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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  August 20, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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[siren approaches] aah! aah! . >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu. it looks like money but it is really a promotional campaign. some of the attention is coming from san francisco city hall. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> and i'm ken wayne. frank somerville is off tonight. a gorilla marking campaign intended to publicize the new chapter of a media gain may backfire on a san francisco right in its backyard. heather holmes is live in the city with the story. heather? >> reporter: well, more complaints coming in today at the city hall over these phony
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$25,000 bills glued to sidewalks in various locations throughout the city. and in the near neighbors nor city officials are very happy about it. the community park and garden on page street is an urban oasis with lush foliage and a playground and painted messages of peace and love. >> you come down the steps the back way and you see that on the sidewalk. >> reporter: the fake bills promote the latest facebook game from san francisco based zinger. but it has back fired. >> i will never look at the website just for the fact that they put it there. >> reporter: the city attorney's office considers the branded bills vandalism. >> this isn't something that we tolerate, whether it's just teenage kids doing it or a major corporation doing it. it is just something we shouldn't stand for. >> reporter: the angry letter they fired off about its gorilla marketing campaign. department of public works have tried to remove the sticky
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bills but time consuming and expensive. each sticker takes 45 minutes to scrub loose with a $65 per hour power washer. >> it's illegal. so it's not just a question of paying to clean it up. we're going to ask that there be some sort of, you know, penalty or fine associated with it. >> reporter: blue bottle coffee have removed some of the 30 stickers glued outside its doors. >> we have to go through an extra half hour scrubbing away in front of the sidewalk, it's not cool. >> reporter: at the headquarters no one was commenting on the stunt. the davis allan advertising group who flowed the campaign said in a statement it takes full responsibility for the program and working with the city to immediately resolve the issue. the city has successfully gone after other companies behind similar gorilla marketing campaigns including a $100,000 settlement with ibm in 2001.
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the city is taking this campaign graffiti very seriously. reporting live tonight here in san francisco, i'm heather holmes, ktvu, channel 2 news. firefighters in la county are battling a wildfire tonight. some people in the area have packed up and left their homes. the fire started at about 3:00 this afternoon in the angeles national forest. fire crew versus been attacking the flames from the air and on the ground. they say they are up against winds gusting to 25 miles per hour. one firefighter suffered a broken collar bone. the fire has burned now more than 100-acres. the good news tonight it's about 50% contained. >> a domestic dispute in oakland this afternoon led to an amber alert and several tense hours as authorities searched for a missing 2-year- old girl. police say the child's father took her from the mother's house in oakland at about 2:00 this afternoon. after issues the amber alert, officers eventually recovered the child in the city of san
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pueblo. amber lee is at the jail with this story. amber? >> reporter: julie, 21-year-old leon saunders of oakland is being held at the county jail after being questioned by police. facing charges of domestic abuse and kidnapping after alluding police for almost three hours. the ordeal ended around 4:45 this afternoon. saunders surrendered to police walking out of his uncle's apartment with his hands up. police say the incident started almost three hours earlier when saunders girlfriend accused him of assaulting her the her oakland home. saunders took her bmw and left with the couple's 2-year-old daughter. >> the guy was also threatening to commit suicide and to harm his young 2-year-old daughter. he took the daughter in the victim's vehicle. >> reporter: when police cooperate locate the child, they issued an amber alert. a short while later investigators located the grey bmw in san pueblo.
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only there was a problem, no sign of father or daughter. they received information that he was inside his uncle's apartment nearby. police cordoned off the area. >> i couldn't believe it. because my grandkids is right here. i'm scared to let them come outside anymore now. >> a hostage negotiator established contact with saunders. and shortly after, he surrendered. police carried his daughter out. she was unharmed. the toddler was reunited with her mother. >> from what i can see he is a good father, though. >> this neighbor told us saunders and his young daughter visited his uncle here obvious. she said she is shocked that he is accused of threatening to harm the toddler. >> how was he with his daughter? >> they are close, really close. he would drive off to the store and she would be crying daddy don't leave me, you know. >> reporter: neighbors say saunders gets the help he needs. >> he is running around doing it the wrong way. nothing is going to be solved that way. >> reporter: record neighbors
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and police say they are relieved that no one was hurt. reporting live in oakland, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. a judge today sentenced an oakland teenager to 50 years to life in prison for killing a 15- year-old alameda girl on halloween night three years ago. a jury had already convicted tran of first degree murder plus a gun charge. he was 16 at the time but was tried as an adult. prosecutor kim wellman said tran shot and killed the girl during a robbery attempt with two groups of people. the victim's mother said she is satisfied with the sentence. >> you know, looking forward to live and then continue my life for my son. i have to. >> tran's attorney objected to lengthy sentence saying it is far too long for someone so young and temporary to what justice in america should be. the lawyer representing accused
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kidnapper phillip garrido may try to have him declared un fit for trial. the judge handling the case in el dorado county may formally raise the issue of mental capacity. the move would halt court proceedings while garrido has a psychological exam. garrido and his wife nancy are accused of kidnapping jaycee dugard in 1991 and holding her captive for 18 years at their home another antioch. california's depressed job market is showing no signs of improvement but not slumping any more either. the california's unemployment rate remains steady at 12.3% in july. the same level as june. still, california has the third highest jobless rate in the nation. the edd says employers slashed 9400 jobs last month. more than two million californians are out of work. some experts suggest the state's job market is stalling. in silicone valley today, religious leaders took action to help folks looking for work.
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50 people attended an event at san jose city hall that was part support gup and part job fair. they found a variety of job hunting resources including resume writing help. some job seekers said they are exploring new fields hoping to reinvent themselves to find a go ahead job and a secure future. i tried to look actively but it's a rollercoaster, to tell you the truth. sometimes you get really excited, you know. >> state leaders said this was the first time since the recession they have co- ordinated a response to the unemployment crisis. unfortunately, they said, it may not be the last. >> and we checked unemployment in all nine bay area counties. in 7-9 the rate moved higher. salano has the highest rate at 12.4%. contra costa improved 4/10ths of a point. marin has the lowest at 8.6%
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unemployment. how big of an illegal drug manufacturing operation was it? and is a mexican cartel involved? that's what investigators are asking tonight after law enforcement roaded a house in gillroy and discovered hundreds of pounds in methamphetamine and cocaine. robert handa reports. >> reporter: investigators believe a huge methamphetamine and cocaine operation run by a mexican cartel was shut down after a drug best at a home yesterday. they seized almost 500 pounds of drugs with an estimated street value of more than $100 million. >> as we kept counting and weighing to the point where my god where is this going to end? this is so much dope. how far are the tent being a wills of the distribution are we going? where is all of this going to go to? too much for just us in this area, way too much. >> reporter: there are clues, investigators tell ktvu some of the meth found at the house included so-called blue meth or blue ice which could indicate a
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connection with a street gang. the office of homeland security which is helping with the gang crackdown says gangs with a big part of the distribution network in the bay area, central valley and the southern california area. they would operate here in the united states. they would operate their drug trafficking organization always with origins back to mainly mexico. >> reporter: the california burrow of narcotics enforcement also says mexican drug cartels are involved in many of the covert sophisticated marijuana grow operations in the bay area. >> they get in to public lands or open fields. it is not patrolled by forestry people or deputies or blm or police officers. >> reporter: three mexican nationals are being held in the santa clara county jail in connection with the gillroy bust. they are being held without bail and their passports are being detained by homeland security. in san jose, robert handa, ktvu, channel 2 news. we are following some developing news right now. coming up after the break, we will have the latest on a
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shooting at a peninsula gas station. as law enforcement looks for drunk drivers, they number a man with ten convictions behind him and still crashing his car. the loopholes that kept him on the road. weekend is here but will the weather cooperate? mark tamayo joins us in less than ten minutes with tomorrow's forecast. . the 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2 news. investigators in san francisco. >> dependable live coverage of breaking news. >> we began with a huge fire. the bay area's major news of the day. >> south bay water officials say so far -- >> and complete in depth coverage. >> new security procedures went into effect today. >> the forecast for the area you live. >> how much heat can come out of the valley? >> frank somerville, julie haener, the 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2 news. complete bay area news coverage. [ female announcer jcp cash is on the spot savings.
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earn ten dollars off on the spot, when you spend fifty! unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. earn jcp cash... ten dollars off when you spend fifty who knew shopping could be so rewarding? jcpenney. . we are working on a developing story tonight following late word of a shooting at a gas station in
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pacific a. here is pacifica. it took place on a shell gas station at hickey boulevard jest west of skyline boulevard. we have heard a clerk at that gas station was shot three times apparently during a robbery atemperature. the clerk was rushed to the hospital. at this point there is no word on that person's condition. the shooting happened 90 minutes ago. so far pacifica police are remaining tight lipped about the details. ten duis and still driving. authorities say they went digging into a suspect's past this week and found a drunk driving history dating back decades. the latest arrest came after two crashes in one day. ktvu's deborah villalon is live with the story. >> reporter: kent, we are at a sobriety checkpoint right now. drivers are being asked to show their licences and asked if they have been drinking tonight. sonoa is doing extra enforcement through labour day. but this ten time offender fell
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in their laps. >> reporter: 52-year-old james mckroen is now in jail on felonies. arrested last night when the police realized the man who crashed in petaluma last month was the same one who crashed twice in marin county this past tuesday, each time bailing out on misdemeanors and free to drive on a temporary license while he appealed suspension. >> he has been arrested a lot. actually served prison time for felony dui. >> reporter: digging up his past dug up not just two arrest convictions but ten going back to the 70s, making his new duis felonies. >> we need to look deeply into this to find out why when law enforcement runs him he isn't just automatically flagged to a police officer that he is a significant threat to the driving public. >> he is a loose cannon out there rolling around. we have got to do something about these type of people. >> reporter: north bay assembly
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man huffman wants a crackdown on habitual drunk drives. a woman struck in a crosswalk by an eight time offender. after three duis, no license. if they insist. >> impound their vehicles, forfeit their vehicles we can make it so they think more than twice. >> the whole neighborhood is tired of them. >> reporter: james neighbors didn't know about his records. but they have seen him intoxicated. >> he is a drinker. he is definitely we see him out here all the time, you know, just being loud and be obnoxious in the street. >> the message is clear let us help you now or we will force to you get help when we arrest you and put you in jail. >> reporter: sonoma bail out is $250,000. he has the same amount waiting so it will not appear he will be free to drive again any time soon. as for this check point now four hours old, they have pulled some 40 drivers out of these lines and arrested two
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people so far for dui. reporting live in sonoma, deborah villalon, ktvu, channel 2 news. an oakland police officer and two people inside a van suffered minor injuries this morning during a traffic collision. the officer's patrol car crashed into the van at 10:30 a.m. while the officer was trying to catch up to an ac transit bus. police say the bus had a wanted parolee onboard. the crash flipped the van on the side. one of the women inside the van reportedly told police they had music on and couldn't here the police siren. a massive egg recall grew bigger after they recalled 170,000 eggs because of salmonella contamination. the latest development brings the total number of recalled examples to half a billion. the issue was issued after tests linked its eggs to a salmonella outbreak. the eggs were shipped to 14
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states, including california, under these brands. they were packaged between april 10th and as recently as yesterday. the fda is investigating. and you can go to view a complete list of the recalled eggs detailing all of the various brands, identification codes and packaging dates. just scroll down to the right now section at mid-page. >> about 52,000 american troops remain in iraq today on a new mission. iraqi forces now are officially in charge of their country's security. today u.s. troops trained iraqis on how to use new robots to dismantle improvised explosive devices instead of the way they have been doing it by hand. while the americans are no longer considered combat forces, they are prepared to defend themselves if attacked. some of the bay area's 10,000 pakistanis are rallying now to raise clothing, supplies and money for their homeland that right now is drowning in a
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historic flood. relentless rain has caused the river that runs through the heart of pakistan to flood miles beyond its banks, affecting 20 million people and leaving 20 percent of the country underwater. ktvu's rita williams reports on the bay area response. >> reporter: the destination for what's inside this warehouse is almost 7500 miles away. >> all of this is donated? >> yes, everything here is donations. >> reporter: right then, as if on cue. >> we have a donor actually just came. >> reporter: two engineers stopped by donating money, bags of clothing, bedding and toys for flood victims in pakistan, the country he left more than two decades ago but that's still in his heart. >> oh, it's very sad over there, i know. a lot of people are very needy. and we want to help, anything,
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anything, $1, 50 cents, 20 cents. they need it. we have to. >> reporter: overcome with emotion, he said when he sees these pictures of the pakistani victims. (little boy crying). >> it makes me cry. it's very sad. very sad. already. >> reporter: already, 1500 people are known dead. the number of homeless has doubled to four million. the lucky ones finding a floor in a school to sleep on or a space in a tent city such as this one. the united nations chief called the disaster in pakistan a slow- motion tsunami expected to grow. you might say this container will be on a slow boat to pakistan. it will take six weeks for it to get there. that's why aid organizations also are asking for money. >> take this small one here and throw it up there. >> reporter: pakistani born
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american founded the hadia foundation in the hardest hit areas. >> the people started with poor and had only mud houses and so on. and millions of those houses have been destroyed. so in reality, whatever they had is gone. >> reporter: millions of people who had little to begin with and now have even less. rita williams, ktvu, channel 2 news. [ music ] well, low clouds and fog currently re-grouping. in fact, coastside right around the bay and overnight tonight see the clouds on the increase. they will be a factor i first thing tomorrow morning for a good portion of the bay area. tomorrow morning at 7:00 mostly cloudy and drizzle. temperatures low to mid-50s. by lunchtime we should have this. clearing skies in land. still some lingering patchy fog. mid-50s to the mid 60s. partly to mostly sunny. no 80s to report tomorrow. in fact saturday will be the coolest day of the upcoming
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period. getting tired of the cool temperatures we do have a significant change in the five day forecast. i will have that coming up. san jose's almadon lake is still off limits to swimmers. it will remain closed for the rest of the summer season. the blue green algae bloom is that first closed the lake on july 23rd hasn't dissipated. it can cause sore throats and death if swallowed. straight ahead cyclists handcuffed themselves to their bikes. find out what this protest tonight was all about. and san francisco police are calling it a hate crime. a gay man attacked right another the castro district. late tonight a break in the case. the details are straight ahead. so my mercury moment happened during our family camping trip.
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>> friday evening in san francisco and there was another protest. bicycle advocates blocked the entrance to the arco station. the 11th such protest since the bp gulf oil spill. a couple of cyclists locked themselves to their bikes challenging the police to arrest them. they claim that cars lining up for gasoline block the bike lane. and that end dangering cyclists. they want them to block the entrance to that gas station. amber crop by and pitch plans to close 110 stores another the next 18 months. the company says most of the enclosures will happen when leases expire. they will target a.m. better kids. they will close 60 stores this year and an additional 50 stores in 2011. here in the bay area the company operates three kids stores, eight stores and 11 other stores. >> meantime san francisco based
10:25 pm
william sonoma reported it netted $776 million compared to $672 during the same period last year. the company's ceo said a change in merchandising and marketing strategies has generated the positive response from consumers. republican candidate meg whitman said if she is elected governor she would defend proposition 8. whitman said she would appeal a recent federal court ruling. she made the statement shortly before addressing an audience at the republican party convention in san diego. whitman said the governor and attorney general should defend the constitution and "enable the judicial process to go along." a seniors home now faces two lawsuits in connection with a fire that killed three people. two former residents of the care center filed one lawsuit on monday. they claim the managers knew the tenant who started the fire
10:26 pm
was an alcoholic and smoked cigars while receiving oxygen. a separate lawsuit filed last week by 27 former residents claims the owners and managers of the building ignored fire code violations and did not fix the alarm system. five people face criminal charges for the 2008 fire. new details emerge today about the man who died in a fall at a south bacon certificate last night. and the criminal charges he was facing. youtube video of the concert showed an ambulance arriving. the man was identified as pickles of san jose. he was free on $150,000 bail on domestic violence and weapons charges. witnesses say he jumped from the roof of a building on to the stage as the group the swell season was performing. coming up, federal regulators take over a bay area bank. find out what you need to know. also ahead, police say it was a hate crime in san francisco's castro district. we are live with late word of
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an arrest in this case. [ music ]
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[ music ] >> the cooling will continue into your saturday in san francisco. you can count on the low fog first thing tomorrow morning. possibly some drizzle. still some lingering fog into the afternoon with the forecast high of 60 degrees. >> there is news tonight of a bay area bank failure. federal regulators shut down troubled sonoma valley bank today. the first sonoma bank to fail. they had three branches. regulators arranged for the san raphael based west american bank to take overall assets and
10:30 pm
liabilities. when the three branches remain open tomorrow it will be as west america. the fdic had given them until august 15th to raise about $20 million but the bank did not meet the deadline. it is the 118th federally insured bank to close this year and the 10th in california. increasing doubts about the economic recovery sunk blue chips again today on wall street ending a second consecutive losing weak on a down note. the dow dropped 57 but the nasdaq squeezed out a small gain. state tax officials say 40,000 businesses did not file 2008 income tax returns. those companies can expect to hear from the franchise tax board. once notified the businesses will have 30 days to file or prove that they didn't have to file a return. businesses who ignore the notices could face assessment including penalties, interest and fees. last year the franchise tax board checked about $38 million from businesses that did not
10:31 pm
file tax returns. we are learning more tonight about an alleged hate crime in san francisco's castro district. and there is late word of an arrest in what is being called a bay bashing. ktvu's mike mibach is in the city now with a live report. mike? >> reporter: julie, church and market always a pretty busy intersection. and this is the spot where that alleged hate crime occurred inside a streetcar. within the last couple of hours i did speak to the victim on the phone. he told me that one of his attackers was arrested this evening but that the second one is still unaccounted for. the j church a well traveled munni line that police say was home to a hate crime. a gay man attempting to exit the j line was verbally abused and punched in the face multiple times by two people. >> i think it's incredibly sad because i think it just shows a lack of -- well, it's a lack of humanity, basically. yes, i think we should be
10:32 pm
beyond this. >> reporter: the story hit the community paper and greg carrie hit the streets. >> this was the first incident in quite sometime that quite apparently is a gay bashing. >> reporter: he is chair of the castro community on patrol with one goal with this neighborhood. >> educating the public is taking care of yourself. taking care of your friend. taking care of the community which is taking care of string strangers. castro is probably safer than most areas in the city. but still there will be events like this that take place. >> reporter: some folks tonight who read about the hate crime say while the gay movement has never been stronger and more accepted, the castro district remains a symbol interpreted in many different ways. >> like i say it is just the only place i have ever been hit in my life is right here. >> people are still just really angry. you know, they lash out, you know, for whatever reason. and that exists regardless of the fact that we've come a long way. >> it can be very safe.
10:33 pm
but in other respects it can be, you know, an opportunity for people to work out their home phobia in an area that is clearly a high gay population. >> reporter: and police say that the one man in custody is a teenager from san francisco. but because he is a minor his name is not being released. there is no description of the second -- no description i should say of the second suspect has been released. reporting live right now here in san francisco mike mibach, ktvu, channel 2 news. uc berkeley is considered friendly to the u.s. military. in addition to uc, california state university, the university of san francisco and stanford university center for professional development are also on the list. gi jobs magazine ranks the schools for their efforts to offer financial and non- financial support to on-campus veterans. the marin county sheriff's office today put a price tag on the thousands of marijuana plants deputies destroyed this
10:34 pm
week. investigators say the 7,000 plants were worth more than $20 million. the growing operation was busted on wednesday on 100- acres in the mount tamil place watershed. 142 officers from more than a dozen agencies took part in that raid. no arrests have been made. >> san francisco police are investigating a case of vandalism in which three dozen award winning rose bushes in golden gate park were cut down. they won the park a national award two years ago. they were valued at about $2,000. investigators say the vandalism happened sometime between wednesday afternoon and yesterday morning. the incident comes about a month after vandals cut down more than a dozen of the park's trees. >> the federal appeals court in san francisco today upheld protection for wild steelhead trout. the 9th circuit court of appeals ruled that federal
10:35 pm
regulators acted within the law when they protected the fish under the endangered species act. california farmers had argued that rainbow trout should have been included in the population count for steelhead. rainbow trout are steelhead that do not migrate to the ocean. today's decision upholds a 2008 ruling by the u.s. district court in fresno. >> we would like to remind everyone about an event tomorrow that is very another and dear to our hearts. it is the friends of fate breast cancer challenge. the annual walk raises money for friends of faith. faith blanchard was a reporter here at ktvu who lost her battle with breast cancer seven years. faith would, to help women without insurance. >> if you feel something, you are not sure, go. and if you don't have insurance, there is a lot of resources out there. and the women cancer resource center is one of them where you can get resources. >> and you can take part in the friends of faith walk around lake merit tomorrow in oakland. registration begins at 8 a.m. the walk begins at 9 a.m. there is more information on
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our website. just go to he is accused of running down a tourist and then fleeing the scene. up next new details about what the suspect was doing before the crash. also ahead bed bugs where you might not expect them. who is seeing a big uptick in the pests. and they are rarely seen by the public but no now a shark native to the bay is on display. [ man i was deciding what to do with my citi thankyou points when it happened... [ glass breaks ...again. ♪ [ child run! [ man first it was the mailbox. then my squirrel. and now, this. so i used my points to make a donation
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she grew ebay 15,000 strong and made small business dreams come true. now meg has a plan to create jobs. fix sacramento. and deliver results. meg whitman. for a new california.
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. there is new information tonight about last week's fatal hit and run crash in san francisco that killed a 21-year- old german tourist. 36-year-old joshua calculateder of oakland pleaded not guilty today to several charges including vehicular manslaughter. court documents indicate calder admitted he had several alcoholic drinks with his girlfriend at a downtown restaurant at the time of the crash. after the crash calder got out of the car he was driving looked at the body of the tourist, put the bike the tourist was riding on the sidewalk and switched seats with his girlfriend. >> two san jose men received the maximum sentenced to for their role in a street race that ended with a crash and the death of a 20-year-old south bay woman. 22-year-old emanual poorman was sentenced to nine years in
10:40 pm
prison. 19-year-old joseph was sentenced to six years and eight months. the two were racing last october when poorman's vehicle struck a car allison snow was driving. snow died and her passenger was injured. bed bugs are not just found in the bedroom. they are migrating to places you might not expect to find them. ex terminators say bed bugs are showing up in office buildings in the bay area. san francisco based pest tech says the number of office infestation has more than doubled in the past three years. >> we have seen an increases in people's homes. so i think there are reservoirs of bugs going untreated. and as that's building there is more chances for them to be taken from place to place. >> they say getting rid of bed bugs is a challenge because offices have clutter and a lot of foxes. employees who have been travelling are urged to wash their clothes in hot water before wearing them to the office. >> in news of the world tonight, in iran word came a half hour ago that iran has started loading fuel into its
10:41 pm
first nuclear power plant. iran is being helped by engineers from russia. iran says the reactor will be used to produce nuclear energy. but the u.s., russia, israel and other nations are concerned iran may use the spent fuel to build nuclear weapons. in thailand an appeals court ruled today that the alleged russian arms dealer known as the merchant of death must be extradited to the u.s. to stand trial. victor boot is suspected of supplying weapons to conflicts in south america, africa and the middle east, often to both sides and using his own fleet of planes. the 2005 nicholas cage movie "the lord of war" is loosely based on boot's life. and in italy a woman is breaking a 900-year-old tradition. georgia is the first woman to become a gondalier in venice. she had to pass a year-long series of tests. for knew she can only fill in for someone who wants to take a
10:42 pm
day off of the well paid job of ferrying tourists along the canals. >> a shark native to the bill bay can be viewed at pier 39. this shark is rarely seen even though there are a lot of them in the bay. this one on display is ten feet long and weighs 300 pounds. it was captured yesterday another another alcatraz island. they will show it and then release it back into the bay. >> they pulled a dive bomber from a san diego bay reservoir. the plane crashed 65 years ago and only a few of them still exist. crews hoisted the plane and brought it onshore. it was called an sb2c hell diver. this plane crashed in 1935. set to be displayed at a navy museum in florida.
10:43 pm
on the count of she wasn't a match it was devastating. >> the bay area wait and worry as they desperately search for a match for their boy straight ahead. that special report is up next. and mark tamayo is monitoring our weekday weather. he will be back with the five day forecast.
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
. a bay area toddler is fighting a debilitating disease and his best hope is a stranger. 1-year-old noah has a rare blood illness and requires a bone marrow transplant. but as ktvu's claudene wong explains in tonight's special report noah's chance for a cure depends in large measure on his race. >> reporter: when he was born noah of livermore seemed perfectly healthy. >> he got sick here or there but he was fine. he was perfectly fine. >> reporter: today he is 1-year- old and not healthy at all.
10:46 pm
noah has anemia, a potentially serious blood disorder. >> they actually sat us down and said, hey, we wish it was cancer. we wish that this was leukemia or something because the successful rate is better. the treatment is so -- they knew how to treat t. >> reporter: no one needs -- noah needs a bone marrow transplant. initially the family rested its hope on his sister. siblings have a 25 percent match rate. >> when we found out she wasn't a match it is devastating. because if you do have a bone marrow match it is almost 90% occurred. >> reporter: so noah is left waiting along with the 10,000 other americans who need a bone marrow donation. >> there are thousands of patients every year in the united states who need a transplant and don't find a donor. if you look worldwide thousands of people die waiting. >> reporter: ethnic minorites face a particular challenge finding a donor and noah faces
10:47 pm
an even more daunting one. he is of mixed race. whites have a good chance of finding a donor. six million of the almost 8.3 million registered donors are white. but for mixed race patients such as noah, less than 250,000 donors are registered. and for pacific islanders, there are only 11,000. >> african americans are underrepresented compared to the need. asians are underrepresented compared to the need. hispanics and native americans are underrepresented. but i think the toughest match is the patient who is a mixture of two of those. >> reporter: stephanie aguilar is a small number of latinos who is donating. >> i had already forgotten that i had signed up because it had been so long. >> reporter: when we met her she had already completed several doctors visits which determined she was a perfect match for a man with leukemia. the mother of three admits not everyone understands.
10:48 pm
>> my teenage son was kind of like, why, mom? i see it as, you know, saving a life. if i'm able to do that then, you know, you don't even have to ask me twice. >> reporter: there are two ways to donate. one way requires the donor to be put under as doctors remove the marrow from the donor's hip. it's painless. but results in bruising similar to what one gets when they are hit with a wild pitch. the second with a i is what she is doing a series of shots and a few hours on this machine. >> it's a little uncomfortable and it's a little inconvenient for those days. >> reporter: these days noah wears a helmet to protect him from injury. a new drug treatment is giving him more time. and the family is hopeful that core blood from another child they are expecting in october will be a match. for now noah's sister gives him strength. >> and she will hold his hand and say, it's okay, noah, i'm here. it is scary to see that your little boy fighting for his life. and here i'm supposed to be his
10:49 pm
protector and everything and i can't prevent this anymore. and so it hurts. >> reporter: so they wait for a stranger willing to take a simple action for their child. for a life that has yet to be lived. claudene wong, ktvu, channel 2 news. and can you learn much more about bone marrow donations and sign up for the nationwide donor registry at just click on the special reports tab. [ music ] >> and in weather, cooler temperatures really have been the central theme in our forecast over the past couple months. pretty much the same story for tomorrow. not guilty new there. but the extended, that's when things will be changing. right now on the maps you can see the clouds will have to fill in the bay from the coast. in fact the closer inspection right now. san francisco out towards oakland reporting mostly cloudy skies. more clouds right around mountain view. san jose at the airport the last check reporting partly
10:50 pm
cloudy conditions. as far as temperatures for today start to cool off. most areas on average 4-8 degrees cooler. thursday still some 80s. out around fairfield, antioch and also livermore. weather story is this, fog will continue to be on the increase. cooling off for saturday. the extended forecast a major warmup showing up. in fact talking about more 90s. forecast highs for tomorrow. look at this range only in the upper 50s for the beaches. warmest locations in land only in the mid to upper 70s. saturday will be the coolest day of the period as this weather system moves in from the north this will increase the onshore flow and the marine layer. it will translate to stubborn fog for tomorrow and temperatures cooling off. sunday a little bit warmer. by monday and into tuesday high pressure returns. temperatures warming up. in fact, in hand by monday could be approaching the mid- 90s. whenever you get a pattern like this, especially this time of year fire danger is a earn can.
10:51 pm
so this is something we will be watching for both monday, tuesday and possibly into wednesday of next week. for tomorrow, the complete opposite. tomorrow morning mostly cloudy skies and drizzle out there. temperatures low to mid-50s. into the afternoon hours clearing skies to another the coast. except still some lingering patchy fog right around san francisco. you can see the temperature range from the upper 50s for the beaches to the upper 70s. forecast highs san raphael 68. the interior primarily in the mid to upper 70s. san jose a forecast high of 71. san francisco is only 60 degrees. upper 50s primarily for the shoreline. here is a look ahad he at your five day forecast. clearing skies in sunday afternoon. temperatures begin to warm things up. it is still strange to put this five day forecast together. look what happens by monday and tuesday. hottest locations in land in the mid-90s. >> got a change in your forecast. >> a significant change to talk about, yes. >> starting on monday? >> starting on monday. >> hip hop artist jean's bid to be haiti's president has come
10:52 pm
to an end. the electoral council ruled today he cannot run for president because he does not meet residency requirements. jean is a haiti native. and has occasionally lived in haiti. but he did not meet the requirement of living in the country for the five years before the election. and in a statement tonight jean said he disagreed with the ruling but respects the decision. sports is up next. we will be right back.
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. mark ibanez is here with sports. both of the baseball teams did good today. >> don't say that very obvious. start with the giants. kind of a mysterious thing happened to them. able to look up at the out of town scoreboard sign see that the padres actually lost a game tonight. it wouldn't be right if they didn't pounce on that opportunity and they did. this guy is a pretty go ahead hitting pitcher. bounces one to center. and we have a 1-0 lead. does it seem like buster posey shows up in the highlights every single night? he does again. the kid with the shot to right center-field. he has got himself a double and an rbi. the giants led this way all the way. aubrey huff in a bit of a slump took last night off.
10:56 pm
and he look rejuvenated with a two run shot. picture to ride. the 21st of the year. the giants are five back of the padres in the west. the as team not laden with superstars exactly. in fact, they don't have any. about you a guy is playing like one. over the past several day shortstop cliff pennington gets the nod of approval overnight in oakland. pennington with game winning run with hits. the deciding run scores 4-3. looks what he does in the top of the 9th. sensational play at shortstop. rob upton with a hit and does it with the bat and the glove. the as win it 4-3 over a team with the second best record in all of baseball. at least for the meantime they will be the most talked about act in the nfl talk
10:57 pm
willing about ochocinquo and tl. those are the two everybody is focused on. the quarterback of the bengals. and feed them the football. to had three attaches tonight. that was a good one. 63 total yardage. that for 42. and conversely ocho, football is a physical game. gets a paste right there. 86 by steve bradley of the philadelphia eagles. and stu bradley is actually his name. he did return. cincinnati wins the game 22-9. boys gone wild in athens, greece. no, they weren't on summer break either. out of control temper explosions serbia against greece yesterday. and nadad who plays for oklahoma city right in the middle of it. the biggest guy out there. actually threw a chair. he was arrested. they don't mess around there. several hours in jail.
10:58 pm
he could face further disciplinary action by the nba when he gets back to the usa. that's the sporting life for friday night. lots going on. >> mark, thank you. and that is the 10:00 news for tonight. i'm julie haener. >> i'm ken wayne. good night. >> good night.
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