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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  August 10, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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the scene of an early morning fire. fire crews are putting out a fire on the pier. >> big trouble for the valley coming up. temperatures they still are in the below average category. there are signs of a little warmup today. we'll get to that in a second. an arrest is made in the tragic shooting death of a tourist visiting the bay area. good morning thank you for joining us. it is tuesday august 10th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. >> low clouds and fogs for many. not everybody. today it hasn't moved as far inland. it's there. it will burn off slightly sooner. we're looking for low 80s.
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70s around rosa. 77 still a lot of 60s along the coast. a heck of a lot of fog showing signs of burning off by the weekend. here is sal. steve right now 80 westbound traffic is getting busier if you're drive into the richmond area any time soon you will see more traffic coming your way way and heading west toward berkeley. westbound 24 the same thing goes. 6:01 let's go back to dave and pam. >> thanks. let's go out to alameda fire crews are trying to put out a fire by a pier. what can you tell us? >> reporter: we still have limited information. the fire chief is here he's been coordinating what has been going on. you can see the fire boat is working on the pier putting the fire out from underneath. that is san francisco fire boat. there was a lot of flames coming. you can see the flames from
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earlier this morning. the call came in just before 5:00 this morning the pier being on fire. the crews worked from the sky. they have a boat or a fire boat out here right now. they don't know exactly what the cause of the fire is they haven't had an opportunity to get down there. it was burning from underneath the pier. fire crews have been out here for more than an hour. for more than two hours working to put this fire out. once againth san francisco boat just got here 10 minutes ago. they are working putting it out from underneath. they knocked it out. there are three trucks out here right now. there was a huge amount of crew. there is not much they can do from the air. everything has to happen from the with ther. we'll get an update in 15 minutes. i will brick that to you when
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we fine out the very latest. time now 6:02 we're finding out more about the tourist that was shot and killed in the san francisco theater district. she was an innocent bystander. we're at the scene of the crime right now. good morning. >> good morning dave. 50-year-old mechthild schroeer was visiting san francisco for the first time. she was standing on this street corner on mason and gary. she was discussing what to eat with her husband. they were staying a block away the king george. that is the distance she had to walk before getting shot and killed. her husband stefan was visibly distraught. him and his wife were walking hand and hand when she was shot by a stray bullet.
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a teen dance party just let out of the native sun building when a fight broke out. mechthild was shot in the head. her husband stayed by her side until paramedics arrived. >> deep in his heart he is crushed after being with someone for so many years and they were traveling their 25th wedding anniversary. >> reporter: thanks to eyewitness accounts police were able to detain five people. investigators moved swiftly working through the night anoasing an 18-year-old. he is phillip stewart of san francisco. bullet holes are still available on the sign here. police recovered a handgun from the scene and they are reviewing more surveillance video. mechthild and her husband was supposed to leave for st. louis today make a stop in chicago.
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she was just promoted to principal of her school. coming up later we'll talk more about who these teens were and how it got out of hand. we're live in san francisco tara ktvu. this morning police in oakland are looking for suspects in an overnight shooting. investors say 20 people are curt. both victims are expected to survive. also in oakland a tent standoff ended peacefully last night. a man barricaded himself inside a home. he finally surrounded to police after holding five children children for several hours. no one was hurt. time now 6:o5 an
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announcement from oakland police is expected today about hah san any campbell. his foster father lewis ross told police hassani vanished. both of them were released for lack of evidence. one of the organizers of a search for hah san any believe they are holding back information. >> police organizers are planning a rally. a prayer vigil is scheduled tonight. california department of health is warning consumers about meat being recalled for possible e-collie contamination
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. for more information including a cleat list of the product being recalled your can go to our website at time now 6:07 the chp will be busy today cracking down on drivers holding their cell fence. cell phones are the number one cause of distracted driving accidents around california. they will be ticketing people who are either texting or talking on the phone without a hands free device. that fine could be as high as $142. more than 500 tickets were written in the bay area. 6:07 is the time. so far the commute has been
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pretty smooth. hopefully it continues. >> where would we be without computers? i don't know the compute is pretty good. this is a look at interstate 880 here. traffic looks brett good here as you drive both directions. also this morning the commute looks good at the westbound bay bridge. meeting lights are not on yet the alameda fire the fire boat went out all across the bay. that's the fire house across from gordan beers. we've already had a couple of e- mails. what is that smoke all about? we'll have more from the scene coming up. 6:08 here is steve. >> thank you very much proposal it's official now.
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low clouds. now about 1,000 feet from loculus. the fog pushing in. and until that ejects out there are signs it will happen on friday and saturday. not something we say very often around here. 53 in san francisco. 57 at 9:00. high of 63 which would be two degrows warmer than yesterday. san francisco has been below average. santa raze is a. 80 today oakland. 52 in the city. there is oakland and berkeley.
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pahl alto 57. 50s in the valley. there is still a sea breeze. decreasing a little bit. onceth low clouds arrive the winds starts to to tail off. there is the system. it drops down. and it will start to move out. that won't be probably until thursday. until then only slightly warmer weather. that's away from the coast. by the coast it's too tough. breezy instant away in that fog. by the bay 11 or noon and by the coast if you get the sun you're lucky. there hasn't been a lot. morning clouds sunny and breezy. cool to warm. 60s, 70s, and 80s. santa cruz again 68. fairfield 83. and 84 in morgan hill. they said they were 84 and hell
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row. warmer owe warmer. friday and saturday. >> time now. thousands of state employees are celebrating after a judge blocked a new round of furloughs. battle is far from over. we'll bring you reaction from the governor. and san francisco congresswoman and house speaker nancy pelosi as called it back for an energy vote.
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good morning to you welcome back. time now 6:13. they are close to finishing that relief well in the gulf of mexico. the engineers say if the weather holds out their job could be finished by friday. they plan to pour mud and cement to fill up that blown out oil well. estimated 207 million gallons of oil have spilled that destroyed that oil rig and killed 11 workers. speaker nancy pelosi is answering an emergency session. allyson burns joins us live. good morning. >> reporter: good morning pam. the house came into session just 15 minutes ago. today's vote is an emergency move that democrats say will
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prevent massive teacher layoffs. house speaker nancy pelosi took the rare step of calling the house back from summer break after the senate surprised everyone and passed the bill last week. today's vote will provide $26 billion for cash strap states. the secretary of education says the help is critical so schools will stop having to make drastic cuts. >> all of that is a disaster. eliminating prek and summer school. none of that is good. >> reporter: democrats is cut food stamps to pay for it. they are also likely to take up a $600 million to beef up border security. i'll have live coverage as the voting begins in an hour. we have an update on a
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story we've been following this morning. the world health organization declared an end to the h1n1 pandemic alert. killed nearly 19,000 people world wide since the outbreak began last april. the number of cases has dropped dramatically since the beginning of this year. the director of the world health organization says the health is moving into the post pandemic phase. governor schwarzenegger says he will appeal after a judge blocked him. a temporary restraining order was yesterday. the governor ordered some 144,000 state employees to take three unpaid days off every month until a new budget is passed. another court hearing is scheduled for next month. late last night state lawmakers passed a pair of bills that pulls a billion dollar water
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bond off the ballot. governor schwarzenegger and others pushed for this bond to be postponed until 2012. that bond would have paid for upgrades to the water delivery system and delta restoration. governor schwarzenegger will be in san jose this morning. he will be talking about the budget crisis. he will be meeting with the chamber of commerce. he is expected to expand on the state spending plan. the governor writes he's determined to revive california's ailing economy with a budgets that cuts spending and does not raise taxes. state lawmakers are still fighting over the latest budget. it's more than a month past its deadline. the governor will be in fairfield today. they will touch down at travis air force base this afternoon. soldiers have spent the past
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year supporting iraqi freedom. this is the second tour in iraq. after more than 60 years an incredible journey a world war two airman will finally be laid to rest. john will be buried this morning in colema. was flying a bombing mission over germany in 1944. his sister contacted german authorities who used dna testing. our time is now 6:18. let's check our commute. what are you looking at now? >> we have breaking news in san francisco. there is a fire on elton park. this is the major streets there vileness yeah and deboss. it is as a matter of fact just
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declar claireed a -- declared a working fire. they just dispatched one fire. you can see flames by the nearby area. this is nearby va lens yeah. let's go outside and take a look at westbound bay bridge. that traffic is moving along okay. also this morning's commute an 880 that is looking nice. southbound traffic is moving along very nicely. not a big problem in the bay area. let's go to steve. a couple of changes today which tells me we should be warmer today and the fog should burn off sooner. when it gets smashed down on the deck the tougher you have to walk through it or drive through it. it means it will burn off slightly sooner. low clouds and sunny and breezy. can't lose that breeze.
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rather strong system for august. driving into the pacific northwest as really kept our temperatures below average. 53 in san francisco. so 60s and 70s on the east coast bay. sitting at 68 degrees. high pressure. that's also a sign it tells me it will burn off sooner. sonoma 53. san carlos out in front at 58 degrees. that low will continue our weather. keeping us below average. so morning clouds fog burns off sooner though. sunny breezy. cool for some. can't warm the coast up unless we get a north wind. that will not happen. inland low to mid 80s. yesterday at this time it was stronger than that.
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a couple signs lit be warmer. big changes until after thursday and it does look like warmer weather. at least far couple days. the free internet calling service skype is going public. officers of the company predicted the initial public offering would be $100 million. skype is partly owned by san jose base e-mail. later today the world disney cooperates. one indicator was move away from recession discounts. and they predict the studio division did better than last year with block buster toy story 3 and iron man 2. same sex marriage here in
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california are still on hold. coming up we'll tell you why the nation's highest court may stay out of the battle over proposition eight. also the circus has come to town. animal rights activists say there is nothing great about the greatest show on earth. southbound 680 looking pretty good. >> so, ah, your seat good?
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got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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good morning. traffic on the bay area bridge is looking pretty good. not a big delay anywhere really. the bay bridge golden gate bridge is okay. a little bit of fog on the richmond bridge but it is not effecting drivers. now let's go back to the desk. >> thank you. time now 6:25. same sex couples hoping to tie the knot. remain in a holding pattern. they're waiting for word from the federal judge that ruled the proposition eight is unconstitutional. whether gay marriages can begin again could come any day now because also a very real possibility that the same sex marriage issue will not reach the u.s. supreme court afterall. the issue could end right heres
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at the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco. >> if the ninth circuit rules in favor of the proponents the court may not take it. if they are in favor of the city or plaintiffs they may not take it. >> if the prop-8 fight dies and the u.s. supreme court never hears the case, that leaves america with a patch work of marriage laws some allowing same sex marriage some not. that may not be seen as unusual as states have differing laws regarding heterosexual marriage. california lawmakers are urning a way it taxes domestic partners. they want the irs to require the couples to use the same rules it does for heterosexual married couples. california already does that. sponsors of the law says the california system is more fair and allows states to set rules
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for family laws. the care sus will kick off -- the circus will kick off its show by a walk to the arena. the people for ethical treatment claim handlers keep baby elephants chained up all day away from their mothers and use painful techniques to train them. handler repeatedly hitting a lean of elephants with bull hooks. >> this video is so amazing this is a perfect example of random acts of violence. they go after these elephant. >> there was no intent to harm the elephants. sloppy technique yes. we use a lot of positive reenforcement and the bond with the handler. >> animal activist plan to hold protests a the the circus which
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opens tomorrow. we are following developing news coming from alameda. a fire boat is busy. it's coming across the bay to help battle the blazes from an early morning pier fire. also 18-year-old man is now facing murder charges for the fatal shooting of a german tourist. and we're going to check the early numbers from wall street. and we'll have all of the numbers.
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welcome back to the morning news. they're feting ready to ring that open bell. i believe they just did. girls there. a bunch of girls ringing that
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bell. it's a group that impowers girls gets them thinking about careers and success. everything. so they're there visiting the nasdaq and learning a little bit about the stock market and hopefully we're heading lower so far this morning. down 61 points now for the dow. that follows some worries in asia and little bit down market overnight this morning also in europe. we'll talk more about that in a little bit. >> we'll go ahead and smile and say good morning to you. thank you for joining us here. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. >> the news for you right now a suspect is now in custody of a fatal shooting of a german tourist. tara joins us. she has more on the arrest and what lead up to the shooting. good morning. >> reporter: good morning dave. police were able to make an arrest largely in part because eyewitness accounts from a cab
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driver and other bystanders who happen to be here. 18-year-old phillip stewart is now in custody facing murder charges. investigators believe he is the one that pulled the trigger and responsible for killing a german tourist. we take a look at the victim. he and his wife mechthild were walking near union field. less than a block from their hotel when the 50-year-old was caught in the cross fire. police say a teen dance party just let out of the building when a fire broke out. two of the workers ran outside to try to help. he says he noticed teens from that party loitering in front of his business million the party -- in front of his
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business until the marty ended. >> i said a bystander is killed. it's not something we want to see. my staff were traumatized. people are running around the shots were fired. everyone is ducking. >> reporter: now mechthild and her husband had been celebrating their wedding anniversary here in san francisco. they were supposed to leave for st. louis today and make a stop in chicago. police did recover a handgun from a scene where bullet holes are still visible. tourists we spoken to say that are shaken up the incident and angry tighter security was not in place. they rented out the building for an under 18 party. she says they told news
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agencies the reason she started these parties were to give teens an outlet. that backfired. new details emerged in court about a livermore woman who is accused of having sex with two teenage boys. accused of sexual assaulting two boys ages 14 14 and 16. the first relationship started in faith when he was dating her hubb. we're learning more about legal effort to move the murder trial out of alameda county. are accused of killing the veteran bay area journalist in oakland. the lawyers for the two men are asking for a change of venue due to what they call the
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massive media coverage. you can get more information on our page by going to our website. time now 6:34. oakland police officers have agreed to major contracts. requires them to pay more money into their pension plan and also work longer before they can retire. however, this is far from a done deal. these concessions are depending on voters passing a parable tax measure. >> it brings the 80 officer back that were laid off and it keeps the 122 that are threatened to be laid off it keeps them here for three years. >> now the parcel tax is $360 per household. if that measure fails however the deal falls apart. a prayer vigil and rally
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will be marked the missing six- year-old hassani campbell. >> reporter: we are outside the headquarters of citizen for a loss -- campbell was reported missing one year ago today. and tea this organization has several events planned. events they have been preparing for all weekend. they're meeting with the alameda county district attorney office. they will also have an afternoon rally outside the da's office along with a prayer vigil later on this evening. the vigil will be open to the public tonight. sherry lynn miller is one of the founders. they hope to reignite public interest in this case. >> this is a little child that went missing from our community. he was a foster child.
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every citizen in the state of california is responsible for him as tax paying citizens. we pay for the foster system. so he's our responsibility. and everybody should stay involved until he is found. >> reporter: hassani campbell was reported missing on august 10th, 2009. his foster father said he left the five-year-old boy in a parking alley behind a shoe store. they detained ross and the foster mother. the foster parents were later released. they left the bay area six months after his disappearance. later on this morning we are expected to get an update on the hassani campbell case. we will be asking for new information that was reported. the tribune reports that oakland police reinterviewed ross. and they are preparing to do
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another search for hassani. we'll have the information of some of these planned community events. we'll have the information on when and where those are taking place. time now 6:37 a former united states senator may have been on board a plane that crashed in alaska. the questions now surround former senator ted stevens. several people were killed when this plane crashed 17 miles north of dillingham. the weather there is making it tough to get to the crash site. officials say former senator ted stevens may have been one of the eight people on board. there's no word yet on how many survived this plane crash. we'll bring you more information about this when it becomes available. back here at home buses appear to be getting back to
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normal this week. hundreds have it calling in sick. but last week the judge onerred. the two sides go back to cocourt. if you're heading toward sacramento on interstate 80. a repaving project is under way on 80. cal tran says it crews are working between 7:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. seven days a week. that work project is just between mead rick road. some of the ramps connecting interstate 80 to highway 113 will also be repaved.
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this project should be finished by the end of the year. >> before the big skiing system starts. that gets crowded in there. sal updating on us on a fire in san francisco. >> that is right. right near velincia. behind a building at 32el john park. and now they have flairs on market street. so far one alarm response. that usually brings out at least three engines and two truck companies. so you are see activity police car there is in that area. let's go to the bay bridge to plaza. metering lights may be switched on right now. right there is a small delay at the to plaza. livermore a four car crash has been moved from the lanes it's
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off to the side. the damage is already done. if you're coming in from tracy give yourself plenty of time. here is steve. thank you good morning to you all. low clouds fog fairfield and concord they waited until 6:00 and the fog came in. yesterday was way up there. now it has come down. that also means it will burn off sooner. if you have the fog it can be tough. there be sunshine sooner and slightly warmer inland temperatures. right there driving down. that is keeping us from -- because of this time of year there is just a lot of fog. and the coast is hard pressed to warm up without a north easterly breeze. we do see slightly warmer weather as we get to the weekend. 53 in san francisco. a high of 63 today. a little bit more sun today.
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temperatures bump them up a slight notch or two. this is downtown. not at the airport. airport runs warmer three to five degrees. 77 today. 63 in san francisco. walnut creek 78-80. san jose 77-78. why am i leaning on warming it up? one sign is less of a sea breeze out toward travis. that is a pretty good little jump up. sonoma 52. sacramento 55. yesterday reno 89. they tied a record set twice
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before. over here along the coast it's cool. my goodness it's freezing for some. for others it depends. you hear a wide variety of people saying i love this weather. it depends. morning clouds and fog gives way to breezy conditions. low to mid 80s for some. a lot of 70s. at least warmer than yesterday. right there by the beaches lit be another cool day. fog sun and warmer weather even possiblely by the coast as we get toward friday and saturday. >> thank you. time now 6:43. he struck out with his daughter. now levi johnson wants a shot at sarah palin's old job in alaska. we'll tell you about that when we come back.
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crews are still on a scene of an early morning fire.
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well good morning to you. welcome back. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you at 6:46. 18-year-old man is facing
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murder charges. the suspect phillip stewart is accused of killing mechthild schroeer. which would prevent the layoffs of hundreds of thousands of teachers. after more than six decades the remains of world war ii sergeant john bonacelo of oakland will be layed to rest today. they identified the world war veteran who's plane was shot down. fire crews are still working to put out a fire in alameda. paul chambers just spoke with firefighters and has new information for us. paul. >> reporter: good morning. san francisco fire boat had to
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come out. it's still working. sprag water underneath the pier because that's where the fire is still burning. there are crews still working on this. the fire boat has been here for an hour working out. we'll take a look at video earlier. crews had to work from above and below to put this fire out. the call came in at 4:30 this morning an unused pier was on fire. crews quickly came out and were able to establish it and put it out from the top. they had to wait for the san francisco fire boat to come across the water to help and give more access. i spoke with michael fisher. this is what he had to say. >> the pier was in pretty disrepair. it's difficult for the alameda crew to access the fire. we used the san francisco fire boat to access the fire from the water site. >> reporter: now this pier was recently used by a container rehab company. they have since left the
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situation as you said this was a pretty hard thing to access because there is the gate right here and the fence right here and most of the fire was burning in the pier underneath. so that's why they needed help from san francisco fire department. time now 6:48. it appears levi johnson may be following in the footsteps of  sarah palin. johnson will be featured in a reality show that will focus on his run for city office. that is where sarah palin got her start in politics. the manage of johnson says the 20-year-old is serious for running for mayor or city council. 6:49 is the time right now. you can see stocks taking a bit of a drop today. we'll have that in a moment. first let's check in on the south bay. how is traffic?
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>> right now 237 we're going to start looking there. and take a look at the commute there on westbound 237. that traffic is not all that bad. as a matter of fact, i just saw that traffic here is getting a little bit slower coming up to the 880 interchange. also this morning we're looking at 880 traffic is okay. driving past the coliseum. the commute is going to be okay all the way up to downtown oakland. it is 6:50 now. here is steve. >> thank you. a lot of fog. low clouds making their usual push. that's the way it has been this summer. way out into the inland areas. it burns off by 9:00 for most. and there is also a little morning breeze. tough to warm up. very tough to warm up. temperatures remain below average. inland areas 70s to 80s. the fog is actually getting smashed a little bit today. there is a little bit of a sign
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of high pressure weak. still coming in up around 2500 to 3,000 feet still a little low. also means it's going to burn off sooner. 63 in san francisco. 68 this time of year. at least a little warmer than yesterday. morning clouds and sunny 60s, 70s, and 80s. 5757palo alto. morning clouds and fog give way to sunshine. still get the breeze. cool to mild to warm. low to mid 80s. and 60s hugging the beaches in the way of fog and low clouds prevents a warmup. too much of a west wind. it looks like it will be
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warmer. thank you steve. 6:51 is the time. just a few hours we'll hear how the federal reserve will help to -- ben bernanke and his colleagues will discuss ways to jump start the economic recovery without worrying wall street. the fed is likely to keep short- term interest rates a the the current all time low. the results of the meeting will be announced shortly after 11:00 this morning our time. let's check in with wall street. a couple of things are factoring in. dow jones down 136 point. looking at the nasdaq and the s & p500 they are both down around 1.5%. the nasdaq down 1.3%. concerns about china coming in. european markets are mostly down this morning. we have mixed earnings as well. so we'll continue to watch wall
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street this morning. the dug maker confirms two federal agencies are looking into charges that the company violated antibribery laws. the justice department and security exchange commission is investigation the possibility that officials in other countries were bribed to win business. merck says it's cooperating with the investigation and believes it is part of a broader review of pharmaceutical practices. our time now 6:53. transbay terminal has been open a couple of days now. already it's causing some trouble for some passengers. we'll tell you how that's next.
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our time now 6:55. let's check in to see what's coming up. >> good morning. coming up in minutes we're following a fire that just started burning in san francisco. it's near the federal freeway and market streets. there is cones on market streets. also we're live in alameda where fire crews are still on an early morning pier fire. we're looking to find out more about the extent of the damage and the cause. police have made an arrest in the san francisco shooting that killed a german tourist. we're learning more about what lead up to the shooting. and in less than an hour there will be a vote in congress that
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can be really great news for teachers. others feel it will be bad news from the budget. we'll have a live report. those stories and more coming up. >> thank you. we'll see you then. the temporary transbay terminal in san francisco is getting mixed reactions from writers. it opens saturday on a corner -- temporary site will be used for the next seven years. some passengers say it has been confusing to navigate the new roof and find the right stock. let's see what sal sees in your commute. >> we are wrapping up the hour. this is a look at the bay bridge to plaza. not a big delay there. that traffic looks okay. 6:57 here is steve. thank you. foggy and once that burns off little sunny inland.
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we like a little warmer. thank you. thank you steve. thank you for watching. stay with us on mornings. coming up we're following a few fires actually a pier fire and then one in san francisco we're going to get an update on that. that could effect traffic this morning. >> the very latest on the killing of the german tourist. stay exactly where you are. morning on 2 comes your way next.
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