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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  August 10, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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50-year-old tourist who was walking with her husband was hit by a stray bullet. today police said there's not enough evidence to charge 18- year-old david stewart. >> there's no charges right now, evidence continues to be collected, including ballistic evidence and video evidence. >> five people were detained saturday night. new developments tonight in the hasani campbell case. the little boy has now been missing for one year. and today investigators had some strong words about the boy's foster father. meanwhile events have been held throughout the day for the missing child. ktvu's rita williams is live tonight in oakland with details for us, rita. >> reporter: heather as you said it's been a year ago today since he disappeared but some folks who care about hasani campbell the most are still clinging to hope. >> i have a hopes that he's
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still alive. like i said before, that he was kidnapped and dragged out of the shoe store. >> reporter: the little boy's grandmother who's also the mother of hasani's foster mom may be the only one close to the case who still believes the boy is still alive. >> honestly, i think my nephew was murdered. >> reporter: the case is still classified as a missing person's case. but based on the investigation, i feel that hasani campbell fell foul play at the hands of lewis ross and he remains the main person of interest in our case. >> reporter: police arrested both foster participants three weeks after the disappearance but released them three days later for lack of evidence. parents of their own child born since hasani disappeared the couple now has split up with ross living in maryland and refusing to talk any more with investigators and jennifer campbell in arizona. >> two weeks ago i went out of
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state with the fbi and conducted an interview with jennifer campbell. >> reporter: investigator galindo says he does not believe the hasani was alive when he was reported missing. >> we cannot ask for a better team on this case to resolve it and bring hasani home. >> reporter: accusing ross of killing campbell is one thing, but tonight police are still asking for the public's help for any information they say that might help bring him to trial. rita williams, ktvu. and at this hour, people are gathering for a candlelight vigil in hayward to mark the anniversary of hasani
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campbell's disappearance. the vigil is being held at presbyterian church. many of the people attending the vigil have volunteered for past search efforts. six decades after a world war ii airman from oakland was killed on a plane crash in germany his remains were finally buried here in the bay area. >> the u.s. army honor guard carried sergeant john bonosio to his final resting place at his family's plot at holy cross cemetery in coma. bonosio was a member of a crew that was flying a bombing mission when the plane was bombed and crashed. >> it's great that he was honored and not left in another country. >> reporter: with the help of his family, investigators found bonosio's remains and those of the other crew members at the bomber's crash site near
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hanover germany. tonight, the national guard is some where they haven't been in a year, back in the arms of their loved ones. they were welcomed home after a year tour to iraq. christien kafton has the story. >> reporter: the military police brigade did return here this afternoon. on their way back from baghdad, they say they stopped in new hampshire, they said they received a nice greeting there, they also stopped in colorado, that was nice here. but they it was nothing compared to the welcoming they received here. it was all hugs and kisses for members of the 49th as they saw their families in some cases for the first time in 15 months. the guards men and women are based here in fairfield and served at camp liberty in baghdad training iraqis to train over law enforcement duties. the return home is part of the scheduled troop draw down in iraq and they are the last
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military police brigade to serve in baghdad. and they arrived about 4:30 greeted at the tarmac by governor arnold schwarzenegger. but the main thrill for the soldiers was seeing their families. >> it was great to see our family, it's been a year and we've missed them very, very much. >> how long have they been away? >> a year, they were gone a year. i can't believe we made it. we finally made it. >> reporter: the 49th is the same brigade that lost clarkson in their last tour. this time around, they did not lose any soldiers. if everything goes right, the brigade should be able to remain at home for a year. governor arnold schwarzenegger today appealed a judge's ruling that blocks the return of furlough days. as it stands now, workers scheduled to be furloughed this
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friday and two other days this month can come to work. an alameda county judge ordered no furloughs until a full hearing is held on the issue next month. the governor says the state needs the work stoppages to reduce spending until the legislature approves a budget. there may be new hope tonight for laid off bay area teachers, president obama today signed a bill into law that will have billions flowing into states including california. the president signed the measure just hours after the house passed it during a special session. ktvu's rob roth is live now in san francisco with more on what this may mean for the bay area. >> reporter: teachers here at lafayette elementary school are busy getting ready for the first day of class next week. and they're hoping that the new bill will add new teachers to the classroom. teachers today were sprucing up their bulletin boards getting ready for their new school year. many hopes the new jobs bill will not only help stimulate the economy but improve public
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education. >> it's the one thing we have to support is education. >> reporter: today in an emergency session of congress, the house passed legislation that provides $10 billion to school districts nationwide to rehire laid off teachers. >> this is really a very happy afternoon for us, because the house just passed legislation that has a direct relationships to the strength of our communities the education of our children, the safety of our neighborhoods, the stability of the economy of our state. >> for san francisco public school it is new legislation will mean an addition 14 to $15 million. the unified school district will begin the school with fewer teachers and counselors than last year. carlos garcia says before adding back teachers he would like to eliminate the furlough days this year. >> i think it's premature for us to start spending that money. we have to do a wait and see and look at what the school is
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going to do. >> reporter: officials say they don't want to rehire teachers that they'll have to lay off in a year or two. >> we'll have to see what we can do like increasing salarys to retain teachers. >> reporter: officials are hoping families will help stave off teachers lay offs for not only the upcoming school year but also the year after that. reporting live in san francisco, rob roth ktvu. worried investors got a little reassurance from the federal reserve today but it wasn't enough to turn stocks off, the feds said today it would use money from itsinvest -pls its investments. the dow jonessed lost 54 points. the nasdaq shed 48 points. meg whitman is taking a new
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line of attack against her rival. >> council members pulling down 100,000 each, mismanagement, it's happened before when jerry brown was mayor of oakland. >> the radio ad hit the air waves today and accuses brown of bloating plays for city employees during his tenure as mayor. alameda county officials recaptured three escapees from the juvenile detention hall. the three escapees two charged with murder were on the loose loose for more than an hour. law enforcement officials quickly caught all three on foothill boulevard a little after five. all three escapees are being treated at eden hospital for injuries they suffered during the escape including cuts from cutting over the razor wire
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fence around that structure. and parol guidelines for minors convicted of murder rallied outside the state capital today. state senator yee is sponsoring the bill. it's designed to give minors sentence to life without parol the chance to petition for parol. minors could be released after serving at least 25 years in prison. but opponents say judges already have the discretion of paroling inmates without the possibility of parol. jack daniels arrived back at sfo today courtesy of jet blue. jack daniels was kidnapped and no one knew who took him or where he was until a week ago, he was found in new york. >> fortunately he was chipped,
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and they made an effort to give us a call. >> reporter: jack daniels is mostly blind. he will receive medical care and will likely go up for adoption in the next few days. how nummi is once again turning up the heat on fare evaders. uncle sam says the airline business is doing better, but it's on time performance isn't quite so good. i'm consume editor tom vacar, the numbers still ahead. we're still tracking the movement of the low clouds and the fog, outside right now looking out toward san francisco all ready the cloud deck on the increase. we'll have warming temperatures in the five day forecast, we'll have to look at that coming up in just a bit. a fire at the alameda pier is under investigation tonight. why the fire was so difficult for firefighters to put out. so my mercury moment happened during our family camping trip.
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feel like you're spending more time waiting for your
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flight? a government report backing up your feelings. for a closer look at the reason for the delays, we go to tom vacar. >> reporter: in the last two years, recession blogged airlines took a lot of airplanes out in the desert in moth balls, perhaps too many. >> reporter: it was bustling on a tuesday today at sfo more than i've seen in a long while. being on time is a challenge according to late arriving passengers we talked to today. >> you could hear the frustration of the passengers when they came on and said, we're going to be delayed 10 minutes, then we're going to be another 15 minutes, people want to get home. >> reporter: before airlines
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take moth ball planes out of the desert and hire new crews, they want to make sure the recession is over. >> by the time the people get through the tsa line and then get to the airline it's not as smooth as it used to be. >> the counters were busy everywhere i wept. >> reporter: the government rules are tightening up. >> because of less legislation, the airlines are apprehensive of pulling out of the gate. >> we've had the early booking we've never seen before, it's getting bad out there. >> reporter: european passengers have way more than rights than those in the u.s. although we are beginning to
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catch up. consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu. nummi is against turning up the heat on fare evaders after 30 days of training. transit officers will work in smaller groups over broader areas, officials say they want to avoid offending people who do not cheat, they also want to avoid frightening people who don't understand what's happening due to cultural barriers. >> we don't need to offend all of our riders when we are trying to deal with the 9% fare evasion that we have. >> they will place a crack down on counter fit transit passes. crews arrived around 4:30 this morning, they knocked down flames burning on top of the pier off buena vista avenue. that's when the san francisco
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fire boat was called in. >> given the position of the pier we were unable to reach the area. the san francisco boat has knocked down the fire. >> reporter: the pier is not being used right now, the cause of the fire is still under investigation. time for us to talk about the weather. >> more fog. >> mark, tough job for you. >> are you guys tired of me already. >> no. >> low clouds and fog we've been talking about over the last few weeks. but things starting to change for the weekend. but here's the look from the satellite. that fog bank already pushing back into the bay out toward berkeley. at closer inspection, you can see the buoy has winds coming out of the west. that will import the fog over
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the next few hours. as far as the over all temperatures is cool with fog. tomorrow minor changes but the weekend we will expect and we are expecting temperatures to warm back up especially inland. not so much coast side. for tomorrow, in freemont cloud cover to start out the day at 7:00. by 12:00 64, 3:00 an afternoon high in the lower 70s. this has been the persistent weather pattern. temperatures inland to reach 70 degrees. still going to keep patchy fog coast side here. minor warning there, by monday temperatures inland could be approaching the lower 90s. we could be warming up by five to 10 degrees, but not
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tomorrow. temperatures in the upper 50s for the beaches outs toward pacifica to the lower 80s inland right around antioch, 83 degrees. livermore at 80 and san jose in the 70s. here's your look ahead, temperatures are trending upward for friday, saturday and sunday. right around 90 degrees, coast side still keeping it in the mid- to upper 60s. temperatures will be peaking into sunday. and you have to say, enjoy it while it lasts because it's a two or three day period then we're shooting back up. carly fiorina took her tour to sacramento today. she called the stimulus plan a failure and accused her
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opponent boxer of driving up taxes. boxer says fiorina laid off 30,000 workers and shipped jobs overseas, bothcandidates are scheduled to debate in moraga and ktvu will carry it ve. droid fans will soon be able to buy a new version of the phone. the phone is faster than the old droid and has a new keyboard. there is a mail in rebait to get $100 back. coming up for you tonight, the the flight attendant getting national attention goes before the judge today.
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the flight attendant who authorities say flipped out on a jet blue flight last week was arraigned today. steven slater pled not guilty to criminal mischief and reckless endangerment charges. he cursed over the pa system, grabbed two beers then bolted down an emergency slide. he was later arrested at his
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home, he is currently out of jail after posting $2,500 bail. no melt downs here. mark is here to talk to us about sports and the big golf tournament that is about to get under way. >> one of the majors at the pga tour and pga championship. tiger woods is if big story, he has been the number one golfer for 275 weeks but that is in danger, is that record. it's been a lousy year all the way around for tiger woods, but he says when you win a mayor, major, it's a good year and that may erase a lot of bad memories. >> i'll be able to piece together rounds and keep it in there. and there were two tournaments where i really hit it well, other than that i haven't done that well. even at the u.s. open i played nine good holes and you need to play a little bit more
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consistent than that. >> can you imagine tiger saying, i played nine good holes, that's what it's come down to. talk about melt downs, we did have a melt down. the reds and cardinals, look at this, one pitch is not even been thrown in this game. brandon phillips taps the catcher and umpire. he says it's a good luck charm. molina takes exception to that. the umpire steps between them, keep in mind there hasn't been a single pitch thrown in this game yet and it all breaks lose. full on melee mind the plate. looks like people are throwing blows there. what's unbelievable is the game hasn't even started. brandon phillips had said prior to the game he doesn't like the cardinals, says they're a bunch of complainers. we'll see what the giants and
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a's have to offer tonight. full highlights at 10:00, but that's the sporting life for now. melt downs were the order of the day. >> thanks, mark. we are following developing news in the east bay, three teenagers captured in the last hour after escaping a juvenile detention facility. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on channel 36, how officials tracked the teenagers down and details on the the escapees. that is our report for now. i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm frank somerville. have a great evening everyone. >> good night.
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