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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  August 25, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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in contra costa county this morning firefighters battle a blaze. they've got 50% containment. we'll have an update in just a few moments. yesterday's hot temperatures caused delays on public transit systems. could more problems be in store for today? record setting hot temperatures yesterday. still hot inland today. but by the coast we're looking for changes. we'll get to that coming up. and oakland police investigating a fatal stabbing this morning and it comes on the heels of major effort to reduce crime. more on that just ahead. good morning to you. welcome to a brand new day wednesday august 25th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. we want to get to our top story right away. this morning fire crews in the east bay are slowly [ audio problems ] wild fire. the curry fire is burning in the foothills just east of mt.
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diablo. now it's burned about 375 acres since it was first reported late yesterday afternoon. it is now 50% contained. ktvu's craig at the command center this morning. craig, what can you tell us? >> reporter: okay. here we are in eastern contra costa county. we're having a couple technical issues. we're just going to tell you what we're doing out here and where we are. right now we're about 100 yards away from the ic. that's the incident command center for this curry fire. i want to turn around and show you but i'm not sure how many lights we have. might see some taillights off in the distance. above the taillights and up on the hill there's a brief speck of flames of there. may not be able to see that too well either. that is because firefighters have actually made some good progress overnight. not just in fighting the fire but actually containing this blaze. last night it was just 5% contained. now half the fire is contained. one of the reasons for the progress, the wind is not really a factor. and that is expected to be the
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case again today. overnight firefighters did the tough acre by acre ground work necessary to get the upper hand. take a look at this. we recorded this video overnight. somewhere within the fire line this firefighter is walking ahead of a cal fire water tender. watch this. as he walks he swats away pieces of burning vegetation falling from a steep hillside. as he's doing that at one point some burning pine cone or something like that's going to fall down a hillside and hit him smack in the chest. flush in the chest. that firefighter was not injured. he went on to do his job. however there was one one injure reported overnight. a firefighter hurt his ankle. but that injury is not expected to be serious. this fire started yesterday afternoon around 3:00 p.m. we had news chopper 2 up in the air shortly after it began. and conditions were right for a very dangerous situation. you have record temperatures. you had vegetation according
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to to a neighbor out here in 30 to 40 years. with all that in play it was very reasonable this fire could take off. but, again, the wind was not a factor. the firefighters were able to come in and do some serious ground work. do some serious work from the air. and basically keep the fire from spreading too quickly. and then overnight they were able to catch up and get a line around this fire. up to 50%. we did talk to people who live in the area and because those winds were not a factor initially they felt a little worried but now they feel as though danger is not as serious as it could have been. >> i got a call from my girlfriend saying that power had gone out. i didn't really think anything. so i got off work and came home and saw the smoke and fire and so i got a little worried. >> the transformer popped and echoed through and came from there. and then the fire trucks
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started rolling in. >> reporter: now we did just speak to a representative of cal fire. we're expecting an update any moment. in fact i'm looking at his truck come back up the dirt trail here for an update. we had word 50% containment overnight. that is expected to go up. just how much is not clear right now. we do know there's 250 firefighters on this blaze fighting it. they've got an air force that includes three helicopters and six air tankers. ones that drop the water from the sky. those two working tandem have been very effective. and they think we're going to see more of that today. they're going to go back up with their air force. if you take a look at a live picture now i don't know if you can see this or not but might not be as much contrast on screen as it would be in person. there's heavy heavy smoke right now. we're stuck in the valley where a lot of the smoke is and we'll be here throughout the morning to monitor the situation.
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just very clearly, matt, you want to come in quickly and give us an update. we've got people watching at home now. a lot of people in this area would want to know. just tell me your name and what you do. >> matt. i'm an information officer with cal fire. >> reporter: what did you find out? >> we've increased the containment of this fire which is 80% which is good progress overnight. >> reporter: what do you contribute that to? slow winds, a lot of people out there? >> exactly. we have a lot of firefighters on scene. we were very fortunate that humidities come up overnight. allowing better containment on the fire. >> reporter: just one jury and no structures damaged. >> correct. >> reporter: no evacuations? >> not right now. no. >> reporter: we're going to check back with him throughout the morning and get continuing updates and watch the situation down from the ic. in contra costa county, ktvu channel 2 news. >> that's major. >> yeah. that's good news. let's check in with steve to confirm the weather. sounds like it's good for fire
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fighting. the wind is northeast at 2. about 800 to 900 feet up the mountain. it's 80 right now. it's about 68 in black hawk. livermore almost 70. right near mt. diablo again about 800 feet it's around 80 degrees but only a northeast wind at 2. the humidity i'm looking at is about 25%. but they said they're about 80% contained. so the wind has tailed off and if humidity's coming up that will be even better. no sign of a west wind. still going to be hot out there. if they're 80% contained that's good but still about 102 to 103 today on the high side. there are some good signs but still rather hot. back to pam and dave. all right. steve, thank you. time now 6:06. in other news oakland police investigating a deadly stabbing. a man found stabbed shortly after 10:00 last night on bank of the avenue. he collapsed on the sidewalk outside of an apartmt building. paramedics got there and rushed him to the hospital but he was pronounced dead.
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right now police are withholding his name or his age. coming up in our next half hour we'll have a live report from the scene with more on what one witness says happened before the attack. san francisco police are searching for two suspects who attacked a couple at coat tower. the victims, a man from sunny vail and a woman from redwood city on a date at the popular tourist spot last saturday about 1:30 in the morning. police say two men knocked the man to the ground and punched and robbed the woman. the injured man has a broken jaw and still in the hospital. now the description of the suspects is vague. only described as two african- american men. one is in his mid-20s, 6'1" about 200 pounds. the other described at 5'6" about 130 pounds. your time now 6:07. ste told you today will be another hot day in many parts of the area. yesterday's record breaking heat yesterday forced the city
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of oakland to close two public libraries because of state health regulations both melrose and people branches closed doors after indoor temperatures roared to 87 degrees. both are scheduled to reopen today. the heat is causing a lot of problems for mass transit all over the bay area. claudine wong is at the cal train station in san francisco now with an update from there. >> reporter: good morning, dave. we are at the cal train station here in san francisco where i have been talking to commuters out here. everyone i talk to say they just hope their commute goes smoothly today. one mass transit official i talked to this morning isn't making any promises because it is expected to be another hot one today. now there were some problems on cal train yesterday. that's when the heat was so hot it softened the cal train tracks and slowed the trains down from its top speed of 79 miles an hour to a slower 50 to 60 miles per hour. commuters this morning say they
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certainly noticed the delay yesterday but say all things considered it wasn't too bad. >> we were only about 15 minutes late at the very most. >> reporter: are you worried today? >> no. i don't have a car. i have to roll with it no matter what. that's right. >> reporter: bart had its own issues yesterday. control rooms like this one in dublin overheated. boxes along the side of the track that monitor train movements overheated. and then 20 to 30 cars had air conditioners to break down. all causing problems and delays for the system. i talked to the spokesman saying there have literally been an army of crews overnight to fix the problems. says commuters should see fewer problems today but can't guarantee there won't be any problems if it heats up as expected again. 95 degrees appears to be that
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magic temperature mark where the problems start going because it just gets too hot. we'll certainly be talking to commuters out here. sal will of course monitor all the traffic throughout the bay area. we'll let you know if there are any delays. right, sal? absolutely, claudine. thank you very much. we are watching the roads because a lot of people tend to get on the roads early when it's warm. northbound 880 where clearly a lot of people are already on the road getting up to downtown oakland. no major problems along that stretch. we keep checking with chp. not too many problems. live picture now of the bay bridge toll plaza. that traffic looks good coming up to the pay gates. this morning's commute is okay in san francisco on northbound 101. put into the back of your mind today that there is a daytime baseball game. giants and reds at about 12:35 this afternoon. that means that the traffic will be terrible getting out of the city later today.
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6:10. let's go to steve. maybe the reds can hold the giants under 20 runs today. >> we'll see. >> we have an update on the fire real quick. it's 80% contained. the good news is the wind is almost calm. a little hint of 2 miles per hour out of the northeast. but the humidity's gone up a bit and temperatures still this is about 900 feet up but you can see there are some flames of smoke. the smoke continues to drift back to the west with the little northeast. otherwise not much wind at all. the fire can create its own wind but at least we have positive signs. it's not going to take long to get hot. you start off 70 to 80 degrees it will still be in the low 100s after everything said and done. buat least the wind is not a factor. we don't have the northeast howling wind. you can see 68 in concord. and right in there the warm conditions. just go up about 500 feet to 1,000 feet it's already in the 80s. it's going to be hot. there are some signs over by the coast it will be cooler today. it will be hot inland. we are looking for a little bit of a hint of a west wind over
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by lake nurse more said. 70s, 90s to 100s. forecast inland is easy. it's going to be hot. forecast on the coast is going to be really tough. 87 at mt. tamalpais. that's seven degrees warmer than yesterday. sonoma on the square 66. san carlos 67. sun ol68. prez anton 70. we have fog screaming up the coast near monterey about 30 miles off monterey near big sur. it hasn't made it yet but the sea breeze once you get the west wind it doesn't take long. by noon or 1:00 you'll feel the west wind. the temperature will drop. there's a very strong system coming out of the gulf of alaska that will be here for the weekend. cooler coast, warm to hot away. still hot inland for another day. temperatures could range from 75 to 105 degrees. so we'll go from 102 to santa
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rosa. 106 yesterday. 103 napa. 105 antioch and out to brentwood. 70s and 80s by the coast. santa cruz yesterday 101. that's a really tough forecast. fog will come in tonight and tomorrow and that will mean cooler weather for everybody. we'll take that into the weekend. a possibility inland of showers on sunday. that is just an amazing change. it's hard to believe. steve is always right. >> of course. 6:12 is the time. today new rules will be announced to deal with the messy problem along the california coast. more when we come back. and another big report on the troubled housing market comes out this morning. details coming up in a live report from washington d.c.
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welcome back. time now 6:15. this morning we will get the new numbers for new home sales in july. that report may show more trouble in the housing market. ktvu's allison burns is live in our washington d.c. bureau with a preview. good morning, alson. >> reporter: good morning to you, dave. we reported yesterday that sales of existing homes had dropped to a 15 year low. today we find out what's going on with new home sales. this is video we shot of a housing development and new development near d.c. sales of new homes are expected to be flat again this month. i talked about it with the chief economist for the national association of realtors. he tells me new home builders
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don't want to compete with the glut of foreclosed home on the market. >> they have cut back on production and have little to sell on the marketplace. >> reporter: the market is suffering from the expiration of the home buyers tax credit. it was an $8,000 tax break for first time buyers. most analysts say it should not be reinstated because it is time for the market to stand on its own. he says he expects home sales will remain weak at least through this month and possibly longer. reporting live from washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. house minority leader wants president obama to fire his entire economic team. he says the administration has failed to revive the economy and that the president should ask for the resignation of treasury secretary and head of the national economic council. vice president joe biden responded saying republicans
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have no solutions for reviving the economy and are to blame for running the economy into the ground for eight years. in local politics we have an important reminder about an upcoming televised debate with u.s. senate candidates. we're going to broadcast it live september 1st, a week from today, right here on ktvu channel 2. time now 6:17. san francisco supervisor pier says she will appeal a new court ruling. one that prevents her from running for re-election in november. an appeals court ruled yesterday that she has already served two terms which is the limit. she has argued she has yet to reach the two term limit because she only served two years instead of four in her first term. in 2004 she was appointed to replace newsome on the board of supervisors when he was elected mayor. she says she'll now take her case to the state supreme court. coming up on mornings on 2
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today, we will talk live with republican candidate for governor meg whitman. at 8:45 this morning she'll join us in our studios to talk about her race against democrat jerry brown. also this morning in san francisco the environmental protection agency will announce new restrictions on how and where ships can discharge sewage into california coastal waters. now the new rule will prohibit both cargo and cruise ships from discharging treated or untreated sewage within three miles of shore along california's coast. it's the first time that restrictions have been placed on sewage discharges from ships along the state's entire coastline. time now 6:19. let's get to sal so he can get you to where you need to go. sal. >> all right. traffic is actually okay so far. we have been expecting it to be heavy. early in the morning some people are on the road probably trying to beat the heat as we look at a live picture of interstate 80 coming through the berkeley area down to oakland.
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it looks pretty good. when you get to the toll plaza there will be almost no delay which should make you very happy getting into san francisco. we're watching the livermore valley already some slow traffic coming in past highway 84. but for the most part it's a nice drive. getting out to hayward southbound 880 at 92 watch for minor accident on the shoulder. and watch for some just a little minor slowing at the toll plaza. 6:19. go to steve. we start off with clear skies. where's the fog? about 30 miles off monterey and getting closer. just looking if the funston. san francisco downtown 62 degrees. 57 outer sunset. so a little hint of a west wind there too. it's going to take a while inland areas another day before cool down. oakland 68-degreings. one more day of heat for inland areas. there will probably be a 35 to 40-degree drop between the temperatures we had yesterday and what settles in by sunday. heat advisory still inland. that goes through 8:00 to want. not the coast or in the city.
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they'll cool down today. 78 to about 105 on the temps. fog is out there. it's hard to see but it's flying up the coast. it will be very shallow. so highway 1 could have some really thick fog by this evening. keep that in mind. temperatures by this time yesterday they were the fresno hot. santa rosa 106. go 102 today. the city was 98. almost all of these record highs. walnut creek 105. oakland 99. i might change that a little bit but still start off very warm. san jose 102. go 9. 72 in san jose right now to 62 in san francisco. but the system in the gulf of alaska is on its way for a dramatic cooling trend. today though it will still be in the 90s to 100s away from the coast. some of these highs on the coast may be set by 11:00 in the morning. because by 4:00 this afternoon it could drop.
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pours in friday, mostly cloudy saturday and sunday i think that 77's too hot. might even be about 72. there's a possibility of showers inland, yes, showers inland. pam, dave. >> all right. thank you, steve. the david and lieu seal pack hard foundation will pay development fees to the city of lost at os. they plan to build a new 45,000 square foot office building on second street as part of the agreement the foundation will pay the city nearly $3.5 million to use for parking or environmental projects. intercontinue nopal intercontinental hotels offering to pay baggage fees for some guests. the chains will pay fees on any airlines for any destination for weekend stays between december 1st and september 20th. a team of volunteers will begin a working vacation in the golden gate national recreation area. the group will spend a week refurbishing the trails throughout the park. one of the volunteers actually
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won the chance to join this volunteer vacation in a contest. her employer is a supporter of the american hiking society which by the way sponsors the project and several others like it in 60 parks all over the country. once again vandals have once again attacked plants and flowers in san francisco. nine new tea tree bushes near fullton are the latest targets. that's not far from where 32 full blooming rose plants were chopped down last week in golden gate park's rose garden. and almost 50 trees vandalized in golden gate and lincoln parks. all of those locations are on the north side of the city but police aren't sure if these crimes are related. big changes are coming to crosswalks across the country. and it could leave some drivers frustrated. we'll explain. also the results are in and it's good news about a graduation requirement for
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california high school students. >> so, ah, your seat good?
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got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru. live picture from news chopper 2 of the curry wild fire near clayton. the fire has reached 375 acres.
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firefighters say just a few moments ago they told us it has reached 80% containment overnight. no damage has been reported. and only one minor injury reported. ktvu's on the ground. we'll have a live report coming up. thank you, sal. more california public high school students are passing the mandatory high school exit exam. state education officials say about 94% of seniors passed this year. that's up about 1% from last year. it's also an increase from 2006 when the exam was first required. officials say african-american, latino and low income students made the most remarkable improvements statewide. time 6:27. pedestrians getting more time to cross streets at traffic lights. california is in the process of changing lights at crosswalks to follow new federal guidelines that address the aging population. the new standards will get pedestrians a couple extra seconds. the transportation officials
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say drivers will see an increase in waiting time at those red lights. >> i have to say i feel like red lights are already long enough as they are because i'm very impatient. >> it would be nice to take longer to get across. >> some of us don't walk as fast. >> santa clara county transportation officials received grant money to test sensors at the busiest intersections to decrease unnecessary waiting. the sensorsed a time for pedestrians only when they detect someone is taking longer to cross. the record breaking heat wave could effect -- [ audio problems ] 0!ockñ?çóxo?ñ=çñññçvxqx?ñññ?óiy
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welcome back to the morning news.
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just ringing that opening bell in new york this morning. we're taking a live look at traders there on the new york stock exchange where it could be another down day. that's what it looks like. you can see at the bottom part of the screen. dow jones is heading lower already. barely hanging on to the 10,000 level. we might see it dip below that. that's a very important testing level. >> is it? >> psychologically, technically to dip below the 10,000. still worries about the economy. we had existing home sales yesterday. we have new home sales today. not expected to be good as well. we'll keep watching those numbers for you. all right. go ahead and say good morning to you. thank you for joining us on the ktvu morning news. wednesday august 25th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. time now 6:30. in the news right now we just received important information about the big wild fire that's burning near clayton. it's called the curry fire. it's burning in the foothills just east of mt. diablo. it's burned about 375 acres so far since being first reported
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late yesterday afternoon. earlier this hour we found out it's now 80% contained. ktvu's at the command center this morning with some of the good news about the efforts to fight the fire there. craig, what can you tell us now? >> reporter: good morning, pam. can't hear you too well but i did think i caught the end of that. overnight you heard dave mention 80% containment which is actually great because just at nightfall yesterday they had 5% containment. they did a lot of work overnight in terms of getting a line around this fire. one of the reasons is the humidity. humidity actually worked well in their favor. let's go up to news chopper 2 and take a look at some of the current conditions from the chopper right now you can see kind of hazy and smoky up there. look very closely you can probably see three separate locations of the fire. it's kind of ironic though because cal fire won't put up its own helicopters for another three hours. now this doesn't have anything to do with safety. we're safe up there. but they say the six
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helicopters they have they have a limited amount of time they can fly and there are too many shadows this time of day. so they're going to wait for more daylight. look at this video. somewhere within the fire line this firefighter is walking ahead of a cal fire water tender. as he walks he swats away pieces you pieces of burning vegetation. watch as a piece of burning debris hits hit flush in the chest. that firefighter was not injured but a firefighter was injured fighting this fire overnight but the injury was not serious. the curry fire reported yesterday afternoon around 3:00 p.m. had potential to do a lot of damage. record heat and vegetation hadn't burned in decades according to a neighbor that lives up here very were available for the fire to burn. record heat but the winds didn't aid the fire at all. that helped firefighters get in there and fight the blaze. about 250 firefighters up there right now. the blaze has burned 375 acres. what they're looking for today
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is same kind of weather conditions perhaps they can get this thing under control. and, again, they have little wind and little heat. >> if you look up the valley right now there's a layer holding the smoke in. that tends to indicate the fire's not growing rapidly. it doesn't have as much wind available to increase the fire growth. as the day goes by and the sun comes up you'll see that layer lift, more wind will come in and fire activity might increase in the interior. we're very optimistic about the amount of containment we have around the fire. >> reporter: now in terms of official cause here no official cause, but we did speak to a couple people who live up here and they reported hearing or seeing a transformer fall and then igniting the dry brush on fire. no official cause. but according to a couple people that live up here that could be where they got a start to look. we told you the one injury to the firefighter. but we just found out that this place is loaded with poison
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oak/poison ivy. the firefighters according to the spokesperson up there firefighters are probably going to be covered with the stuff when they are finally through. plus he says they've been fighting off tarantulas. no injuries but the dangers still existing even though they have it 80% contained. ktvu channel 2 news. the fire caused the lights going out for those living near. 57 customers are without power. they lost electricity right when the fire started yesterday afternoon. at this point there's no estimate on exactly when they might get the lights back on. people living along curry canyon road are among those in the dark and emergency crews have told them to expect an extended power outage. and some people living at the curry creek trailer park decided to stick it out even after some scary moments.
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>> the transformer popped and echoed through and came through there and then the fire trucks started rolling in. >> my daughter's bringing out her generator. so we're just going to plug our refrigerator into the generator and keep our food good. >> the big flames came within about three miles of that trailer park. your time now 6:35. grief counselors will be offered for free to people who were at a bay area concert and actually saw a man jump to his death last week. now youtube video from that scene shows an ambulance right there in the top of your picture there arriving at the scene. 32-year-old michael edward pickles of san jose jumped off the roof of a building as the group the swell season was performing. the group is now arranged for a volunteer counseling center to offer counseling sessions for the fans who were there for at least two weeks. any concert goers can call them
6:37 am
for information. they have mixed private and public dollars to the point they can't tell the difference and don't know how much money is involved. this is part of a new report being released today by the california faculty association. according to the report, sloppy accounting has raised new concerns about csu's insistence that their foundations are independent and should be exempt from public records laws. the latest controversy surrounding the $75,000 that the csu foundation paid sarah palin to speak and where the money came from is a part of this report. a man and woman recovering from serious burns this morning after their boat caught on fire. it happened at the glen cove marina about 5:00 yesterday afternoon. the man and woman were on board their boat when it happened. fire crews were able to keep the blaze from spreading to other boats nearby. the unidentified man and woman were taken to an area hospital for treatment. no one else was injured. but the boat was destroyed. time now 6:37.
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bart crews hard at work right now. they're trying to fix heat related problems that cause big delays yesterday. and bart isn't the only mass transit agency effected by our hot temperatures. ktvu's claudine wong joining us now at the cal train station in san francisco. morning, claudine. >> reporter: morning, dave. this commute is getting underway at the cal train station. the crowd waiting for the next train. we have been talking to commuters out here this morning about the problems that they had yesterday with the high heat. they're hoping the heat will go easy on the commute today. this heat did cause delays yesterday for people especially in the afternoon. the cal train track actually got so hot they softened. when that happens they have to slow the trains down from a top speed of 79 miles an hour to a slower 50 to 60 miles per hour. that was in the san francisco to the south bay train line. commuters this morning say they noticed the delay but they
6:39 am
didn't realize why it was a delay until later. >> normally in the evening i take a bullet home. so it's usually about 58 minutes but yesterday it was a little bit longer. >> reporter: wasn't quite a bullet yesterday. >> slow bullet. >> reporter: bart had its own issues. control rooms like this one in dublin overheated. boxes along the side of the tracks that monitor train movements overheated. bart also had tracks soften in the heat and then they had 20 to 30 train cars that had their air-conditioning units break down. all of that caused a very long commute and delays for bart riders. i talked to the chief spokesperson for bart this morning. he said crews have been working hard overnight to try to fix all those problems. they are back at work right now and commuters should see fewer problems today but says that doesn't mean there won't be any because we have these high temperatures once again. one thing we learned this morning is likely shorter trains on bart because there were so many to repair
6:40 am
yesterday. taking a live look back here at the cal train station in san francisco things again moving well this morning. we haven't heard of any delays or any problems. obviously it will be warm but it is not hot yet. so that should help. on the way to work we'll have to see how it effects the return from work. we're going to head down to actually one of the bart yards now to check on progress. we know crews got back to work at 5:30 this morning in daily city. we'll head down there and give you an update on mornings on 2. in the meantime sal's watching the roads and keep you updated on everything in your morning commute. live in san francisco. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> drive carefully. thank you very much. let's take a look at what we have now. traffic is moving along relatively well along the bay area. northbound 101 traffic looks good approaching the 80 split no problems on northbound 280. there's a daytime baseball game today at at&t park. so put that in the back of your mind because this afternoon if you don't like driving in the heat and you're trying to get out of san francisco with your
6:41 am
car, boy, it's going to be a tough one. i would suggest using bart or some other form of public transportation to avoid all that. let's move along and take a look at north and southbound 880. that traffic looks okay getting up to downtown oakland. this morning's commute on the east bay still clearing an accident on the shoulder. nothing major and slow downs haven't really materialized just yet. 6:40. here's steve. all right. thanks. i can do a half hour show today folks. we have a lot going on. yesterday it was so hot how hot was it? it was so hot this is perry the squirrel in alamo. he size i've had it and so he lies on the rocks. i think it's 7:00 or 8:00 or something. so coy tell also not only perry but if you have a dog or cat, my cat was just flat out on the kitchen floor. we have a lot going on out on
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the coast. northeast wind also mt. diablo at 800 feet, barely any breeze at all. i think we've already heard reports from craig. they had great conditions actually all things considered for the firefighters. 80% contained. temperatures still 80 degrees. that's around 800 feet to 900 feet. a little hint of a northeast breeze. that will pick up later but thankfully they're not that strong right now and starting to get a good handle on it. heat advisory continues through 8:00 tonight. that does not include the coast or city anymore. it will still be warm to hot. but the coast will be the tricky forecast. and the reason being the fog is getting close. now if you're out in daily city, west lake, john daily boulevard, you know what i'm talking about. that's the first spot to get the fog. if you feel that west wind you can always tweet me. or always e-mail me and say i feel the breeze. the fog isn't there yet. looking toward outer sunset the wind going west.
6:43 am
another day before it makes it inland. by the coast i think by noon your high will be set and then here comes the west wind and that fog will come flying in. mt. tamalpais at 86. that's six degrees warmer than yesterday. 64 sonoma. that's on the square there. san carlos in the 60s. sun ol pleasanton 68 degrees. 50s and 60s on the coast. monterey from 56 to 69. here comes the fog also 20 miles off the coast and it's flying. it will get here but be very shallow. highway 1 that can be really thick fog. be careful. that system top of your screen will be here in the weekend and give us about a 40-degree drop on some of these temps. cooler on the coast. record setting territory away from the coast. santa cruz 101. san francisco 98. all record highs. we had a bunch of them. today inland yes some records by the coast i don't think so. i think the sea breeze will win out and temperatures will start
6:44 am
to drop. not before we start off really warm and end up with cooler weather tomorrow. that will carry into everybody friday. and i mean even by lake county in the valley cool down by friday, saturday. and i've mentioned possible showers inland on sunday. >> wow, steve. okay. time now 6:43. some bay area scientists are studying oil eating bacteria in the gulf of mexico. we'll tell you about the impact these microscopic clean up crews are having on the big oil spill. good morning. i'm jade hernandez. we're learning more details about a man who was stabbed to death last night from a neighbor. more on that coming up when the morning news continues.
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good morning to you. welcome back. some of the stories we're working on for you 6:47. we just got word fire fighting planes put on standby to help fight the big wild fire near mt. diablo. the curry fire has burned 375 acres so far. it's 80% contained contain as you look at these live pictures you can see the firefighters working through the rough terrain. it is rough. so far there have been no serious injuries reported and no homes have been burned. also this morning more discouraging economic news is expected with the numbers for new home sales in july come
6:48 am
out. this is following yesterday's report on existing home sales that had the biggest drop in more than a decade. and this morning in san francisco the epa will announce some new rules to protect california's coastal waters. the new regulations will restrict how and where ships can dump sewage off the california coast. well, despite new efforts to reduce crime, oakland police are investigating another homicide this morning. ktvu's jade hernandez on the scene with more information about the victim now. jade. >> reporter: good morning. drugs fueled the stabbing death according to one neighbor. it's really hard to listen to the details. we know the victim came running around the corner near here at 94th and bang i don't have the. he was calling for paramedics last night and that's where he collapsed. within the hour we've learned more about the man who was stabbed to death last nite. a building manager not only tried to help him, he knew the victim. he spent the last hour or so cleaning blood off the sidewalk this morning making sure it's clean before the neighborhood
6:49 am
kids pass by. he told us that the man who died hung around the area. he only knew him by his nickname mississippi and he last vase the victim hanging out with a group of people hanging out behind a building doing drugs. as a manager he told him to leave last night before 10:00. last thing he knew the victim was running towards him. paramedics rushed him to the hospital where he later died. police are not releasing the man's name or age this morning. although the victim dealt with addiction he was always trying to lend the manager a hand and his death has ramifications. >> it's crazy. i'm always running people away with -- and. it's hurting me today. >> reporter: ironically today is the second day of a gang prevention summit here in oakland. just hours before the summit began yesterday there were two separate homicides. one in west oakland.
6:50 am
the other downtown. live in oakland, back to you in the studio. thank you. time now 6:49. scientists from the lawrence berkeley lab are saying an oil eating microbe may be helping the gulf of mexico to recover faster than expected from the bp oil spill. scientists made the first direct measurements of the deep sea bacteria feeding on millions of gallons of oil that spilled in the gulf of mexico. the scientists released a report suggesting the naturally occurring oil eating bacteria is helping to get rid of a lot of that oil. all right. time now is 6:50. toll plaza could be backing up a little bit. let's check in with sal. that's right. we have a bigger back up at the toll plaza because of a couple of earlier stalled vehicles on the bridge. you can see it's very crowded. it went from being kind of light to being very crowded in just a few moments. also a new accident in livermore westbound 580 near airway. this near the livermore airport. look at all the slow traffic building behind it in the heat coming in from the central
6:51 am
valley. so we'll be watching that for you. public transit systems now on time. today's weather with steve. all right. thank you, sal. we have a lot of haze. we're waiting for that west wind and temperatures are very mild to hot. in fact, if you're at the surface in the 50s close hugging the coast 60s and 70s and higher locations in the 80s. about 1,000 feet up mid-0s. very warm air aloft. signs it will start to cool down. first fire conditions around 800 feet mt. diablo northeast wind very light. humidity 25%. temperatures 80 degrees. so it won't take long to warm up. still a heat advisory for the inland areas. warm to hot. temperatures they continue to be warm for some but not as much by the coast and in the city today. that west wind will eventually win out. but heat advisory through 8:00 tonight. high 70s, 80s to 90s. the fog is off the coast. it's getting closer. it's getting closer but very shallow. 70s, 90s to 100 degrees away from the coast.
6:52 am
86 mt. tamalpais right now. 86 degrees to 68 in pleasanton. mid-60s right now. 44 tahoe. 70 sacramento. they'll be about 105 today. a lot of fog is now pouring in just south of monterey. it will probably make it into santa cruz probably before noon. i have to go back and fine tune things but it will happen. the system right there coming in will give us a dramatic drop in our temps and maybe a hint of rain inland on sunday. i kid you not. cooler coast, warm to hot. hot conditions napa 103. fairfield 104. i received an e-mail somebody says you know the temperature at the napa airport is cooler than downtown. yes, i know. i'm very well aware of that. 102 santa rosa. 103 livermore. but 76 pacific a. 86 san francisco. that is a tough, tough forecast by the coast. it will cool down for everyone by thursday. big cool down friday as we go into the weekend. pam and dave. thank you, steve. 6:52 is the time. you can see stocks are headed lower. more on that when we come back. stay with us.
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welcome back to the morning news. i hate to say it but the dow jones down below 10,000 this hour. off 64 points not surprising is the disappointing news new home sales expect to be down and losses overnight in asia and
6:56 am
europe as well. all right. our time is 6:55. let's go to tori to see what's coming up on mornings on 2. coming up in minutes we will be live on the scene of the wild fire in eastern contra costa county where firefighters made good progress overnight. we'll find out what the situation is this morning, the possible cause of the fire and also we'll be checking the forecast to see if more record heat is expected for today. it has been almost two months since the state was supposed to pass a budget. find out what the governor plans to do now if one is not passed within one week. and the woman who wants to replace governor schwarzenegger joins us live in our second hour, meg whitman will be in the studios to answer viewer questions. that's coming up on mornings on 2. all right. see you then. back over to sal to check in. hopefully no big problems for the commute. >> no big problems but already have a crowd at the bay bridge toll plaza. this morning couple stalled
6:57 am
vehicles. one inside the tunnel itself. that's why it's so slow here it went from being good to not so good in just a little while. first let's get to weather with steve. we start off with 50s, 60s and 70s. in the higher elevations in the 80s already. still hot inland with low 100s to many to temperatures in the 90s. but by the coast start off very warm and then cool down to fog and sea breeze showing signs of arriving late morning and early afternoon. it's going to take another day. inland areas cool down starting tomorrow and really cool down into the weekend. time now 6:57. 33 coal miners trapped in the mine in chile have been talking to the outside world about how they've made it so far. they've survived for 17 days on just two days worth of food. they stretched their food supply. they've taken just two spoonfuls of tuna, a sip of milk, a bite of a cracker and a morsel of a peach every other
6:58 am
day. they're now getting emergency supplies but they haven't been told yet it's going to take probably until christmas to get them out. boy. all right. coming up on 7:00. we are keeping a close eye on the efforts to fight that fire near clayton this morning. here's a live picture from news chopper 2. we also have a crew on the ground at the command center. we'll have a live update next. stay with us.
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