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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  August 23, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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region. >> reporter: this may look like a good way to cool down in 90 plus degree weather. however, in this case, this being the first fair air day nowhere else was it as unhealthy as in this south bay. the smoky haze could be seen in much of the bay area today. ] audio difficulties ] industrial sources and household sprays. people are being urged to take public transit when they can. bay area transit agencies normally do increase rider ship on spare the air days. in the past, public transit was often free. not this year.
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. >> ride light rail, buses, commute on commuter rail, it really reduces that carbon footprint. >> except for being a warmer day than most people experienced this summer in the bay area this first spare the air day was unnoticed by many people. some say there isn't enough public transit to serve the area. >> we're just walking around today, haven't driven anywhere. >> were you aware this was a spare the air day? >> no. i have to drop the kids off and then come to cork so the car is better -- work so the car is better. >> were you aware this is a spare the air day? >> yes, i was. >> why didn't you tub transit? >> too far from home. >> tomorrow is also a spare the air day. they expect unhealthier air spreading into eastern alameda county. live from san jose, jim vargas. fire crews rush to a
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grass fire in the east bay. a black patch is all that's left behind after a small fire broke out about 10:30 this morning near livermore. several windmills were in the line of the fire. in hall about ten acres burned and tonight there is no word yet on what caused the fire. also in the east bay as people all around the bay are sweating it out those in the far east bay are dealing with some of the hottest conditions. on our team coverage continues with john sasaki live in employees anton where people at work and play are being impacted by the heat. >> reporter: we're standing on the edge of shadow cliff lake in employees anton, the perfect place to beat the heat. the start of fall is one month away and it feels like summer in the try a valley. on a day when the high temperatures are pushing 100 degrees in pleasanton, kids and parents hid the water slide at shadow cliffs. >> i think it's perfect
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because it's like really warm. it's the perfect temperature. force >> reporter: children aren't so conscience of this year's cooler than normal summer but parents are. >> i've enjoyed it a lot. it's going to be 107 tomorrow. i knew it would be hot enough soon enough. >> reporter: another group of people who have been pleased with a cool summer are the crews that do the road work in pleasanton replacing concrete and asphalt. >> it's hot but this is survival. you get used to it. we've been having cool summers in later years so this is pretty good weather. . >> reporter: what's ironic is that in an area well known for hot summers the weather warmed up in time for kids to go to school. >> i haven't gone swimming that much because it wasn't that hot but it's not that different. >> reporter: parents know their kids missed the heat.
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>> that's the thing they're bumped out about is the fact that they like being outside in the summer and like the heat so going back to school seems like a real disappointment. >> reporter: the high temperatures brought about one big change at foothill. the school football team held its practice at 6:00 this morning instead of in the afternoon. >> they also do things like take water breaks literally after every drill so the players are hydrated. coaches have been trained to look for signs of heat exhaustion. >> reporter: we'll take to you a business that has seen slower than normal traffic because of the cooler summer. all those folks in the water are enjoying themselves. the place is open until 9:00 tonight. i'm john sasaki, ktvu, channel 2 news >> the gentleman said tomorrow it could be 107. what do you think, bill martin? >> reporter: somewhere it could pop to 107. more temperatures over 100 degrees. tomorrow will be higher
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than we saw today with lots of low 100. what's unusual about this weather pattern is you look at the current temperature footprint. this isn't a summer pattern. this is a fall pattern. let's take san francisco and concord to get into a little bit closer. look at the difference in temperature between the two. it's 10 degrees spread between oakland, between concord and san francisco. this is more reminiscent of the fall. a temperature spread of just 10egrees because the upper level winds are in a dynamic pattern. at the end of the week, things will change rapidly. foth will come back but right now it is very warm. coast side tomorrow we'll see 80s inland in the upper 105, 106 degree range. a very hot one. a heat advisory in effect tomorrow and a spare the air day. i'll have your details in a minute. you can find the
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forecast for the area where you live along with weather alerts by going to and clicking on the weather tap. fire crews recovered a body watched up -- on a rocky pacifica beach. it appeared to be that of a scuba diver. the fire department retrieved the body. there is no word on the victim's identity or may have caused the death. the california court of appeals has uphel second-degree murder conviction of marjorie noller who is dogs mauled diane whip he will, the woman's lacrosse coach. noller was convicted of second-degree murder but the trial judge reduced it to manslaughter. the state supreme court classified the legal definition of second-degree murder and sent it to a new
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judge who affirmed the second-degree murder conviction. she is serving a sentence of 15 years to life and not eligible for parole until 2020 the national egg recall is causing people to rethink what goes into their grocery cart. the fda began a nationwide campaign to a lert the public about how beijinged fast the recall is growing. many people are wondering what to do with it. robert handa? >> reporter: we're here at the santa clara health department where workers say there have been 38 cases of sam them -- salmonella and they expect the number to go up. the number of recalled eggs has reached about 550 million. >> before i would just pick
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up whatever was on sale, basically. now i look at where they're from and i've checked the ones isd in my ridge store and i just don't -- refrigerator and i just don't understand how something like this can happen. >> reporter: theed if theed -- the food and food and drug administration says that the latest brands added make the fda and local health departments worried. >> what may have been okay yesterday may not be okay today. i advise people to keep up-to-date on the recall numbers. and certainly call the health department if you've got questions. it is confusing. >> reporter: the recall and awareness campaign are apparently boosting one industry. organic eggs which are not affected. the produce spot says its egg business is good. >> we have seen an increase
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of sales since the recall. >> what are some of the questions people are asking you. >> if they were involved in the recall. we were happy to know they were not. >> reporter: health officials say people should take precautions regardless. >> it's always a good idea to cook your eggs thoroughly so the yolk is hard and white is hard. and to eat them soon after you've prepared them. don't leave them out on the table. >> it seems like they have should have checks and balances for things like this. >> reporter: the fda doesn't know either but has promised an aggressive investigation. so far there have been 1300 reported cases nationwide. no deaths. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu news. california lawmakers voted to ask president obama and congress to repeal the federal defense of marriage act. the state senate a proved an assembly resolution urging appeal of the law. the defense of marriage act defines marriage as being
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between a man and woman and allows states to refuse to recognize same sex marriages performed in other states. a retired presbyterian minister will be persecuted for performing same sex marriages in california. the presbyterian church has charged her with violating church doctrine. in 2007, the church convicted her of marrying two lesbian couples, but the ruling was later overturned on the groubdz grounds that they were not valid marriages. del announced it was offering $18 a share for data storage provider 3 par based in fremont. today it announced it would pay 1.6 billion in cash or $24 a share. an lives say that the
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company remains strategically active despite the resolution of ceo mark hurricane dean this month. early excitement over hp's acquisition gave way to lingering worries about the economy today. stocks rose in early trading but prices dropped as the trading session went o the dow jones industrial average dow jones fell 39 points. for more financial and consumer news go to and click on the business tab. police in vacaville have made an arrest in a suspected arson case at a high school last week. authorities say a portable classroom at vacaville high school was set on fire thursday. it was extinguished but there was damage sustained. officers arrested 45-year-old dean lawrence after two small fires were reported at his house. he was booked on three counts of arson.
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a judge's decision puts the breaks on some stem cell research and also the search for this bell. police say it vanished from right in front of a bay area church. orlando seaworld is paying the price for the death of a trainer dragged underwater by a killer whale. droiiiid. what this droid does will change how you do web connections. this creates a mobile 3g hotspot, powerful enough to fuel multiple devices at will. putting you at the center of your own world wide web. introducing the new droid x. the next generation of does.
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sglafrnlg federal judge today temporarily suspended the obama administration's new rules tokes and and fund stem cell research a christian group that helps people adopt hume embryos from fertilization clinics is suing to overturn the regulations. night light christian adoptions argues the guidelines would violate a law which bans the use of federal funds for research in which hume embryos are destroyed. the judge also ruled the plaintiffs can move ahead with that lawsuit. five more soldiers including two americans died in afghanistan today after attacks by insurgents. two of the dead were
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french marines. one hungarian soldier. they come during an especially bloody time in afghanistan. 30 americans have been killed so far this month after 66 u.s. troops died in july. the violence escalates in afghanistan, the obama administration tried to rally support for the war. >> don't buy into we have failed in afghanistan. we now are only beginning. >> reporter: vice president joe biden told a vfw gathering in indianapolis that while america's role in iraq is winding down the u.s. mission in afghanistan has just begun. and the top army commander in charge of training the afghan army says it will be some time before the afghanies will be strong enough to stand on their own. >> what i will tell you is i think most people realize we have not even finished building the afghan national army or police forces or air force at this point. >> reporter: bill caldwell says the afghan army may not be ready to take off
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before the planned july 23011 troop draw down and it may take until the fall of 2011 to train the 300,000 afghan soldiers and police officers. it's a change made even greater by did he certifications and other losses. >> these losses include desertions, deaths and low retention. they pose the greatest threat to both quantity and quality of the afghan national security force. >> reporter: vice president biden assess as optimistic about the prospect for success in afghanistan. >> after too many years of neglect we have clearly defined a strategy backed by the resources needed time implement it and we are making measurable progress on the over arching goal we have in afghanistan. to disrupt, to dismantle and to defeat al-qaeda in afghanistan and pakistan. . >> reporter: the vice president outlined the next phase of america's military involvement in iraq saying
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u.s. troops will advise and train iraqi security forces. >> their mission has changed. they are now there to help iraqis help themselves. >> reporter: president obama himself also expected to discuss the iraq troop draw dawn in a speech next week. san francisco police are investigating the disappearance of a 600 pound church bell. members of saint michael's korean catholic church last reported seeing the bronze bell 9:00 p.m. last monday on its platform. the next night someone noticed it was gone. >> this bell was made of bronze, is my understanding, and that is one of our concerns is that it possibly was taken and sold as scrap metal which we will be following up on that. >> the church has owned the 4 foot high bell since its first sanctuary was built in 1901. fire crews in southern california are working on two wildfires that broke out over the weekend.
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the fire in cleveland national forest is about 75 percent contained. flames burned almost 1100 acres so far. lighter winds helped fire crews get a handle on the plays. full containment is expected by this evening. to the loss padres national forest a grass fire is almost 80% contained. fire crews expect full containment by tomorrow. the cause of both fires is under investigation. so far this fire season we've been very lucky in the bay area. over to our chief meteorologist because this is fire weather we're getting right now. >> reporter: more similar in terms of higher fire danger. i can't remember a summer like this where we had so few brush fires in northern and central california. it is hot today. it's going to be hotter tomorrow. fire danger is coming up for sure but no red flag warnings. no advisories for fire as of now. that's because the winds are staying down. and the -- fields are
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relatively moist. we're talking about the most heat we've seen in the bay area all summer. it's #u6r9 -- 96 in santa rosa and 93 in san jose. winds are in the off-shore direction. the bad air quality direction. big changes coming our way. the winds will start coming this way as we head into wednesday late thursday and friday so this heat wave if you will is going to be very short lived. one more day. tomorrow is going to be hot. hotter than today. high temperatures up in the low 100, maybe 105 in morgan hill, gilroy area. the hottest day of the year for sure tomorrow. maybe a record in some areas. most areas will be below record levels. a spare the air day. this weather pattern, feels like a return to summer. this isn't summer. the jetstream is set up in
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such a way that a trough is going to move in late in the week. it could bring rain to northern parts of the bay. it is going to cool us down. the pattern looks like october, november. does that mean a wet season? stay tuned. it is hot tomorrow. cooler as we head down the road. i'll have detailed specifics for an area where you live. see you then. >> thank you, bill. seaworld has bee with a $75,000 fine for the death of a killer whale trainer in florida. osha find seaworld for three violations discovered while investigating the death of dawn brancheau in february. she was dragged underwater by a whale called -- tillicum. high winds have told over a tree made famous by
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the book the diary of anne frank. in recent years the 150-year-old tree had been diseased and rotting. it was supported by a steel structure but that didn't save it from this weekend's winds. sad news tonight about a well-known tv anchorman who worked in the bay area for 50 years. also we'll show you what people in the south bay are sending to pakistan and what they are still asking for for flood victims there. the other shoe has fallen in the tiger woods sex scandal. what happened, next.
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next month, first lady michelle obama and former first lady laura bush will appear together to commemorate the ninth anniversary of the september 11th attacks. mrs. obama and mrs. bush will be the keynote speak erpz at a memorial service in shanksville, pennsylvania where united flight 93 crashed. it will be the first time that the two women have met since president obama took office. a new memorial and national park are under construction outside shanksville to honor those who died while fighting back against the terrorists on board flight 93. today a south bay charitable group collected office supplies for victims of flooding in pakistan. floods have killed more than 1500 people and left 20 million homeless. >> everybody has an extra blanket or sweatshirt or
5:25 pm
jacket at home. >> volunteers with the hadai foundation unloaded a truck full of donated clothes and supplies. organizers say the donations go straight to the people most in need. >> it is shipped directly to pakistan where it's received by our team. we have over 150 team members on the ground that do the distribution for us. >> reporter: it will take one and a half months for the supplies to reach pakistan by sea. because of that organizers are asking people to donate clothes and tents for cold environmental weather since the items won't arrive until the cooler months. so far the u.s. has donated about $150 million to the relief effort in pakistan. tiger woods and his wife are now officially divorced. that announcement comes nine months after a late-night car crash outside wodz' florida home led to revelations of his marital infidelity. they were married in 2004 and have a 3-year-old daughter and 19-month-old son. they will share parenting. their lawyers did not reveal
5:26 pm
any other terms of their settlement agreement which was reached in july. long time channel five anchorman dave mackelhaden has passed away. mackelhaden died at his home in riverside county. he anchored kpi canx for 25 years until his retirement in 2000. before that he was the drive time anchor for kcbs radio for 25 years. he is survived by his wife, two children and eight grandchildren. according to kpix, dave mackelhaden died of stroke related illness. he was 81 years old. new details in a stabbing attack at this san francisco dog park. complete details are coming up. try swimming from santa cruz all the way across monterey bay to monterey, 25 miles through jelly fish and sharks without a wet suit. meet the man who will do it
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tomorrow, still ahead.
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the winds are pretty bad. i was holding his head, making sure he was still conscious. >> we're learning about a frightening attack at fort hudson. the victim was a dog stabbed in front of its owner for no apparent reason. ktvu's david stevenson is live tonight with what authorities are saying about the suspect in the case. david? >> reporter: frank, dog owners at this dog park you can see behind me are still shocked about the stabbing. we've learned new details about how park police found a suspect and how they may charge him. the sun i weather at the park was welcomed by dogs
5:30 pm
and their owners still jitter i over a stabbing last week. >> there is something wrong with that guy to stab a dark. >> reporter: u.s. park investigators say it happened 2:30 last thursday. an unidentified female dog walker was approached by another park regular walking a pit bull similar to the one seen on this poster. she told police when she asked the man if his dog was neutered he pulled a knife and stabbed her dog lenny, multiple times. bystanders rushed the dog to this pet hospital. >> hid wounds are pretty bad. i was holding its head and making sure he was still conscious and putting pressure on two of the major stab wounds. >> he had two stab wounds, one close to his chest. we were worried about lung injury. one further back on the abdomen. so basically, i was very worried about internal injuries at that point. >> reporter: lenny lost his spleen but is expected to recover. investigators say the suspect as park regular known to many in the dog walking community. >> pet stores like my store
5:31 pm
immediately started farming through their databases and customer logs looking for matches in the name or you know client information. >> reporter: investigators say two tips from the public led them to the suspect on saturday. >> park police went to his house and positively identified the gentleman. and that gentleman has obtained an attorney. >> reporter: the incident happened on federal land and park police say an arrest and charges under federal statutes are imminent. >> i can imagine how i would feel. i'd like to see that man caught and serious penalties. >> reporter: san francisco animal control officials say they're zealing seeing an up-tick in animal cruelty i cases tied to the economy. u.s. park police are still investigating this case and looking for direct witnesses to the stack. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu, channel 2 news. it's been one year since the whereabouts of jaycee dugard came to light 18
5:32 pm
years after her abduction in the lake tahoe area. there is a controversy involving the kidnap victim and her two daughters. these are pictures that people magazine was allowed to publish. someone is selling unauthorized photo ofs young mother and her children to the tabloids. a family spokesman has expressed jaycee dugard's anger over the sale. to our top story. as hot as it is right now the heat is expected to intensify. ktvu's chief meteorologist bill martin is here to explain. >> reporter: it's hot but not out of control. we're dealing with temperatures in the mid-90s. maybe some upper 90s but not unusually hot for this time of year. tomorrow will be hotter. right now in santa rosa it's 97. outs toward livermore, 90's. mid-90s in the delta. along the peninsula we're in the 70s. it's nice coast side. there is no fog. the winds off-shore will
5:33 pm
intensify. daytime highs tomorrow easily into triple digit heat. you've got clear and warm conditions as we head into tonight. tomorrow is going to be hot. the extended forecast, we'll cool off a little bit. i'll have your specific forecast and definitely does include a pretty significant heat up tomorrow. a spare the air day tomorrow and heat advisory. details coming up. keep in mind you can find the forecast for the area where you live along with weather alerts by going to and clicking on the weather tab near the top of the page. in monterey a swimmer is trying something most people would probably find unthinkable. he's planning a marathon swim in some of the world's most dangerous waters, waters that include great white sharks. john fowler is live in monterey with more on this marathon swim. john? >> reporter: we're in san francisco right now, frank. i'll tell you, the warm weather has made it ideal for beach goers here. experts say the warming water is also making it ideal for potentially dangerous
5:34 pm
predators. it was beautiful, sunny and calm at santa cruz this afternoon before dawn tomorrow, #e-year-old bruckner chase is going to dive into the brutally cold water without a wet suit. >> knowing that initial fear and shock will pass -- i can relax into it. >> reporter: he'll try to be the second person to swim across monterey bay. >> there is scary stuff out there, and i never take that lightly. last year i was stunning for four hours nonstop. >> you can go into anaphylactic shock which is like an allergic reaction to the venom. >> reporter: jelly fish bloom with warming water. >> it's the worst time to be in the water. >> reporter: the worst time for great white sharks. >> this is the time of the year when one is most liable to get bitten by a white shark. >> reporter: he'll be accompanied by a couple of small kayakers. >> this year, the season has
5:35 pm
begun. there have been two attacks on kayakers. >> reporter: chase is the son-in-law of stuart evans, the first of two ever to swim from the shark infested ferrilans. >> a swim i would never go near. >> i am intimately connected doing a swim without a wet suit through gellies and cold. if we can let people capture a part of that that's how we capture sustainable positive change >> reporter: people are feeling the on or about. it is spectacular and georges. that film festival runs through sunday in monterey. john fowler, ktvu, channel 2 news. scientists are working to figure out why the deer population is plummeting. it has dropped 46% according to the number of bucks killed by hunters. scientists will be looking at
5:36 pm
predators, changes in habitat and the effects of hunting. why certain employees could see an increase in their paychecks next year. what a new survey has found. we'll show you what's happening to gas prices in the bay area, both now and also in the near future. and promising new research from stanford that could help predict success for infer till couples trying to have a baby.
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tile couples trying to have a baby. the state fire marshal is targeting a particular brand of latch that keeps the gasoline nozzle open when people pump gas. they fail to work properly and put people in danger when they allow the flow of gas after the tank is full. one person was hospitalized after gas was sprayed in his face. it is required to have the nozzle removed or have employees pump the gas. energy analysts say the price at the pump may ease up this fall but the relief could be short lived. the energy information administration says that gas prices could drop below $3 a gallon in the bay area this fall. the report forecasts the drop of 10 to 15 cents a gallon in the next few
5:40 pm
months. the analysts say as the economy rebounds the demand for gasoline will rise. they predict in 2011 gas prices will jump top $92 a $2011 gas prices will jump top $92 -- a barrel nationally employees may see a little more money in their paychecks next year. a survey suggests many businesses will be giving workers with a bop average performance an average of a 2.7% pay hike next year compared to the average raise of 2.3% this year. last year the most productive workers received an average pay hike of just 1.6%. stanford doctors are offering a new tool to women strugly with infertility. they have designed a test to predict the success of in vitro fertilization treatment. it could save women tens of thousands of dollars of
5:41 pm
failed treatment and emotional distress. it could be available by the end of the year. researchers from cornell medical college say rectal cancer is on the rise for men and women under the age of 40. it is more common over 50 and second only to lung cancer in cancer did -- deaths. few of noticed fire in the hills of marine you may be seeing claims that have been sent to save a butter fly. we'll explain how that's working. some say the obama administration wants to give illegal immigrants back door am necessary tichlt find out what they were doing in washington to fight that possibility. many of us are dealing with extreme heat today but there is even more in store for tomorrow. ktvu's chief meteorologist bill martin is working on the forecast next. south of laredo, there's a place...
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protests or in washington d.c. expressed concern that president obama plans to grant what they call back door amnesty to illegal immigrants. they base it on an internal obama administration memo leaked a few weeks ago. ktvu's carol hahn has our report from washington, d.c. . >> reporter: the 11 page internal memo on by the u.s. citizenship and immigration services describes possible steps the obama administration could take that have the potential to result in meaningful immigration reform absent legislative action.
5:45 pm
steps like deferring deportation town documented youth who came to the u.s. as children and who have graduated from college here. or making it easier for illegal immigrants who have family serving in the u.s. military to gain legal status. critics are accusing the obama administration of abusing county executive power by trying to bypass a grid locked congress i'm congratulations reform. >> the memo talks about using these individual procedures to apply them to hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens at a time. that's a gross abuse of what those procedures were meant to be used for. >> this is just a series of ideas, and what are we for but for ideas. >> reporter: pro immigrant groups are downplaying the memo which they point out is only a draft, not set in stone. they add this memo contains ideas very similar to those of president george w. bush and they say such written brainstorming sessions are how washington works >> i worked under the clinton administration and bush administration as a
5:46 pm
civil servant and these are the kinds of things you were asked to do. figure out, interpret, see what the actions are. >> it was on a list of options. it does not mean it's going to happen. the fact that they would even consider it is frightening. >> reporter: the obama administration has commented on the memo saying it has no plans to grant permanent residency to the country's estimated 11 million illegal i am grants. you've probably seen her in commercials on tv, the laura accused of swindling clients. julie haener has a look at some of the other stories we're working on. the first muslim four year liberal arts college anywhere the united states is opening up tomorrow in a bay area city. also ahead two people arrested today for carrying weapons on campus at a bay area community college. and police say they had some serious fire power. plus new regulations for credit cards go into
5:47 pm
effect today. our consumer editor tom vacar explains what they'll mean for you. fire crews are using fire to help out butterflies. non-native trees and plants are pushing out the lupin so they have been burning some of the non-native growth, hoping that it will help the butterfly population recover. the biggest blockbuster in history is about to be rereleased. avatar special edition arrives in 3d theaters for an extra run. it includes extra footage including a sex scene between the two lead characters. back now to our weather and bill, earlier you were talking about how it's almost as warm on the coast as tennis land which is pretty surprising.
5:48 pm
>> i alluded to that earlier. it's more of a fall type weather a -- pattern. the temperature spread isn't a typical summer spread it's more like october, november. we've got temperatures definitely on the warm side. it will be hotter tomorrow night. when you're here with us tomorrow night i'll be showing you temperatures that will be in the triple digits. the forecast will be more heat. tomorrow is a spare the air day as you know. there is a heat advisory for major bay area cities. what that's about is it takes into consideration the fact of how many elderly people live in an area, how much concrete is around, that adds to the heat. things like that. san jose, livermore, they're under the heat advisory. that is in fact the case. 90 degrees in down tonight san francisco. feels like 107 in pleasanton. you have concrete. these aren't forecast highs which they might have been last week. these rover night lows.
5:49 pm
it's going to be 68 when you wake up in san jose. hottest day of the year. forecast highs tomorrow, the computer model, shows the temperatures warming up. we'll see 100 degree temperatures coming in, all the whites. this area is clear. i ran out of colors. 110 in here. that's stockton up toward reading. the forecast, 90s around the bay. mid-90s. upper 90s and triple digit heat into the delta. it is a spare the air day tomorrow. fire danger comes up. there are no fire watches right now. red flag warnings because there is not a lost wind. things are drying out today. the few miles an hour will be way down tomorrow. we'll watch that for you. forecast, san jose, 97 degrees at 3:00 tomorrow. the air quality wasn't that bad based on the area. the spare the air was based
5:50 pm
on inversion. tomorrow the particulate, pollutants, low level ozone will be trapped here. it will be hot in the morning and temperatures will warm into the upper 90s. the spare the air day will be more noticeable. it is foreground level ozone. that does bother people with respiratory issues. the sun when it hits the car exhaust creates low level ozone. 95 in red wood city. hottest day of the year tomorrow. then it cools off rapidly. it's like a fall weather pattern. there is the system on the heels that could bring showers to parts of northern california and big cool down. so we'll get through tomorrow and you'll see a big change in the weather. >> thanks a long-running halloween celebration is moving to the east bay. the exonic erotic ball will be at the crane way pavilion
5:51 pm
on the richmond waterfront. it gives organizers more control over concessions and ticketing and forcing them to scale down from 20,000 to just 14,000. the event is october 22 and 23. a california school called the most expensive public school built. what a $575 million school looks like. a district that could sure use cash. the desperate measures one bay area school district is considering today on the first day of school. [ male announcer presenting the cadillac "summer's best" sales event.
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a new los angeles excuse me is coming under fire for being too expensive. the robert f kennedy school is located on the side of the ambassador hotel where kennedy was assassinated. at $575 million it is the most expensive public school in the country. the l.a. school district just laid off 3,000 teachers over the past two years governor schwarzenegger has to decide whether to sign off on a bill that includes uc officials under the authority -- it could cost them millions of dollars in anonymous donations the. a campus foundation paid
5:55 pm
sarah pal more than $70,000 to speak at cal state. the university did not initially disclose the amount saying the foundation paying her was exempt from a public records request. this was the first day of school in hayward. while students begin their studies, school district officials are struggling with serious budget and labor problems. that includes the possibility of a state take over of the schools. >> we can survive through the short term with cash but you must make these changes because otherwise it's just going to keep being a threat out there. it's not good for a school district. you have to pay your bills eventually. >> reporter: the hey wad school district has two weeks to officially balance its budget and avoid a state take over. the district has already cut number of assistant element elementary and high school principals and office positions. it re-- increases class sizes to one of the biggest in the
5:56 pm
area. >> that means less attention per student from the teacher. which is not good either. >> reporter: a state take over wouldn't happen until at least december. district officials say they can balance the budget and avoid the take over if the teachers' union agrees to certain contract concessions but no talks are scheduled until after the budget decline. the hayward school district will receive some emergency federal funding from the recently passed jobs and education bill but officials say that is just a temporary solution. there is much more news ahead. ktvu at 6:00 is ahead. a new school opens in the east bay. it's the only muslim college in the country. that story coming up at 6:00.
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>> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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it upsets me greatly because this just isn't the place for it. >> upset students on an east bay college campus after two people carrying serious fire power headed
5:59 pm
to class today. summer temperatures finally hit the bay area. with the heat comes air quality warnings. we'll tell you how long this hot weather will last. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. the heat has finally made its way to the bay area but with a the warmer temperatures come smog alerts. it is the first spare the air day today and another issued for tomorrow. last year at this time there had already been ten. warmer temperatures could keep pollution closer to the ground so people are urged to drive less and reduce their energy use if possible. the heat also brings with it the threat of fire. we've already seen at least one case of that today. a ten-acre fire broke out near livermore. john sasaki is in pleasanton with how people are beating the heat. fi


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