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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  August 19, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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good afternoon. i'm jade hernandez. fire investigators hope surveillance video will help them lead them to the person who set this portable classroom on fire. more bad news on the jobless front. it's some of the worst news in months. the street vending is a risky business. one organization is helping folks who don't have business skills succeed. that story still ahead.
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right how police are looking for an arson sus ?ek connection with a suspicious fire overnight at vacaville high school. the fire broke out around midnight in a portable classroom on campus. authorities have some video that may help solve the case. jade hernandez is in vacaville with the latest on the fire. >> reporter: good afternoon. fire investigators have no reviewed the surveillance tapes yet. they say whoever set this fire did it on purpose. although small, the seriousness of this crime is not lost on vacaville high's principal. >> it's disappointing. we've worked very hard. to have something like this get in the way is disappointing. >> reporter: the principal rushed to his school sometime after midnight. firefighters told him someone seat portable classroom on fire. fire investigators believe someone broke this window and
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threw something flammable inside. the principal said the firefighters arrived quickly and worked fast. >> they did a great job, and saved that building. >> reporter: before the first bell rang he switched classes to the library. a student who attends english class in this portable told us no one would have any reason to burn it. >> i love this school. there's a lot of great people around here. i really couldn't think of anyone who would do this. everyone is super nice. >> reporter: the neighbor who initially saw the fire and called for help also saw someone bolting from the high school as the classroom burned. the police brought in their csi unit. >> this fire does look suspicious in nature. we took the precautions and have the arson investigators investigating the crime along with the police department and we had our csi team collect evidence. >> reporter: police say they do have someone in particular they want to question about this
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fire. first they'll review video from the school and from nearby residences. jade hernandez, back to you. >> thank you. if the state legislature gives its approval, parents could face jail time and hefty fines if their children skip school. the oakland school district says nearly 18% of its students missed five full days of school without excused absences in the past school year. if the bill passes parents could face misdemeanor charges if their children are absent 10% of the school year. in santa clara officials at briarwood elementary will continue classes tomorrow despite a bomb threat against the school. students and parents will see more police on campus. the heightened security comes after graffiti was discovered august 4 at the school. that graffiti included a bomb threat for tomorrow. officials are taking steps to
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make sure students are safe. >> we put out a parent letter on monday to let folks know and make sure everybody is aware and students and parents and teachers are working as a team to notice anything. >> briarwood elementary will be open tomorrow. the labor department reported first time unemployment claims hit the highest level in nine months. initial claims for jobless benefits hit 500,000, that's 12,000 more than last month. economistses expected a drop. this does renew concerns over the pace of the recovery. continuing claims did fall by 13,000 to 4.48 million. one factor may be that people are discouraged and have stopped looking for new jobs. president barack obama reeked immediately to the jobless numbers calling for congress to help. he said the economy needs to create jobs more quickly. >> when congress reconvenes
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this jobs bill will be the first business out of the gate. the senate republican leadership needs to stop its efforts to block it. let's put aside partisanship for a while and work together for small businesses, for employees and the communities that depend on them across this great country. >> the bill would give tax credits to small businesses when they create jobs and ease access to credit. the president left to vacation on martha's vineyard. the sluggish job market is spurring many people to form their own small businesses. one program in san francisco is helping talented cooks to learn the business skills they need to survive. tom vacar has the story on how you might be able to get involved. >> reporter: veronica salazar knows how to make great traditional mexican food. >> i learned in the kitchen. my family has a restaurant in mexico.
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i grow up in mexico. >> what she did not know was how to turn her skills into a paying business. that's why san francisco's first incubator kitchen is proving to a recipe for success. >> there is a clear entrepreneur yell spirit. they did not have access to the resources they would need. this program was born out of this neighborhood. there was a need for the women in this neighborhood to formalize their food business. >> it's really a great opportunity for all women. i want to say to this woman who have the business at home, they have to come here. they want to make more money. they want to grow up with this kitchen. it's really, really nice opportunity for the woman. >> this saturday you can have a taste of success and learn about it at a street festival that will be held in san francisco. >> you will see people who have often times started selling on
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the street, formalized and moved into farmers markets. >> on folsom between 24th and 25th streets, a world of food and dreams. >> the 28 businesses, we have food from everywhere, mexico, malaysia, japan, global fusion, everything. >> i want to say the kitchen, it's my dream. >> if you have true cooking skills, real dedication, and a serious work ethic, then this can be your dream, too. back to you. >> organizers expect up to 40,000 people to attend the san francisco street foods it festival. it's throughout the mission district on saturday from 11:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. admission is free. you can find more information on home sales in the bay area dropped last month to their lowest levels in 15 years.
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about 6800 homes were sold in july. that's down about 23% from 8800 last year. june was also slow down 19% from last year. the expiration of the federal tax credit contributed to the lower sales. san francisco police are searching today for two men in connection with a deadly shooting in the tenderloin district. the victim, a man between 30 and 40 years old, was found in the middle of jones street just after midnight. police say he had been shot several times. two suspects ran from the scene. police have recovered a semiautomatic weapon that may have been used in the shooting. the gun was dumped in a mailbox a block away. coming up, a bad odor that may prove costly to operators of one bay area airport. the last combat troops have pulled out of iraq. what have they they left behind? will the sunshine continue? steve paulson has the forecast.
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i'm live in san francisco at the auditions for the 10th season of "american idol." what are the judges looking for? who will sit on the judging panel this year? that's coming up.
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we have some breaking news out of san francisco
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international airport. we are monitoring the scene. we understand that law enforcement officials are searching a plane cordoned off in a remote area away from the terminal. this comes after police say they received reports of an attempted hijacking of an american airlines flight. multiple agencies got the call about the possible threat. we're told that passengers will be taken off the plane to be rescreened. noxious odors at the san jose airport could cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost rent. the fumes in the office areas used by airlines are reportedly so bad some airlines are threatening to with hold rent payments unless the problem is fixed soon. the airport has repaired some leaky plumbing and plans to carry out more tests next week. the airport has brought in temporary fans and installed
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powerful odor neutralizing machines. it's only day two of a cell phone crackdown on bay area drivers. police have issued more than 1,000 tickets. bay area police say just yesterday when the campaign started more than 1500 drivers received citations for talking without a hands free device. there were 77 tickets for texting. drivers tend to speed, tailgate, and make unsafe lane changes when distracted by cell phones. the campaign continues through saturday. it's another milestone for the war in iraq. after nearly 7 1/2 years, there are no combat troops left in that war torn country. under the cover of night, the last remaining fighting forces crossed over iraq's southern border into kuwait for a flight home. >> it was a lot different this time. this time there's finality to it. we're driving out of iraq. we're leaving. peace. we packed the trucks.
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we're done. we done the handshake, the salute. we're leaving. >> there willstill be a u.s. presence in iraq, however, roughly 56,000 military personnel will stay behind to support and train iraqi forces. the rest of the void is being filled by private security firms. the green zone in downtown baghdad will now be the international zone. here's a look at how the we got to this point. the iraq war began on march 20, 200 #, with the bombing of baghdad. since then 4,415 american service members have died in hostile action. nearly 32,000 american troops have been wounded. there is no confirmed number of iraqi casualties. estimates range from 50,000 to 600,000. students, faculty and staff at college of san mateo, classes have been cancelled because of a power outage. the school thinks water flooded
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one of the electrical units on campus. much of the bay area is getting a welcome break from gray skies with sunshine and summery weather. steve paulson joins us now. >> you want fog, cool, warm, hot? if you want sunshine, today almost everybody is in on it. there is still some fog at the coast. we had low clouds and fog this morning. a northwest wind at sfo, that west-southwest at 8 is at travis. so temperatures are warming up nicely. it's a one-day event. we'll start a cooldown again tomorrow and really cool down by saturday. 63 san francisco, fog has lifted. yesterday we had the really high fog. today it was more down on the deck. it will be warmer inland today. some locations upper 80s to near 90. all signs point toward the
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weekend looking cool and windy, low clouds friday, saturday. sunday temperatures will be below average. our cool summer continues. the system yesterday that gave us those breezy conditions has moved out. that's allowed height to build in. if you have a flight anywhere, there is a fog bank as far as the eye can see. it's a blanket of fog. it's not going anywhere. we don't have a north-northeast wind. it will be back late tonight, tomorrow. fog and mist gave way to sun and warmer weather. 60s by coast. some low 70s toward santa cruz. temperatures are still below average. san jose high of 79. 82 for car car. 68 san francisco. 649 high. it's still below normal.
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75 livermore and concord. san jose 72. 80 in reno. 75 in tahoe. ukiah was 49 this morning. they're 83 now. sacramento 82. tomorrow that system comes in. that will increase the fog. the stronger system is coming out of the gulf of alaska. they'll take this high and boom, burn it out of here. our warm up will be one day. friday increasing fog. saturday it really cools down, low clouds and fog. some areas will not clear at all. some fog right on the coast just hugging the coast. sunny and warmer with a light breeze today. upper 80s to near 90 for some.
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60s, 70s around the bay. low clouds, cooler friday into saturday. sunny sunday but windy. a little warmer monday, tuesday. this has been a crazy summer. >> thank you. we continue at noon and the dramatic situation in spain when a bull charges into the crowd. that's coming up. when you spend fif unlike other sto we don't make you come back to save. earn jcp cash... ten dollars off when you spend fifty who knew shopping could be so rewarding? jcpenney. they had 30 people and an idea. meg's job was to make it happen. it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together. meg whitman delivered. named one of america's best ceo's by harvard business review,
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we'll take you to a followup now on that breaking story we have been covering for you. these are live pictures from chopper 2 near sfo where a plane has been cordoned off. police are saying that they have received reports of an attempted hijacking of this american airlines flight. michael kidd is a passenger on boar the plane. we made phone contact with him. are you there? >> yeah. >> what is going on right now on that plane? >> well, there is a not a lot going on. the captain just came on and told us that the police will be bringing some air stairs up to the door and coming on board. then they'll escort passengers off two at a time.
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it's very calm on here. it's not tense at all. >> we understand the plane was headed for new york's jfk airport this morning when police got this threat. i'm curious, are they giving you any more information about this? >> no. that was the first of it. they had not told us anything about hijacking or anything at all. we were on the runway. we did not get off the runway. >> how much advance time did you get notice of this? was everything a go once you got on board the plane or it was pretty immediate after everyone boarded the plane? >> once we got on the plane there was some delays in getting the aircraft pushed back from the gay. when we scott on the runway, we were on the runway and position in hold waiting to take off. we were there, then they taxied off and said we've been told to return to the gate by the tower. we weren't give an reason why. then since then we've just taxied to a remote part of the
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airport and been here a couple hours, looking at police cars and some other vehicles off to the side. just waiting for something to happen. so they told us they should be here soon, they'll bring the stairs up and get us off. >> michael, we are just getting information here in from the tsa. they're telling us that passengers, they expect to be deplaned and will be interviewed and rescreened and then they're saying that the aircraft will be swept would i local law enforcement. any idea how this will affect your travel plans? >> i think it will -- me personally, we're heading to barcelona. we already missed that connection. then we're connecting to a cruise. it's my wife's 50th birthday. we have friends that are in barcelona we're supposed to meet. kind of messed up our plans and i'm cor lot of other people. >> michael kidds are, a
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passenger on that american airlines flight that is being detained due to a potential hijacking threat. michael thawrks so much for joining us. please take care. we'll be staying on top of this story as it develops. thank you so much, michael. thousands of "american idol" hopefuls are waiting in the wings today for their shot at being chosen for the tv show. it's a day when many dreams might come true. let's go to tara live at at&t park. >> reporter: some of the people who have made it through to the next round are starting to come out of the park. it's been a very long morning. many of these people have been here since midnight. they say it's been an opportunity of a lifetime. & since you been away, boy &. >> some have it. others might want to stick to their day jobs. all share a dream. >> i'm nervous. nervous is good. that helps you focus. >> they started like up at
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midnight clutching thermoses of tea and sleeping bags. >> you never though what they're looking for. that's ok. it's a show. >> this is the make it or break it moment for 8,000 people who trickled into the ballpark stadium at 8:00 a.m. today, all vying for a spot on the 10th season of "american idol." many crooners had a gimmick. ryan seacrest showed up. how does he deal with the obvious rejects? >> i feel bad sometimes that their parents have lied to them about how good they are. >> producers have stayed quiet on who will sit on the judging panel this season. simon, elann cara are out. randy jackson and steven tyler of aerosmith in. sources say talks with jennifer lopez fell apart. >> i understand that sylvester stallone wants to make a movie with the judges called "the expensive." >> for these hopefuls only a flax will make it to the next
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round. getting cult stinks. >> honestly, i thought i had a pretty good -- i thought i was definitely going to go a little farther. >> reporter: if winners today make it through one more round, they will receive that golden ticket and move on to hollywood. back to you. frightening moments during a bull fight in spain. a bull jumped out of the arena and onto a crowd of spectators. at least 30 people were hurt. two of them were hospitalized. in the end fans and handlers helped capture and tie up the 1,100 pound bull. the animal was shot to death. that is our news. we'll be keeping an eye on had a developing situation at sfo. our next newscast is at 5:00.
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