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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  August 11, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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today attorney general jerry brown filed a lawsuit suing manufacturers of bounce houses so popular at children's birthday parties. these children from a day camp were playing in what health officials is a safe inflatable jump house. but according to the center for environmental help t or ceh, the play structure next to it has dangerously high levels of lead. >> this is 40 times the federal legal limit for children's product. >> reporter: the california attorney general filed a lawsuit against eight manufacturers and distributors of bounce houses that contain lead levels higher than what state and federal regulations allow. the lead they say has been found in the vinyl used to make the bounce houses. >> when we measured how much lead came off these bounce houses, like if you wipe your hand on them, the amounts were really troubling. >> reporter: the lawsuit seeks to force companies for selling
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lead-based -- [ loss of audio ] the problem stems from overseas companies that sell vinyl to bounce house manufacturers. >> the manufacturers of the vinyl are independent from the bounce house manufacturers. so what we're trying to do is work with the attorney general to see how we can address the problem. >> reporter: parent wes spoke with say they'll be more cautious about which bounce houses they use. >> it's really bad actually because like i said, you know, that's something that kids are attracted to. that's, you know, all they do. >> i don't want to spoil anybody's birthday party or anybody's camp experience. but i do think that if you're a parent, it's worth making sure that your kids wash their hands after they come out of a bounce house, particularly before they dive into that birthday cake. >> reporter: environmental health officials say they hope
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to soon have legal agreements with the bounce house industry concerning lead and then parents can stop worrying, at least about that. now, for a list of bounce houses deemed safe, please go to our website at reporting live in oakland, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. poli evacuated several homes in livermore this afternoon as they negotiated with a man who was threatened to shoot himself. the standoff started around 9:00 a.m. in the 2500 block of -- [ indiscernible ] police showed up to the house after identifying the 35-year-old man as a suspect in a car chase overnight. a relative told police the man was upstairs with a gun. the neighborhood was filled with police until the van was taken into custody around 2:00 this afternoon. extra guards have been watching over an east bay apartment complex after another female resident was attacked. there have been three assaults over the last few weeks at the regency -- at the park regency apartments in unincorporated
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contra costa county. the latest incident happened about 8:30 yesterday morning. investigators say a 25-year-old resident woke up with an intruder's hand over her mouth. the man fled after the victim struggled and broke free. investigators believe the same man is responsible for a recent rape and an attempted rape inside two other apartments. they've been without a job now ever since the muni plant closed, but tonight a ray of hope for at least some of them. that ray of hope came in the form of a special job fair that was held just for them today at the fairgrounds in pleasanton. robert honda is there tonight with our report. >> reporter: frank, it has been a very busy day for thousands of former muni workers at the alameda county fairgrounds. a day of job hunting, networking and soul searching. >> yeah, i kind of got pushed out of my comfort zone. >> reporter: about 3,000 people showed up at this special job fair set up by numerous bay area agencies exclusively for
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ex-muni workers, suppliers and vendors. about 70 employers as well as another 20 job training groups set up booths. basically people came to either find jobs that utilize the skills they developed at numi. >> did you get a chance to talk to people and display the talents today? >> we did. >> we wanted to make people prepared for this. >> reporter: there were long lines for just about every company. whether it was pge, safeway or snapple. nationwide construction equipment said today's crowd was a good pool to choose from. >> it's got a very blue collar work ethic. i think with this type of people we've had here, it gives us a similar scope of the type of people we want.
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>> reporter: many people told us seeing all their former workers was like a reunion and another way to job hunt. >> you actually find out more information from some of the people you haven't seen in a while. they tell you certain things about certain jobs and other aspects of different opportunities. >> reporter: networking? >> that's it. networking. >> reporter: this networking ended less than an our ago. they will tack the results. they hope to organize another similar job fair in october. robert honda, ktvu channel 2 news. for the first time since world war ii, personal income for people living here in california went down. figures from the federal bureau of economic analysis put statewide income in 2009 at $1.56 trillion. that's $40 billion less than 2008. a decline of about 2.5%. nationwide the average drop in
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personal income was 1.8%. the national association of realtors says the median price of an existing home rose in two- thirds of the nation's areas compared to the same period last year. that was particularly true here in the bay area where prices in the second quarter of 2010 were 22% higher in the san francisco- oakland-fremont area and 26% in san jose, sunnyvale, santa clara. analysts say one reason is federal tax credits for buyers early in the quarter. it was a very rough day today on wall street and stocks were way down because of new concerns about the economy. the dow ended up clegg down -- ended up closing down about 2.5%. the nasdaq was also down 68 points or about 3% and the s&p a00 was also down -- s&p 500 was also down close to 3%. a long list of california
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politicses attended today's long awaited groundbreaking for the new $4.2 billion tran sit center in san francisco. they were there to celebrate and take some credit for the project. tom vacar joins us from san francisco where there was an awful lot of politicking going on. >> reporter: one final look up here. in seven months this somewhat forelorne landmark will be gone. in place of something that's much better. it was hard to tell today if it was a groundbreaking ceremony or a democratic party love fest. the new transbay terminal complex is a major public works project, one of the biggest in the nation. those scheduled to speak governor schwarzenegger was a no show. it's officially designated as the first high speed rail station in the nation in a complex that will serve 11
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different transit agencies. it will also serve 45 million passengers a year. >> density with transit near and around jobs is our future that if we're going to continue to grow and continue to prosper, we have to focus on smart growth. we have to start projects today and put people to work and will embrace our economic future 25, 35, and ha years if today. s that -- and 45 years from today. that's what this project does. >> reporter: california got more than a quarter of the money. >> the reason california got the most money, because you all have your act together. you've been working on it a decade. you all pulled together. >> reporter: with a major election looming, the main theme? jobs, jobs, more jobs. >> this transbay project is quite simply a bullet train for job creation. the first phase 48,000 jobs.
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>> when completed it will boost the gross regional product by $80 billion and increase personal income in the area by $1 billion. >> reporter: now, the first of several phases of the center will be done in 2017. following that, a signature tower complex that will be the largest structure in the entire west will be among many plant high-rises in the area. big doings going o. reporting live, consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. looks like ac tran silt will have to engage in binding arbitration after all to settle an ongoing labor dispute. the bus company lost its bid to have the judge reconsider its original order. ac transit argued the union didn't keep its promise to not engage in any strike activity, but the judge ruled there was no evidence the union had anything to do with a recent spike in driver absenteeism.
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ac transit management reinstated the old contract for drivers after a ruling last week that it could not impose a new contract. just a few minutes ago the deadline passed to file papers to run for mayor of oakland and a number of candidates jumped into the already crowded field. that was city council member jane quan submitting her papers today. they joined about a dozen candidates who signed up to run for mayor including educator terence kendel and college professor joe toomey. current mayor ron dell hales recently announced he will not seek a second term. the white house says it is on track with plans to end the combat mission in iraq at end of the month. president obama had a meeting with his top military commanders and national
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security team. white house spokesman robert gibbs says the president is satisfied with the progress iraq is making as it prepares to take over its own security operations. despite a recent lull, gibbs says to expect annual uptick in violence in a runup to the august 31 turnover. meanwhile u.s. military leaders are giving a grim projection for the next few months in afghanistan. they say they expect heavy fighting around the city of kandahar through the autumn months and predict a key role for special forces troops whose job it is to kill or capture taliban fighters. the leaders say they hope for signs of success before a review of the war at the end of the year. $8,000 to remove gum from a courthouse entryway. the new documents raising questions tonight about expenses at california courthouses. >> reporter: burglars are targeting one east bay neighborhood. you'll never believe what they took in their last heist. it has been a foggy summer but you know what? today was one of the foggiest
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days we've seen. most areas mostly cloudy all day. i'll have the details on what you can expect with tomorrow's forecast.
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blz police in the east bay are tracking what looks like a crime spree. burglars are hitting one house after another near river bank drive and castro valley. tonight there is big concern for a family pet that was stolen along with other items. christian kastin is live. >> reporter: investigators are taking into a -- taking a look into a string of burglars that have happened here, the most recent of which happened five days ago t. happened at this home right here. the homeowner says by far the most heartbreaking item taken was their dog. >> i came in around -- >> reporter: robert cassidy returned home about 4:00 last friday afternoon and discovered that someone had broken in. >> when i came back here, i think i looked in the computer room and may have saw disshovelment. as i went to the bedroom, i
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noticed drawers opened. >> reporter: the burglar or burglars had stolen a laptop computer, a camera and jewelry. he says he also discovered the burglars had taken something else even more valuable. a one and a half-year-old bison frise mix named lulu. >> they're trendy. they can be perceived as expensive. you know, there's income in it for them and/or if it's a younger person, they can rationalize giving it to their girlfriend as a gift. >> reporter: cassidy started taping up posters around his neighborhood and going door to door to more than a dozen homes. he says that's when he learned he wasn't the only victim. >> out of the 15 -- 8 had burglars. >> reporter: alameda county sheriff's investigators say this case is just one of the neighborhood burglaries they're looking into. >> good possibility they are linked and that's -- we're going with that. >> reporter: neighbors here say they're well aware of the burglaries and are double checking to make sure their doors are locked. >> it's scary and came as a
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shock because i honestly didn't even -- i would never think it would happen in our neighborhood. >> reporter: robert cassidy says the family needs to get lulu back soon. the dog suffers from a liver condition and needs weekly medicine f. she doesn't get that medicine, she could die. alameda county sheriff's investigators are asking anyone with information about these burglaries to give them a call. lawmakers are asking state court officials to explain some big money spent on what appears to be routine maintenance at california courthouses. documents show almost $9500 was spent to patch the walls in one courthouse suite. over $8,000 went to remove gum from a courthouse entryway and $150 was paid to an outside contractor to replace light bulbs. the administrative office of the court says the costs are justified. it points out that a lot of the work has to be done during overtime hours and all charges above $500 are cleared by a
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statewide panel. contra costa county is reporting its first mosquitoes and birds this year that have tested positive for west nile virus. all were found in oakley. the mosquitoes were near empire avenue. the bird was found westside brist road and o'hara avenue. health officials say it is a little unusual for the first positive test to come back this late in the year. they recommend anyone who finds a dead bird to report it to health officials so it can be tested. a federal government report says housing development on privately-owned forest land needs to be added to the list of things threatening the nation's timberland. the forest service report says development threatens 57 million acres of private land over the next 20 years. it says building on the land increases the danger of insect, wildfire and air pollution. the government is talking to land owners now about alternatives to development. our chief meteorologist bill martin is back from vacation and bill, welcome back
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to this -- well, not so great weather. >> today literally is one of thing forest days we've seen all summer. not just at the coast but inland as well. the fog has been hanging on. it's foggy in danville. it's foggy in livermore. we go outside live. i'll show you live storm tracker two. you see the fog in concord, danville. this is unusual, right, because what's been happening the fog has been here in the morning but it hasn't been hanging out. this is about the extent of it in the morning but usually it's burning back to right about here. we've got cloudy conditions right now throughout the area. let's take a look at a live camera shot and i'll show you how it looks with the fog in many bay area cities. partly cloudy. coastal fog tonight. tomorrow is going to be another day like today but there's going to be more sunshine tomorrow than there was today. literally mostly cloudy and most communities all day today. daytime highs you expect them in the upper 80s, low 90s. 60s and low 70s. here's the deal. a warming trend. it will push up on 90 degrees as we move towards your bay
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area weekend. so some changes after months and monthses of no changes. so the computer model tomorrow no surprise here, right? here we are late tonight. i'll be on the 10:00 news and i'll be showing you this. fog will be coming in. i'll track it for you. this is the computer model. but we're looking at fairfield, livermore, up into the delta, up into sacramento. i was coming down lake tahoe this week. i was coming back down this morning and there was fog in vallejo, vacaville all the way up into the delta. so it has cooled off many bay other locations and it was a big push today. but tomorrow it burns back by 8:00 a.m. towards fairfield, concord, livermore, napa. then by the afternoon, most of us are going to see some sunshine. that's the big difference from what we had today. with more sunshine, we can expect warmer daytime highs. i'll have the forecast for an area where you liver. we'll have the five-day taft and tomorrow's forecast. see you back here. >> we'll see you then. tonight we're getting our first look at plane that crashed on monday in alaska killing former u.s. senator ted stevens and four others.
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also tonight more details are emerging from the investigation that is now under way. the ntsb says the nose of the plane was ripped off and the wings were sheared backwards. the impact left a scar in the rugged mountainside and spread debris over 300 feet. the ntsb also interviewed a group of hikers who were the first on the scene helping the four survivors hours before emergency crews could get there. >> we don't know what would have happened if they had not been there, but we do thank the lord that they were there. >> investigators are focusing on the poor weather conditions as they look into what caused that crash. first he retired as a coast guard admiral and now thad allen says he's ready to retire as the government's point man on the gulf oil spill. allen said today he hopes to hand over the reins by the end of september but first he says
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that leaking well has to be permanently plugged. allen's been leading the government oversight of the gulf oil spill since may 1. a movement is growing in the bay area to boycott a new potential blockbuster movie. the governor arnold schwarzenegger is in. you'll see why. plus, he's out of jail and in the limelight. the jet blue flight attendant who deployed the emergency slide after fighting with a passenger is attracting a lot of attention today. a call for change tonight when it comes to the coast guard and cell phones. we'll explain.
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the manhunt for the inmate that escaped from an arizona prison shifted from montana to arkansas. john mcclorvegy and his accomplice are suspected of robbing a beauty salon there. authorities also believe mcclorvegy has changed his appearance by dyeing his hair black and the suspected accomplice has now dyed her hair blond. the two are first cousins and are also engaged. another to men who escaped on july 30 have since been recaptured. a jet blue flight attendant who cursed out a passenger and then slid down the plane's emergency slide is out on bail tonight and while he still faces serious charges, he's also enjoying his status as an instant folk hero. >> it's been very, very appreciated. something here has resonated with a few people and that's
5:25 pm
kind of neat. >> late last night steven slater posted bail and walked out of jail. he has been at the center of a media frenzy since monday when the jet blue plane that he was working on board landed in new york. after an encounter with an angry passenger, slater flipped out. he yelled curses over the plane's intercom, grabbed a beer, deployed the emergency slide and then slid off the plane. he's now facing serious charge, including a possible seven-year prison term. but today he is a celebrity with thousands of friends on facebook, several song abouts his saga and plenty of people on his side. >> you put it all in context, of course the guy just went off, right? >> i think after 20-plus years in customer service that it's amazing that he didn't flip out sooner. >> jet blue officials will not comment about the incident saying it is under investigation, but the company's blog is poking fun at slater's actions saying, quote, "this episode may feed your inner office space."
5:26 pm
jet blue did give each of the 100 passengers on board the flight a $100 voucher good toward travel on the airline. federal investigators say cell phone calls and texting by crew members were factors in two accidents last year involving coast guard vessels. last december a coast guard boat hit a pleasure boat during san diego's parade of lights killing a 9-year-old boy and seriously injuring four other people. earlier that same month, a coast guard boat hit a tour boat in south carolina and injured six passengers. the national transportation safety board said in both cases crew members were talking or texting on their cell phones and that the communication was unrelated to the operation of their boat. here in the bay area a law enforcement agency issued more than 1300 citations yesterday in a one-day crackdown on drivers who use their cell phones without a hands free device or text while driving. the chp wrote 350 tickets to people seen holding their cell phones while driving. law enforcement officers issued
5:27 pm
more than 440 citations and in the rest of the bay area, police handed out 550 tickets. the fines were using a hand held cell phone can run as high as $142 for a first violation. open daig for a summer -- opening day for a summer shoot them up may bring protest to the box office. we'll explain why coming up. i got beat up in school. things were stole fn my locker. my locker was vandalized. >> it is a sad but all too familiar story about what it's like to be a student these days. we'll tell you about the new effort to try and stop bullying.
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talked to my friend here. he loves playing in a jungle. >> a new action flick is the target of a boycott. why state workers want you to skip the expendables. the high octane movie features several big action stars, but it's one member of the cast that is prompting a protest by state workers. david stevenson is live in san francisco with more on governor schwarzenegger's controversial cameo. >> reporter: that's right. the movie "the expendables" has blood, bonds and an eminent boycott. it feature as gallery of top action stars though some of the state's 210,000 public employees say they'll stay home rather than watch governor arnold schwarzenegger's return to the big screen. >> give this job to my friend here. he loves playing in a jungle. >> he needs to be taking care of business in sacramento regardless if he -- [ inaudible ] it is a role nonetheless.
5:31 pm
>> reporter: at issue recent attempts by the governor time pose a new set of furloughs and cut paychecks to minimum wage levels. >> it's been a shock to our members once they just got some type of relief as far as getting a full paycheck for the month of july and then looking to get furloughed again for three more days a month. >> we don't want to do the furloughs. we want a budget. the furloughs are a direct result of the legislature's failure to produce a budget. as soon as we have a budget, the furloughs go away. >> reporter: a new anonymous e- mail addressed to public employees began circulating today, complete with the parody of the official movie poster. a government spokesman says it's a big fuss over -- [ indiscernible ] >> he's happy to help his friend out. it only cost him a couple of hours on a saturday several months ago. certainly didn't get in the way ever his duties as governor. >> this isn't political theater where you have public employee unions boycotting a film of
5:32 pm
course called "the expendables" where that become as way of getting back to the governor forcing the governor to the negotiating table is making the case you'll boycott his future movie career. >> reporter: state workers in san francisco are split. >> we received movies not to go an support him in this movie. i don't think it's a great idea especially given the fact he's trying to furlough us again. >> i think it's completely spat from state government and politics. there are a number of actors on there. i think the governor does a great job. >> reporter: state workers tell us they'll picket friday outside bay area movie theaters showing the film and distribute flyers about the furlough fight. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. the city of santa clara's planning commission is scheduled tonight to discuss an architectural plan for a mosque that at least one neighbor opposes. the muslim community association wants to build a 64- foot tower at the mosque on
5:33 pm
scott boulevard. that's similar in height to a church steeple with a cross. one city board has already approved it but thomas scott who works nearby is appealing that approval. he claims it would create an eyesore and set an unusual architectural precedent. the secretary of education said today it's a travesty of america's school system when students are bullied by their classmates. those remarks came at nation's first ever summit held in washington, d.c. today. our allison burns has details of the meeting and a look at bullying through the eyes of one victim. >> reporter: for rachel and alicia, being jewish is a great source of pride but at school it made them a target of relentless ridicule. >> i had people on the bus coming up to me going why are you so ugly, why are you so fat. because you eat too much kosher. >> reporter: they made it miserable to go to school. >> i got beat up in school. things were stolen from my locker. my locker was vandalized.
5:34 pm
>> reporter: their stories are not unusual. the department of education says 32% of students report being bullied at school. and it's not just school yard taunting. recent headlines are full of cases of victims of aggressive bullying taking their own lives. >> you feel stranded when nobody is really there for you. >> reporter: the secretary of education is calling for a national strategy to end bullying. and there's a new push in congress to with hold education money from schools that don't have strong antibullying rules. >> it should be stopped by teachers. and we think that putting some pressure on them monetarily in the school districts will make them respond to that. >> reporter: but should the feds get involved? paul wrote a book criticizing what he calls overcriminallization in america. he says dealing with bullies is a local issue and if the feds start threatening to with hold money, school districts will take it too far. >> and they default all the way to a complete lack of any sort of judgment or discretion and
5:35 pm
we'll wind up having kids suspended for six weeks for sticking little suzi's pig tails in the ink. >> reporter: they're skeptical a nantz crackdown will help. their school had some of the toughest antibullying rules in the country. >> it's zero tolerance rule and things still happen. >> reporter: in washington, allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. police in fremont are asking for help tracking down whoever has been setting fires at warwick elementary school. there have been four fires set since late june, all of them at night. two of them burned trash bins while the other to damage add play structure. you can call fremont police if you have any information. state lawmakers are getting tough on clothing companies that use animal fur. they're actually -- they actually kind of control your kid. >> now another bay area city is trying to do the same thing, jump in on board the banning of toys at fast food restaurants. also coming up, heading to
5:36 pm
the e.r., what a new study shows about the number of people seeking emergency help and the impact it's having on the health care system.
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5:38 pm
police are looking for a gunman involved in a shooting in novato. it happened just before sock last night. an 18 -- before 10:00 last night. an 18-year-old manual was found
5:39 pm
shot in the death across the freeway from the vintage oak shopping center. he is in critical but stable condition. police believe the suspects escaped in a white car. a san francisco supervisor wants to follow santa clara county's lead and stop restaurants from handing out toys in children's meals that don't meet nutritional standards. eric mar has introduced a bill to ban toys in kids' meals that have too many calories or heavy on fat, sugar or salt. the law would allow toys in meals that include healthy alternatives such as fruit and vegetables. some restaurant customers told ktvu they have their doubts about the plan. >> they actually kind of control your kid, control your own -- the parents' decision. so, no, i don't think they should do that. >> because he might not have eaten french fries for a week and now he might want french fries and that's okay with me for him to have a treat once in a while. >> if the san francisco bill passes and is approved by the mayor, it could take effect as
5:40 pm
early as mid-november. the state senate today passed a bill setting tough new requirements for fur labeling. the bill mandates that all garments made from fur be labeled with the type of animal and the country of origin. currently california law requires only that garments containing more than $150 worth of animal fur be labeled as made from real fur. if the governor signs the bill, california will be the sixth state to require the new labeling. there is new evidence this evening of the growing strain on america's health care system. a ucsf study shows hospital e.r. visits increased by 23%, more than double what was expected from 1970 -- 1997 to 2007. it's believed the jump was caused by adults on medicaid. researchers say that suggests medicaid patients don't have enough access to outpatient care. the data hasn't yet accounted for the impact of the recession or the national health care overhaul law. the next story is giving
5:41 pm
new meaning to the phrase inhaling your food. a massachusetts man -- listen to this -- he had a pea sprout that was growing in his lung. it was already -- he was already suffering if emphysema. he was rushed to the effort r. when his hill -- e.r. when his health took a turn for the worst back in june. doctors determined his lung had collapsed but it was two weeks before one of them discovered it was a pea seed that had sprouted inside of him. >> whether this would have gone full term and i'd be working for the jolly green giant, i don't know. but the thing that finally dawned on me, it wasn't cants gler doctors suspect he had eaten a pea which went down the wrong way and began to grow. it was one and a half inches long when it was removed. even an elite athlete might have a problem area on her tummy. a new technique that quite literally freezes fat away. that story still ahead.
5:42 pm
and al gray day, almost looked like it was going to rain out there. our chief meteorologist bill martin will have the forecast.
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5:44 pm
if you're a little worried about the bulge around your middle, this next report may be for you. doctors say they have come up with a new technique that can help you reduce the fat on your stomach, at least a little bit. john fowler has the details in tonight's special report.
5:45 pm
>> reporter: even if you exercise you're likely to have a little flab you can't lose. call them muffin hand -- love handles or muffin top. 37-year-old marla is an all take marathoner running at least 50 miles a week. even at 108 pounds, she has a little bulge. >> i think it tends to be a little bit of a problem area for women, that kind of pouch in the stomach area. >> small pockets of fat that no matter what you do, diet and exercise don't seem to control it. >> reporter: dermatologist vehicle is one of two bay area -- vick is one of two bay area doctors using a sculpting machine. he says it treats those fat pockets. she is coming in for her second treatment. she says the first one worked. >> i'm definitely seeing a little bit of improvement so i was happy to come back for a second time to see if it improves just a little bit more. >> reporter: the bay area technique machine uses cooling plates and adapter that for now is only used on the midsection. >> here we go.
5:46 pm
>> reporter: the plates are cold, about 15 degrees below freezing. >> so it will very selectively freeze the fat. >> reporter: patients need to sit still for about an hour. adapters for other body parts are still being developed. doctors and patients agree that although not for everyone, this technique is really cool. >> it does it using controlled cold injury to the fat. >> reporter: this animation shows as fatty tissue is cooled near freezing, fat cells are injured and in an hour about one in five fat cells die. cell residue is absorbed by the body. studies show over the next 9 on days or so the volume of fat cells decreases. >> there's a critical temperature. at that temperature the fat freezes and everything else around it is left unharmed. >> reporter: morrissey says there is some discomfort. it feels cold.
5:47 pm
>> it's not absolutely painless but by all means it's bearable. >> reporter: researchers reported no long-term side effects and more -- in more than two years of experimental use. typically there is temporary loss of nerve sensation. >> for probably a good two weeks my lower stomach felt numb. >> reporter: costing around $500 it's less expensive, less risky than conventional liposuction. >> this is part of taking care of yourself. this is really designed for people who are in pretty good shape but there are troublesome areas. no matter what they do, the fat doesn't go away. if you take care of yourself the fat should in theory not come back. >> reporter: morrissey says she'll keep exercising and eating right but likes being just a little more sfelt. a group of parents is rallying this hour to protest the planned closing of more than half a dozen child care centers. the parents gathered at the state building before marching to the school district headquarters. they're rallying to thank
5:48 pm
oakland school officials for finding emergency funds for some child care centers. but governor arnold schwarzenegger's proposed budget would slash funds for early child shoold education dropping -- childhood education dropping oakland's budget down to $3 million a year that would close the doors on seven childhood development centers. >> the cdcs are talking about closing and school age kids are being displaced. we've just mad about it right now. we're trying to get some solutions to this problem. >> reporter: the parents are calling on lawmakers to restore funds for early childhood education. coming up next at 6:00, authorities are trying to extake diet a former priest back to ireland because of what allegedly happened 30 years ago. tonight we hear from his stunned neighbors in the east bay. also why 24 creeks in two -- of to parts of the bay are officially being called trashed tonight and what's being done about it. a deal tonight involving the use of metal bats in
5:49 pm
california. plus tonight we know when the american idol auditions are coming to the bay area. those stories and more coming up next at 6:00. es. researchers are trying to figure out just what kind of creature they have unearthed. while digging near fresno, they discovered bits of bone that had been fossilized within a 400-pound block of shale. the remains include pieces of an upper arm bone as well as flippers and ribs. now judging by the size of the fragments they believe the riz discard-like creature -- lizard- like creature may have grown to 6 on feet. right now -- 60 feet. they believe it may have been -- [ indisserbible ] we have breaking news right notice. a standoff going on as we speak in bay point between a murder suspect and a large number of police. want to show you live pictures now from news chopper 2. officers had been chasing the man for a couple of hours. he is suspected in a murder in bay point.
5:50 pm
officers cornered the man in bay point. he is currently in his car. officers are negotiating with him to try and get him to surrender. as you can see there, there are a lot of police on the scene. i can't quite tell from this angle, though, exactly where the suspect's car s. but again this -- car is. but again this is going on in bay point which is not far from willow pass road and bailey road in bay point. we are continuing to follow this story and we'll have more for you coming up at 6:00. let's talk about our weather. i turned my wind shield wipers on today. just a little bit. >> we have reports of drizzle throughout the bay area. we have really for the last few days. more drizzle in your forecast tomorrow. you knew that. but there are changes. we go outside and i'll show you the fog that is a big player out there right now. as a matter of fact, it was a player all day. here you don't expect fog. in san leandro and hayward.
5:51 pm
it was cloudy most of the day in san ramon. that does not happen very often. so our forecast is something like this. we've got more fog overnight. it will be in your neighborhood tomorrow morning. the forecast highs tomorrow, that footprint of temperatures that would normally have these oranges 90s right over us. look where it is up in the valley. so we're on a sort of mild pattern. tomorrow is the first day in a transition that will transition us to a warmer period ahead. the weekend we could see some low 90s. low pressure to the north. that's a dominant weather feature. plenty of fog at the coast, maybe drizzle. fog around the bay urge at least 11:00 tomorrow. and then inland there will be some breezy conditions as things begin to break up. but there will be a lot more sunshine tomorrow than we saw today. foggy at the coast. our go going to get some clearing -- you're going to get some clearing out in berkley. there are some 80s. that's going to happen in concord and out towards antioch. you're going to find some upper 80s. warmer still for your friday.
5:52 pm
i suspect we could see easily upper 80s, low thes on as we head into friday. that area, the 90s are going to start to drift west. and as they do, your naked will warm -- your neighborhood will warm up. san jose it starts off mostly cloudy and ends up mostly sunny. downtown san jose tomorrow with i might add -- has great air quality. air quality. no spare the air day this year or some summer for san jose. air quality is good. fire danger is low. daytime high 78 degrees. 69 degrees in vallejo. 79 in fairfield and in the five- day forecast something like this. it's cool but changing. what's going it happen we're going to watch the fire danger come up a bit and the air quality is going to take a hit as things begin to look more like summer. that's as we head towards the weekend. >> thanks, bill. coming up next nasa scientists are making moves to go green and reuse. find out what they're planning
5:53 pm
for the international space station.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
nasa engineers are working on a plan to turn part of the international space station into a space ship when it is retired in 2020. the module would be turned into crew quarters for a manned mission to an asteroid in 2025.
5:56 pm
two u.s. astronauts made a service call in space today to try and repair the cooling system on board the international spacization. nasa says today's space walk was a success. >> a very complicated choreographed sequence of events to isolate ammonia within the intricate plumbing lines of the cooling system of the international space station. >> flight engineers set out to remove an 800-pound broken ammonia pump that failed more than a week ago and they accomplished take mission. they shut off the flow of ammonia, disconnected cables, removed bolts and brought the old pump inside the space station. astronaut caldwell dyson even had time to check out the view. >> [ indiscernible ] >> the coastline is what i heard. >> southern? >> southern. >> the astronauts also prepared a spare pump which they plan to install on their next space walk sometime early next week. nasa says a backup system is keeping the space station cool
5:57 pm
during the repairs. ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 is next.
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5:59 pm
surprised and stunned. reaction from people in the east bay who learned their neighbor is a former priest accused of sex abuse. tonight the effort to send him back to ireland. i would say that it's definitely worth it. after would i've been through. a bay area teenager nearly lost his life on the baseball diamond. tonight new rules to try to prevent tragedy on the football field and how it will impact all california high schools. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. hello again. i'm heather holmes again in tonight for julie haener. officers have just taken a man into custody after a very long chase and standoff. it happened just minutes ago not far from willow pass road. this was itself scene just a few minutes ago as the man


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