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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  August 17, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> reporter: the vigil happened right behind us. the reason we're at this vigil, his former coach teaches the team here behind me. they will have a vigil to celebrate his life. >> a nice kid, he's a tiny little kid. little for his age but he had a big heart. >> reporter: in a few weeks, marquell would have been a sophomore in high school but that all ended last night at about 8:00. marquell was at his home with his younger brother when the two were in the bathroom playing with a loaded gun. >> you can get a gun faster than you can get a pistol now. >> reporter: now that the tragedy has hit the family, he hopes families will do more to protect the family. >> right now we're trying to
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find out how the child got the gun how he got that loaded firearm. >> reporter: police say it's unclear if there were any adults at home when the accident happened. last night, officers questioned the 13-year-old and released him. police say they believe the boys brought the gun to the site and now officers are trying to find out who the gun belongs to. at 7:30 his friends and family will gather here at emeryfield behind me. a woman from freemont has already donated a burial plot. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. two deputy chiefs in the department have been demoted. ktvu's david stevenson is live in the city with details. >> reporter: ken this latest shake up comes just two months
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after police chief gascon reorganized his staff. >> i was told they will no longer be deputy chiefs. >> reporter: police department officials refused to comment this week. but assistant chief kevin cashman and investigation commander are this week being demoted to the rank of captain. >> there's nothing to the fact. >> he needs people he is comfortable with. if you get two really solid people in those positions. >> reporter: each man has served in the department for more than 20 years. both have superviral or investigation ties to the department's crime lab where retired technician debra madden is accused of stealing drugs. >> i know these are two fine officers. i haven't heard of it being
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parallel to the drug lab case, but anything is possible. >> reporter: reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson. a virginia man who was shot and killed in downtown oakland will be honored tomorrow night at 6:00 p.m. a memorial for 45-year-old kim will be held in oakland's china town. the event is a fundraiser for the victim's wife and children. kim was visiting the bay area on july 18th for a job interview. police say he was robbed of $17 then shot at 18th and webster. two suspects are now facing murder charges. police say they arrested three suspects in connection with an attempted robbery of a cell phone store in fairfield last friday. authorities released this video of the incident. one suspect pulled a gun but a store employee pulled his own gun and wounded a robber as they took off.
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a hospital visit led police to one suspect yesterday. police say a second suspect was recognized in court during an unrelated case. detectives then identified a third suspect who police say drove the get away car. we have an update on that fire on highway one, calfire says it's contained the vegetation fire which shut down part of the highway. firefighters were able to contain the fire to about 1 acre. the highway patrol shut down the highway in both directions while firefighters battled the blaze. power lines are down and pg & e is on the scene. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. tiny high tech baseball jerseys could give some preschool teachers in the bay area more time to teach. the kids at george miller school have begun wearing the jerseys. the tags along with sensors all over the school can track
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whenever a child arrives, leaves, even eats. teachers used to have to log those activities themselves, in order to submit attendance records to the state. >> now, when we free the children to lunch, we just have to push a button and it's done. so we don't have to check the paper. >> reporter: contra costa county says the system paid for by a federal grant could eventually save thousands of hours of work. the race for a council city seat is heating up. some people are calling it downright nasty. it involves candidates who are familiar with controversy. right now it has become a battle of sound wars. >> reporter: we're here in little saigon site of those controversies. little saigon is in district seven, a diverse community.
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nguyen is running for reelection after surviving a recall started by groups angry of her for not supporting the name little saigon for the area. at least eight large campaign signs have been torn down all on private property. >> it's not just vandalism, it's stress with property. >> reporter: the trick, nguyen got this message from rudy rodriguez, a coordinator for her opponent. >> madtyson, your volunteers or you have placed signs on my latino supporters who are now supporting min. these signs will be removed tonight. i'm not going to point any fingers in terms of who did this, but the text message is a clear indication that this is foul play. >> reporter: rodriguez deny that is saying the message referred to signs at specific homes. >> there's a harmless heat of the moment message that was
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sent out. and my opponent is trying to come out as a victim. >> reporter: voters we talked to agreed. >> yes, i think it's cowardly for them to do that because they are not playing fair. >> reporter: san jose police say they have received the complaint from nguyen and are still considering whether to launch an investigation. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. santa clara coroners office has identified a body. carlos alberto valecia was shot while attending goats. valencia's body was found early sunday morning in a ridge on a remote area. sheriff's office is asking for people to call them if they have any information about
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valencia's death. 28-year-old kelly bennett has a rare form of cancer at the base of her skull. a fundraiser over the weekend at a college. bennett noticed unusual pictures, that led to the arrest of a man who police say was planning an attack. the nancy pelosi, the secretary of navy and mayor newsom were on hand for the change of guards. there's a redevelopment plan for treasure island. >> we want to work with the redevelopment plan and try to
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be a part of the new neighborhood. construction on the bay bridge is moving quickly now and some new deck sections will speed it along even more. two big pieces arrived and will become the new eastern span of the bridge. caltrans says the work is progressing so well it expects the pieces to be in place by next week. the next sections of the power are due to arrive in october and when all of the work is complete, the signature tower arrives 100 feet above the current traffic and will completely change the look of the bridge. california is now among three states reporting salmonella illnesses now linked to eggs. 13 brands are affected including lucerne which is found at safeway stores. the company says the shells of the eggs may be contaminated with salmonella. you can go to for the complete list and to learn what to do if you brought those
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recalled eggs. coming up, we'll tell -- beautiful weather across most of the bay area today. outside right now we still have mostly clear skies, there's the fog bank offshore. that will impact our forecast for tomorrow, details just ahead. both the culinary cook off on the peninsula. why inmates are putting their cooking skills to the test.
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bay area researchers report good news about the obesity epidemics. there is some bad news for others, ktvu health editor john
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fowler joins joins us now with the study. >> reporter: this new study raises questions and a challenge: bay area researchers studied 8 million california middle schoolers for the first time among young whites, latino's and black males, obesity stopped rising. >> in some instances a decline now so that's very excited. >> reporter: but the bad news obesity still rising among young girls. >> some groups are still growing so we have to get those right. >> we don't eat as we should. >> i see it a bit of -- >> reporter: no junk food.
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>> candy, chips, gum, it is totally banned from the school. >> even when we put on our school events, we don't allow soda or junk food of any kind. >> run raps, then jumping jacks and stretches. >> students lose about 5 pounds their first year. >> i used to not want to do like a lot of sports during school. >> now a basketball and track athlete, teaching good habits young may help these young people avoid what doctors say could be a staggering epidemic of disease. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. on wall street today, a slight improvement in the housing market and a big jump in industrial production. the dow rose 103 points to end the day at 3,205. the nasdaq closed at 2,209. >> despite the recession it has
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been a good summer for tourism in san francisco. the latest numbers from the visitors and convention bureau shows hotel occupancy rates up by 12% in may compared to may 2009. at the chancellor hotel in union square, the occupancy rate there is over 90%. that's about 20% higher than last year. officials at sfo say the number of international passengers rose about 14% in june compared to june 2009. while many employers have few jobs to offer, it's a different story at the golden arches. today selected mcdonald's restaurants sought a one day open hiring day. aiming to bring on 1,000 new workers statewide. at one bay area store more than 70 people showed up to apply for 25 jobs. applicants range from teenagers to laid off tech workers. unfortunately because of the economic times, they don't have positions available and we are lucky and we are excited that we can get some very, very
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good people. >> some mcdonald's franchises offer medical benefits to employees working halftime or more. and starbucks is offering a reserve line. bay area inmates may be setting their sights on becoming the next top chef. the hosts of dignitaries served as judges. four teams participated including female inmates. the inmates can continue taking classes when they are released. >> this is the first time in my life i've gotten out of jail and went down the right path,
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so this school has built up my confidence. they've given me a lot of support in all areas of my life. the sun actually peeked out of the fog in some areas. >> plenty of sunshine across most of the bay area. temperatures warmed up coast side but inland a little the different. we have that fog bank way offshore. and also point rays station as we do head to the south. maybe a few patches you can't see closing in on belinas. for the most part we have mostly clear skies and also for san francisco. weather story for today is this, now we had clear skies, but the fog will be on the increaseover night. we'll stick with the pattern, warm temperatures inland, the extended forecast we have
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another cooling trend to talk about. temperatures for tomorrow once again ranging from low 60s for the beaches, warmest locations inland, basically in the low to mid-80s, around 82 to 85. not a big change for tomorrow. by thursday we're going to warm things up a little bit as you can see here as high pressure briefly returns, look what happens in the extended forecast, this weather system moves in from the north, it is a cool one, you can see the impacts, we're going to increase the fog and cool things off by the week end. by the weekend, warmest locations inland barely making it up to 80 degrees. for tomorrow morning, definitely bundle up. areas of fog and drizzle showing up again. we could have partly cloudy skies inland and temperatures low to mid-60s into the afternoon hours. partly sunny for the coast, also for the interior, there's the eventual temperature range. concord at 81, antioch mid-80s. oakland tops out 68, more neighborhoods with mountain view right around 70, san jose
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74, these temperatures will check in right around 3:00 or 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. here is a look ahead and a little mini warm up as we head into thursday, as you can see high pressure strengthens, it's just a little bit overhead. then into the weekend we will cool things off once again for saturday and into sunday. julie, you've been offered a couple of weeks out of the bay area, the weather pattern since you've been gone has not changed one bit. we've been talking about fog and cooler temperature. >> it's cooler where i went to. health care providers say they worry that further delays in passing a state budget could force the closure of some health clinics. community clinics and health centers across the state will receive their last medical payment on august 19th. after that they'll receive ious until a state budget is passed. health clinic closures would
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face patients into emergency rooms to seek health care. governor arnold schwarzenegger introduced a high tech way to connect health centers with patients. it's called hitv. >> through technology you should be able to get help any where at any given time especially in ran emergency when lives are hanging in the balance. >> reporter: the 30 million project has been available to improve health care access in kraá california. there is a lot of talent on display in california today. thousands of american idol hopefuls have been lining up outside of at&t park but they don't actually have to show off their singing skills just yet. for now they are there to get a wristband that will get them into the idol auditions which are on thursday. >> i rather be safe than sorry
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and have it be too late than they say we can't try out. >> registration continues nothing thursday. so you still have a shot to become the next big thing. for a clip of today's season hopefuls you can go to coming up, a baseball legend to hit the home run shot heard around the world has died. we'll hear more on thompson. and a special event to help kids in need, details next. droiiiid.
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what this droid does will change how you do web connections. this creates a mobile 3g hotspot, powerful enough to fuel multiple devices at will. putting you at the center of your own world wide web. introducing the new droid x. the next generation of does.
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a few oakland players volunteer. >> you can look around and hear the thrill the kids are getting out of an event like this. like i said i think it's just as satisfying for us. we're obviously privileged to be able to make a difference in our community, i think we all recognize that and we take advantage of that opportunity. >> reporter: local high school leaders also helped out. volunteers of america and the major league baseball players trust sponsored today's event. a former giant and a
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baseball legend is gone. mark ibanez is here to tell us what's going on. >> bobby thompson, a man who provided probably the most dramatic moment in the history of baseball has passed away in his home in savannah, georgia, but who could forget his shot heard round the world in 1968. >> incredible moment brought to you by hodges over the brooklyn dodgers. he had been in failing health over the last few years and passed away in savannah, georgia where he was now living at the age of 86. bobby thompson. quite a gentlemen. meantime the local guys doing all right for the giants and unfortunately for the giants, local guy also means
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for the phillies too. first though the good news for san francisco, pat burrell gets a nice ovation at the play of philadelphia. jimmy rollins with a clutch 2- out hit off barry zito. phillies eventually go ahead 4- 2. and giants in the top of the 8th inning are batting but trailing 4-3. full highlights tonight at 10:00. the a's hosting the blue jays. but bobby thompson had a chance to play in a fantasy camp many years ago. very modest, great gentlemen. brushed off all the -- all the attention. couldn't believe people were
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still talking about it, that's how modest he was. and coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36, the study involves researching brains of dead athletes who died of brain degenerative decides. one athlete is a former 49er. we'll have the full report coming up in 30 minutes. that's our report. i'm ken wayne. >> i'm julie haener, for everyone here at ktvu news, thanks for joining us, have a great night. [ horn honks, indistinct conversations
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