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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  August 18, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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warning about a major recall. dozens of people have become sick. all ahead on the ktvu morning news. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> welcome to wednesday, august 18th. i am dave clark. >> i am pam cook. let's start with steve paulson. how does it look? >> mostly cloudy out there. a descent sea brie, but the low clouds, not any dryel. they will burn off and how to mid-80s inland. the cooling trend kind of continues away from the coast. by the coast once the fog burns off it is not too bad. 60s and 70s. here is an update on your traffic with sal. >> right now northbound 101 looking good. guess what? we can see it. it is not too foggy to actually see this freeway with our live camera network. that is pretty good. if you are driving on 880 north and southbound that traffic also looks very nice. now let's go back to the desk. >> sal. thank you. at 5:00 the d.a.
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is investigating an officer- involved shooting in burlingame, now that the mother of the -- [ inaudible ] >> -- in the neighborhood where that shooting occurred and there is new information about this case. good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning. the mother is now speaking out. and she is outraged. she says her son should not have been shot and killed by police because he wasn't even carrying a weapon. now burr lange game police say 20-year-old edgar came at them with a knife outside his home on myrtle road monday night. they say they tried to detain him, even used a theyer on him and he refused to comply and that is when they shot him. his mother says he suffered from a mental illness and refused to take his medication. he had been drinking and became beggar rent. when she called his therapist he advised her to call authorities for help. it is a decision she regrets and she is angry police shot her son so quickly. he was pronounced dead at the
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san francisco general hospital. police tell a very different story. they say they acted in self- defense. both officers are now on paid administrative leave pending an investigation. as far as the mother, we will be speaking with her live later on in the show. so stay tuned for that. live in burlingame, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> san jose police are investigating two stabbings to see if they could be connected. the first one happened last night at payne avenue and south winchester boulevard. police say a 17-year-old boy and a 19-year-old man were stabbed in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant. for one victim the injuries are life-threatening. an hour later a 34-year-old san jose man was stabbed near story drive. he is expected to survive. police believe the attacks are gang related. the investigation continues. an geeviction is scheduled today for the san francisco dance club where a man was
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killed last month. the lease for jelly's club was terminated after lee farlly was shot to death outside the club. post say it started with an argument inside the dance club but officials for jelly's denies that. attorneys for the club say that jelly's will continue operating despite the eviction notice, the issue is expected to end up in court. >> santa crew sheriff's deputies say a theyer was used on a man who they say resisted arrest during a court hearing. 29-year-old angel was arrested yesterday on theft related charges but as deputies were taking him into custody there was a struggle and a taser was used to subdue him. he is now facing additional charges. an autopsy will be performed today on the northern california man found dead while vacationing in hawaii. the body of the unidentified 38-year-old man was found in his hotel room on the island of oahu. his six-year-old son was also in that same room but he was not hurt. police say there is no sign of
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foul play in this case. >> a marin county resident could face severe penalties for allegedly damaging several trees at mcnear's beach. the residents, whose name has not been released. could be charged with vandalism and trespassing connected to the cutting of the trees. a neighbor called sheriff's deputies after hearing investigators were looking for whoever cut the trees without a permit. the county could also reassess the property value of that person's home because the view from the house improved after the trees were cut. police in venetia say daytime burglaries are on the rise, four homes were burglarized last month the latest on monday afternoon on west 14th street. witnesses say they saw a small gray suv near that house at 2:00 in the afternoon. the other burglaries happened on cambridge drive, casa grande street and cooper drive, all between 10:00 and 3:00. >> 5:04. the next phrase of a chp crack
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down on people using cell phones while they drive starts today. last week 900 drivers were cited on the first day of that campaign. today officers will not only pull over people who are talking or texting while they drive. they say drivers will also be stopped for even looking at their phones. violations include a fine of $20 for the first offense, $50 for convictions after that. >> oh, boy. 5:04 is the time. let's check in with sal again for a look at traffic. >> one word about those cell phones -- >> yeah. >> -bates fine is not what you end up paying. the base fine is like 23 dollar others 50 dollars, but double it or triple it because they add all these costs on to it. >> right. >> a ticket that is 20 bucks is like 100 bucks and goes up from there. >> quite serious. >> yeah, exactly, quite serious, good morning, everybody, just a word of warning all right, there you go, could ruin your day and you could be unsafe, which is the
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most important thing. this is westbound no problems there. the traffic is okay on the bridge. this is a look at the westbound bay bridge, no problems on the way into the city and i must give steve some -- a com men dation here. because it is clear all the way into san francisco. i could see for a long time. sonata lot of fog out there, northbound 280 up to highway 17. now the fog may come in later. we are going to ask steve about that right now. hello, steve. >> now, sal, you can see visibility wise, not like stars is what you are saying. >> i can see. it is not like stars but i can see san francisco. >> which is rare. the inland areas cleared and temperatures warmed up. you can thank that low moving into northern california and oregon but there is a tail-end of that wrapping back around. so low clouds increased and the wind is still there.
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look at 3 lows. interesting. much warmer than lately. much warmer. san jose at 60. the city at 57. stop the presses, breaking news. usually they are 52. that is a big difference. all they need are those low clouds to plow out of there and they will be mid-60s, oakland- berkeley 60, napa-santa rosa 65, sonoma airport says fog and 3/4s of a mile visibility so it is not completely clear. 57 sacramento, ukia 50, 50s up and down the coast, upper 50s to near 60 in southern california, the water temperatures have gone up, that has helped to warm these up. there is a low and an even stronger one for the weekend, so warmer for tomorrow put the weekend all signs point toward a cooler breezy blustery windy paper as a very strong system for this of year digs down in. today low clouds, sunny breezy, cool to warm, temperatures not that far apart compared to
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where they have been for some, low for mid-80s, 60s, 70s coast and bay side, upper 70s low 80s away from the coast so even the they are below average they are pretty close. fog and whatter thursday and then friday and the weekend it does look a little cool and breezy. >> a recall of more than 200 million eggs is underway following an outbrake of salmonella, they are produced in iowa but sold nationwide including here in california and distributed under threerch brands including lu serb, albertsons and ralph, a spokesperson tells us they have already pulled the eggs from their store shelves. >> but any customers who may have that product in their refridge rater is asked to please discard it or fill free to return it back to one of our stores for a full refund. >> more than 250 people across the state have been hospitalized after eating
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contaminated eggs. common symptoms of salmonella poisoning typically include diarrhea, fever and cramps, to determine if your gs are involved in the recall check the product code on that egg carton. the recalled eggs have the plants numbers 1026, 14 13 and 1946. the eggs have sell by dates from may 16th to august 13th. we have posted all of that information on our website and precautions that you should take before eating and handling eggs. again you will find all of that information at, right under the right now section. >> all right. time now 5:09. it is a new day for the san francisco police department as top officers are called on the carpet. we will tell you what happened and how it is connected to the controversy surrounding the police crime lab. >> and a surprise announcement from a well-known voice. that story coming up. >> reporter: and how do americans think president obama is handling the economy? i will have the results of a
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new pole coming up. >> we have a new accident that just popped up in the south bay. also looking at the east bay traffic here. we will tell you more about that coming up. our real national pastime?
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a new pole gives the president his lowest marks yet for his handling. economy. alison burns joins us from are wash ton dc bureau with a look
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at how that pole could impact the upcoming elections. good morning, alison. >> reporter: good morning, pam. you are right, this latest poll shows that president obama really has a steep hill to climb convincing americans he is doing a good job handling the economy. this is video of him arriving in ohio on a three day campaign swing to try to help democratic candidates and will talk to a family today about how his policies have helped create jobs but a new pole show 61% of americans say the economy has gotten worse on his watch and most americans disapprove of how he is handling the economy. republicans say they are the party to create more jobs and looking to take over congress in november. >> the political environment certainly is very treacherous for democrats right now. they are in -- they are facing a -- an elect tore rate frankly that has turned away from the democratic policies in washington. >> reporter: but republicans have their own challenges.
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coming up next hour i will show you who the pole shows is more popular, democrats or republicans in congress. for now we are live in washington, d.c. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> time now 5:13. well, some scientists disagee with the government about how much oil still remains in the gulf of mexico. now, this video was released by the scientists. it shows an area 40 miles south of panama city, florida, with droplets of oil floating in the water. now they believe as much as 80% of the oil is still there be low the surface. that contradicts the government's claim that half of the spilled oil has either been collected or it dissolved. back here at home there has been a shake up within the san francisco police department. two high ranking officers have been demoted. the president of the police officers association says assistant chief kevin cashman and investigations commander john loft advertise were demoted to the rank of captain
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by chief george gascon. both have more than 20 years experience write the police department. >> there is no way around the fact that you are going backwards. you have been at the highest level and now you will go back to a lower level but everybody is readjusting there are no guarantees or certainties under the chief. >> both men had supervise oral or investigationtive connections to the crime lab where a former technician is accused of stealing drugs. the chief has been making changes and so far has not commented on the demotions. >> alameda's 5 cheer is taking heat for filling up his personal vehicle and having the city pay for it. david kapler who earns a salary of more than $195,000 a year was caught on camera filling up his bmw and his pick up at the gas pump. some firefighters took the pictures and forwarded them to
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the mayor, who called him for an explanation. he said the free gas is part of the deal he made with the then city manager when he signed on as fire chief in 2007. >> all right, time now 5:15. let's go right to sag. we have got a sig alert, sal. >> that's right, for those of you who don't know what a sig alert is, it is a pretty serious traffic jam and now we have a big problem in san jose. milpitas area, southbound 880 at the expressway. a flipped over car blocking all but one lane of the freeway and soon traffic will be backing up heading south toward the airport, southbound 880 at the expressway, so watch for slow traffic and there are injuries in this crash, southbound 880. basically 880 southbound, just before 101. a couple of exits before 101. if you are heading down to san jose and using 880 either get on the freeway early or use 237, cut across the 101 that way or use 680. don't use 880 because only one lane is getting through. they have issued a sig alert.
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it will be there for a little bit. taking a look at the san mateo bridge westbound 92 traffic looks 0 over to 101. nice clear weather here at the toll plaza for the first time in a few days you can kind of see what is going on. traffic is doing well. 5:16. here is steve. >> sal, thank you:it is not really clear clear, it is cloudy but the clouds are way up there. only the sonoma county airport says fog and 3/4s of a mile visibility. but everyone says cloudy and so it is a low cloud deck pushed up because of this system right there. that also produced, watch right along the organize gone border. thunderstorm activity. that is pretty good for august. now it is up there but it is also enhancing that fog again, so that areas in the higher elevations have really cooled off. mt. tam 62. that is nine degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. that is a big drop. yesterday at this time they were low 70s. then you had mill val and
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tiberon 52. now they are 62, san enselmo 55. so things are leveling out. it just means that it will be cool breezy once all these low clouds burn off. sonoma in town 55. although i did see outside of town 49, so just depends on where you are, menlo park 56, vallejo, crockett and pleasanton 58. 59 tahoe, ukia 50. that is chilly there. they were 89 yesterday. so a little cooler. that system to the north ushered in that cool air aloft so probably in the 86 degree range today. there is the low. another one out there then the stronger one coming down for the weekend so it looks like cool breezy peash. slightly warmer tomorrow. a cool windy weekend as that system digs in. it should be strong enough to wipe out the fog there will be so much cool air aloft. low clouds burns off. sunny breezy. cool to mild to warm. it may be one of those situations where inland areas are sunny but breezy to windy. on the coast and around the bay
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once it burns off not too bad. 60s and 70s. similar to yesterday. it will be sunny, cool and breezy across the board after everything is said and done. warmer thursday. here comes your system for the weekend. a lot of wind and just below average temperatures, pam and dave. ♪ [ music ] >> stocks across europe are down slightly this morning. that follows ups and downs in asia overnight. japan nikkei gained 1% with markets in south korea, malaysia and india closing up but china, taiwan and hong kong all lost ground on concerns the economy will continue to slow down. checking on wall street and where we start the day today. after nice gains yesterday by the closing bell dow at 10,405. up more than 100 points. nas gabbing and s&p also posting gains. decent retail numbers coming in for knee quarter, including target and then some news from levies. we will continue to watch
5:20 am
stocks throughout the morning. general motors has delayed filing for the initial public offering of its new stock. sources close to the company says the timing depends spiral on gm and not the underwriting banks. in slightly more than a year they have gone from bankruptcy to what is said to be one of the biggest stock offerings ever. it is expected to raise between 15 and 20 billion dollars and stock sales are likely to start before thanksgiving. >> 5:19. popular talk show host dr. laura plans to give up her radio show pat the end of this year. she last week apologized for repeatedly using the n word on the air while talking to one of her callers, says she is not retiring. she is the focus of a controversy, though. instead she says she will regain her first amendment rights when her contract expires in december. >> right now 5:20. up next a new controversy has erupted in a local city council race. police are deciding whether or
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not to get involved. the details ahead. >> a disturbing new trend in teenagers and their hearing abilities. >> good morning. 237 westbound looks okay. i will tell you why you might want to actually use this highway instead of staying on 880 coming up.
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good morning. low clouds, rather mild. not as cold as it has been.
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we have lows near 60. once the low clouds burn off sunny and breezy, highs 60s, 70s 80s. >> hearing loss is on the rise among teenagers here in the united states. a new study finds that 1-5, 12 to 19-year-olds, has some trouble hearing. that is up significantly from 30 years ago. it hasn't been proven yet put some doctors suggest that listening to loud music through ear bugs is to blame. they are urging teenagers to turn down the volume on their digital music players. a federal appeals court says a federal law that makes it a crime to lie about receiving military medals is unconstitutionality. the panel sided with a southern california man, agreeing that law violates free speech rights. two of the three justices say there is no evidence that falsely claiming to receive a medal from the u.s. medal is harmful. the u.s. attorney's office in los angeles is considering whether or not to appeal. >> 5:24. vandalism allegations have
5:25 am
stirred up a controversy in a city council race. madison wynn is running for re- election, now ming wong is trying to unseat her. she said somebody tore down her signs sitting on private property and showed us a text message she received that she kays indicates foul play. >> spread son your volunteers or you have placed signed on my latino supporters who are now supporting me. these signs will be removed tonight. >> there is a harmless heat of the moment message that was sent out and my opponent took advantage of it and spin it off in the wrong way trying to convey herself as the victim. >> she denies any wrongdoing and says the text message referred to signs at specific holes. san jose police is considering whether to launch an investigation. >> fire officials in palo alto are warning people who own
5:26 am
older homes about a hidden danger, last september the home we aring you here was destroyed after a dpeas leak lead to an explosion, the fire marshal says the problem is with homes built 50 to 60 years ago because the gas lines are at risk of leaking. >> they were commonly routeing the gas lines in pipe underneath the slab foundations of homes. it is something that was decision continued when they realized score rueings was a problem in later years. >> some homeowners have solved the problem by remodeling. now your utility company can also provide a free inspection. fire officials say if you smell gas inside the home get out and call 911. now our channel 2 website has a link to gas safety information from the city of palo alto, go to and look for web links. when it comes to restaurants some business owners are finding out that size does not matter. industry insiders tell ktvu a number of so-called big floor
5:27 am
restaurants in san francisco's north beach are having financial troubles. in fact the trend seems to be the smaller the restaurant the busier it is. at pell i grini on columbus the idea is to make customers feel like they are at home. >> you photo be good. you got to serve good food. you got to know what you are doing. you got to be friendly. some of these big corporations can't offer all of that. >> now just last week washington square bar and grill closed its doors and 3 larger joey and eddie's is now only on for dinner a few days a week, some cuss tars say they will continue to eat there because they feel the larger ones are all about dislars and cents and not about the customer. outrage and anger this morning about that officer-involved shooting in burlingame, coming up what the mother of the victim claims happened. >> reporter: and the california
5:28 am
highway patrol will be watching drivers closely this week. find out why they are targeting cell phone users. >> and it may be an important warning but do you know what this symbol means? if you don't you are not alone but we will explain next. it's not back-to-school, it's forward to what's next with an hp netbook, samsung reality or lg cosmos for under $20 after rebate. got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok?
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just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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good morning. welcome back to the middle of the week, this is ktvu channel 2 morning news, wednesday, august 18th. i am dave clark. >> good morning. i am pam cook.
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time now is 5:30 let's check in with steve paulson for a little weather. >> we have overcast conditions put not foggy. sonoma county airport is the only one sai theys fog. the low clouds have lifted and cooler air aloft which means the fog will burn off and sunny for all but not very arminland. still a west-southwest wind at travis at 20. 60s and 70s close to the coast and bay. here is sal. >> steve, traffic is doing well around the bay and especially marin county southbound 101 traffic is okay. also this morning we are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, just a reminder we still have an accident southbound on 880 in milpitas blocking at least one of the lanes. that traffic is okay. you look at the bay bridge, this traffic here looks okay into san francisco. one other thing you have to worry about today if you use a cell phone you better make sure you use it with a hands free device. let's go live to oakland where jade hernandez will explain more about what chp is doing today. >> reporter: well, good morning, sal. if you are driving around today
5:32 am
and using your cell phone beware pause the california highway patrol is going to be making sure that you use a hands free device. and joining us this morning is officer sam morgan, thank you for joining us. you are going to talk about part 2 of your zero tolerance campaign. last week was part one. what are you looking for? >> looking for motorists using cellular phone use without a hands free device or any violation that proves to be unsafe while driving a motor vehicle. we want them to drive to arrive, arrive safely. concentrate on the primarily task at hand. >> that is the big thing, this drive to arrive. i know last week they were vigilant and you cited quite a few drivers. >> that's correct. over 900 individuals in the bay area for the violation of using a cellular telephone while
5:33 am
driving. there seems to be a higher level of com plansy and/or defiance because we see a connection. >> why do you think that, com plansy or defiance. >> could be one of either. we have actually had individuals roll up beside a car on the cell phone and all of a sudden it clicks oh, i am not supposed to be on the phone, that is when we talk about could plansy, and they are so distracted they don't see us driving a huge black and white alongside them. so that is a huge concern for us, they may miss things ahead so we want to get those down so they can drive safely. >> reporter: thank you so much. we are live in oakland at the oakland office, we will have more for you coming up within an hour, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the mother of the man fatally shot by burlingame police is now speaking out. he was killed in front of his
5:34 am
home monday night. according to the san francisco chronicle his mother called police for help because he had not been taking his medication for depression and was drinking. police say when they arrived the young man threatened them with a knife. his mother claims her son was unarmed. the san mateo county district attorney is now investigating the incident. >> time now 5:33. oakland police want to know who owned the gun used in an accidental shooting that killed a teenager. 15-year-old markel good win accidently shot himself monday night at the home of an aunt. this happened in front of his 13-year-old brother, who was not hurt. police say that gun did not be long to the aunt. the boy's mother says she doesn't know how her sons got ahold of that gun. >> she just don't know if it is loaded or not and i don't feel anyone should have a gun around the house. >> yesterday they gathered on the football field remembering him.
5:35 am
he just celebrated his 15th birthday saturday and was supposed to begin the 10th grade this month. >> a new survey shows that many drivers may not recognize an important safety warning in their vehicles. now take a look at this symbol. the warning sign that lights up when one or more of your vehicle tires is be low 25% of the recommended pressure. the system is required in all vehicles starting with the 2008 model year, yet 46% of drivers say they don't know what it means. >> you new? >> i do. >> you know everything. >> no, i have one of the cars that knows everything. there is always something lighting up and i got to pull over, look at the manual, what is that. >> i have that same annoying thing in my car so i know what it means. >> yes. >> but it does help to keep my tires pressurized. >> which helps with the gas mileage, yes. >> right, exactly. good morning, everybody. are you in the mood for complaining? if you have to get to work in san jose there is explaining,
5:36 am
southbound 880 an accident that her there for 45 minutes. okay. 35 minutes, blocking two of the lanes southbound 880 at the expressway. an overturned vehicle. still early enough that the back up is not so huge, so if you have to go that way give yourself an extra 10 minutes and you will still get through. they are making progress getting this out. they have a couple of flatbed tow trucks on the scene. let's move along and take a look at north and southbound 880 here in oakland. that traffic does move well. and here at -- on westbound 24 you can see 24 westbound on the right a very nice drive all the way to oakland. at 5:36 here is steve. >> thank you, sam. good morning, everyone. well, yesterday the inland areas cooled down. the coast cleared out. how about that? the coast cleared out temperatures -- doesn't take long you get rid of that fog. today cloudy conditions but the low clouds have lifted and the drizzle is gone so far. low right up to the north along
5:37 am
the oregon border also spinning in you can see a piece of energy there. that is enhancing the low clouds so even concord, livermore, some of the areas say cloudy today. you can actually see thunderstorms. watch again. right here near the border right kaboomy, right there, thit rear. i know not much but you know for august makes me excited that is not too bad. a series of systems will continue to work their way over us. there is big changes today meteorologist onlily speaking mount tamm is nine degrees cooler than yes. there is the cool air aloft and low clouds that have not been wiped out the lows much warmer near the surface. vallejo crockett 58, pleasanton 58. that is mild. the city sitting at 57. usually they have been at 52 for about the last three weeks so five degrees does make a difference. 50 ukia, 89 yesterday, 86 today. sacramento also cooled down, a delta breeze out to vacaville so everything is in place and i should say so with all these lows taking aim at us and high
5:38 am
pressure knocked out of here it will be a little warmer tomorrow. just a little in advance of a system digging down from the pacific northwest and this one has a lot of umphf to it for this time of year. it will give as cool breezy to windy condition. probably strong enough that i think it will wipe out the low clouds. i can't really support itself when the temperatures are so cool aloft and also in the valley but we will fine tune that as we get towards friday. low clouds, dense, sunnyiy, cool for some, mild for others, warm, 60s, 70s 80s for many, almost isothermal and that is not something we say in august, which means temperatures coast, bay, inland are close to each other. fog will lift, sunny, breezy, warmer thursday, here comes that system for what looks to be a blustery cool weekend. >> thank you, steve. 5:38 is the time. former illinois governor rob blagojevich says he plans to
5:39 am
appeal after being convicted on one count. he was von vote shy of being found guilty of trying to sell president obama old senate seat. sandra has this report. >> reporter: good morning. 24 counts, 14 days, the jury found former governor rob blagojevich guilty on one count, but as you mentioned, he says he is still fighting:former illinois governor rob blagojevich was just one vote shy of being found guilty for trying to sell president barack obama's senate seat. out of 24 counts the only charge that stuck, lying to the fbi. >> every charge except for one they could not prove, except for one nebulous charge from five years ago. >> reporter: after 14 days of deliberation the jury could not come to agreement on the more serious charges which could have put the former governor in prison for 20 years or more.
5:40 am
instead the maximum penalty he faces for lying is five years in prison, and a $250,000 fine. >> we did everything in our power. you know some people feel that they were you know cheating the taxpayers and wasting the government's time, whatever they were saying but we all kind of agreed pat the end we did everything we have gone through things four or five times you know expressed our views. >> reporter: prosecutors showed to retry the case put the former governor is not backing down. he says he is going to appeal. >> pause this fight is a lot bigger than me and my family, this is a fight for the very freedom that we as americans enjoy, the right to be able to be able to by innocent. the right to be able to do your job and to not be lied about, so we are going to continue the fight. >> reporter: the declares this a partial victory but his legal troubles aren't over yet. the next court date is set for next week. live in washington, sandra endo, pam and dave pack to you. >> time now 5:40. still ahead the warning going
5:41 am
out to parents in one bay area community. it is about the health risk that threatens to close some schools. >> good morning. northbound 280 traffic looking pretty good here in san jose. we will tell you about another problem in the south bay blocking lanes.
5:42 am
5:43 am
50s and 60s. 60s, 70s and low 80s. >> welcome back. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you at 5:43. a new poll gives the president the lowest marks yet for the
5:44 am
way he is handling the economy. just 41% of those surveyed approved his handling of the economy, down from 44% in april. attorneys for jelly eye dance club say they will continue operating despite an eviction scheduled for today. the club's lease was revoked following a deadly shooting there last month. an autopsy is scheduled today on a 38-year-old northern california man who died while vacationing in hawaii. his body was found in a hotel room in oahu, investigators say there are no obvious signs of foul play. >> firefighters in southern california are battling a brush fire that has burned 100 acres in the san bernardino national forest. no homes are threatened and no evacuations have been ordered. the 5 fire started around fire last night. the fire is 10% contained and the cause is still under investigation.
5:45 am
a single mother who admitted to killing her two young sons will be arraigned today on two counts of murder in south carolina. now the sheriff says she admitted to suffocating the children at a motel and then putting them in her car and rolling it into a river to cover up the crime. she also has a five-year-old daughter who was unharmed and is living with a family member. >> time now 5:44. a santarita jail inmate is in critical condition this morning. officials say he collapsed after fighting with sheriff's deputies, that is when a deputy tried to move 50-year-old marvin harrison from his flooded jail cell on monday night. they say he apparently broke free and charged ath the deputy who then tazed him. he was seen by a nurse then collapsed at the medical clinic. harrison was arrested friday in oakland for driving under the influence. tonight a memorial will be held for a virginia man who was shot to death in oakland, 45- year-old jink honk cane was
5:46 am
killed on webster vote a month ago during a robbery. police have arrested two suspects in the case. he was here for a job interview at geeingel. his wife is expected to afind tonight's memorial service will which also raise money for the couple's three children expected to begin at 6:00 at the oakland asian cultural center. a checker at target will be in court today charged with counterfeiting. police arounded 18-year-old dana anderson who works pat the santa rosa store, along with three other men. store security officials say anderson was receiving a large amount of fake $100 bills at her cash register, video shows the men buying electronics paing for it with counterfeit bills at her register. those items were later returned for cash at a different target store. the four suspects face a variety of charges. >> people are being warned to avoid the water at two popular beaches in montgomery county.
5:47 am
advisory notices have been posted at lover's point beach and the montgomery municipal beach. health officials say samples of ocean water taken on monday have unsafe levels of bacteria. all other beaches are open without restrictions. san francisco's public school district is preparing to send out letters to parents and students about the importance of immune situation, to advise them that students not vaccinated against whooping cough could be barred from school for at least three weeks if an outbreak should occur. the health department is allowed to keep children who are not vac enatessed out of school if there is an outbreak and other students are at risk. >> 5:47. two giant sections of the massive bay bridge puzzle are finally here. cal trans says two sections of the deck for the new earn span arrived by way of china and well have arrived by china and should be in place by next week. they are each about 225 feet long. they weigh more than 1500 tons.
5:48 am
cal trans says more sections of these signature tower part of the bridge should get here sometime in october. >> 5:47 is the time right now. and sal has an update on that crash in milpitas, sal. >> that's right. this crash happened just after 5:00, southbound 880 at monte cue expressway still blocking at least one lane although they are making progress. the traffic may be slow in that area but again they have been making some progress. they are looking at -- or they have two flatbed tow trucks on the scene. we will let you know when those lanes clear but they have issued a sig alert for 880 south from milpitas to san jose. this morning we have a look at north and southbound ought 80 at the coliseum. you can see something on the right shoulder there on 880 northbound just pat the coliseum. a couple of vex with their flashers on. not sure if that is an emergency vehicle or something else but it doesn't seem to be causing a big traffic jam.
5:49 am
this morning in san francisco we are looking at northbound 101 there on the left approaching the 80 split. that traffic is looking very good. here is steve. >> good morning, everyone. low clouds but more low clouds and not really fog. the last couple of weeks it has been cold and foggy and drizzly. yesterday the coast cleared. now low clouds but they are up there a little ways and the lows are much warmer. seeing temperatures upper 50s to low 60s for the lows. that low is kind of cool because near the oregon border it triggered thundershower right up -- kaboomy right there. it is getting that time of year. it won't be the next couple of days for sure but if the pattern pforts it is something we will have to keep an eye on. low clouds, sunny, breezy, 60s, 70s near 80. inland temperatures came down yesterday. the coast and the bay actually warmed up a little bit. i was talking to somebody last night and said they were in
5:50 am
oakland and it was actually warm. they were 70. five to 60, san jose 60. the city is at 58. that is the warmest low i have seen from them in i don't know a month. seems like it. livermore and concord 58. palo alto 5785 vegas, ukia 50, 50s up and down the cost. l.a. and san diego much warmer, water temperatures have warmed up, mid-50s to upper 50s. that low swinging into the north there, there is a series of them. a much stronger one dives down from the pacific northwest. tomorrow is a little warmer. today once the low clouds burn off sunny to breezy to windy at times. the big news on the weekend will be a cool pattern and also i think wind more so than anything else. so low clouds, sunny breezy, cool to mild to warm. in fact it may actually -- temperatures are close. coast, bay and inland not that big of a spread. still about 15 or 16 degrees but it could be a lot bigger than that this time of year and it is not. fog then tomorrow we go slightly warmer the low clouds
5:51 am
and the wind wilt be back and the cooler telephones as we go into the weekend. >> if you are planning to do a lot of traveling this fall you might want to consider jet blue's all you can travel special. travelers can pay $700 and travel as many time as they want to any of jet blue's destinations or they can pay $500 but that does not include friday and sunday. tickets must be purchased by this friday and the any flights ticketings can be used between september 7th and october 6th. mazda is recalling 215,000 cars of because of potential problems with the power steering system. the recall includes mazda 3 and mazda 5 cars built between 2007 and 2009. so far there have been 33 reported problems including three crashes blamed on that power steering problem. general motors is recalling 250,000 of its cross over vehicles because of problems with the seat belts. the seat belts in the second
5:52 am
row don't always click into place. it includes all 2009 and 2010 models of the traverse, enclave, arcade diand outlook. gm says all effected owners will receive a postcard telling them to take their car to the dealer for repairs. >> 5:51. this next story may hurt a bit. we will tell you why some people who were vaccinated may have to do it all over again. the details coming up. >> plus big changes coming to one of the bay area's most popular cycling races next year. one city says count us out.
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welcome back. if you have been vaccinated by this found dogs get ready to roll up your sleeve again. the foundation has notified almost 3000 patients effected. the vaccines were given out between january and june at care centers in san francisco as well as sonoma, ma rip and lake counties. some of vaccines were stored at the wrong temperature. the foundation says they are not harmful but may not be effective. >> athletes who repeatedly suffer head injuries could end up with a condition similar to lou gehrig's disease, so says a new boston university study. it says athlete is previously diagnosed with lou gehrig's disease may have actually had a
5:56 am
related syndrome. one of the studies main subjects was eric scog givens, remember him? he briefly played with the san francisco 49ers. a call for help is going out now in the south bay at the los gatos police department. they are forming a victim services unit and they need volunteers. the department is looking for people who have some expertise in the criminal justice system or in grieve counseling. elder, child and sexual abuse advocates are welcome and experts in finance and banking you are being ought. singer wyclef jean is in hiding after reportedly he received some death threats. he is said to be in a secret location in haiti while he awaits from word on whether he is going to be allowed to run for president of haiti. there are questions bought whether he meets the residency
5:57 am
requirements. wyclef jean was born outside of port awe prince but moved to the u.s. as a young boy. the electoral commission says it will announce whether he can legally run this friday. >> santa cruz is bowing out of next year's amgen tour of california. they made $10,000 but city leaders say they don't have the money or the staffing to pull it off gain. this year they invested $190 on the event, which includes police overtime. >> 5:57. sal has been busy already this morning. >> that's right. we have been watching the milpitas crash on 880 southbound. somewhat suspicious circumstances here, where they had the vehicle flip over and then apparently someone was driving they have car that should not have been so we will see what happens here. they are clearing the lanes now. police are doing an investigation. the morning commute is going to be okay if you are driving on the sanol grade southbound 680,
5:58 am
no major problems heading south. if you are driving across the san mateo bridge a small delay then off you go to 101. 5:57, let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. coming up in our 6:00 hour a mother who made a 911 call is now angry that the situation ended with her son being shot by police. >> also a hawaiian vacation turned into a traik for a northern california family. we will tell you how police found the young child alone with a body inside a hotel room. >> good morning. low clouds will give way to sunshine, breezy today but temperatures not na far apart. coast bay and inland. we will have those after the break. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc.
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