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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  August 24, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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up yesterday and even hotter today. all the details coming right up. >> also we will tell you why young people could find themselves in hot water if they are spotted hanging around on the streets of richmond today. the morning news continues. >> complete bay area news coverage continues. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. it is tuesday, august 24th. i am pam cook. >> good morning. i am dave clark. let's chick your weather and traffic. here is steve. >> thank you very much, pam and dave. clear skies out there. hardly any wind at all. very mild for some, mid-60s. heat advisories out and record highs are possible today. san francisco would be a record high, same for oakland and for many locations, so 80s, 90s by the coast. 90s, 100 inland. here is sal. >> just getting word of a crash on 680 north at diablo road. this accident is blocking the center divide. we will tell you more about that coming up.
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the east shore freeway, that traffic -- [ inaudible ] >> -- back to the desk. >> oakland police are hoping video will help them catch the gunman responsible for one of two deadly overnight shootings. the first shooting was in the downtown area. it happened at 9:30 last night. 90 minutes later a second man was gunned down. kraig debro joining us now. he has a look at what the city plans to do to try to stop the violence. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave. we are standing at the intersection of one of the homicides that took place overnight. one of two as you mentioned. now later today there is going to be a summit involving local, state, federal law enforcement agencies as well as community groups and they are getting together to grain storm to reduce the violence. many ideas discussed are coming from the city of salinas in monterrey county. according to the department of justice numbers monterrey county has the worst homicide rate in the state and salinas
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has a violent crime rate three times the national average for a city of its size. since the city and the county started working together with u.s. attorney's office and other federal law enforcement agencies there has been a dramatic drop in the number of homicides and gang related homicides, their biggest problem. last year salinas had a record setting number of gang related homicides, 29, so far this year, 10, those involved credit the combined efforts of local, state and federal law enforcement agencies working together under operation knock out. >> we bring the various local, state and federal agencies together under one roof, under the facilities that we rint basically, to exchange information and to better coordinate the attacking of the gang problem. >> our role was to focus on the transnational criminal organizations, those gangs that originate overseas and basically bring their crime here to the united states. >> reporter: despite the two homicides in oakland last night
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the news is actually better than it was. the homicide rate has actually dropped since last year. 7% drop in alameda county. in san francisco the homicide rate was nearly cut in half from 2008 to 2009. 98 to 45. coming up we will tell you what the city council in salinas might do tonight that you might start seeing all over the state, especially here in the bay area. reporting live in oakland, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> this morning police have a new tool in their efforts to prevent students from skipping school. claudine wong joins us with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, pam. yes, the west contra costa county school district says 95% of kids go to school. and they are expecting the majority of kids to go to school here on the first day of school enrich monday. but it is that 5% that they are concerned about. that is what they are hoping this daytime curfew will catch. when you talk about 5%, when you talk about the numbers in the school district you are
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talking about actually a lot of kids, about 1500 kids. last march in a three day crack down here in richmond more than 400 truant kids were found and officials say those numbers mean losses for everyone. the kids don't get their education, the schools lose funding. the district lost $4 million last year for those absences. police will tell you that often kids who are not in school are getting into trouble. richmond police pointing to residential burglaries by juveniles. so this curfew is meant to address those problems 9:00 to 2:00 kids are required to be in school. this ordinance says if they don't then they could be fined. that is for chronic offenders. >> we don't want to see students doing irresponsible behavior and make sure kids are in class so they will be able to learn. >> reporter: ticketing is actually not supposed to start until next month but these kids
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will have to go to a court hear in. the courts are on board to try to fit a time each week to deal with these types of cases. community groups are also on board to help. we are in front of the police activities league this morning. they plan to help deal with younger kids. the reason these community centers are so important is because police say they lose a lot of time fighting other crime when they are dealing with truant kids so sometimes they get pushed back. they hope every one working together will help solve the problem here in richmond. >> a long time director of the petalooma wildlife museum is now accused of imbaiselment. mercy we're has been removed from her job because of allegations she mis-managed thousands of dollars in non- profit funds for her personal use. investigators claim she spent
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some of that money at hair and nail salons and for massages. they also say she used museum money to pay for child care for her own children. so far there has been no response from her attorney. >> a church trial starts this morning in napa for a ri tired presbyterian minister accused of violating church law by fish 8ing same sex marriage ceremonies, the reverend james farer performed ceremonies for same sex couples in 2008 during the time it was legal in california. the church allows ministers to bless same 6 unions as long as they are not called marriages. reverend sparrer is a lesbian who has openly criticized her church's position. effective september third some clinics in the bay area can no longer use the name planned parenthood. the national organization will cancel its affiliation with planned parenthood golden gate because of financial and administrative problems. that effects clinics in marin,
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alameda, san mateo, san francisco, sonoma and mendocino counties. planned parenthood clinics plan to expand in those areas. >> steve paulson told you it is another hot one today, even hotter than yes. that means another spare the air day. as temperatures rise air quality can become very unhealthy. the bay area air quality management district wants you to avoid any unnecessary driving. >> 6:07 is the time. this morning as you drive on highway four you will see burned hillsides, a grass fire started yesterday evening near the san marco exit just before 6:00 at the height of rush hour. it burned 60 acres. two air tankers a helicopter, and 85 firefighters were used to put it out in an hour. no buildings were threatened and there are no injuries. >> 6:07. sal is helping you get to where you need to go. you are busy already.
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>> that's right a new crash 680 at diablo road. there is an injury accident there. northbound 680 not slow yet because it is early. i just wanted to mention it is there, 680 northbound at diablo road in danville. westbound bay bridge traffic moving well. the 7:00 run for the boat has mechanical difls. they are going to have bus service for you, so you can scramble to get on to the 6:30 ferry or go to the later ferries. i will pull them up here for you. they have a 7:45 ferry, an 8:45 neary leaving vallejo but the boat that leaves at 7:00 will not go, it is bus instead. let's take a look at the san mateo bridge, that traffic does move well. 6:08 here is steve. >> sal, thank you. good morning. all right, now, if you live in the city or long the coast
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this will probably be the best day all summer long for the beach so if you want me to write the note i will. i understand. i have a little flu here. warm to hot. fog lurking well-off shore. it will be back tomorrow, but today, no. unless this sea breeze kicks in. sometimes the city is tricky but usually you get lead time and right now no wind at all and 66 degrees that is mild for san francisco. 74 at 9:00. we will go 84 and 94. i am out on a limb but probably record setting territory so if you want to head over to ocean beach, there it runs cooler than the official you know say in the financial district or over by at&t park, 78 to 85, water temperature is 56, so get going. you are burning daylight. get over there if you have to. hot record highs are possible today. 94 in san francisco would be a record by a wide margin, 89, 2003. oakland 75, that is a record, santa rosa 101. no, now that is downtown. airport will set a record
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probably, 101 downtown but at the airport 104 or 105 mountain view 96, a record, san jose 100 would also be a record, mt. tam already 10 degrees warmer than this time yesterday at 80 degrees. 57 sonoma. after that it warms up, 60s, 61, to 64 pleasanton at 64, 40s mountains, 50s and 60s up and down the coast. fog is out here, not on the cost or anything, no southerly surge yet. so today high pressure wins out, sunny and warm. heat advisory out for good reason, it is hot. heat advisory, warm to hot. record highs possible. 80s by the coast. 90s. 94 santa cruz, high 95 oakland. low 100s. if you are heading over to santa cruz and cap atalla, 85 to 95 on the highs, the 5 day tomorrow the fog starts to come back so hot inland and cooler thursday and a big team cooling trend into the weekend.
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>> 6:10. here is a question, should commercials praising california products be made in california? a very serious question inspired by these happy cows. >> reporter: a judge issues a surprising ruling that could halt embryonic stem cell research at labs across the country, what it means for california coming up next.
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good morning, welcome back. a federal judge has stopped the
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flow of federal money to labs working on stem cell research. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. bureau with all the details on what the ruling means. good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning to you, dave. that's right. the federal judge's ruling puts research in limbo at stem cell labs across the country. the judge said that president obama's executive order expanding tell cell research violates laws banning the destruction of human embryos pro-life groups praised it while stem cell proactivists called it deplorable. bay area researches said their research will continue because of state funding. we talked to this doctor. >> the essence of this lawsuit is the pro-life movement that doesn't want any embryo destroyed because they feel it
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is human life. and we are say inch that em brei ontic stem cells provide for human life essentially. >> reporter: california voters allowed the state to sell $3 billion in funds to fund the institute which has since ire marked more than $1 billion for projects including construction of seem cell research faults and tell cell patrols. we will take a closer look at what is next in the court battle during my next update in an hour. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> today voters in five states go to the polls for primariy lexes, one closely watched race is in arizona where senator john mccain is facing a challenge by a tea party candidate but recent polls show him with a comfortable lead. >> your time is now 6:15. nata is saying afghan and international forces have killed about 40 taliban fighters outside of kabul. this is part of an effort to
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provide more security ahead of the parliamentary elections necessary month. the coalition says fighting started friday involving afghan, u.s. and french troops, reportedly eight taliban leaders were captured. former president jimmy carter is expected to fly to north korea today to help try to win the release of a detained american citizen. a u.s. official says north korea has agreed to 43 him, now, if mr. carter goes there to bring him home. he was a former teacher there. he was arrested for illegally intlerring there and sentenced to eight years hard labor. no u.s. officials will accompany him. >> critical funding will be delayed because of the budget
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stalemate. debate continues over how to close the budget. >> some disgruntled firefighters took photos of the chief filling up his personal car with free gasoline at a city pump. he said that is a perk he worked out with city officials when he took the job three years ago. however that perk is not outlined in his contract. cap already has faced similar milar allegations in the past. >> a man suspected of setting fire to a local school is locked up in solano county jail this morning. 45-year-old lawrence dean ramos is accused of starting a fire at vacaville high school. it did minor damage to a portable classroom at vacaville high. police arrested him on sunday while investigating two
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suspicious fires on the suspect's own property. governor schwarzenegger will make the final decision on whether television comerls designed to make california look good must actually be made in california. the state senate passd a bill requiring ads promoting tourism and agriculture to be filmed in the state to boost jobs but would only apply to taxpayer funded productions. it is a response to those happy california cows commercials that were shot in new zealand. the bill now goes to the governor. >> all right. time now 6:18. let's see if sal is happy about our commute. what is happening in the south bay? >> checking it there dave and pam. right now traffic is actually moving along pretty well but we want to check anyway. there is 237 if you want to get on the road soon. by the way, if you cannot you know spare the air one of the good things you can do to avoid emissions is to go earlier or later to help us out. again today is a spare the air day and the air quality officials would like it if you take transit to help us out
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with air quality. northbound 101 san francisco looks good up to the city. also this morning northbound 680 at diablo road there is a crash in the center divide. they are clearing it. i want to means the vallejo ferry, the 7:00 a.m. run to san francisco has been cancelled. they have bus service instead. the other ferry runs leaving vallejo, or actually the 6:30, 7:45, 8:45, they are all doing -- all going as normal. over to steve. >> yesterday we warmed up fast and today is even quicker. heat advisory is also out. usually about the last seven weeks we have looked at downtown oakland and many locations socked in with fog, haze now but a mild start. already looking at temperatures in the 60s for many so it won't take long to get into the 90s and 100s, again these are all record highs except napa 102.
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the record high is 103. santa rosa 101 is for downtown, the airport 104, everyone else though these would all be record highs, pam and dave, so enjoy it if you like the heat while you can because by the weekend it will be much much cooler. all right. >> all right. thank you, steve. 6:19 is the time right now. about an hour from now the national association of realtors will release the july report on existing home sales. analysts predict the number will be down from the nearly 5.4 million sold in june but they can't agree on how steep that drop is likely to be with estimates ranging from 650,000 to nearly 800,000. mortgage rates are at their lowest though in years but many people can't qualify for a loan. experts say that will contribute to a dropoff in home sales. credit cards, interest rates soared to a 9 year high. e average interest rates on existing cards jumped to 14.7%,
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one more than 1.5% from the same time last yearest credit card spending has jumped by 6% in that time. credit card companies have noticed the increase and are sending out 83% more offers for new cards. >> the state is suing a well who advertises herself as the tax lady. her name is ronnie doitch and offers to help people fight the irs. this lawsuit claims she offers little or no help in getting lower tax bills. it adds those clients end up deeper in debt as she asks for duplicate documents that result in higher fees and penalties. her tone is not commenting on this $34 million lawsuit. >> 6:21 is the time. up next an unthinkable crime at a bay area church. we will tell you what thieves took and why police are asking scrap metal dealers for their help. >> also history is being made
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today in berkeley. a new college is opening. this is a first of its kind ever in the united states. >> good morning. traffic is moving along okay on northbound 280 up to highway 17. i will tell you more coming up. >> so, ah, your seat good?
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got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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good morning. root know traffic is moving well on bay area bridges. san mateo, golden gate, richmond and the bay bridge reporting no major delays. back to the desk. >> the first ever muslim college in the united states will open today in berkeley. it is called sai tuna college starting out small representing classroom space near the cal campus for its first class of 15. one of the freshmen says he came to study with the school's well respected faculty. >> these are rely some of the most respected muslim scholars in the world and i think it is important that this college opens and it is just a great opportunity for me to study here. >> now one of the college's co- founders says there is a growing need in the united states for highly trained professionals with knowledge of islamic tray deses. san jose residents are invited to tonight's community meeting to give their input on the search for a new police chief.
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the outgoing police chief is retiring after 30 years on the force. tonight's meeting will be held at the roosevelt community center. >> bay area scrap metal dalers have been asked to be on the lookout for a stolen church bell taken from st. michael's church in san francisco's ocean view neighborhood. staff members say the church's priest noticed the bell was gone last tuesday night. the bell is four feet wide, two feet high and weighs about 600 pounds, so police say whoever stole it likely had help and that there is a chance it might be destroyed. >> the bell was made of bronze it is my understanding. that is one of our concerns, is that it possibly was taken and sold as scrap metal. >> now we talked to one manager at a scrap mental shop in san francisco. she says a 600 pound bronze belko get about $900 if they try to cash it in. >> an experienced skydiver has been found dead.
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his family reported him missing from the airport. 55-year-old robert whitt set went skydiving sunday afternoon at bay area skydiving in east contra costa county. there was a search when his family reported him missing yesterday morning. officials don't know why but they say he did tot deploy either one of his parachutes. he was found about a half-mile from the drop zone. it has been a night of deadly gun violence in oakland. coming up we will tell you what the city is doing today to try to bring peace to the streets. >> reporter: it is the first day of school here at richmond but what happens if kids decide to skip school? we will tell you when the morning news continues.
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welcome back to the morning news. they are get edge ready to ring the oning bell this morning on the nasdaq and the new york
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stock exchange. over there on the nasdaq, if you are a golf in fan you might recognize the pga challenge onship winner there. >> i thought that was mark. >> he gets to ring the opening bell. so they have invited him there. it looks like a tough day for the market. there is the opening bell live. they are expecting disappointing numbers on july existing home sales. talking about mortgage rats are low but people still are not able to qualify for a loan so thus homes are not sold. numbers are expected to go down and the union pane markets are looking to the u.s. for good news, so if bad news comes in that could spread to markets around the world. the dow headed down a little bit right now so far. >> we will smile and say good morning to you, thank you for joining us here on the ktvu morning news, tuesday, august 24th. i am dave clark. >> good morning. i am pam cook. time now is 6:30. this morning a daytime curfew goes into effect in richmond, an effort to crack down on -- [
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inaudible ] >> -- claudine wong joins us we the details. >> reporter: good morning, pam. yes, it is the first day of school here in richmond. the district certainly hopes that kids are getting up right now getting ready for school. but if there are kids who are thinking you know what? i don't have to go, can skip school. the city and police are saying you are going to have to think again, that is because today isn't just the first day of school it is also a first day for a new daytime curfew, kids are required by state law to go to school but this puts teeth behind that requirement. it is estimated that $4 million in state funding was lost last year by the school district because kids didn't show up for school and had unexcused absences, true rainsy rates here are double and they say the burglaries by juveniles are too high. the idea is that kids who are not in school are often getting into trouble. so last year the city council on the recommendation of the
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police chief approved this curfew. >> we don't want to see students doing irresponsible behavior. with want to make sure that kids are in class because we need them to be there so they will be able to learn. >> reporter: so what happens if a kid does not show up for class? one of the these unexcused absences and they are found you know at the skate park or at the store running around during this 9:00 to 2:00 hour? well. that child could get a ticket, and then you have this court process, basically the fines can be up to $500 -- [ inaudible ] >> -- these kids social services, whether it is family counseling or drug counseling or anything -- [ inaudible ] >> that is -- >> -- back to claudine in just a moment with more on that
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story from richmond. right now police are investigating two deadly late night shooting. one was in north likeland. the other in downtown oakland. police say a 27-year-old oakland man was killed outside a t mobile store about 9:30 last night. investigators say the unidentified victim was shot after a heated argument with another man. he died hours later at oakland's highland hospital. now 90 minutes later police were called to the scene of yet another deadly shooting at eddie and 34th. police say the man had been shot in the head. his name has not yet been released. investigators don't believe these two killings are connected. >> well, now oakland is turning to the city of salinas for help with its crime problems. kraig debro is in oakland to explain. >> reporter: good morning, pam. you were just talking about those two homicides in oakland. here is the t mobile store dave was talking about. what happened is they got into an argument. 1 person got shot and the
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victim ran around the corner and chanced in the front door and was taken to the hospital and later died. there is no way to know if they were gang related but later today they are getting together to address that problem. members of the salinas police department will have a prime seat at the table. despite its size salinas has a homicide rate more than three teams the national average for a city of its size. 53 of the five homicides in that period are believed to be gang related. this year, though, there has been a dramatic drop. the city has recorded ten homicides this year, last year they had 29. many are crediting something called operation knockout. it brought together federal, state and local law enforcement and community groups to work on the problem. and tonight the city could lock in that arrangement for the next 5 years. they are authorizing the mayor
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to save joint office space for the center. the rent would be paid for with a grant from the fbi. >> there are a number of us here who i would never have thought of i was going to subcontract for them or provide resources for them but we do now and it is important that people put that territorial difference aside and come together and work together. >> reporter: we mention that because if that works out down there as so many other things have at least apparently in a shourd period of time other cities would want to get in on that. not only does it bring them together, at least in this case the offices it is using are paid for with a grant by the fbi. so today a two day summit starts. we will be out there in 90 minutes from now to give you an update. we police chief is speaking so we have a chance to talk to him about what is happening today. reporting live in oakland,
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kraig debro, ktvu channel two news. >> a $5000 reward is being offered to catch a bank robber. he robbed the bank yesterday afternoon. he has a buzz haircut and wore dark framed glasses. the victim of an armed robbery fought off his attacker and managed to hold him down unless police arrived at 3:30 saturday morning. police say the victim was attacked in a parking lot and managed to escape put the suspect forced his way inside the victim's home. the two men struggled as police were called in. the suspect, offed as bring and o'rourke, was arrested, charged with assault with a deadly weapon. >> 6:36. 22 rainy college students are in jail this morning arrested on campus accused of being armed with semi automatic weapons, one of the guns a semi automatic 40 caliber pistol and it was loaded. the other was a tech nina salt
6:37 am
pistol, a gun banned in the state of california. they were arrested after leaving a journism class. >> we don't know why they are armed if they are looking for another student or the school so we don't know what was going on. >> a suspect identified as 21- year-old christian williams and 20-year-old reginald battle. police say battle is a known member of a violent east oakland street gang. both are being held without bail. >> just a short time ago a santa cruz man set off on an ambitious long distance swim. this is new video of 44-year- old brock near chase getting into the water in santa cruz this morning. he hopes to become the second person to make the nearly 25 mile swim to montgomery bay. he is making the swim there. he is going to have to deal with the threat of jellyfish, though and great white sharks. he is expected to arrive at a san carlos beach in montgomery
6:38 am
this afternoon. >> we wish him well. that is one way to wake up. the other way is to wake up with sal telling you how to get to work. >> that's right. let's go outside and take a look at the commute now. starting off with the san mateo bridge. not a lot going on. we are hope in it stays a nice quiet commute. it is a spare the air day. some people may be taking transit to help us out. northbound 101 that traffic moves well. we have been watching interstate 80 this morning. we will go to the maps. 80 between vallejo and richmond, pinole, some people may be taking the car pause the ferry has been cancelled but the 7:00 a.m. run has been cancelled, they do have a bus instead. the other ferries are running as northerly at so you can take another ferry run home and not worry about it let's go to
6:39 am
steve. >> we are fog free. fog is lurking out there. still a ways away. not a factor today but tomorrow it will be. temperatures today it won't take long to warm up. the warmest location right now on -- i will show you in a second. heat advisory out. today the hottest day. 80 to 105, the coast 80s and 90s. inland 90s and 100s, again a record setting day. it is hard to see. let's see if i can get out of the way. there is some right out about here so it is a ways to go. not a factor today unless by chance that sea breeze decides to kick in. i don't think so, if it does after 4:00. so ocean beach water temperature 56, upper 70s to mid-80s, that is about as good as it gets over there unless we have a howling northeast wind but this summer this is probably one of the best days for the beach you will see because june, july and august were not that warm except for july 4th weekend. san francisco 94, that would be a record high by a wide margin, 89 in 2003. again that is if the sea breeze
6:40 am
doesn't kick in. oakland 95, a record high. santa rosa, going 101 downtown. the airport 104, that would be a record but downtown 101. mountain view 96, a record is 93. 2003. san jose 100, shattering a record 92 in 2003. mt. tam is 80 degrees right now. that is ten degrees warmer than yesterday morning. sonoma 58. gilroy low 60s, vallejo 63, san carlos 64, pleasanton 64, 38 a chill in the mountains, 50s 60s on the cost, 90s on the des either, and palm springs, the high is over us today and large and in charge but not sticking around. that system is going to dig in and usher in a noticeably strong cooling trend as we get towards the weekend. today though we start with a heat advisory and possibility of record highs today. warm to hot depending on your location, 80s, 90s by the beaches. good as it gets there. 90s, 100s inland. heading over to santa cruz, 85
6:41 am
to 95 degrees. temperatures will be heading out and warming up fast. fog returns to the coast tomorrow along with a sea breeze, still hot through the interior, cool down thursday, friday much cooler saturday looks mostly cloudy, partly sunny, cool and breezy, pam and dave. >> what a change. 6:40 is the time. good news for fast track osars, we will tell you what is being done to protect your personal information. >> reporter: parents and coaches are canceling practices due to the heat. more on that story when the morning news continues.
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good morning to you. welcome back. time now is 6:43. here is a quick look at some of the top stories. police in oakland are investigating two separate homicides last night. one fatal shooting in the downtown area, the other in north oakland. the killings come the night before today's big crime summit in oakland. today is also the first day of classes at the new college in berkeley. it is the first muslim college ever in the united states. today is also another spare the air day. we are expecting triple digit temperatures inland. the bay area air quality management district is asking you to just park your car, take public transportation or carpool it. >> around the bay area
6:45 am
precautions are being taken to keep young athletes safe in this hot weather. jade hernandez is in pleasanton with more on that part of the story. >> reporter: good morning. for 1 thing they are rearranging their skids from east bay soccer practices to anything where kids might get too dehydrated. >> they also do things like take water breaks literally after every drill zoo the players are hydrated. coaches have been trained to make sure, to look for signs of heat exhaustion. >> reporter: that is the vice principal at foothill high school here in pleasanton, his football coach held practice at 6:00 in the morning yesterday so they could reduce the chance of dehydration, parents came to the school yesterday for late registration, classes begin tomorrow for students who missed a hot summer but are coming back just as the weather is heating. this has been a much cooler than normal summer across the bay area, especially in the tri valley area where the temperatures are usually in the 90s, employees at places which
6:46 am
usually see a lot of foot traffic during the summer saw their business effected. workers in pleasanton told us cooler days and cooler nights kept some of their customers away but they might get a reprieve today. the expected high here is 102. we are live here at foothill high school at the football field. this is where the coach held practice at 6:00 yesterday morning. you can be sure coaches here will be monitoring temps and players, school begins officially tomorrow. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> 6:46. if you use fast track the state assembly has passed a bill designed to protect you. under this bill transit agencies would be prohibited from selling or sharing your personal information. it would also be required to destroy any information that could be connected to specific drivers. this bill now goes to the state senate for its approval. >> 6:46 is the time. let's go back over to sal to check on any problems for the commute.
6:47 am
>> right now traffic is moderately heavy. it is not all that bad. we will go take a look at some of these pictures. bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic there is going to be back up a little bit. nothing major but there is at least a 5 minute delay at the toll plaza. metering lights are on. also this morning looking at 237 crossing the valley. to give you a little bit of a read on what it is looking like. not too bad this morning. traffic moves along well. i will tell you it moves along well after there. this morning's commute is okay on northbound 280 up to highway 17. 6:47, here is steve. >> sal, thank you. i believe we are at christie field. is that right? photojournalist sid far hang? a beautiful -- look at that. no fog, no wind. i have stood there before and froze as the fog came flying under the bridge but not today. look at that. boy, that is -- 66 in san francisco right now. there you go, chamber of commerce day. wake up the photographer.
6:48 am
time to take that picture. august, here is how it looks all the time in san francisco in august. uh-huh. warm to hot. temperatures today. the fog is offshore. starting to come up the coast but for the on the coast so will take another day. 66 san francisco, we will go, 74, 84, 94 degrees, again if the sea breeze kicks in before 4:00 i will never see that. that is downtown, by ocean beach we will go 78 to 85. could be a late breeze there. you will start off just fine. the water temp, though, 56 degrees. this is about as good as it gets all summer long. inland temperatures will be hot. i told you. it is hot. 101 in santa rosa. 94 san francisco. these would all be record highs. that santa rosa is downtown. the airport will probably set a record high. walnut creek 102, 95 oakland, san say 100. 50s, 60s, the warmest downtown san francisco. 66 digs, a lot of 60s, a couple
6:49 am
of 50s, santa rosa napa cool, 54, 30s in the mountains, 50s, 60s in the valley to near 70. the highs over us today and then that system right up there begins to move in and that will usher in a dramatic cooling trend but not today. heat advisories out. record highs possible, warm to hot even over on the coast unless a late sea breeze, 80s, 90s there, 90s to 1 hundreds unland. tomorrow the fog comes back to the coast, still hot over the hills, thursday cooler, much cooler friday, then a real big time cooling trend into the weekend. >> all right. thank you, steve. 6:49 is the time right now. stocks are dropping quickly this morning. we want to take you to the big board. the dow jones dropped close after that opening bell down more than 100 points, off 112 to 10,060. the nasdaq and the s&p 500 also down as well, about the same
6:50 am
percentage-wise, they are down about 1.25% and european markets are dropping as well and has a lot to do with what is going to happen-what is going to come out in just a little bit on the u.s. economy, existing home sales expected to drop significantly in july. that is what analysts are expecting. global economic worries around. a lot of the global economies are looking to the u.s. for direction, whether the global economy will head back into a recession so that is why the markets are dropping. a federal judge approved a settlement in a class action lawsuit against country wide. the judge said it would provide free credit monitoring for up to 17 million people who are up to high risk because of the company's security breach, that includes anyone who obtained a mortgage or used them to service a mortgage before july, 2008. >> our time now 6:50. a big marijuana growing operation is found here in the bay area. we will tell you the drastic steps the pot growers took to make room for their illegal
6:51 am
plants. >> also egg lovers everywhere may soon pay the price for that big recall. we will explain. >> good morning. northbound 101 traffic getting busy in san jose up towards the airport. more coming up. you want some fiber one honey clusters?
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our time now 6:53. let's go to tori to see what is
6:54 am
coming up on mornings on 2. >> good morning, coming up in minutes it is the hottest day of the year that means a spare the air day but a key public transportation option is not available. we will explain why the ferry is out of service. one bay area city has successfully closed just about its budget gap but it has been -- taken a drastic step with its police department. california is the closest it has ever been to creating a cut off date for kindergarten, the decision is based on how these kids will do on tests all the way to the 8th grade. >> time now 6:54. you may soon see the effects of that big egg recall at your supermarket check out. some producers here predict prices will go up 25 cents a dozen especially the coming weeks, all a result of supply and demand. the fda has connected a sal none neal laoutbreak to more than a half billion eggs.
6:55 am
some of the popular brands here in california connected to that recall include wright county eggs, safeway's lucerne brand and albertson's. >> all right, back over to sal for a look at traffic this morning. sal. >> pam, we are getting word of possibly a grass fire in the navato in the area of 101 at roland. got reports that a lot of smoke is visible in that area. we will run it down for you on mornings on 2. let's go out to the live pictures, westbound bay bridge that traffic looks okay into the city. 101 san francisco northbound that traffic looks okay coming up to the 80 split. this morning on 280 northbound, that traffic is still looking very nice getting u to highway 17. the 7:00 a.m. vallejo ferry will not run to san francisco. bus service instead. you still have a few minutes to catch that bus to san francisco. 6:55 here is steve. >> thank you, sir. sunshine, oh plenty as we like to say. it is going to take another 15 minutes for temperatures to start to warm up here.
6:56 am
already 66 in san francisco. record setting highs and heat advisory on the menu today, 80s, 90s by the beaches, a late breeze but not before we see warm telephones there, record highs likely as well even in san francisco, oakland, after that you don't have to take too many steps inland to find hot conditions, cooler by the coast tomorrow. >> we want to take another look at the big board this morning at the new york stock exchange because stocks are down right away. right off the stock -- side of the opening bell. investers seem to be more concerned about the economic news coming out ridge. we have existing home sales coming in in just a little bit this morning. the economic news recently has indicated that the recovery is slowing, we could possibly dip back into a recession, offsetting good corporate news, so again dow jones right now down more than 100 points. so name a county sheriff's deputies uncovered a marijuana growing operation near gurnville where the growers cut down redwood trees to allow
6:57 am
more light for their plants. 15 trees were cut down, some of them 60 feet high. deputies destroyed the more than 100 plants they found, saying they were two to three feet high and growing in 50 gal on plastic bags and they also found an unoccupied camp site nearby. >> a 22-year-old woman from mexico is the new miss universe. >> amay ka with me, mexico you are the new -- [overlapping speakers] [ inaudible ] >> -- won the pageant in las vegas last night. she is beautiful. beat out 82 other contestants. she is the second mexican to become miss universe. miss jamaica came in second, miss australia placed third. well on thursday the san francisco ethics commission will hold a special meeting. they will determine if san francisco's sheriff eye deputies should be banned from providing security for ballots in the upcoming election, a
6:58 am
proposition on the ballot could directly impact those deputies by require in them to pay more into their pensions. that has led some people to question whether the deputies may have a conflict of interest that should prevent them from providing security. >> coming up on 7:00. in just about an hour a major summit gets underway in oakland. we will take you there live to find out what city leaders and police plan to do about crime. >> we are looking live at our -- now, this picture even looks hot. >> it does. >> it is already hot out there. we will keep checking on the temperatures around the bay area and will also see what schools are doing to keep young athletes safe. stay right here with us. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc.
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