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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  August 10, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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captioning by captionmax residents of this suburban neighborhood are taking precautions after another woman is attacked. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm frank somerville. in each case the woman is at home in her own apartment when she's attacked. the latest attack happened today in unincorporated contra costa county. ken wayne live tonight with our report, ken.
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>>frank, contra costa county sheriff's officials say a 25- year-old woman here on oak street was awakened at 8:30 this morning by an intruder who had his hand over her mouth. >> the victim was threatened and told not to scream she was able to get away. fight back. the suspect fled and she called sheriff's office. >> reporter: the victim's door was locked so it's not clear how the intruder got in. one resident took us to the third floor where the attack happened and pointed out some windows have windows that can be accessed from the walk way. she says officers came to her door this morning. >> there were two sheriff policemen, they were just there asking me, they asked me if i had seen a tall, black man around the complex. >> reporter: it's the third such attack at this complex in six weeks. on june 30th, a man knocked on the door and asked for water, forced his way in and was
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scared away after the woman heard began to scream. >> we're actually deciding on to get another lock. >> we're going to get a lock and a wooden dowel to put mind the slider back door. >> reporter: even residents across the street are worried , it's pretty crazy the to think my wife could be home alone, and a man could come over, it's really scary. >> it's not really gated so people can come in and out of the place. >> reporter: one man says he knows the victim. >> she's going to be scared for a while i think. >> reporter: while residents say they are being extra
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vigilant, some residents say they've had enough and they are moving. management was unavailable for comment. live in contra costa county, ken wayne, ktvu news. the only person arrested until the fatal shooting of a german tourist in san francisco could be just minutes from walking out of jail. late today, prosecutors announced that at least for now, they are not charging 18- year-old phillip stewart in the death of the 50-year-old tourist. just minutes ago the sheriff's department told us stewart has no outstanding warrants and will be released tonight. police say the german woman was caught in the cross fire between two groups of teenagers on mason street near union square. a taxi driver said he followed their vehicle until they were stopped. >> he pulled over on the next light, half block and picks up these three other guys, i'm following them and watching them. and they are trying to drive
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evasively to get out of there. >> reporter: this video shows the inside of the building where police say the shooting broke out, two people were wounded including one who appears on the video being carried outside? -z three teenage inmates escape from juvenile detention center this afternoon but authorities capture them with the help of canines. >> reporter: tonight we spoke with several staff members here at the juvenile justice center. one of them told us he knows the three felons who escape. officials are now reevaluating the security. the three teenagers were held in maximum security were in an outdoor area called the black top on the third floor when they made their escape this
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afternoon. staff members say the felons were getting their outdoor time. they had maken their way into a residential area blocks away. >> we caught the third after a little bit of a search. he was bitten by a canine and taken into custody. >> reporter: the sheriff's department spoken man told us the juvenile center called them to ask for help to catch the felons. the three escapees are dangerous. two are charged with murder and the third assault with a deadly weapon. law enforcement captured them after searching for a couple of hours with helicopters and canine units. >> it's a big relief for us. you put all your efforts into it because it puts the public into risk. >> reporter: lynne covington
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says she lives in the area, she said she said she heard the helicopters but was not aware of the escape. we asked to speak with officials in charge how three dangerous felons could have escape, so far we've received no response. reports live, amber lee ktvu channel 2 news. in san jose, police arrested two men in connection with the shooting of a clerk. shortly afternoon, two of the suspects entered a check and go on blossom hill road with their guns drawn and demanded money. a 23-year-old clerk is described. five men then drove away but were soon pulled over. the suspects then took off running but were captured within minutes.
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>> president obama signed a $26 billion jobs bill today immediately after it passed congress. the legislation will keep 300,000 teachers, firefighters and police officers from losing their jobs. today's vote in the house of representatives was split. >> it should not be an issue. i heard the republican party say this was an special interest bill. if it is the american education and children that is a special interest bill, then it is your special interest bill. >> $20 million goes to school districts to rehire laid off teachers. with the first day of class looming next week, teachers here at lafayette elementary school in san francisco's
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richmond district are getting ready. many teachers hope the new jobs bill will not only help stimulate the economy but improve public education. >> it's the one thing we have to support is education. >> reporter: for san francisco public schools the new legislation will mean an addition 14 to $15 million. but superintendent carlos garcia says before replacing them he wants to first consider eliminating the first furlough days and pay those teachers. >> one of our goals would be, let's work together to try to bring back those days,because that's not fair to our kids. >>. i think it would be premature for all of us to start spending that money. i think we kind of have to do a wait and see what the state is going to do. we don't know when they're going to pass a budget. the school district laid off four teachers this year, but they say they may not want to rehire teachers who will
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have to be fired again in two or three years when the money runs out. >> we want to see if we can use it in another way, such as increasing teacher pay to keep teachers. >> reporter: in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. the house passed a $600 million bill to beef up security along the border with mexico. it will provide money to hire additional border agents and increase the use of unmanned surveillance drones. the senate passed a nearly identical bill. senate approval would send it to the president. senator arnold schwarzenegger wanted 156,000 workers to take unpaid furloughs this friday. but an alameda county judge ruled yesterday that the governor may lack the authority
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to impose those furloughs and ordered a hearing for next month. the governor filed an appeal and asked that the ruling be put on hold. the nation's largest part of -- the american bar association backed a resolution calling on every state legislature to provide gays and les, sbians with the right to mary. only one speaker opposed it. most all the money comes from texas, why? -- it's a state initiative but almost all the money comes from texas, why? and we saw investigators bagging up new ev
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san francisco police are taking a different look at a recent homicide. ktvu's mike mibach is live in the city with the story. >> reporter: right across the street from me re is the u.s. mint, there are surveillance cameras everywhere, there are armed guards here 24/7. to bring you back across the street, this is the apartment where dei martino was found
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dead. the person responsible for killing him may have also been hurt during the attack. tonight inspectors arrived at the crime scene looking for new clues, a medical examiner truck and a patrol car also stopped by. this is a homicide investigation and the victim is phillip d. martino. he was found dead on monday august 2nd. >> they are looking for a hispanic male suspect. that may have cut himself during the attack. they also believe that the homicide occurred on the friday night which was july 30th. >> reporter: outside d. martino's apartment are flowers and picture, it's here that we ran into his neighbor who didn't want to be identified but told us he was a polite man that liked to have company. >> i looked a couple of guys come and go. there were a couple of guys that looked suspicious, they looked in my apartment and i
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didn't feel safe. >> reporter: in june 2007, the san francisco resident named de la laza also aged 36 was found stabbed to death in his home. in that case there were no signs of forced entry and in d.martino's case no signs of forced entry. >> i think it's inappropriate to try to connect these two and put fear into the public. those two cases are completely separate. >> thank you very much, please, anything you've got give us a call. >> reporter: last weekend, inspectors handed out fliers in the castro and asked if they knew anything about d.martino and his acquaintances. >> in the afternoon, that's what everybody was talking about. >> reporter: d.martino's apartment a hearsay because it was steps from the u.s. mint with lots and lots of cameras. >> it's a strange place for
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that kind of crime. >> reporter: d.martino's company released this statement, he was more than an incredibly talented professional, he was a friend and member of the arch stone family. pg & e says it's not certain what triggered the black out at about 7:30 this evening in southen nevado in ignacio and marin county. as of now it won't predict when the power will be back on. new york congressman charles rangel came out swinging today defending himself against 13 charges of wrong doing. on the house floor, the 80-year- old rangel said yes he made mistakes, especially not reporting income. the congressman also took a jab at president obama who has said
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that he hoped rangel would end his career with dignity. >> if i can't get my dignity back here, then fire your best shot and get rid of me through expulsion. >> reporter: other wise rangel said he isn't going any where. rangel also said he is anxiously waiting an ethics committee which is not scheduled until next month. the ballot measure is proposition 23, and today opponents said two key supporters are toxic polluters from out of the state. a political editor randy shandobil reports. >> the valero oil refinery in venetia are owned by texas companies. the two biggest donors to proposition 23. almost $5 million so far. >> proposition 23 will save california families billions of
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the dollars in higher energy costs and it will project over a million california jobs. >> reporter: proponents of 23 say ab32 the anti global warming bill that governor arnold schwarzenegger signed four years ago won't really work and will chase jobs out of the state because strict regulations might force factories to close. >> we're going to lose many jobs as part of the implementation of prop 23. >> reporter: the no on 23 side says no clean energy jobs more than offset any lost job and gavin newsom warning people not to trust texas oil companies. >> do you think private corporations out of texas are looking to save california
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money? it's nonsense, this is all about their side. >> reporter: they say valero and tesoro pollutants disproportionately affect people of color. >> prop 23 is going to hurt low income communities and people of color first. >> reporter: both could become big issues in this year's governor race and this year's senate race. republicans in those races meg whitman and fiorina called 32 a job killer and want to suspend it. >> they are wrong on this and they are playing to a political base that with all due respect respect my rear-view mirror and not the future of this state. >> reporter: the democrats in those races, brown and boxer support the global warming bill. political editor, randy shandobil, ktvu news. a round up of some 2,000 wild horses is on after the ninth circuit court of appeals turned down a request to stop it. the bureau of land management plans to round up around 80% of
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the herd along the state line. it says the range land there can't sustain the population. the horses usually end up in holding pens or pastures, federal law bans the slaughter of wild horses. advocates say they should roam free. a plan to repair the sasoon will move forward. 124,000-gallons of diesel fuel spill into the marsh back in 2004. kindel mgan owned the pipeline. the firm will pay more than a million dollars to help restore 55,000 acres in sonoma county. federal officials say the spill killed or injured a wide variety of wildlife including salt marsh harvest mouses. the fog is currently pushing into the bay, overnight lows mainly in the lower 50s,
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napa at 50 and san jose 53. as we do take a look at the forecast, the clouds pushing across the bay, still a few patches inland as well. for the most part partly cloudy skies out toward livermore. temperatures tomorrow morning at 7:00 from around 50 to 53 degrees. we'll put this into motion, by 10:00 clearing clouds inland but still patchy fog showing up coast side also around the bay. clouds push up to near the shoreline. we final have 40 degrees in the coast side. the relief well will be used to pump cement into the blown out deep water horizon well with the hope of sealing it off below the gulf floor. today crews put a temporary cap on the relief well in case they
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are forced to abandon the drill site. it's been one year and hasani campbell is still missing. we'll tell you about a vigil held tonight and who police say is their main suspect. he served in the u.s. senate longer than any republican. tonight what we know about the deadly plane crash that killed ted stevenson and four others.
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tributes are pouring in tonight for senator ted stevens who was killed in a plane crash in alaska. the plane was carrying stevens, former nasa administrator sean o' keiffe and seven others to a fishing loft.
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investigators have yet to determine exactly what caused it to to down. stevens was a u.s. senator from alaska for 40 years who won billions of the federal dollars for his home state. as citizens of alaska, we have a long road. >> o' keiffe headed up nasa and he is listed in critical condition tonight. the three other survivors are also hospitalized but in less severe conditions. three young athletes have died in the eastern sierra nevada. a van carrying the athletes from california baptist university and a high school collided with an out of control suv last night. three of the injured were severely burned. they were on their way to a training camp, the highway patrol says there is no evidence that drugs or alcohol were involved. a federal investigation
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into sudden acceleration problems in toyotas has concluded defective accelerator pedals and nothing else appeared to cause the problems. researchers say they found no evidence that electronic systems caused the problems. but they say they are still investigating. the highway patrol says it issued a lot of tickets on the first day of a four day crack down on talking and texting while driving. law enforcement offices around the area are teaming up for the campaign. officials say they won't have the exact number of tickets issued till a few more days. but last year they issued 550
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citations here in the bay area. today the board of supervisors voted to pass a legislation that will force pit bull owners to spay or neuter their dogs. the a nearly mind cat is in san francisco tonight after spending almost a year in new york. his bad eyesight stems from a viral infection that he had as a kitten. they spent a year training iraqi forces and coming up we'll take you to a happy homecoming today attended by
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the governor. but first, a little boy's disappearance one year later. what one group is doing to draw attention to the case and what was said today. i came up with this mobile art gallery
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the whole grain oats can help lower cholesterol. this is what makes me happy, so i'll probably do this until the wheels fall off. [ male announcer it's simple, love your heart so you can do what you love. what do you love? see how cheerios can help you do it. we will be tracking the fog again tomorrow morning. 54degrees by lunchtime 64. an afternoon high 72 degrees. it was one year ago tonight that we first heard about a missing 5-year-old named hasani campbell. his foster parents said he disappeared in oakland but today police said in no uncertain terms they don't believe that story. and even though there's been no sign of hasani, some people
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refuse to forget the little freemont boy. jana katsuyama reports. >> reporter: as they lit the candles, they held hope. and though this congregation did not know hasani campbell, they have -- the couple has separated and proved out of state. today oakland police announced they hope to file charges against ross. >> the case is still classified as a missing person's case. based on the investigation, i feel that hasani campbell met foul play at the hands of lewis
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ross. >> reporter: ross and campbell were arrested but were later released due to insufficient evidence. >> by this country's judicial system, you are not until the until you are proven guilty. you are innocent until proven guilty. >> reporter: they want to keep hasani's name and face in the public's eyes. >> i feel like he's alive, and i want to find him. >> reporter: we seud by the picture that we have outside the church every day and i think about it every day. >> reporter: and at tonight's vigil, the cake with his photo, for the missing boy who's birthday is next month. >> whether we find him alive or whether we don't, we need to find him. >> reporter: police investigator says they just hope that anyone who has any tips will call the oakland
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police department. reporting from hayward, jana katsuyama. san francisco police want to know if anyone has seen 74- year-old roger lopez, he suffers from dementia, speaks spanish and walks with a walker. he left his home and hasn't seen since. this photo was taken seven years ago. anyone with information is asked to call the san francisco police department. senator barbara boxer was in the bay area this evening to raise money for her reelection campaign. about a dozen supporters of her opponent fiorina stood quietly holding signs denouncing the senator as guests arrived. boxer's event was off limits to the media and there is no word on how much she raised this evening, boxer is seeking a fourth term and most people think this will probably be her toughest race. senator boxer's republican opponent fiorina stopped by the blue diamond almond facility. fiorina said by using her business background she can help build the economy and create jobs. she also said boxer was a
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champion of the federal stimulus package and that more jobs had been lost since it was implemented. ktvu is producing a debate between boxer and fiorina it is now three weeks away. if you want to submit a possible question for the candidates just go to our website and look for the right now section. the united nations reported today the number of afghan civilian casualties rose 31% in the first half of this year compared to the same period last year. at least six afghans died today in three separate attacks. from january to june, more than 1,200 civilians were killed. the un blamed afghan for the incident. in fairfield today was the day almost 100 families have been waiting for for the past 12 months. today was the day that the 49th military brigade returned home after spending a year in iraq. and ktvu's christien kafton was
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there as the plane landed at travis air force base. >> reporter: it was hugs and kisses all around travis air force base this afternoon. the military brigade say the last five minutes of their flight home after their yearlong deployment was filled with anticipation. >> i was shaking, nervous, excited, everything. >> reporter: the 49th is based here in fairfield and were greeted on the tarmac by governor arnold schwarzenegger. they worked training iraqis take over duties. >> i think it went okay but time is going to show if they will be able to do it themselves. >> reporter: family members say now that this latest tour is over, they can get back to living their lives state side. >> well, he came back in february and proposed to me, so it's been doubly exciting just
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getting prepared for our wedding and getting our house together. it's been wonderful. it's been hard but it'll be wonderful. >> reporter: isaac lawson was lost in the last tour, this time around, they did not have any casualties or injuries. christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. the national planned parenthood organization says it will cut its ties to several bay area clinics. planned parenthood golden gate has seven clinics. a bay area family pays its final respects. coming up, how the body of an airman officially missing for decades was finally found. plus some are calling him a
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hero, how a flight attendant behind bars has become an internet sensation.
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the protesters arrested in oakland after the mehserle verdict has reached a plea deal. during the chaos, police say terry williams stole five gold teeth from a jewelry store. he will now have to spend a year in jail. he was one of 14 people arrested on felony charges stemming from those protests last month. in santa cruz, sheriff's deputies arrested two peace
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camp protesters. there's an ongoing demonstration there against an ordnance that making camping inside the city limits illegal between 11:00 at night and 11:30 in the morning. deputys are arresting some and citing others under state anti lodging laws. the remains of a u.s. army shot down 66 years ago were laid to rest today near his bay area home. sergeant john banasio was buried with full military honors. his sister and his nephew searched the internet, then in germany for bonosio's remains then found them in a farm field. >> we found him, we found where he was. he was in the yard, in the pasture of a loving family that had reverended the site and knew what it was and knew what the significance was. >> reporter: monasio and his crew mates were flying a b24
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near a bombing mission in berlin 1944 when nazi fighters shot down their plane. dna from sergeant bonasio's remains and a dog tag confirmed the remains were his. net flix will now be able to offer films from paramount, lions gate and mgm 90 days after they appear on the big screen. the target federal funds rate remains unchanged between zero and 1/4 of a percent. the feds said the economic recovery now appears more modest than it did one month ago. the fed also announced plans to purchase about $10 billion of government debt each month. a move intended to support
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economic recovery. and on wall street, the dow rebounded today from an early triple digit but then fell back to close with a loss. the nasdaq was down 28.5. the feds announcement of the economic recovery is slowing triggered the rough ride. in news of the world tonight, in south korea police have raided the offices of google in seoul. they suspect google collected data from google users while gathering images for street service. google said any images collected were unintentional. so far the cause has not been determined -- some of about 10,000 shoes of holocaust victims were on display at the midonic museum. it is estimated that 80,000 people including 60,000 jews
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were killed at medonic in less than three years. and in haiti, former president george w. bush visited a mango wear house today as he checked on the country's progress since january's quake. and mangos can be a solution. up next, high school students demanding change, why they say they want tougher standards at their school. and will summer like weather finally come to the bay area? our meteorologist mark tamayo will be back with our five day forecast.
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some san jose high school students met today to demand tougher classes and curriculum.
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robert handa explains why. classes are not in session yesterday but today many students showed up at this school in the east side union high school district to college. >> you are going to have a lot more opportunities to determine what your life is going to be like. >> reporter: members of the summer youth leadership program today help the latest in a series of calling to awareness events promoting college as a goal for students. guided by the nonprofit californians for justice, students are trying to drum up community support for severe policy changes in the district. organizers are upset that less than 40% of east side graduates meet the requirements to attend college. >> my parents don't know what i need to be able to go to college, and i recently found out my sophomore year, that i'm not on the way to go to college. which it was a really big thing to me. >> we have less than i believe
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five counselors this year and you can't expect five counselors to consult and inform every student. >> reporter: why is this happening in this community more than in other places. >> i think it's important, in our district we need a lot of resources. a will the of our schools are under funded, especially wit the budget cuts. >> reporter: the students plan to take today's feed back to the district meeting on september 16 to ask that the current graduation standards be upgraded. in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. one day after a run in with a passenger jet blue flight attendant steve slater is an internet sensation, he's also behind bars. slater faces criminal mischief and other charges. his attorney says a passenger
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verbally and physically abused slater. now several websites are dedicated to him as a working class hero. federal transportation officials say flight delays were up 3.5% in june compared to may. among u.s. carriers, con air had the worse on time performance, while hawaii airlines had the best. the percentage of mishandled bags was down in june compared to a year ago. fewer passengers are checking bags because airlines are now charges a fee. fresh express is recalling nearly 3,000 cases of salad mix. thee salinas based company says product with a use date of today should throw it out.
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e package tested positive for lustiria. after millions of the vaccinations, the world health organization announced today that the h1n1 pandemic is finally over. experts said the swine flu has largely run its course. the official death toll stood at about 18.5 million last week, at one time it was feared millions could die, the h1n1 virus mutated but it didn't. we have been repeating the same weather forecast for the past few weeks, and i finally have new material to work with, in fact, the extended forecast chart showing that warming trend by the weekend, right now though in the maps i can show you the low clouds and fog already increasing, coast side. also up in the north bay, santa rosa reporting partly cloudy skies, there's that cloud bank heading in. san jose reporting partly cloudy conditions and right over the bay, there's a buoy report. we do have winds out of the west southwest gusting to 23 miles per hour.
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as far as the over all weather story from today, still chilly coast, warm temperatures inland. more fog expected for tonight and pretty much the same pattern as we head into wednesday. things will start warming up for the second part of the week end. weekend. tomorrow temperatures warming back up. approaching the 80 degrees mark, antioch will be right around 83 degrees at the same time 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. the coast only in the upper 50s. this has been the dominant weather pattern for quite some time. this will gradually be on the move for the next few days. for tomorrow, minimal change out there. winds at five to 10 miles per hour. as the system moves out to the west, you will see what happens, high pressure rebuilds and that will be the source of our warming trend. it begins thursday and friday but it really kicks in by the
10:50 pm
weekend. the inland temperatures will be approaching 90s. there will be an increase in the fire danger. for tomorrow morning, areas of fog, drizzle. low to mid-50s and then into the afternoon hours, partly to mostly sunny, there's the eventual temperature range for most of the area. partly to sunny skies around the bay and inland more sunshine. santa rosa forecast high, 73 degrees. still a string of 60s right around the rim of the bay, but those temperatures warming up out toward danville and antioch and livermore. san jose mid-70s. san francisco forecast high of 62 degrees. here's a look ahead, your five day forecast, we've been advertising this warming trend. and even beyond this point heather and frank for monday and tuesday, the warm up will continue across the bay area.
10:51 pm
by that time, we might take a plane, but it's too hot out there. >> i'm sure we will, we are warming up. plans for a minoret is facing some controversy. one city board has already approved it but one man thomas scot who lives near by opposing it. he says the minoret architectural style would set an unusual precedent. okay, it is the newest way to surf and you can actually do it on dry land. we are going to show you the santa cruz guys who are developing the sport of tarp surfing.
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how about that, leave it to san francisco surfers to come up with this. two guys from santa cruz developed it and so far their you tube video has gotten 1.5 million hits. all it takes is a tarp and a skateboard.
10:55 pm
then your friends create the waves and there you go. >> you don't have to worry about getting wet. mark ibanez is here, a tough loss for the giants and the si young winner. >> every single loss can be categorized as big. the padres come to town this weekend but they took their other eye off the ball to explode a miserable team. and a man on, four runs in the first-inning off the eventual losing. rest of the night, the giants play catch up and buster posie did his best. tiler coven couldn't hang on. the giants score gives him a 2- run double on that. 9th inning, again it's posey, clean double to right off the
10:56 pm
boards there. and again, emmanuel burress is in. the padres won for the giants 2.5 back. not your average pushing and shoving baseball brawl tonight. they get into it, brandon phillips of the reds and molina. first go verbally then it get as little physical, as you watch the benches clear from both teams. managers of the reds and tony la russa manager of the cards their teams have gotten into it prior. there are a few blows thrown in this one. certainly fines and suspensions will follow when all is said and done. that guy sneaks out of there. but the cardinals won the ball game that's what matters and they take over first place in the central division. the a's meanwhile didn't have a fightening chance against the mariners who
10:57 pm
through one of the game's true quality. and struck out 13 ace oakland now 0-37. in the meantime, east rutherford new jersey the place, good first postcup look at team usa. but brazil making the view was not pleasant if you root for americans. 18-year-old namar with a great header right there as you look at him. brazil four years from now they will host the world cup and it looks like they've got another young star on their hands. that's the sporting life for a tuesday night. the final in that game was 2-0 over team usa. >> all right,. >> heather. >> thanks mark.
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that's our report for tonight. i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm frank somerville. have a good evening everyone. >> good night.
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