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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  August 23, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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>> reporter: good afternoon. at this hour, the bay area is heating up. the nice weather does come with a downside. we'll tell you about the year's first spare the air day -- coming up. new twist in the tainted egg recall as the government works to find the source of the illnesses. >> reporter: parents and children in the hayward school district will see some changes at the start of this year which begins today. find out how it's tied to the threat of a state takeover. good afternoon. we begin this noontime with one
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of the hottest days of the summer so far. that's brought the first spare the air day of the season. there's also increased concern about the possibility of grass fires. there was a reminder of that concern about 10:30 this morning when a ten-acre fire broke out near livermore. that fire was contained in less than an hour. meteorologist, steve paulson, will explain what finally has brought the heat in a moment. but we begin with claudine wong with more on the air quality and people's reaction to the sudden change in temperatures. >> reporter: good afternoon. most people we spoke with today absolutely welcomed this weather. but there's certainly a downside. we're on treasure island. behind me you can see the golden gate bridge. underneath the golden gate bridge you can see all of the haze and smog. air quality officials say today go ahead and enjoy the day. make minor adjustments to your routine and you can also spare the air. you dent have to tell these 3-
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year-old friends to enjoy the day. >> i was rolling -- >> i was rolling. >> reporter: for their moms, their sun was a welcomed relief to what has been a cold summer. >> we just love it. we feel like we're -- we've been waiting for it for weeks. it's nice to be warm and sunny again. >> reporter: the downside is visible in that hazy, smoggy skyline. that's what prompted the first spare the air day. unlike in years past, there was no free transit today but people are encouraged to drive less. at the dublin b.a.r.t. station, most people didn't even realize it was a spare the air day. >> no, i didn't know. >> reporter: do you normally take b.a.r.t.? >> sometimes i do. sometimes i drive.
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>> no. i usually drive to b.a.r.t. and catch b.a.r.t. in. if i catch a bus, it's hour to get to b.a.r.t. if i drive it's ten minutes. >> reporter: so you will drive -- >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: people may have been caught offguard because they are out of practice. last year at this time, there have been ten spare the air days. this is the first of 2010. the sunshine did encourage sunshine and cyclists to take advantage of the heat. and for these moms it's hard not to enjoy the warmth of the sun. >> it's encouraging we've had a lot fewer spare the air days. i'm always gonna be worried about it because we're raising our kids here and we want to have good air quality but at the same time we want to go out and enjoy it, too, for our sanity's sake. >> reporter: back out here live from treasure island, you can see a beautiful sail won't as a foreground to the golden gate bridge. seeing a few air quality issues
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under the bridge. try to stay away from the barbecue, wood burning, aerosol spray and do what you can to drive as little as possible. people have asked how hot is it gonna get and how long will it last? steve paulson has those answers. hi, steve. >> hi, claudine. a little bit of haze off in the distance. but this is the first since the july 4-g9 weekend. we've had a long string of days not only on the coast but also inland. things are rather quiet. 09 in regd. sacramento, 86. it's closer to home we want to see what the temperatures are. there are 70s. oakland is at 82. that's at the airport. north bay, santa rosa, 90 degrees, that's at the sonoma airport. the napa airport, 92. as for the east bay getting warm towards concord, livermore, 87, 79 and sunshine
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for all. temperatures 10 to 15 degrees warmer. it's definitely a fog-free day. inland will have 80s and ni bts it -- 9 90s. itit looks like we'll hold this pattern for a few days so get out there and enjoy it because it's not gonna last. the fda is pushing for legislation to help control food safety problems like the massive egg recall while new details emerge about the recall. investigations reveal that wright county farms and hallendale farms share violations, along with a violation of animal cruelty. the recall was over 500 billion eggs. this new legislation would allow the government to order the recall. right now, companies must do so
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voluntarily. if you go to , you can review the complete list of eggs, detailing all of the various brands, details and packing dates. scroll down to the "right now" section. this week marks the first anniversary of the stunning break in the jaycee dugard case. and there is new controversy in the case. these are pictures from "people" magazine which gave many a first look at the grown- up woman held captive for 8 years. now someone is selling new unauthorized photos to the tabloids. a family person has expressed jaycee dugard's anger over the cell. in the meantime, the lawyer representing dugard's kidnapper, may form mally raise the -- formally raise the issue of mental capacity. that would halt all proceedings
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while garrido undergoes a psychological exam. he and his wife, nancy, are accused of kidnapping jaycee dugard in 9 -- 1991. >> reporter: parents and children here in the hayward school district will see some changes this year. bigger class sizes, fewer assistant principals. they are all efforts that the district is making to try to scathe off a state takeover which could happen as early as next year. it's the first day of school today. students are wearing uniforms for the first time here. it won't be the first or the last time. we sat down with the superintendent to discuss the deadline to officially balance the budget. a takeover would not happen
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until at least december because it's about a seven-month process, a process that can be immediately stopped if the budget is balanced. >> if you get funding in and you get it on a limited time or one-time money like the money we'll receive from the federal government, we don't know how much yet but that's what they call education job funding, that new funding coming in will be one-time money. it can help your cash flow because it's money in the bank but it doesn't help your budget. >> reporter: the superintendent visited several schools today. she says if contract negotiations are settled between the district and the teachers union, the district could avoid a takeover. >> for now, the district has ton what it can by adopting larger class sizes, reducing assistant and principals. >> with the class sizes being
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bigger that means less attention pursuant from the teacher which is not good either. >> reporter: we contacted the hayward education association. the president told us that the district asked for $13 million from teachers last year, then the district made cuts and still asks for the same amount of concessions this year. the only date scheduled right now to come back to the bargaining table is september 4th. that's six days after the budget is supposed to be balanced. both sides could meet sooner. it's just a matter of when. reporting live from hayward, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you, jade. a hearing to determine the mental competency of the teenager planning pipe bombs at a school last year has been delayed. alex youshock is accused of attempted murder and other felonies. he's pleaded not guilty. his attorney asked for more time so a court-appointed
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doctor who found him not competent to stand trial could submit an application. the hear something now set for september 27th. long-time channel 5 anchorman dave malkalhattan has passed away. >> topping our news this morning -- >> kpix announced that he died in rancho mirage in riverside county. he rear tired in 2000. he was the drive time news anchor for 30 years. he is survived by his third wife, two children and eight grandchildren. he was 81 years old. more changes are coming to your credit card bills. a close call for people in a house fire this morning. and a simple mistake may have led to a delay in the response to fire crews.
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meteorologist steven paulson will be back shortly with more on the sudden changes in the bay area weather. how the description of a dog led police to a man suspected of stabbing another dog at a local park. since i've been doing roller derby for the last three years,
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what do you love? see how cheerios can help you do it. today a san francisco-based construction company agreed to
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pay $52 million to victims in a deadly minneapolis bridge collapse. thirteen people died and another 145 were injured when the interstate 35-w bridge collapsed into the mississippi river three years ago. the lawsuit claims the firm missed warning signs about a design flaw that led to the collapse. fire crews put up quite a fight to control a house fire in alameda. the fire caused severe damage to a home on clinton avenue and minor damage to a home next door. it began at 2:00 a.m. when the mother and her child were sleeping inside. the mother said she woke up to noises from a one-year-old refrigerator. firefighters worked to put out the flames going up and down the walls. firefighters do not believe the fire was suspicious and they say no one was hurt. >> yes.
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there's smoke detectors. the family moved into the house about a year ago. so it was all up to code and the refrigerator was new. the owner said she seen fire coming from behind the refrigerator, so that kind of focuses in on where to start the investigation. the owner and a friend were allowed in this morning to salvage what they could. investigators are looking into whether firefighters may have been give be the wrong address leading to a longer response time. >> this week san jose's city manager will begin a five-month long nationwide search for a new police chief. current chief, rob davis, announced his retirement last month after 30 years on the force. the city will hold a series of community outreach meetings to get public input on the search for a new chief. it's not clear yet if city leaders prefer a candidate within the department or someone outside. federal park police say they have identified a man believed involved in the stabbing of a dog last week at
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a popular san francisco hiking area and he might face charges. a woman reported that a man stabbed her dog thursday afternoon as she walked the pet at fort funston in the golden gate national recreation area. ktvu's kraig debro has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: the attack happened about a half-mile from the parking lot at fort funston near the beach. it's not known if more than two people saw what happened or what others heard drew a sharp reaction. >> very disturbing. very frightening. this is like a family/dog park area. >> i don't think it gets lower than to stab another swug. >> reporter: the owner was here when he stabbed another dog. police say the two dogs squared off aggressively. when the woman asked the owner of the other dog if he was neutered, the owner pulled out at knife and stabbed the other dog numerous times. police say the asillant is a
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regular here -- assailant is a regular here. >> as soon as i saw the dog and i heard the description of the guy that did it, i knew what was going on. >> reporter: the leader of a local dog walking group said the stabbing was not with the owner but a dogs walker. the injury was so bad, the dog had to have its spleen removed to survive. >> at the time they thought there were only two stab wounds. they found out later it was four. >> reporter: two people came forward to say they not only knew the dog but its owner. others know him as an afternoon walker who may not be welcomed anymore even if he does get charged. >> we tend to police ourselves, i don't mean by that gun the and knives but people who are not good citizens. they send not to be welcomed. >> reporter: police say the man was white, in his 30s. they will not release his name until or unless he's stabbed
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with a crime. if the suspect is charged with a crime, he may not never face charges for carrying a knife he used to stab the dog. that's because like guns, some knives are legal to carry in parks. the last piece of a sweeping credit card reform law is in effect. the final phase kicked in yesterday under the new rule, late fees are limited to $25 unless you are late twice within a six-month period. then the fee can rise to $35 and the bank can increase the interest rate and charges for not using your card, a so- called dormancy fee are prohibited. >> i've been a victim of charges i knew nothing about. i think very few people read the very small print that comes in the mail that has six pages with it. i think all. regular laces are good ones. >> in response to all of the good rules, many banks have raised their credit card rates
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and credit card rates are now at their highest level in nine years even though the federally- rated -- federally-regulated banks charge are normal. and steve, it's warmed up? >> yes, but by this weekend we're talking about rain up in mendocino county, that wouldn't be until saturday or sunday. but today it's sunny, the temperatures are in the orange. haven't seen that in a long time. it's not only just the valley, but sonoma county airport, 90 degrees. even in san francisco, people woke up to clear skies up and down the coast. we had no fog. it got wiped out yesterday. it's 83 degrees in san francisco, i do believe, that's the warmest since the 4th of july weekend. that's a long stretch. high pressure is built in. you can actually see it building in. we get a north wind and high pressure at the surface and also aloft that all equals
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sunny and warm to hot depending upon your location. warmer compared to where we've been. it does feel warmer but a lot of smiles on people's faces out there. what we are looking at will be 70s, 80s and 90s. 87 in santa rosa. oakland, berkeley, 83. palo alto 84. san jose's at 86. long time since we've had temperatures line that. 106 in palm springs. 62 in eureka. 90 redding. 86, sacramento. temperatures even dune to l.a.x., 80 degrees -- down to l.a.x., 08 degrees. we'll start to lose the northerly wind. maybe by today and tomorrow night. this pattern of a cool summer with only a few subtle breaks like today and tomorrow, it looks like it's going to reestablish itself as we head to the weekend but today and tomorrow heating up. warmer, 0, 15 degrees.
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the fire danger actually goes up a little bit. that's also something we haven't mentioned. tuesday looks to be the hottest day, especially inland but i think by wednesday, the fog is back to the coast. we get a little northerly breeze. there is re's really nothing -- there's really nothing much. santa cruz, 83. 95 up in santa rosa. tonight, clear. we'll see temperatures back in the 50s and warm it up tomorrow and then after that, the fog comes back wednesday, it comes back in a big way. much cooler across the board. sunday looks extremely cool. >> hard to believe rain in august. >> i know it. >> three, four weeks ahead of schedule. >> okay. >> yep. scientists are working with state officials to find out why the dire population is plummeting. the population has dropped 46%. that's according to the number of bucks killed. he will be looking at
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predators, change of habitat due to land use and the effects of hunting. there is a new development in the last half hour from tiger -- regarding tiger woods and his marriage.
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taking a live look at the big board on wall street, it's been pretty quiet on wall street. not much economic news going
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on. individual investors seem to be fed up with the stock market. and a lot of them are moving into bonds. the dow is down 9. the nasdaq is down 9. the s&p is flat. the 2010 snee ma county grape harvest got underway. today, vintners tell us the grapes needed two extra weeks on the vine to develop enough sugar content to make more wine. in the philippines, police now say eight out of 15 hostages aboard a hijacked tourist bus have been killed. the gunman was also killed when police stormed the bus. after the gunman started shooting the hostages from hong kong. police say the gunman, a former police officer, took the bus hostage because he wanted his job back. his brother says he felt he was wrongly fired two years ago.
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in chile there's a nationwide celebration following word that 33 minors trapped underground for 17 days are still alive. yesterday, chile's president showed a note the miners sent up. they are all fine. a camera sent back up some pictures of the trapped men. they will be able to send food, water air to the men but it could take four months to dig a hole big enough for them to get out. within the last hour, we received word that tiger woods and his wife are officially divorced. the news came from their attorneys. the split comes nine months after woods crashed his suv and he lost millions of months of endorsements. the two a plan to schaffer the parenting of their two young children. a summer sizzle has struck the bay area.
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it's trigger inning a spare the air day but it also has kids starting school wishing this would have happened days or week ago. we have live team coverage of the hot weather coming up in the next newscast, which is at 5:00, ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. thanks for watching. have a great day. ñsxóxgñ
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