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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  August 12, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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it's all ahead on the ktvu morning news. good morning. thank you for joining us on this thursday august 12th. i'm pam cook. >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic. here's steve. a lot more mist and drizzle coast and bay. inland the fog should burn off sooner and we'll see slightly warmer weather. temperatures yesterday were so much below average hard pressed to go lower. steve right now traffic on 80 westbound looking good as you head toward the mcarthur maze. no problems this morning if you are on the upper deck of the bay bridge. and 280 traffic is moving well. the closure of eastbound 80 at church island is still there to repair some guardrails and some
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barrels. we'll tell you more about that. okay. your time is 5:01. two teenagers in the hospital now following a wild overnight shoot out in oakland. we're live at the scene now with all the details. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning, dave. just to paint a picture of how violent things got here last night, police say more than 60 shots were fired and they found pieces of car lying in the street left behind from people as they were slamming into each other as they tried to escape. now a 15-year-old and a 17-year- old were wounded. one is in critical condition at highland hospital. police say that there was a house party involving teenagers last night at 11:30 on the 2200 block of enyo avenue near east 21st street. drinking was involved. another group of kids arrived uninvited and were told to leave. that's when the mayhem began.
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gunfire erupted. people scrambling to get out. investigators recovered five hand give ups from the scene. the two victims were dropped off at highland hospital. and police want to talk to the person who drove them. one victim was shot in the arm. the other in the center of his back and leg. and at last check that victim was in critical but stable condition expected to survive. if you have any information regarding this double shooting, you are asked to contact oakland police. live in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. police in san francisco are investigating the death of a man who fell off of a roof overnight. it happened at about 3:00 this morning on bush street near fill march. the victim yet to be identified is reportedly in his 20s. one witness tells police it was an accident. it's believed the man may have stepped backwards before falling off the roof to the ground. police are still trying to figure out exactly how and why it happened. by noon today the san
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francisco judge presiding over proposition 8 will make an important decision about gay marriage. we're in the city where many couples are anxiously awaiting that decision. >> reporter: good morning. today is the day same sex couples could learn if they can come down to city hall, pick up a marriage license and get married just like everyone else. last wednesday the judge lifted proposition 8, the ban on same sex marriage. but he immediately placed a stay on his own decision asking both sides for their opinion on why marriages should or should not resume. last week some people immediately swarmed around city hall waiting to see if and when they would be allowed to apply for a marriage license. 18,000 same sex couples are already married. but the ban was passed in november 2008. the stay if lifted today could allow same sex couples to get married as this case makes its way through the ninth circuit court of appeals. currently same sex marriages are legal in five states. >> i don't think it can be
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underestimated how important it was that governor schwarzenegger and attorney general jerry brown weighed in in support of letting the stay be lifted right away. >> reporter: a spokesman for the defense alliance fund who argued for the ban of gay marriage told us if the stay is lifted it will automatically appeal walker's ruling to the ninth circuit court of appeals. a decision is expected some time between 9:00 this morning and noon today. coming up, we were in the cast to last night. hear why some people are cautiously optimistic about today's decision. live in san francisco in front of city hall, back to you at the desk. >> we are closely monitoring that ruling and we will continue to bring the latest developments as they happen throughout the day you can also go to our website at for updates. time now 5:04. a murder suspect in jail this morning following a wild high speed chase across contra costa
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county. driving this yellow ford suv yesterday afternoon. police say he was pointing a gun at his own head while he raced back and forth between concord and bay point. earlier he reportedly killed a man during a burglary. he finally drove back to that very same street in bay point where the killing occurred. residents there were ordered to stay inside their homes. >> between willow pass road and highway 4 are advised to take shelter in the nearest place for safety. >> now the suspect finally surrendered. he was taken away on the gurney after apparently shooting himself in the leg. he's now facing murder charges. a controversial land to build a min let on top of a mosque in santa clara is moving forward. last night the santa clara
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planning commission unanimously denied an appeal filed by a neighbor who opposes the plan. the 64-foot tower is set to be built to top the muslim community center on scott boulevard. but some say it's not architecturally compatible with the area. supporters say it's no different from a church steeple. city leaders in san francisco are taking action to put the big treasure island development project on the fast track. this morning they will hold a public hearing on the ambitious plan to build thousands of homes on the island in the middle of the san francisco bay. the project will also include offices, stores and hotels along with 300 acres of parks and open space. city leaders hope to begin construction some time next year. time now 5:06. bart has more surplus money in the bank. bart's board of directors meets today. they may decide what to do with millions of extra dollars. now after originally expecting a budget deficit, bart seven- day received an unexpected
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$4.5 million from the state. it ended the year with about $4 million leftover. bart may use that money to reduce fares at least temporarily or make various transit improvements. bart is also about to accept another $2 million today to upgrade its 24th street station. the metropolitan transportation commission approved the grant using federal dollars last month. that station in san francisco's mission district has been plagued by criminal acts in the past. that money will pay for beautification and restoration at that bart station. 5:07 is the time. let's check in with sal and see how traffic is so far. >> so far things pretty well around the bay area. we have a couple things going on. this is a look at the east shore freeway and traffic moves well westbound as you move up to the toll plaza. on the bay bridge westbound traffic looks good. on the lower deck the eastbound church off ramp is closed. someone came off the bridge and they actually destroyed the
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sand barrels there. that person was arrested for driving under the influence and taken away. but the mess is still there. they're cleaning it up. you have to go to oakland, make a u turn and get on the treasure i lit. this morning's commute on northbound 280 getting up to highway 17 that looks good. at 5:07 here's steve. thank you. we start off overcast again. couple little changes today. the big low responsible for our cool down yesterday has ejected off into idaho. what that means is high pressure will build in a little bit, but there's a secondary one coming down on the backside of it which is reinforced the west coast area of low pressure. we're not out of the woods yet as far as warming. we will get some warmer weather inland. not too much on the coast though. 52, cold, foggy drizly conditions. san francisco a high of 50 which is one warmer than yesterday. 60s, 70s but instead of just 70s low and mid-80s away from the coast today. that fog burns off a little sooner.
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we can't get rid of the breeze. 52 san a female-napa, livermore, concord 59. cooler air mass spilled in. 54 sacramento and also sacramento yesterday was 78. 78 in sacramento. talk about cool. low's going one way or the other. there's the secondary one coming downright there. but it looks like high pressure in the southwest wants to build back in slowly. so overcast drizzle gives way to sunny conditions, breezy but slightly warmer away from the coast. temperatures upper 70s low to mid-80s. for some warmer south bay also north bay but on the coast a lot of 50s and 60s. the fog's not going anywhere any time soon. so fog and then temperatures start to rebound a little as we head into the weekend. dave and pam. thank you. time now 5:09. california's budget crisis is apparently not slowing down construction plans. but where that construction will take place is causing a bit of a debate. and it's right here in the bay
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area. and if you have kids chances are you've waited outside a jumpy house. but new tests show they may not be good for your health. we'll explain why. and a new poll shows how americans are feeling about the economy, congress and president obama. good morning. westbound highway 4 traffic moving well heading up to the willow pass grade. another update on traffic and weather straight ahead.
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welcome back to the morning news. the sinking economy is also sinking president obama's approval rating. we have more. >> the obama administration has been calling this recovery summer touting the impact of stimulus money on jobs. but it looks like most americans don't see it that way. wednesday's wall street slide didn't help. and there was more bad news that home foreclosures surged in july. the worries about the economy and talk of a possible double dip recession are taking a toll on president obama's poll numbers. 48% of americans now disapprove of the job he's doing according to a wall street journal poll. he tried to offer assurances about his leadership on the economy at the white house yesterday. >> we still have a lot of work
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to do. we still got a long way to go. i'm more determined than ever to do every single thing we can to hasten the economy and get our people back to work. >> reporter: now the poll shows americans feel much worse about congress. 72% of americans disapprove of the job congress is doing. reporting live from washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:13. a judge plans to meet today with the chicago jury hearing the corruption trial of former illinois governor rob blagojevich. the jury said it's deadlocked on some of the 24 counts against him after 11 days of deliberation. he's accused of trying to sell an appointment to the u.s. senate seat that was vacated when president obama took office. the judge says he needs clarification on the jury's deliberations before he decides how to move forward. california's budget crisis will not slow down plans to build a new death row.
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the governor's office announced construction is still scheduled to begin at san consistentin this november. it will borrow nearly $65 million from the state's general fund to help cover the costs. a state finance expert says borrowing money now will save money in the long run by reducing interest payments. but critics say it's foolish to take money from the general fund when california is facing a huge budget deficit. 13 candidates now in the running for mayor of oakland in the november election. [ applause ] she was just one of the local politicians to file her paperwork before yesterday's 5:00 deadline. former state senator also signed up. they join a field that also includes council wok rebecca kaplan, real estate agent and educator can dell. the current mayor is not seeking a second term. you might see more cars in
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california's car pool lanes soon. that's because a bill that has passed the assembly and state senate would allow people in alternative fuel vehicles like hybrids to use the car pool lanes during rush hour. a program that already allows it expires at the end of this year. the new bill if the governor signs it would extend the program for six months and allow owners who buy new energy efficient vehicles to drive in the car pool lanes through 2015. >> we really want to incentivize people to purchase these type of cars to clean up our environment. >> the only people that should get a break are the people that are actually car pooling. i think those are the only people that should get a break. >> now it's hoped that the new law will not only help the environment but will also jump start sales in a sluggish auto industry. owners of the new alternative fuel vehicles would pay a one time fee of $25 to $30 for the car pool stickers. time now 5:16. a judge sticking with his earlier ruling that management and union members use an outside party to try to settle
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ac transit's contract dispute. that decision came despite a request from attorneys to reconsider his earlier ruling. also yesterday the judge rule the there's nothing to prove that union leaders detracted bus drivers to call in sick. right now 5:16. we want to check in with sal who is checking in on oakland. how's it look? >> it looks pretty good. we're checking in with oakland 580, 880 in oakland near the 66th avenue off ramp. traffic continues to move along pretty well as you drive through there are no major problems on the way to the bay bridge. and at the toll plaza again we're watching. it looks good. they have just reopened the treasure island off ramp from eastbound 80 which means you now once again have direct access from san francisco to treasure island via lower deck of the bay bridge. this morning's commute on westbound highway 4 looks pretty good on westbound 4 from antioch to bay point it's a nice drive. 5:17. here's steve. thank you.
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overcast conditions again. and yesterday unseasonably very cool. strong low which is now accelerated out into idaho and montana, but there's a secondary piece that comes downright there. right there. keeps the fog reinforced. it's really difficult to keep fog going when you have such cool temperatures not only aloft but also out to sacramento. sacramento's only 78 yesterday. my goodness. so there's no heat in the valley. yet the low cloud deck regrouped and moved locally inland. city won't get very warm 60 after yesterday's 59. 52 right now. cold and foggy. it will be warmer inland. some higher elevations running about four degrees warmer and sea breeze is cut in half at travis. 60s, 70s, upper 70s to low 80s. not very warm. everyone 52 to 58 degrees. 58 in san jose. 39 tahoe. they've been running very warm but cooler air spilled in. 50s and 60s up and down the
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coast. 54 sacramento. still a little component of a delta breeze. as long as this system continues to hang out here and it should until about friday, then by saturday high pressure should come in. inland areas will warm up. fog will keep the coast rather foggy and cool. but maybe a sooner burn off. we'll ease into that sooner towards tomorrow. sunny and breezy, little warmer. just a little bit warmer. 70s, upper 70s, low to mid-80s and then mid-70s for some but closer to the bay and coast 50s, 60s and low 70s. we're in a really cool couple days here will continue. there are signs of get getting warmer late into the weekend and early next week. european markets are starting the day mostly lower at this hour after stocks tumbled in asia for the third day in a row. japan lost nearly 1% over concerns that a stronger yen will discourage exports. analysts say investors are
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dumping riskier exports like stocks show production, retail sales and new investments have all slowed in the region. checking in on wall street. looks like a much lower opening this morning to extend the drop from yesterday. cisco earnings coming in that have caused a bit of anxiety among the tech sector. dow dropping 269. the nasdaq down 68% 68.5. just a few minuting a general motors announced a second consecutive profitable quarter. the largest u.s. automaker reports a net profit of $1.3 billion in the second quarter on $33 billion in revenue. and gm is a big step close tore going public again. two sources say gm has secured a $5 billion line of credit and will file an initial public offering tomorrow. the stock could go on sale before thanksgiving. that's according to one source. right now the government owns 61% of gm as part of the
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bailout agreement. time now 5:20. the bounce houses that kids love to jump up and down in may want be good for their health. one bounce house at a berkeley day camp was tested. reportedly it contained high levels of lead. that bounce house was later declared off limits to the kids. the center for environmental health says there's no safe level of lead and says children should wash their hands and change their clothing after playing inside bounce houses. well, new safety standards have been announced to make america's favorite pastime safer for kids. hear how a young bay area boy has triggered a nationwide debate. and we're going to take you to an old fashioned round up of wild horses. it's right here in california. and tell you why some people are angry about it. good morning. if you're driving on the freeways any time soon should be pretty decent drive for you. tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather coming up. it's not back-to-school, it's forward to what's next
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with an hp netbook, samsung reality or lg cosmos for under $20 after rebate. good morning. low clouds, fog, drizzle, here we go again. it will burn off a little sooner inland today so temperatures there will come up a little bit. can't get much cooler. but 60s, 7os and upper 70s and low 80s further away from the coast. a wild horse round up is underway despite lawsuits from
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advocates. almost 30 wild horses were captured yesterday and herded into corrals. some act violently. federal law does forbid their slaughter. now the round up is set to go on for about six weeks until the 2,000 horses are captured. vector control says the first mosquito and bird to test positive for west nile virus in contra costa county this year has been found in oakly. a group of mosquitoes was collected near empire avenue. the bird was found near west cypress road and o'hara avenue. it's apparently unusual to have the first detection of the virus this late in the year but scientists say this summer's cooler temperatures may have presented the transmission of west nile virus. in sacramento an agreement has been announced meant to make baseball diamonds safer for high school baseball players across california. a group overseeing high school baseball has agreed to new safety standards.
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that will require that metal bats betested to ensure they limit the speed of the balls they hit. schools also will be encouraged to provide protective head gear for players and they will be required to use the new bats in january if they are available by then. time now 5:25. a team of bay area doctors and nurses heads to haiti today. they're going to offer some high-tech help to the earthquake victims that are still struggling in the wake of january's devastating earthquake. they're taking a tell presence robot. this device being called a very sophisticated version of skype. the system relies on the internet and several cameras to allow doctors back here to assist with surgeries in haiti. >> we can sort of like john madden does in monday night football and we can actually coach the surgeons on what they should be doing. >> now the robot's manufacture in partnership with sitter health is donating this device. the medical team will also take
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with them an x-ray machine, a ventilator and other valuable equipment worth about $200,000. well, the judge had a week to think it over and this morning he will announce whether same sex marriages will resume in california. we're going to have a live report from outside the courthouse in san francisco. contra costa county sheriff deputies are investigating a home invasion that left one person dead. we'll have more information in a live report. and a new report may change your view on the angry flight attendant who became an overnight superstar. good morning. westbound 92 nothing crazy there. pretty good all the way out to highway 101. we'll tell you more coming up. i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad.
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of course, with so many ways to save including discounts of up to 40%, having that many customers shouldn't be a surprise. so ask a neighbor about state farm, then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online. good morning to you. welcome back. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news thursday august 12. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. time now 5:30. let's check in with steve forwet. we have another fog bank moving in but it will burn off sooner today. only 62 yesterday in oakland which was a record cool maximum temperature for the date should be 73 slightly warmer today. but inland upper 70s, low 80s. the wind is not as strong but some areas reporting drizzle. here's sal. steve right now traffic is moving along pretty well here if you are in oakland on 580
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and on 880 at the speed limit. this morning's commute at the bay bridge toll plaza continues to be a nice one getting into san francisco with no major problems. and if you are driving in san francisco that traffic looks good as well. 5:30. let's go back to the desk. police are investigating a deadly home invasion robbery. ktvu's in bay point with details of the wild chase and long standoff that led to the suspect's capture. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, pam. investigators have left the scene here at the 1900 block in bay point. but there was a police presence here for much of the evening yesterday as investigators looked into a homicide that happened on this street. it all started with a high speed chase on highway 4 that took place yesterday afternoon. police say 30-year-old was behind the wheel of the yellow ford suv you see speeding down the highway. according to police he was armed and suicidal. police followed him back to a home here in bay point.
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>> he stayed in the vehicle hold up. at various times he had a gunpoint today his head. i should mention that during the pursuit he had a gun pointed to his head at various times as well. >> reporter: sheriff deputies remained in a standoff with him for the next hour or so inside the home until they say he shot himself in the leg and then was apprehended. he was taken to the hospital. deputies discovered a man inside the home had been shot and killed. at this point they believe he had previously burglarized the home earlier in the afternoon before then leading police on that highway chase. he's expected to be booked into the county jail on the charge of murder. later on this morning we're hoping to get more information from the coroner's office on the victim of this homicide. at this point we don't know if the victim and the suspect knew each other or if this was a random crime. ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:32. two teenagers in the hospital now following a wild shoot out
5:33 am
in oakland overnight. we're at the scene now with more about the conditions of the victims. >> reporter: we just spoke to our sources within the police department and they tell us one of the tabliers who was shot here last night has stabilized but is still in critical condition. that person was shot in the back as he or she tried to escape under a hail of bullets. police say more than 60 shots were fired after a house party involving teens turned sour at 11:30 last night. investigators say party goers were drinking alcohol at a home in the 2200 block of enyo avenue at east 23rd street. then another group of teens arrived uninvited and was asked to leave. that is when the melee started. gunfire erupted and people scrambled to get out. now investigators say five different handguns were used although none were recovered from the scene. the two victims who were shot were dropped off by someone at
5:34 am
highland hospital. and police want to speak to that person. one victim was shot in the arm. the other in the leg. and as we mentioned in the back. if you have any information regarding this double shooting you are asked to contact the oakland police department. we're live in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco muni will begin cracking down on fare cheaters on its buses today. that means any passenger caught without a transfer could face a fine of $75. the renewed fare enforcement started tuesday on the city's buses. the program returns from a 90 daybreak which muni used to retrain officers. the promoter of the teenage dance that ended with the killing of a german tourist has apologized for the tragedy. san francisco police say some young people attending that dance are likely responsible for the fatal shooting of the 50-year-old. the stray bullet killed her while she was walking with her husband near union square sunday night.
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the promoter blamed the killing on a "few bad apples who attended the dance." alameda sheriff deputies warning residents about a series of burglaries. there have been at least nine breakins around river bank avenue in the past four months. robert cassidy's home was burglarized just last week. he says the thieves stole more than just material item. they also stole the small family dog named lulu. >> those dogs, the purse dogs are trendy. they can be perceived as expensive. >> cassidy says the little dog suffers from a liver condition and needs medicine weekly if she doesn't get it she could possibly die. alameda county sheriff officials are asking anyone with information about any of those burglaries to call them. a fed ex driver robbed of several packages at gunpoint at the business park. this happened yesterday morning
5:36 am
in pleasanton. the driver told police he was making a delivery when four men with their faces covered approached them. one of them had a shotgun and told the driver to move aside. police said two others jumped in the back of the truck and stole about ten boxes. some contained computers. those gunmen drove off in a gold buick. the jet blue flight attendant is now being described as a villain. steven slater's instant rise to stardom came after. [ indiscernible ] and jumped off the chute at jfk airport. several passengers told the wall street journal that slater deserved to be arrested. they say he had been drinking during the entire 90 minute flight and swearing at other passengers that were not doing anything wrong. today the state senate will honor two chp officers for a dramatic water rescue in walnut
5:37 am
creek last april. the officer and pilot were flying in a chp helicopter when they got a rescue call. a car filled with three people inside crashed and fallen into this water way. 74-year-old janet hogan was plucked from that rushing water to safety. the other two members of her family who were in the car died. 5:36 is the time right now. sal is checking highway 4 bay point. what's going on there? >> we're seeing traffic get busier on westbound highway 4 and throughout contra costa county. the contra costa county commute usually begins early. and this morning is no exception. heading westbound it looks pretty good so far more cars joining the road and we'll have stop and go traffic before too long. here in bay point looks okay. if you are on 24 through lafayette also crowded on the way up to the tunnel with no accidents or stalled vehicles. this morning's drive at the bay bridge toll plaza still light
5:38 am
heading into san francisco. 5:37. here's steve. all right. thank you. if you live, work, in downtown oakland and you thought yesterday was cold, it was. it was only 62. coldest high ever recorded for the date. that's chilly. many areas weren't much warmer all because of a very unseasonably strong area of low pressure which dove right into down eastern oregon. now it's into idaho. there's a secondary piece coming in on the west side of it. which is keeping the fog bankrolling right along which is hard to believe since there's no heat in the valley. santa rosa yesterday downtown was only 70. we'll go 76 today. sticking my neck out a little here. the city's only 59. 60 today. not much change near the coast. walnut creek 72. i would think that would be a record low max on temperature. come on. and then oakland 62. that was a record low maximum temperature. san jose 72. that's it. san jose should be 84. 72 is what they normally see for a high in april. it was cool across the board.
5:39 am
52 san before i get ahead of myself i was reading about the records set in july coldest july since 18944. burr bank, l.a. all coming in with just unseasonably cool weather. not only here but also down there. 59 livermore, 39 tahoe. warmer inland. we'll see temperatures coming up a little as the stronger system moves out. allow the high to build in slightly. but as long as this stays here in the west coast this area it's tough to warm up but there are signs by the weekend inland areas will warm up. overcast, drizzle, foggy, sunny and breezy. not as windy as yesterday. travis only reporting i think a 14-mile an hour wind yesterday at this time. it's been cut in half. 50s, 60s, 60s and 70s. upper 70s and low maybe a few mid-80s. far enough inland there will be
5:40 am
a rebound in temperatures away from the coast. fog and sun kind of stuck probably saturday, saturday evening and sunday and monday look warmer away from the coast. thank you. time now 5:39. 25 bay area creeks made a new list of polluted water ways because they're filled with trash. the state water resource's control board released a list of dirty creek that is include san jose's guadeloupe river and six others in the south bay. officials say they're tackling the litter problem with money from a voter approved ballot measure back in the year 2000. but they say trash continues to be a problem especially in some areas. >> we find that areas where there's high school's fast food restaurants there's usually more trash in the area. >> now members of the county creek's coalition also say a big part of the problem is the growing number of homeless people downtown. water officials are asking anyone who sees trash in the water ways give them a call. and you can also see a complete
5:41 am
list of the polluted bay area water ways. go to our channel 2 website at and click on the web links. we are following breaking news involving the u.s. economy. just moments ago the u.s. labor department released its latest reports on jobs. we'll have all the details. also we'll find out why some parents of some bay area students are taking to the streets to voice their anger. good morning. if you're driving in marin county southbound 101 traffic moving along very nicely. all the way through. we'll tell you more about the morning commute coming up.
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good morning. low clouds, fog and drizzle again. another cold one. lows in the 50s. end up with warmer a little
5:44 am
inland. still 50s and 60s and a lot of fog by the coast. welcome back. good morning to you. quick look at some of the top stories we're following at 5:43. we may learn in a couple hours whether gay couples in california may get married get. the judge presiding now may make a ruling on whether same sex marriages can resume while the case goes to an appeal court. oakland police say two teenagers were wounded during a horrifying shoot out between two rival groups. this happened late last night. as many as 60 shots were fired during a gun battle. and san francisco police are investigating the death of a man who fell off of a roof overnight. this happened about 3:00 this morning on bush street near fill moore. the man in his 20s. one man told police it appeared to be an accident.
5:45 am
the gun battle last month on a freeway has pleaded not guilty to all the charges against him. he entered the plea in according to yesterday. the gun battle started after officers stopped williams on interstate 580 in oakland on july 17th. he was wounded in the exchange of gunfire. williams was -- has two prior bank robbery convictions he now faces a possible life sentence under california's three strikes law. a pleasant hill caretaker has pleaded not guilty to the woman she takes care of. she's accused of murder with enhancement of using a knife. she killed the 70-year-old at her home in june. they say the two had had an argument about where warric was parking her car. about 10 years ago she was found not guilty by reason of insanity for allegedly trying to kill four police officers.
5:46 am
time now 5:45. a bill that would crack down on sex offenders is getting close tore passage. it's called chelsea's law. it would require many offenders to go to prison for life without parole. this bill now goes before the senate appropriations committee for a key vote today. this is the fifth of seven hurdles it has to clear before it can reach the governor's desk. the bill named for chelsea king, the 17-year-old san diego girl who was murdered by a repeat sex offender. federal authorities are taking steps now to extradite a former catholic priest from the bay area to ireland to face sexual abuse charges. neighbors of the 74-year-old express shock when they were told he's wanted for sexually abusing boys in ireland back in the 1970s. he worked at churches in eureka, gunville and sacramento. the officials say he committedin decent assault on six boys between the ages of 11 and 14. he's now being held at the
5:47 am
santaly that jail. a south bay woman doing the sports organization usa swimming claiming the group knew but did nothing about compliance of a swimming coach accused of molesting her years ago. she accuses her former swim coach of sexually abusing her beginning when she was 15 years old while she was a member of the swim club. he has left the area, thompson is now 28 years old. >> i believe that usa swimming is a major reason why more victims don't come forward. usa swimming does everything it can to protect its image, its coaches and ignores the swimmers who eventually turn into victims. >> usa swimming is facing similar legal action involving a former coach convicted of molesting young swimmers in the south and east bay. your time is now 5:47. the oakland school district plans to close down seven day care centers that provide preschool and after school
5:48 am
programs to 2500 children. the district says a drastic cut in state funding is the reason for the closures. so some of the parents and children took to the streets outside the state building in oakland demanding that the state reinstate the money. many of the parents say without those day care centers taking care of their children they'll have to cut back the number of hours they work or even quit their jobs. 5:47 is the time right now. we hear there's a new injury crash in san jose, sal. >> all right. pam and dave, northbound 101 at oakland road 13th street exit on the shoulder three cars san jose fire department just arrived on the scene. in fact you can kind of see the flashing lights at the emergency vehicles are now arriving. the vehicles themselves that are involved are on the shoulder but traffic is slowing down. even though all the lanes are open and this is going on in the shoulder you know how it goes. people slow to take a look at things. again, northbound 101 at old oakland 13th street exit in san
5:49 am
jose. let's move along and take a look at 280. that's your option. i think 280's a great option for you just getting to the valley that way if you're on the road any time soon. you shouldn't have any trouble getting around that 101 accident. and this morning's commute at the bay bridge toll plaza still appears to be rather light. 5:48. here's steve. thank you, sal. look at live storm tracker we show wind and also fog. and travis air force base fairfield was only 73 yesterday. i think vacaville was only 78 which is unbelievable. west-southwest right now 13. at this time yesterday it was about 24. so it's been cut. and there's already fog at fairfield. fog. not low clouds, fog. even if it burns off soon it's not going to be very warm. but i'll go 80 today after yesterday's 73. there's some signs some warmer air aloft coming in we were so cool yesterday. the low responsible for it has moved out but there's still a part that hangs back over the west coast keeping much of the west coast well below average
5:50 am
including inland areas by a wide margin. 76 santa rosa after yesterday's 70. not much change along the coast. the fog is just flexing its muscle big time. 60, 70 in walnut creek after yesterday's unbelievable 72. 76 in oakland after yesterday's low maximum temperature of only 62. and 76 san jose. 50s. mt. tamalpais running eight degrees warmer today than they were yesterday. that's a pretty good jump. so sign that the fog is getting squashed a little bit and will burn off slightly. it will still be below average just see more sun today. sacramento only 78 yesterday. they're looking for about 84 today. little heat in the valley but not much. right off seattle and portland there's a secondary piece of the main one which is now into idaho and montana. that keeps us persistent. overcast, drizzle, sunny, breezy, warmer away from the coast. upper 70s low to mid-80s for some but a lot of 60s, 70s and
5:51 am
mid-70s close to the coast and bay. not much only subtle changes through saturday. it does appear high pressure will come in and warm up inland areas sunday and monday. thank you, steve. just a few minutes ago the labor department released the weekly jobs report and the numbers are worse than expeed. 484,000 people filed for first time unemployment insurance last week. that's up 2,000 from the week before. now economists had predicted that the number of new claims would drop in the last week. wall street is headed for a lower opening on that news. the bay area's tivo is teaming up with one of the country's biggest cable tv provider for a new video on demand service. subscribers who use cox cable and also use tivo's dvr boxes will be able to watch on demand content. in the past cable providers have not integrated with consumer dvr products. service will be available in major markets served by cox including san diego and las
5:52 am
vegas. and the world's largest brewery says soccer's world cup helped boost second quarter sales. anizeer bush reports a net profit of 7.5%. that beat expectations and now continuing growth for the rest of the year. company says the world cup was a boom for its most recognizable brands but budweiser had been losing market share. that changed during the world cup where bud brands were advertised heavily. and as we saw a lot of people were out there watching and probably drinking a few. time now 5:52. still ahead, a wave of discontent around the maverick surfing contest. we'll tell you who wants to take control of the big event and even give it a new name. and the bay area rose garden will be named the best one in america. we'll tell you where that is.
5:53 am
5:54 am
the most powerful half-ton crew in america has a powertrain backed for 100,000 miles. chevy silverado half-ton a consumers digest best buy and the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road. now get 0% apr for 72 months on 2010 silverado half-ton models with an average finance savings around $5,800.
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good morning to you. welcome back. time now 5:55. a group of angry surfers hope to reclaim the maverick surf competition from the company that's been running it for the last seven years. they claim the maverick surf venture has steered the competition off course and turned it into a corporate circus. the group of surfers says it's about to apply for the one county permit with the goal of staging a toned down contest.
5:56 am
the maverick surf venture says it will also continue to pursue a permit renewal. officials will vote on that permit early next month. crews in san francisco putting the finishing touches now on a scaled down outside lands music and art festival scheduled for this weekend in golden gate park. the two day festival kicks off saturday. it's one day shorter this year than in past years. but organizers say it will still offer a lot of great music and food. >> all the food here is really topnotch. and really great variety of stuff. so that is something i think most festivals nationally don't really have. and we're really glad that we have it here. >> this year's line up includes al green, the kings of leon. phoenix and bob weir. about 80,000 people are expected to be there. san jose municipal rose
5:57 am
garden not only salvaged its reputation but named today as america's best rose garden. beating out 130 public rose gardens nationde known for rigorous testing for new variety of roses, the group all america rose selections put the run down san jose garden on probation in 2005 then noted its transformation by lifting the probation status in 2008 and now. >> the best in the whole country. >> the best. >> wow. way to go. >> must smell very nice out there. speaking of san jose, that's what sal's watching right now. >> that's right. but i have a kings of leon after the show's over. >> i know why too. >> good morning everybody. there is a crash, a noninjury crash, northbound 101 in san jose. and the back up of another crash. there was an injury crash with minor complaint of pain and then another crash northbound 101. 101 in san jose see all the brake lights that is to be
5:58 am
avoided. just use 280 instead. run along and take a look at 680. that looks good on the way to the south bay and at the toll plaza of the san mateo bridge and beyond looks good. time now 5:57. coming up in our 6:00 hour as many as 60 shots were fired in a wild oakland gun battle with at least two people hurt. we're going to bring the very latest on the continuing search for the gunmen. plus anticipation is growing in san francisco. a judge will make a big decision today about same sex marriage in california. good morning. foggy, drizzlely, warmer inland. those highs coming up.
5:59 am
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