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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  August 11, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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ktvu morning news. good morning to you. welcome to the middle of the week. wednesday, august 11th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. it feels like it's warming up, steven. >> i don't know where that would be. >> in the studio. >> okay. yes. maybe if you're far enough away from the coast. but if you're by it it's been a cold string of days and looks like no change today. very cold and foggy. local drizzle out there now. and we're seeing a lot of 70s concord, danville, liver mother, san jose. a cool 73. here's sal. steve, right now westbound 80 traffic moving along pretty well if you're driving to the mcarthur maze. no major problems there. morning commute looks good on interstate 880 in oakland. 5:00. back to dave and pam. topping our news this morning people in one walnut
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creek neighborhood. [ indiscernible ] of terrifying attacks. in each case the women were assaulted in their own homes. we're live with a look at the new security that's in place. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning, pam. security has been beefed up here at the apartments off of oak road. we just spoke with a security guard who tells us he was hired for just this morning. and that is in addition to another man who is a patrolman on the ground. take a look behind me there are some security gates and people have to punch in a code before they can enter. but to the left of that anyone can just walk right on to the property. and that is exactly what happened flee three times over the past two week. you're looking at a man who is believed to attack or try to attack a young woman living here. the most recent incident happened yesterday morning at 8:30 when a 25-year-old woman was in her locked unit.
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she was awakened by a man who had his hand over her mouth. she scream and had sprayed a can of pepper spray at her assailant and got free. it's unclear how he got into the unit. officials are reminding folks to take extra precautions. >> be aware of your surroundings. be aware of who is near you when you're coming and going to your house to your vehicle. if someone's suspicious call 911. let us come out and check it out. lock your doors and windows. don't open the door to somebody you don't know who it is. look out your window or peephole. >> reporter: authorities say during the day on july 6th a man entered an unlocked apartment and raped a 23-year- old woman who had been sleeping and on june 30th the same man is believed to have knocked on the door asking for someone a glass of water. the woman went to get a glass, he attacked her and she screamed and that woke her
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boyfriend. he's described as an african- american man 20 to 30 years old slender. he was wearing dark clothing. and authorities aren't sure if he somehow got a master key to the complex because he entered through a locked door in one of these instances. residents are upset. we had a chance to speak to one as she was leaving this morning. she says she's heard nothing at all about the incidents and that she's rather upset that management hasn't notified more people within this complex. once again security is tighter. there will be two security guards we're told during the day but an extra one for the overnight hours. live near walnut creek. ktvu channel 2 news. time now police search for a gunman continues this morning after a man was shot overnight. the wounded 18-year-old man who was shot in the chest was found shortly before 10:00 at sunset park way and leaf wood drive. he's listed in critical but stable condition. reportedly the suspects escaped in a white car.
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that investigation continues. that shooting happened right in the middle of a power blackout. pg&e says more than 13,000 customers were without power about five hours before it came on in midnight. most in southern novato andic that is owe. the power outage blamed on equipment failure. overnight san francisco police released the only person arrested for this weekend's fatal shooting of a german tourist. the 50-year-old was killed while taking an evening stroll with her husband near union square sunday night. the suspect in that shooting walked out of jail last night just hours after prosecutors made a surprising announcement. the d.a.'s office says at this point it does not have enough evidence to charge 18-year-old stewart with her murder. time now 5:04. some high powered politicians will be here in the bay area
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this morning for the ground breaking ceremony for the nation's first high speed rail station. we're in san francisco right now with that story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is where the high speed rail station is going to be. we're at first and mission in san francisco in this collection of tents, tarps and security gates is what will some day become the new transbay transit center. you can see from the lettering, the faded lettering, that this is also the old transbay terminal put out of commission last week. when this becomes the new transbay transit center it will be one of the stops on california's high speed rail line. that rail line is a $43 billion project. construction is supposed to start in 2010. but as always, finding money for the project has been an issue for the rail authority especially in this economy. the project only has three quarters of the money it needs to complete the rail line. last week the rail authority had to ask the federal
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government for $700 million to a billion dollars to continue work on the project. but construction on this future train station is moving ahead. later on this morning around 10:00 the u.s. transportation secretary along with governor schwarzenegger and house speaker will all be here for a ground breaking ceremony. again that starts at 10:00 this morning. live in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:05. let's check back in with sal for a complete look at traffic this morning. >> all right. good morning to you. right now traffic is moving along pretty well around the bay area as we look at highway 80 westbound interstate 80 traffic continues to look pretty good all the way out to the mcarthur maize. this morning we have a look at westbound bay bridge kind of empty coming in to san francisco with no major issues on the way into the city. if you're driving in san jose, that's northbound 280. a live look northbound 280 traffic moves well getting up
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to the silicon valley. 5:06. quiz time. the last time san francisco had a high of 70 degrees? >> i don't know. >> july 4th. that's a long time ago. it was warmer in march than it has been in june, july and august. here's why. sfo almost 10 wind. that south-southwest at 8 is vacaville. if you've heard me in any length of time we're done. low sea breeze coming in. good look on the satellite picture right here. look at that low spinning. diving into southern oregon. that has lifted the fog. a lot of local drizzle as well and temperatures are way below average. and they're going to stay there. it won't be very warm in san francisco today. that's for sure. 54 right now. 60 for a high. low clouds, drizzle, breezy and
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cool. i believe it was march 19th we were at 85 or warmer. it was warmer in march than it has been for the entire summer for many along the coast. 50s and 60s up and down the coast. it will be another cool day from eureka down to l.a. and san diego all because of the big low sitting up in oregon. now it will eject out looks like on friday. when it does high pressure will build in slightly. but it stays cool. there's nothing wrong with staying cool. morning drizzle, windy at times though. and then this low moves out. as it does it will allow the high to build in. anything we've learned so far this summer when a high builds it it lasts for about two or three days and then it's knocked out. that will be the way it is for the weekend. and minor warming near the coast. overcast, drizzle, sun and wind. very cool. what do you mean? it's cold. highs 50s, 60s, very low 8 0z. couple 70s but this is an extremely cool pattern for us. we'll continue this through friday and then it will warm up
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on the weekend. all right. thank you. 5:08 is the time. we have important news for dog owners. find out what one local county is doing about certain dogs to make the area safe. also thousands of california workers still don't know if they should show up for work on friday. we'll tell you why. good morning. san mateo bridge traffic looking very nice heading off to the westbound highway 101. we'll show you more coming up. >> so, ah, your seat good?
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got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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well, good morning to you. welcome back. time now 5:11. we're finding out more this morning about the victims of a plane crash in alaska and many of the victims were very well known. we're in the washington d.c. bureau with more on this story. good morning, allison. >> reporter: good morning, dave. first let's take a live look at capitol hill on the flags that have been hon lowered. the 86-year-old former senator from alaska was among the five people killed when they small plane crashed into the side of a mountain in a remote part of alaska late monday night. investigators are back on the scene there today examining the plane's wreckage while here in d.c. stevens is being remembered. >> senator stevens really was one of the true capitol hill heavyweights. he was in washington for served almost 40 years, was an icon.
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he understood his job to bring projects back to the northwest and particularly to alaska. >> reporter: now four people survived the crash including former nasa administrator sean o chief and his son. they waited more than 12 hours on the mountain for help. i'll have more on how they survived during my next update in about an hour. for now we're live in washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. crews drilling a relief well in the gulf of mexico have about 30 to 50 feet left to go, but they are now suspending work due to an approaching storm. the federal government's national incident commander says work could be delayed now for two or three days. the relief well will be used to pump cement into the blown out well with the hope of sealing it off for good. crews will pop in a temporary plug on the relief well to safeguard what they have drilled so far. the nation's largest organization of attorneys is voicing its support for same sex marriage. at its convention in san francisco, the american bar association backed a resolution
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calling on every state legislature to provide gays and lesbians the right to marry. the resolution sponsored by the new york bar association passed overwhelmingly. only one speaker opposed it. and governor schwarzenegger still hopes this friday's scheduled furlough for state workers will go on as planned. yesterday his lawyers filed an appeal against the judge's ruling that temporarily bars the governor from imposing the unpaid days off. so now some 156,000 state workers are waiting for the final word on whether or not they should report to work on friday. and some angry state workers are busy planning a protest against governor schwarzenegger at the box office. the expendables debuts this friday and the governor has a cameo appearance in the film. union workers are organizing pickets lines outside theaters. protests are also being organized in sacramento and san diego. time now 5:14. there may soon be new laws for
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the owners of pit bulldogs in santa clara county. the board of supervisors voted yesterday to move ahead with the plan to force pit bulls to be spayed or neutered. this follows the tragic death of a 2-year-old concord boy killed last month by his family's three pit bulls. officials say spaying or neutering can reduce aggression in dogs. san francisco's considering banning toys in fast food meal that is don't meet strict nutritional guidelines. the restrictions if they're passed would apply to all restaurants but would specifically target fast food establishments that typically give out toys and kids meals. under the plan toys could only be given out if the meal it comes in has less than 600- calories. the law just took effect in santa clara county. more details now about the return of muni's fair enforcement program. the crack down on fare cheaters on trains started yesterday, the bus fare enforcement starts
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tomorrow. after three months of training, fair inspection teams will be asking passengers to prove they paid their fare or they could be fined $75. the teams received sensitivity training for how to properly deal with passengers. >> we don't need to offend all of our riders when we're trying to deal with the 9% fare evasion problem that we have. >> now muni says it will also put more emphasis on educational programs to discourage cheating on fares and also a crockdown on counterfeit passes. want to go back over to sal. any problems for the commute so far? >> i have not seen any problems so far, pam and dave. speaking of that muni fare evasion. you have actually received a ticket maybe lost your transfer or whatever reason you got a ticket, please let me know. drop me an e-mail, send me a tweet. i want to know exactly how much it costs. i know it's $75 but it could be more after they assess you other fines. we'll get to the bottom of it
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and let you know. let's take a look at the commute on highway 4 westbound coming up to the willow pass grade. there are no major problems there. the traffic looks good. and by the way my twitter address . here it is 5:16. a lot of people getting an early start for wednesday. and one more thing here, this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. that is still light. here's steve. thank you, sal. if you want to send me a weather tweet mine is sp weather. people have been sending me very good information. keep it coming. low clouds, fog, cold and windy. i mean it's just incredible pattern that we're stuck in. and fairfield west-southwest gusts to 30. south-southwest at vacaville. cloudy, overcast. the fog is very slow to burn off for parts of the north bay and also along the coast. what the heck is going on? well, satellite picture really
5:18 am
tells the best story. area of low pressure dropping down. actually right there going into eastern oregon. it will settle down towards the oregon-nevada-california border. but for this time of year incredibly strong. this is just more of a march pattern. something you would see then and not now, but we are. that keeps us very cool and a lot of drizzle. coast and bay and city. it has been a very cold stretch for san francisco and much of the coast. 54 right now. go 60 for a high. yesterday's high was 61. 54 right now san after ill and napa. same for san francisco. not much better anywhere else. san jose at 57. oakland and berkeley also. 55 sacramento. they'll be in the mid-80s today in august that's not too bad. up and down the coast it's been a cool, cool pattern. record lows by the way on the desert. when they're seeing record lows
5:19 am
you know that's pretty cool. everything associated with that low up to the north once that moves out which should be friday we'll see a bit warmer weather. temperatures stay cool with the drizzle, very windy at times. the breeze kicks in and the nights are chilly. they are downright chilly. temperatures will continue that theme until the low moves out and then the high will build in for a quick warm up. right in time for your weekend especially away from the coast. looks like another cool down by tuesday of next week. overcast, drizzle, sun and wind. very cool, cold for some, mild for others. i would even go warm unless you're in parts of lake county or in a sun or wind protected area we are way below average. warmer as we head towards the weekend. well, european markets are down 1% to 1.5% right now that's after most stocks in asia lost ground overnight over worries that china's economy has hit a lull. japan dropped 2.7%.
5:20 am
australia lost nearly 7%. cautious statements from the federal reserve here in the u.s. also caused some concern overseas. now on wall street many investors were encouraged by the fed's announcement that it will use money from mortgage security investments to buy government debt came back from some earlier lows. still closed on the downside yesterday. dow off 54.5 points. and right now looks like a slightly lower opening. we'll have a better indication closer to the opening bell. netflix will pay nearly $1 billion for the online streaming rights to movies from three major movie studios. the deal will allow netflix to offer films from mgm, paramount and lions gate 90 days after on paid tv. this could help convert people to getting their movies online and that should keep netflix resent surge in subscribers to continue to grow. transportation officials
5:21 am
have good and bad news about air travel in the month of june. 76% of all flights were on time. that's slightly better for june of last year but down from the almost 80% of on time arrivals in may of this year. the number of flights stuck on the ground for three or more hours fell to just three in the month of june. that compares to 268 in june of last year. 5:20. time right now the fight over clean air here in california is heating up, but you may be surprised to hear why that battle is taking place out of state. plus thousands of teachers may be headed back to school when they thought they'd be in the unemployment line instead. we're going to tell you what made the difference. good morning. if you're driving in marin county, the traffic is also looking nice. we'll tell you more about the morning commute coming up. it's not back-to-school, it's forward to what's next
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with an hp netbook, samsung reality or lg cosmos for under $20 after rebate.
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good morning. foggy, cold, drizzle. other than that a beautiful morning. a beautiful day in the inland areas low 70s and 80s by the coast very cool 50s and 60s. welcome back. good morning to you. time now 5:24. san francisco mayor is taking steps to require commercial buildings to be more ecofriendly. now the major introduced legislation yesterday to require the owners of
5:25 am
monoresidential buildings to monitor how much energy their building uses and to disclose that information every year. it would also require owners to conduct an energy efficiency audit every five years. proposition 23 on the november ballot would suspend california's landmark bill designed to cut greenhouse and gas emissions, but critics are saying two key supporters of it are toxic polluters from out of state. the oil refinery and one in martinez both owned by texas companies. they are the two biggest donors to proposition 23. almost $5 million so far. the prop 23 would suspend the global warming bill until the economy recovers. however, the note side says new clean energy jobs will offset more than any jobs lost due to tougher regulations.
5:26 am
>> private businesses in the oil business actually want to spend billions to help the california economy? that's nonsense. this is purely about their bottom line. >> proposition 23 could become a big issue in this year's elections. republican for governor meg whitman and senate candidate called the global warming bill a job killer while the democrats in those races are both supporting it. by the way, in just three weeks ktvu is producing a debate between senate candidates barbara boxer and carly. if you would like to submit possible questions for the candidates, just go to our channel 2 website at and look for the right now section. hundreds of thousands of teachers got some good news when president obama signed a bill that could help them keep their jobs. after the house of representatives cut its recess short to return to washington to pass the bill yesterday, it quickly went to the white house for the president's signature. a portion of the $26 billion
5:27 am
package will go towards rehiring laid off teachers and for san francisco public schools the new legislation will mean an additional $14 million to $15 million. >> i think it would be premature for all of us to start spending that money. i think we have to do a wait and see and see what the state's going to do. we don't know when they're going to pass a budget. >> the oakland school district laid off about 40 teachers this year. but officials there say they may not want to rehire teachers who might have to be laid off again in a year or two when federal money runs out. our time 5:27. residents living in one east bay apartment complex fear a sexual predator is targeting their homes. coming up we'll tell you about the series of horrifying attacks that are raising those concerns. and i'm paul chambers live where police are on look out for a shooting suspect. i'll have details coming up in a live report. and also an overnight shooting victim gets some help
5:28 am
from a bay area market owner who is no stranger to gun violence. good morning. traffic in san francisco looks pretty good coming up to the downtown area. we'll tell you more coming up.
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car repair. [ male announcer use your citi thankyou points for almost anything, even local charities. what's your story? citi can help you write it. well, good morning to you. welcome back. ktvu channel 2 morning news. the middle of the week wednesday august 11th. i'm dave clark. good morning. i'm pam cook. time now is 5:31. steve says it's still cold i
5:31 am
guess. >> well, there are not icebergs coming underneath the golden gate. that is for sure but it is cold out there. and foggy cold with drizzle and temperatures will stay way below average here. this is -- this pattern has been going on for this is our fifth month, folks. 50s and 60s by the beaches. a tough summer for anywhere to warm up on the coast. 60s, 70s and very low 80s. here's sal. steve, right now northbound 280 traffic continues to look pretty good getting into the valley. we're off to a nice start. also the morning commute looks good if you are driving on westbound 80. now let's go back to the desk. all right. thank you, sal. topping our news this morning, security has been increased at one walnut creek apartment complex this morning following a series of terrifying assaults. ktvu is at the apartment complex this morning with an update on the search for this attacker. tara. >> reporter: well, pam, this is apparently the achilles heel of
5:32 am
the apartment complex. right behind me here you can see a gap. this is the security gate and residents here at the park regency apartments need a pass to get through there. but you can see a huge space between there and the 7 eleven. that's where this attacker could have gotten on to the property. now police have released a sketch of the man they believe is responsible for the three incidents over the past two weeks. contra costa county sheriff deputies say a 25-year-old woman was woken up at 8:30 yesterday morning by an intruder who put his hand over her mouth. she fought back and he took off. investigators say that the victim's door was locked. so it is unclear how he got in. some residents say that they did receive a flier on their door yesterday alerting them about this latest attack. >> actually heading out to get -- >> we were going to get another lock. >> another lock and a wooden dowel to put behind the slider
5:33 am
back door. >> reporter: authorities say during the day on july 6th the man entered an unlocked apartment and raped a 23-year- old woman who had been sleeping. and then on june 30th the same man is believed to have knocked on a door at 1:15 in the morning asking for a glass of water. when the woman went to get him one he attacked her and she screamed alerting her boyfriend. the suspect then ran off. again, the suspect is described as an african-american man with a slender build, 20 to 30 years old, 6 feet tall wearing dark clothing when last seen. right off interstate 680 near the pleasant hill bart station. we spoke to a guard this morning who says he was just hired. this is his very first day on the job. he is patrolling the grounds in addition to another man who is also on the property. we're here live near walnut creek. ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:33. police search for a gunman continues in one east bay neighborhood following an
5:34 am
overnight shooting in pitburg. the wounded man stumbled into a nearby market and then collapsed on the floor. that market owner who helped the victim is no stranger to violence. he's in a wheelchair now after being robbed a couple months ago after being shot seven times during that robbery. >> i was kind of happy to get shot because i don't want the guy pointing the gun at anybody besides myself as the owner. so when i got shot as long as nobody got shot i was happy. >> the man who was shot in last night's shooting was rushed to the hospital. right now there's no word on his condition. police are searching for a gunman after an overnight shooting. paul chambers joins us now with the very latest on that investigation. good morning, paul. >> reporter: good morning, pam. i just spoke with the sergeant from the force and said they're working with very limited information. here is what we do know. now take look at video here.
5:35 am
around 9:50 last night police got a call of a shooting at the intersection of leafwood drive and sunset parkway. once on scene officers found an 18-year-old male had been shot in the upper body. the victim was transported to an area hospital where he's listed in critical condition and is expected to survive. police have no leads or a description only that the person left the scene in a white vehicle. police plan to speak with the victim later this morning. officers saying with this shooting happening in a residential area, they're hoping someone heard or saw something. if you have any information about this shooting you are asked to call police. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 35:35. san francisco police want your help this morning. they're trying to track down a suspect in a deadly stabbing. the body of 36-year-old phillip found inside his apartment august 2nd by a co-worker.
5:36 am
they believe the suspect is a latino man and may have cut himself on the hand during that attack. investigators believe the attack happened the night of july 30th just days before the body was found. police also say there were no signs of forced entry. an unlicensed san francisco civil engineer is due in court on friday to face more than 200 felony fraud charges. prosecutors say 56-year-old created bogus documentation for dozens of construction projects over the past 20 years. he is a former city employee known for his ability to push permits through building inspectors. he was also the target of an arson investigation involving a san francisco home owned by his former wife that caught fire last year. he has denied setting the fire and he was never charged. police in fremont are asking for help in tracking down whoever is setting fires at an elementary school there.
5:37 am
it's happening on the grounds of war wick elementary. police say there have been four fires set since late june. all of them at night when nobody should be on campus. two fires burned trash bins while two others damaged a play structure. fremont police are hoping anybody with information will give them a call. time now 5:36. a federal investigation into toyota's problem with the sudden acceleration of its cars has ended. safety investigators say that defective accelerator pedals and floor mats appear to have caused the problems. now the transportation department as well as nasa started looking for the cause of these sudden accelerations since toyota was forced to recall almost nine million vehicles. researchers say they couldn't find any evidence electronic systems were connected to the problem. starting tonight you can expect delays along highway 1 in mill valley. cal trans is starting a series of overnight pavement repairs
5:38 am
at several locations between too many ill junction and pure woods road. the work will take place between 8:00 in the evening until 6:00 in the morning mondays through thursdays. during that time traffic will be one way on highway 1. the project should be finished in about three weeks. back over to sal. so far the commute has been pretty good. how's it looking now? >> light. yeah. we've been doing pretty well. again, right now traffic is doing very well if you are driving on highway 4 westbound it looks like a pretty good drive all the way up to bay point and beyond that to concord. 680 southbound looks good. westbound bay bridge toll plaza still not getting a lot of use coming in to san francisco. a little foggy in san francisco. we were able to see it before. now it looks like it's disappeared in the fog. little bit overcast. you can kind of see if you look at the bottom of the screen some of the headlights coming into downtown. speaking of fog let's go to steve. thank you, sir. there's plenty out there. all associated with a very
5:39 am
strong area of low pressure. i was just looking temperature 55 degrees that is 13 degrees cooler than at this time yesterday. the cold air aloft has made it, the fog in place, drizzle there, everything looking like another below average day on temperatures across the board here. inland areas will be hard pressed really unless you're very far inland to get into the low 80s at best. san francisco 54. go for a high of 60. low clouds, drizzle, fog, breezy, cool. fog, drizzle then sunny and cool. the coast stays rather socked in 50s 60s there. inland upper 70s or low 80s. i debated to say breezy or windy. kind of a combination of the two. 57 san jose and also oakland and berkeley checking in at 57 degrees. 58 in tahoe. it's warmer up there. 65 in reno. 50s in the valley. sacramento in the mid-80s today. very nice right there that
5:40 am
really strong low for this time. look how it's carved out the entire west coast from seattle and portland all the way down to southern california. that is a very unseasonably strong system. so today we stay very cool. some low clouds hard pressed to burn off over by the coast where temperatures have struggled to get out of the 60s for the longest time since early july to be honest with you. warming trend on tap for inland areas on the weekend. although once again since we've been in this pattern for about five months our forecast models always go warming up, well, it will be another day, well, it will be another day. so sunday, monday probably more likely than anything friday into saturday. but there are signs at least we'll warm a little as we head towards the coast -- or towards the weekend. probably not the coast. more inland. sun and wind very chilly for some, mild for others. if you're well inland or away from the fog you'll see upper 80s. for many it's 60s and 70s. i know it's that time of year to head to santa cruz, but it's
5:41 am
cold over there. hard pressed to get out of about 67 or 68 for the last week. not today either. too much fog. low clouds and fog will carry us into friday and warmer inland on the weekend. okay. time now 5:40. still ahead, huge wild fires are still burning out of control all over russia. coming up we'll tell you how those huge flames could lead to a disaster no one even thought about. and also tell you about the latest recall effecting salad lovers. good morning. if you're driving any time soon in the south bay looks like it could be a pretty good drive in the next few minutes. we'll tell you more coming up. you want some fiber one honey clusters?
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low clouds. overcast. everybody says cloudy. also rather breezy, cool, local drizzle and coast in the bay. once that cools off 50s, 60s only and upper 70s and low 80s inland. thank you. welcome back. good morning to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following for you right now at 5:43. investigators will go back to the plane crash site in alaska where former alaska senator ted stevens and four others were killed. four other passengers on board survived. the cause of that crash is still not known but the faa says the weather was bad. back here at home the power is back on for more than 13,000 people in southern novato andic that is yo. pg&e says equipment failure is to blame for the power outage. san francisco police released the only suspect arrested for this weekend's fatal shooting of a german tourist. investigators say there wasn't enough evidence to hold the young man suspected of killing
5:45 am
a 50-year-old on sunday night. san francisco police need your help locating a missing man they say is at risk. 74-year-old roger lopez suffers from dementia. this photo was taken about seven years ago. police say he left his mission district home on july 26th and hasn't been seen since. he only speaks spanish. he uses a walker. if you have any information call the san francisco police department. well, police say the former foster father of a fremont boy who disappeared one year ago is still a primary suspect. candles were lit last night for the boy during a prayer vigil last night. the lead investigator in the case says he believes he met with foul play at the hands of ross. he and his aunt were briefly jailed on suspicion of murder but released for lack of
5:46 am
evidence. people at last night's vigil hope anyone with tips will call police. >> we want to pray for this child. we want people to remember him. we want the californians to know he was a foster child. he's all of our child. we should know where he is. >> ross told police he vanished from a car parked in oakland's rock ridge area. she now lives in maryland, campbell is in arizona. a nonprofit group that has organized searches for the boy reportedly sends people to both states to draw attention to the case. california's corrections department now has a website that warns people when paroled sex offenders slip away from supervision. the website allows users to receive e-mail alerts including pictures of the parolees when they are added to the list. governor schwarzenegger. [ indiscernible ] to bakersfield and san diego county. in the cases parolees removed their gps tracking bracelets. there's a new study out showing a big increase in emergency room visits over the
5:47 am
last decade. the ucsf study showed emergency room visits in the united states jumped %. between 1997 and 2007 that is double what the researchers expected. now it's believed that increase was mainly caused by adults on medicaid going to the er. many physicians shy away from taking medicaid patients because of the relatively low reimbursements. that forces the patients to then seek emergency room care. congresswoman lynn will be holding two health care forms for senior citizens today. she says it's an opportunity for seniors to find out how the health care reform bill will help them. now one forum will be held at the finally community center on west college avenue in santa rosa. that will take place from 10:00 in the morning to 11:30. the other will be held at the redwood senior center in mill valley. that is between 2:00 and 3:30 this afternoon.
5:48 am
terrifying new concern involving those huge wild fires still burning in russia. russian emergency agencies are now worried that the wild fires could move into the areas effected by the nuclear disaster back in 1986. that could potentially spread harmful radiation. however, the latest tests show that the area appears safe at least for now. all right. time now 5:47. let's see how the commute is at least for now. how's the toll plaza? >> it is doing pretty well, dave, right now at the toll plaza and for the rest of the commute. we're off to a nice start here as we look here at the bay bridge toll plaza you can see that more cars are arriving but it is light. there are no major problems. let's move along and take a look at 880 in oakland. traffic continues to move along very well in both directions. this is northbound 280 in san jose that traffic looks good coming up to highway 17. looking at an accident 101 southbound at pepper road.
5:49 am
multivehicle accident including a couple of garbage trucks on the shoulder. we're going to try to get more information on that and let you know. 5:48. here's steve. thank you. and our cool pattern continues. today it's actually being reinforced by a strong system to the north which is actually sent in a couple layers of clouds. we have our low clouds over us but also out towards sacramento which has a south wind of 16 miles an hour. and you can see some of the clouds associated right there. but west-southwest 24 at travis, south-southwest at 8 at vacaville and overcast. low clouds and fog extending well inland and even some high level clouds as we head towards the sacramento valley. a breezy, blustery cool day as temperatures stay way below average. i've already tweeted this, but san jose for you south bay residents and you talk to a number of people saying this has been cool here the coolest in a while. the last time your high was 95 degrees was september of last year. that's almost a year since you've had a high of 95 or
5:50 am
higher. that's a long stretch. by the coast they haven't seen 70 in about five weeks. series of systems keep dropping in reinforcing what we call the west coast trough or low pressure system. it's carved itself out and seems quite content to stick around and a very strong system has moved into portland, seattle, near the oregon border, california and nevada that keeps us cool. 54 san francisco and might feel colder than that if you have west wind and drizzle. go for a high of 60. still about ten degrees below average for this time of year. fog, drizzle, sunny, very cool. upper 70s breezy to windy at times inland. low 60s at best on the coast. that is 13 degrees cooler. that 55-degree reading than yesterday at this time that time is a significant drop. the cool air aloft has moved in. the low clouds are sustaining
5:51 am
themselves. mill valley only 53. beth ill i would only 53. pleasantton 55. that is a cool morning. 58 tahoe. what? it's warmer up there than here. 50s in the sacramento area low to mid-80s in sacramento. incredible. 50s and 60s up and down the coast but another cool pattern down there as well. there's the reason why. that big low. it should eject out of here. should i say by friday. but until it does we're going to stay very cool and below average on these highs. inland areas even once the fog burns off and you get the sun it's going to be rather windy at times with gusts anywhere about 25 to 30 miles an hour in the wind prone areas. warmer weather on the weekend but again if the theme is you don't want to jump into that because it has napa. overcast drizzle, sun and wind. cold for some, mild for others. warm if you're up towards lake county or in the sacramento valley but not near the coast. santa cruz 62 to 67 on the high. a lot of low clouds and fog
5:52 am
over there. looks warmer inland on the weekend though. the commerce department reports the u.s. trade deficit surged to its highest level in nearly two years. the deficit jumped 18.8% in june that's as imports of foreign consumer goods hit an all time high and u.s. exports dropped. the $49.9 billion deficit surprised economists who expected a smaller gap because of lower oil prices. federal regulators has taken the first step to limiting the use of credit rankings for bank investments. the head says it won't be easy to come up with a replacement. the rating agencies were discredited for giving high ratings to risky mortgage securities that led to the housing meltdown. the move from credit ratings is required by the new financial reform laws. check your refrigerator for bagged salad.
5:53 am
fresh express is recalling almost 3,000 cases of its vegetable lover salad. one package tested positive for the bacteria. it can cause illness in pregnant women and people with weakened immune systems. they have a product code that starts with the letter i and continues with the numbers 208. it has a use by date of yesterday august 10. return the salad to the store where you bought it or throw it out. our time is now 5:52. still ahead a crime that happened during the oakland street violence right after the mesherle verdict. one of the protesters just entered a plea in court. but what he sold may surprise you. that story coming up. plus the bay area teenagers who say going to school should be tougher. we'll tell you why.
5:54 am
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5:56 am
good morning to you. welcome back. one of the protesters arrested in oakland after the mesherle verdict reached a plea deal. 33-year-old williams charged with burglary during last month's demonstrations. police say williams stole five gold keys from a jewelry store on broadway. he was among 14 people arrested on felony charges. now he has agreed to plead guilty to one count of burglary and being in violation of parole. williams will have to spend a year in jail.
5:57 am
officials are re-evaluating the security at alameda county's juvenile detention facility after the escape and eventual recapture of three teenage inmates. the facility is located near lake somewhat bow on fairmt drive. all three escapees are described as dangerous criminals. the felons escaped yesterday afternoon by scaling two razor fences and making their way into a residential neighborhood less than a mile away. deputies captured two of the three quickly. finding them all with the help of helicopters and canine units. officials were relieved to get them back into custody as two were charged with murder, the third assault with deadly weapon. some san jose high school students plan to lobby their school board for tougher classes and tougher curriculum. they want standards used by csu and uc systems to be the graduation requirements for the east side union high school district. now the issue was talked about
5:58 am
yesterday at a youth leadership event promoting college awareness. fewer than 40% of the east side grads meet the requirements for a four year college. >> i recently found out my sophomore year that i'm not on low wage to go to college which was a really big thing to me. >> in my school there's only a few counselors and there are students in the thousands. and like we have less than i believe five counselors this year. you can't expect five counselors to consult and inform every 4,000 students or so in our school. >> well, these students plan to ask for tougher graduation standards at next month's school board meeting. coming up on 6:00. let's check in with sal for the very latest on traffic. >> all right. we're just following a crash in fact we're short on time i just want to tell you southbound 101 at pepper road a crash in the north bay. we'll tell you more about that in the next hour of the morning news. pam and dave right back to you.
5:59 am
all right, sal, thank you. our time now 5:58. coming up in our 6:00 hour, another frightening attack. a woman victimized inside her apartment in a normally quiet community. we'll bring a live report on why this is a particularly disturbing crime. plus why some of the biggest names in california politics will travel to the bay area today. and what it will mean for the future.


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