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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  August 25, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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good morning. fire spreading. hundreds of crews out in force this morning. we'll bring you the latest. yesterday's hot temperatures caused delays on public transit systems. could more problems be in store today? we'll let you know. talk about the current conditions up on mt. diablo and record heat. and where the sea breeze? it's getting close. oakland police investigating a fatal stabbing coming on the heels of a major effort to curb crime. that's all ahead on the ktvu morning news. well, good morning to you. welcome to wednesday august 25th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for watching. we want to get right to our top story this morning. fire crews in the east bay are slowly but surely getting the upper hand on a huge wild fire.
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the fire burning in the foothills just east of mt. diablo. it's burned since late yesterday afternoon. it's now 50% contained. full containment is expected some time late today. you can see it was a dramatic scene last night. the fire did come dangerously close to some homes, but fire crews managed to keep it away and no evacuations were necessary. one firefighter did sprain his ankle. no one else was hurt. now a downed power line may have set off the big wild fire. we have a crew out there this morning. we'll have the very latest on that. your time now 5:03. several hundred firefighters already there on the fire lines battling the huge flames. dozens more get to the scene this morning. the terrain is very rug grid. the fire commanders say crews are facing a very dangerous situation. >> the terrain and also with
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the type of topography can be problematic for the firefighters basically because of tripping hazards. trees that can be burnt to the base, fall over and cause a major, major injury to firefighters. >> now if anything there's one major piece of good news for the fire crews. the winds have been light. so that's good news. very hot temperatures, but as you mentioned no wind. let's check in with steve to see if it's the same today. >> well, it will still be hot. right now it's 82 degrees on mt. diablo. there is a puff at 3 miles per hour but there's hardly any wind at all. near the surface it's calm. look at overnight lows concord 70. livermore 68. definitely the smell of smoke made it into clayton and parts of the east bay. but from clayton proper you can't see the flames but it's in rugged remote territory. they'll still be in the low 100s today. thankfully the wind is calm. the fire can create its own breeze but things are better
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later on today than yesterday. not much of a breeze. thank you, steve. in other news this morning after spending hours at a major crime summit, oakland police are dealing with another homicide this morning. ktvu's jade hernandez is on the scene with more on the story. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. at this hour we know that a man stumbled and collapsed along this sidewalk in front of an apartment building. we're live in the 9300 block of ban i don't have covet. paramedics rushed the man to the hospital where he died. homicide investigators were called to the scene. the coroner's office told me half an hour ago the police department is with holding the release of man's name and age. that officer with the department also explained there's been no update on a reason for the stabbing. ironically oakland police are holding their second day of a gang prevention summit later this morning. just hours before the summit began on tuesday homicide investigators were called to several scenes which left behind two victims. the summit is being held to gather together many of the top
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law enforcement officials in the region. coming up we'll have more on the summit and recent homicide investigations. this morning's death marks the 55th homicide this year in oakland. jade hernandez, ktvu, channel 2 news. time now 5:05. san francisco police searching for two suspects who attacked a couple at coy tower. the victims a man and woman were on a date at the popular tourist spot saturday about 1:30 in the morning. two men knocked the man to the ground and then punched and robbed the woman. the injured man has a broken jaw and still in the hospital. the description of the suspects is vague. described only as two african- american men. one is in his mid-20s about 6'1" and weighing about 200 pounds. the other 5'6" and weighing about 130 pounds. well, as steve mentioned it's going to be another hot day in many parts of the bay area today.
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yesterday's record breaking heat forced the city of oakland to close two public libraries due to state health regulations. both melrose and feed month branch shut their doors after indoor temperatures soared to 87 degrees. both libraries are scheduled to reopen today. bart has a hot weather warning. shorter trains today and possibly more delays. now yesterday's hot temperatures caused some equipment to overheat shutting down some computers. that means trains that usually travel at 60 miles an hour had to shift to manual control with speeds of only 25 miles an hour. however, bart crews have been working all night to fix those commuter problems. >> one thing coy tell you is when you have the first heat wave what happens is all the things that were about to break are going to break. also overnight crews have been working on the air conditioners on the bart trains which are critical during these hot days. we'll have more on that part of
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the story at 5:30. train riders on the peninsula should also be prepared for delays this morning. cal train safety rules require the commuter trains to slow down during hot weather since the intense heat can soften the rails. the record breaking heat led to 20 minute delays yesterday evening. time now 5:07. let's go to sal. i know you want everybody to keep their cool as we head to wherever we need to go. >> that's right. if you take cal train or bart you might want to get on the trains early. so far the systems are reporting no problems. it's relatively cool. we'll talk to steve about the actual temperature. but right now the roads and the systems are doing well. in fact, let's go ke a look at some of these roads. some people don't like to drive when it's so hot so they might get on the road early. this is a look at interstate 890 and traffic continues to look good to the bay bridge toll plaza. no major problems getting into san francisco. westbound bay bridge traffic is looking good. the road work they had on the upper deck of the bay bridge should be gone in just a few
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moments. this is a live look at 280 in san jose northbound and southbound. the traffic continues to look very nice as we check with chp wires. not looking at anything in the south bay to report when it comes to road work or any sort of delays. so we're starting off well on northbound 280 and on northbound 101. at 5:08 here's steve. thank you. a very mild start to the morning. a lot of 60s to 70 degrees. where's the fog? it's out there. it's getting closer. it's coming up mainly along the central california coast and pushing closer towards the bay. i was looking out towards outer sunset, i can't find a west wind yet. now i think that will change pretty fast though. it's more of a southerly breeze. once that turns west you know the drill. usually by noon we get heat like this that sea breeze comes flying in. i expect that to happen today. tough call on thcoast. really tricky in the city. but we'll go 70s, start off
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very mild and warm. probably get warm to hot and all of a sudden here comes the sea breeze and temperature drops 20 degrees. around the bay 90s and inland 100s. late sea breeze coast and definitely bay later on. temperatures record setting territory away from the coast. san jose 73. livermore concord 70. oakland berkeley 70. 65 in the city after yesterday's 98 degrees in downtown san francisco. one of the many record highs that were set. 70 in sacramento, 50s and 60s santa maria, santa barbara. fog there rolling up the coast. strong system out of alaska going to change our system in the big way. the hot keeps grip one more day at least inland and then we will slide big time down into the 70s as we head towards friday and also saturday. the cool will continue but not if you're inland today it will take another day before it kicks in. cooler coast starting off clear. that fog is getting closer. warm to hot inland.
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won't matter if you're away from the coast. temperatures stay very toasty. 100s there. always the most difficult forecast is when do you cut off the temperature in the city? if it doesn't get the breeze it warms up. if it does get the breeze it warms up. yesterday's 101 if you're heading to the coast they will cool down santa cruz. five day hot day inland, then comes the cooler weather taking us into the weekend. possible shower sunday. >> that's unbelievable. thank you, steve. 5:11 is the time right now. there are calls this morning for president obama to clean house. up next we're going to tell you who's calling for some top officials to be fired and why. plus a very important announcement expected this morning in san francisco about how to keep your water clean and safe. and yesterday we reported that existing home sales had dropped to a 15 year low. this morning we get another key housing report.
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i'll have details coming up. good morning westbound 24. traffic off to a nice start on this very mild morning. tell you more about traffic and weather straight ahead.
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well examine back to morning news. time now 5:14. this morning we'll find out the numbers for new home sales in july. the report could show more trouble in the housing market
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after yesterday's reports. ktvu's allison burns joins us from our washington d.c. newsroom with a preview. good morning, allison. >> reporter: good morning to you, pam. we're certainly seeing a prescription for more trouble in the housing market. a surge in foreclosures, high unemployment and the expiration of the home buyers tax credit. now this morning we find out how new home sales are effected. the report from the commerce department is expected in a few hours. i talked to the chief economist with the national association of realtors and he's not expecting good news. he says builders have cut back on production. >> builders have to compete with foreclosure properties. so therefore they do not want to build in this environment where there's many distressed property on to the market. >> reporter: the new home sales report comes the day after the much worse than expected news on existing home sales. they were down 27% in july. coming up next hour we'll take a look at whether congress should revive that home buyers
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tax credit. reporting live from washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:15. house majority leader wants president obama to fire his entire economic team. baner says the administration has failed to revive the economy and that the president should ask for the resignations of treasury secretary and the head of the national economic council. vice president joe biden responded, he said republicans have no solutions for fixing the economy. and they are to blame for running the economy into the ground for eight years. now we want to remind you about a very important upcoming televised debate with u.s. senate candidates barbara boxer and carly. we will broadcast it live september 1st, a week from today, right here on ktvu channel 2. arizona's primary election senator john mccain easily won the republican nomination in his bid for a fifth term.
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mccain was challenged by former congressman and tea party candidate. mccain won with 56% of the votes compared to 32% for hay worth. san francisco supervisor says she will appeal a new ruling that prevents her from running for re-election in november. an appeals court ruled yesterday that she has already served two terms which is the limit. she has argued that she has yet to reach the two term limit because she only served two years instead of four in her first term. that's because in 2004 she was appointed to replace newsome on the board of supervisors when he was elected mayor. she will now take her case to the state supreme court. time 5:17. this morning in san francisco the environmental protection agency will announce new restrictions on how and where ships can discharge sewage into california's coastal waters. the new rule will prohibit both cargo and cruise ships from discarding treated or untreated
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sewage within three miles of shore along california's coast. this is a first time restrictions have been placed on sewage discharges from ships along the state's entire coastline. time now 5:17. go back over to sal who's checking on the san mateo bridge. how's it look? >> it looks pretty good this morning if you are driving across any of the bay area bridges. we are going to look at the san mateo bridge. pretty hot yesterday across all the bridges just traffic jams. and i just want to remind you, again, that bart will have shorter trains this morning because of yesterday. it's one of the things to do with public transportation. some of the rail systems are effected by the hot weather. so we're watching cal train and also watching muni just to make sure they did not have major issues yesterday but we're going to watch all of them. westbound bay bridge toll plaza pretty good getting into san francisco with no major delays. we're going to take a look at the east bay on my map system
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here. already a little bit of yellow. no red on the map. we can see most of the colors are green which means traffic is moving at or above the posted speed limits. 5:18. here's steve. sal. >> steve. >> it was 80 degrees last night at 11:00 in the city. >> steve, i was at at&t park. beautiful weather. >> well, the weather was beautiful. >> you're a reds fan. >> i turned it off in the first inning. thank you. we do have -- here's the toughest part of my job sometimes. besides giving out the. [ indiscernible ] when the fog comes in it's close. it's moving up just south of big sur. sfo says west at 6. i know that's not much but it feels like it wants to get close. inland it won't matter. still be hot. probably more records but by the coast we could have a very warm morning and then a very cool, breezy, cold maybe for some afternoon evening.
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64, 65. santa rosa, san francisco at 65. this might even be a record high minimum temperature. it's so mild in the city. 73 at san jose. wow. 46 in tahoe. we have up on mt. diablo right now it's 82. there's a little hint of a northeast but it's only 3 miles an hour. upper 60s and low 70s. concord at 70. mild morning for many. 50s and 60s up and down the coast. the fog pouring into southern california. so it's on its way. the system that's developing right to the left where it says cooler that's a very strong low. that's going to really change our weather. but more likely it will be inland that won't be until tomorrow. today though cooler coast. even though you start off clear and mild and maybe even warm still hot inland. the sea breeze won't make its presence felt for those away from the coast until tomorrow. today probably on the coast almost brutal forecasting skills to try and nail the city and the coast. so it's still warm to hot. but, again, by noon i think the sea breeze starts to move in.
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fog, coast, cooler then cooler for everybody on friday. windy on saturday as the system develops. there's a possibility especially inland. i would say lake county. napa county, so will no county and contra costa county for sunday afternoon. pam and dave. european markets are down this morning following the big drop on wall street and more losses overnight in asia. japan's fell to its lowest level in 16 months after the dismal u.s. existing home sales report. and today japan's finance minister announced that tokyo will respond appropriately when necessary. that says the yen hit a 15 year high against the dollar. that hurts japanese exporters. been more than six years since japan intervened in the foreign exchange market. checking in on wall street, u.s. investors continue to look cautious this morning as the numbers indicate a lower opening. and that follows losses across the board yesterday looking at the screen those are all down
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numbers. 133 for the dow. it starts today just above the 10,000 mark. a bay area grocery store chain is closing two of its stores in san jose. pw markets will shut down the stores at silver creek valley road. four other stores will remain open. they are the two other stores in san jose as well as one in couper tin no and one in castro valley. about 200 people will lose their jobs as a result. pw markets blames the slow economy for the cutbacks. time 5:22. volunteers will begin a working vacation in the golden gate national recreation area. they're going to spend a week refurbishing the trails throughout the park. one volunteer won the chance to join this volunteer vacation in a contest. her employer is a supporter of the american hiking society which sponsors this project and others like it in 60 parks all over the country. vandals have attacked more
5:23 am
plants in san francisco. the latest attack was on nine new bushes planted along park boulevard near fullton. that's not far from where 32 full blooming rose plants were cut down in golden gate park's rose garden last week. and just since may almost 50 trees have been deliberately vandalized in both golden gate and lincoln parks. all locations on the north side of san francisco but police aren't sure if these crimes are related. 5:23 is the time right now. it could be a dangerous situation for some local children. find out what angry parents plan to do today to make sure their kids are safe after school. also do you find yourself having to run across the street to beat that flashing don't walk sign? some good news for you but it could make drivers mad. we'll tell you why. good morning. westbound highway 4 traffic off to a nice start on this hot
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morning already. 5:23. we'll be right back with more traffic and weather. >> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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welcome back. our time is now 5:26. a group of concerned parents will be staging a rally outside
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of oakland school board meeting tonight. they want school board officials to come up with the money to keep seven after school centers open until after the budget is passed. one time federal funding to keep the doors open. but the parents worry that had centers may be forced to close next monday if funding is not found. teach at traffic lights. california is in the process of changing lights to crosswalks for new federal guidelines that address the aging population. the new standards will give pedestrians a couple extra seconds. that means drivers will see an increase in waiting time at red lights. santa clara county transportation officials reffed grant money to test sensors at
5:28 am
the busiest intersections to decrease unnecessary waiting. the censored a time for pedestrians only when they detect someone is taking alonger to cross. still ahead on the ktvu morning news, this morning fire crews still battling the huge wild fire near mt. diablo. coming up we're going to tell you when they hope to have that fire under control. [ man i was deciding what to do
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good morning to you. welcome back. this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news. wednesday august 25th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. time is 5:30. go right to steve for today's weather. that's certainly been one of our top stories this week. >> i'm looking at a couple things. number one towards mt. diablo and the fire near clayton. 82 near mt. diablo and a little northeast at 3. not much wind. the overnight lows really mild. upper 60s and 70s. now i'm always looking towards the west right near lake her said just reported a west wind at 8 miles per hour. half-moon bay airport still south. i'm looking also outer sunset you know where that is the wind turned west there too. so the fog's not there yet but the wind has and that's the first thing. sunshine mild to hot for many. by the coast it's going to be a tall order here because i think the fog will come roaring in
5:32 am
later. tough for the firefighters but at least the wind has died down. so we have some good news if you're looking for cooling still some tough news for the firefighters but it will be cooler later on today. but it's still going to be hot inland. here's sal. steve, it has been pretty busy on roadways and also on transit systems due to the heat. some of the systems have been having a tough time look at 280 in san jose looks very nice up into highway 17 and beyond that into the west valley. also westbound bay bridge still a light commute so far getting into san francisco. it's 5:32. go back to dave and pam. all right. sal, thank you. fire crews in the east bay hope to fully contain a huge wild fire some time today. it's called the terri fire. this one's burning in the foothills just east of mt. diablo. it's burned about 375 acres since it was first reported late yesterday afternoon. it's now 50% contained.
5:33 am
they're expecting full containment some time late today. now the fire did come dangerously close to some homes, but fire crews kept it away. no evacuations were necessary. one firefighter did sprain an ankle. luckily no one else has been hurt. a downed power line may have started this big wild fire. ktvu's in the area. we'll have a live report from the fire lines coming up at 6:00 . well, the fire caused the lights to go out for dozens living near mt. diablo. pg&e tells us that 57 customers are still without power. they lost their electricity right after the wild fire started yesterday afternoon. now at this point there's no estimate when they might get their lights back on. people living along curry canyon road are among those in the dark. emergency crews have told them to expect an extended power outage. some people living at the curry creek trailer park decided to stick it out even after scary moments.
5:34 am
>> the transformer popped and echoed through and came from  there. and then the fire trucks started rolling in. >> my daughter's bringing her generator. we're going to plug our refrigerator into the generator and keep our food good. >> now the flames came within about three miles of that trailer park. your time now 5:33. oakland police are investigating yet another homicide this morning. despite a major crime summit that's underway in the city. ktvu's jade hernandez is at the scene with new information about that stabbing. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning, dave. we understand the stabbing happened closer toward the end of the block. in fact the building manager we spoke to is trying to hose down the sidewalk this morning. that man told us he not only tried to help the man who was stabbed last night, he knew the victim. the man who died was involved with drugs and hung around this area. the building manager also told us he saw the victim hanging out with a group of people in the back of an apartment building doing drugs right before the stabbing.
5:35 am
the next thing the manager saw was the victim running towards him bleeding from the neck. paramedics rushed the man to the hospital where he later died. homicide investigators were called to the scene last night. the alameda county district attorney's office told me this morning that the police department is holding the release of the man's name and age. an officer with the department also explained there's been no update on a motive for the stabbing. the manager we spoke to this morning said drugs fuels too many incidence which leave behind victims. >> this is the way they make money. they don't have to work. when i was a kid or when i was grown i worked at burger king. i worked at hamburger joints and i made it. they don't want to do that. so they'd rather get out here and sell drugs and kill people. >> reporter: this morning the building manager is trying to clean up the sidewalks. he says he wants to make sure all of this is cleared before
5:36 am
the students come by this morning as they head to school. ironically oakland police are holding their second day of a gang prevention summit later this morning. just hours before the summit began yesterday officers were called to several scenes that left behind two more victims. coming up more on the homicide investigations and you'll hear more from the building manager about the incident that happened last night. reporting live from oakland, jade hernandez, ktvu, channel 2 news. time now 5:36. an army of bart crews worked overnight trying to fix heat- related problems that caused major delays yesterday. that doesn't mean there will be any problems again today. and bart was not the only mass transit agency effected by the soaring temperatures. ktvu is at the cal train station in san francisco. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave. it's supposed to be another hot one today. maybe not as hot as yesterday but certainly we did see a lot of problems. cal train actually had the rails get so soft they had to
5:37 am
slow down their trains between here and san francisco and the south bay. and cal trains wasn't the only one with problems. bart also had its own problems. a lot of people got stuck in the commute yesterday because bart had several areas that were effected by the heat. i did talk to a spokesperson for bart this morning about the problems today and he said, look, we're probably going to have fewer problems, a lot fewer problems because an army of crews have been working overnight to help fix car that is did not have air- conditioning and to work on the control room and the boxes that overheated yesterday. he goes certainly with the high temperatures it's likely we'll still have some problems because he says the heat just causes a lot of issues. >> one thing that i can tell you is that when you have the first heat wave what happens is all those things that were about to break are going to break. >> reporter: you're looking at video from a control room in dublin. the areas in bart that were
5:38 am
effected by this heat were kind of threefold. you had control rooms that don't have the proper air- conditioning in them so theyover heated. you have boxes by the train tracks actually monitor the train's movements. those overheated. and then you had a 20 to 30 cars whose air-conditioning systems broke down and you had a lot of people who were dealing with extreme heat inside those cars. again, bart has been trying to address all those problems overnight. they expect fewer problems today. one of the things they say you might want to expect are shorter trains because they don't want to put cars that they know already have problems back on the track. it is already warm out here in san francisco. warmer than it usually is at this time of day. we'll continue to monitor everything here at cal train and bart and all your other commutes as well. sal always does a good job keep an eye on that. he joins us now with a look at your traffic. hello. thank you very much for that. right now traffic is actually doing pretty well. people getting on the road a little early today to avoid the
5:39 am
heat i think is one reason any way. westbound 24 the traffic moves well getting up to the tunnel and to the other side in oakland. we're also watching the commute at the bay bridge toll plaza and westbound bay bridge still light getting into the city today traffic is going -- well, we're expecting bigger delay today but because of baseball game a daytime baseball game at at&t park right in the middle of the day. so be aware of that. put that on your radar. northbound 101 approaching the 80 split that traffic is moving along okay. 5:39. here's steve. thank you, sal. lots going on here obviously. after yesterday's incredible record highs including 98 in san francisco and still 80 at 11:00 last night. just looking if the funston turned west and outer sunset also and terrible also little west wind there. maybe things are turning a little bit. the fog isn't there yet but it's going to be cooler by the
5:40 am
coast and hot away. i'm going to ask our producer. michelle do we have the pictures you were talking about? is that this one? okay. go ahead and take those pictures because we will show you what happened -- at least i think we do. i'll set this up. you know it's hot when the animals start to lie down or like my cat lies down on the floor. this is perry the squirrel. this is out in alamo. thank you. i think it was 100 at this time. perry says i'm waving the white flag. i've had enough. you know it's a great shot. that's a shot. but, again, if the animals are lying down on the rocks or what have you or your cat lying in front of the fan you know it's hot. that's what we had yesterday. thank you, doug. alamo where it was about 104 yesterday. let's hope perry the squirrel recovers from yesterday. cooler coast. inland it will still be hot. but for those who are near the coast i am looking for a sign
5:41 am
of a west wind. i think my computer's frozen. wouldn't you know it. see if i can do it on a minute. >> frozen on a hot day. >> i know. back to you two because i got to fix that thing. >> all right. >> i'll be right back. >> not a problem. we know it's going to be very hot again in parts of the bay area. all right. some bay area scientists are actually studying oil eating bacteria in the gulf of mexico. we're going to tell you what kind of impact these microscopic clean up crews are having on the oil spill there. and also something you don't hear about every day. the cost of one traffic ticket could soon be going down. good morning. if you're driving in marin county so far it looks pretty good in san after ill and also other parts. we'll tell you more coming up.
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5:44 am
all right. good morning. lots going on. it will still be hot inland. we have some 100s there right near mt. diablo about 80 degrees. a little northeast wind. but near the coast a west wind showing up. that means it will be cooler there. so 70s and 80s by the beach. all right. welcome back. guilty or not . good morning to you. the fire crews hope to fully contain this huge wild fire near mt. diablo. hope to do it some time late today. it's called the curry fire. it's burned 375 acres. it's 50% contained. there have been no serious injuries yet and no homes have burned. this morning more discouraging economic news is expected when the numbers come out for new home sales in july. this follows yesterday's existing home sales report with
5:45 am
the biggest drop in more than a decade. also this morning in san francisco the epa will announce new rules aimed at protecting california's coastal waters. the new regulations restrict how and where ships can discharge sewage off the coast of california. the obama administration plans to file an appeal this week after a judge's decision that blocks the use of federal funds for embryonic stem cell research. the ruling effects 22 projects across the country due to get their annual checks next month. the research includes fighting parkinson's disease and spinal cord injuries. groups opposed to the destruction of embryos for stem cell research praise the federal court decision. scientists from the lawrence berkeley lab say an oil eating microbe may be helping the gulf of mexico to rebound faster than expected from the bp oil spill. the scientists made the first direct measurements of the deep sea bacteria feeding on the
5:46 am
millions of gallons of oil released in the spill. they released a report suggesting that the naturally occurring oil eating bacteria is helping to get rid of the oil. time now 5:45. now hearing that former president jimmy carter has arrived in north korea. he's on a mission aimed at bringing home an american who was sentenced to eight years in prison for entering that country illegally. the white house says mr. carter is not representing the u.s. government. instead he's on a private humanitarian mission. senior u.s. official says north korea had agreed to release that american if jimmy carter were to visit. the former president is expected to spend one night in north korea then come home with the american tomorrow. wiki leak plans to release more classified documents today. we don't have many details about what the information will contain but wiki leaks post add twitter update only saying it would release a document from the c.i.a. your time now 5:46.
5:47 am
variation that illegal but popular driving maneuver known as the california stop might stop costing drivers so much money. an assembly committee has advanced a bill cutting the fine for not stopping when turning right on a red light from $450 to $219. that's because the legislature inadvertently raised the fine for that maneuver when it raised fines for running or making a left on a red. the senate already passed it. full assembly is expected to do the same. >> interesting. all right. 5:47 is the time. sal is checking contra costa county right now. how's it look? >> i bet you a lot of people already have their air- conditioning on in their cars driving over highway 4 coming out of antioch and getting over to the willow pass grade. and already slow traffic as well this morning coming west out of antioch and toward the bay point area and concord and walnut creek. a lot of drivers going there.
5:48 am
680 also looks good heading south. this is interstate 880 in oakland north and southbound traffic still doing very well at this early morning commute. and if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza an area where we will see a little slowing later right now it does look pretty good getting into the city. 5:47. here's steve. all right, sal, thank you. we have a lot going on. cooler by the coast today out towards lake mer said and outer sunset. winds have turned westerly. so the fog's not there yet but the first sign it looks like it will be cooler. that's right on the immediate coast. move a mile or so inland it's still south or east or calm. inland won't matter still warm or hot today. mt. diablo 82 degrees and a little northeast wind there. so still another cooker for those fighting the fires today and temperatures in the 100s. by the coast i've put that fog in there but maybe it will show up later. it's still offshore south of big sur but it's on its way. this is always the hardest forecast is what's going on the
5:49 am
coast. but look at mt. tamalpais. it's 87 degrees. that's seven degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. sonoma on the square 66. san carlos 67. pleasanton a very mild 70 degrees. 46 in tahoe. 60s in the valley. a lot of fog now pouring into southern and central california. it's holding offshore, but it's going to get bumped along by that system there. that's just the immediate coast today. i think you'll definitely feel a sea breeze there. inland it will be hot. if it does cool down it won't be much. one or two degrees. tomorrow will be significantly cooler for probably everybody. still hot inland but cooler by the coast. the temperatures are just so hard by the beaches. 70s, 80s after yesterday's 90s and 100s. santa cruz 101. today we'll go for the 70s and 80s there inland it won't matter in the 90s and also 100s. we are looking for a cool down on thursday and then a really
5:50 am
big cool down friday, saturday. that is a possibility of showers especially inland on sunday. all right. thank you, steve. 5:49 is the time. wells fargo is getting back into the commercial mortgage backed securities market. now executives at the san francisco based bank believe there will be a resurgence of mortgage backed securities. already added more than 20 bankers and support personnel during the last three months to increase loan originations which will be bundled and sold. starting in december it will be a lot easier to get to yosemite. united airlines is starting nonstop service between sfo and mammoth yosemite regional airport. daily flights on united express. round trip tickets on sale for $200. and toyota is going to add a new safety feature to its prius that it sold in japan. it will offer a $148 speaker system that will broadcast a humming sound so pedestrians can hear approaching cars. now a recent u.s. government study found hybrids are twice
5:51 am
as likely as other vehicles to be involved in low speed crashes with pedestrians. researchers blame the lack of noise for the difference. toyota says at least for now it has no plans to offer the system on cars sold here in the u.s. all right. our time now 5:50. he is heading for courted to blamed for a horrifying and deadly crash. the police car chase suspect is blamed for the death of a young mother and severe injuries to her child. but the family's anger and blame doesn't stop there. we have the details. plus the continuing amazing story from chile on how trapped coal miners are using discipline and very little food to stay alive.
5:52 am
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5:54 am
welcome back to the morning news. a federal judge refused to delay a judge sentence for a doctor convicted of brandishing a bb gun. he was arrested four years ago during a dispute with neighbors she chased off her horse farm with the gun in her hand. she began serving her 60 day sentence on monday in a work release program. she plans to continue her appeal to clear her name. well, a man who police say is responsible for a horrible car crash that killed a young mother is due in court today.
5:55 am
27-year-old steven joe reed allegedly ran a stop sign while fleeing police in west oakland last year and smashed into a car driven by 26-year-old posely. she died at the scene but her 2- year-old son was pulled from the wreckage. the boy's father says his son beat the odds by surviving. >> at first they thought he would never speak again but he's starting to verbalize a little bit. he's said a few words. >> it's not clear if the boy will ever be able to walk again. he is still has a feeding tube in his stomach and a shunt in the back of his head. the crash raised questions about police pursuits in residential neighborhoods. but oakland police defend their practice. time now 5:55. it's a case where the amazing race was nothing more than a false alarm. many residents in mountain view mistakenly believed the popular reality tv show would be filming an episode in the downtown area last weekend. two city council members were
5:56 am
among those waiting for the camera crews to get there. turns out it was all a big misunderstanding which some claim was connected to publicity stunt by a local businessman. santa clara advisers addressing concerns of residents there whose driveways get blocked by bicyclists during big events like the tour of california. under this ordinance of organizers of bicycle events will be charged fees ranging from $98 for a block party to $200 for what is called a minor special event. 33 miners trapped in a chilen mine communicating about how they've survived so far. they've stretched their food supply by taking just two spoonfuls of tuna, a sip of milk, a bite of cracker and a morsel of beach peach every other day. they are receiving emergency
5:57 am
supplies but they haven't been told yet it may take until christmas to get them out. that story puts in perspective anything we deal with. >> yeah. >> nothing compared to what they are. sal is checking our commute. how are we looking out there? >> dave and pam we're looking pretty good. right now traffic is doing pretty well if you are driving 280 northbound getting up to highway 17. i know a lot of people want to get on the road early just to avoid the heat. right now is a good time to do that. also this morning's commute is looking good on 680 southbound heading past the grade and into san jose. and at the bay bridge toll plaza right now traffic is light getting into the city. 5:57 go back to dave and pam. all right. thank you, sal. coming up next in our 6:00 hour hundreds of bay area firefighters are still working on that fire near mt. diablo. how easter rain and weather making the battle even tougher? we'll have a live report coming up. will the hot weather hamper public transportation and even
5:58 am
your commute? we'll tell you what it will take to keep those trains running. good morning. we have very calm mild conditions. warm to hot today. cooler by the coast. we'll sort it out when we come back. it's not back-to-school, it's forward to what's next
5:59 am
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