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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  August 13, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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sex couples in california can begin getting married again next week but many are still cautious. we will tell you why all ahead here on the ktvu morning news. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> well, good morning to you, welcome to friday, august the 13th. i am dave clark. >> good morning. i am pam cook. let's see how the friday forecast looks with steve this morning. >> dave and i are on the same color scheme this morning. good morning, everyone, happy friday. some fog out there but it has not pushed as far inland as the past three or four mornings so simple temperatures 50s 60s to near 70. here is sal. >> steve, westbound 580, we have a big rig that has flipped
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over and it is blocking theto left lanes. it was carrying bags of fertilizer, although they have -- [ inaudible ] >> -- situation. it is going to be a while before they clear those lanes. we have a crew on the way. westbound 580 a big rig accident. more about that and the rest of the commute. now at 5:00 back to the desk. >> we do have developing news out of antioch where a police investigation is underway right now. tara moriarty just arrived on the scene. what have you been able to find out? >> reporter: this is still an active scene out here in antioch. if you can take a look behind me here you see all the crime tape. they cordoned off a section of the roadway. we do know the call came in after 1:00 this morning. we are hearing words report of a possible officer-involved shooting. we are waiting to hear from
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antioch police. a lieutenant is supposed to be arriving here any minute but again we have very little information, only hearing reports of some gunshots fired. the time tape is up so obviously police are keeping folks away from this area. again, once we are able to speak with police we will of course let you know what they say. live in antioch, tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. >> in other news we just talked to fremont police. they tell us their officers were involved in a very tense situation overnight. fremont swat team members helped the police officers from san francisco serve a search warrant on a house on gal very rad do boulevard. for a time police were telling everyone in that neighborhood to stay inside their homes. right now it is not clear if police made any arrests. fremont police tell us they will have more information on this case later this morning. >> the stage is now set for the next round in the battle over same sex marriage here in california.
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a federal judge in san francisco has ruled that gay and lesbian couples can begin marrying at 5:00 p.m. next wednesday. now that is unless a federal appeals court steps in to stop them. yesterday's ruling gave gay marriage opponents time to take their case to the 9th circuit court of appeals. legal experts are already make thing prediction on what happens next in this long and complicated court battle. >> i think the safe money is on the 9th circuit continuing the stay. it will facilitate a full hearing of the case without any kind of sense of emergency. >> now gay marriage opponents have already fileed their appeal, saying the rulic undermines the will of california voters and they have some harsh words to the man who made that ruling, judge vaughan walker. >> he wants to muck things up because he is a liberal judicial activist, he is not what he swore he would be a defender and supporter of the
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written constitution, he is supposed to be unbye-byes ad, faithful and duty bound. >> there are three judges on the court, that court has not yet indicated when it might weigh in on the request. >> the may says the city will be ready for a rush of margies if the appeals court lifts a stay on same sex marriages next wednesday. many same sex couples told us they are going to go back to city hall to once again try to get married. dozens of additional workers were on stand by yesterday and say they will be back next week. >> we had some 63 volunteers ready to go and extended hours today to accommodate all of those who wish to come down and get married. >> now same sex couples hoping to get married should call san francisco's 311 line to get updated information in the coming days. you could read more about this court case on our channel 2 website,, plus you can actually see the video evidence
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presented during the trial. it is all at >> police have released a new sketch of the rapist who has been attacking women at an apartment complex in walnut creek. the three assaults happened at the park regency apartments on oak street. investigators believe the same person raped one woman and attacked two others over the past two months. take a look at the sketch. the suspect is described as an african american 20 to 30 years old, about 6'2" and weighs about 200 pounds. the residents we spoke with say the incidents have changed how they live. >> one of my kids is a 15-year- old daughter and she doesn't want to be here. she says mom i am not coming home, so they are staying with their dad, you know, and i go over there to see them. they don't want to come here. they don't want to have anything to do with this place. >> flyers are posted throughout the complex and officers are reminding people to lock their doors and windows. investigators are trying to determine what started a house fire in oakland that left two
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firefighters injured. the fire started before 6:00 in the evening on a home on west mcare thor boulevard. firefighters say the house was engulfed and a man still inside. the firefighters suffered minor injuries the man was hurt as well but refused medical assistance. >> 5:05. there is a delay in the plan for san francisco to become the first city in the nation to ban the sale of pets. last night a standing room only crowd attended this debate with pet store owners on one side and animal rights activists on the other. it is an effort to prevent unwanted pets from being euthanized and prevent the sale of animals bred in puppy mills. but critics say small businesses will be hurt. >> mom and pop pet shop is what we are and you know it has been around for years and years in this country and that is where people first, you know, make contact with animals as young children. >> don't exclude small pet shop
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retalers from any of this. some of the worst investigated cases i have ever covered across the nation happened in small retailers. >> well san francisco animal control commissioners decided to postpone their vote on this controversial issue until january. in the meantime they are urging both sides to try to come up with a compromise. >> 5:06. want to check backin with sal for a look at traffic this morning, sal. >> starting off kind of busy this morning pam and dave. westbound 580 i told you about at the beginning, a big rig overturned, flipped over in the two left lanes. you can already see how the traffic censors are turning red. this truck is blocking the two left lanes and carrying fertilizer and looks like it might be there for a while. we have a crew almost on the scene and will show you pictures of it but if this is your commute you don't need to see any pictures you need to get on the road soon and get of or just go around if you can
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because this is a huge mess. if that wasn't enough, we have a problem now on the bay bridge. an injury accident on that upper deck. westbound just west of treasure island. traffic is light enough so we are not seeing a significant back up jet. but this is an injury crash just west of treasure island on the way to san francisco. paramedics, fire crewand tow trucks on the way to that upper deck of the bay bridge. two major accidents now in the bay area. fortunately we can take a deep breath here. san jose traffic looks good. 280 is moving well. highway 17 looks good and so does 101. at 5:08 here is steve. >> sal, again 580. >> westbound overturned big rig near away two left lanes blocked. >> on this friday morning some fog but it is a little shallower that means it will burn off sooner, however this
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cool summer has given us a lot of positives. the fire danger is quiet. air quality has been great. visibility has been great. your power bill is probably low because you haven't had to use your air-conditioner and the water bill has been low but there are signs we will warm it up this weekend so maybe you are cranking up the ac. san francisco 58 right now. low clouds, mist, sunny, breezy later on today, 60s by the coast to near 70 for santa cruz, around the bay 70s and mid-80s inland, even fog it will burn off fast away from the coast. 90s towards ukia and into sacramento again. a couple of days ago 78. but 50s and 60s continue to dominate along the coast. a very strong low on wednesday. another piece coming down the back side. it won't do much today but it will give a slight cooling on saturday before we warm up again on sunday. so morning fog, some of it thick, then sunny and warmer especially away from the coast.
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breezy at times, still a west- southwest wind. no hint of a northerly breeze or northeasterly so the coast will stay with fog. 60s for some to near 70 by the beaches, 70s around the bay, mid-80s, to near 90 far enough away from the coast. now i do think it will be cooler saturday then warmer sunday, monday, tuesday, but nothing we haven't seen before but we haven't seen it in a while, pam and dave. >> steve, thank you. 5:09. angry state employees are heading to the movies tonight but not to enjoy the show. they are going to ask you to stay away. we are going to tell you why. >> tired of being charged for using your debit card? help is on the way. we have that story up next. >> and the founder of the website wicky leches says he is about to release thousands more secret afghanistan documents. i will show you how the pentagon is reacting coming up. >> a truck accident is putting a crimp in the bay area commute. we will tell you more and also
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welcome back. wiki leaks is getting ready to release more of the secret afghan war documents but the pentagon is warning that would be damaging to the military. alison burns is live with the
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details. good morning alison. >> reporter: good morning to you, dave. i just checked the wiki leaks website and as of now no new afghanistan documents. the last big release came under july 25th under the heading afghan wardary rei, 91,000 secret documents now available for anyone to read, the pentagon says it put troops and informants in danger. now he says he has 15,000 more documents and they will soon be on the site. a pentagon says that would be the height of irresponsibility and put more people in danger. he claims releasing the documents will actually save lives. i will have more on that in my next update. for now live in washington, d.c. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> president obama is set to sign a bill today providing $sis hundred million in emergency aid to help secure
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the u.s.-mexican border. it funds the hiring of 1000 new border patrol agents and provides $14 million in new communications equipment. it has act trayed strong support from both republicans and devil crates and is funded by imposing higher fees on companies who bring foreign workers into the u.s. we may know soon weather bp's oil well is sufficiently sealed. results are expected later today on the static kill is holding. if it is officials say there may be no need to complete the relief well to plug it from be low. now the u.s. government estimated it has spewed 206 million gallons of oil into the gulf. >> governor schwarzenegger's office william file an appeal today so he can go ahead and furlough state employees. a san francisco appeals court upheld a judge's order yesterday blocking the those furloughs. now the governor had order three unpaid furlough days each
5:16 am
month for thousands of workers starting today, until the state budget is passed. depending upon how quickly the courts act state employees could face furloughs the last two fridays of this month. meantime, some angry state employees are calling for a boycott of the new movie the expendables, it opens today. governor schwarzenegger has a cameo appearance in the new action movie. the state employees are outraged the governor would take time to appear in a hollywood movie right in the middle of a budget crisis. they are especially angry the governor took a trip to las vegas this week promoting that movie. >> count the california chamber of commerce as a vote against a law to legalize marijuana. yesterday it came out against prop 19. saying it would hurt business. the chamber says its analysis indicates the measure would lead to more workplace accidents. it also warns the state could lose federal contracts because
5:17 am
businesses would have a difficult time prohibiting marijuana use on the job. >> an employer can no longer have the ability to have a drug free workplace, based on prop 19, because we are creating a new protected class of individuals in california. >> but prop 19 supporters sai the measure would allow employers to continue to enforce their current workplace rules. >> businesses could soon be stopped from charging customers a fee for using their debit cards. this measure narrow lee passed the state assembly yesterday and now on the governor's desk. it would extend the consumer proax available for credit cards to debit cards. its author says it would prevent businesses from advertising one price and then hiking up the cost at the cash register. the governor hasn't said yet if he is going to sign that bill. >> 5:17 is the time. let's check back in with sal for a look at traffic. how is it going sal? >> you know it is actually not
5:18 am
going very well. in livermore a big truck accident i told you about last time. westbound 580 as a matter of fact. let me just get the map back up here, westbound 580, an overturned truck carrying organic fertilizer, that could be a bunch of things but it is not determined to be a hazmat situation, that means the department of transportation says it is not a huge -- it is not a huge risk for contamination, they will just have to scoop it up then it will be -- they will be able to just basically wash it off without having to close the freeway further but the damage is done, the two left lanes is closed and traffic is quickly backing up. they are already putting up the signs on highway 5 to let them know this is a big problem. let's take a look at the bay bridge. westbound after treasure island the two right lanes closed near treasure island for an overturned car but it is so early and so light that it is not causing a big back up just
5:19 am
yet. let's hope they get that out of the way soon. on 880 north and southbound traffic is moving well. here is steve. >> happy friday. a couple of little notes here. west-southwest 21 at fairfield gusting to 30. yesterday 87, i went 86 today. vacaville hit 91. showing a hint of a west- southwest wind. close to yesterday's highs. we did warm up. upper 80s. santa rosa south wind at three. napa west at seven, oakland west at five. the sea breeze is still there. san francisco looking for morning fog, mist, a high of 64. the fog burned off yesterday. sunny. a number of tweets. sunny in the financial district. sunny at at&t around noon. yes, s p weather if you want to send me weather information. 88 inland to low 90s, ukia yesterday 92, lake county 90s, but around the bay area upper
5:20 am
80s towards antioch, brentwood, oakley, probably up to cal a stowinga as well. around the bay 70s, coast 60s, 48 tahoe, eureka 48 chilly degrees. more fog than low clouds. very strong low we lad on wednesday sent temperatures plodging has moved out. a secondary one dropping down, today after the morning fog sunny and warm or warmer away from the coast. more of a sea breeze for the delta. breezy at times, close to yesterday's highs, 70s inland, 80s far enough away from fog bank influence. 60s and 70s closer to it. 79 san jose morgan hill 86, livermore 84, brentwood 88. and fog, nights and mornings into saturday. it does look warmer away from the coast sunday into early next week. [ music ] >> european markets are trading
5:21 am
slightly lower this morning but there is some good news to report. germany announced its economy grew at its fastest pace in more than 20 years. investors in asia are encouraged, south korea gained nearly 1.5% while the shanghai rose 1.2%. many investors are looking to wall street for direction. two important economic reports come in before the opening bell. consumer prices and retail sales. we will see when that comes in how that will effect the numbers this morning. here is w we start the day, the dow jones, nasdaq and s&p 500 all losing a little bit. we will get a better indication closer to the bell. eli lily plans to appeal a court ruling. it generated $445 million in sales for the drugmaker last year. so as a result of the ruling eli lily is reducing its
5:22 am
forecast this year. this is the second patent case they have lost in the last month. >> employees staged a rally outside a company store in oakland protesting cutbacks. the workers claim they told them it is cutting all full timeworkers to part-time shifts and eliminating all health and retirement benefits. the bev mo, based in concord, says it has cut some employees hours but it says those workers will continue to get health benefits through january. >> some information is now being collected for cal's incoming freshman class put the sampling has been scaled down because of privacy concerns. we will tell you about the changes. >> also ahead why a group of kids from oakland are heading to cos rica for a working vacation. >> good morning, san mateo bridge traffic looks good all the way out to 101. we will tell you about the morning commute already very busy coming up.
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>> good morning. happy friday. fog out there. it will burn off sooner, mid- 80s to near 90 away from the coast. 70s closer to it. 60s to near 70 by the beaches. >> time 5:25. uc berkeley's plan to collect genetic information on the
5:26 am
incoming freshman class has been scaled down. the university is in the process of collecting and testing genetic samples. officials say the results will be combineed to create a general profile of the incoming class, however because the state department of public health objected to releasing personal genetic tests individual students will not get their individual results. the question of what bart will do with an estimated $8 million budget surplus is still unanswered this morning. the bart board of directors stalled a vote yesterday. the plan to cut fares in the short-term may not happen now. the fair cut would have amounted to 10 cents on a trip from walnut creek to san francisco. the other possibilities include delaying a fair hike in 2012 or using that money to clean up the trains. >> a group of high school students from oakland is heading off to costa rica today. they are part of a program funded by the a-fair media
5:27 am
foundation. they put out a magazine for travelers who want for experience more about the people and culture of the places they visit. today's trip is designed to help the students use what they learn during their travels to become confident engaged global citizens. >> we believe travel is one of the best forms of education and so what we are doing is sending kids who could not otherwise afford to travel on a trip to get beneath the surface and we are sending these kids to costa rica. >> they will spend the next 10 days there learning how kids there live, local farming techniques and how to cook acosta rick and meal. trip organizers say for many it will be their first trip outside california. >> 5:27. we are following develop inch news from antioch. tara moriarty will be here live with new information on a reported shooting there. also overnight san francisco police officers teamed up with swat team members in fremont. we will bring you a live report
5:28 am
from that scene. we are just getting new video of a record breaking pot bust in southern california. >> westbound 580 is a problem but other traffic issues around the bay. we will tell you all about it coming up. . um, it's only 10am. who hasn't had their jimmy dean breakfast this morning? mmmm! now lets orbit i feel awesome. you're all awesome. jimmy dean breakfast sandwiches, fight the morning fade. ♪ welcome to ultimate rewards from chase. no blackouts, no restrictions on airfare and hotels, no limits to what you can get with ultimate rewards.
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good morning to you, welcome back. this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news, friday the 13th. >> i am all right with you. >> i know you are. i am dave clark.
5:31 am
>> good morning. i am pam cook. 5:31 maybe we will get lucky with the forecast. >> all you had to say was friday. >> there you go. >> low clouds some but not as much as we have seen. some areas are clear this morning. any fog will burn off back to the coast sooner. mid-80s for some, upper 80s to 90s out into the valley. 60s and 70s by the beaches. your weekend forecast in five minutes now sal has an update. >> a flipped over truck blocking the two left lanes carrying organic fertilizer although they have determined it is not a hazard situation as their standards are determined by cal trans. they are already out to highway five setting up those message signs and letting big rig
5:32 am
drivers know about the impending headache. the upper deck of the bay bridge they are clearing an accident out there. they are still out there but just about to -- i just got word they cleared the lanes so that is good on the bay bridge. 5:31. back to the desk. >> a lot happening right now. an investigation is happening as we speak following an overnight raid in fremont. jade hernandez is there right now. what is happening? >> reporter: this is a quiet neighborhood. we checked with police and know a search warrant was served in an apartment complex. we are live in fremont this morning and we watched as police collected evidence and brought out bags. san francisco police were involved at the scene and we don't know why and how they are tied into this investigation but we do know neighbors were told last night to stay inside while the warrant was served. they have left the area and we were told fremont's involvement
5:33 am
in this is done. also fremont police told us their spokesman will be in the office so we hope to have more information for you at the same time. live in fremont this morning jade hernandez ktvu channel 2 news. >> we just loorped new information about an overnight shooting in antioch. we want to get right to tara moriarty. she is on the scene. what can you tell us? >> reporter: i just spoke to a neighbor. she tells us that police told her there was an officer involved shooting after an attempted breakin. we are here on rail rode avenue and d streets. the call came in sometime around 1:15 this morning. now, if we could take a look at our video that we have for you. apparently this woman says she was coming home from a night out around 1:00 this morning when she noticed a street lined with more than a dozen squad cars. she says officers ran toward nearby railroad tracks to a house where the alleged break
5:34 am
ip happened. now the neighbor went in -- the neighbor went inside then within a half an hour police knocked on her door. they told mere this there was an officer-involved shooting and wanted to make sure everyone was all right. no word on who was shot but we are told it was not an officer. still waiting to receive confirmation from police but they have core doned off two blocks here on d street. back here live if you can take a look at this house here, this is sort of how the neighborhood is set up, a house in front then the houses in the back. that is similar to where the break in happened just across the railroad tragedies. live in antioch, tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. >> this morning we know the identity of the man whose death led to a chase and standoff with the man suspected of killing him. hector sanchez was shot to death wednesday inside a home on cal a vairs a boulevard in bay point. sheriff's investigators say the shooting was part of an ongoing
5:35 am
dispute between sanchez and the suspect, 30-year-old rub bio of bay point. he remains behind bars. police are asking for help in identifying three men they say kidnapped and sexually assaulted a woman. they say at 3:30 a.m. on saturday the men picked up the woman at vanness and california street and took her to a spot where they sexually assaulted her. she described them as latino and told her they were from san jose. she also said they were in a black volkswagen goff and one man named oscar, the second named johnny. >> police are searching for a man considered armed and dangerous. he reportedly robbed a video store with an usi style assault weapon. witnesses say he was dressed similar to construction workers
5:36 am
outside. they are describing him as a husky built black man in his late 20s or early 30s, wearing an orange construction vest, hard hat and jeans, still not clear if any cash or how much cash was taken. police in santa barbara county say they have busted one of the largest marijuana growing operations they have seen. a tip led them to nine greenhouses on 50 acres of private property between 101 and the pacific ocean. we have new video just in sent to us by deputies. we will get around to it. here it is. they found up to 20,000 marijuana plants worth an estimated $80 million. look at this video. they also seized several hundred pounds of processed marijuana. investigators say they had a sophisticated heating and ventilation system. >> san francisco is asking a judge to issue an unjunction to stop violence in visitation
5:37 am
valley. the city attorney's office says two gangs are fighting and ten people have been killed. he wants to stop the gang activity with an injunction covering several blogs near the project but not all residents are convinced it will work. >> i still don't believe it. these kids need jobs, housing counseling, therapy, everything, they don't need to be a gang injunction. >> the proposed injunction would prohibit 41 specific individuals from engaging in gang activity. if the judge approves it would take effect at the end f next month. >> the city of oakland is suspending several city services today because of budget cut bags. the animal shelter will be closed down as will the libraries, there won't be any street sweeping today but parking meters will be enforced and all public works emergencies will be responded to. city parks, they will be open.
5:38 am
restrooms however will be closed. police, fire and emergency services are not effected by the oakland city closures. >> 5:37 is the time. let's check back in with sal. a truck crashed in livermore sal. >> that's right, 580 westbound and the two left lanes just  before airway, just after important toll a, this accident was there after 4:30 so going on an hour. westbound 580 a big rig flipped over carrying organic material but cal trans says it is not a hazmat situation, still a big traffic issue, we are just about to show you live pictures. you will see it but all you need to know is you need a lot of extra time in this area. the bay bridge, they cleared an accident off the upper deck. it was west of treasure island. only there for about half an hour. it was so early doesn't cause any major delays. this morning's commute on the
5:39 am
san mateo bridge looks good over to highway 101. 5:38. here is steve. >> on this friday morning low clouds, yes. some fog. not nearly the coverage we have seen for most of this week. san jose mostly clear. web camera from the meteorology department showing clear. most locations now have more fog, reduced visibility. airport mild visibility and fog. fog around san francisco, oakland, the bay, temperatures 50s. 58 at 9:00, 62 at noon. 64 for our high in san francisco today. 60s to near 70 by the coast. around the bay mid-70s inland, mid-80s, well away from the fog 90s. mt. tam 64, two degrees warmer than yesterday. sure enough the fog burned off.
5:40 am
temperatures warmed up. mill valley, tibb ron 52, gilroy and san martin 53, crockett vallejo 54, san carlos sanol a 56 and pleasanton 56. 50s valley, ukia 92, 93 today, on the coast way too much fog. high pressure compresses the fog, doesn't warm it up too much. maybe a little sooner burn off for some of that fog. another system won't do much today but will usher in a cooling trend. it will be close to yesterday's highs. so morning fog, then sunny and warm for some, breezy at times to windy. testifies mid-80s, 60s and 70s as yo heed west. a good drop in some of those temperatures. fog, cooling trend, warmer inland sunday, monday, tuesday,
5:41 am
pam and dave. >> 5:40. the city of fremont recently dedicated a new fire station but it is going to have to stay empty. it has room to three fire engines and six firefighters but there is not enough money for them. >> government budgets follow the economy and we are dealing with the same kind of trials and tribulations that everybody is right now so we are making due with the budget we have, that means this fire station is browned out or closed virtually every day of the year. >> the fire station is located in an office park. the fire chief says of all the operations in fremont it has the lowest number of calls. still not clear when that firehouse will open. >> now 5:41. there is a warning for shoppers in san francisco. we have a story of a robbery in broad daylight. wait until you hear what was inside the woman's shopping bag. >> also a landmark bay area restaurant is closing its doors indefinitely. >> good morning. westbound 580 the two left
5:42 am
lanes closed with this truck that has been flipped over for about an hour and ten minutes now. the traffic is really bad on 580 approaching it. we will have more on this coming up. 0!ockñ?çóxo?ñ=çñññçvxqx?ñññ?óiy
5:43 am
5:44 am
we have an accident involving an overturned truck on 580 in livermore. we just got some rather unfortunate news. chp has estimated this truck is going to be blocking the two left lanes before airway no another three hours. are you kidding me? three hours and the traffic on 580 coming in from the valley town to two lanes? this is a huge problem. we are following it all morning long. >> 5:44. welcome back, good morning to you.
5:45 am
here is a quick look at some of the other top stories we are for thing for you right now. a federal judge has ruled that gay and lesbian couples can begin marrying next wednesday unless an appeals court stops them. state employee furloughs are officially off at least for now. an appeals court has upheld a lower court ruling that the governor cannot impose the mandatory unpaid days off on ruffle 150,000 state employees. the governor now plans to appeal. we should know soon whether bpth oil well in the gulf of mix company is successful sealed. results are expected later today on whether the mud and cement is holding, if it is there may be no need to complete their relief well to plug it from below. >> police say two machine on a
5:46 am
motor sch robbed a woman of more than $100,000 worth of jewelry. police say she was walking with two shopping bags when they drove up. 1 man got off the motorcycle, said he had a gun and took her bags. the men then sped off. dozens of caregivers who lost their jobs over the weekend following a strike held a rally outside their former workplace. it took place yesterday outside piedmont gardens in oakland. workers went on strike for five days last week. when they returned to work saturday morning 37 of them were fired and replaced. residents of the center say the old workers are missed. >> they know the people living here. and it is difficult to really function without their help. >> now the owners of piedmont gardens say they are on a
5:47 am
rehire list. the union representing the workers is considering filing a complaint. >> some alameda county residents may not be able to cool off in a public pool because of new rules over drain covers. environmental authorities say they have had to temporarily close several public pools because those facilities are not in compliance with federal safety regulations. under the new rules pool and hot tub owners are required to install drain covers to that people won't get sucked into the drain or be trapped in it. a landmark san francisco restaurant is closed indefinitely. the washington square bar and grill has a sign in the window now blaming the bad economy for the restaurant's closure until further notice. this restaurant became a hangout for local political figures, journalists and celebrities after opening in 1973. two years ago it closed because the owner was badly in debt and the restaurant known for its white table clothesd a polished
5:48 am
wood par was sold. the new owners re-opened hoping to have more success but apparently that has not come true as yet. >> 5:47. let's go back over to sal. there is a big problem on 580. >> all right. we are flying by the seat of our pant just getting these pictures. i will show them to you in a second. live up in livermore. westbound 580 past portola avenue. these are the first live pictures from the ground. this is from our photographer on the ground there on 580 westbound here in livermore just a little bit before the airway boulevard exit. all this material is out there going to have to be cleared and it is going to be another thee hours, so again this is a live picture here allie rasmus is on the scene. she is just about to provide a live report for us in just a
5:49 am
moment. she is out there right now talking to chp officers. we do know it is going to be there for a while, westbound 580 before airway and the traffic problem is huge. let's go out to the bay bridge toll plaza. that traffic is light. there are no problems this morning on interstate 880. 5:48. back to the desk -- to steve. >> sal, thank you very much and on this friday morning some fog. some areas say clear. san jose has fog but the past couple of mornings socked in along with almost everybody else. mostly clear towards parts of the east bay. although many locations still say more fog than low clouds. some of the visibility not as good. a piece of energy dropping down will cool us down a little bit on saturday. today we had the fog yesterday burn off and we warmed up and a similar pattern. although the breeze has decided
5:50 am
to kick up its heels. fairfield thrid, yes 15. so there is a sign maybe temperatures won't be going far but close as we said to thursday's readings. 64 on the high side in san francisco. fog, though, you need a north wind or a northeast to wipe that out not taking shape. high pressure showing signs of building in that just compresses the fog, so 60s by the coast, 70s bay, inland 80s, 90s mendocino county, lake county and the valley. 57 san jose, palo alto 57, 51 napa santa rosa. airport says fog and mild visibility. 48 eureka, 50s, 60s the coast, the fog continues to keep it cool put inland warms up. that strong low on wednesday just sent our temperatures plunging moved out. the next system dropping down by portland. that will pick up some of that fog tomorrow. today morning fog, some of it thick, mist, sunny and warm,
5:51 am
fog burns off soon inland, by the coast stubborn, the city actually had sun yesterday. temperatures in the 60s there. 70s around the bay. mid-80s inland 90s far enough away from fog influence. cooler saturday. warmer inland sunday, monday, tuesday. >> thank you, steve. 5:50 is the time right now. a new survey shoes students heading off to college are not spending as much as in year's past. the survey reports students and parents will spend 19% less on school and dorm supplies, a big set back for struggling retailers trying to boost sales during their second biggest shopping season of the year. some stores such as j.c. penny are encouraging spending by setting up dorm registries that work like bridal registries. oracle is suing google for patent infringement. they claim google's android system violates its patent on technology. it is a software platform that
5:52 am
makes it possible for applications to run on smart.s and other devices. oracle owns it now and google says it has not reviewed the lawsuit so it can't comment. hewlett-packard is cooperating with officials investigating bribery charges. prosecutors charged three hp executives with -- and accused them of paying $10 million in bribes to sell computer equipment for russia. two of the executives no longer work for the company. >> a week ago you never heard of him. today he is america's best known flight attend ant but what does the man on board anger made him a folk hero really want? we will tell you what he says.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
live pictures of westbound 580, the big rig crash that has blocked the two left lanes of 580 just before airway boulevard. looks like the back of the trailer completely flipped over there. chp with their special truck enforcement units are there along with just the regular units and the traffic is backed up all the way back to the 205 interchange, backed up to highway 5 before too long. superbad news it is going to be
5:56 am
there for a while. more coming up. >> that is bad, sal. 5:55. former raider quarterback jamarcus russell just made a stunning admission, he told espn he tested positive for key dean after the raiders picked him as their number 1 pick in the 20007 nfl draft. he is facing charges of possession after being arrested earlier this year. the raiders released him after three disappointing seasons. speaking of the raiders, last night the raiders beat the dallas cowboys under the leadership of oakland's new quarterback, jason campbell. the final score the raiders 17, the cowboys 9. >> the jet blue flight attendant who givenned national attention after sliding down an emergency chute wants his job back, his attorney says he has been a flight attendant for 20 years and his parents were employed by the airline but it
5:57 am
is unclear if that is possible. jet blue says it is investigating his status as an employee and the new york city prosecutor e's office says he may still face charges to that could put him in prison for seven years. >> descras russ traffic, sal, brack it down. >> this truck crash is going to be there for another thee hours. live pictures of the back up, just ridiculous here on 580. normally it is very clue but two left lanes are closed with chp and the truck crash and rather unfortunately it is going to be out there for three hour mors. why? because a truck has flipped over. westbound 580 toward livermore area airway. by the way allie rasmus right behind the camera there kind of walking around she is going to
5:58 am
have a live report. since we are going so long i will do this next camera, 680 southbound looks good south. >> coming up on our 6:00 hour. police swat teams from san francisco swarmed into a east bay neighborhood, surrounded a house and began collecting evidence. we will bring you the latest. >> plus there is a police sketch of a suspect accused of attacking women in walnut creek. the latest on the investigation. >> good morning. foggy for some but not for all. temperatures, will they warm up? we will have the answer in two minutes. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc. it's only 10am. who hasn't had their jimmy dean breakfast this morning? mmmm! now lets orbit i feel awesome. you're all awesome. jimmy dean breakfast sandwiches, fight the morning fade.
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