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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  August 23, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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martin for more on the heat and what we can expect. >> reporter: temperatures warmer today than yesterday. tomorrow temperatures another 10 degrees warmer. that could put us into the 105, 107 degree range. a heat advisory in effect for tomorrow. as frank mentioned another spare the air day in effect for tomorrow. there is no fog at the coast. and right now san jose downtown is at 93. redwood city, 93 degrees. temperatures are on the increase overnight lows tonight. listen to this. overnight lows in the upper 60s. those are almost as warm as some of our forecast daytime highs from last week. we're going to go to john sasaki in pleasanton. that is one of the hot spots tomorrow. >> reporter: look at this cool refreshing water at shadow cliffs park in pleasanton. it is hard not to jump in when the temperature approaches 100 degrees as it did today. even now as the mercury.
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rises. also tough, not hitting the water slide like hundreds of other people did today. >> finally, livermore gets some heat so we thought we would take advantage of it before the kids head back to school. >> reporter: it's been a colder than normal summer where temps are usually in the 90s. >> it's overdue. we need hot waer weather. it brings people outside. it pulls the community together. when the weather is nice it's all good. >> reporter: one place especially seeing the weather is overdue is stone cold creamery. cooler days and nights have been keeping people away. >> we usually have a line out the door. this is the first summer we haven't been that busy. >> reporter: these guys have remained busy throughout the summer pulling and replacing pavement. not surprisingly they were pleased with the cooler weather. >> this is the hardest day so far this year. cooler weather, is good.
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this is going to get hot here. >> reporter: those young ladies in the water told me this is the perfect places to celebrate a 13th birthday. weather man bill maher tin told me the high temperature tomorrow in pleasanton is expected to be 102, sweltering degrees. live in pleasanton, i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. whether it's hot or cold find the latest weather information on and click on the weather tab. police say they arrested two students today armed with weapons and some serious fire power on this first day of classes at laney college in oakland. investigators say the two men with known gang ties had just attended a class when police moved in. ktvu's maureen naylor joins us in oakland with the details on what happened. >> reporter: julie, police say each of the men had a concealed weapon in their backpack including one which was the same type of weapon used in the columbine massacre. why they were armed on
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campus remains unclear. >> the magazine was locked in there. this one was loaded. when we retrieved it from his backpack. >> reporter: police confiscated this loaded semiautomatic .45-caliber along with this tech 9 assault pistol band in california. it wasn't loaded but had a high capacity 30 round magazine. >> we don't know why they're armed, if they're looking for another student at the school. so we didn't know what was going on. why they would be armed at school. >> reporter: officers arrested 21-year-old christian williams and 20-year-old reginald battle. police say battle is a known member of a violent east oakland street gang, already on parole for being an ex felon in possession of a firearm. the same charge he was arrested on today. the men were arrested out side the student center at laney college on what was the first day of fall semester. >> once they were out of class away from some of the other students they were detained. it was done fairly low-key and without putting anybody else in jeopardy. >> reporter: news of the
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arrest was upsetting for some students. >> now that i know that, no, i don't feel safe. it is not going to stop me from coming to school. >> do your thing there. people here are pursuing an education and upgrading their life. >> reporter: the newly formed police violent crime unit orchestrated the bust. in less than three weeks it has made more than 22 felony arrests and recovered 8 firearms. the school says it can't confirm that the two men were enrolled. they remain booked at the north county jail tonight. reporting live in oakland, maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. the san mateo county coroner's office is working to identify a body that washed up on a pacifica beach. fishermen called 911 after discovering the body on some rocks. the fire department used ropes to rappel down to recover the body. the victim was wearing scuba gear. no word on the cause of death. lawyers for a man
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accused of killing a veteran bay area joufrn lift will have more time to move their trial to los angeles. a change of venue motion was postponed for the fourth time when the judge agreed no delay it because bay's lawyer is ill. they are accused of gunning down chauncey bailey in oakland three years ago. their attorneys claim intense media coverage in the bay area will prevent their client from getting a fair trial in alameda county. the motion is set for september 13th. police say tips from the public led them to a man they believe stabbed a dog at fort munson in san francisco. charges could come any day against the man who they describe as a 33-year-old resident of san francisco. a couple of regulars at the park say they had seen the man before, walking a pit bull. park police say the man and his pit bull came upon a woman walking a dog named lenny last thursday. when she asked if the pit bull had been fixed he
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stabbed lenny repeatedly and then took off. >> i can just imagine how i would feel. i'd like to see that man caught and i'd like to see serious penalties. >> lenny is recovering from surgery to remove his spleen. park police say the man could be charged under federal statutes because the incident happened on federal land. we have breaking news right now. a two alarm grass fire has burning at san marco boulevard near highway 4. the fire broke out just after 5:30. traffic could be impacted because of this fire. this is somewhat of a remote area but there are houses in the vicinity. we do not know of any evacuations but we are working to gather more information. a two alarm grass fire next to high what i 4 in unincorporated contra costa county as we get more information during the course of the newscast we will bring it to you. it is the first school of its kind in the nation.
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a new college for muslims is set to open its doors in the east bay tomorrow. ktvu's rob roth is in berkeley with a live report. >> reporter: right now students and faculty are gathered inside international house in berkeley to inaugurate za tuna college, the only muslim university in the college. he's from denver and wants to study with the school' well regarded faculty and then perhaps become a teacher himself. >> these are some of the most well respected muslim scholars in the world and i think it's important for the college to open. >> reporter: za tune as not far from the large cal campus. tuition is $11,000 a year. one of sa tuna's founders say the time is right for a muslim school because the community is growing, opening up opportunities
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for an array of jobs. >> there is a growing need for highly trained professionals that are grounded and have an understanding of their islamic tradition. at the same time, able to function and relate to the coemporary issues in the american society. >> as students and faculty prepare for the first day of classes tomorrow administrators say there's been no backlash from the bay area. no vocal opposition to an all muslim college. officials say controversy such as those in new york about plans to place a mosque near ground zero make students such as za tuna more necessary. >> we need to be involved in the dialogue, the positive, neutral and negative. >> reporter: they plan to add students slowly and plan to have an enrollment of 150 students when the freshmen become seniors. rob roth, ktvu, channel 2 news. investigators are still working to track down the source of salmonella found
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in eggs from two iowa farms. the recall of over half a billion eggs means brisk business for those who seller began i can. the food and drug administration has launched an awareness campaign that has more people looking for organic eggs which are not affected. -- we have seen an increase of eggs since the recall. >> what are some of the questions people are asking you. >> if these eggs were involved in the recall. we are happy to know they are not. >> reporter: regardless of what kind of eggs you buy health officials say precautions such as cooking your eggs thoroughly. we've been keeping track of all the facts surrounding the egg recall on the website, look under the right now section. a sacramento county attorney who calls herself the tax lady is being sued by the california attorney general for $34 million. ron any dorch runs
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television commercials promising to solve tax problems with the irs. the california attorney general says deutch swing develops clients, they are charged repeatedly for duplicate documents and services not rendered. a bell at a san francisco church tolls for no one because the bell at saint michael's korean catholic church has been stolen. the 110-year-old bell was found missing on august 17. they're not sure what metal it was made of but it weighs 600 pounds which could make it fairly valuable as scrap metal. parishioners think the theft was well planned and involved several people. do you have questions about the state budget crisis? lawmakers say they're ready to answer them. we'll explain how. the new credit card
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rules went into effect. time tom vacar. how they help people most affected by tough economic times still ahead. more on the breaking news. a grass fire burning near highway 4 in unincorpo contra costa county, next. u owi stgoth n csechkint al?ye cckhiou
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we have more now on the breaking news coming out of the east bay. a grass fire, two alarm grass fire burning in the live pictures burning right now near san marco boulevard near highway 4 in unincorporated contra costa county near the city of bay point. we're told its burning in a relatively remote area but there are some homes in the vicinity. we have not heard of any evacuations at this hour but if that changes we will of
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course let you know. meteorologist bill martin just said that the temperature right now in this area is about 95 degrees so while it is hot for firefighters, the humidity, the the good news is the humidity is extremely low, in the teens and there are very light winds if any so that is good news for firefighters but again breaking news in unincorporated contra costa county. a two alarm grass fire burning near highway 4 near the town of bay point. we'll continue to watch what happens. if we get more information we'll let you know. the last of several phases involving new credit card regulations took effect. they're designed to control run away rates and fees and give consumers a better understanding of their rights r tom vacar joins us now with more. tom? >> reporter: indeed, even as we speak big banks are looking for ways around the new regulations. here at concord sugar plumb coffee shop folks we met say rules were needed but shouldn't go too far.
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>> it does seem that the banks have gotten a little out of control and maybe it is time for someone to step in but again it's somebody imposing something on an outside company. >> as long as somebody is out there regulating it and not just cozying up to the banking industry i think it's a good checks and balances system. >> reporter: under the latest rules late fees are limited to $25. one major exception if you're late twice within a six month period late fees rise to $35 and interest rates maybin creased. late fees cannot be more than the amount you actually owe. so-called dormancy fees. charges for not using your card, are now prohibited. >> what i've done to defend myself against that is to try to use my cards, i have more than one and try to use them once in every billing cycle. >> reporter: just as the rules were phasing in banks went on a rate rampage.
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today the average 30 year fixed mortgage is at 4.52%. home equity loans, 7 and a half %. four year new car loans just over 6%. many factory responsible order 0% rates a bound. banks pay 2.6% on a certificate of deposit but charge 14% to credit card customers. banks can borrow that money they lend you from uncle sam for free. i'm consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu, channel 2 news. this week senate democrats hold virtual town hall meetings about the state budget crisis on the internet. don't expect much in terms of fireworks. republican legislators are not invited to participate. although democrats will take some live questions most will be submitted via a website prior to the
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forums. nevertheless democrats say it's a chance to reach out to more people. >> the way we do this we can get thousands of people participating interactively with their state senators. >> reporter: california is facing a huge budget deficit and the budget is now long overdue. this live internet town forums will be held tomorrow, wednesday, and thursday from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. there is a new development involving the possible legitimacy of ansell adams prints. the trust is suing a fresno man to stop him from selling prints and posters under the name of the legendary nature photographer. the case alleging trademark infringement was filed today in san francisco court. the pictures at dispute are glass negatives.
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the wine harvest got underway in glen ellyn. the harvest is later than usual because of our unusually cool summer. vintners say they needed an extra two weeks on the vine to make good sugar for wine. the hot weather arrives back in the bay area today and following a grass fire burning in the east bay for the latest on the conditions there and the forecast let's go to bill in the weather center. a bit of a fire breaking out. julie talked about it earlier in the newscast. live pictures right now, news chopper 2. the key component, he we we got the heat, obviously. humidities are very low. that's an issue. 12, 13% humidity but the wind is not that strong. this area if you're familiar with the unincorporated contra costa county area, highway 4, we're looking at winds that are 5 to 8 miles per hour. it is normally 20 to 30 miles
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per hour. so firefighters seem to have some handle on this fire. of course that story remains to be developed but with the light winds even though it's hot i think it's working out for firefighters. we will follow this story and have more on this tonight on the 7:00 ne -- kicu. the situation is heat. 87 in oakland. overnight we're looking at hot conditions. actually tomorrow. tonight we're looking at mid conditions. the overnight lows tonight are going to be where the daytime highs were a couple days ago, lasts week. these are overnight lows. it's been a cool summer. some of these lows were highs. you know what i'm saying. it's much warmer than it has been. tomorrow you're in the mid-90s, 106, 107, morgan hill, gilroy, salinas. a very hot day. it is a spare the air day. there is a heat advisory in effect. a spare the air day as well.
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santa rosa. 102 by 3:00. tomorrow will be the hottest or should be the hottest day of the year. more temperatures, computer model throws up numbers. they're not spot on. just to give you an yshgsd the computer wants t concord airport at 108. it should be cooler based on the forecast but you get the picture. a lot of air quality issues and fire concerns as well. your five-day forecast, dry for sure, but definitely hot inland as we go through the day. >> 105 tomorrow. thanks, bill. >> feels like summer finally. >> thank you, bill. a san francisco based construction company agreed to pay $52 million to the victims of a deadly bridge collapse in minneapolis three years ago. 13 people died in 145 were injured when the bridge collapsed into the mississippi river in august of 2007. the lawsuit claims the firm urs corporation missed warning signs about a
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design flaw that led to that collapse. urs says it only settled in order to avoid a lengthy trial. coming up more on the breaking news, that fire burning in the east bay and tiger woods' personal life moves on to the next round. droiiiid.
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it is official. tiger woods and his swedish born wife were divorced today by a florida court. a joint statement released by their lawyer said woods and elin in order glenn wished each other the very best for their future. no terms of the divorce were announced other than the shared parenting of their 3-year-old daughter and 19-month-old son. mark is here with sports. we're talking baseball. a rough stretch for the giants. >> playing good teams and they didn't measure up yesterday, and the road trip concluder in st. louis. lost 9-0. happy to be home i guess. a nice night at at&t. cincinnati is in town. dusty baker back as well as the giants try to play good ball against the reds to get the home stand started. they're six games behind the padres. in wild card contention two back of the cardinals.
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duffy talks about the importance of the series. >> that could go down to home field advantage or could go down to who won the season series. it could fit into this equation or that equation. without getting too complicated you just want to play each game and win. and instead of looking behind you want to look one step closer to the fin ifsh line which is about five weeks. >> reporter: matt kaine on the mound. and in the meantime raiders and 49ers looked pretty good over the weekend. we'll talk about the niners their game was yesterday. raiders saturday. patrick willis looking to get after that old quarterback, brett favre and that he did. favre didn't play much but sure knew patrick willis was involved in the game. getting after him right there. >> they've been joking about it since last year he went down the field and he knocked me down and all that stuff so it was good to get after him today, it felt good.
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that's football. that's how defense, to us, we just not approaching it as preseason. we're going out to get better. it was a play that the coach called and we run it. >> 49ers and raiders are unbeaten in the preseason. that will change, and the a's were off. before we leave you we want to take you back out to the east bay where there is breaking news in unincorporated contra costa county. firefighters on the scene of a two alarm grass fire burning near san marcos boulevard near highway 4 near bay point. firefighters looking like they are actually we don't see flames, just a lot of smoke in the burn patch. the fire started around 5:30 tonight. you can see live pictures from news chopper 2. earlier we saw that the fire was burning near power lines and buildings but right now this is the scene from
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unincorporated contra costa county. >> we've seen pictures earlier that showed this fire was burning near power lines and as julie mentioned near highway 4 and as a result could be causing traffic to slow down on highway 4. this is the rush hour right now so keep that in mind. also there are a lot of buildings and homes in the vicinity but we do not know at this point, you can see some of the buildings, we do not know at this point whether there are any evacuations. much more coming up at 7:00 on tv 36. have a good evening, everyone. >> good night.
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