. >> all right i have my shopping list. >> there you go. let's check in with sal and see on the traffic. >> good traffic is doing okay so far and there you see my handle by the way. it is paul he sitz right ore there. good morning. let's take allonge at northbound 280 getting up to highway 17. you know what if you are driving in the south bay now this is a good time to beat the crowd. the last few days we've had pretty slow traffic in the 6:00 and 7:00 hour. let's move along quickly to 680 southbound. if you're driving to the to plaza it's crowded but not stop and go yet. no metering lights so far. let's go back to dave and pam. coming up next the very latest on the arrest made in the shooting death of a german tourist in san francisco. also your southbound could
5:58 am
land you in jail today. we'll tell you about a crack down that is now under way. good morning low clouds and fog will burn off slightly. a little warmer than some. it's not back-to-school, it's forward to what's next
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