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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  August 20, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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right now, santa clara police are on the campus of an elementary school. we'll tell you why. >> and it was anything but a run-of-the-mill dui arrest. we'll tell you why. and the sheriff of a local department says he had never seen anything like that. we'll tell you the discovery that he says will make the area safer. >> good morning, thank you for joining us on this friday, august 20th. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. >> restaurants' check weather and traffic. >> happy friday, everybody. low cloud and position if you like the warm weather, if you
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do. we have come right back to that pattern that we've had for the last five months. wind on the increase, which means lower to mid-80s, 60s and 70s. sal, an update on your traffic. traffic is moving well on interstate 80 in oakland. at the toll plaza, the traffic does move well into san francisco. now let's go back to the desk. >> time now is 6:01. police are using a police dog to help secure a santa clara school at this hour. that's because of a threat that was made to briarwood elementary school. ktvu's claudine wong is out there right now. good morning, claudine. >> good morning, dave. we have want to show you what's happening on the campus of briarwood elementary. take a look behind me. you can see three santa clara police cars. there is a canine and we showed you video that we showed
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minutes ago as we conducted one of several searches on the campus, taking that canine through the campus, sniffing at all the doors and bushes, making sure that everything is secure this morning. this was in response to a bomb threat of a sort that was made a couple of weeks ago here at the elementary school. i'm joined now by tabitha butler hurley. good morning. good morning, thanks for being here. >> we have a bomb threat made on campus score back on august 4th satisfying that today, a bomb would be detonated. i know you guys have school in session. how secure is the campus at this point? >> i think this is a very pure campus. we had police out here throughout the week and throughout the night and we had canine. >> reporter: police described this as an amateur scroll, on a door. you have some 400 kids going here. do you think that's a hoax.
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>> we think that's a hoax but, of course, we can never take it out of our mind. student safety is number 1. >> reporter: parents have been alerted. i know that the superintendent sent out a letter at the beginning of the week. what do you expect will happen? are thank you getting the i impression that parents will be bringing their children to school? >> we had calls. it's a 50-50 split. we feel like parents have enough information and others feel it's a better decision to keep them home. that's a family decision. >> you guys are supportive of whatever parents do? >> absolutely. >> again, at this point, it's unclear how many kids will come to school but what is clear is that will will be extra security. they will be here all night and all day with extra patrols around the school. we'll keep an eye on this.
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claude equip wong, cust ktvu police in gilroy are wrapping up a major drug bust that will reportedly take millions of dollars off the streets. police raided a home and found drugs with a street value of 100 million dollars. they were seized. >> i've been with the sheriff department for 31 years and in the mark particulars field in one form or another for 18 of those years and i have never seen anything like this. >> the investigation started about a year ago in sacramento. the case eventually led to the gilroy location which police say is linked to a lucrative mexican drug cartel. three people were arrested and face several charges. additional police raids were carried out in sacramento and modesto. authorities in santa clara county are investigating a horrifying incident that happened last night at a con srt in said if a. take a look
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at this photo. it's from the mountain winery last night. witnesses there tell us that a man plunged from the top of that building in the back ground there and landed on the stage. the man was given cpr as soon as it happened but he didnot survive. authorities are trying to piece together the case but they don't know had happened. they are calling for any eyewitnesses to come forward. authorities are looking for two suspects who shot and killed a teenager as he was at a bus stop. rouse had just finished an orientation at golfer high school, was waiting at the bus stop for a ride from his mother. that's when two men walked up to rouse and shot him several times. the weapon that may have been used in this shooting was recovered about a block away.
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detectives are still trying to figure out a motive. san francisco police were called overnight to the scene of a deadly shooting. this happened in. llworth street. police were called in after someone reported shots being fired. police then found the victim who died there at the scene. we don't know his name yet but it's believed he was about 18 years old. now, earlier, a 19-year-old man was shot and killed in san francisco's ocean view neighborhood. this happened about 6:30 last night at capital avenue and lobo street. victim was rushed to san francisco general hospital but he later died. police questioned several suspect and even recovered a gun at the scene that they believe may have been involved in the attack oakland police are warning people to take precautions after a daylight attack near city hall. jade hernandez is live.
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>> reporter: good morning. the parking garage is behind city hall. that's closed this morning. that's not unusual. what is unusual is what happened here thursday morning. a woman was sexually attacked during the tea night hours. police want people to be aware of their surroundings. a woman reported being sexually assaulted yesterday afternoon about 12:30, lunchtime in this parking garage at 1414 clay street. each scarier for the victim, she contacted police on monday when she spotted her attacker wearing head phones and large dark sunglasses near lake bared on 14th street. we have a description. attack. he is an african american man in his early to mid-0 mid-30s, 5'9", 2 up pound.
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walk in groups. there is always strength in numbers. be aware of of your surroundings, report anything suspicious and when you get into your car, lock your doors immediately. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. 6:07 is the time. back to sal. let's check in on the commute. how does it look? >> doing pretty well right now. as a matter of fact, we are looking at traffic that's going at the speed limit in many areas. traffic on 280 in san jose looks pretty good. no major problems on the south bay. it might be a little too optimistic but it might be that way. traffic moving well and it's absolutely light so far at the bay bridge toll plaza with no major problems. overnight, it was a different story. police in milbrae arrested a man of driving under the influence after he crashed his pickup truck overnight. it happened around 12:30 this
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morning on sequoia avenue. police say he was speeding when he ran off the side of the road, went up on the sidewalk, hit a tree and hit three parked cars. and then then the path is about 200 yards. here is steve. >> thank you. good morning. while you are sitting down -- these are not typos. these are yesterday's highs, something that we have not seen much of this summer. 97 grease in ukiah after a low of 50 degrees. how do you prepare for that? fairfield was 92. concord was 90. sonoma county 87. inland areas, they went up today. guess what?
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they are coming right back down now. a little tougher call for ukiah. th'll cool way down. reap being there are a couple of rows really strong ones coming out of the gulf of alaska. a combination of the two. we had a warmup yesterday but that's not going to last. the start of it is today and over the weekend, more like tomorrow. 60s and 70s from any of these highs. that 40 mile-per-hour, a distinct sea breeze coming in. today, temperatures coming down. we had the 80s yesterday for many. oakland, 73. walnut crook was 87. not today. 79. 62 in san francisco. 76 santa rosa. 52 again for san rafael. palo alto, 67. san jose at 59, one of the warmest. 42 in tahoe, sacramento.
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50s, 60s up the coast. ukiah up. not that 97. you see that system getting closer. for this time of the year, this is fairly impressive. that's going to swing in. the trend toys bring those temperatures down. there should be enough cool air aloft that it will wipe off the fog on saturday and sunday. we'll see a big increase in that little fog today tonight into saturday. cooler, still some low to upper 80ed father from the coast. you will notice that dropped. cooler outside as well. the fog chute up. warmer on the coast but still warm inland. time now 6:11. ktvu has learned some new information into the drug scandal at the san francisco
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crime lab and we'll show you how baseball pitching great rollinger clemens is answering a federal in-- roger clemens is answering a federal indictment.
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welcome back. we may found out today if charms will be dropped against former san francisco crime lab technician deborah madden. ktvu has learned that the state attorney general is unlikely to
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invest the time and money to prosecute madden for allegedly stealing cocaine from the lab. we also found out that the police investigation centered around a paper used in the lab to wrap narcotics. madden's lawyers say it would be difficult to prove that the paper came from that lab. a federal grand jury indicted baseball great roger clemens for lying to congress about using steroids and a growth hormone. the testimony came in 2008 where he denied any steroids use. >> good morning to you, pam. i remember that steroids hearing a couple of years ago and i remember romer clemens sitting at one end of the table while the trainer who accused him of using steroids and hormone sat on the other end. clemens has denied using the
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drugs. now a federal grand jury indicted him on six counts for lying to the grand jury. >> roger didn't use steroids, didn't use hgh and didn't lie to congress about. >> reporter: that's the message that clemens denied the allegations. he signed the message rocket. he also thanked those who supported him. and we'll tell you what his teamates are saying in the next half hour. >> thank you for most california state employee, today is a furlough friday. the state supreme court ruled that furloughs can resume for about 150,000 state employees because of a budget impact. some of the state offices closed today include the dmv as well as the department of public health and fish and games. governor schwartz has ordered
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not only to take toyed but next friday off and also a floating unpaid day before the end of august. >> critics say that governor schwarzenegger should have known that welfare debit cards would work on atms attica at casinos. a board appointed by the governor knew as early as 2006. last night's oakland a's game, staff from the alameda voter registrar were out in force telling people about the new rank choice voting system. what those voters will do in those cities is they will rank their candidates, 1, 2, 3 in the order of their preference. >> this staffer handed out flyers and answered questions about the new system as people
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entered last night's game. that will stop the need for costlyoneoff election even if the candidates do not get 50% of the first place vote. are you having trouble seeing the golden gate bridge? >> actually we can see it but can't see it as well and we are worried about you if you are driving on the north end of the brim. this camera near the toll plaza is not too bad. but if you are driving in, it is foggy. we have steve paulson coming up with a fog report. traffic moving along pretty well here at the colyseum. northbound 880 at marina, car and fire at the shoulder. 287 westbound, no slow traffic yet heading over to 101. here is steve. >> i hoe -- i owe you money or
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something? >> no. sal is correct. we do have a lot fog. the fog went poof, disappeared. even at the coast, there was some sunshine. was not warm but better than it has been. some of the highs, if you were away from the coast, saying, this is warmer than usual, you are right. 83 degrees in downtown. ukiah, 97. it's been a long time since we had temperature like that 65 in san francisco yesterday. 53 now. we'll go 62 for a high. more of a sea breeze. 67 and 80s inland. warmer that that, yes, but the trend will be to drop. still 50s for many. 51 in gilroy. chilly for some, 02s and 60s.
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it says we are on our way to california and that means cooler. the temperatures will start to drop. yesterday's warmup is going good-bye and we'll take it into saturday and also sunday. i do think that the fog will get chewed up by sunday as we start seeing that fog going aloft. >> thank you, steve. american airlines could be hit with a record fine. the wall street journal reports the f.a.a. will report american to pay $25 million for short comings in its maintenance procedures. the problems led to thousands of flights being canceled. american airlines says that there is no report from the f.a.a. and there is no reason for that government action. old navy accounted for 37%
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of the company's revenue in the quarter and has been remodeling its stores to make them easier to shop and san francisco's financial district seems to be the new popular location for startups. the san francisco business times reports that the number of small financial innovators setting up shop in the financial district he is growing. rents are declining. short term leases are more available and the neighborhood is considered more serious now. that's in contrast to the south market area where rents are rising for creating spaces and it is seen as being more trendy. >> i'm now is 6:21. the amber alert system could be expanding soon. we'll find out if the additional alerts would help police track down. and tense moments at a popular restaurant and why police are taking the incident very seriously. >> so, ah, your seat good?
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got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru. good morning. right now, bay bridge traffic looking good. san mateo and the golden gate bridge looking good. some fog on the golden gate. let's go back to the desk. >> the state senate passed a bill and passed it on to the
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senator that would expand the amber alert to include blue alerts. amber alerts alert the public about a is inning child. the blue alert would alert the public if an officer is killed or seriously hurt and that suspect gets away. that alowered would give a description of the suspect on tv, radio and road signs. a mail truck burst into flames. this was a freak accident in los altos hills. construction crews broke a gas line. while construction workers called pg. , a mail truck drove over it. burst into flames.
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the driver escaped but the truck and all the mail inside was destroyed. police say they received a call that a man was on the restaurant's roof shooting at people below. they say it even sounded like there were gunshots in the background during the call. officers quickly swarmed the restaurant on california street. >> i came up stairs and across the street was a police car withdrawn revolvers facing spanish grove. i said, that's kind of alarming. >> police soon determined that the call was a hoax. the phone number where the call originated is the same one used last month to make a similar prank call we found out about a dozen homes being threatened by a brush fire in southern california are no longer at risk. those flames are now burning away from those houses.
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the fire is still burning in riverside county south of lake elsinor. people in the area have been told to be ready in case any evacuations were needed. but it looks now they will be able to stay, at least for now. the fires started just before 8:00 last night. so far, it's burped about 25 acres. a livermore fire station near the city's airport has been closed because of budget cuts. livermore pleasanton fire 10 on airway boulevard closed last month. its three firefighters have been reassigned to yet another livermore station. fire officials described the closure as temporary. they are working towards another solution. station 10 had the least amount of calls mopping all of the firehouses. 6:27. we are learning more about a very scary incident at sfo. we'll tell you how a
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threatening phone call unleashed a chain of events involving passengers and the fbi. we are live at briar wood elementary school in santa clara. you will see an increased police presence. we'll tell you why they were out here and why a canine was going to the school early this morning.
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. welcome back to the morning news. master chef over there at the nasdaq. that's a show that airs right here on ktvu wednesday at 8:00 p.m. there -- that's a bay area favorite. that's a bay area favorite. there is somebody from the
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sacramento area feldon. fox's master chef there on the big board on the nasdaq unfortunately, there is a down day. there are concerns about the u.s. economy. welcome back and thank you for joining us. time now is 6:30. there is a significant police presence at a santa clara elementary school right now. the officers are not taking any chances because of a threat made to briarwood elementary school. claudine? >> good morning, pam. i want to show you what is happening right now. you are taking a look at the canine just leaving the parking lot. they have blocked this front parking lot office.
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we just saw them turn someone away trying to come in. they checked his id. they are not letting anyone come in until that is done. this is what kids and parents will see. this is in response to a threat made on campus, a threat that said a bomb would be detonated on campus today. we watched as a police canine went through a couple of different searches, looking at classroom doors and flower boxes. the district told me this morning they are convinced that the kids are safe to come to school but they did send a letter telling them about what happened and letting them know if they decide not to take the kids to school today, that will be considered an excused absence. >> we have gotten a number of calls. it's about a 50-50 split. i would say some parents want to have some information.
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they feel like we have a lot of different pieces in place and some feel that's a better decision to keep them home. >> you guys are supportive of whatever parents do? >> absolutely. >> reporter: i asked for an estimate of how many they actually think will come to school today. there are a little more than 400 kids that go to school here. the district spokesperson was estimating maybe about 300. so you could see quite a few kids actually stay home today. maybe 25% of parents who say, you know, what better safe than sorry. we have don't want to bring our kids to school. if you do bring your kids to come, you will see and expect to see a lot of santa clara police officers. they say they will maintain this presence throughout the day. keep in mind school just started on monday so families are just getting into the swing of things here. again, remeaps to be scene how many will show up for school when school starts in a couple of hours. we'll keep you updated coming up here on morning on 2. this
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is what is happening. everyone tried to get in. the custodian has shown up here and was turned away until they get this area clear. they are taking security very seriously even though they insist that the students are safe and they will be having class here. time now is 6:33. the fbi is still trying to sort out a major security incident that happened at san francisco international airport. a threatening phone call targeting a specific american airline flight grounded the plane on the tarmac. it was flight 24. it was shortly diverted after leaving the gate. it federal agent swarmed in to investigate. there was a verbal threat and it involved the threat of a
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hijacking. somebody came in through the back of the plane, and i saw a couple of people standing up and they took them away. i think they were a couple. >> that man and woman were quickly questioned but were released. eventually, the remaining 161 passengers and 11 crew members were allowed to leave the plane six at a time. all of them had to go through additional security checks before being rebooked on later flights. the fbi has since determined that the phone call that sparked the grounding of that jet was not credible. but we learned it came in to the hampton inn and suite. the clerk received a phone call about 90 that morning. >> the first 15 seconds was all mumble, gibberish, could not understand. could not pick anything up. after, that he said that a lot
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of it was very hard to pick up but what he did gather is i'm going to hijack flight 24 on american airlines. >> the hotel manager went on to praise his front desk clerk for his quick action in reporting the call saying that the caller did not say why he phoned in a threat to this hotel nor why he wanted to hijack the flight we are lrpg more about a major crash which left a path destruction in a milbrae neighborhood. krib kraig debro is out there now. i know you have been talking to some neighbors. >> that's right. it's lighter now so i can show you what's going on better. take a look at the lawn. you can see the skid marks on the lawn, going every which way, every which direction. here, there is a deep, deep skid mark here where possibly
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the truck, the offending truck, came to rest. this morning, neighbors reacted to what happened on the streets and how police decided to treat this suspect. it all started with a young man, a truck and alcohol. he hit the tree and the tree held its ground. but that's only thing that the truck hit that was not damaged. the truck hit a parked minivan. you can get an idea of the speed that the truck was traveling. that minivan looks totaled. the blue truck was going at 40 miles per hour. before the truck came to rest, it hit a pergola and a volkswagen gulf. the driver was detained on suspicion of dui but was detained. >> that's surprising. >> it seems to me he went from
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really light, you know -- we'll see, i guess. >> police say that the driver the blue truck is a 25-year-old man from burlingame but they declined to give his name. the man went to the hospital, was treated for minor injuries but then released. the man will likely be responsible for paying for repairs to the damage he cost and that includes the side the house there. you can see the truck shaved off some of the stucco of the house. who knows if the foundation was damaged which, of course, will run thousands more. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. sal, let's go over to you to the track center and see what's going on in the commute. >> thank you very much. right now, nothing really big going on when it comes to traffic. we had a couple of fender bender there. this is a look at 880. you can see traffic is moving well as you drive past the colyseum and up to the toll
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plaza. we are hoping for a lighter commute. we had a couple of minor incidents, as i say but most of them have not materialized into anything good -- or anything bad, i should say. anything worth worrying about. you can see highway 4 here, westbound highway 4, driving towards con court, from antioch, a little bit of slow down there. let's go over to steve we had a pretty good warmup yesterday, especially away from the coast even though the coast got snipe, it was still 60s for many. inland, 80s, 90s, near 1200 1 -- 100 for some. at noon, it was 8 miles per hour. i mean things are really ramping up. today, much cooler as we go
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into saturday. by sunday, i do think we'll get that fog chewed up. the wind will pick up. we'll get sunshine. that fog is on the increase so santa rosa will go 76 today. 62 in the city. walnut creek, 79. oakland airport and downtown, 73, 67 today and 76 in san jose. 50 close to town in napa. a little chill there. gilroy, 51. mill valley, 52. stanford and san carlos checking out a little warmer there. 52 in eureka and 60 down in southern california. lots of 50s and 60s. the little low is being pushd in advance to the front system. that will bump the high out. maybe well away from the coast but the theme is take it down that temperature range as we cool off into the 70s. fog, mist giving way. cooler and breezy today.
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60s, 70s. a good 10 second degree drop for some. cooler, saturday. a lot of low clouds and fog. warmer inland, monday and tuesday. thank you, steve. 6:40 is the time right now. the search for an escaped inmate has finally come to an end. we have the ominous word from the suspect after he was arrested and after an
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good morning to you and welcome back. 6:43. about 1200 million dollar worth of methamphetamine and cocaine were seized from a house in gilroy. officials believe that that connection there is connectd to a mexican drug cartel. three people were arrest during that raid richmond police are search now for two suspects who shot and killed a 16-year-old boy at a bus stop in the city's iron triangle. that teenager had just finished a school orientation and was awaiting a ride home when he was killed. there is no description of the gunmen we'll find out today if charges will be dropped against a former san francisco lab
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technician. the attorney for deborah madden says there may not be enough to move ahead with the case against her. there is a warning for people in the oakland area following a sexual assault that happened in broad daylight. jade hernandez is in the downtown area with more on the story. jade? >> we are live in front of the parking garage where there are woman says this sexual assault happened. the garage just opened up a few minutes ago. the scary part is that this woman also told police there was an afternoon attack. this garage is right behind city hall. and oakland police want residents and visitors to the city not only to be vigilant but keep an eye out for the man who is responsible. a woman reported an assault about 12:30 in this garage at 1414 clay street. even scarier for the victim, she spotted her attacker wearing sunglasses and a hat and head phones near lake
6:46 am
meritt. police are describing him as an african american man in his early to mid-30s, about 5'9", 200 pounds. he is missing a tooth on the right side of his mouth and has a short afro. we can share with you how to keep yourself save while walking anywhere in the city. time now 6:45. after being on the loose for almost three weeks, police have captured two arizona prison escapees. investigators tracked prison escapee john mcklusky and his if his fiance catherine welsh. a very alert forest park employee spotted a car hidden.
6:47 am
mccrustmcklusky told police that he would have gone to his tent to get his gun and kill that forest park employee. there is a stalled vehicle on the upper deck of the bay bridge. that's why traffic automatic of a sudden is heavy. there is a stalled honda in the right lane. they are waiting for bridge tow to get out there and move that thing. now, it's getting crowded moving on to the bridge. still not a big backup. this is a look at 880. traffic miss moving we. 101 looking good. northbound 101, a little bit of a small approaching 880. there is a lot more of a sea breeze today an increase in fog.
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yesterday, i told you about that. ukiah was 97. we have not shown temperatures like this in a long time 93, fair field. san jose at 83 degrees. oakland was 73. 65 at the city. one big low, one little guy low. that's that oregon mist. it hit us. windy at times, fog mist cooler, 60s, 70s. big drop in those temps that were way up there yesterday. 50 in napa. gilroy, 51. sonoma, mill valley, 52. stanford and san carlos, 57 high says good-bye because that strong system is going to sweep in for a much cooler weekend. fog mist, sunshine. cooler, breezy, windy can
6:49 am
especially san carlos bay. 60s, 70s. you'll find low to mid-80s in areas that were low to mid-90s. windy, warmer inland, monday and tuesday. >> thank you, steve. the starbucks' claims that the better than expected villa brand are now in question. workers have reported being pressured to push the sales and that were other sales were rung up as villa. villa is on its way to becoming a billion dollars business, officials say. let's check in on wall street. live at the big board. you can see as expected, the numbers are heading lower. the selling off continuing from yesterday. the nasdaq, s&p down, european stocks all down. overnight asian stocks all down and mostly, on concerns about
6:50 am
the u.s. economy that the growth is slowing down. we might even possibly see a double dip recession. >> this morning, fidelity investment reports the number of people borrowing from their retirement account is way up. fidelity says it has seen 17,000 more people initiate hardship withdrawals this year compared to the same time last year. hardship withdrawals are only be approved to prevent eviction, for high medical cost, funeral costs. coming up on the ktvu morning news, east palo alto police are offering big reward now to find the killer of community leader david lewis. and a young woman with an amazing story of survival becomes a survivor on american idol.
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let's go to tory and see what's going up on morning on 2. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> drugs with a street value of up to a million dollars are off the streets this morning after a year long police investigation that led to a bust in gilroy. we'll have details including who may be behind this operation. and we are learning more about a phone threat to an american airline flight
6:54 am
including where it ca in and this wildfire has 200 firefighters on the job. >> those stories coming on morning on 2. back to you. >> thank you as police in east palo alto and san mateo run out of lead in the death of community leader david lewis, there is a $50,000 reward for information. for weeks, investigators followed up on the information he gave them after he was shot in hillsdale mall in san mateo. police explained why some think that the investigation is proceeding slowly. >> there are rumors that lewis told police who shot him before he died. police confirmed that he was talking but that they thought he would survive and decided to question him once he recovered. the number of crimes committed in san francisco's main library is on the rise. during the year that endd in june, the library reported 38 assaults and 49 thefts compared
6:55 am
to the year before. but the number of drug-relet the incidents dropped this year. the library has increased security to keep out repeat offenders and staffers do add that there has been a 10% increase in the number of people using the library. let's go to sal and the commute. >> we are looking at live pictures here for the morning commute. let's go outside and see what we have for the east shore freeway. traffic is going to be okay as you head out toward the mcarthur maze. the commute is going to be fine at the toll plaza with small delays here. no problem getting into san francisco. in the south bay, north bound 280 traffic moving along very well. it's 6:55. hello, steve. hello. we have a lot more fog. even the sun at the coast did not make it that warm but the sun came out and that was cause for celebration. a sea breeze.
6:56 am
fairfield with winds with gusts up to 30. strong system spinning in over the next 48 to 72 hours, much cooler, kickeddier weekend. warmer inland monday and tuesday many back to pam and dave. >> time now 6:55. among the talented young people who want to become the next american idol, in is an amazing story of survival. more than 20 years ago, carmino salcedo was a victim of a has kre carried out by her own father. he slashed the throats of his three young daughters. carmina who was two years old at the time was the only one who survived. >> i'm not only living my life for myself but living my life in representation of those six family members that can't live here anymore, can't be with us anymore. >> she was one of the 9,000 people to you a digs for
6:57 am
american idol. it appears that the judges liked the voice that her father once tried to silence. she made it into the next round of audition. her father irs on is on -- her father is on san quentin death row and awaiting execution. and a bill that would mandate helmets for skiers and boarders under the anal of 18 may soon be introduced. supporters say that this will save lives. critics say that infranks on parent responsibility and may be hard to en force police say two stolen vehicles were driving together, one of them crashed and witnesses say that the people jumped into the other vehicle and then drop off again. when police followed them, that
6:58 am
car crashed into a fence at the zoo and three people took off running. they were caught and arrested. time now, 6:57. we just received word that police are starting people to allow on to a south bay elementary campus following a bomb scare. security is tight and we'll continue to bring you a live update from the school. that is coming up next on morning sun 2.
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