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tv   KTVU News at 4PM  FOX  August 20, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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grocery store, because lucky -- one of the parent companies of lucky's is trying to get ahead of the recall story. they put out a release today aimed at customers to let them know that essentially none of the eggs it has sold are acted by the recall and that none of the eggs currently on its shelves are part of this recall effort. with a second iowa egg farm testing positive for small, the nationwide egg recall expanded. now another 170 million eggs produced by hillendale farms in iowa are being recalled, on top of 380 million recalled earlier this week. the fda says the two recalls are related, the strain of small is the same in both cases. were customers we talked to aware of the news? it was mixed. >> they recalled some eggs, and that it affected a number of brands. >> actually not at all, and i just bought some. >> reporter: they bought eggs at this lucky's, and the company tells us that the only affected eggs it had were sold
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over a seven-day period back in june. the new egg recall covers five brands sold between april and august. they are hillendale farms, sunny farms, sunny meadow, whole some s and west creek. the nationwide recall covers eggs sold in 14 state, including california. roughlyly 1,000 illnesses have been reported linked to small tainted eggs, with no deaths. >> i may stop eating eggs for awhile. >> reporter: that may be a natural reaction for some, but it's important to remember that the recall, while large, targets specific brands sold over a specific time period, and we have details on the recall -- finer details that you may need to know by checking us out at ken pritchard, ktvu, channel 2
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action news. an oakland teenager sentenced today to 50 years to life in prison for killing a 15- year-old girl after shooting her in the back on halloween night three years ago. a jury found him guilty of first-degree murder and a gun charge for the 2007 killing. he was tried as an adult. backersan was killed during a robbery attempt. her mother says she is happy about the and. >> you know, looking forward, to continue my life for my son, i had to. >> reporter: her attorney said it was a tragedy when a child was sent to jail for that long. today major changes at the san francisco police department's crime lab, which has been the subject of scrutiny and controversy, ever since a former lab technician was accused of stealing drug evidence for her own use. david stevenson is following the story live in san francisco with more. >> reporter: gasia, the crime
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lab scandal today prompted what police officials calling a major reorganization within the department. >> this has been a long and painful road for the san francisco police department. >> reporter: with that, san francisco police chief george gas cone this afternoon announced a number of reforms brought by the scandal at the department's troubled crime lab. the chief says supervisor negligence enabled deborah madden to allegedly steal cocaine and other drugs while on the job. the closure of the narcotics job and the revelation that the domestic violence conviction wasn't disclosed to attorneys before she testified as a defense expert led to the dismissal of more than 700 drug cases. >> the problem is not whether people make mistakes or commit intentional acts of -- criminal acts, but it's whether the organization has the capacity and the ability to move quickly and ensure that the problem is stopped. >> reporter: effective today, the fspd's internal affairs division has been split in three parts, to investigate
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control disconduct against employees and report so-called issues. the announcements come a day after ktvu first reported police officials do not believe the state attorney general will file charges against madden. two high-ranking police officials whose responsibilities included supervising or investigating the crime lab were demoted this week. ktvu has learned others in the lab are likely to face disciplinary measures. . the chief today declined to speak on the madden case. >> there were certainly other acts of negligence by various people and the inabilitity to see some of the signs that should have been detected. >> reporter: the crime lab scandal also highlighted a big backlog of testing of dna weapons and narcotics. police say now they are making progress on processing evidence, and expect to begin hiring new criminalists beginning next month. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu, channel 2 action news.
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san francisco's police chief also says he's surprised and disappointed the killing of a german tourist earlier this month hasn't attracted much concern or attention from the public. >> i was shocked by the fact that i did not get a single e- mail of anyone being concerned about the fact that this woman lost her life in the way that she did. and again, i'm not passing or saying her life was any more valuable than anyone else's, but it's the circumstances under which this occurred. >> the san francisco homicide captain says they received few tips from the public, but he says investigators do have some leads and may be close to solving the case. unemployment rates seem to be improving slightly around the country, but not here in california. the labor department said today the july jobless numbers went down in 37 states, an improvement from the month before, but unemployment rose in 14 states, including california, which lost 9,450
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jobs last month. california's unemployment rate remained unchanged in july. the state department reported the jobless rate at 12.3%, half a point percentage higher than one year earlier. overall the national jobless rate remained at 9.5% in july. furlough fridays returned to california today. state offices were closed after the state supreme court ruled on wednesday allowed the governor to force employees to take unpaid days off. ktvu's craig debro explains. >> reporter: the court says it will allow the governor-ordered furloughs to continue while the court looks at the power to issue them. for people who have business for the state today, many are confused about what's open and what's not. >> arnie strikes again. >> reporter: last month arnold schwarzenegger issued an executive order directing state agencies to employ furlough fridays. it requires some workers to take three days off without pay every month.
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the furloughs are supposed to go into effect august 1st. one of the unions acted by the order sued the governor to stop the furloughs. the professional engineers of california government argued that furloughs were a way to cut pay without legally mandated collective bargaining. >> they decided to get around it by changing people's employment to several weeks per month, 32 hours as opposed to 40 hours. >> reporter: in san francisco this morning, it was difficult to find a state building with furloughed workers. additional workers weren't acted by the orders. their furloughs were ledge slated, but expired. the only offices closed across the board were the dmv. >> it's very frustrating. i have driven quite a few miles to get here and had to take the time out to do this today. >> reporter: the governor issued the order in order to cut the state's $19 billion budget deficit. the furloughs are supposed to continue until a new budget is
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enacted and the department of finance certifies the state has enough cash to meet obligations through the end of the fiscal year. the pecg says furloughing its workers works against the economy and the state budget. >> they're not there doing that work, which means eventually other people in the private sector are not going to have a job building those projects. >> reporter: 20 other state unions joined the engineers, but pecg believes it holds a unique position. >> the idea behind the furlough is to bring back the general fund. but since 93% of its workers are paid from federal transportation funds and other sources, the union says the governor is just doing the politics and not the math. in san francisco, craig debro, ktvu, channel 2 action news. we have breaking news right now out of oakland, where police have issued an amber alert for a two-year-old who has been abducted. police say alia sanders is 2 feet tall, weighs 140 pounds.
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police say she was abducted by a relative, leon sanders, 21 years old, 6 feet 4 inches tall and 190 pounds. he has black hair, brown eyes and last seen wearing a black, red and lime green jacket and genes. he has a mustache and goatee. police say sanders was last seen driving a gray four-door bmw, license plate 4kam 819. anyone with information on ali yes, leon or this vehicle is asked to call oakland police. more worries over the economic recovery weighed heavily on the markets to finish off the week. stocks fell moderately as investors sold heavily for the second straight day over worries about the pace of the recovery. the dow industrial average closed 57 points to close the day at 10,213. the nasdaq ended a point higher closing at 2,1079. for more news at any time,
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visit and click on the business tab. an intensive crackdown got underway across the bay area. officers will focus their attention on one freeway. the highway patrol and other law enforcement agencies will be saturating interstate 680 and the surrounding communities. there are checkpoints scheduled for conquer tomorrow. a checkpoint will also be set up in el is aly doe on september 3rd. the dui campaign will run through the end of the labor day weekend on september. direct peace talks between israel and palestinian i don't know leaders will be held for the first time in almost two years. the last peace talks ended when a cease fire fell apart in december 2008. the obama administration has worked for 19 months to bring the two sides back to the table. president obama will meet one- on-one with israeli and palestinian leaders in washington, d.c., and direct talks between the mideast leaders will start the next day. >> the enemies of peace will
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keep trying to defeat us and derail the talks. but i ask the parties to persevere. >> the president of egypt and the king of jordan are also invited to attend the summit. a new poll finds nearly 60% of americans oppose the war in afghanistan. thirty eight percent say they oppose obama's war efforts. those include sending tens of thousands of troops into combat. the same poll shows 68% of people support president obama's decision to end operations in iraq. a new documentary called "the tillman story" opens in theaterers today. it looks at the life and death of pat tillman. he became the most famous enlistee on the war on terror. his death was surrounded in controversy after the military said he was killed in enemy fire in afghanistan. then later it was determined he was the victim of friendly fire. the producer says it portrays a truthful picture of the tillman
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family and, quote, "the barrage of government deceit." right now the documentary is only showing in new york and los angeles. the end of the line today for the last of the inmates who broke out of an arizona prison. how he finally got caught. also ahead -- san francisco's golden gate park is the target of vandalism once again. we'll have a live report coming up. the bay area did cool off today. outside tonight we have low clouds and fog pushing into the bay. the cooling trend on track for tomorrow. we might have a surprise in the five-day forecast. i'll have that coming up in just a few minutes. south of laredo, there's a place...
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golden gate park officials are trying to make sense of a seemingly senseless act of vandalism. someone is attacking prized plants in the park. the latest attack was against some valuable rose bushes. tim vargas is live in san francisco with more. jim? >> >> reporter: ken, this is nationally recognized rose garden. it's not so much the price of replacing these flowers that is disturbing park officials so much as the recurring vandalism here. three dozen rose bushes and three plots were cut down some time between wednesday afternoon and yesterday morning. they are among dozens of varieties of roses in the garden that won golden gate park a national award two years ago. they are valueded at about $2,000. the vandalism follows the destruction of 16 eucalyptus trees cut down by vandals last month. >> these are irrational acts that defy understanding on our
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part, but certainly has our vigilance up. >> reporter: it is possible some of the rose bushes can be saved. >> between our park rangers on staff and the richmond police station, it's been a very good city parking lot. we have a much heightened presence here, and we're on the lookout in trying to see if we can catch whoever this person is. >> police and ranger patrols, including undercover officers were also increased after the trees were cut down. >> i think it does help, having a presence and, you know, having officers, especially at nighttime when there's less people, can observe and see if someone should not be in a certain area of the park. >> reporter: it's most likely that both the trees and the roses were cut down during the dead of night, which makes investigators' jobs in trying to develop leads all that much more difficult, because there aren't many witnesses around. reporting live from san francisco, jim vargas, ktvu, channel 2 action news. meantime san jose's municipal rose garden honored as the number one in the
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country. the garden received 21,000 votes from garden lovers across the nation. the garden located in downtown san jose. further north in oakland, the markham rose garden ranked in top 10 best rose gardens nationwide. the garden is tended by public works and scores of volunteers. a spokesman says the honor is a significant accomplishment considering the park has reduceed its staff by 13% over the last 18 months. santa clara county authorities identified a man who jumped to his death during a stunned crowd last night in saratoga. it happened at the mountain winery during a performance by the band swell season. witnesses say that 32-year-old michael pickles of san jose jumped from the top of the building in the background of this photograph and landed on the stage. the man was given cpr immediately, and a doctor in the audience tried to revive him for an hour, but did not survive. the sheriff's department says the incident is being treated as a suicide. almost 10 feet long, 319
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pounds, and getting a lot of attention. we're talking about the newest resident at san francisco's aquarium of the bay. a female seven-gill shark is now on display at the aquarium on pier 39. the shark was accidentally caught off the island yesterday, using a hook and line and trout for bait, and immediately rushed it into the aquarium. animal experts say this is one species of shark that few people know about. >> seven-gill sharks are common in san francisco bay. they, in fact, breed here, and also in other bays like hum bold bay, monterey bay. a common shark, though a lot of people don't realize they exist in the bay. >> if the shark does well, aquarium officials say it will stay on display for the next year so. >> a nice day trip. >> for those who want to stay in the bay, let's head over to our meteorologist to see what we're going to get. >> we'll definitely want to bundle up for tomorrow. we can tell you tomorrow will be the coolest day of the period. that implies warminging trend.
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the pattern changes quite a bit. you can see the eventually source of the cooling. in fact, we started to today. there's the low cloud hugging a good portion of the california coastline as we come in tighter closer to the bay area. we have clear skies for santa rosa, concord and san jose. as we come in tighter, closer to san francisco, there we go with the overcast from pacifica to daily city. come in tighter, around the golden gate bridge. a few patches headed oz the bay out toward the bridge, and that trend will continue at least in the short term. as far as temperatures just updated right now it is 60 degrees, 80s out toward fairfield livermore and also concord and san jose right now checking in with mostly clear skies, 75 degrees. a spot forecast for tomorrow will be san francisco starting out the day with plenty of cloud cover, 04 degrees. by 12:00, not too much of a recovery, 58 degrees, and there's that and high, only in the lower 60s, around 61 degrees. this is the overall weather pattern developing for tomorrow.
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this area of low pressure moving in from the north with more fog and cooler conditions. but look what happens, as we put this into motion, you see what happens over the next few days. this system moves out. high pressure rebuilds. we begin warminging trend. in fact, we can reintroduce some 90s in the long range forecast. we'll break down the timing in a few minutes. the warmest locations could be approaching the mid 90s sometime into next week. we'll have your full forecast, your five-day forecast and your week forecast coming up in a little bit. >> thank you, mark. you can lace up your running shoes for a good cause this weekend. tomorrow the annual friends of faith breast cancer challenge will take place in oak in honor of the late ktvu reporter kate thancher. she lost her battle in 2003. her friends have continued her dream of helping women to fight the disease. the run includes a 5k walk around lake merit. we talked to one woman helped by the organization. she offered advice for others. >> educate yourself, ask questions. don't wait on anything. if you feel something, you're
4:21 pm
not sure, go. and if you don't have insurance, there's a lot of resources out there. >> ktvu is one of the sponsors of tomorrow's event. if you would like to take part, you can find a link for more information at he's been hailed as a courageous cab bio. today he's been honored in san francisco. why the man, though, doesn't want his identity released just yet. plus we'll tell you what prompted half a dozen students at south bay elementary school to skip class today.
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through dean wong spent the day at the school and has our report. >> reporter: this morning, drop- off was quieter than usual. about half of the 400 kids did not show up for school today because of a bomb threat. maria fernandez told us she felt more comfortable keeping her daughter at home. >> better be safe than sorry, you know. i feel more comfortable. >> that she's skipping school? >> yeah, because you never know. >> we can't force anybody to come to school. we wouldn't want to. this is something where kids need to feel comfortable when they come to learn. >> reporter: the bomb threat discovered on august 4th, written on a classroom door. the threat said, "an explosive device would be detonated on
4:25 pm
campus sometime today." >> any threat on a school campus, especially with all of the incidents we have over the last, you know, several years throughout the country, you have to take it serious. you can't just dismiss it. >> reporter: this morning, officers and a bomb detection dog made their way through the campus. it was a search that lasted for hours until after the sun came up. and while that search was underway, even staff was turned away. the dog found nothing suspicious. >> they're very good at what they do, and it does give you some -- some assurance that there's no standard-type explosives here. >> reporter: this is just the first week of school at briarwood. on monday, the first day of school, this letter went out to parents, telling them what happened and what was being done. throughout the week, the police presence grew, and kids say their friends were all talking about it. >> what are people saying? >> they're like, "remember the bomb this friday?" >> so people were talking about it this week?
4:26 pm
>> yes. >> reporter: were the kids scared? >> kind of. >> while malia stayed home, marcella lumbard said she was worried but brought her niece any way. >> i see there's a lot of cops, and of course, we just saw you guys somewhere -- like, should be okay. >> reporter: her in a slim majority. 48% of kids stayed home from school. the district said it will be considered an excused absence. >> police say the threat was written in what they are describing as amateurish writing. they are still trying to track down whoever's responsible. claudia wong, ktvu news. a san francisco cab driver honored today in san francisco, though the man of the hour was honored incog toe. he helped lead police following the fatal shooting of a german tourist in union square earlier this month. because the investigation is ongoing, the driver wants his identity to be kept a secret. >> he reacted, tried to help
4:27 pm
people, and that's -- we help people. that's all we do. >> five people were detained after the cab driver led police to the suspicious car, though no one yet has been charged. we have an update on the breaking news story we brought you minutes ago. oakland police tell us they have located the missing bmw involved in the abduction of a two-year-old girl, but they say the little girl and the male relative who is thought to have taken her are still missing. police tell us she is 2 feet tall, weighs 40 pounds. she was last seen wearing a black jacket and a pink and black shirt with genes. police say she was abducted by a relative, leon sanders. they describe leon as being 21 years old, 6 to 4 inches tall and 190 pounds. they say he has black hair, brown eyes and last seen wearing a black, red and lime green jacket and genes. the man has a mustache and a goatee. the car has been found, but the two have not.
4:28 pm
anyone with information on their whereabouts is asked to call oakland police. coming up, a bay area actor who was attacked on a muni bus is out rained today about the and for one of his attackers. plus -- three men are in custody here in san jose after a massive drug bust. does the drug operation represent a surge of activity by drug cartel? that story next. >> and bay area exterminators say they're showing up in other places, not just in bed. where and what you need to know next. [ male announcer when meg whitman arrived at ebay, they had 30 people and an idea. meg's job was to make it happen. it took leadership. focus.
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three men are in the santa clara jail this afternoon in connection with a drug raid yesterday that netted about 500 pounds of methamphetamine and cocaine. ktvu's robert honda is live in san jose with the latest on the case, including how much the mexican drug cartels are involved in california and the south bay in particular. robert? >> ken, we're outside the jail in san jose, where state and local drug enforcement agencies are keeping close tabs on where this investigation leads. but some say a good bet is the trail will lead south of mexico and right back here to the south bay. >> the south bay has historically had command and control people from the mexican drug trafficking organizations who have thrived here. >> reporter: investigators say they believe a huge methamphetamine and cocaine distribution operation, possibly connected to a mexican drug cartel, was shut down after the drug bust at a gilroy home yesterday.
4:32 pm
federal, state and local agencies seized almost 500 pounds of drugs with an estimated street value of more than $100 million. >> as we kept counting and weighing, it was to the point where, "oh, my god. where is this going to evened?" just how far are the tent applicants of the distribution network going. just way too much for news this area. >> reporter: there are clues, investigators tell ktvu. some of the methamphetamine found at the house included blue meth or blue ice, which could indicate a connection with the narcania street gang. the office of homeland security helping in the crackdown says gangs are a big part of the distribution network in the bay area, central valley and name. >> they would operate here in the united states. they would operate their drug trafficking organizationbut, you know, always with origins back to mainly mexico. >> reporter: the california bureau of narcotics enforcement also says mexican drug cartels are involved in many of the
4:33 pm
covert, sophisticated marijuana grow operations in the bay area. >> they get in on public lands or public fields. so being outdoors and keeping your plants low to the ground and being cautious. there's just too much land available. >> reporter: three mexican nationals being held in the santa clara county jail in connection with the gilroy bust, and their immigration status is on hold by order of homeland security. live in san jose, robert honda, ktvu, channel 2 action news. now to the north bay, where the marin county sheriff's office put a dollar amount on marijuana plants seized this week on the west slope of mount kanapaya. plants were worth more than $20 million. the national guard and state department of justice helicopters airlifted the marijuana from a rugged area spread over 100 ikeers. deputies say the marijuana was trucked to another location and destroyed. no arrests were made. rangers from the marin water district were the first
4:34 pm
officers to discover the farms. a bay area actor who was the victim of an attack on muni last year is expressing disappointment over the and given this morning to his attacker. according to prosecutors, ulau massai and three other gang members mistook him for a rival gang member while riding the bus. they beat him and stole his wallet and ipod. massai pled guilty in exchange for a two-year prison and. with time served, he could be released in a hit over a year. >> i feel it may be not fair enough for the time that i have to spend spend, spent for all these different types of therapists, and, you know, these doctor appointments and more surgeries. >> he works as an actor, on his way to an audition at the time of the attack. >> a man with nine prior felony
4:35 pm
dui convictions has been arrested again for driving drunk. police say that james timothy mccrowen has been cited 10 times for driving under the influence. the latest incident happened tuesday when he hit two parked cars in marin. a month earlier he was cited after he ran into a cran crete barrier. he is being held on $250,000 bail. a suspected drunk driver is responsible for a mess in millbury overnight. he crashed his pickup truck after hitting two other vehicles a tree and a house. officers say it happened at 12:30 a.m. the man apparently lost control of his truck on sequoia avenue. several people inside the house, but no one injured. >> they woke me up in the middle of the night. i came out. there was a lot of commotion going on. that was the third accident around the coroner two years. it's pretty dangerous around here. >> reporter: the suspected drunk driver cited and taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >> they've been the talk of new
4:36 pm
york city for months. now they're here in the bay area. we're talking about bedbugs. despite their name, they don't always show up in the bedroom. rob roth has the story. >> reporter: exterminators say they've discovered bedbugs in office buildings in downtown san francisco and in the financial district, but won't tell us which ones. san francisco-based pest tech uses specially trained bedbug sniffing dogs, including this beagle to find the bugs. the office says the number of infestations has doubled the past few years. >> we've seen an increase in people's homes. so i think there are reservoirs of bedbugs going untreated. as that's building there are more chances for them to be taken from place to place. >> reporter: this is what a serious infestation what looks like although this was from a san francisco motel room. one property manager told us by phone the stigma of bedbugs in an office, building owners tend to handle the problem discretely. >> this information will hurt
4:37 pm
your business, hurt tenants wanting to be in your building. it will stress out the tenants in your building. >> reporter: in fact, the property manager asked us not to use her name, because she said she recently handled an office infestation for a client in san francisco and was concerned that revealing her name would reveal the building with the problem. but she said a female employee had been traveling apparently brought in the bedbugs unknowingly through clothing or a suitcase. >> wasn't that she just came sat at the desk and goes home. she had a lot of movement throughout the day. so you have to inspect kind of the areas of movement that this person -- you know, that that employee moves in. >> reporter: bedbugs are difficult to eradicate. >> people have them in their desks, boxes of files. a complex area. >> reporter: and he says there's one other major difficulty: many offices do businesses with the general public, so a customer could walk through the door at any
4:38 pm
time carrying bedbugs. rob roth, ktvu, channel 2 action news. certainly hay sign of the times. what americans are doing for a second straight year when it cops to their 401(k) accounts. plus why bp workers are taking pains to preserve the site of the gulf oil disaster. plus if you're a music buff and a space nut, nasa has a mission for you. details coming up. >> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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teams prepare to seal off the broken well in case criminal or civil charges are filed. retired admiral thad allen says teams are conducting tests before they remove the broken blowout preventer that may have caused the massive spill. >> we've been in touch with the department of justice, and the fbi, because we want to preserve evidence and make sure if there are potential implications, either criminal or civil litigation, that we are prepared to preserve the evidence and go forward. >> allen says a bottom-kill operation should begin the day after labor day, ceiling off the well by pumping mud and cement into it by a relief well- being drilled right now. there are reports that american airlines is about to be hit with a record fine from the faa. according to a wall street journal article, federal officials will order americans to pay a $25 million fine for shortcomings with its
4:42 pm
maintenance procedures. maintenance problems, it is said, led to thousands of flights being canceled in 2008. the airline says it hasn't been notified of fines from the faa and that there is no reason for that type of government action. a georgia tech scientist is recommending that we say good- bye to eight-letter passwords commonly used for security. he says 12-letter passwords would be safer, because he says it would take 17,000 years to crack the combination. in the future he says we may want to consider using whole sentences. but for now, if a web page or computer will not take a 12- letter password, he suggested making the password a complex picture of letters, numbers and symbols. eating more leafy green vegetables may significantly reduce the chance of developing diabetes, the finding of researchers who examined earlier studies on type ii diabetes in diet. they found that people who ate a lot of leafy greens were 14% less likely to contract the disease, but they say more research is needed.
4:43 pm
the findings published online in the british medical journal. nasa wants your help with its next space mission. nasa wants members of the public to pick the perfect song. it is holding a concert to pick two winners. some of the songs include u2's "beautiful day," frank sinatra's "fly me to the moon." cast your vote by visiting, and click on web links. the start of school is almost here at uc berkly. some students getting a tough lesson in finances. >> and taking a look outside, looks like mount diablo with some fog underneath. mark the mayo working on the bay area forecast.
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they had 30 people and an idea. meg's job was to make it happen. it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together. meg whitman delivered. named one of america's best ceo's by harvard business review, she grew ebay 15,000 strong and made small business dreams come true. now meg has a plan to create jobs. fix sacramento. and deliver results. meg whitman. for a new california.
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there's some good news for bay area university students looking for tuition money. thanks to federal stimulus funds, more is available, but it's not always easy to get. we're on the campus with details. >> reporter: school is starting next week, but the excitement tempered for some because of financial challenges. dozens of new students and prospective students toured the school this morning. one young man came to tie up
4:47 pm
loose ends before his first day as a golden bear. >> exciting, very terrified. >> ivan bussio had to nail down his financial aid package, which he said was not easy. >> i'm a scholar. usually we're set for the year; but this year, since the feerdz are higher, i have to get a scholarship and look to other places for money. >> also today the cal dance team took photos. one said her problem was not financial aid, but class selection. >> a lot of the labs have been cut down because of like budget cuts and everything. so scheduling classes are getting more difficult. >> when it comes to financial aid, school officials say this is a good yore because so much money is coming from the government. >> it was stimulus money that increased the pell substantially for many families. then on top of it, many other families who lost jobs, they
4:48 pm
were able to become pell eligible. >> reporter: this 0 year uc berkeley will have 18,000 students who depend on financial aid. the total compensation, officials say, will be as good as last year. to live on campus, the total cost is $31,000 per year. this is the durham county from orange county. darius the ii will be a freshman. until recently his family didn't know how they would afford his education. >> we found out that his first year at cal berkeley, if you can believe this, will be free, at no charge, that brings joy to the heart. >> reporter: classes start on thursday. freshmen move in this weekend. an update to our breaking story we've been following throughout the newscast. an amber alert for a two-year- old girl. in the past so minutes, police found her, alyia sanders. she was found safe with the man police believe took her.
4:49 pm
a crew member on the scene says the little girl appears to be fine and that her father, leon sanders was taken into custody. more and more americans dipping into their retirement savings in an effort to make ends meet. a record 62,000 workers made hardship withdrawals from their 401(k) accounts during the second of this year. that's up 15% from last year when 45,000 workers made withdrawals. what's more, 45% of people who took out money from their 401(k) last year did so again this year. a popular sierra campground is closed because of the risk of an out break of the playing. state park officials yesterday closed the plumas campground northwest of truckee after a dead squirrel tested positive for the disease. playing can be transmitted to people through fleas found on rodent and other animals found in the park. officials hope to have the campground reopened by labor day. many people finalizing their week plans. let's go over to our meteorologist to find out what's in store in the bay area. >> looks like cooler
4:50 pm
temperatures for the bay area week, especially as we head into saturday, but some changes beyond that point. i can show you live on storm tracker 2, hugging the coastline. coming in tighter, the clouds over parts of san francisco and pacifica. we come in take a closer inspection around ocean beach and the golden gate bridge. the clouds beginning to fill in. we have clear skies inland, but take a look at some of the reports just outside of bay point right now. you can see the winds -- do have winds at least gusting to 22 miles per hour. that on-shore breeze and that fog offshore translates to a cool-down tomorrow. a look outside across the bay, san francisco in the distance, and there's that big fog bank marching into the bank, will continue to do so over the next three to six hours. the weather story is this, the fog increases overnight, and will be cooler for your saturday. saturday. the extended forecast, this is something new. temperatures will be warming up into next week. highs tomorrow you can see for saturday, ranging into the upper 50s for the coast, quite
4:51 pm
a few 60s and no 80s reported for tomorrow. in fact, the warmest locations inland, only in the upper 70s, possibly 78 to 79 degrees. another cool system moves in for your saturday. more fog and some cooler conditions out there. heading into sunday, a little bump in the numbers as this system departs. look what happens as we head into next week. strong high pressure returns, translating into a warming trend. we will more 90s for the interior right around there. we could be talking about upper 70s and the lower 80s. even the beaches, upper 60s, possibly approaching the lower 70s. that once again is for monday into tuesday. so a significant change in the weather pattern as we do head into next week. as far as our forecast across the state this weekend partly cloudy skies in eureka, plenty of sunshine, heading to southern california, plenty of sunshine for los angeles. we find the triple digit heat in palm springs. back here in the bay area
4:52 pm
tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy skies and some drizzle temperatures, low to mid 50s, and then into the afternoon hours, clouds slowly pulling back from the coast. and temperatures from the upper 50s to the upper 70s. santa rosa, 71 degrees. fairfield mid 70s. some more neighborhoods, a string of 60s around the bay. not much in the way of 80s inland. talking about 70s. san jose forecast high of 71, and san francisco in the lower 60s. here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast and temperatures cooling off for your saturday. a little bit of a rebound heading into sunday. look what happens gasia and ken. by next week, monday and tuesday, warmest locations inland in the low to mid 90s, around 94 to 95 degrees. you will feel a big change in the long-range outlook. >> believe it when i see it. >> count on it this time. >> thank you, mark coming up, a major mix-up. why a family on the road during their vacation was pulled over and frisked by police in name.
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
a license plate mix-up caused a family to be pulled over. happened on 405 in mission hills. the family was forced out of the minivan at gunpoint, and they were told to lay down on the freeway with their arms spread out on the pavement. turns out their license plate
4:56 pm
had been replaced with the plate of a stolen vehicle. hopefully they had a much better time at their final destination. >> great news for the opposition, not so good news for tennis fans as the great serena williams announces today she is pulling out of the upcoming u.s. open back at flushing meadow. as she returns to the scene of her big-time meltdown of last year in the semifinals when she got it with the line judge big time. she says she's still recovering from recent surgery to repair cuts on her injured right foot. the number-one ranked williams had that meltdown; but jess, the thing to remember about her, she's won three times at the u.s. open, and says pulling out of the open this year is one of the most devastating moments of her career. so she'll be out of it. we have some real encouraging news with regard to the star wide receiver of the minnesota vikings. you remember yesterday, percy
4:57 pm
hardwin was taken off the field in an ambulance after suffering a major migraine attack. today as you can see, out of the hospital, receiving warm greetings from teammates. me will not travel to san francisco this weekend as the vikings play the 49ers in an excision game sunday. brett favre will play two series, yet their coach addresses another issue today. an anonymous player on the team says nobody on the team has respect for him. >> how i do -- you don't like it. you sit at the top. they make an argument for it. >> talk about that too much. at the raiders camp, everyone is talking about their number- one draft pick, orlando mcclain. he gets the attention, but, hey, the second selection in the draft, lamar huston shows
4:58 pm
up in the hall of fame against the dallas cowboys. he was actually born in san francisco, and our fred english asked him about basically returning to his native land. >> you know, it was like i was coming home again. i was very happy that i can play for such a store rid organization. >> when you were out in the game what was it that you saw and learned from being out there. >> we'll televise the raiders preseason game tomorrow 5:00 here on channel 2. >> all right. philadelphia eagles and bengals at cincinnati is up next >> so, ah, your seat good?
4:59 pm
got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad.


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