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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  August 11, 2010 6:00am-8:00am PST

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there is a major new development in the killing of a german tourist in san francisco. find out what happened overnight. police arrested a fugitive wanted in the bay area for the last ten years. >> reporter: i'm live near knit creek where residents are taking matters into their own hands after a string of attacks on young women. "mornings on 2" starts now.
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welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. assaults happened inside the park regioncy apartments and some say -- regency apartments and some residents think management is not doing enough. tara moriarty is live with more. >> reporter: we spoke to two residents who say they are now looking for a place to live. that's in the wake of three incidents over the past two weeks here at the park regency apartment complex off oak road. residents say they are extremely frustrated. contra costa county deputies have released a sketch of the man they believe is responsible. a 25-year-old woman was in her
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locked-up apartment. she was woken up with a man with his hand over her mouth. she screamed at her assailant and got free. it's unclear how the suspect got into the unit. we spoke to one woman who used to live here and she says security has always been lax. >> i thought it was weird. even though there's all of these security gates, you can just walk in. there's a 7-11 at the corner. you can't drive in. but you can drive right in. >> reporter: police say the man entered the apartment and raped a 23-year-old sleeping. and then at 1:15 a.m., a man was asking for a glass of water. he lunged at the woman an her boyfriend -- and her boyfriend
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got up and he ran away. some residents say they will change their locks. others say they've had enough and they are going to move. we're here live near walnut creek, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. we're following a major development in a killing of a germ be tourist -- german tourist. overnight san francisco police released the only suspect in the crime. the woman from germany was killed sunday night. police say at this point, they don't have enough evidence to charge the suspect with murder. but they are continuing to
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gather gunshot residue, ballistics evidence. 36-year-old kolonia, a bulgarian native, was arrested in mexico last week while working on a cruiseship. he fled after being accused of sexually assaulting a girl in 2002. cold case investigators recently assigned the case say a simple gobble search led him to the facebook page. he's being held in long beach but is expected to arrive here sometime this week. novato police are searching for at least one gunman this morning following an overnight shooting. paul chambers joins us with the rest on this. >> reporter: police are hoping an interview they will conduct
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later on will shed more light. around 9:50 last night police got a call about a shooting here in novato. once on scene, officers found an 18-year-old male had been shut in the upper body. the victim was transported to an area hospital where he's listed in critical condition and is expected to survive. police have no leads or the description of the shooter, only that the person left the scene in a white vehicle. police within plan to speak with the -- police plan to speak to the victim later today. officers are hoping someone saw or heard something. if you have any information about this investigation or about what's going on, you are asked to call novatoly. i'm paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, paul. now, that novato shooting happened right in the middle of
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a power blackout. pg&e says more than 13,000 customers were without power for almost five hours before it came on just before midnight. most of the plaqueouts were in southern novato. the power outage is blamed on equipment failure in ignacio. swimmers are being warmed to stay out of the waters in monterey and pacific grove bay. that's because high levels bacteria were found in pacific beach. it's posing a potential health risk. advisories have been posted at the beaches and will remain in place until testing levels indicate they are low enough. seven creeks have been impaired under the clean water act because of chronic trash
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program. coyote, stevens, saratoga, and those join a list of 20. two portions of the bay and urban creeks are included. the listing does not impose limb is on how much trash is allowed. a dispute between ac transit and the drivers goes back to court in a couple of hours. ac transit management has reinstated the old contract for drivers after a judge ruled last week that ac transit could not impose a new contract. it is 7:07. we want to check in now with sal castanedo, who's gonna be telling us about a crash in menlo park. >> that's right.
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they've issued a traffic alert, two lanes blocked. traffic beginning to back up now. there is another accident mountain in the backup i think 101 should be on your list to avoid. use 280 if you can or get on the freeway northbound or southbound after marsh road. try to avoid the area. unfortunately, this is where all of the traffic from the dumbarton bridge joins 101. that should be a pretty big delay if they don't get that crash out of there soon. let's take a look at some live pictures now. traffic is going to be okay on the bay bridge from the toll plaza to the incline and into san francisco. not a big deal. daleal? deal. steve, i tried to make up a word. it didn't work. >> i will get out my lexicon and check that out. >> thank you. good morning. low clouds and fog.
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a big fog bank. cool air has made it cold at the surface for many. foggy conditions. we've been talking about the last time san francisco hit a high of 70 degrees. it was july 4th. haven't seen it since. five weeks a long time to stay in the 50s or 60s. it won't get that warm today. san jose, the last time san jose had a high of 90 or higher was last september '09. that's a long stretch. san jose can get hot if you know. that's not the case. they had their coolest july since 1955. it's been cool across the board. 50 in san francisco. we'll go up to 60. low cloud, drizzle, breezy, windy and cool. highs didn't change much. although the fog -- there's so much cool air aloft and there's no heat in the valley, it's hard to support this kind of a fog bank but there it is. 7 san francisco. walnut creek 76.
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66 in oakland. you can pencil a in for the last -- that in for the last few weeks and probably be within a day or two. 55 at mount tamalpais. 13 degrees cooler than yesterday. that's a huge drop. cool air aloft coming in. also too much fog. 52 in mill valley. crockett and vallejo, 54. 5 in tahoe. they have a -- 53 in tahoe. 52 in ukiah. it will be another cool day because of this system which should chew up the fog. it's hard to support it when it's this cool. there's no heat in the valley. so we stay cool across the board. once you get the sun, it won't be very warm. the wind picks up. there are some signs. although they are not screaming. we will see warmer weather
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inland this weekend but probably not by the coast. >> very chilly to mild. maybe warm if you are way away from the fog bank. fog will continue nights and mornings through friday and then a little bit let -- less clouds. those crews drilling the relief well in the gulf of mexico. they are about 30 feet to 50 feet away. but things are now on hold because a storm is approaching. the federal government says work can be delayed now for two or three days. the relief well will be able to pump cement out of the relief well. they will try to safeguard what they've drilled so far. we're learning more about the victims of the plane crash in alaska. that crash killed five
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passengers including senator ted stevens. there are four survivors. what does the jobs bill president obama signed mean for the classrooms in the area -- in the bay area. u owi stgoth n csechkint al?ye cckhiou t'noepitsls es u stakthchkan-phh-rhtn ern't eyott? h.oht's t rei. itlswos thas t'noepitsls es al?doouha a o.. u stakthchkan-phh-rhtn ern't eyott? a!'s ol t'noepitsls es al?doouha a o.. u stakthchkan-phh-rhtn ern't l's . y,ai wr'my0?'s ol t'noepitsls es al?doouha a o.. aschki. lcetoanitche.n ern't y,h'updu . aswh mte
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we're finding out more this northerning about the victims in that plane crash in alaska. many of them were well known. ktvu's alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. bureau
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with all of the details. >> reporter: good morning, dave. let's take a live look at the flags that have been lowered here on capitol hill in honor of ted stevens. the 86-year-old former senator from alaska was among the five people killed when the plane crashed monday night. investigators are back on the scene there today examining the plane's wreckage. here in d.c., senator stevens is being remembered. >> senator stevens was one of the capitol hill heavy weights. he served in washington for almost 40 years. was an eye con -- icon. >> four people survived the crash, including sean o'keefe and his son. they waited for more than 12 hours on the mountain for help. i will have more on how they survived in my next update in
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about an hour. for now, alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, allison. 7:15. a lot of state workers are not sure if they should show up for work the day after tomorrow. the governor still hopes this friday's furlough will go on as planned. yesterday the lawyers filed an appeal against the judge's ruling that temporarily bars the governor from imposing the unpaid days off. so now, some 156,000 state workers are waiting on final word about will they should report to work on friday. angry protesters are planning a protest against governor arnold schwarzenegger. protests are being organized in sacramento and san diego. 7:16. the $26 billion jobs bill that was passed yesterday is good news for hundreds of thousands
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of california teachers who were either already laid off for expect to be laid off. of that money, california could get as much as $2.4 billion. the money would go to help balance the budget, with more than $1 billion going to local school districts. that means 16,550 teachers will get to keep their jobs or be rehired, ensuring that class sizes don't become too large. governor schwarzenegger was loaning to get more money from california, somewhere in the area of $3.5 billion. he says the portion scheduled for california is not enough to save the general fund any money. now the concern is the state has to come up with a budget before it can pass out any of california's allotment. >> i think it would be premature for us to start spending the money. i think we have to wait and see and see what the state is gonna do. we don't know when they are gonna -- when they are gonna
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pass a budget. the oak district laid off about 40 teachers. but they may not want to rehire them and have to lay them off again in a year or two, when the federal grant runs out. a job fair is taking place at the alameda fairgrounds in pleasanton. the gates will open at 9:30 this morning. it will run until 4:00 this afternoon. the nation's largest organization of attorneys is voicing its support for same- sex marriage. at its convention in san francisco, the american bar association backed a resolution calling on every state legislature to give gays and lesbians the right to marry. only one speaker opposed this. there may soon be new laws for owners of pit bulls in santa clara county.
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the voters voted yesterday to move ahead with the plan to force them to be spayed or neutered. this follows the death of a 3- year-old.killed by the family's pit bulls. spay and neutering can reduce aggression in dogs. starting today, you can buy the second generation of motorola droid smartphones. the ii sells with a contract with verizon. motorola uses the deal with
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george lucas, who produced the "star wars" movies. the company will roll out an r 2-d2 phone. ahead -- we will tell you what is coming soon to netflix.
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we're learning this morning after new lawsuit being filed against u.s. swimming. the suit claims the organization ignored complaints from parents about possible
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sexual molestation by a swim coach. in this case, the victims were 12 and 15 years old. the lawsuit says u.s. swimming, which is the national governing body for competitive swimming knew of preexisting complaints and had several opportunities to remove the coach from his position. california's corrections department now has a website that washes people when paroled sex offenders slip away from supervision. the website allows users to receive e-mail alerts, including pictures of the parolees when they are added to the list. governor schwarzenegger ordered the department to publicize runaway sex offenders in response to bakersfield and san diego county. in those cases, the offenders removed their ankle bracelets. we'll be posting this on our website. south korean police raided the offices of google today in
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seoul, korea. google is accused of illegally storing information. now, raids are common in south korea. it's not clear yet if google will face any criminal charges. los gatos-based netflix will pay almost $1 billion for the on-line streaming rights to movies from three major studios. this deal will allow netflix to offer films from mgm, paramount and lions gate. 0 days after they are on -- 90 days after they are on tv. it is 7:4. and we want to check -- 7:24. we want to check in with sal
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castanedo keeping an eye on -- is it the south or the east bay or both? >> well, it's both. mill might -- mill pete us. it doesn't matter what you call it. across the bay, 101 at marsh road there is a crash involving an overturned vehicle. northbound and southbound 101 not do he so good. traffic heading west will be slow on 101. if you can get to 280. one more thing to talk about. that would be the bay bridge. we have a mild delay there. here's steve. sal, thank you very much. our very pat -- our very cool
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pattern continue. dean in santa cruz had .03 of drizzle. .03 in the old rain gauge. that's what it is. fairfield, overcast, west at 20. that southwest 8 is at vacaville. believe me, vacaville's the last outpost for any sea breeze. if they get one, it's a done deal. overcast conditions. there's also a very strong system for august right there dropping down. this is -- what's interesting about all of this -- i could go on for a half hour -- i will make this quick -- the jet stream for august is really super charged. 50s, 60s by the coast. inland upper 70s. 50s for everybody. palo alto, 54. the low, that doesn't map in august very often -- doesn't happen in august very often.
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you get no heat in the valley. there are some signs that inland areas will warm up on the weekend but like every false alarm we've had since almost april, it tends to not happen. temperatures, 50s, 60s and then 70s around the bay. fairfield, 70. inland areas will bump up a little bit on the week. an overnight shooting victim gets some bep from a -- help from a market owner in the east bay. also, an out-of-control wildfire could reegg ignite a nuclear -- reignite a nuclear nightmare.
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residents of one walnut creek apartment complex are on alert. in each case, women were assaulted -- were assaulted inside their own homes.
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tara moriartyovers us live about the new security now in place. >> there are at least two new security guards on patrol. but that -- can you hear me? all right. we spoke to some people who say the fact there are two new security guards on the property doesn't make them feel any safer. this is a gate. people need a pass code to get here this. section is the space, -- this section is the space where you can walk through. now,:00 d.c. county sherr -- contra costa county sheriff's office have received complaints
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about this. the most recent attack happened jed, authorities say a 25-year- old woman was awakened by you a man with a hand over her mouth. she fought him off with paper spray. they are not sure how he got in. one woman said she's fed up with management at complex. >> i think i'm gonna look for other places, another place to live. i live aalone. investigators say this man has attacked in broad day lie. on july 6th they say he entered an unlooked apartment -- unlocked apartment during the day and raped a whomp woman sleeping. officials say the suspect is described as an african-
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american man, ages 20 to 30 years old with a slender build about 6 feet tall and 200 pounds. managers here at the park regency have posted fliers alerting some residents but not everyone says they've received one. i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. it is 7:33. the manhunt continues for the man responsible for attacks in the east bay. the wounded man stumbled into 0 nearby market and collapsed near the floor. he's in a wheelchair being shot seven times during a robbery attempt seven mons ago --
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months ago. >> i didn't want the guy pointing the gun at anybody besides myself. i was shot. >> at this point there's no word his condition. 7:33. officials are reevaluating security at alameda's juvenile center after thers tape and the eventual capture of three. all three escapees are described as dangerous criminalle. the felons escaped yesterday afternoon. they scaled two razor fences. deputies captured two of them, three quickly and found them with the help of helicopters as well as canine units. a woman who lives a mile from the facility didn't know the felons had escaped. >> is it unsettling still?
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>> very much so, i would say yes. >> officials were relieve the to find out all three -- relieved to find out all three were captured. san francisco police are asking for the public's help in tracking down a suspect in a deadly shooting. the poddy of 36-year-old phillip dimartino was found in his apartment by a coworker. they believe the suspect was hispanic and may have cut himself on the attack. investigators believe this attack happened several days before dimartin0's body was discovered. an unlicensed civil engineer is due in court on friday -- on court on friday.
7:36 am
they say he created bogus documentation for dozens of construction projects. he was the target of an arson investigation involving a san francisco home owned by his former wife that caught fire last year. he denied setting the fire and was never charged. one of the protesters arrested in oakland after the johannes mehserle verdict was reached a deal. temperaturery williams said he stole five -- terry williams said he stole five gold teeth from a jewelry store. williams will have to spend a year in jail. your time now, 7:36. governor schwarzenegger is among the big names who will be in san francisco in just a couple of hours at the groundbreaking ceremony for the
7:37 am
nation's first high-speed rail station. allie rasmus is live deeing reaction -- getting reaction to this. >> reporter: this is where the high-speed station will be. right now, you can see there are a number of work crews setting up tables and chairs at the front of the site. there will be a groundbreaking ceremony happening a few hours from now. the new isn't will replace the old building. that's that concrete structure behind us. that was put out of commission last week. you can see an illustration of what the new station is going to look like. they provided us animation of what the station will look like. it won't be complete for seven years. but when it is done, it will be a hub and will be able to transfer to the high-speed
7:38 am
bullet train. a spokesperson for the entity says the goal is to create a transportation and commercial hub in the middle of the city. >> it's really about getting people to and from they need to go. we know that when you make more transit for people to use, utilization goes up. >> reporter: the transit will house the first high-speed rail station in the country. the bullet trains will come in through an underground tunnel. the group received about $400 million in federal government stimulus money to start this
7:39 am
project. other funding will come from bridge toll money and san francisco sales tax. now, the groundbreaking for this station begins today. ray lahood, governor schwarzenegger, senator barbara boxer and house speaker in 2347 will be -- house speaker nancy pelosi will be here. back to you. >> thank you. 7:38. we want to check in with sal castanedo who's keeping an eye on the top. >> the commute looks okay here if you are driving into san francisco any time soon. let's take a look at 880 northbound. on the right there, 880 northbound is going to be okay as you drive past the coliseum. i have good news on the peninsula. they've just cleared the accident on 101 near the marsh. it was blocking a couple of
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lanes but you see how the traffic is there. i would use 280 instead. this is also affecting traffic coming in off the dumbarton bridge, menlo park and palo alto. so give yourself some extra time there. let's go to steve. >> last time information was 80 degrees was march 1th. march 1th. we have to go all the way back to march to find an 80-degree temperature. the last time they were over 70 was july 4th. if you live in the city and work in the city, it's been cold -- it has been cold. five weeks since we hit 70 on the high sigh. you can thank or blame. a lot of people love this weather but it's the big low up there. usually in august, you know, mother nature kind of puts her feet on the desk, takes time off. not this august. it's been active not only here but across the globe.
7:41 am
unbelievable. there's been a lot lot going op. 60 in san francisco for a high today. low clouds, drizzle, breezy, a lot of drizzle in the city. some of it has been measurable. mount tam is at 55. 13 degrees cooler than yesterday which is a significant drop. mill valley and sausalito, 52. bethel island only 51. san carlos, 55. pleasanton, 56. 50s and 60s up and down the coast. sacramento's in the 80s. until this low ejects out, then our weather really can't change much. i mean, the fog will probably max itself out. even if it burns off, it won't be very warm. in the sunshine you have too be in a wind protected area. so it stays cool. it's been here for four months. august is showing every sign of being the -- fifth consecutive
7:42 am
month. it looks like warming will take place inland. that would be pie the weekend. everyone is about 5 to -- 5 to 9% of the forecast is cool. it does look wormer away from the coast on the weekend, tori. 19 minutes before 8:00. there's a serious new concern involving those huge wildfires still burning in russia. russian emergency agencies are now worried the wildfires could move into the areas affected by the tornadoal nuclear path accident. that catastrophe left the soil contaminated. there are fears the wives could fill the air with tuneny particles. but the area appears safe for at least now. find out why wells fargo
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take a look at the dow. stocks are tumbling as investors learned the economy was slowing down. the dow currently down 203. that's about 2% drop at 10,438. nasdaq taking an even bigger
7:46 am
hit down 2 2 1/2% -- 2.5%. oops. wells fargo bank must return money to its customers. the u.s. district court ruled wells fargo manipulated how it processed bank debit cards for overdraft fees. wells fargo generated $1.7 billion in overdraft fees during that time. it's been given until december to stop the practice. proposition 23, which is on the november ballot, bo suspend -- would suspend california's landmark globe warming bill. supporters claim two are toxic. the valero and tesero.
7:47 am
they are the two biggest donors to this proposition giving almost $5 million so far. if vote, approve it, the global warming law would not take effect until unemployment falls below 5.5% and stays there for a year. opponents are warning people not to trust the texas oil companies. >> do you think private corporations out of texas actually want to spend $10 million to help the california economy? is that in their interest? that's nonsense. >> prop 23 could become a big issue in this year's elections. meg whitman and karly fiorina called this a job $-killer. in three weeks, ktvu is producing a debate between barbara boxer and karly fiorina. if you would like to submit a
7:48 am
possible question for the candidates go to and look for the "right now" section. san francisco mayor gavin newsom introduced legislation yesterday to require owners of non-residential building to monitor how much energy their billing uses and disclose that information each year. it would also require owners to conduct an energy-efficient audit every five years. tonight, santa clara officials will discuss an architectural plan for a mosque that at least one neighbor opposes. the muslim community association wants to erect a 64- foot high tower at the mosque on scott boulevard. that's similar to a church steeple with a cross. one city board has already approved it but thomas scott, who works nearby, is appealing that approval. he claims the minuet would create an eyesore.
7:49 am
the jetblue flight attendant who has become an overnight celebrity after cursing at passengers is out of jail this morning. steven slater was released last night after he posted $500 bail -- $2500 bail. he was arrested on monday after arguing with a passenger. now, he started cursing over the plane's pa system. he grabbed a beer and then left the plane sliding down the emergency slide. he didn't have much to say to reporters getting out of jail. >> what do you say to the people who have all supported you? >> greatly appreciated. >> there are several facebook pages supporting slater. good news and bad news about air travel for june this year. 74% of all planes arrived on time. that's slightly better from
7:50 am
june of last year. you are bit down from the on- time arrivals in may this year. san francisco officials say the number of flights stuck on the ground for three or more hours dropped. that compares to 270 in june of 2005. mexicana airlines says they need $100 million to keep flying. the airline filed for bankruptcy last week. it's stopped selling any tickets. the airline and its two biggest unions are trying to raise money from investors to keep the money afloat. the pilots and flight attendants already agreed to assist. the federal investigation into tote's problem with sudden -- toyota's problem with sudden acceleration is over. the transportation department and nasa started looking for
7:51 am
the cause of the sudden accelerations since toyota was forced to recall almost $9 million. research, say they couldn't find any evidence that electronic systems were connected to the problem. up next, a controversial plan to charge for parking on sundays in san francisco. the big day is almost here for an historic oasis in richmond. droiiiid.
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what this droid does will change how you do web connections. this creates a mobile 3g hotspot, powerful enough to fuel multiple devices at will. putting you at the center of your own world wide web. introducing the new droid x. the next generation of does.
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welcome back. san francisco police need your help. they are trying to find a missing 0 man who -- missing man who they say is at risk. take a look at this picture. this is roger lopez he has dementia. 24 this photo wastion -- was taken about seven years ago. he only speaks spanish and does use a walker. if you have any information
7:54 am
about this gentleman contact san francisco police. also, candles were lit last night during this prayer vigil for hassani campbell. police say the little boy's foster father, louis ross, is still a primary suspect and they believe that hassani met with foul play at the hands of ross a year ago. now, ross and his former fiance, hassani's aunt, jennifer campbell, they were briefly jailed on suspicion of murder murder they were released for lack of evidence. 7:54. this saturday is a big day for a popular point richmond pool that shut down nine years ago. workers have been putting the finishing touches on a multi- million dollar renovation of the richmond plunge. a ground-opening ceremony is planned. a plan to enforce parking
7:55 am
meter fees on sundays in had san francisco has been scrap. the san francisco municipal transportation agency decided not to move forward with the plan. city transportation officials were planning to test it out in three months starting next month. 7:54. let's check in with sal. what are you seeing in the south bay? >> well, it's slow. we've had 0 couple of things going on. we had the problem on the peninsula in menlo park. that causes a chain reaction people trying to get to their jobs in the valley. let's go start with 237. it's pretty slow as it normally is. but the difference today, it stays pretty slow out to 101 and if you want to join northbound 101 it has been affected by earlier problems. watch for slow traffic there. also this morning, we're looking at 880, northbound. you can see some slow traffic getting up to the bay bridge toll plaza. and that traffic is going to be
7:56 am
okay. there is the toll plaza, we got -- we got a tweet who says why in karn nation are -- carnation are their sprinkles on my windshield the -- i'm just the traffic guy. let's ask steve. there is a really strong system to the north of us. fairfield, overcast. with wind west at 21. that's -- that's a really strong signature for what's going to be even a cool day out it the valley. strong system to the north continues to bring in chilly patterns. it's been this way for a long time for many. the last time it was 70 degrees in san francisco was july 4th.
7:57 am
the last time downtown san francisco officially recorded -- i remember at the end of winner we had some really warm temperatures. 54 in the city. 6 and -- 69 and 60 for a high today. in the sun, wind protected areas, it's not too bad but everyone is well below average for these highs. the drizzle will let up here in the next hour or so. but not before that system to the north just reinforces this cool pattern. it will stay cool for a while. morning drizzle gives way to sunshine. the nights, once we hit sunset, boy, do those temperatures had the fast. it looks like the interior will warm up over the weekend. 60s, 70s around the bay and
7:58 am
inland. fairfield, only 78 degrees this time of year. pretty impressive. moving fog, low clouds through friday and then a little warmer inland on the weekend. back to tori and dave. a long-time bay area fugitive is finally behind bars this morning. find out how facebook and google played a role in his arrest. i'm paul chambers live in novato where police need your help finding a shooter. and there are plenty of water warnings, as a lot of people in the bay area are enjoying some sum fun.
7:59 am
8:00 am
a string of recent attacks on women is forcing some people to consider moving. this is despite new security
8:01 am
measures. the second half of "mornings on 2" starts right now. welcome back. i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. it's wednesday, august the 11th. well, security guards are out there patrolling a walnut creek apartment complex at this hour. following three terrifying attacks on women. but some residents are telling ktvu, they still don't feel safe and they are moving out. ktvu's tara moriarty joins us now. she has the latest there. >> reporter: good morning, dave. we spoke to yet another young woman who said she's going to be looking for a new plate to live and will be leaving at the end of the month. that makes the third person this morning. security has been ramped up. there is a new security guard who just took his shift a half hour ago. he's been stopping cars and questioning folks. this is in the wake of three
8:02 am
attacks of young women in this apartment complex. now, contra costa county sheriff deputies have released a couple of sketches of the man they say is responsible. the most recent attack happened yesterday moving at about this same time when a 25-year-old woman was in her locked apartment. she was woken up by a man who had his had over her mouth. she fought him off with a can of pepper spray. it's unclear how he got in the unit. we spoke to one woman who used to live here and she said there's only one guard on patrol and it's about time that changed. >> maybe if they had more security guards, if they scattered them around. if they were in more locations than just at front gate, that would be beneficial. but there's more locations in the back people can hop over and the security guard would not know about it. >> reporter: investigators say on july 6th he entered an unlocked apartment during the
8:03 am
day and raped a 23-year-old woman who had been sleeping. on june 0th, the same man knocked on the door at 1:15 this the morning asking for a glass of water. the woman complied. she screamed. that alerted her boyfriend. the suspect ran off. the man is described as african- american, 20 to 30 about 6 feet tall an00 pounds -- 200 pounds. managers have posted fliers. some people say they will change their locks. others say they have had had enough an will be moving -- and will be moving. between the security gate where people drive through where people need a pass code and the 7-11 next door. this is an achille's heel where people can come an go as they please. so the security guards have been manning this particular area very closely this morning. we're live near walnut creek, tara tara moriarty, ktvu
8:04 am
channel 2 news. >> thank you. we're following a major development in the killing of a german tourist in san francisco. overnight, san francisco police released the only person arrested this this crime. 50-year-old woman was killed near union square sunday night. 18-year-old phillip stewart walked out of jail last night since prosecutors say at this point they just don't have enough evidence to charge him with murder. but the case remains under active investigation. investigators are still collecting ballistics evidence, gunshot powder. a man on the most-wanted list has finally been captured. this man was arrested in mex dough last week while working op a cruise ship. the former international gymnastics star fled after he was accused of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl in 2002 at a fremont gym where he used to work.
8:05 am
now, cole case investigators say a simple google search led them to the suspect's facebook pain. he's being held in long beach but is expected to arrive here in the bay area sometime this week. police are searching for one gunman after an overnight shooting. paul chambers is at the police station now with this investigation. >> reporter: good morning. police are searching for leads in an interview they will conduct later today, they hope it will bring them more clues because they have very almost information in this case. we do know around:50 -- nine:50 last night, police got a call about a male shot in the upper body. the victim was transpored to the hospital where he's listed in critical condition and is expected to a -- to survive.
8:06 am
police plan to speak with the victim latter this morning. officers say with the shooting happening in a residential area, they are hoping someone heard or saw something. if you know anything about this shooting. police are asking you to give them a call. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. >> that novato shooting happened right in the middle of a power blackout. pg&e says more than 13,000 customers were without power for almost five hours before it was restored just after midnight. most of the outages were in southern novato and in ignacio. the power outage is blame on equipment failure in ignacio. swimmers you are warn to stay out of the waters at lovers's point and the beach in
8:07 am
monterey bay due to bacteria. they will remain closed until the water is deemed safe. now, seven santa clara creeks have been identified as impaired under the clean water act because of a chronic trash problem. they include coyote creek, stevens creek and saratoga, joining a list of 20 others with major trash problems in the bay area. 24 urban creeks and two parts of the bay are officially raped -- labeled as crash. three of the creeks are in san mateo county. while the designation calls for a problem they are not saying how much trash is allowed. ac transit will ask a young to consider a buhling -- to a
8:08 am
ruling. a judge ruled last week ac transit could not impose a new contract. 8:07. let's see what sal is watching right now. sal? >> regarding that ac transit story. if you are experiencing delays on ac transit, tweet me we would love to hear about it. we pass it right out to the viewers. let's take a look at westbound bay bridge. that's backed up for about a five-minute to ten-minute delay. we've had some drizzle in san francisco. a little windshield wiper here and there. northbound traffic moderate. this is the first time in a week we've been able to see 101 in san francisco from our camera which is mounted on the tall building in downtown. we simply can't see it most days these days but today we
8:09 am
can. moving along to the peninsula. we had a couple of earl why earl problems on 1 -- earlier problems on 101. southbound 101 down to palo alto is not in good shape. i would use 280 instead. here's steve. >> good morning. cool, cold, kind of drizzly for some. we're getting a sea breeze west- southwest and that sea breeze goes out to vacaville and the valley. the reason this is impressive there's a low spinning. this might be strong enough to mix out the fog bank a little bit. we might get some sun today. for those of you who live in the city along the coast or you commute across the city, it's been a cold stretch here the last time san francisco had a high temperature of 70 was july
8:10 am
4th. the last time it was 80, five months ago usually, usually pie september, things start to turn. we're looking at a lot of low clouds because of this pattern being very persistent. santa rosa, 1937. mount tam a big drop on the temperatures, minus 13. only 55. that's a huge drop in one day. that's a sign of the cooler air aloft. bethel island, 51. 53 in tahoe, a little south wind. they are running warmer than some locations around here.
8:11 am
50s up and down the valley and also along the coast and because of that system to the north we stay cool from top to bottom. morning drizzle differents way to sunshine. rear windy, blustery. the high will build in. there will be warmer weather inland but the coast looks like they will have to deal with the fog. maybe a sooner burn jot. very chilly for some, mild for others. when fairfield's only 78, san jose is 75 that's a cool day. this will take us into friday and a little away from the coast on the weekend. tori. >> thank you, steve. crews drilling a relief well in the gulf of mexico have only about 30 feet to 50 feet left to go. but they are suspending work now due to an approaching storm. federal government's national incident commander says work could be delayed for two to three days. the relief well will be iced to pump cement into the blownout
8:12 am
well with the hope of seeping it off for good. >> crews will pop in a temporary to safeguard what they've fixed so far. there's new information about the plane crash in alaska that killed a u.s. senator and four others. we'll tell you how some of the passengers survived and there's a bay area connection. it's back-to-school time and some uc berkeley professors are defending a controversial plan involving incoming freshman
8:13 am
twizzlers. the twist you can't resist.
8:14 am
8:15 am
foggy, drizzly morning in san francisco and temperatures in the 50s. the highs will only be in 50s. breezy, windy at times. here's tori. tough, steve. we're learn more this morning about how four people managed to survive the alaskan plane crash that killed a former senator. ktvu's alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom with more on this. >> reporter: good morning, tori. we're getting our first look this morning at the location of the crash that killed alaskan senator ted stevens and four others. investigators will be on the scene near dillingham, alaska to figure out what happened in
8:16 am
that plane crash. you can see the plane on the hillside. rescuers found the plane largely intact. four people survived, including former nasa administrator sean o'keefe and his son. >> there was no post-crash fire an none of the occupants were ejected from the aircraft the they were all contained in the fuselage following accident. >> reporter: now, here on capitol hill, the flags have been lowered in honor of former ted stevens. he was the longest-standing senator. as for the survive, they are at a hospital in anchorage. sown o'keefe is listed in critical condition. his son, serious condition. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you, allison. we have just learned also the identity of one of the other victims of that plane crash. he's reportedly the father of a
8:17 am
stanford football player. andrew phillips is a fifth-year senior at stanford. the san francisco "chronicle" reports that his father, william phillips senior, was killed in the crash. andrew's 14-year-old brother was also on board the plane but survives and remains hospitalized. governor schwarzenegger hopes this scheduled friday furlough die will happen as planned. 156,000 workers are waiting for the final word on whether or not they should go to work on friday. some angry state employees are busy planning a protest against governor schwarzenegger at the box office. the monvy the expendables debuts this friday. the governor has a cam pea yo appearance dam dam cameo in that appearance.
8:18 am
protests were also being organized in sacramento and in san diego. 8:17. a $26 billion jobs bill that passed is good for teachers already laid off or expecting to be laid off. out of that money, california could see as much as $2.4 billion. the money will help the state balance its bucket with more than $1 billion going to local school districts. that means 16,500 teachers will keep their jobs or get rehired. the governor was hoping to get more money, somewhere in the area of $3-point 3 billion. so some money could be added to the general fund. >> i think it would be premature for all of us to spend the money. i think we have to do a wait and see to see what the date is
8:19 am
gonna do. >> officials there say they may not want to rehire teachers who may have to be laid off again in a year or two when money runs out. uc berkeley officials meet with the department of health to decide if two professors can go ahead using students for genetic testing. they are defending their plan to test incoming freshmen as part of the bring your genes here. the university says the saliva tests are part of a rich project and not -- research project and not medical testing. san francisco is considering banning toys in fast-food meals that don't meet strict guidelines. the restrictions, if passed, would apply to all restaurants but would specifically target fast-food restaurants that give
8:20 am
out toys 234 kids' meals. the toy can only be given out with the meal if the calorie total is under 600. there has been trouble at an east bay el menry school. coming up a request from police -- elementary school. coming up a request from police.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
officials think illegal wiring may have started a fire in east san jose. it started last night inside of a house where police say they found a marijuana-growing operation inside. this house is on east san jose's lotner drive. the fire department responded to reports of spoke coming from the house and they eventually found the marijuana. no injuries are reported. no one was home at the time. police are now trying to find the owners of that house. police in fremont want your help. they are trying to crack down whoever is setting fires at warwick elementary school. police say there have been four fires set since late last june.
8:24 am
fremont police say if you have any information contact them. it is 8:23. frequent riders on the golden gate district's sausalito ferry could see a 32% increase in fares next year. the district is looking at ways to cut costs and increase revenue to bridge a $132 million gap. under the plan riders who use the translink and clipper cards could see those fares increase by as much as 32% beginning january 31st. larkspur riders could see an increase up to 12.5%. starting tonight you can expect delays up highway 1. caltrans is beginning a series of overnight pavement repairs. the work will take place between 8:00 in the evening and 6:00 in the morning on mondays and thursdays. during that time. >> traffic will be one way on
8:25 am
highway 1. sal, do you have everybody paving -- behaving on the bridges? >> i do and i also have information about the golden gate story we just ran. we got an e-mail from mary, who said there is a very important public hearing on october 7th for you to weigh in on these fare increases. just got the e-mail. i thought i would pass it along to you. will be tweeting that in just a moment. bay bridge westbound westbound, i don't know it's about five to seven minutes. not too bad but there certainly is a delay. san mateo bridge looks good. we just spoke about the golden gate bridge and golden gate transit. here comes the bus. traffic is moving well. traffic is moving well coming down to the toll plaza. 8:25. let's go to sal. >> yes, steve. >> someone tweets from ocean beach and said this was probably the worst morning of
8:26 am
all. >> it's pretty bad over there. there's also higher clouds. heard from a couple of people in lake county. the fog has made it far inland today. below average highs fog and drizzle in the morning. sunny, breezy, windy. highs, 60s and 70s. a warmer weekend he says? well, maybe inland. i doubt much by the coast. herein highs the problem -- lies the problem. the forecast models have so much climatology built in, well, it's august, it should be warm and then we sit here and stay cool and cold and then they get closer and project it and say, well, maybe not. that's the way it's been since april. that low up to the north, unseasonably fong for this time of year. the city is kind of fog and
8:27 am
cool. they should be about 10 degrees warmer than that. bethel island made it 51. only 54. 50s almost for everybody. even out to the valley. up and down the coast we have a lot of drizzle there. the low is responsible along with a very, very strong fog bank. it stays cool, morning drizzle gives way to sunshine. you can be on the warm side. there are some hints that maybe the inland areas will warm up this weekend, especially sunday into monday. i will believe it when i see the whites of its eyes. overcast drizzles, 50s, 60s. not much change through friday and then warmer weather through the interior on saturday and
8:28 am
sunday. dave? >> thank you, steve. police have made an arrest in the terrifying sexual assault case, that victim is a south bay janitor. >> reporter: it's going to be the first hi hoof speed rail station in the country. the groundpregging for it starts in just a few hours from now.
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back. we're following a series of terrifying attacks inside the park regency apartments. tara moriarty is back with a look at what's being done to
8:31 am
keep the residents safe and why some people don't think it's enough. >> reporter: good morning, dave. besides beefed-up security, there's more surveillance. there's more guards standing by the white car, as you can see. they've been stopping the folks as they've been entering the gate and asking them questions. despite all of this, people say they are still scared. this comes in the wake of three attacks in the past month and a half on young women in the park complex. now, contra costa county sheriff deputies have released a couple of sketches of the man they say is responsible. the most recent attack happened yesterday, when a 25-year-old woman was in her locked department. she was woken up by a man who had his hand over her mouth. it's unclear how he got into the unit since it was locked. we spoke to residents who say they are changing their locks
8:32 am
or moving out. this is the third attack. management hasn't told us anything. i live alone. i haven't heard anything. >> reporter: investigators say this man has attacked in broad daylight. on july 6th, they say he entered an unlocked apartment during the day and raped a 23- year-old woman who had been sleeping. and then he knocked on the door of an apartment at 1:00 in the morning asking for water. the woman complied. heher screams woke up her boyfriend. >> reporter: fliers are alerts residents but not everyone has received one, they say.
8:33 am
for two guards it was their first day on the job. one of them was completely unaware of the situation. 8:32. san jose police have arrested a 2-year-old man -- 21-year-old man suspected of police assault. investigators say on the night of august 2nd, he allegedly approached a female janitor inside of a medical office building. that janitor told police she was working alone in a restroom when she says cooly tried too assault her but she was able to run away. investigators tracked down cooley and they say he admitted he's a registered sex offender. this morning, the manhunt continues for the gunman responsible for an overnight shooting in the east pay. it happened around 10:00 in west pittsburg. the wounded man stumbled into a nearby market and collapsed on the floor.
8:34 am
the market owner who helped the victim is no longer himself to violence of he's in a wheelchair after being shot seven times during a robbery attempt a few months ago. >> i didn't want the guy pointing the gun at anybody besides myself at the owner. when i got shot -- as long as nobody got shot -- i was happy. >> at this point there's word on his condition. officials are vo e wal waiting the -- reevaluating the security at the juvenile center after thes cape and recapture of three inmates. the center is near lake chabot. all three are described as dangerous felons. the fessens escaped yesterday afternoon by scaling two razor fen fencessened -- fences.
8:35 am
deputies captured them with helicopters and k-units. one woman who lives a mile away didn't know p this. >> is it unsettling to you? >> oh, yeah. anybody who gets out has to be perceived as a threat. >> two are in custody for murder. the heir for assault with a deadly weapon. 8:34. san francisco police want your help. they are trying to track down the suspect in a deadly stabbing. dimartin0 was found stabbed in his apartment. they believe the man may have cut himself on the hand police also say there were no signs of forced entry. 8:5. in just about an hour, a
8:36 am
groundbreaking ceremony will get underway for the nation's first high-speed rail station. >> reporter: this is where the high-speed rail is gonna be. you are look at the future side -- looking at the future site of the transbay transcenter. right now workers are setting um tables and chairs and that's because of a groundbreaking ceremony that will be happening a few hours from now. the new transit center will replace the old transbay billing. this is what the new transit sen -- transit sent will look like. the idea is to be able to transfer between ac transit, muni, to b.a.r.t., to caltrains, to the state's high-
8:37 am
speed bullet train. a spokesperson, the regional entity in charge of this, says the goal is to create a transportation and commercial hub in the middle of the city. >> it's really p getting people to where they need to go quickly. it's about housing, right around the transit facilities, that makes it more convenient. we know whether you make it more transit -- we know when you make it more convene for people, it will go up. >> reporter: it will a garden and the highest-speed rail station in the country. >> i think it's a good idea. you know, i do. yes. >> reporter: you think it would be helpful to get from place to place? >> especially sacramento all the way to san francisco. a lot of people do commute. >> it seems like a nice improvement for the area. there will be a low of construction in the meantime.
8:38 am
but what are you gonna do? >> the transbay joint powers authority is made up of san francisco's city and transit officials as well as representatives from b.a.r.t. an ac transi. the group received about $400 billion in sim list money to start this project. other funding they say will come from bridge tolls and san francisco sales tax. but the groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled to start at 11:30 this northerning -- this morning. reporting live in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> okay. thank you. 8:38. sal, what's happening on the roads now, particularly in oakland? >> dave, i'm glad you asked that. oakland is where we're gonna start first this time. 880 northbound in oakland. on the right there is northbound 880 passing coliseum. southbound traffic looks pretty good. it looks like it has been
8:39 am
typical and look at the reports to see if there's anything going on when it comes to accidents on the bay bay bridge. there are no accidents reported on the span coming into san francisco. also, in fact, let me make sure the maps are ready. we have a look at some of the other bay area commutes. 580 has been nice and quiet coming in over the altamont pass. 101, i don't know, between san mateo and redwood city, i think you should use 280 instep. great freeway there. >> here's steve. in the fog and -- it's foggy. it's drizzly and it's cold. much of the coast an in the city. it's not much warmer everywhere else. areas that do get the sun will not be very warm today. even had some e-mails an tweets from up in lake county.
8:40 am
they had a high cloud deck. this has ushered in cooler air aloft. so even areas who -- it has been a cold stretch for many. we'll just focus on san francisco today. the last time they were 70 degrees was july 4th. the last time it was 80 degrees was march 1th. the last time san jose, by the way, was 95 degrees was september 26th of last year. i know it was isn't of last year. that's -- we're almost talking a year since they've been 5. is there any good news with this cool pattern? yes. very low fire danger. the air quality has been outstanding. no spare the air days. it's been sod goo. the visibility. and the air quality has been excellent. temperatures stay very cool. 72 in santa rosa. that's it.
8:41 am
i didn't change anything. why? 60 in san francisco, walnut creek, 76 and why? yeah, i know. sometimes that's the low. no. that will be the high today. 66 in oakland and as i said a couple of times for about the first two or three weeks, you could pencil in 66 of downtown oakland and you would be within two one or two -- one or two degrees. san rafael/napa, oakland/berkeley, livermore -- concord the same as oakland/berkeley. a little bit of warm weather? head to las vegas, 82 there. it's cool, top to bottom. it's all because of that low right there spinning up into oregon. that keeps a very cool air mass in place, also in the i here elevations it's cooled down considerably. the drizzle will give way for sunshine to some. overcast and drizzle go gives
8:42 am
away to sun for some. you may not see any about you gray skies all days. 50s, 60s for the inlan locations. very cool today -- inland locations. very cool today. dave? >> okay. thank you, steve. we're watching the sky as well. a spacewalk is happening this morning. this is a live picture of outer space. yet, the astronauts are doing a spacewalk right now to try to fix the cooling system on the international space station. can't see much but they are busy. an ammonia pump broke down more than a week ago. a spacewalk was tried this past sunday to try to fix it but that didn't work. this morning, the astronauts got lucky. they removed that pump with no may injury problems. now, a smyre pump will be installed during a -- during a
8:43 am
walk. as we look like -- live -- >> you can right there this bottom middle section there. cool job. >> yes. the government has just released a new economic report and unfortunately, it's not good news for anyone looking for a job. also -- a san francisco- based bank owes its customers some big money. we'll tell you why.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
less bring you up to date on some of the top stories we're following -- let's bring you up to date on some of the top stories we're following for you now. oakland police released the only suspect arrested for the murder of a german tourist. investigators say there just wasn't enough evidence to hold the young man, suspected of killing the woman sunday night. a suspect who was on fremont's most wanted list for almost ten years has finally been caught in mexico. 36-year-old kaloyanoff is accused of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl eight years
8:47 am
ago at a fremont jim where he used to live. and -- gym where he used to live. and the survivors on the plane crash in alaska may have held on because of the q they were wearing. the labor department says job openings fell from 2.6 million in may. to 2.5 million in june. that could be a sign -- june's totals are system below the low point of 2.3 billion. that's in july of the last year. california income also fell over the last year. a new salary review shows the first drop in earning since world war ii. according to government stats, california workers were paid
8:48 am
$1.56 trillion last year. that's down 2 poi 5% from the year before -- 2.5% from the year before. your time is now 8:47. wells fargo bank has been ordered to give back $203 million to some of its customers. that's a court order in a class- action lawsuit against wells fargo. the u.s. district court ordered -- ruled that wells fargo manipulated how it processed customers' debit cards to maximize overdraft keys. this covers those who use debit cards between november of 2004 and june of 2008. wells fargo generated 1.7 billion in overdraft fees during that period. well, the federal transportation department had good news and bad news about air travel for june of this year. slightly more than 76% of all
8:49 am
flights arrived on time. that number is slightly better than june of last year. but it's down from the almost 80% of on time arrivals in may of this year. transportation official say the number of flights stuck -- stuck on the ground for three or four hours dropped to just three in june. that compares to almost 270 in june of last year. mexicana airlines' chief executive says that airline needs at least $100 million to keep flying. the airline filed for bankruptcy and stopped selling any tickets. the company and its two largest unions are trying to raise money from its investors to keep the company afloat. gavin newsom is taking steps to require commercial buildings to be more ecofriendly. he introduced legislation yesterday to require owners of
8:50 am
nonresidential buildings to monitor how much energy their building uses and disclose that information each year. it could also require owners to conduct an energy efficiency audit every five years. santa clara officials will discuss a mosque to be built. they want this built and one city board has approved the plan. but thomas scott who works nearby is appealing that approval. he says this would create an eyesore an set an un-- set an unusual architectural prewebry sit. city transportation
8:51 am
transplantation -- this coming saturday is a big day for a popular point richmond pool that closed nine years'. workers have been putting the finishing touches on the multi- million dollar renovation of the richmond plunge. the ground reopening ceremony is planned to this saturday morning. one of the contractors say it's amaying how many of the workers have fond memories of this pool. >> some people who worked here have a story about hearing to swim here. >> now, many hitch parts of this facility have been salvaged and even restored like the original sign there and decorative bathroom times. that's incredible. modern additions to poll include things like solar panels on the roof to heat the
8:52 am
pool. ultraviolent material in place of chlorine. apple's ipad may soon have some tough competition. find out what's happening tomorrow. scientists may have found the bones of the biggest predator of all time.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
we just spoke with san francisco police they tell us there's no sign of a missing man who is considered at risks. 74-year-old lopez suffers from dementia. this photo of him was taken seven years ago. police say longer -- roger lopez left his district home on july 26th and has not been seen since. he only speaks spanish and uses a walker. if you have any information. >> call the san francisco police department. there may soon be new laws for the owners of the pit bulldogs in santa clara county. board of supervisors voted yesterday to proceed with the plan to force pit bulls to be spayed or neutered. this follows the tragic death of a 2-year-old concord by killed last month by his family's pit bulls. officials say spaying and neutering can make pit bulls less aggressive. new this morning, researchers in turlock have a mystery on their hands. they are trying to figure out
8:56 am
what kind of feature they've unearthed. while digging near fresno, they found bits of bone fossilized within a 400-pound block of shale. they have flippers and ribs' pieces. judgele by the size of the fragments, they believe this grew up to 60 feet long and livedian water -- livedian water -- under water. "the streak" will hope tomorrow and ships will open this friday. the texas-based company unveiled the streak since january. it's half of the size of the ipad. it runs on the android operating system and can make and receive calls. it will cost $300 with a new contract from at&t and $550
8:57 am
without one. netflix will be able to offer films from mgm 0 days after they are on paid tv. industrial analysts says this could help convert more people to getting their lines online and boost sales for netflix. one more traffic check. sal, what are you seeing? >> we see traffic getting busker is. northbound 17 at hamilton. they are clearing an own -- clearing an accident at the shoulder. heading west to the toll plaza which is backed up to a slight delay. if you are driving in san francisco a little bit slow traffic on southbound 101 approaching cesar cesar chavez. here's steve. fog is starting to burn off. web camera from san jose state meteorology department. shows some blue sky. it won't, very warm. low clouds, cool, breezy,
8:58 am
sunshine, 60s, 70sfor inland areas. doesn't look like much change. until the weekend, when inland areas should warm up, he says. should warm up. >> okay. i know some people are enjoying the coo weather we have to recognize that. >> yes. i've received the e-mails about that. [ laughter ] >> well, that will do if for us. thanks for watching, everybody. >> bye-bye
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