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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  August 25, 2010 6:00am-8:00am PST

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and we're following mainor overnight -- major overnight developments in the effort to control this fire in mount diablo. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. we have good news to report from the fireline, crews say the fire is still -- is 80% contained. we have live team coverage. steve's in the weather center but we begin with kraig at the command center.
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>> reporter: good morning, from the base of mount mount diablo. this is the back side of mount diablo, in you have ever been up there, there's that visitor area and swing back here around 45 degrees or so. you see the incident command center in the foreground. that hill up there is ar with a lot of the activities are taking place. we're told around to the right is where we'll see a lot of your fires. you got daylight, that's good for firefighters. you get heat, humidity and the potential for a large fire. firefighters made significant progress. this fire was just 5% contained at knightfall. we've just learned of an air operation that's scheduled from an hour from now. here is a look at the spoke of curry right now. this is at staging area within the perimeter of the fire next
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to a barn. there's a number of hot spots still. cal fire plans to send up three helicopters in about two hours from now. we have our own up there. but cal fire won't put up their helicopters for another two hours and here's why -- >> it's real important -- we try not to put the. hadders -- put the helicopters up too early. there's too many shadows. so we use the helicopters when the most daylight is available. >> reporter: we had a photographer inside the fireline overnight somewhere within the fireline. look at this firefighter, he's talking sh -- he's walking ahead and you can see the burning, steep vegetation. a piece of debris will hit him flush in the chest. the firefighter was injureed
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fighting this fire. we have a neighbor that says the official time line is 4:00 p.m. no structures have burned. no evacuations have been ordered. with little wind in the air, they used six air tankers and three helicopters. residents are satisfied they won't face serious danger. >> at first i was really scared. hi a house -- i had a house burn. it's not fun.
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>> of course cal fire doesn't have the official cause jet yet. they will be looking into any and all causes. the resident said she either heard about or saw the transformer going down near her house. you have cal fire going back up here, 250 firefighters and inmates from a local prison. we did hear from the spokesperson, firefighters are dealing with a lot of poison oak 57 the firefighters said they will be covered with toe ran chi laws -- tehran chi laws. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. let's go to steve paulson with an update on the weather not only here but all over the bay
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area as well. >> we have good news. the it will be hot. it's calm. it was northeast to about three an hour ago. but there's no wind at all. but the fire can create its own wind conditions sometimes. but that does not appear to be the case right now. it's 80 degrees. it won't take long to get in the 90s. that's about 850, 900 feet up. as you get up towards clayton and concord, towards blackhawk it's about 68 degrees. very mild, warm conditions. hardly any wind at all. we hope that will turn a little bit westerly. humidity around 20%, 25%. the heat advisory will continue for one more day. that will be inland. for the firefighters,ing it will be around 04. that will go through 8:00 tonight. there are changes near the coast. we'll ally get that later in our weather segment. b.a.r.t. has a very important warning
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for you. there will be shorter b.a.r.t. trains and possibly more delays. yesterday's hot temperatures tossed -- caused some of the equipment to overheat. that shut down some commuters and that means trains had to shift to manual control. however, b.a.r.t. crews have been working all night to fix those technical problems. one thing i can tell you, when you have the heatwave, all of those things that are gonna break do break. >> ktvu's claudine wong will have more coming up at 7:30. train riders on the peninsula, you should also be prepared for delays this morning. caltrain asafety rules require the commuter trains have to slow down during hot weather, since the intense heat can soften the rails.
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the record-breaking heat led to 20-minute delays yesterday evening you can get more at and click -- and click on the hot weather tab. police now say the driver of a runaway car that plowed into san francisco -- that plowed into five people in san francisco did not have a license. this morning two of the victims are in critical condition. the other three are listed as serious. investigators say the driver told them she lost control after a mechanical fail lieu. >> she lost the ability to brake near the vehicle. as the vehicle was coming down the hill, it banned speed. >> the driver has only been identified as a 24-year-old woman. she got minor injuries. she was cited for driving without a elizabeth and
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released. it's not -- without a license and was released. a man and a woman are recovering from severe berns as their boat caught fire. the victims are reportedly on boat their -- on board their boat when it happened about 5:00 yesterday afternoon. they were taken to area hospitals to be treated. no one else was hurt. it's eight minutes after 7:00. right now, we want to check in with sal. sal? >> the normal morning commute is getting to the peak. you might want to consider transit. b.a.r.t. so far not reporting any delays this morning. yesterday they had the
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problems. neither is caltrain. or follow me and i will keep you posted on what's going on with transit in the traffic. northbound and southbound 880. the traffic here is looking good 237 stop and go traffic. today's weather here's steve. all right. we are looking for a little bit cooler weather near the coast. the fog is getting closer. the wind is tarting -- it starting to turn westerly. it will -- any cooling inland will still be hot. temperatures will be in the 100s. by the coast. we could have near 80-degree temperatures by 11:00 and then by 2:00, you'll be in the 60s. it's one of those tough calls. 90s around the bay and00s
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inland -- and00 inland. 60s for everybody. pleasanton, 68 degrees. we have 90 in palm springs already. 50s and 60s here because the fog has come roaring you the central california coast. it's about 25 miles off the coast it will be very shall le. anybody along highway 1 tonight, maybe even skyline you will en encounter fog. a little bit cooler by the coast. it will still be hot inrand. in -- inland. >> by tomorrow, here comes the fog. it will come flying in. i did put possible showers. >> wow. possible showers.
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another important report on housing came out just moments ago. we'll have a live report from washington, d.c. to find out what this means for the economy.
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good morning. it's 80 conditions above mount diablo. it's already in the 60s, near 70. it will be hot with 100s but over by the coast, sfo now, says west at 10. se there will be -- so there
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will be cooling by the beaches. >> thank you. another new housing report was just released and it shows the sales of new homes dropped sharply last month. this follows the report yesterday of a 27% drop in existing home sales. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. bureau with more on this. good morning, alison. >> reporter: good morning to you,er tory. that's right two days in a row, a very disappointing news on the housing market. we learned in just the last 15 minutes that new home sales are down 12.4% for july. it's the slowest sales pace on record and another sign the economy is weakening. i talked to the chief economist with the national association of realtors and he says builders have cut back on production. >> the builders had to compete with foreclosure properties. therefore, they did not want to
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to -- >> reporter: the new home sales report couples a day after the shocker report on existing home sales. they were down 27% in july to the lowest level in 15 years. analysts say high unemployment, a surge in foyers and the expiration of the home buyers tax credit are likely to blame. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. homes here in the bay area are moving a bit faster than most of the nation in healthier markets like san francisco and denver. the average wait to sell a moment -- sell a home for that market, two montes. other areas, five months. a weak report on durable goods is adding to concerns about the economy. right now, taking a live look at the big board, the dow is down 44. coming back it's very close to
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10,000. governor schwarzenegger will order lawmakers into a special session if they haven't sent him a budget since the 21st. california has been without a budget since july 1st. there's deadlock over how to fill a budget deficit. coming up for you at 8:45, republican candidate for governor, meg whitman, will sit down for questions right here at the studios. we'll have her -- we'll ask her about the self-funded campaign, all of the mud slinging between her and jerry brown and how she plans to fix the ongoing budget crisis and create jobs. again, that's coming up at 8:45 right here at ktvu. 7:16.
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arizona's primary election, senator john mccain easily won the nomination for a fifth term. john boehner wants president obama to fire his entire economic team. he says they've had more than a year and a half to fix the economy but has failed. joe biden responded saying republicans have no solutions for reviving the economy and sh sh -- -- >> president obama should ask for the resignation for the remaining members of his team starting with secretary geithner. >> the president should fire his economic team? very constructive advice. we thank the leader for that.
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>> boehner would take over for nancy pelosi if the republicans gain control of the house of representatives. in morning in san francisc the epa will announce new restrictions on how and where ships can discharge sewage into california's coatal coatal -- coatal waters. well, those mysterious and bizarre attacks on san francisco plants continue. the latest victims are nine new tea tree bushes parked on park presidio near fulton, not far from where 32 rosebushes were cut down in the goes garden last week. since may, almost 50 trees have been killed in golden gate and
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lincoln parks. all of those locations are on the north side of the city. but police are not sure if these crimes are related. 18 states have recalled millions of eggs due to salmonella. some are turning to oe gannic -- organic ago eggs. experts say buying organic doesn't always guarantee you are getting a salmonella-free egg. you can find a complete list of the recalled eggs at well, the obama administration says it will file an appeal this week if a judge -- over a judge's desilths to block the use of funding for embryonic stem cell research. this is for those due to get
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their annual checks next month. the researchers fighting parkinson's, spinal cords, they are appraising the federal court decision. 7:19. we're following new developments in that big fire near mount diablo. air tankers are standing by.
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last month, the district used 400,000 in one-time federal funding to keep doors open. the parents of the district -- the parents say those centers may be forced to close next monday if fund something not found. more california high school public students are passing the exam. it's up 1% from last year. it's also an increase from 2006 when the exam was first required. officials now say african- american, latino and low income students made the most remarkable improvements across the state. 7:23. pedestrians are getting more time to cross the street at traffic lights. california is in the process of changing life at crosswalks to follow new federal guidelines
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that address the aging population. the new standards will give pedestrians a couple of extra seconds but that also means drivers will see an increase in waiting time at red lights. >> if we had more time, it would be excellent because you almost feel like your life is -- is at stake if you don't. >> santa clara county transportation officials received grant money to decrease unnecessary waiting for drivers. the sensors add time for pedestrians only when the sensors detect someone is taking longer to cross. but sometimes you have joggers running across or a bicyclist who flies across. >> or slow people like me. [ laughter ] 7:24. sal is following a crash on 238. what happened? >> that's right. a motorcycle crashed this morning about 20 minutes ago. they did good work in getting this rider up off the ground.
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he had fallen down. they are still in the center divider. there is the motorcycle. so the driver of the motorcycle was taken away by paramedics we're waiting for the tow truck to get that thing out of here. 580 will be slow. chp did a good job in opening up those lanes. let's take a look at 880 north and southbound in front of the coliseum. it's a pretty decent day. we've been checking with public transit systems all morning long. 7:25. here is asteve. all right, sal. thank you. we still have a hot day on top for many. temperatures will be close to yesterday's readings. i novak kaville was 107. middletown was 106. had a lot of 104/105 readings in the north bay, east bay even
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down to the santa clara valley by coast yesterday, that's where -- seriously, when san francisco hits 98 degrees. and it's 80 degrees at 1:00 -- 11:00 at night, that's a very rare occurrence. away from the coast it will be hot but by the coast it's one of the hardest forecasts out here that i know of because when does the sea breeze kick in? no fog. it's still creeping up. it looks like it's around big sir. for the fire conditions bearablely northeast. the temperature is 80. it won't take long. that's about 800, 900 feet up. the humidity is around 20, 25%. but the fog is out there. it's coming. it's very shallow. temperatures, if you are near the coast, you will start out warm and cool down creakily. it -- dramatically. 102 santa rosa, 02 walnut creek. when i was in chicago and they
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say the wind chill is only gonna be 50 below instead of 30 below, what difference does it make if it's 102 or 104? it's hot! along the coast, 70s and 89 os. one more day of heat. >> thank you. 7:27. up next -- we'll have the latest on some widespread power outages around the bay area this morning. >> we have learned the cause of a big power problem in vallejo yesterday. it had nothing to do with the heat.
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it's gonna be another hot one for much of the bay area today. especially inland. once again, temperatures will soar into the triple digits in many cities, including antioch, danville, santa rosa and napa. these are li vg pictures of the bay bridge. can you see in san francisco right now it's 62 but it was scorching hot yesterday.
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a hi f 98. steve tells us it will be a lot cooler all over tomorrow. a power outage in the city of vallejo's made yesterday's sweltering temperatures even worse. some 400 people lost power for several hours at a time when the mercury hit triple digits. people living at the 14-story marina to youer with senior housing building were among those affected. there were no reports of heat- related injuries. pg&e said underground digging by a road crew caused that outage. the heat is being delayed for -- being blamed for delays on
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b.a.r.t. and transit. claudine wong is live with her. any problems today? >> reporter: none to speak of. you can see the train moving along just fine. it's just starting to warm up, however, it's the warmup that causes all of the issues. b.a.r.t. riders as well as the folks who use the crane system, yesterday, cranes had to slow down anywhere from 20 to 30 miles off their top normal speed because the heat softened the tracks. today wasn't too bad but people we talked to said when you have a tight schedule -- >> tight? yeah, i need to make the train. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. had plenty of issues to deal with. b.a.r.t. tracks also sufficientered that
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track softening that cal crane was dealing with. add to that 20 to 30 train cars and you had a lodger and much more frustrating commute. we know from talking to the spokesperson at b.a.r.t. that crews are working on fixing those problems. there might be shorter trains because the work is still being completed. for now it's nice, but not hot. only some problems, however, can be fixed by those mechanics. other problems, it's kind of a wait and see approach. i want to see if we can go over here. you can see one of the trains headed toward us. it's one of those things that b.a.r.t. says 93 degrees -- 95 degrees seems to be the magic number. when you hit 95 that's when you start to have the problem and since the equipment is old and outdated, there's only so much you can -- you can zoo.
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everything is moving along just fine. we'll keep watching the commute all morning long. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 7:33. we are a getting -- we're getting new information about the fire burning near clayton. it's buffering east of mount diablo. it's burned 375 acres since late yesterday afternoon. the fire is now 80% contained the fire did come dangerously close to homes. but fire crews kept the flames away. no evacuations were necessary. several hundred firefighters are already on the fire lanes and more will arrive on the scene the train near mount diablo is very rugged. crews are battling the terrain
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in record-breaking heat. but they are confident they will get the upper handen ott -- hand on the fire. >> a little bit of wind will come in. the fire activity might increase in the interior. we're very optimistic about the amount of containment we have around the fire. planes are on standby to help in those firefighting efforts. these are live pictures from the sonoma county airport where two air tankers and an air attack plane are about to take off to help firefighters bat thele the blaze. those aircraft will be a welcomed addition. oakland police are investigating yet another homicide this morning. despite a major crime summit underway in the city. jade hernandez is at the scene of that crime. there's more information now
7:36 am
after talking to some of the neighbors. >> reporter: the stabbing happened at this corner near 94th and bancroft. you can see at the end of the street there. drugs are a problem around here and may have fueled the stabbing death. that's according to one of the neighbors in the area. we know the victim came from around the corner calling for mare medics that's when he collapsed. a building manager not only tried to help the man, he knew him. lockett washed blood off the sidewalk and said he saw the tarbs dash last saw the people hanging a out around his billing doing drugs. as a manager, he watches for
7:37 am
this. police are withhold egg the name and age of the victim this morning. >> they need to tell the truth and turn theirself in. >> reporter: today is the second day of a gang prevention summit here in oakland. at the summit on tuesday, the u.s. new u.s. attorney for northern california and the alameda county district d.a. pledged to work together. there was another homicide last night right here near 94th and ban bancroft. back to you. san francisco police are out there searching for two suspects who attacked a couple at coit to youer with. the victim is a man from sunnyvale and the woman is from redding. the two were on a date at that
7:38 am
spot around 2:30 in the morning. police say the men robbed the man. he has a broken jaw. he's still in the hospital. the description of the 13-bgs are described as two african- american men. one in his mid-20s, weighing about 200 pounds. the other, about 5'6" weighing about 130 pounds. we want 0 to check in with sal, once again. pretty slow in san jose? >> yeah, you're gonna see this picture just wish that you know don't know of anybody who drives here. that's not good. 85, maybe a almost bit better. 101, maybe a almost bit better. let's take a look at another
7:39 am
live picture that would be the bay bridge top. we're expecting a big crowd here all day long. westbound traffic is going to be backed up for about a 15- minute delay. san francisco do we have san francisco? there it is. northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. i want to mention that you should take public transportation in the city. yesterday i took the bus. i want to say hello to my bus driver, angela. take the bus. we're in for a world of hurt and we have the lower deck. >> the fog is still offshore. if you are getting -- by the way, yesterday it was brought to my attention. ford funston was 90 degrees.
7:40 am
this is what we call the i isotherm. in the green, you see the 50s and 40s. in the yellow, the 60s, the red 70s and 80s. stay here don't tleev yet. it doesn't show up because we need another hour or so of daylight. that's where the fog is. i went 86. it could go to 90. at mount diablo where the firefighters are it's hardly any wind. temperatures 80 degrees. there's some locations that are about 85 degrees. you go up about 1,000 feet. the humidity ee around 20% to 25%. that's the good news although the bad news is not going to take long to get hot. that's at p 800 feet -- that's
7:41 am
at about 800 feet. heat advisory is out, not for the coast of the city. they will cool down even though they are starting off very very warm. now, the problem is -- problem, well, it's a challenge. it will be very shallow by the time it arrives it be will -- it will be mainly on the water's edge. highway, maybe skyline into early tomorrow morning. it will be thick fog. santa rosa 106 yesterday, 102 again. if it comes in 104 it's hot -- hot. >> you can see where the fog
7:42 am
is. 50s down in santa maria. it's not there yet but it's getting close. the system coming out of the gulf of mexico will be really strong for the weekend. cooler coast, still warm to hot. that bakersfield hot inland that's hot/105! that's hot! >> cooler tomorrow for everyone and cooler over the weekend. tiger woods' now ex-wife speaks out for the first time. find out what she has about the hey tempts to reconcile with the superstar. south of laredo, there's a place...
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numbers are still down, below 10,000 on the dow. the main reason, another key housing report disappointing new home sales, down over 12% last month and durable goods orders, 3% in july. a state commission will hold a confirmation hearing for the state's chief justice nominee. the woman is an associate justice on on the court of appeals. she would replace ron in january. if she's proved, she will be the first philippine gnaw american to serve as the first
7:46 am
state -- philippinea-american to serve. a report surfaced that she's already served two terms which is the limit. she's argued that she has yet to reach the two-term limit. in 2004 she was apoifernted to replace gavin newsom on the board of supervisor the when he was elected mayor. she says she will take her case to the state supreme court. a possible conflict of interest may prevent the san francisco sheriff's department from band. ing ballots in the upcoming november lox. the sheriff avenue department has been in charge of ballot security since 2002.
7:47 am
7:46. in napa, a church trial is underway for a presbyterian minister accused of violating church rules or presiding over 16 gay weddings. the reverend jane spar married those couples two years ago. dozens attended the trial. among them were 11 that spar married. >> we mustn't call it marriage. that's the bright line that the judicial commission of the general assembly has drawn and still remains in effect. all i'm saying is nobody is second class to god.
7:48 am
>> as far as appearing before a six-member panel, if four of the six find her guilty, she could be suspended from pastoral duties. the hearing is expected to last until friday. a group requested fbi records five months ago and filed a lawsuit because they've received no information and the fbi is not commenting on the lawsuit but says with thowses of -- with thousands of requests they process them as soon as possible. >> well, wikileak says it will reclose another -- release another -- release an internal document. they only said they would
7:49 am
release a document from the cia. and iran says it successfully test-fired a new generation of a short range surface-to-surface missile. this is what state tv in iran aired of that missile. iran has had that for some time now. jimmy carton is on a mission to bring home a man accused of representing the u.s. government. he's hoping to bring 31-year- old goals home with him. north said it would release gomes in carter came to their
7:50 am
country. thirty-three chilean mines have survive. they said they survived on two days' worth of emergency ration. they would take two spoonfuls of tuna, a bite of a cracker and a mortal of peach every day other. wi gar woods' ex-wife is talking. in a new interview with "people" magazine, elin nordegren says "she's been through hel since her husband's infidelity surfaced." but elin said she never hit tiger woods. the allegations came out that she twkd tiger woods with the golf club the night of the famous car crash.
7:51 am
but nordegren calls that speculation ridiculous. she said she and tiger woods tried to reconcile for months but she could no longer trust him. >> this he's back on the golf course playing -- playing in another tournament. up next find out why convicted felons will still be able to work with the state's most pop pie lar -- popular.
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7:53 am
welcome back. a vallejo father has been arrested after his 3-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son were discovered nearly a mile and a half from their home. the father, 51-year-old francisco vargas reported the children missing from the 1900 block of ellenburg street just before 1:00 yesterday morning. well, a good samaritan found
7:54 am
the children and took them to the police. there were -- there's traffic high-traffic areas between those locations. the children are now in protective custody. an alameda county judge has blocked governor schwarzenegger from excluding convicted felons and shoplifters from providing inhome care. the governor was trying to impose the guidelines by executive order. a lawsuit filed by workers said the plan would make it impossible for fellens to not be eligible. scientists say -- took the
7:55 am
first direct measurements. deep-see bacteria and their report suggests a natural occurring oil-eating bacteria is healthy to get rid of the oil. >> good news. >> yes. let's check in with sal. everyone banking. >> we have an problem going on in the diablo valley. just before stone valley road. there is a -- a tree kate down in one of the lanes. this is known -- summer limbdrop. the sown came dune so bad -- this is summer limbdrop. one of the right lanes northbound is blocked. let's go out to the westbound bay bridge.
7:56 am
it's block back -- it's backed up to the middle of the parking lot. those metering lights are on. game time at at&t park, it's the giants and reds that means getting out of your car to head out, ridiculous. 880 slow traffic slow getting into oakland. a little hint of fog has made it into pacific grove and monterey. the big -- i have a city -- city forecast for you. for the giantens and the reds, if will start out warm and i think the west windby -- west wind by the 5th or 6th inning is coming up the coast.
7:57 am
that says qcooer "which is like cooler. [ laughter ] and it will be 64 in the evening. warm to hot cool earl by the coast. a lot of record highs. shoer ee -- probably not a rob blem for oakland at 92. 62-72. san jose is at 72 degrees. the system is coming up -- actually coming down from the gulf of alaska and fog is coming up the coast. the combination of these two will arrive later today and take us into the weekend for the huge cool down. but today, hot inland, cooler bethe coast. we have 90s around the bay. anywhere from 100 to 107 if you are well aware from the -- well away from the coast. oo a upon billty of partly cloudy skies, cool, breezy --
7:58 am
breezy showers inland. we're following plajor overnight developments in the big wildfire near mount diablo. kraig se bro a is the -- kraig debro is at at the station. i came up with this mobile art gallery
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s we have live team coverage. steve's in the weather center and kraig is in the command center. >> reporter: good morning the
8:01 am
incident command center. take a closer look, because an hour ago it was a lot more empty. in an hour they've pulled up quite a few more tractors that is to put in around the perimeter of the fire to see if they can get some more con taintment and get it under control. the weather is gonna be a big factor here. tremendous progress overnight. firefighters had 5% containment. now up to 80%. at this hour, caltrans plans to launch a couple of sorties, fixed wing aircraft. newspaper showed us a couple of hot spotsle yerl. then they showed us a staging area next to a barn. cal fire plans to send up three helicopters in about an hour from now. we've got ur own helicopter up earlier in the morning. but cal fire says it won't put up its own helicopter for at
8:02 am
least another hour. >> they will be up probably 9:00, 9:30. we try not to put the helicopters up too early in the morning because there is a limited amount of time they can fly during the day. to come up this early, there's too many shadows. >> these are really good pictures. we got these overnight. you see a firefighter walking down a fire trail ahead of a cal fire water tender. he's swatting away pieces of burning vegetation as he goes. one of the pieces gets through and hits him in the chift. a crew member was -- chest. a crew member was not injured. crew members are dealing with.son oak and tarantulas. a spokesperson said they will be cover and then come out.
8:03 am
>> it's mostly under control right now. at first i was really scared. i had a house burn once on me before. it's not fun. it's not fun to lose everything. >> reporter: officials start -- started the curry fire at 4:00. according to one resident, had it not burned in decades. firefighters got a break with high humidity and moisture in the air. in addition to the still winds we've been having out here, how humidity last night hipped them go from 5% to 80% containment. local residents say they are satisfied they are out of --
8:04 am
out of serious danger. >> it popped and the fire trucks started to roll in. >> reporter: there's no official word as to what caused this fire. the latest we heard from cal fire. they are gonna look in to any and all causes. as you just heard from one of the local residents we interviewed, she believes there may have been a transformer that came down. i want to shoef you this very -- show you this very quickly. we talked to cal fire and they showed us this dry hay or alfalfa. they skull it one-hour fuel because by the time it gets wet to when it dries takes about an hour. it wouldn't take very long before the fuel is ready to go. still hazy. earlier in the morning we did have a couple of hot spots up
8:05 am
there. nothing we can see so far. we can see right now. but firefighters, all 250 of them are ready to head back up the mountain to see if they can get full con taintment or at least some -- containment or at least some control by the end of the day. >> thank you, kraig. there are positive signs. it's still gonna be hot. it will get into the00s today but the wind is nonexist the. it's out of the northeast. it's calm, less than 2 miles an hour. temperatures are 79. humidity has gone up a little bit. 26%. we still have the heat advisory. so inland temperatures will be sizzling again with a lot of low 100s. heat advisory through 8:00 tonight but that does not include the coast or the city. the fog is getting closer. in fact, highs, upper 70s to 105 today. we'll have more on our fog product, coming up in about
8:06 am
five minute the. >> thank you, steve. b.a.r.t. has an important had the weather warning this morning. there will be shorter trains and possibly more details. yesterday's hot temperatures caused some equipment to overheat, shutting down some computers. that meant trains that usually go 60 miles an hour had to shift to manual road with -- control with speed the at only 25 miles an hour. b.a.r.t. crews have been working all night to fix those technical problems. >> one thing i can tell you when you have the first heat beav, whoops, all of those things that were about to break are gonna break. >> crews worked on the hadn't -- on the hadn't. claudine wong will have more on this at 8:30. and scmutter trains are required to slow down during hot weather since the intense heat can soften the rails.
8:07 am
sal will tell us what's happening with the traffic in a moment. you can get more information on the heat spell. go to san francisco police say the driver of a runaway car that plowed into five people yesterday did not have a driver's license. the victims were waiting for a a bus. two of the victims remain in critical conditions. three others are listed as serious. investigators say that driver told them she lost droll after a mechanical fail lural. the driver has only been identified as a 24-year-old woman. she was cited for driving without a conditions. it's not clear if she'll face any charges. a man and a woman are reef covering from severe burns at this hour after their boat caught on fire it happened at
8:08 am
the glen cove marina. the two were taken to area hospitals for treatment. no one else was injured but the boat was destroyed. it's believed the fire was ignited when the man lit a lighter to burn off some excess propane. a young woman from the bay area was on board the small plane on its way to the mount everett region yesterday, when it crashed in heavy rain. she garage waited last year from college prep in san francisco. >> she wanted to work for peace and justice. tough story. >> yep. let's go back to sal and
8:09 am
see what's happening on the roads? >> we will -- we've been watching the situation develop in vallejo because of a tree dwropping. one thing people are not happy about is the big delay this is causing at northbound and southbound. i want to show you -- southbound 680 is slow. we also have a camera there. 680 southbound from walnut creek heading down to -- that would be on dean bro there. just put it in. there is a big backup. there it is. look at that. it's very slow. this is because ofactivity on the right lab and right shoulder on 680. just give yourself plenty of time.
8:10 am
i'm sure a lot of patience is frayed today. people are kind of upset about this driving around the bay area during this hot weather. westbound bay bridge, 15- minute to 20-minute wait. there is a daytime baseball game. that means tough traffic all day long in san francisco. here's steve. not much in the way of any wind. although there is a almost bit towards the coast. sfo said west at 10. we have a heat advisory inland that will continue until 8:00 tonight. temperatures are in the -- temperatures in the city are starting off at 64. 86 at noon but by 6:00 tonight to 64, always a very quickly call when the sea breeze or fog kicks in. very shallow but it's there. 70s, 80s, 90s around the bay. 100s inland. not a problem. it will be hot. san jose is already 77.
8:11 am
>> the system is on its way for tomorrow. temperatures will be in record- setting territory again. we have 70s, 80s by the beaches. some of these days will drop big time. everyone cools down by friday. we do see some very cool conditions on the weekend. a possibility inland of showers sunday afternoon. >> ty, steve. it is 8:1. we gist to let i know there is another major traffic problem in the east bay.
8:12 am
we'll have more on that. and california's governor has issued a deadline as he attempts to break the stalemates. and also, new information about a housing report but there's good news about the real estate in the east bay. a vandalism that tarkts our plants. >> apple rolled out a new surface that he hopes will take the wind out of netflix.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
westbound 580, eden canyon road, a major crash is blocking almost the entire freeway. this is 580 as you drive into castro valley. chp reports the car flipped over several times before landing back on its wheels. 580 at eden canyon road. traffic is backed up for four miles. that's a very long backup. we'll have details ahead. 8:15. another new housing report came out this morning. it shows the sales of new homes dropped sharply last month. this follows the report yesterday of a 27% drop in existing home sales. ktvu's alison burns is in our washington, d.c. bureau with all of the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, dave and you're right. it's another much worse-than-
8:16 am
expected report. new home sales -- july was the worst month on record for new home sales. sales fell 12.4%. it's the third straight month of record-braking declineses. this is video of we shot near dc. weak sales mean less construction jobs. i talked about it with a member from the reaters association and he says homeowners just don't want to deal with the glut of foreclosed properties. now, we reported yesterday that sales of existing homes are at a 5-year -- 15 year low. one other local note. san francisco seems to be faring a little bit better than some other parts of the
8:17 am
country. it takes on average about two months to sell a home in san francisco -- compared to five months in more troubled markets like las vegas and chicago. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, allison. 8:16. governor schwarzenegger will order state lawmakers into a special session if they have not sent him a budget by september 1st. this is according to the government's spokesperson. california's been without a budget since the fiscal year that began july 1st. the governor and democrats have remained deadlocked over how to fill a $19 billion deficit. in about thirty minute, meg whitman will sit down for questions here at our ktvu studios. we'll ask her about her self- funded campaign. the mud slinging between her and jerry brown and how she plans to fix our state aongoing
8:18 am
budget crisis and create jocks. that's coming up at 8:45. in arizona's primary election, senator mccain easily won the republican nomination in miss bid for a fifth term. mccain had 56% of the vote compared to 32% for hayward. house me minority leader -- house minority leader, john boehner wants the obama administration to fire it's team. vice president joe biden responded. he said, republicans have no solutions for reviving the economy. and are the blame for running the economy into the ground for eight years. 8:18. this morning in san francisco, the environmental proking tection agency will announce new restrictions on how and
8:19 am
where ships can discharge sewage into california coastal waters. the new rule will prohibit cars and cruise ships of discharged discharged -- of discarded debris. the latest victims are nine new tea tree plants. since may, nearly 50 trees have been deliberately destroyed in qg and -- golden gate and lincoln parks. the police don't know if crimes are related. 8:19. well, 18 states have now recalled millions of eggs due to a possible salmonella
8:20 am
contamination. it last a lot of people worried about the safety of the food they eat. some are turning to organic eggs but the -- but the experts say buying organically doesn't always garn tip you are getting a salmonella-freeg egg. -- salmonella-free egg. you can find a pleat list of recalled eggs at our channel 2 website, there is a report that apple is planning to offer tv show rent bles on itunes for just 99 cents a show. according to bloomberg news apple is in advanced talk with news corp. apple is focusing on the video service to help cell decided like the new ipad and fend off
8:21 am
companies like hulu. cash-strached cities are coming up with new and ditch ways to save money. >> we'll tell you what bay area community is coming to help improve safety and their bottom line. and why not everyone is cheering the plan to give people more time to get across crosswalks. 680, as you drive into the diablo valley is into the looking good. you might be surprised what is hatching to make traffic so slow. and we have another accident blocking the freeway. we'll tell you about that coming up. p bleaus
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
police officers from the city of berkeley will be on the campus and there will be two sets of officers in patrol cars together. these special patrols will operate on thursday, friday and saturday saturday nights -- saturday nights between 10:00 p.m. and 4:00 and before and after football games. these airs will concentrate on the south side neighborhoods. california is in the process of changing lights at crosswalks to follow new federal guidelines that address
8:25 am
the aging population. the new standards will give pedestrians a couple of extra seconds and drivers will have to wait longer at red lights. some cities including san jose have installed sensors to change the light when the last pedestrian has finished crossing. let's go to sal. you're not smiling about this morning's commute? >> that's right. major crash on 580 this morning. this plob -- this problem is blocking almost all of the road. the car flipped over and landed on its wheels. apparently major injuriesened a 580 is backing up almost to dublin. that's about a five, six-mile backup there. we also had a limb down this morning at 680 this video that we had given to us. i see the tree. the limb came down near stone valley road and the right change is still blocked.
8:26 am
that tree limb fatigue or syndrome, it's a -- i forgot what it was. i'm not an arborist. that would be 680 northbound near stone valley road. here's steve. hot inland. temperatures will be in record- setting terror to again. but you know -- record setting territory again. but there may be fog rolling back in. it's in the monterey bay. very shallow, very thin but there is a ribbon there. there it is. if you bow to the west wind and love the fog bank it will be here tomorrow. tough call on the coast. you could have some very warm reading by noon and then very cool evenings in the afternoon and evening. really the first spot to pick up a good sea breeze is half moon day, daly city, right in
8:27 am
that spot. so warm to hot, sea breeze coming in. 70s, 90s and 100s. it won't matter, the sea breeze hallow fog won't make it until tomorrow. the system coming in the gulf of alaska will really send our temperatures into a spiral. today, cooler coast, hoot inland. 70s to 105, 106. up into men doe mendocino county there will be toasty readings. we cloud it up and much cooler on the weekend. >> never a dull moment.
8:28 am
we'll have much more on the breaking traffic news on the dublin grade blocking several lanes. these are live pictures from our chopper flying over everything. a busy morning out there, stay tuned. they used to spend hours on the couch, watching t.v., playing video games. and with all you hear about childhood obesity, i was concerned. now i take a more active role in their health like insisting on lots of play time and making sure they eat right. like when i make burgers i use lean jennie-o ground turkey. i'm proud i got them off the couch. well, sort of. anncr: be well... with all the great tasting ways to eat lighter. only from jennie-o.
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8:30 am
newschopper over the scene of this crash that involves a vehicle that flipped over several times. as we arrived on the scene, it
8:31 am
looks like they had just opened up all of the lanes and the vehicles are on the shoulder. but now the big news is the backup coming out of the dublin grade. it's very, very slow coming over the hill from dublin into castro valley. a backup you are not used to normally seeing here. it goes on for miles and miles. remember, the freeway was closed for at least a half hour, for 45 minutes here. again, 580 coming out of the dublined i -- dublin grade, extra time needed. >> boy, that's major. 8:31. we're also keeping an eye on mass transit all over the bay area following major heat related problems yesterday. claudine wong is at the daly city b.a.r.t. line. >> reporter: any were certainly busy overnight and this northerning trying to get the trains they had problems with back on track this morning. we're at the daly city b.a.r.t.
8:32 am
station you can see one of the b.a.r.t. stations is moving along. yesterday for b.a.r.t. riders and caltrain riders -- we got this video as commuters waited to start their day. people we talked to say they dealt with the delays yesterday when the heat of the day proved to much for the tracks and the trains had to slow down anywhere from 20 to 30 miles an hour off their speed. the heat actually softened the track. they are hoping for a smooth right today -- smooth ride today. b.a.r.t. riders we talked to say they are hoping to escape those possible problems later today. >> i will be worried if it affects me in the evening. >> reporter: were you riding it yesterday? >> yes. >> reporter: did you see any problems -- did you hear of any
8:33 am
problems? >> they mentioned the slowdown. >> reporter: ktvu got this video of a croyleed room in dublin. there are also boxes along the sizes of the track that monitor trade movements and b.a.r.t. tracks also suffered the softening. add to that 20 to 30 train cars and you had a long and frustrating commute in the afternoon. we come back out here live, you can see b.a.r.t. train leaving the b.a.r.t. station here in daly city. you know, b.a.r.t. stays the problem is, is that they know their equipment needs updating. when the temperature goes over 95 degrees -- and that's likely to happen today in several spots -- that's when the fog starts to pop up. the best we can tell you today is what we were told this morning. expect fewer problems but expect some problems. live in daly city, claudine
8:34 am
wong, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:33. well, this morning many bay area residents are still dealing with power outages. pg&e says as many as 500 customers in santa rosa have been without power since 1:00. similar outages are reported in san jose, san francisco and sunny game. no word when the power will be restored. the cause of the outages is not known. 4300 people lost power yesterday for several hours at a time when the temperatures hit triple digits. residents lifling at the 4- story marina towers senior housing building, they were among those affected. there were no reports of heat- related injuries. pg&e says underground digging by a road crew triggered the outage. planes have been on standby to help firefighters battle that blaze that's still burning
8:35 am
near clayton and mount diablo. we've just gotten word that that may be another fire burning in napa. so these planes are on standby and may be heading to napa instead depending possible where they are needed most. the mount diablo fire is 80% contained. full con taintment is expected later today. these planes may be heading to mount diablo or they may be headed -- heading to napa, depending upon where they are needed the most. we'll continue to follow this and bring you the latest. oakland police meantime are investigating yet another homicide this morning despite a major crime program underway in
8:36 am
the city. >> reporter: over the past couple of hours we've learned more about a huge problem in this area and about a man who died here last night. he died down there near 98th avenue -- 98th and bancroft. we hear drugs are fueling crime. the victim came running around the apartment building. the apartment manager not only tried to help them, -- help him he knew him. he says he last saw the victim hanging out a group of people behind his building doing dangerous. as the manager he told them to leave. the next thing he knew the victim was holding his bleeding neck running towards him calling for pair med i. the man did not survive. the building manager says drugs
8:37 am
look like a profitable job. >> this is the way they make money. they don't have to work, you know. when i was a kid -- no i was grown. i worked at burger king. i worked at hamburger joints and i made it. they don't want to do that. they would rather get out there and sell drugs and kill people. >> today is the second day of a gang prevention summit here in oakland. many of the top law enforcement officials in the region tended yesterday. hours before the summit began, there were two separate homicides. that's just hours of the -- the department says that's still not good enough. reporting live in oakland, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> okay. thank you. 8:37. san francisco police are out
8:38 am
there searching for two suspects who attacked a couple. the couple were on a date at that popular tourist spot last saturday. police say two men bhoked the man to the ground and punched and robbed the woman. the injuried man has a broken law -- -- broken jaw. the suspect the are -- we want to check in with sal. sal? >> well, generally, the traffic around the bay area is not doing well in this hot weather. we have a huge traffic tieup on 580 because of an earlier crash. news clopper 2 showing us live
8:39 am
pictures of 580 as far back as dublin, five, six miles of stop- and-go traffic all the way over the hill because of an overturned vehicle. this is serious backup leading from dublin -- it's beginning to bled in with the backup we have in livermore. as you can see as newschopper2 tilts off it's very verile slow. you are be -- you will be there for a while. 680 northbound and southbound approaching danville slow because of a tree limb down. northbound 680 right lane blocked with a limb that came down. look at 280. we yand -- beyond that we've had a couple this morning. here is the steve. >> thank you. any good news? well, not yet. look at this. this is an early breeze coming in to jack london square. we're going to start off very,
8:40 am
very warm. already 70 degrees in downtown oakland. where is 245 fog, steve? you can't see it -- but a little right near -- right there. it's only a matter of time. the coast -- here sums the sea breeze. the big fog bank will be in tomorrow. for firefighters i just checked it's 88. temperatures are warming up near bay lock. it is a bill wit out of the northeast, humidity is around 26%, 27%. it was much lower than that yesterday. temperatures are gonna be cooking. it will be a hot one inland. heat advisory until 8:00. that does not include the coast or the city. san francisco is 98 degrees -- 98 degreesed yesterday.
8:41 am
there is a system right there. this is a big system. there will be two pieces coming in. the first part starts tomorrow and the stronger section will dig over the bay area as we head towards sunday. by sunday. cooler coast, warm to hot inland with one 0 one -- 101 to 107 today. by the coast, 70s and 80s.
8:42 am
even the squirrels are having a hard time staying school. some viewers sent us these photos. this critter is just flatout -- doesn't look very happy about the heat. these photos were taken about 7:30 last night when the trip was still00. if you have any hot viewer pictures, send them to us. 8:41. well, the republicans candidate for governor has arrived here. up next, meg whitman will talk drive with randy randy shandobil. tiger woods' wife has breaken her silence. find out what she told people mag scene. droiiiid.
8:43 am
what this droid does will change how you do web connections. this creates a mobile 3g hotspot, powerful enough to fuel multiple devices at will. putting you at the center of your own world wide web. introducing the new droid x.
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the next generation of does.
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it's 8:45. let's bring you up to date on some of the toims we're following right now -- top stories we're following right now. fire crews are getting the upper hand on that fire in mount diablo. it's already burned 375 acres. full containment is expected later today. well, san francisco police now say the driver of a runaway car that plowed into five people yesterday did not have a driver's license. the victims are still in the hospital. two are in critical condition.
8:46 am
and more bad housing news just came out this morning. the commerce department says sales of new homes dropped 12.4% last month. that is the slowest pace on record. 8:45. the meg whitman campaign is releasing another new ad today and has provided us with an exclusive preview. >> sacramento and silicon valley are only 30 miles apart. they may as well be on different planets. sacramento -- mismanaged, infective. silicon valley dmafern us apple, intel, ebay. >> i want to toss is over to randy shandobil who is with meg to talk about that ad. >> meg whitman release the this -- releases the ad on august 25th. if i am correct, the state is without a budget for the 50th day. meg whitman joins us live. thank you for joining us.
8:47 am
>> happy to be here. >> your ad seems to make the point that the folks in sacramento did not get the job done and the state could use some fresh blood. is that what you are saying? >> yes. in sacramento, complex problems seem too create gridlock and an inability to get anything done. you pointed it out we're in day 56 without a budget. workers don't know whether they are gonna be -- whether there will be more furloughs or not. we need to get this done. >> six years ago when governor schwarzenegger was still running, he said he was fresh blood and he had a business background. >> governor schwarzenegger and i have two completely different backgrounds. i've lead very large organizations. he was a brilliant actor and investor. i have balanceped budgets.
8:48 am
my business has been creating good, new jobs while the politician's job was meant to create gridlock. you use the word politicians a lot. there are 120 state legislators if you count the assembly, and because of term limits if my math is correct, only 19 of those 120 have been there ten years or longer. more than two-thirds have been there five years or less. so where is the established politician. how do you find a career politician if they are there five years or left? >> well, they've probably ran for another office before that. most of the politicians there have not had jobs in the private sector. not all but most have not. here's what we have to do -- the number one issue is
8:49 am
unemployment and jobs. once again, we, we have to make sure that california is the best place to glow and start a business. there's no one who knows about the jobs, economies and tliv -- if we're gonna be led out by this recession we'll be led out by small small business. that's the number one focus of my campaign. >> yesterday, president obama got involved in the race. he apparently stent out a massive amount of e-mails to the democrats urging them to vote for jerry brown and since you have contributed a whole lot of money that jerry brownd needs some help and he's reaching out to democrats -- this statement? >> well, the president is very worried about what's gonna happen in california. he's very concerned about brown's candidacy and that's why he sent out this e-mail.
8:50 am
jerry brown's -- jerry brown's campaign is being funded. while i'm putting my own money in -- we'll see if the public endorsement helped. he endorsed john laird in the ?apt race that just happened last week. as you know, sam brakesly won. you look at bob mcdonald's race a year ago. you look at chris christie's race in new jersey. both of them won when president obama endorsed their opponent. >> the polls say you're running neck and knack. on the ear hand, you've ininvestigated a hundred million. he's already spent nothing. he's stilled with you. >> the union since the primary have spent negative -- have spent $15 million in ads
8:51 am
against me. the union recognize had. they will out in force. i had a contested primary for 20 months, jerry brown was not. i'm gonna vite for every vote in this campaign, if you are interested in jobs and interested in california turning the corner, you should vote for me. >> we're out of time. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. meg -- xwhus me. [ laughter ] >> tori and dave, back to you. >> thank you, randy. nine minutes before 9:00. a state commission will hold a confirmation hearing starting later this morning before the -- for the california chief justice nominee. she's an associate district on the -- justice on the third court state of appeal. she would replace ron davis.
8:52 am
if her name -- if approved, she will be if the first filipino- american to serve at the state's chief justice. well, tiger woods' is breaking her silence about her painful silence. edin nordegren says she's been through hell. she says she never hit him with a golf club. she hit him with the club, it was reported, the night before. she says she has never felt more stronger. we'll have an update on the small fire in the north bay. we're getting information. we'll are details when we come back. we'll tell you how some hotels are making the pain of paying the checked luggage a little more bearable for air travelers. blap
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56. scientists were the lawrence berkeley labs say an oil-eating microbe may be helping the gulf of mexico to bounce back and recoverer quicker than expected. the scientists took the first direct measurements of the bacteria feeding on millions of gallons of oil spilled on the gulf. there are reporting that that's
8:56 am
heaping to rid -- hetching to get rit of the -- hetching to get rid of the oil. one volunteer won the opportunity to join a volunteer vacation in in a contest. she's a supporter of the american hiking society. travelers who don't like paying to check their bags might want to think about hotels they check in to. inter-- enter conditionty anyone hotels is offering to pay up to $50 in airline baggage fees for some guests. the offer applies to the fees paid to any airline for any destination but only for weekend stays between september 1st and december 20th. aened that does include holidays. tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of the bay area favorite. the willie mccovey golf classic. the fund raiding event kicks
8:57 am
off at 10:00 tomorrow morning at hard i park. they are raising money for the giants comrint -- the celebrity golfers include a whole alum yaw. it's a really good benefit for the junior giants, kids and -- it's a great event. of course there's willie mckoshvy -- mccovey. >> yes. we want to check in with sal and find out how traffic is finding down. >> the small fire we're watching in napa county turned out to be being wrapped you up. i want to thank kelly for
8:58 am
telling us the college starts tomorrow. southbound freeway is just a mess. one last thing -- i think i have one last -- no. let's go to steve. we already have temperatures in the 70s. by the coast it will start off very warm -- start off very warm. probably in the santa cruz and the city later today but not before the city hates 86. tomorrow cool, really cool on the weekend. >> all right. that will do it for us. thanks for watching, everybody. >> bye now. twizzlers. the twist you can't resist.
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