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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  August 17, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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morning news. good morning. thank you for joining us. it's tuesday august 17th. i'm pam cook. >> and good morning. i'm craig def row in for dave. clouds pushing inland more so today than yesterday and the sea breeze cranked up big time. temperatures inland will come down. low to mid-80s instead of upper 80s and low 90s. by the coast doesn't matter. 50s, 60s right at 70 for santa cruz. here's sal. good morning. traffic is moving well on 80 westbound coming out to have the macarthur maze. 880 north and southbound. that traffic looks good. now back to the desk. homicide investigators interviewed a 13-year-old boy overnight after his brother [ audio problems ] -- jade
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hernandez is at the oakland police station this morning with the very latest on the investigation. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. we are live at headquarters this morning where police wrapped up talking with that 13- year-old. we were live in oakland this morning. the young boy that you see wearing a white hoody in this footage is the victim's brother. we watched him leave the police department last night. oakland homicide investigators questioned the 13-year-old and then released him into the custody of his parents. we know the brothers were together at the time of the shooting and that the incident happened before 8:00 last night near san pablo avenue at the boy's aunt's house. what we don't know is how the boys got hold of a gun. after midnight police went back to the aunt's house and pulled out what looked to be a vest and nun chucks.
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coming up we'll have more on what they have to say about the 15-year-old son who did not survive this late night shooting. live in oakland, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. it could be months before gay and lesbian couples can marry. on hold indefinitely. arguments now are scheduled for the week of december 6th. a ruling in this case is unlikely before the end of this year. reaction to the ruling is mixed around the bay area even though same sex weddings are now on hold, the plaintiffs in the case say they are pleased that the panel agreed to expedite the hearing. san francisco mayor says he's satisfied with the time line but calls the decision bittersweet. >> a lot of hearts broken and a lot of families disappointed. certainly the city's family is disappointed because we were ready to go. >> those opposed to getting married applaud the panel's decision to grant an emergency
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stay. >> delighted that the appeals court has decided to uphold the votes of seven million californians and allow this to be argued at the appeals court level in december. >> some attorneys argue that allowing same sex weddings to take place during the appeals process would have created legal chaos if the ban is eventually upheld. you can find out more about the ruling on our channel 2 website. just go to and click on the gay marriage tab. san francisco police are reviewing surveillance video this morning to try to identify the person who stabbed a muni bus passengerred. it happened just before 8:00 last night on the number 29 bus. police stopped the bus but the suspect had already gotten off and fled. the victim was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. the investigation is underway to the officer- involved shooting in burling gate. an officer shot a man near burly gate high school last
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night possibly during a robbery. one witness police first tried to use a stun gun on the victim and then one officer shot the man. he was taken to the hospital where he's listed in critical condition. hundreds of people are lined up outside at&t park right now in hopes of becoming a star. many of them have been out there for hours. we are out there as well. we're talking with the "american idol" hopefuls. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, pam. take a look at this line. they have been out here for hours now. very excited. ready to go. certainly braving the cold temperatures out here. idol auditions don't actually start until thursday but these are the folks who want their wristband today before they come back. this is season ten of "american idol." certainly always carrying a big crowd. but this is the last stop of the idol auditions. they've already been to nashville, milwaukee, new orleans, new jersey and austin. now they're here in san francisco. britney, you're here all the
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way from auburn. tell me about why you're here this morning. >> i want to be the next american idol. >> reporter: what do you think about this line and crowd? you have two days to get wristbands but everyone's here now. >> it's crazy. cold. >> reporter: yeah. you're going to give us a little bit of an example of why you should be the next "american idol." what are you going to sing? >> beautiful. you are beautiful in every single way. words can't bring you down. oh, no. don't you bring me down today. >> reporter: very nice. [ cheering and applause ] everyone so supportive out here. tell me we don't know who the judges are going to be. do you have an idea of who you want the judges to be for this season? >> i have no idea. i'll be happy with anybody. >> reporter: good luck to you. >> thank you. >> reporter: we have this crowd that stretches all the way back by at&t park. san francisco police are here on hand making sure everyone behaves themselves. certainly it's been a quiet crowd. keep in mind this is two days
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of wristband distribution. people will be starting to get wristbands at 7:00 this morning. they're going to keep giving those out until 8:00 on tomorrow morning. and then they can come back at 5:00 a.m. on thursday for the actual auditions. they do have this area blocked off. traffic is moving just fine along third street but the parking lot is filling up as this crowd is continuing to build. we'll continue to monitor things out here for you. keep talking to these "american idol" hopefuls for you all morning long. live ctvu channel 2 news. >> we're counting on you to find the talent. maybe she'll find the next american idol. talking usher and maybe justin timber lake as judges. >> maybe sal. >> i was going to say if they don't have judges who's going to judge these people? >> i don't know who's judging. good morning everybody. let's go outside. take a look at traffic that's what i'm here to do. westbound 80 getting out to the
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macarthur maze no major problems as you drive out toward the maze and no problems getting into the bridge. and taking a look at the toll plaza the traffic looks okay as you come out towards the pay gates it's still pretty light. i want to mention that northbound 280 in the area of couper tin no two lanes are blocked with police activity. but we don't know what's going on. i don't know why the two lanes of freeway are blocked. we're trying to figure it out. police aren't saying much but there are definitely two lanes closed on saratoga sunny vale road in the northbound direction. no big delay yet according to people driving by with their cell phone. if you happen to drive by and could give us information we'd love it. 5:07. here's steve. thank you. a little change today. we had fog burn off yesterday, peeled back to the coast. upper 80s and low 90s. but a spinning right there of that low has already started to ramp up the sea breeze.
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travis gusts to 30. fog, drizzle, mist out there. sunny and breezy. 60s, 70s and 80s. come down about maybe two to eight degrees today. no change on the current temperatures at this time. usually it's 52 to 58. today it's 53 to 58. sacramento 57. delta breeze out to vacaville. sacramento will cool off a little. the fog is just keeping temperatures so cool by the beach. that low even though it weakens considerably this time of year it really helps the fog. so the low spins in and as it does that enhances the fog, picks up the sea breeze as well and that means a cooler pattern. today four or eight degrees cooler. windy at times especially out to the delta. sunny, breezy, cooler inland. highs 50s to 80s. 86 antioch. low 80s danville.
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mid-70s santa rosa. 50s, 60s to near 70 on the coast. cooler today into wednesday. maybe a slight bump up thursday before a really significant cooling trend as we head into the weekend. thank you, steve. police searching for two men seen burglarizing a number of vehicles in a busy shopping area. breakins happened yesterday morning near businesses at oak grove road. three hours smashing windows and taking valuable personal items. >> as opposed to seeing stuff lying in the vehicles i think they're breaking in the vehicles and then searching for items. >> police will describe the suspects as two white males in 30s with shaved heads. they've been linked to two vehicles positively a gray older mazda type. and license plate number resembling.
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5:09 is the time right now. horrific overnight attack in baghdad. up next how a recent decision but the u.s. could be to blame. also tell you how a controversy surrounding sarah palin has prompted new legislation here in california. and the cia had said all of the terror interrogation tapes were destroyed but now a few more have been discovered. i'll show you what's on them coming up. good morning. 680 southbound heading to
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welcome back to the morning news. 12 minutes after 5:00. cia video and audio tapes have surfaced of one of the men involved in the 9/11 attacks. we're live from the washington d.c. news room with a look at what those tapes reveal. good morning, allison. >> reporter: good morning to you pam. u.s. officials familiar are the tapes say they don't show water boarding or harsh interrogations just a guy sitting at a desk answering questions. that guy is 38-year-old u.s. prosecutors believe he is one of the key 9/11 plotters. the tapes two videotapes and an audio tape reportedly show him being interrogated at a secretover overseas prison. the cia said all the interrogation tapes were destroyed but these were found
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hidden under somebody's desk at the national counterterrorism center in 2007. now being held at guantanamo bay and his lawyer say they could be relevant if he ever goes to trial because they could show his state of mind. during my next update i'll show you how government lawyers have denied these tapes even existed. reporting live from washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. the iraqi military is blaming al qaeda for a horrific overnight attack. police say at least 60 people have been killed in a suicide bombing targeting army recruits in baghdad. there are at least 100 injuries. this is video of some of the bombing victims. the attack comes just days after the u.s. formally announced it is sticking with its plan to end combat operations in iraq at the end of the month. today president obama makes his first visit to washington state since his inauguration when he appeared at a
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democratic fundraiser in seattle. he stopped where netted $1 million for congressional candidates. he's on a three day eight mile fund raising trip. they passed the bill intended to prevent another controversy like the one that erupted earlier this year when sarah palin spoke at cal state stanislaus. it would force organizations linked to public universities to disclose how much they pay speakers. the csu stanislaus foundation refused to say how much it paid palin for her appearance in june. hopefully no big problems for the commute. >> we're doing okay. so far we have a couple things we don't know what to make of. so far northbound 280 at saratoga road we have a couple of lanes closed for police activity. we don't know what's going on there. and if you happen to know, just give us a ring -- not a ring that's so old school. you can send me a tweet.
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how's that for new school or go to and drop me an e- mail once you get to your place of work tell me what you saw when you went by. my goodness. northbound 880, southbound 880 that traffic looks good as you drive back to coliseum. and on 80 westbound traffic is moving along very well. 5:15. hello, steve. should i call you on that newfangled land line? >> yeah. try that. >> good morning. sfo reporting drizzle. oakland also reporting drizzle. so some mist drizzles out there also associated with this low right there spinning heading up towards the oregon border, northern california. weak as it may be doesn't matter. this time of year enhances the fog. 54 in san francisco. usually 52 at this time. running slightly warmer. i don't think it matters much. probably only i would notice that. 58, 59, go for a high of 61. just too much in the way of
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clouds and fog. coast stays cool although santa cruz yesterday said 77. i believe it. that's like the first i've seen in about a month over 70. around the bay 70 and inland some low 80s. some warmer folks up in lake county. warmer for about 95% of the forecast area it will be cooler though. 52 napa. 57 san jose. everyone's close again. only a five degree spread. 40s in the mountains. 68 reno. sacramento 57. travis air force base gusts to 30 miles an hour yesterday at this time it was 14 miles an hour. that's a big difference. also low clouds and fog marching further inland at this time than they were yesterday. and it's all because of that low. this time of year even though they look ratherin rock would you say doesn't take much to lift the fog and get the sea breeze cranked up. that's what's happening. today four to eight degrees cooler. the coast can't cool down that much. already in the 50s and 60s.
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cooler away from the coast today. 50s and 60s, put 70 right there at santa cruz and low to mid- 70s around the bay. low to mid-80s inland unless you're really away from any fog influence then you'll be warmer. for many it will be cool down. slight bump up thursday before a strong cooling trend into the weekend. european markets starting the day with gains following most leads overnight. up nearly 1% with china, hong kong and philippines posting gains for the day. japan lost ground as exporters worried that a strong yen would make overseas deals more expensive for their trading partners. checking in on wall street. a couple companies on the dow index reporting earnings this morning, wal-mart and home depot could certainly effect things today. here's where we start. pretty quiet as you can see by the closing bell with the dow dropping about a point.
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crude oil prices edged up in asia for the first time in five days but gains were just about ten cents a barrel to settle in just above $75. a slowing global economy has investors concerned about a dent in demand for oil. this morning the sonoma county board of supervisors will consider approving a new hospital in santa rosa. wants to build a new 82 bed facility north of the city near the wells fargo center for the arts. the company says it needs a new hospital because the old community hospital doesn't meet current earthquake safety standards. the new location built with a helicopter take off and landing pad. received preliminary approval at a meeting earlier this month. it's been called a miracle. coming up we're going to tell you how some experts say most passengers survived that frightening plane crash in columbia. and big names on treasure island to take part in a historic event. good morning.
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northbound 280 to highway 17 the traffic is doing well. but up the road there could be some police activity that could slow you down. we'll give you details straight ahead. south of laredo, there's a place...
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[ male announcer subway fiery footlong subs. the bold-acious new turkey jalapeño melt and buffalo chicken. subway. eat bold! got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru. good morning. little more fog today and also drizzle being reported sfo and oakland and windy towards the gulf. that means cooler today once
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the fog burns off. today senator fine stein will speak at the lake tahoe summit. on the eve of the summit uc davis researchers release new data shows the lake is not losing clarity. according to the numbers lake water is clear to an average of 68 feet. no worse than a year ago but a lot worse than the results of the first study 42 years ago then cleared to an average depth of 102 feet. today treasure island will be turned over to the city of san francisco. house speaker, mayor newsome on hand. plans to erect a brand new neighborhood on the grounds of the old naval base there. thousands of new homes with offices, shops and stores. construction is scheduled to begin some time next year. and this morning the bay area pilot who went to prison in connection with the fuel
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spill is free. he was supposed to guide the container ship safely across the bay on november 7, 2007, but the vessel struck part of the bay bridge leading to a disastrous leak of heavy bunker fuel. investigators believe his use of medications and low visibility caused by heavy fog. >> i would say that one of the biggest areas of risk that we still have is that we have a lot of single hulled ships going in and out of the bay. >> now the coast guard requires a half mile visibility before a bar pilot can guide a ship near one of three major bridges. he was the first bar pilot in u.s. history to be sentenced to prison. he served ten months. officials say the woman accused of starting a fire in a courthouse has committed suicide. the 40-year-old was one of two people arrested in connection with the june fire. she was found dead in her cell on sunday. authorities say she used bandages from a pre-existing medical condition to hang herself. she pleaded not guilty to arson
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and other charges. she was due in court for a preliminary hearing friday. aviation experts are closely studying that plane crash in columbia that's being called by many a miracle. the boeing 737 broke into three pieces as it was trying to land yesterday. remarkably only one person out of the 131 on board died and authorities say she may have suffered from a heart attack. six people were seriously hurt. but most of the other passengers only suffered minor injuries. experts are trying to figure out how those people survived. >> the escape slide was deployed. what you also see over here is a pretty clean break. i think what you're going to determine is that this aircraft impacted the ground, split apart because of the severity of the impact. there was no fire. >> survivors recall everything being normal prior to the crash when all of a sudden without any warning the plane plunged
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to the ground. while the cause of the crash is still under investigation, authorities are looking into reports that the plane was hit by lightning. first day of school in san francisco came with some extra lessons about a growing epidemic of whooping cough. the schools are cautioning parents about the need for vaccinations while 80% to 90% of children have been vaccinated there are some who haven't or haven't had a booster shot they pose a risk particularly in classrooms. >> younger children who don't wash their hands or don't cover their mouths when they cough. those children who may have not been fully protected are at risk of transmitting to other children. >> doctors have seen a fair number of cases recently. the ones who tend to get sickest are the ones under the age of one. bay area kayaker with a close encounter he'll never forget. details when we come back. >> reporter: it is theft from cars, but with a twist not even done under cover of night.
5:27 am
i'm consumer editor with a warning for us all still ahead. plus a teenager shot and killed at the home of a relative. what oakland police are saying about the incident this morning. checking bay area roads. so far so good. just a couple of things we'll tell you about coming up next. guys remember,
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welcome back.
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it's tuesday august 17th. dave clark has the day off. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. it's a sunny day i guess. [ laughter ] how's the weather, steven? >> not funny for some. cool day and an awful lot of drizzle. just looking fairfield right now forecasted high is 82. 30-mile an hour wind right now. that's not a gust, that's sustained. sea breeze in full force. that means cooler inland. traffic is moving well on interstate 80 heading out to the macarthur maze. no major problems. also this morning's commute looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza. a 15-year-old boy is dead after what's believed to be an accidental shooting. it happened just around 8:00 last night near san pablo avenue. police say the boy and his 13- year-old brother were at an aunt's house when a gun went off. not clear how the gun went off. police are still investigating. walnut creek police
5:31 am
searching for two thieves who have been targeting a popular shopping area. the car breakins all happened yesterday morning at businesses near oak grove roads. that's where ktvu is this morning with details. good morning, tom. >> reporter: you know individual and even group car breakins are nothing new. they happen all the time. but this many crime waves should be a warning to us all. >> two white male suspects in their early 30s associated with two separate vehicles. one was a dark colored vw pass at. and the other a gray sedan with a wave symbol in the back window. >> reporter: the two men crew boldly hit vehicles smashing in windows between 7:00 and 10:00 a.m. yesterday. similar crimes apparently occurred at concord sun valley mall over the weekend where there's lots of roaming security. but here's the twist. unlike at christmas time when folks are warned not to leave packages visible, these thieves
5:32 am
were not lured by obvious temptations. >> as opposed to seeing stuff flying sling in vehicles i think they're breaking into vehicles and searching for items. >> reporter: one of the things you need to understand is that even the slightest temptation provides a signal. this is nothing but more than a battery charger but it suggests there could be a computer, telephone, maybe even a gps in the car. the gps mound in the car another problem. if the mount is there and the gps isn't most thieves are going to think it's in the glove box or in some other place easily accessible. bottom line is if you leave anything in the car whatsoever, you're really asking for trouble. if you don't leave anything in the car then there's less stuff to steal. i know it's an inconvenience but that's kind of theft culture we have right now. channel 2 news. hayward police investigating a drive by shooting that left one person injured. it happened around 1030 last
5:33 am
night. the shooter fired as many as three shots at the home. one person grazed by a bullet but not seriously hurt. also investigating a shootout that happened in downtown that happened in broad daylight. people started shooting at each other around 3:30 yesterday afternoon. witnesses reported an argument followed by as many as five gunshots. no one was hurt. fairfield police have released surveillance video of an attempted robbery at a cell phone store. it happened friday at the metro pcs store on north texas street. take a look at the video. two men walked into the store and demanded cash. one was armed with a handgun. the store owner quickly turned the tables on the two men and pulled out his own gun and fired several shots. the two would-be robbers ran away apparently uninjured. a 27-year-old man drowned while swimming in a quarry pond in american canyon. the victim has been identified
5:34 am
as neilly richard the third. he was swimming with a group of friends yesterday in a pond on south napa junction road. friends called police after he disappeared under the water. divers recovered his body almost four hours later. police say the quarry is on private property that is fenced off and has no trespassing signs posted. police in danville are releasing new information about the death of a young man who fell from a moving suv. that happened late sunday night on glenn road. investigators say justin died after he hitched a ride on the outside of a friend's suv. the 19-year-old then lost his grip and fell to the pavement. police say there's no evidence that the young man was engaging in a stunt known as car surfing or ghost riding. a livermore mother accused of having sex with two teenage boys has refused entering a plea. her lawyer asked a judge for more time because he and the prosecutors are still
5:35 am
exchanging evidence. outside court her husband spoke publicly for the first time. he says the couple's three children are doing as well as expected. she returns to court on the 3rd. family and friends show up to court accused of sexually assaulting three women. 22-year-old charged with rape, attempted rape and burglary. police say the dna evidence links him to at least one of those attacks at the park regency apartments. the contra costa times reports his mother lives nearby. he is scheduled to return to court next week to enter a plea. muni reached another milestone in its upgrade to the new clipper system. the first clipper ready fare gates and vending machines were unveiled yesterday at the civic center station in san francisco. the all in one cards will eventually be accepted by most bay area transit systems. of the $30 million spent to upgrade the clipper $11 million came from the federal government. 5:35. let's go over to sal and find
5:36 am
out what's happening. it's very early still but anything cooking out there yet? >> no. things are actually doing pretty well. we found out that the police act activity that we had on 280 is no longer there. the freeway's open for you there. let's go out and take a look at the toll plaza. bay bridge toll plaza looks pretty good as you head off towards the city no major problems continuing out towards the san francisco area. and this morning's drive is going to be okay if you are driving on westbound 92 getting off to 101 north or southbound. if you are driving on the south bay so far so good on 280, 101 and 107. here's steve. thank you. good morning to you all. well, draw your attention right here to travis. west-southwest 30. that's not a gust. that's their sustained wind. a turbo charge flow master sea breeze. that means they're done. low 80s. 81 or 82 on a high. inland areas are going to come
5:37 am
down. southwest at 7 at vacaville if they get a sea breeze that means they'll be cooler. sfo at 9. napa west-southwest at 8. any time santa rosa or north bay gets a south wind in this kind of a pattern that's a cooler breeze. same for santa cruz. today what's happening is there's a low i'm standing right in tonight of and i'll get out of the way so you can see it. that low heading up towards the oregon border that's enhancing the sea breeze and giving more fog. a lot of drizzle. had some on monday morning really thick toward the city and coast. more today. sfo and oakland reporting drizzle. 61 in san francisco. been a cold couple of weeks no doubt about it. fog, drizzle, sunny. from san pablo out to delta usual suspects wind will be more than breezy but you know you get what i'm saying. 60s, 70s and low 80s inland unless you're up towards lake county. still upper 80s or low 90s.
5:38 am
52 to 57 san jose. 90 las vegas. sacramento will cool down due to the sea breeze as well making it all the way to the delta and sacramento valley. when the national weather service in sacramento says sea breeze is increasing at travis, that marine base they're even looking at it. gusts over 30 a good signature on a cooler trend. low doesn't look like much but it's already starting to enhance itself with the fog and sea breeze. cooler weather now by the coast it will be socked in. santa cruz yesterday finally broke free from the 70s. but they'll cool down today. 60s to 80s through the interior. four to eight degrees cooler but the biggest cooling will be if i felt in the inland area. sunny, breezy to windy noticeably cooler inland. livermore yesterday 8 8. go 84 today. fairfield will cool down considerably and mid-70s some and low 70s to 60s closer to the coast. warmer on thursday. not much. a bump up before a huge cooling trend into the weekend.
5:39 am
well, the phrase shark week has taken on a whole new meaning for a bay area kayaker. he came face to face with a great white. the shark chomped on his board for several minutes after flipping it over. the man managed to escape the close encounter with just a few cuts and scrapes. hundreds of people are lined up outside at&t park right now in hopes of becoming the next "american idol." we're out there with the talent this morning. have you picked up some good potential hopefuls here from the bay area? >> reporter: well, there are so many and not all are from the bay area. they've come from far and wide. this is the last city to get auditioned this morning. and they have come out here. it is cold out here. they are bundled up. they have been out here for hours. they were only officially allowed to line up here at 12:01 this morning. but the folks i've talked to out here with security say they have had people working around
5:40 am
across the street as early as 8:00 yesterday morning. that's when the first questions started coming in about where they are going to line up. this line stretches as far as i can see down past the cove. here's how it works this morning. they are going to start handing out wristbands about 7:00 this morning. the wristband distribution will be continuous for the next two days until thursday at 8:00 a.m. everyone who gets wristbands this morning will be asked to come back here at at&t park at 5:00 a.m. on thursday morning. that's when the actual auditions will begin. certainly everyone here believes they are the next "american idol" as do you. tell me your name. >> calvin johnson. >> reporter: where are you from fr? >> redding california. >> reporter: how good are you? >> i say i'm pretty good. >> reporter: going to give us a little sample of a song? what are you going to sing for us? >> super star by luther van daughter or dose.
5:41 am
♪ [ music ] >> reporter: very nice. [ cheering and applause ] tell me who do you want to be the next judges on "american idol" since that's up in the air? >> i wouldn't mind pdiddy. j lo. >> reporter: that's who you're pitching for? >> sure. anybody like that. >> reporter: good luck to you. i'll come back and get you. i know there are lots of people who want to sing. it's not hard to find people out here who want to sing. these are the die hards because they can come out here any time over the next 48 hours and get these wristbands but these are the people who want them first. so they will get them first. it doesn't mean they will audition first. we are told they will get certain sections inside at&t park on thursday morning at
5:42 am
5:00 a.m. they'll be piling in there in a couple of hours. we'll keep an eye on things out here. we have people selling refreshments, security, sfpd. things seem to be moving along smoothly here. live in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. thank you. you were just saying someone could make some money selling refreshments out there. 5:41 is the time right now. still ahead, a toddler survived a fall from a second story window. we're going to tell you how he's doing this morning. plus a pop star's facing charges because of a relationship she had several years ago. why she could be headed to prison. good morning westbound 24 traffic looking good getting up to the tunnel. we'll tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead. it's not back-to-school, it's forward to what's next
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good morning. a lot of fog. low clouds. drizzle. sfo, oakland, lots of drizzling being reported there and the sea breeze cranked up. cooler inland. highs 50s, 60s by the coast. low 80s mid-80s inland. good morning. it's 5:54. quick look at stories we're following now. it could be months before clerks could hand marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples. same sex weddings put on hold indefinitely while arguments continue for proposition 8. reviewing surveillance videotape to identify the person who stab and had injured a muni bus passenger. it happened just before 8:00 last night on the number 29 bus. an investigation underway into a shooting in burly gate. the man shot is now listed in
5:46 am
critical condition. the world bank announced today that it will redirect $900 million of its existing loans to pakistan to help with the relief efforts there. with nearly 20 million people effected by the worst flooding in years, the united nations says malnutrition is now a major risk. despite a growing relief effort the victims have yet to see any assistance. the swollen river may burst banks again in the next few days. a south carolina mother is facing charges this morning after her two young children died inside a car floating down a river. she is charged with leaving the scene of an accident and now investigators are wondering why it took nearly an hour for her to seek help. police found the submerged car near a boat ramp with the motor still running and the children strapped into their car seats. investigators are waiting for autopsy results on the two boys to decide whether to file additional charges. a scot valley to the her
5:47 am
who survived a fall from a second dire window is back home this morning. the one and a half-year-old fell more than 10 feet and hit a car parked in a driveway on sunday afternoon. it's believed he may have knocked out a screen on the window or crawled out when it fell on its own. the toddler taken to the hospital only with a chipped tooth and scrapes and bruises. one of hollywood's biggest stars now dealing with a health crisis. people magazine reports doctors have discovered a tumor on michael douglas' throat. the 65-year-old oscar winning actor will undergo eight weeks of radiation and chemotherapy. his doctors are confident he'll make a full recovery. another rough year for mel gibson. he crashed his sports car into a malibu hillside sunday night. the spokesperson for gibson says the 54-year-old actor is okay and doing fine. chp says gibson was not drunk but he said he did not know how his car drifted off the road and into the hillside. no charges have been filed.
5:48 am
he's been in the headlines recently because of alleged domestic abuse and alleged custody battle over his young daughter. a german pop singer this morning charged with knowingly infecting a virus with aids. she had sex despite the fact she knew she was hiv positive. charged with causing grievous bodily harm and could face several years in prison if she is found guilty. a verdict is expected at the end of the month. okay. time now 5:40 -- wait. i missed that. 5:48. let's go over to sal starting on highway 24 where a lot of people are coming in from the east bay. that's right. good morning to you once again. we are going to start with 24. you can see my twitter address below if you come across any public transit delays. that's the best way we get them nowadays. just tweet me. this is highway 24. 24 looks good. bart rides through there. bart is on time.
5:49 am
we've been checking with them. so ace train number one leaving the south bay. let's go take a look at leaving the central valley for the south bay i should say westbound bay bridge toll plaza looking pretty good. small delay at the toll plaza. and if you're driving on 237 westbound that traffic looks very nice heading out to highway 101. 54:00. here's steve. thank you very much. if you want to tweet me some weather sp weather. people send in stuff very foggy, drizzle here. had a good report, couple reports yesterday of drizzle. that's exactly what we're looking for. today the wind has really picked up out of travis. gusts 33 miles an hour yesterday was 14. that is a huge difference. and low spinning right there near the oregon-california border. that's on its way in. that means temperatures will be coming down inland today. 54 in san francisco. 5 and 59 go 61. inland areas warmed up yesterday. the coast except for santa cruz everyone else stayed about the
5:50 am
same. they did warm there though. 60s around the coast, 70s on the bay. if you're far enough away there will be upper 80s to low 90s but mt. tamalpais i expect the low to drop fast. sonoma 54. yesterday though even though mt. tamalpais was warm a lot of the higher elevations was warm the sea breeze was nonexistent. today that will negate any warming aloft. 57 also at sacramento but there's a delta breeze even to vacaville. once it makes it there that means sacramento cools off as well. 50s and 60s up and down the coast. there's one low. there will be a series of them coming in this week a. strong one for the weekend. in fact if it was into september i would say we might be looking at rain but we'll just go with cooler weather. that would be today four to eight degrees cooler. breezy to windy depending on
5:51 am
where your location is compared to the delta breeze or sea breeze. fog, drizzle then sunny and breezy. fairfield yesterday was 91. go 81 today. when you get gusts to 33 miles an hour that's a big drop in your temps. santa rosa 75. 60s along the coast and then some upper 80s well inland. fog, sun, more of the same wednesday. a little warmer thursday in advance of a system drops in a big cooling trend by the weekend. 5:50 is the time right now. world's biggest retailer annoyanced a profitable second quarter. cost cutting measures and growth in china, brazil and mexico helped boost profits 3.6%. revenue at sam's club stores here in the u.s. are up as well and the retailer increased earning guidance for the rest of the year. mcdonald's looking for about 1,000 new workers today. a statewide hiring day. all the jobs are part time but anyone who works 20 hours or more a week qualifies for the
5:52 am
company's medical benefits. managers will be conducting interviews and hiring at most of the chain's 500 restaurants in northern california. jobs range from cooks and cashiers to management positions. paramount pictures announced a new multipicture deal with sky dance productions. the 27-year-old son of oracle founder has raised $350 million to produce between four and six movies that will be released by paramount. sky dance will focus on big budget, action, adventure and fantasy films. he says some of the money came from his father but the rest came from other investors. well, on the eve of a new school year, new tougher requirements for incoming freshmen at one bay area high school. and new information this morning that shows california public school students are making the grades.
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welcome back to the morning news. as students head back to the classrooms some high schoolers may be surprised to learn that they are facing new graduation requirements. the 4200 freshmen in the san francisco school district will have to complete all college prep classes before they can graduate. that means they have to pass 15 courses, four years of english, three years of math through advanced algebra and two years of a foreign language. school board approved the requirements last year and the class of 2014 will be the first
5:56 am
affected by the four year plan. academic performance among california public school students continues to improve. state education officials released results from the standardized testing and reporting program also known as the star program. in spite of drastic budget cuts students improved by two points in verbal skills and approved two points in math. it's the eighth consecutive year of improvement. the star testing measures performance from the second grade to the eleventh in language, math, social science and history. now you can check out the star test results for your area on our channel 2 website. just go to and look for the right now section. facebook users should be on the look out for a new scam involving a fake dislike button. experts say there is a link making its way around prompting users to down load the nonexistent feature. in reality it's being used by scammers to gain access to personal information. right now facebook does not have an official dislike button
5:57 am
but chief executive officer said last month it might add one in the future. french researchers have scientifically answered the question about the best way to pour champagne. scientists say pouring at a slant as you would a beer would preserve more of the co2 bubbles that preserves flavor than traditional straight in method. >> i thought you were supposed to tilt it. >> i did too. i love being a researcher on that one. coming up on 6:00. in our next hour we're going to have a report from the scene of a shooting that took the life of a teenager. and we'll tell you why same sex marriages may not resume until next year if at all. good morning. low clouds, fog, cooler today. we'll have the cool forecasted highs coming to you.
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning. i'm jade hernandez. oakland police involving a shooting with two brothers. one brother did not survive. hear what the family has to say. traffic getting busy in key areas. yesterday especially away from the coast temperatures warmed up but today they'll come right back down. i'll have those cooler numbers. and take you out to at&t park this morning.


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