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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  August 10, 2010 6:00am-8:00am PST

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a fire crew is helping battle an early-morning fire at an alameda pier. 6-year-old hassani campbell disappeared ooms exactly one year ago -- disappeared exactly one year ago today.
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the chp will be keeping a close eye on bay area commuters today. "mornings on 2" begins right now. well, good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's tuesday, august 10th. we're learning more about the tourist shot and killed. police say she was just an innocent bystander and was just a few feet from her hotel. tara moriarty has more. >> reporter: good morning. the woman was actually standing right here discussing dinner plans whether she was struck in the head by a hail of bullets. the king george, you can see right there at the corner near mason and geary.
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now, her husband was visibly shaken as he left for germany last night. he and his wife had been celebrating the couple's wedding anniversary in san francisco. police honed in on her killer, 18-year-old phillip stewart, from san francisco. he was arrested. he left two others injured. the suspects left a teen dance party. the russian consulate's shocked but there's no reason, they say, this will deter future visits. >> we will be at the same place hoping that we're not at the wrong moment. >> reporter: bullet holes filled the district building. police detained five people yesterday, one of those was stewart. investigators also recovered sa handgun from the scene.
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apparently the san francisco comedy club had rented out the fifth floor for this dance party. there were no drinks or deejay, both of which would have required a permit. now, the event did have at least five guards inside. but police say that the event got out of hand after tickets were presold on the internet. now, the event had enough staff to handle the00 people inside -- to handle the 200 people inside the building. now, the mayor is praying the actions of a -- praising the actions of a taxicab driver who wasn'ted the shooting and was able to call 911 and got the license plate number of the teens as they left the site here. so he's praising him in getting
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this arrest made. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. we're following developing knew in alameda this morning. in fact, we've just gotten a new update. firefighters have just put out a pier fire there. it started around 4:0 this morning -- 4:30 this morning. a fire boat from the san francisco fire department had been brought in to high pressure. it had just left the scene. no word on what caused the fire. e have developing news -- we have developing news coming out of alaska. we're waiting on confirmation whether senator ted stevens was on a plane that crashed last night, about 300 miles southwest of anchorage.
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there have where been reports that he may have been on board. he was scheduled to travel to a lodge that owns that particular plane. the crash happened in poor weather. national guard crews are out there trying to get to the wreckage. we'll update the story and bring you more details as soon as we get them. today marks one year since 6-year-old hassani campbell disappeared in the bay area. in just about an hour, oakland police are expected to release an update on their investigation. ail lay rasmus is in san -- allie rasmus is in san francisco right now. >> reporter: we're inside the headquarters of the citizens for the lost. it's a nonprofit that was formed shortly after the disappearance of 6-year-old hassani campbell. if you take a look inside you can see from the fliers and photos posted up hoar that the search for -- up here, that the search for hassani you campbell
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remains -- hassani campbell remains. the group will meet with the alameda district attorney's office this afternoon and then after that, they will host a rally. there is also a prayer vigil at a hayward church scheduled for later on this evening. sherri-lyn miller is a member of the organization. she believes hassani will be found and it is important to keep this in the public eye. >> it's very important -- people in rockville did not know who this boy was. people said, what is that? this is a little child who went missing from our community. >> reporter: his foster father,
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louis ross, said he left hassani behind the building where his mother works. the foster parents were released but later released for lack of evidence. ross and campbell, hassani's aunt, left the bay area. later on we'll be getting an update and we'll learn more about how the police reinterviewed ross. we'll have more events -- more on the events happening later on today. you can go to reporting live in san leandro, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:07. governor schwarzenegger plans
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to appeal after an amendment county judge blocked him from imposing new furloughs on state employees. the judge issued a temporary restraining order yesterday saying there were serious questions about the legality of the furloughs. he ordered 144,000 employees to take three unpaid audes off -- days off until a new budget is passed. the governor will likely address this this morning when he speaks before the chamber of -- chamber of commerce. he writes he's determined to revive california's economy to cut spending. state lawmakers are still in a fierce budget battle, one month past the budget deadline. let's go to sal. we have a fire in san francisco. what's happening, sal? >> that's right.
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it's near valencia. it's off dubose. this fire was at 32 elgin park. firefighters had had a difficult time. it was underneath one of the buildings in a subbasement unit there and the firefighters had to make several holes. we don't know of anyone injured. we've heard of one person displaced about a block away from dubose. firefighters are doing work in the area. one-alarm response. let's take a look at the westbound bay bridge. traffic comes in okay. a little bit of a backup at the toll plaza for this tuesday. >> this morning's drive in san jose slowing down on northbound 101 approaching the 880 interchange. no major problems coming up to the 880 interchange. here's steve. thank you, sal. good morning. low cloud and fog greet us
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again. what's new? we've had this pattern for the longest time there are some hints of the fog burning off sooner. every reporting station from concord to fairfield, livermore and everyone in between says cloudy. yesterday, it was about 25-mile- per-hour wind. there's still a lot of row cloud and fog -- low cloud and fog. unseasonably low up here in the pacific northwest and that puts a lid on any warming. it just can't. there's too much in the way of cool air aloft. 53 in san francisco. we'll go a high of 63 today after the low cloud and sunny and breezy. temperatures have been way below average it seems like for the last four months. first nine, ten days have been on the cool side, especially coast and bay side. 6 san francisco. should be 68.
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the record's all over the map, 171, 2002 and -- 1971, 2002 and last year, mountain view, 76. mount tamal pius seven degrees warmer than yesterday. they are sitting at a rather mild 68. mill valley and sausalito, 5. i think that's -- 52. i think that's what we have the clouds. listenston and carlos at 55. 40s up in the mountains. 50s in the valley. but still up in lake county and parts of mendocino county up in the low 80s and there's the low between seattle and portland. it looks like it will move out but that won't be until
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thursday or friday. mild to warm, warn way. usually burns off around noon. then sunny. morning cloud, sunny, breezy, cool, then warm. low to mid-80s. these temperatures should be in the 90s this time of year. not much change on thursday. it looks like warmer weather arrives on friday and saturday. today congress is returning early from their summer is recess and they are voting this hour on a bill that could be very good news for the unemployed. wee dales from a live report -- we'll have details in a live report from washington, d.c. the governor wants a bond to upgrade the state's water system taken off of the ballot. we'll tell you what voters said late last night.
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good morning. debate is already underway in the house. this is a live picture of the house floor where we've been getting an earful on today's controversial emergency vote. the house is on the verge of passing $26 billion. local democrats say it's critical for saving 13,500 teaching jobs in california. republicans call it excessive
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spending. >> many people are asking why congress is here today. i think the answer is pretty sim p.m. we're not bankrupting the country fast enough, so we need 20 come back and -- need to come back and spend more. >> democrats are cutting food stamps and democrats are back and they are also taking up a $600 million bill to beef up border security. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, alison. 7:16. police officers in oakland have agreed to some major contract recessions to avoid more layoffs. members of the police union have overwhelmingly approved a bill that requires them to pay more money into their pension plan and work longer before they can retire. this is still from a done deal. these concessions are dependent on voters passing a par is sell -- parcel tax measure on the
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ballot. >> this will bring the 80 officers back that were laid off and it keeps the 1122 -- 122 present to be laid off, it keeps them here for three years. if the measure fails, the deal to avoid more police layoffs falls apart. late last night state lawmakers passed a couple of bills. governor schwarzenegger pushed for the water bill to be postponed until 2012. bp oil engineers say they are pretty close to finishing the relief well in the gulf of mexico. the drilling is within 100 feet of its target. the engineers say if the weather holds out the work could be finished by friday. then the crews will pour mud and cement to permanently seal
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up that blownout oil well. an estimated 207 million gallons of oil have spilled since an explosion destroyed the rig and killed 11 employees. seismologists are watching for more aftershocks after an earthquake struck off the northeastern coast, more than halfway towards fiji. the earthquake shook buildings for about 15 seconds this morning, caused power outages in the capital city and touched off a thank thank you thank you. former president bush heads to haiti. he will visit organizations helping with the recovery effort and talk to haitian citizens about their current situation. an estimated 237,000 people were killed and thousands made
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homeless by the quake in january. former presidents clinton and bush are heading up a fund- raising drive at mr. president obama's request. close to 100 soldiers will touch down to travis air force base. they spent the last year supporting "operation iraqi freedom." the remains of john bonnasielle will be buried. he was flying in a plane in 1944 when the plane was shot down. they used dna to identify the remains. today's military will be with full military honors.
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the air force will perform a fly-over in his honor. the chp is out in force today cracking down on drivers caught holding their cell phone. according to the chp, cell phones are the number one cause of distracted driving accidents in the state and so officers will be ticketing people today who either text or talk on the phone without a hands-free device. >> we want people to look at the big picture. no matter how high the fines are, no matter how many citations are issued, you can't replace a human life and that's what this is all about, saving lives. >> the fine can run as high as $142 for first violation. 7:0. the former -- the former ceo of
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hewlett-packard leaves his job but he's not leaving empty- handed. and on jetblue, a former flight attendant is facing charges for the way he behaved.
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7:23. a jetblue flight attendant is facing charges this morning after police say he cursed out a plane of passengers. the attendant got into an argument with the passenger who would not stay seated. police say he cursed out the passengers and went down the plane chute. there's now a facebook page reporting him. former hewlett-packard ceo, mark hurd, is leaving the company under a cloud of scandal. but he's not going empty- handed. hurd's severence package will cost an estimated $34.6 million including pay and stock. that's compared to the estimated $20,000 in false
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expenses he's accused of submitting. and this, as professors say, only one in top four executives accused of being indiscreet actually get pushed out of their job. let's get you to where you immediate to know. sal, what's happening in contra costa county? >> we're checking for you. 4, 680, highway 4, so far so good. the traffic is looking good as you are driving on 24 on the way to the tunnel. this morning's commute looks pretty good at the toll plaza. no problems on the upper deck of the bay bridge. if you are driving on 27, we're already beginning to see a little bit of a slowdown here as you drive across 880 and went to highway 1. here's steve. a foggy morning. more low clouds yesterday an fog today. it's getting suppressed a little bit. so visibility is not as good as
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yesterday. way up there yesterday. everything's being dominated by a strong low up in the pacific northwest. s that really enhanced the fog and picks up a breeze later in the day. no doubt about that. the wind has been out of the west-southwest. slightly warmer. 77 santa rosa, 63 san francisco and haiti. 68 downtown oakland and san jose, 78. everybody's close on the current temperatures. the paul low alto, the -- palo alto, the warmest. on thursday, high pressure says i think i'll come in for a little visit. cool to warm, 60s cool side, 80s, low to mid, as you work your way inland. about the same wednesday/thursday. the big announcement came just about an hour ago. find out what the world health
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organization is saying now about the h1n1 flu pandemic. >> reporter: i'm paul chambers live in alameda where crews are still on the scene of an early- morning fire. the investigation -- coming up. san francisco police say the free ride is over for many cheaters on muni. we'll tell you about that.
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fire crews are still on the scene of a pier fire. flames e resulted early this morning -- erupted early this morning. paul chambers is on scene and joins us now. >> reporter: there is still a crew on standdy by, just -- standby just in case anything pops up. but it appears the fire is officially out. the call came in this morning. the fire was off buena vista avenue. and -- and you could see the flames as far away as 880. the crews used a ladder to fight the fire from above. they called in a fire boat and it took about 20 minutes for them to get here. once they arrived, they got the
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fire on the water under control. >> it was pretty difficult for alameda firefighters to access the fire so we used the boat to access the fire from the fire. >> reporter: investigators are not sure what caused the fire. this is an unused pier. no one was injured. we'll stay on top of this. as soon as we find out any additional information, we'll bring it to you. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, paul. 7:31. fire crews are also working to put out a fire in san francisco right now. that fire is in an apartment building in the area of elgin park and dubose avenue near the central freeway. it broke out about 6:00 this morning. firefighters say it was located in a difficult location. one neighbor told us she was not aware of what was going on until fire crews showed up at the door.
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>> there was quite a commotion. the fireman rang the doorbell. i opened the door. they came in. that's sort of when i realized the magnitude of the -- how much fire was outside. fire crews are still on the scene, trying to make sure the fire is completely out. there's no word on what sparked it or how much damage it caused. 7:31. a short while ago, the world health organization announced the h1n1 flu epidemic is over. the h1n1 flu virus killed almost 1,000 people around the world since last april. but the number of cases has dropped dramatically since the beginning of this year. health officials warn the virus could still cause problems. they say high risk groups, including pregnant women should still be vaccinated against the virus. an announcement from oakland police is expected today about the disappearance of little hassani campbell. it's been a year since he
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disappeared. police later arrested his stepfather and stepmother on suspicion of murder. beth were released for a lack of of -- both were released for a lack of evidence. one searcher believes the foster parents are holding back information. >> look at his face. he's a precious little boy. it's just sad to think something tragic has happened to him. >> now, search organizers planned a 4:00 p.m. outside the alameda county d.a.'s office today. a prayer vigil is set for 6:30 at westminster hill presbyterian church. that's in hayward. an 18-year-old man is now facing murder charges in the fatal shooting of a german tourist in san francisco's theater district. the victim was shot and killed while taking an evening stroll
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with her husband. the couple came to san francisco to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. last night her distraught husband left the hotel for the long journey home. >> some of the things he didn't want to take because it was too hard for him. >> the victim was the innocent victim of street violence. a 15-year-old boy and a 19-year- old woman were wounded in the gunfire. the shootings occurred on the same day that san francisco mayor gavin newsom signed new legislation designed to reduce violence at nightclubs. mayor newsom will reportedly meet with pro mosters and into the club owners to -- pro mosters and nightclub owners to
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discuss. is yusef bey iv and a codefendant are accused of killing chauncey bailey three years ago. the defendants' attorneys want a change of venue. alameda county prosecutors call that motion premature. a group of friends showed up at court yesterday to support a livermore woman accused of having sex with two teenaged boys. people who know christine hubbs say they are shocked -- shocked. hubbs faces 67 felony counts, accused of having sex with a 14- year-old and 15-year-old one of whom had dated her daughter. the bail is set at $4.3 million. she's due back in court on monday. the parents after teenager in san francisco who police say
7:36 am
chained the boy to punish him are charged with child endangerment. he was chained to the kitchen table and escaped and flagged down someone for help. the couple did not enter a plea. the child is in the custodies of his biological mother. traffic appears to be getting back to work this week for ac. drivers were calling in sick over a contract dispute. last week the judge ordered the old contract be reinstated. 122 called in sick during this process. officials in richmond will break round on the new transit village parking center.
7:37 am
construction begins later this month on the six-level parking structure, which will provide 10,000 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor. this project will create more than 200 jobs over the roughly two yes it will take to complete the project. 7:37. law enforcement officials will be cracking down this week on muni's fare cheaters. after a three-month hiatus, the "san francisco examiner" says inspection teams will be back out this week. they will stop muni vehicles and ask passengers to show proof of payment or else face a $75 fine. in the past, civil rights groups have voiced concerns that the enforcement teams could potentially target minorities. let's see what sal is seeing at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> all right, dave and tori,
7:38 am
good morning. traffic is backed up to the parking lot and the metering lights are on. traffic is moderate at 880 northbound and southbound. if you are driving to the coliseum or anywhere near there, it should be okay on 580. and on highway 101 as you drive in san jose, traffic has been a little busy. if you are driving on 580 westbound coming in from the tracy triangle traffic is okay. if you are driving in castro valley to dublin you should give yourself extra time. and steve, i know you and i are both looking for twitter followers. so follow us on twitter. >> yours is sp weather?
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>> a little bit warmer today. you need more of that northerly breeze or that northeast win. we haven't seen that in 0 while. usually september's is when that kicks in -- september's when that kicks in. the fog will give way to a warmer burnoff. looks like fog offer the weekend. the fog would evenly be con nined to the -- confined to the immediate coast. the reason being we're being cold by this system up in the northwest which is strong for this time of year. that's a big guy for this time of year. there's not a lot of moisture with it. but boy, does that enhance the fog. 53 in san francisco. we'll go for the highs of 63. should be 68 degrees on the high side. morning clouds, then sunny, morning fog, actually, more than the clouds. we had the low cloud the last couple of days. it's more foggy this morning.
7:40 am
60s, 70s and 80s away from the coast. mount tam is running 5 degrees warmer than a few hours ago. mill valley and sausalito, sonoma and vallejo are not far away, 53 and pleasanton, 55 due to the cloud cover. temperatures are not changing at all. ukiah, 52. but along the coast we keep it really cool. temperatures, 60s in air jaws that should be -- areas that should be much, much warmer. friday high pressure would come in. until then, morning fog. 60s to mid-80s unless you are in lake county then you will get the 90s. if you want the heat, you need to go to lake county. it's hot up there. morning fog, sunny. there's your warmer weather the
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weekend tori? thursday night, the annual meteor shower will be at its peak. this year there will be a crescent moon. nasa says it should be one of the best yes less chial -- celestial shows. levi johnston is no longer engaged to bristol palin but he may follow in the footsteps of had mother.
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the dow is currently down, 106. the nasdaq is down 34. it is 7:44. in a few hours, we'll hear how the federal reserve hopes to continue guiding the u.s. economy through this slow growth period. ben abouter nanky and his colleagues -- ben bernanke and his colleagues will discuss ways to jump start the economy. most commits say -- economists say the interest rates say it
7:45 am
is a good idea to keep interest rates as they are. the census pure row credits a strong public response and no major problems in gathering the information for the cost savings. big states such as new york, texas and here in california, all had average or below average mail-in participation rates. same-sex couples hoping to tie the knot are still? a holding pattern. they -- are still in a holding pattern. a decision could come any day now whether -- whether marriages could cone. there is a possibility this won't go to the u.s. supreme court and will be settled right here at the 9th circuit court
7:46 am
of appeals. >> if the 9th circuit court rules in favor of the city and the plaintiff, the high court may not takes the place. >> if the prop 8 dies here and the u.s. supreme court never heres the case, that leaves america with a patchwork of marriage laws. some allow same-sex marriage, some do not. california lawmakers are urge everything the irs now to change the way it taxes vested partners in same-sex spouses. the irs would require those couples to use the same rules as heterosexual rules. california already does that. sponsors say it's more fair and allows states to set rules for family law. it appears levi johnston,
7:47 am
the ex-fiance of bristol palin is following in the footsteps of sarah palin. johnston's manager says the 20- year-old is serious for running for mayor or city council. former alaskan governor, sarah palin, is blasting what she calls the mainstream media. [ inaudible ] palin said on her facebook page she comes from a family of teachers. she says that's no way she would be knocking profession. the conversation was taped. dick cheney is back home
7:48 am
this morning recouping from his latest heart surgery. he last the hospital yesterday one month after doctors installed a pump to help his failing heart. the great ring ling brothers and barn number and bailey -- bar num and bailey brothers will kick off their show. however, there's word from peta claiming that they keep the baby elephants chained up all day away from their mothers and allegedly use painful techniques to train them. >> this video is so amazing because this is sa perfect exam el of -- this is sa perfect
7:49 am
example of random violence. >> there's no intent to harm the elephants. sloppy technique, yes. we use a lot of positive reenforcement. >> now, animal activists say they will hold protests at the circus which opens tomorrow at oracle arena. earlier, saudi arabia said they would temporarily allow black berries to continue. a communications official says black berries are continue to function fully in the kingdom. talks are moving in a positive direction. google is expanding its street view mapping service to germany before the end of the year. the 20 largest cities including berlin, frankfurt, munich and hamburg will be included.
7:50 am
faces and license plates will be blurred and individuals can ask to have images of their homes removed if they are concerned about privacy issues. there's gonna be something different about the warning sirens that go off at noon every tuesday in san francisco. "the san francisco examiner" said starting today, the department of emergency management will test out new bilingual computer chips on 15 of the sirens. the messages will not only be in english. they will broadcast in cantonese and spanish. all right. ten minutes before 8:00. up next we'll have details about a disturbing vandalism incident discovered at an east bay high school. we'll tell you what sparked a frightening encounter. this involves a very demanding customer at a fast food drive- through window.
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welcome back. 7:52. west contra costa unified school district officials are investigating a disturbing case of vandalism at richmond's deanza school. school board member told ktvu someone painted swastikas and racist comments on the track and football field. this happened on -- this was discovered on saturday. police say they are investigating this case. 7:53. the second of three escaped convicts is behind bars this morning. tracy province was arrested near yellow stone park yesterday. he's one of three inmates who escaped from an arizona prison nearly two weeks ago. u.s. marshals are still looking for the third suspect. they believe john mccluskey may be in wyoming and may be with his fiance, who is also his cousin. police released video over
7:54 am
a fight over chicken mcnuggets. police got upset had she was told they didn't sell mcnuggets during breakfast. the woman's attorney says his client was dribbling the night before and does not -- drinking the night before and does not remember the incident. proposition-l would make it a crime to sit or lie down or any sidewalk or an object on any sidewalk. members of the group say it would make it a crime to do many things one does in their own home such as sitting in a chair. if you are traveling to san francisco you might be affected
7:55 am
by a project. crews are working from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. the project is up the county line to davis. the project should wrap up by the end of the year. 7:54. sal is all over your commute. what's happening in the southeast bay? >> milpitas traffic is getting busy. that's kind of a barometer we use. slow traffic crossing 880. we're looking at 880 northbound. traffic is moving well. just got report of an accident on the right shoulder in contra costa county on vasco road before camino diablo. bay bridge toll plaza backed up for about a ten-minute wait at the toll. here's steve. thank you, sal.
7:56 am
we still have a little bit of fog out there. visibility has decreased a little today compared to yesterday. san jose, 55. a little haze and fog there. temperatures, everybody settled in the 50s. live stormtracker showing us the fog bank. a little wind has picked up at vacaville. there are a few hints that it will be slow inland. i just warmed up santa cruz and san jose. santa rosa is only 73 downtown. so we went warmer today. fog, sunny, breezy. the system in the worth really counteracts any warming except a couple of degrees. low cloud, sunny, breezy. all of these temperatures below average, everybody across the board. by the way, vallejo, vallejo, coldest july since 1975 in vallejo. the coolest july since 1975. san jose had their coolest
7:57 am
since 1953. san jose, 78. 84 is average. 83 had santa rosa. not even close. 50s for everybody. low, mid to a few upper. but a lot of mid-50s today compared to the last couple of days. mill valley's 5. also i saw sausalito at 52 degrees and san jose at 55. 41 tahoe. 5 ukiah -- 52 ukiah. on the coast there's too much fog, way too much fog. the system driving there in the pacific northwest will keep us coolful friday. we'll see high pressure build in. and that will give us a warmup. morning cloud, sunny, breezy. 60s, 70s and some low to mid- 80s. but areas that warm up 1 or 2 degrees you may not notice it. just weather geeks like me.
7:58 am
tori an dave? >> it is 7:57. we're following late breaking news involving a plane crash in alaska. several organizations from the news are reporting a former senator was on board.
7:59 am
8:00 am
a former u.s. senator is now believed to have been board on a plane that crashed in alaska. there are some survivors. another big name has surfaceed. it's been exactly one year since hassani campbell went missing. we're expecting to get an update from the police and also information on the search.
8:01 am
good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. it's tuesday, august 10th. we're gonna start with a development coming to you now out of alaska. we're hearing four people survived a plane crash but five people were killed in a crash that happened last night. we're not certain yet whether former u.s. senator ted stevens is among those who were killed. this plane went down last night with eight or nine people on board. this happened near dillingham, alaska. that's about 300 miles southwest of anchorage. former nasa administrator sean o'keefe was also on the plane. the crash happened in poor weather and the rescuers are having a hard time because of the weather. former alaska senator, ted stevens, he ended a 40-year
8:02 am
senate career two years ago following a corruption scandal. he was reportedly traveling to a lodge that owns that plan. back here at home, a teenager is miss -- is facing murder charges in the fatal shooting after german tourist in san francisco's theater district. tara moriarty obtained new video. what does the video show, tara? >> reporter: well, it shows a lot of people milling around the scene. you cannot tell much because it's on a time lapse. you see a lot of people rushing into the building and talking on their cell phones. a lot of scuffling going on. now, police really waisted -- wasted no time. it happened right here. the woman was less than a block from her hotel when the shooting happened. police were able to track down the accused killer.
8:03 am
he's described as 18-year-old phillip stewart. he faces murder charges. investigators poured over surveillance video. you are looking at images of teenagers leaving a private dance party. gunfire erupted on the sidewalk right out front an that's when the tourist was struck. she was struck in the's. she had been visiting hospital -- she had been visiting san francisco with her husband to celebrate their anniversary. >> they were coming to celebrate their -- i believe their 25th anniversary and traveling in the united states. celebrateing. >> reporter: now, mr. schroeer left the hotel very distraught
8:04 am
last night. they were supposed to head back on saturday, visiting chicago and st. louis first. now, schroeer had just been promoted at her elementary school. and bullets are still visible here along the building that line the streets. tourists say they were shaken up by the shooting. merchants are extremely angry and the merchant is praying the actions of a cabdriver and other bystanders who were able to give a description of the shooter. it's been one soar since 6- year-old hassani campbell mysteriously vanished. allie rasmus is at the oakland police station now. good morning, ail -- allie. >> reporter: we're outside
8:05 am
oakland headquarters. in about a half hour from now, we're expecting to hear from one of the main investigators in the hasanni case. this particular sergeant has been working the case for the past year. the boy was first reported missing a year ago, on august 10th, 2009. his foster father, louis ross, told police that he left the 5- year-old boy in a parking alley way right behind a rockridge store. police arrested him and the foster mother for a few days because they were considered suspects. but they were later released for lack of evidence. ross and campbell rest the bay area six months ago after their -- after the boy disappeared. ross lives in maryland and is no longer with jeb fer campbell. also happening today, citizens
8:06 am
for the lost society have plans to reignite the search for hassani campbell. they are expected to meet with the district attorney's office. they will have an afternoon rally in the d.a.'s office in outside oakland as well pass a hayward -- as well as a vigil at a hayward church. you can find out when and where the rally and vigil is taking place at in about 20 minutes from now we're expecting to hear from some of the investigators in the hassani campbell case and get an upday. we'll be sure to bring it to you when the information comes in. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 8:06. well, fire crews are still keeping an eye on the early- morning pier fire in alameda just to mack sure it doesn't flair up again. this is fire started at 4:30
8:07 am
this morning. fire officials say most of the flames are coming from beheath the -- beneath the mare and that made it sufficient to access. luckily, no injuries have been reported. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. six minutes after 8:00. governor schwarzenegger plans to appeal after an alameda county judge blocked him from imposing new furloughs on state employees. a testimony po larry restraining order was -- a temporary restraining order was issued yesterday. the judge ordered some 144,000 state employees to take three unpaid days off each month until a hearing is passed. the governor will likely men -- mention the fewer row ruling when he discusses the state crisis in san jose san
8:08 am
jose this morning. he's likely to expand on the state's spending plan that he outlines in today a"l.a. times" he write he's determined to revive california's economy with the budget that cut spending and holds down taxes. 8:07. the chp's out there. they are watching today, cracking down on drivers hurting their -- drivers holding their cell phones. according to the chp cell phones are the number bun cause of traffic accidents in california. officers -- will be ticketing people today either while they are on sidewalking on the -- talking on the phone or texting. >> we want people to look at the big picture. no matter how many fines and tickets we issue, there's no way to bring back a human life. >> now, the fine for this can
8:09 am
run as high as $142 for the first violation. more than 500 ticks were written in the bay area during last year's crackdown. i get a few chills -- seeing that chp car on the side of the freeway. slow it down. let's check in with sal castanedo keeping an eye on the roads, including a -- including a crash. >> that's right, tori. 280 at page mill wood, a car reportedly went over an embankment. rescue's on the way. let's move along and take a look at the westbound bay bridge. moderate traffic coming into san francisco. this morning if you are driving on 880 north and southbound. that traffic -- that traffic moves well.
8:10 am
a reminder, they will be looking for you if you are using your phone without a hands free device. just look at the -- just look at the crown environment c in your rear-view mirror. >> i don't have to. i have the headset. >> that's good. good morning. cloudy, a little bit more fog today. the highs continue to be pea low average. it's one extreme or the other across the globe. they are talking about the fires, the heat in russia. maybe a 1,000 year event here. some a yays had their coolest julys in 50 years. pea low average highs will continue. this will be our fifth month that august is showing other signs of being a cool month. just a tad warmer. there are signs that the weekend will be warmer, even
8:11 am
maybe the coast where the fog will burn off. we've had a cool summer but there are a lot of benefits to that. i was talking to a colleague of mine and the visibility has been outstanding. i don't think we've had a spare the air date yet. one added benefit is a very low fire danger. there are -- there are some good signs. i know some of you like it warmer. we've been stuck in this pattern since march. how many times has a low dropped in is that's exactly what's happening again. there it is. 53 san francisco, we'll go 63 on the high side. morning cloud, sunny. 52 san rafael and napa, everyone because of the cloud
8:12 am
cover really can't change much on these temperatures. most of them are stuck. 54 ukiah up into lake county, they are getting upper 8 as. a little bit cooler with the low coming in the north. much warmer than many in the bay area. 50s and 60s up and down the coast. another cool pattern on the way to southern california. record lows are being set in the desert. this low will e vexly kick out of here but that won't be until about friday. until then we have coast, fog, clear, cool. the wind picks up. cool to warm in the sun and a one-protect the area can feel very warm. 80s for some. 60s, 70s or others. back to you.
8:13 am
thank you. members of congress have come back early in their -- from their sum recess. and oakland police agree to contract concessions to rye to avoid more layoffs but it's city voters who have the final say.
8:14 am
8:15 am
an effort is underway in
8:16 am
washington right now to save thousands of jobs. ktvu's alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. bureau. she knows all about that. good morning, alison. >> reporter: good morning to you, dave. ed a today's vote is an emergency move that democrats say will prevent massive teacher layoffs. including 1,500 in -- 13,500 in california this fall. nancy pelosi took the rare step of calling the house back from senate break. the bill was passed last week. the $26 billion will provide cash to cash-strap asked states. republicans call it excessive spending. >> we'll keep those teachers teaching in the classrooms, not in the unemployment lines. we'll be able to do more in after-school curricular activities. >> while house members are
8:17 am
back, they are also taking up a $600 million bill to beef -- to beef up border security. president obama will be weighing in on this in about 20 minutes from the white house. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, alison. 8:16. well, back here at home, police officers in oakland have agreed to some major contract concessions to try to prevent more layoffs. members of the police approved the deal to may more -- to pay more money in their pension plan. this is not a done deal yet. these concessions are dependent on voters passing a partial tax measure on the november ballot. >> it bring the 80 officers that were laid off back. it keeps the 122 that are threatened to be laid off, it keeps them here for three years.
8:18 am
>> now, the parcel tax is $360 per household. if that measure should fail, the deal falls apart. 8:17. seismologists are watching for aftershocks after a powerful earthquake struck the island located off australian's northeastern coast, more than halfway toward the island of fiji. the earthquake shook building and touched off a small tsunami. former president bush heads to haiti today. he will visit organizations helping with the recovery effort. the -- and talk to haitian citizens about their situation. former presidents bush and clinton are heading up a massive fund-raising drive for haiti at president obama's request. 8:18.
8:19 am
in china, the death toll from floods and land slide has risen to more than 700. more than a thousand people are still missing. now, today you have to see this. rescuers found a man. he had been trapped more than 50 hours inside an apartment billing that collapsed. the 52-year-old man is the only survivor pulled out of the rubble since the landslides hit sunday. rescue teams spent hours digging through the mud to get him out of there and more rain is expected to come to a area over the next three days. 8:1. governor schwarzenegger will be in fairfield to welcome home soldiers return from iraq. close to 100 soldiers will touch down at travis air force base. this was their second tour in -- second tour in iraq.
8:20 am
the remains of john bonnasaille will be buried in colma. he was flying a bombing mission over germany in 1944 when his plane was shot down. his sister contacted german authorities who used dna testing to recently identify his remains. today's burial will be with full military honors and the air force will perform a fly- over in his honor. still ahead -- state officials say they have got millions of dollars in unclaimed cash. we'll tell you who they are trying to get in touch with. the effort to seal off an oil leak in the gulf of mexico is reaching another milestone. we'll have an update. traffic is looking good in the east bay. i just got off the phone with an ac transit spokesman. he has more to say about how the drivers are calling in sick or not. we'll give you an update on that -- coming up. air has no prejudice...
8:21 am
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... it does not carry the opinions... ... of a man, faster... ... than those of a woman... it does not filter out an idea... ... because i'm 16... ... and not 30. so it stands to reason... ... my ideas will be powerful... ... if they are wise... ... infectious... ... if they are worthy... ... if my thoughts have... ... flawless delivery... ... i can lead the army that will follow.
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rule the air. verizon. right now buy a blackberry smartphone and get a second one free. like the curve. only at verizon. oakland police are looking for suspects in an overnight shooting. two people were wounded in the gunfire on 22nd avenue. it happened about 10:30 last night. both victims are expected to survive. still not clear what led up to the shooting. if you have been the victim of a crime and lost money,
8:24 am
there could be cash coming your way. california has $11 million sitting in a state account, mainly because victims don't realize they are entitled to restitution paid by state criminals. the state has set up a toll- free number. the number -- governor schwarzenegger and others pushed for the bond for the water bill because of california's water crisis. the bond would have paid for upgrades to the delivery system and also restore the delta. bp oil engineers say they are close to finishing the relief well in the gulf of mexico. the drilling is within 100 feet of its target. and engineers say the -- say if the weather holds up, the work
8:25 am
could be completed by friday. then they will pour mud and cement there to permanently seal up that well. all right. 8:24. we want to check in, once again, with sal castanedo, keeping a close eye on the tuesday commute. right now we're looking a the bay bridge bridges. the bay bridge has sort of a hefty backup, it's backed up for about a 15-minute delay. you will be waiting. it's not completely clear for you. on the san mateo bridge it looks good, like weiss for the golden gate bridge -- likewise for the golden gate bridge. i just got off the phone with the representative from ac transit, he says fewer drive, are calling in. last week when there was that
8:26 am
labor unrest, about 150 drivers called in sick. yesterday it was down to 110 -- 102. we're seeing things get back to normal. the judge issued a ruling to get rid of the proposed contract. we'll receive how it shakes up. so far the transit system seems to be on time this morning. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. some of the tweets are coming in. a lot of fog, a little mist andrele. very cool pattern. people -- people keep asking me when will it warm up? we start off with a lot of low cloud and fog. vacaville, southwest 6 winds. even though there's warmer air aloft, the sea breeze says i'm still here. just received a tweet from
8:27 am
sebastopol. kine of cold, misty. a fog bank is just hanging out at the coast. 63 san francisco. oakland very cool. 68 after yesterday's 65. mount tam is running a little lower. therein lies maybe a soon burnoff on the fog and hence maybe a degree or two difference. there will be upper 80s in lake county and up towards ukiah. the low really is strong for this time of year. it keeps us on the cool side. inlan areas slightly warmer but still breezy and bele average temperatures -- below average temperatures. morning clouds, fog, sunny, breezy. haven't lost the breeze in a long time. visibility has been sparkling. seriously we don't have the haze layer we usually get in the summer. morning, fog, sunny. warmer weather looks like it
8:28 am
arrives saturday. dave? an 18-year-old man now facing murder charges in that fatal shooting of a german tourist in san francisco's theater district. coming up next -- we'll -- we will show you dramatic video taken moments after that tragic killing. the bug announcement came just an hour ago -- the big announcement came just an hour ago. we'll tell you what the world health organization is saying now about the h1n1 pan democratic democratic-- pandemic.
8:29 am
8:30 am
surveillance video is
8:31 am
revealing new information about the deadly shooting in san francisco. tara moriarty has been looking at the video and is back now with the lawsuit of the on that. >> reporter: good morning, dave. we're gonna talk you straight to the surveillance video. a group of people rushing back into the building movements after the shooting happened on the 400 block near mason street. the shooting happened right after:00 sunday night as a group -- 9:00 sund night as a group of teenagers were -- teenagers were leaving a dance party. a female tourist from german was killed. she was walking towards her hotel when a spray bullet struck her in the head. she had been visiting san
8:32 am
francisco. >> deep in his heart, he's crushed. after being with someone all of these years and they come to celebrate their 25th anniversary and they were traveling in the united states, celebrating. >> reporter: he was visibly distraught as he left his hotel. the couple's two sons had stayed home for the trip. now, the victim had just been promoted at her elementary school back home. tourists say they were shaken by the 14509ing. merchants are -- by the shooting. merchants are angry. the san francisco comedy club rented out a room on the fifth floor for the party. there was no live muse or drinks served. anything that would have required a city permit. event had five -- the event had five guard inside the building. it got out of hand because tickets were presold on the
8:33 am
internet. the event had enough security too handle the 200 people inside. but it was the 200-plus people milling around outside causing all of the problems here. as far as the investigation goes, san jose police have arrested phillip stewart of san francisco. they say it's possible that they could make more arrests soon. we're live in san francisco. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, tara for the update. now, that shooting happened on the same day that mayor newsom signed new legislation aimed at reducing violence. the measure gives the entertainment commission, the power to revoke club permits. mayor newsom will reportedly meet tomorrow night to talk about all of the recent violence. it's 8:3. in' airplane fire that engulfed an alameda pier is now out at this hour. investigators are at the pier which is just off buena vista
8:34 am
avenue. paul chambers joins us with another update. >> reporter: good morning. we have some new information. it's been about an hour and a half since the crew left. but there is a crew out there right now cutting access to the pier so the fire department can get in and discover what exactly is going on. now, these crews have been on standby. but for the most part, the fire is out. the fire was off buena vista avenue and you could see smoke from the 880. the city crews used the ladder to work the fire from above. once they figured out the fire was burning from underneath the pier, they called in the san francisco boat which took about 20 minutes to get here. but once on scene, they were able to get it quickly under control from the water.
8:35 am
>> this appears it is in disrepair. they used the san francisco water boat to access the fire from the waker side -- water side. >> reporter: this was an unused pier. now, out here live, once again, as you can see there is a drew working here to get access into the pier because fire crews say it's been smoldering for more than an hour and a half since the san francisco fire department boat left the scene. everyone's under control. they believe this is completely out but they want to make sure nothing is burning within. 8:35. fire crews were also called in this morning to put out a fire in san francisco. this fire broke out around 6:00 a.m. inside an apartment building. it was in the area of elgin
8:36 am
park and dubose avenue near the central freeway. crews say the five was in a difficult location as it broke out in a subbasement in a building that was behind two others. one neighbor told us she was not aware of what was going on until fire crews showed up at the door. >> firemen rang the door pell, i opened the door and let them in. fire crews are still on the skoon as the cleanup work gets underway. 8:36. this morning, the word health organization says the h1n1 epidemic is over. the number of cases has dropped dramatically since the beginning of this year. now, health officials sill warn the virus can still cause problems. they say high risk groups including pregnant women should
8:37 am
be vaccinated against the violence. the california department of health is warring you not to eat meat that's being recalled for possible e. coli contamination. valley meat company of modesto is recalling 1 million-pound of beef products. that include ground beef patties and bulk patties. the code is inside the inspection mark. to get pore information, go to the channel 2 website, ktvu channel 2 news. look for the "recall idea heading. it's under the "business" section. in a few hours we'll hear how the federal reserve hopes to continue to guide the u.s.
8:38 am
economy through this slow growth period. bernanke and his colleagues will discuss ways to jump start the jump start the economy. results of the meeting will be shortly after 11:00 our time and we'll have the information on the noon news. research shows the census bureau cost a lot less money than thought. new york, texas, and california had both -- had average or below average mail-in participation rates, putting them in danger of using or gaining fewer than expected
8:39 am
congressional seats. less go to sal. >> westbound bay bridge. a little bit of a backup. i would say it's big compared to what we've had the last few days. the last few weeks. we've had light commutes and we get used to good things fast. it's delayed at the toll plaza westbound coming into san francisco. this morning's commute is gonna be a little slower. northbound on 880. you pass the coliseum. there are no major problems there. as a matter of fact, traffic continues to move along relatively well. can i get the maps up? yes, i can. >> southbound 280, that accident has been cleared in the south bay. we're doing pretty well with slow traffic on 85 northbound getting up to interstate 280. here's steve. plenty of fog and low cloud to go around. was way up there the last few
8:40 am
days. but still, it made it all the way out to fairfield. when fairfield gets fog, it's tough for us to warm up. every reporting station at 8:00 still says cloudy, that includes santa rosa, concord, livermore, san jose, moffet, oakland, san francisco, san rafael. everybody, cloudy. you can see why. a lot in the way of low clouds and fog. a west to southwest wind at 23 in fairfield. this would be our fifth month. foggy morning gives way to a little sooner burnoff so slightly warmer. there are signs that the weekend friday/saturday might warm up across the board. don't want to get ahead of ourselves it has not been that way this whole summer. we get a couple of days warmer and it cams down. the fog was way up there. they are boo low average in
8:41 am
inland areas and there is the source, the low up to seattle and portland diving down into southern oregon. that keeps the wind going and the fog going and temperatures below average. a couple records were one year ago today. what? yeah. oakland 86 and mountain view, 91. do you remember? no, you don't. that's why people have short- term weather memories. [ laughter ] >> 52 san rafael and napa. 55 san jose. livermore/concord, 57. 50s up and down the coast. for the inland areas, yeah, it warms up. some it's hot. but for many it's a very cool pattern. until the low moves out then we stay pretty much as is. so foggy conditions and sunny. breezy at times.
8:42 am
70s for a few. no change through thursday and then it -- huh lit packard -- hewlett- packard's ceo is out of a job but he won't be short on cash. we're also getting an update from police on the hassani campbell disappearance. a news conference just ended. we'll gonna bring you all of the details.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
former u.s. senator ted stevens of alaska and former nasa administrator sean o'keefe are said to be among nine people on a plane that crashed in alaska last night. we don't know if they are wrong the -- among the four who survived. the house of representatives has approved $600 million to help increase security along the troubled u.s./mexico border. that money will pay for 1500 more agents. signage of the bill is expected sometime after congress's
8:46 am
summer recess. the chp is cracking down today on drivers talking on their cell phones. the officers will be out there ticketing people today if you are either texting or talking on the phone without a hands- free device. it is 8:45. police are just wrapping up a news conference about their investigation into the disappearance of hasanni campbell. let's get right to allie rasmus. what did investigators reveal this. >> reporter: we just heard from the lead investigator in the hasanni campbell case who has been working this case for a year, when hasanni was first reported missing. the first person to report hasanni missing was louis ross
8:47 am
and the lieutenant announced that ross is not only a person of interest but he's the primary suspect in hasanni's disappearance. >> i can tell you that i continue to investigate the case. louis ross is still considered the prime suspect in the missing case of hasanni campbell. the case is still classified as a missing person's case but i believe lou ross was is is -- hasanni campbell met death at the hands of louis ross. police arrested ross and jennifer campbell. at the time they were considered suspects in the disappearance. but ross and campbell were late released for lack of evidence. both of them left the bay area about six months half hasanni's
8:48 am
parents. ross lives in maryland now. but he does not believe that hasanni even made it to that rockridge shoe store. he says they are working with the fbi and the alameda county district attorney's office to continue to work on this case and the lieutenant said it's his hope that he can bring this case to prosecution and the d.a.'s office. he believes that hasanni campbell's foster father, ross, is the prime suspect the case and he believes that hasanni campbell met foul play and is no longer arrive, sadly. back to you. >> thank you. president obama is join by teachers across the country in an effort to save thousands of jobs. the president is urging the house to pass legislation which would help cash-strapped states deep their teachers on the payroll. the president made some comments at the rose garden in the muse a short time ago. the -- in the white house a
8:49 am
short time ago. the bill provides money to save teacher jobs along with police, firefighters jobs. republicans say this bill makes the country's deficit even worse. but democrats say it's paid for by u.s. companies that operate overseas, taxes there. the circus will kick off their traditional elephant walk. an ma activists are weighing in. they are releasing video that they say shows elephants being used. they allegedly use painful techniques to train these elephants. one video allegedly shows a handler repeatedly hitting a like of elephants with bull hooks. >> this is video is so amaying. this is a -- is so amazing. this is an example of random
8:50 am
violence. >> there was no intend to harm the elephant, sloppy technique, yes. we use a lot of reinforcement and we use the bond with the handler. >> animal rights activists plan to hold protests at the circus which opens tomorrow. west contra costa officials are investigating a they call a disturbing case of vandalism a at -- at desan za high school. they say someone painted a swastika and other graffiti. the school was not notified until the vandalism this morning -- until this morning. police are investigating. former hewlett-packard ceo,
8:51 am
mark hurd, is leaving the company under a cloud of scandal but he's not leaving empty-handed. his serb rinse package will cost an estimated $34.6 million. that includes pay and stock. this compares to the estimated $20,000 in false expenses. he's accused of submitting. business professors say only about one in four top executives accused of being indiscreet actually gets pushed out of the job. a credit counseling company says one out of marry -- one out of five married people have a credit card the other does not know about. some say they don't tell their partner about the credit card because they want to avoid an argument or pay down the balance before even acknowledging it exists. they say the card are mostly used to buy clothing or eating out. it's nine minutes before
8:52 am
9:00. emergency warning sirens will go off as usual at noon today in san francisco. but there also be something different about the sirens today. we'll explain. also -- he struck out with her daughter in a highly publicized romance. now levi johnston can'ts a shot at sarah palin's old job in alaska. droiiiid. what this droid does will change how you do web connections. this creates a mobile 3g hotspot, powerful enough to fuel multiple devices at will. putting you at the center of your own world wide web. introducing the new droid x. the next generation of does.
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8:54 am
the chp now says three people died in a fiery van carrying -- fiery van crash that was carrying students from a university in riverside. a cross-country team from california baptist university was hadding to a training camp late -- was heading to a
8:55 am
training camp last night when the suv hit the van. they first believed that six people died in the crash but later changed the number to three. the crash killed a cheerleads coach driving the university's van and two people in the suv. four people are in the hospital. three people are dead and a dozens others are hurt after a bus carrying tourists from las vegas crashed in utah. it happened around 7:00 last night. the bus veered into a median and rolled down the road. several passengers were ejected from the bus when it crashed. the but was on its way to bryce national park. levi johnston, who almost married sarah palin's daughter, bristol, may try to follow in sarah palin's footsteps now. johnston may now run for mayor in wasilla, alaska. that's the job once held by sarah palin before she became governor of alaska. there will be something different about the warning sirens that go off at noon every tuesday in san francisco.
8:56 am
the "san francisco examiner" reports that starting today, the department of emergency management will test new bipartisan lingual computer ships -- bilingual computer chips. and those chips will be installed in other sirens around the city as well. look at that. they misspelled the world "school" while park -- marking a recently paved road. it shoulden be too hart -- shouldn't be too hard to fix that. all right. well, it is ticket 2's day and today 25 lucky viewers will win two tickets to came's great america in santa clara. the tickets include general amegs to great america and the
8:57 am
water park boomerang bay. go to scroll down to "ktvu right now" and put in the see he yet word -- secret word "snoopy." >> love snoopy. okay. we want to get one last look at traffic with sal. >> we're gonna start northbound 280 traffic in san jose. it's moving along okay as you drive up towards downtown and it gets slower at 80. there's kind of a big backup at the bay bridge toll plaza barked up beyond 880. here's steve. foggy, misty, cool morning will give way to sunshine inland. probably the next hour or so and then we'll have temperatures in the 70s and 80s. not much change through thursday. it looks warmer friday and saturday. a lot of people are saying
8:58 am
finally. >> it's been very cool. >> it has. >> very cool around here. >> well, that will do it for you -- for us. thanks for watching, everyone. >> bye now.
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