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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  August 18, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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before you scramble eggs for breakfast, you may want to check the carton. we'll tell you more about the massive recall involving more than 2 million eggs. and it's a way to keep you safe while talking on the cell phone. we'll tell you what we discovered on a chp right- along. and why police are targeting cell phone users. and you can get involved in trying to save the life of a
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little girl. find out how, coming up. good afternoon. we are getting word this noon time of a big pot bust in western marin county. it's going on right now in the area of the sky oaks ranger station near lake bontempi in the marin watershed. the marin sheriff department said it's reined in a number of marijuana growing operation. this video was sent in from chopper 2. this story is breaking right now in western marin county. we'll have more in a live update on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. there is a massive recall of eggs that has made dozens of people sick in several states, including here in the bay area. and the area with the most illnesses is in santa clara
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county. that's where ktvu's tara moriarty joins us. good afternoon, tara. >> reporter: good afternoon. dozens of people have gotten sick since may after eating these contaminated eggs. investigator found a strain of salmonella. they linked it back to the eggs distributed by gulp county egg in iowa. nearly 400 people in california have gotten tick. people who got sick in the south bay ate legs at local restaurants and catered events. common symptoms include diarrhea, fever, cramps, nausea and vomiting, beginning 12 hours to three days after consumption. >> it might be on the outside of the shell if the chicken sees contamination outside the egg but it could even be inside
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the egg. so even if you wash the shell, you could still get sick with sol manila. >> with -- the salmonella. >> reporter: the products are packaged under 13 names. you need to check the product code on the egg carton. they have the plant numbers 10261413 and 1946. the sell-by date ranges from may 16th to august 13th. if you cook your eggs thoroughly, officials say you should not have any problem. but if you have those eggs with the dates that match up, it's a better idea to throw them in the crash or take them back to the store for a full refund. >> thank you, tara. >> we posted all the information on the website
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including all information hon how to handle the eggs. the san mateo county district attorney's office is investigating a shooting monday night in which two police officers killed a 20-year-old man. police say edgar jonathan aristondo lunged at them with a my knife and they shot him. his mother disputes that, saying that her son was ill and had not taken his medication and he did not have a knife. the chp is investigating an accident involving one of their own officers. it happened when an officer riding a motorcycle was traveling east on i-80. the officer had the right of way as he approached the crosswalk. as he drove across it, he realized he hit something. >> he was able to maintain control of the motorcycle, came back to the crosswalk and found the pedestrian lying in the road. the pedestrian looks like he
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had a broken leg. >> reporter: it's believed that the pedestrian, a man in his early 20s may have been intoxicated. the officer involved was not hurt. chp has started a crackdown on cell phone use. this time, it is more on drivers who are talking or texting. >> if you are aware of people on the cell phone, the appropriate enforcement action. >> reporter: this is a heads up at the oakland chp office. they'll turn in a number of citations, handed out to drivers caught talking on their cell phone without hand-free devices. we rode with officers who are keeping an eye. officer fabio sorano not only make unsafe lane changes, or
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turn and are tailgating. i see people who are distracted. they are not focusing. >> emergency type situation, i understand that but i see something in my lane, using cell phone. >> today, it friday, saturday, the leg of the second zero solance campaign will be starting. >> last week, we issued a number of citations which is disappointing. >> reporter: this is not the first or last zero tolerance campaign forcing drivers to pay attention to the law. if you do get pulled over, first time, you pay $20. second offense, 50. but in the end, that could add
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up to $200. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, jade. hearing loss is on the rise among teenagers in the united states. one in five 12 to 19 years old have trouble hearing. that's up significantly. it's not been proven yet but doctors think that listening from their ipods is the cause. the red cross is asking for your help to stop a rare form of cancer. twowo months ago, this little girl was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer of the nerve cells. the red cross is hoping to get at least 120 donors for leila. she has already gone through
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120 chemotherapy sessions. her friends and family organized the drive. >> her parents and i go to the local ymca. there are a lot of people who really wanted to help and so we organized a blood drive so everybody could donate blood and help make leila healthy again. >> the blood drive will continue until 12:30. this afternoon, another blood drive will be from 8:30 to 2:30 at the kaiser center on lakeside drive thousands of people vaccinated in a bay area hospital may have to go back and get revaccinateed it again. the fbi is investigating an incident caught on tape where two officers were seen beating a young man. slowly but surely, we are moving in the right direction. we are on the right track. poll numbers reflect
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growing disappointment in the handling of the economy. today, president obama took his discussion directly to a backyard in the midwest.
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the mayor of it denver is now asking the fbi to look into a police beating caught on tape. this happened last year as it
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shows officers arresting one man while his friend is talking on his cell phone. police then grabbed the friend and throw him to the ground. the cops were later disciplined for fastly claiming the cell phone talker attacked them first. a city official overseeing the investigation wants the officers fired. the f p i will now decide on that or whether any charges should be filed against the officers involved. a new poll is giving president obama his lowest marks ever on how he is handling the economy. a new survey by the associated press shows just 41% approving down from 44 in april. 56% disapprove and 61% say that the economy hasgotten worse or stayed the same since he took
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over the economy. his personal approval rating is 49%. president obama took his message to a backyard. he compared the economy to a patient saying it takes a while for the eek any to fully recover. >> we are trying to create a virtuous cycle where people start feeling better and better from the economy. it's like recovering from an illness. you get stronger every day. >> mr. obama has spent the week trying to persuade the public to keep democrats in congress. 45-year-old jin hont tang was killed a month ago during a robbery on center street. police arrested two suspects.
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king was in the bay area to interview for google. his wife will be in the bay area to raise money for her three children. in san francisco, a student may be barred from schools at some point this year if they have not been vaccinated for whooping cough. the public school district says that those may be forced to keep those students at hole for three weeks. if you have been vaccinated by the sutter health center, you may need roll up your sleeves again. more than 3,000 people may need to be revaccinated. some of the sacs seens were stored at the wrong
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temperature. they were in san francisco, sonoma, marin and lake counties. the vaccines may have included hepatitis a and hepatitis b vaccine, gardasil, polio and mmr vaccines. >> we want them to come back free of charge. we are apologetic. this is an inconvenience. we want to make sure that we do the right thing. >> the out of date vaccines may not be harmful but may not be effective. firefighters took pictures over the weekend saying catler
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driving fueling up with the free gas. firefighters took the picture and sent it to the mayor who says that he is not driving a county vehicle and is allowed to fill up according to his agreement. let's check the weather. >> most in santa cruz and san mateo with some fog. sunshine, a little patchy areas this morning. temperatures are rebounding. we had really mild low this is morning. lows in the upper 50s and near 60s compared to the earlier days. san jose is sunny. you can see there is a weak little system coming in. it brought in some cool air aloft and lifted that cloud deck and brought in some wind.
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we might see some higher independent. the cool summer continues. heck, it's been a cool spring which carried into june, july and august. the air quality has been spectacular. visibility has been awesome. also, probably, your a c bill is down, water bill is down. what's the negative in the negative is that a lot of the summer fruit is havinga hard time ripening up and the beach weather has not been very good. we did see some 70s down towards santa cruz so there may be a sign of something happening. low is very strong, near will california borer. that's yesterday. that wiped out that fog deck. low clouds and sunny. a little windy. but 60s along the coast. the biggest impact on this system will be the inland temperatures as they come down and the coast may see a little
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more system. 65 in san francisco. that's below average. yesterday was 66 but it's been in the low 60s for a long time. mountain view, 71. san jose, 74. it's the inland areas that are really below average this time of the year. 10 degrees for many. liver nor and concord, 72. 63 san francisco. sunshine, palo alto, 67. 75 in tahoe and 85 in reno. they have been stuck in the 60s with the fog. sea surface temperatures warmed up. one low comes in and there will be another one spinning up there and then a strong one comes in for the weekend. it's not going to bring rain or anything but we'll get some water. the wind, i think, will be the big factor for the weekend. as that system digs in, it will wipe up some fog. the fog is retreating, sunny,
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breezy, cool. 60-70s but that's it. upper 70s to very low 890s 80s -- 80s inland. it will be cooler, sunny, but windy. today is the scheduled eviction day for the san francisco dance club where a man was killed last month. jelly's lease was terminated after lee farley was shot to death. police say that the shooting happened after an argument inside. but the owners of jelly's deny that a coast guard helicopter and vessel began searching the
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water after debris was found near the goal en gate bridge. the debris were a vest and that may have come from a boat. the e.p.a. is testing, changing how it value yates a range. right now, teesla advertises that a car can go 200 miles after a charge. but if the rating is changed, it could do gun a third or more. teesla says that could cause problems with sales. a recall including mazda 3 and mazda 5 cars, built between 2007 and 2009. so there so far, there have
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been some crashes. and general motors is recalling 350,000 of its 2009 and 2010 models because of the seatbelt. gm says that all affected owner also receive a postcard telling them to take their car to a dealer for repairs. there is a developing news story in east bay. police are investigating a shooting incident near a ball. and on a lighter note. it was day due for looking for their chance in san francisco and they are looking for a clans to appear on american idol.
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taking a live look at the big board. some positive news for retailers. the heaviest trading is among tech stocks. the dow is up 21 at 10427 and the nasdaq is up 8. we are learning more details on what led to the resignation of former hewlett packard mark hurd. jody fisher claimed that her
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contract with hewlett packard slowed after she denied his sexual advances. h p found no evidence that he orred the slowdown of the contracts. but he resigned after h p found him guilty offalsifying some records. by the number of shell casings, several shots were fired near a mall. a woman was shot. no word on her condition or if anyone has been arrested. a marin county resident could face severe penalties for allegedly cutting several eucalyptus trees. the resident whose name has been released could be charged with vandalism and cutting of the trees. a neighbor called sheriff
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deputies after hearing that investigators are looking for someone was cutting trees without permit. the tax cost go up because the fews have that just improved after the cut. some american idol are pack at at&t park for american idol tryouts. the scene is much different from yesterday when thousands of people lined up early in the morning to sign up for the tryouts and receive wrist band. you need a wrist band to get into the actual audition which begins tomorrow morning. you can find more information about the auditions for american idol by going to and look upped the american idol tab. coming up on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00, an airplane fire burns fast, fed by the jets' own fuel. and official also show off
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new technology designed to suppress those fires and protect passengers and crews. this system involving injecting foam into the cabin. we'll show you how it works. thanks for watching. have a great day.
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