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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  August 16, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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just seconds from now we will get an update from the danville chief of police of an accident overnight that took the life of a 19-year-old man. >> already some slow traffic in contra costa county and other places. we will tell you where coming up. >> a big cool down over the weekend m warmer today though but it won't last long. 3 details coming up. >> we will tell you why early this morning police order employees at a major supermarket to leave the store. the morning news continues. ♪ [ music ] >> complete bay area news coverage continues. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning. thank you for joining us, it is monday, august 16th. i am pam cook. >> good morning. i am dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic. here is steve. >> mostly cloudy skies again the fog is there down on the deck but will burn off sooner today. temperatures will jump. low to mid 80s, upper 80s, over by the coast and -- [ inaudible ] >> -- 70s to mid and upper 70s
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temperatures running three to 5 degrees below seasonalverages here is sal. >> good morning, right now traffic is moving along well on 80 although it is getting more crowded up to the by bridge toll plaza. when you get to the toll plaza it is still light. now back to the desk. >> sal, thank you. at 6:00 a teenager is dead after a tragic doesn't in danville overnight. at this hour part of glen road is closed for the police investigation. ktvu's kraig debro is at the police station where officers are still questioning witnesses. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave. that's right. several witnesses are being questioned or have been yeahed here at police headquarters, which is just offel searo near 680. the coroner's van was at the scene a few moments ago and collected the body about 30 minutes ago. overnight a 19-year-old man was killed in what appears to have been an accident. there has been speculation that this was car surfing or ghost
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riding. joining me is danville police chief jim simkins, i understand this is not the case. what exactly happened that can clear that up. >> it appears to be a tragic accident at this point. a young man made a last minute decision to jump on to the side of a car that was driving by slowly. a short distance away he either lost his balance or fell off and was killed by the impact. >> reporter: so he was going from one car to the other. i assume that he knew the people in the second car. is that true. >> yes. and it wayne from one car to the other. he was standing nearby and he knew the people in the car and tried to jump on to the car. >> reporter: these are teenagers was alcohol in anyway involved in this? >> alcohol was not involved as a factor for the driver and we won't have any results until an autopsy is completed but it does not appear to be a contributing factor to the accident. >> this is a 19-year-old man from alamo can you tell us anything further or release his
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id. >> at this point we are not releasing id pending family notification. >> where do you have to go from here with the vestigation? i know you are still interviewing kids. >> we will neighborhood canvas and pick up details from anybody that smythe have heard anything and we will map out where the point of impact was and photograph the scene and basically turn over every rock to make sure we don't miss any details. >> thinking about issuing a citation or recommending charges to the d.a. >> at this point we will wait until the investigation is complete and make that decision at the end. >> thanks so much police chief of danville steve simkins again a 19-year-old man dies overnight from alamo, hi id has not been released and still trying to decide on whether to file charges. >> in oakland four people were shot during a three hour period overnight. the latest shooting was on magnolia street but earlier police say a man was shot during an attempted robbery on 59th street. jade hernandez is atthe police
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station with more on the clues left behind at the scene of the third shooting, jade. >> reporter: that's right. the shooters left behind shell casings from several different weapons but police don't have a motive yet in this shooting. we are live at police headquarters where they are investigating this shooting. we can show you paramedics rushing the two teenage victims to the hospital, both treated for multiple gunshot wounds before 9:00 last night outside the recreation at center inside the community park in east oakland. the teens are 15 and 17 years old. we understand one of the teens may be in critical condition this morning. the other is listed in stable condition. since we don't know the extent of injuries we don't know how that second teen is doing this morning. we don't have much information about the teens or even if the teens knew their shooters. police are not releasing what may have led up to the shooting. we do know detectives are
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looking for multiple shooters. as i mentioned earlier we are live at police headquarters were officers have been busy investigating three overnight shootings, one that happened around 9:00, one at 10:00 and one that handed an hour later at 11:00. live in oakland, jade hernandez ktvu channel 2 news. >> 6:04. it is back to school today for some bay area school districts. at straes elementary in san jose students are heading back to a dramatically different campus from the one they left because of a huge fire at the school. workers spent the weekend finishing up work on the ounds there. that fire back on july 5th burned 2/3 of the school. now teachers are eager to welcome their students back and say they are thankful for donations from the community and from businesses. >> even though this has just been a horrible situation, the community has been -- the spirit of the community has been just amazing. not just within the boundaried areas of trace but i can tell
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you across the nation. >> now each of the teachers who lost their classrooms in the fire received a thousand dollars to help them replenish their teaching materials. that school is also in the running to win half a million dollars in a contest sponsored by kohl's department store. >> supporters of same sex marge are pushing a federal appeals court to let same sex weddings resume on wednesday. but late friday critics of same sex marriage asked the niewnth circuit court for an emergency stay to put those marriages on hold. the move comes after the judge ruled that california's same sex marriage ban is unconstitutional and says that same sex couples can begin marrying on wednesday. opponents of gay marriage claim that allowing same sex couples to marry during the appeal process will be harmful. gay marriage supporters disagree. our channel 2 website has the special section on the legal fight over proposition 8. go to and click son the gay marriage tab.
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>> 6:06. an apparent bogus 911 call caused tense moments at a safeway store in menlo park early this morning. officers from several police agencies were on the scene within minutes after a midnight caller reported two gunmen had gone inside a store on sharon park drive. now police immediately ordered the dozen employees inside to leave the supermarked while the searched for nearly an hour. they didn't find anyone inside. the employees told them they never saw any gunmen. there were no customers inside the store at that time. >> 6:07 is the time. we want to check in with sal. hopefully no big problems for the commute. >> yeah, we have been doing pret well this monday morning. i am hoping that we are going to ease into it nicely. let's check out highway 4. traffic is moving along pretty well up to the willow pass grade. no major problems there. as a matter of fact we have been doing very well driving on 880 and love the eastbay highways look good.
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not a bad commute at all. this morning's commute on westbound bay bridge is still light. now things may change in the coming hour so we will keep track of it. here is steve. >> thank you, sal. good morning. on this monday pretty good low spinningwill start a cool down tomorrow. today we have warm air aloft and the fog is right down on knee deck. over the weekend up around 2500, 3000 feet, down be low 1500 right now, some of it has moved locally inland and temperatures will be round slightly today and come right back down tomorrow as that low spinning there starts to move in. we have had benefits of a cool summer as you know. temperatures, low fire daer and air quality great. tough for otheareas tomatoes can't ripen because of no heat. been lousy beach weather and temperatures have been so cool along the coast, the coolest in 100 years for some. yesterday another example of
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record low maximum temperatures. laguna beach 68, newport beach 66, ocean side 62. those were highs. a record low at long beach of 58. not ly cool on the coast here but really cool down there as well. san francisco starts off cold and foggy at tboof. 65 for a high. temperatures today inland come up about 5 to 10 degrees warmer. i say that cautiously because every day it seems leak we are hard-pressed to warm up. 52 napa santa rosa, 52 san francisco. temperatures stuck. almost every reporting station has fog. more fog than just low clouds. 50s valley. near 90 in sacramento. another cool day up and down from eureka to san diego and l.a. this system will play into our weather tomorrow enhance that fog and start a cool down.
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today away from the coast you will get a little warmer weather then a dramatic cooling trend kicks in toward the end of the week and carry us into the weekend. fog will burn off sooner today. breezy at times. west-southwest wind. 60s, 70s, 70 santa cruz, 70s around the bay, 80s inlistened, far enough yay low 90s cooler tuesday, then much cooler towards the end of the week. >> 6:10. we have breaking international news right now about a jetliner crashing in the cor rib bean, 137 passengers were aboard a boeing 737 that crash lands. only one passenger has died, five others have been hurt. the colombian airforce says this plane broke into three pieces when it crash landed there. some of the witnesses say a lightning strike may have caused this crash. we will have more details on
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this crash in the caribbean with 131 passengers on board when the information becomes available. >> federal agents are now leading the investigation into the fire that destroyed the post office in downtown heels burg. two firefighters suffered minor injuries. investigators say there is no sign of arson. they believe electrical wiring in the old building may have started that big fire. long time heelsburg residents say this former safeway store has been far more than just a place to drop off mail and buy stamps. >> this is heartbreing bus it was never the most attractive building but it was the center of town. >> you know they were talking about tearing it down and people's will prevailed. it brings everybody downtown and you saw everyone you knew and i think it helped the local shopping. it is a shame to lose it. >> it is still not clear how much mail was lost put the
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postal service says mail delivery will continue today at the other office. >> still ahead on the morning news we will tell you why north korea is threatening to launch its severest punishment against south korea. >> and take a look at this. this is a pair of zebras making their way for a wild night in a sacramento suburb. we have the story. >> reporter: live in washington, president 0 bam any route to california today for political fund-raising but a controversy will chase him the whole way here. the story coming up.
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good morning again and welcome back. there is more controversy this morning surrounding president obama's remarks on plans to build a mosque near ground zero. scott mcfarlane joins us now from our washington, d.c. newsroomith more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. president obama is california bound later today and this red- hot controversy over a mosque near ground zero will chase him the whole way to california. mr.obama has defended the pls to construct an islamic center 94 the site of the 9/11 attacks in new york, the so-called hallowed ground, saying muslims have the same freedom of religion as all other americans. he then later softened his stance by saying he didn't think the mosque was a go idea. republicans have seized on this
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issue and trying to corner his fellow democrats with it. >> the president of the united states said it was fine and dandy with him that a mosque be built at ground zero. mr. president. it may be fine and dandy with you, but it is in no way fine and dandy with us -- >> one dopplar cratic u.s. senator this morning says the economy will likely remain the key issue for midterm elections not this but it is certainly a wedge issue as mr. obama makes his trip later today. live in washington scott mcfarlane ktvu channel 2 news. >> 6:16, today is the start of the louisiana shrimp season but fishermen are worried consumers won't buy their catch after this oil spill in the full of mexico. seafood from the gulf has been declared safe by state officials who say there are no signs of oil in the fish in
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zone, however price are low and they say the spill has taken a big toll on their industry and say it is tough to keep track of which ers are open for fishing. the president promises not to tore get the gulf region as it struggles to recover. they spent the weekend in panama city, florida. businesses there are happy about the publicity after losing most of to tourist season. they hope pictures like this will encourage visitors from around the area and around the country to make an end of the summer trip to the beach. president obama by the way arrives in southern california this afternoon. he will be helping to raise money for the democratic cona campaign committee at a fund- raising disirning los angeles, seats for that dinner are priced at $2500. >> u.s. and south korean troops
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have just begun a round of military drills today despite threats from north korea. over the next ten days thy thousand u.s. troops along with 56,000 soldiers from south korea will take part in computer simulated war games. an angry north korea claims this is preparation for an attack and warned that it will retaliate against south korea. >> 6:17. back here at home sal it sounds like everyone is behaving on a monday morning. >> that's right, everywhere, even in the south bay. we will start there with 237 westbound traffic is looking very nice crossing 880. if you have your job there you can get to it quickly. moving along 880 northbound on the right you can see traffic at the speed limit. it stays that way to downtown. this morning's drive pat the toll plaza has not become bad and hopefully will stay this
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way. around this time is when they start turning those metering lights on depending on the traffic. at 6:18 here is steve. >> on this monday morning low clouds and fog again. some of that mist and drizzle by the coast and bay. the fog will burn off sooner today and temperatures will come up but still a gray morning. not the inland extent on the fog as we saw over the weekend but still making a push. an area of low pressure to the left of your screen will come in tomorrow. ahead of it high pressure has built in, warm air aloft which signals a warm in trend today compared to what was a very cool weekend. the upcoming weekend looks just as cool. 80 santa rosa. 74 yesterday. that is uptown. 65 in the city, 84 wall knit creek, 70 oakland, downtown, san jose 73 to 79. mt. tam eight degrees warmer at 67 compared to 24 hours ago. a pretty good signature for warmer weather plus the sea breeze at travis is about half of what it was yesterday.
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that low, though,, is going to put an end to d warm up that will start tomorrow. it could even produce a few afternoon clouds and showers near there oregon border today fog and drizzle, sunny, warm, breezy at times 60s by the coast, 70 santa cruz, 70s bay, upper 70s mid-80s to upper 80s far enough away from fog fliewngs, more fog cooler tuesday, then much cooler towards the end of the week dave and pam. >> thank you, steve. this morning lowe's announced higher profits during the quart that ended in june. they credit improved sales and lower operating costs for the increase. revenue also grew by 4% but the company says there won't be any consistent improvement unl the labor and housing market improve. best buy has ordered a wisconsin priest to stop infringing on its geek squad trademark. he drives a black vw beatle with door stickers bearic god squad in a logo similar to best
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buy's electronic troubleshooting geek squads. best buy says it appreciates what the priest is doing but it is a bed pressie department to let anyone violate its trademark. >> it was wild time in one part of the sacramento area after a couple of wild seeb bras got lost. they escaped from a private farm. you can't see them but they are out there. they are being loaded on to a truck for the trip north. they escaped from animal control officers and police for quite a while. >> dogs or something spooked the zebras and two of them got out. they are do mess ty indicated. they can pull carts. you know they can do a variety of things but they are not used to the excitement that happened this evening. >> a lot better with the pictures. it turned out a car hit one of those zebras but it wasn't seriously hurt. the first seb before was found upspeed of a dated pool area. it got into the water as a matter of fact in the park there it is right there, an apartment complex, pam, the
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other escaped the trainers for four hours before they coaxed it into the trailer and took it to its new home up in oregon. >> isn't that something you typically see running around the neighbor. >> a couple of seeb bras. >> 6:21 is the time. a weekend disas tear in the mojave desert is raising several critical safety questions, we will hear from one person who witnessed the deadly rasing accident. >> also there is another show of supporter for johannes mehserlewe will tell you what the counter protesters plan to do. >> traffic moving along on the foggy sunol grade. we will tell you more about the morning commute and another look at your monday forecast coming up. ♪ but we go, cause ya gotta eat bold. [ male announcer subway fiery footlong subs. the bold-acious new turkey jalapeño melt and buffalo chicken. subway. eat bold!
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got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? justi don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting.
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>> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru. ♪[ music ] good morning. traffic is moving well on the bay bridge. san mateo, golden gate and even on the richmond bridge, a little foggy there but f now no trouble crossing the bay area bridges. 6:25. back to the desk. >> police say a rally in support of johannes mess ms was peaceful despite a small number of counter protesters there. about 20 people gathered in front f city hall yesterday protesng messerly's
6:26 am
involuntary manslaughter conviction, they say the fatal shooting of oscar grant was nothing more than a tragic accident and want to show their support. >> so we want to come out here and say thank you to them and tell them that we appreciate them and we would also like to send a message that johannes mehserle was wrongfully convebted and we would like to see him set free. >> supporters of oscar grant were also there and say they will post pictures of the messerly supporters on line. he faces sentencing and will face 5 to 14 years in prison. we have more on our website. look for the messerly tab right near the top of the page. >> the chp is investating a disastrous off-road racing accident in california's mojave
6:27 am
desert, hundreds of fans watched in horror as eight people were killed. 12 others were hurt. it happened saturday night during the california 200 race about 100 miles north of northeast los angeles. witnesses say one driver lost control of his truck, which then smashed into the crowd. >> facing the other way like looking at this thing and the truck came over and caught air and got sideways and i seen people scrambling and as soon as it hit it rolled on top and hit people and people flew and like went all kinds of directions people scatter k, running trying to help people. >> the tragedy is already raising safety questions. the race track has no guardrails or anything else to keep the crowd back. >> 6:27. coming up next on the ktvu morning news, concord police have made an arrest this morning. someone who they say planted pipe bombs in the mmunity park. we will bring you the latest on
6:28 am
that investigation. >> in danville this morning within the past 30 minutes police released new information about what led up to the death of a 19-year-old man overnight. >> also students from all over the bay area are heading back to school this moing. some san jose students are heading back to a very different kind of campus.
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[ bell rings ] >> welcome back to the morning news. they just rang that opening bell on wall street. looks like a lower opening as you can see the numbers starting to pop up on your screen. that is following some losses overnight in asia, japan's growth numbers coming in less than analysts expected, lower than analysts expected i should say, so that looks like it will weigh a little bit on our markets as well. you can see the dow jones down 30 points. >> i was looking at their faces
6:31 am
they seem kindoff stunned but it is early. good morning to you, thank you for joining us here on the ktvu morning news, monday, august the 16th. i am dave clark. >> i am pam cook, time now is sick 30 m we are learning new details about what led up to the death of a type incher. he was killed when he fell from a car. kraig debro is at the police station with more. >> reporter: good morning, pam. police say they had to go back out into the neighborhood and probably just a few minutes to canvas the neighborhood to make sure they have all the facts in order to complete their investigation. they say all the teenagers involved in what appears to be an accident right now, all knew each other and are distraught over what happened. police say a white toyota land cruiser appears to be the vehicle involved in this accident. we shot this video about 90 minutes ago. it is difficult to see police are blasting their cruiser
6:32 am
lights out of consider we would videotape the body of the man. the people in the vehicle were headed to another home and the victim wanted to go with them. as the land cruiser pulled away according to police the unidentified 19-year-old alamo man jumped on to the side of the vehicle and then jumped off -- fell off. >> we are not sure if the car rolled over him or not. we won't know until an autopsy which -- whether it was the falling off or the car hit him or a combination. >> reporter: police say they are awaiting toxicology results but there are no obvious signs that drugs or alcohol were involved. police say he did not live on the street but may have been atippedding a party on the street. police are not reting his name just other relatives may not know about his death just yet.
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>> time now 6:32. president obama will arrive in sowter earn california this afternoon. this is the president's plane, marine 1 just landed a couple of seconds ago. we are looking at the pictures now and normally shortly after that that door will flip down and the president will come walking off and then he walks over to get on airforce 1 to make that trip to -- to sohern california, but again we just wanted to catch the president's helicopter as it just landed and the president will be heading for southern california, now he is going to help raise money for the democratic national campaign committee at a fund-raising dinner, the seats are reported priced at $2500, more details later. in other news at 6:33, a concord man is facing charges after being arrested over the weekend suspected of planting pipe bombs at a community park. police say an informant led them to 31-year-old timothy
6:34 am
david wilson. he was arrested at his home a couple of miles from new hall park. three pipe bombs were found in that park last month. the bomb squad safely detonated all of them. the police searched his home and discovered bomb making terms as well as drugs. >> a man suspected of attacking three women at a apartment complex is due to make his first court appearance today. 22-year-old antonio andre muteon of berkeley faces rape, attempted rape and burke larry charges and is accused of three assaults at the park rancey apartments. deputies announced the arrest on friday but investigators say they took him into custody last tuesday after they received a tip from the public. his bail is set at $12 million. a man accused of a deadly shooting in bay point is also due in court today. 30-year-old prudenceio rubio is charged with killing hector
6:35 am
sanchez, police discovered sanchez's body inside rubio's home last wednesday. he led officers on a chase before he surrendered. investigators say the shooting resulted from an ongoing dispute between them. we now know knee identity of a bit cyclist hit and killed by a hit-and-run driver. the driver fled the scene but was arrested two blocks away and was charged with vehicular manslaughter. >> it is back to school and students in one hool are coming back to find major changes. claudine wong is out there getting reaction. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave. yes, i talked to the superintendent this morning who told me getting this campus ready for today was nothing short of heroic and mir rack
6:36 am
clues. i want to show you how things have changed here. take a look and you can see what fire did. it damaged that entire area. that entire area was where they have first and second grade classrooms were held. so what they did is moved the first and second grade classes paul the way across the street. you are looking at what used to be a baseball field. it is now an entire area of classrooms. and that is the new wing of trace elementary. everything over here has been introduced up. yesterday teachers were inside getting classes ready, crews putting final touches on new grass and the newportables everything working together to try to make sure everything is ready to go when the kids get here today. in fact we ran into a fining contractor here this morning before the sun came up just to make sure every last detail was taken care of. >> listen to them, yeah, came all together, yeah, it was pretty write god crews and everybody worked together to
6:37 am
complete this project. >> reporter: to understand what a monumental task that was all you have to do is look at the images from july 5th when the fire raced through the school. firefighters believe it was arson but still have not made any affidavits. the superintendent says that is disappointing but what is important he says now is that the message is clear that education comes first. >> it has been miraculous, the community has come through. all kinds of materials for the class rooms, supplies, and the business community has come through, wells fargo with 25,000, office max with a thousand dollars for each of the teachers. >> reporter: there have been so many doe nations there are these signs outside the classrooms this morning that say thank you for all the support but with don't want any more material things like books. what they are still asking for is money to specific supplies can be purchased and asking people to get on line to try to win money from a contest and
6:38 am
expressing their thanks. take a look outside this new wing and you can see a sign asked people to get on this contest and welcome back to school. consume does start here at 8:30. the superintengdents are coming in here on a bus. all that for you on mornings on 2. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> 6:37 is the time. we want for feta look at traffic this morning. how is the commute sal? >> still pretty good pam and dave. as a matter of fact we don't have a lot going on, which is great. let's take a look at the bay bridge. a back up forming here. nothing major but it is getting more crowded, especially in those middle lanes trying to get through. the metering lights section. also this morning 880 north and southbound, again the freeway seems to be wide open. we are looking at the chp reports. not a lot going on when it comes to stalled vehicles or collisions right now. traffic is looking good up into
6:39 am
the maze area. san may bridge traffic is at the speed limit. get any weather tweets? >> i have not logged on. >> all right. >> thank you i will. >> all right. >> i appreciate that. we do have a lot of fog this morning and the fog has actually come down compared to the weekend. a little low to the left of your screen will come in tomorrow, today a one day warm up, into san francisco, 58 at 9:00 in the morning, 62 at noon, then 65 warm degrees so that is still below average for this time of year. 60s coast, 70s bay, mid to upper 80s inland, should rebound 5-7 degrees mt. tam eight degrees warmer than sunday morning. sea breeze has been cut in half at travis. two signs we look for. temperatures at the surface with fog reported are chilly 52 mill valley 10 beer ron, same
6:40 am
for so no, ma'am, a gilroy pleasanton 53, san carlos tbiervetion vallejo five, the desert no problem warming up, long the coast chilly, temperatures will be lowe average and additional cooling for inland areas as that low starts to move in tomorrow. today a little bump. this does look like the warmest day of the week for inland areas, coast can't cool down too much, 50s, 60s there. strong area of low pressure looks like it wants to dig into the pacific northwest by the weekend, which will give us a rather cool pattern. fog and drizzle gives way to sunshine then warmer for some, mid-80s, upper 80s, my the coast and bay 60s and 70s, maybe the fog burns off sooner but it will be back. cooler tuesday and a significant cool down end of the week. >> time now 6:40. ahead on the ktvu morning news
6:41 am
some mixed news about childhood obesity. >> good morning. i am jade hernandez live in front of oakland police headquarters where they are investigating three separate shootings, 1 that has two teenage acres we will have more on the morning news on 2. we will be right back. >> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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well good morning to you, welcome back, here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you right
6:44 am
now at 6:43. supporters of same sex marriage want a federal appeals court to let same sex weddings resumed on wednesday but opponents say they should not pe allowed during the what peels process. president obama is mac ig adjustments to his comments supporting the building of a mosque near ground zero. speaking at a white house dinner commemorating ramadan he said muslims have a right to build on that site but would not say whether he thought it was a good idea. today is the be fink of louisiana's shrimp season put the fishermen there are worried no one is going to want to eat that seafood after that oil spill. >> a violent night in oakland, four people were shot in three different parts of the city. the latest shooting was on magnolia street, earlier police say a man was shot during an
6:45 am
attempted robbery on 59th street. jade hernandez joins us now with more on the third shooting, which is at the recreation center. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. we contacted oakland police this morning and right now what we do know is this that the shooters left behind shell casings from several different weapons in this specific shooting. police don't have a motive just it. in fact we are live in front of oakland police headquarters this morning where they are investigating and we can show you this morning paramedics taking away two teenaged victims to the hospital. both teen boys are treated for multiple gunshot wounds. they were shot several times just before 9:00 last night outside the recreational center inside the community park in east oakland. the teens are 15 and 17 years old. we understand one of the teens may be in critical condition. knee other is listed in stable condition. we don't know the extend of his injuries. we don't know he he is doing
6:46 am
this morning. we don't have much information about them or even if they knew their shooters. policer a not releasing what led up to the shooting but they are looking for multiple shooters. we are live at police headquarters, where they have been busy investigating these three separate shootings, one, this one that involved the two teenage boys that happened just before 9:00, one at 10:00, and another at 11:00. reporting live from oakland, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> as we mentioned there were two other overnight shootings in oakland within three hours of the police are still looking for the gunman who shot a man several times at 32 odd and magnolia at about 37ly last night and the victim is now listed in critical condition. there is no word of any motive there. an hour earlier there was more gun four during an attempted robbery on 59th street not far from the berkeley border, one victim was taken to a near pi hospital with several gunshot wounds. he is expected to survive. police are still looking for
6:47 am
the gunman and police do not believe the shootings are related. >> time now 6:46, there will by an autopsy today on phillip markoff. the so-called craigslist killer who police in boston say killed himself in his cell over the weekend. hoe entered a plea of not guilty to charges he robbed and killed a masseuse who posted her services on craigslist last year, he may be connected to 2 other robbery attempted, no one was killed in either of those cases. a new study found some good news and bad news about childhood obesity rates around california. researchers say public health campaigns are helping to steer caulk indication, asian and latino children away from unhealthy foods. however they say obesity rates among african american and native-american children are still going up.
6:48 am
researchers say public health initiatives designed to combat obesity need to be more clues sf of all communities. >> well it is a clash between lizards, dogs and their owners at a park. a woman who walkings her two pet lizards on a leash has complained that offleash dogs bother her pets. she says walking dogs without a leash violates park rules. according to the journal police have been called there three times over the past few weeks because of a conflict. the dog owners say that have been walking their pets at the park for years and should not have to leave. >> 6:48. let's see what sal sees, no fighting in the commute, right? >> no, kind of a quiet commute for this monday. i think a lot of people want to ease into it. they have not had a lot of things going on. 24 westbound is okay through lafayette. we can't show you the whole picture because there is a lot of fog there. the freeway is not doing all
6:49 am
that well -- that slow. the freeway is doing well, i would say. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. small delay and off you go into san francisco with very little delay on the span. this morning on 237 already a little bit of stop and go traffic just west of 880. 6:48. here is steve. >> , all right, sal, thank you and good morning on this monday here we go again. a little more fog, so reduced visibility. pockets around the bay, coast as well and local misty conditions. we get a slight warm up today. an area of low pressure that is coming in tomorrow that is going to put the end to any warm up. today some slightly warm air aloft and a decrease in the sea breeze that means temperatures will come up but still below average and will stay there. 65 in the city, 841994 the record. oakland 70, three below average, santa rosa 80, should be 82, 99, 1986 your record, mountain view 79 two below
6:50 am
where you should be, 88, 19 forefor mountain view, san jose 79, should be 84. so our cool june, july and half of august now continues. 58 san jose to 42, napa santa rosa san francisco lever more concord at 55. the only reporting station that says clear is concord buchanan field. 55 ukia, low 90s, same to lake county, sacramento near 90 but a cold foggy pattern down to san diego, especially for the coast, that low coming in tomorrow means another cool down. now that will be the first of what looks to be about three. today is the warmest day and by the coast that may not pe that warm but more fog and much cooler. i tell you we are getting to that point of the year where if the forecast models are correct and they keep forecasting this deep of a system we might have to start mentioning rain. it won't happen in this pattern but it is getting to that time of the year. fog and drizzle gives way to sunshine, warmer here for
6:51 am
inland areas mid-80s, upper 80s a few, back to the west 70s, mid-70s, a lot of 60s closer to the beaches. cooler tuesday, then much cooler wednesday. we will carry that right into thursday and friday for another drop up our temperatures dave and pam. >> all right. thank you -- thank you steve. 6:50 is the. overnight stock markets dropped reacting to reports that china is now the second largest economy in the world. japan's growth was slower than expected and that allowed china to move ahead. that isn't the nikae down while other markets gained ground on the news. wall street is following suit this morning. just want to check my screen for the latest numbers right for you. the dow jones down 26 points, the nasdaq and s&p mixed. the nasdaq hanging on to a pain this morning. sylvester stallone is number 1 at the box office again.
6:52 am
the expendablings features 1980s style action with cameos by governor schwarzenegger around bruce willis. eat, pray, love was second and those round out the top 5. >> time now 6:51. we will tick a quick break and be right back. ..the most acclaimed vehicle in its class and a car and driver 10 best third year in a row. summer brings out the best in all of us, so now's the perfect time to get behind the wheel of a brand new cadillac. now during cadillac's summer's best sales event... get zero percent apr financing for 72 months or this attractive lease offer on a cts sport sedan.
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our time is now 6:54.
6:55 am
let's check in with tori. >> coming up in minutes we are live in danville where a tragic street accident has taken the life of a 19-year-old. we will also be live as the first day of school begins at trace elementary in san jose, hit by a suspected arsonist last month. those stories and more on mornings on 2. now back to you on the morning news. >> tori, thank you. time now 6:55. police now say a fed ex worker robbed at gun point in pleasanton was robbed by his own co-workers. the driver told police four masked men with a shot gun robbed him while he was out making a delivery. police say the suspect escaped with ten boxes some of them containing computers. two fed ex mows would work at the san leandro facility have been arrested. >> two investigations are underway after someone
6:56 am
illegally cut several trees. someone used a chainsaw to cut the top of one tree and cut the branches of six others. deputies cy the view from one home in particular benefits from the trees being cut. the homeowners association, which is conducting its own investigation, says there has been no response from that homeowner yet. faced with many problems the city of vallejo says one issue it needs to tackle is illegal dumping. it says it has gotten so out of control it has assigned one employee to picking it all up full time. the department says last year it hauled away 140 tons of illegally dumped trash that does not include electronics and old tires. >> 6:56. let's quickly check traffic. what are you seeing out there? a developing situation serious in southern california, a high
6:57 am
speed chase of a man trying to flee police after robbing a shooting range. he came in and robbed people who were at a shooting range. he is on eastbound highway 10 in pa mom a heading out to the mount claire area if you know it. going at a high rate of speed many close calls putting a lot of people at risk. we might be losing the picture. now it looks like he is in the bald ngyuen park area so we are getting better information. we will follow this for you on morings on 2. now to steve. >> now clouds and fog. mefty, temperatures will rebound but it doesn't last long, a series of systems keep us well below average toward the end of the week so the beat goes on. >> a cooler cooler beat. >> a cool beat. >> thank you for watching stay with us for mornings on 2. we
6:58 am
want to take you back out to danville this morning. a horrible accident last night. a teenager is dead. we will get the latest on the investigation from the police department. >> stay exactly where you are, mornings on 2 comes your way next. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc.
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