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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  August 25, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2 news. another day of hot bay area weather. triple digit temperatures inland. but at the coast it's a very different story tonight. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. it's back, the bay area's natural airconditioning is turned on tonight. the fog started rolling in late this afternoon rapidly cooling off coastal locations such as san francisco. and signaling an easing of the extreme heat being felt in a lot of communities away from the water. ktvu's heather holmes is live in walnut creek tonight where the temperature soared over 100
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degrees. and chief meteorologist bill martin is here to explain the dramatic change in the temperatures. >> yes, sure the fog came in. and the records yesterday and a heat advisory yesterday. we had a spare the air day. today's temperatures oakland 76 down 22 degrees. san francisco down 22 degrees from yesterday. napa is down 15. but look at concord and fairfield. away from the cooling effects of the marine layer, the moist air coming off the coast, the temperatures were actually up 4 degrees in fairfield, 1 degrees in concord. so definitely cooling down and that is the bay area weather story. the fog is back. now, to ktvu's heather holmes in walnut creek where temperatures soared above 100 degrees for the second straight day. heather? >> reporter: julie, pg&e tonight say that the soaring temperatures in someplaces are having an impact. a short time ago crews were able to restore power to 2600 customers in antioch. and the likely culprit, the weather. here in walnut creek, the
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organizers of this just wrapped up festival, well, they actually feared that the weather may keep people away. [ music ] >> reporter: the performers were confirmed and so too the restaurants. but when they set up the walnut creek first annual latin festival they were worried about turnout. >> the sun is coming out and cooling off. >> reporter: a near 93 degrees. and that was at 6:30. walnut creek was enduring another hot day. >> people just coming in from the door. they are enjoying the food. they are buying the refreshments, keeping themselves cool. >> reporter: not far away we caught up with this family downtown. mom sarah says she enjoyed the summer warmup. >> i think yesterday we were out, i think it was probably 8:00 and it was still in the 90s in concord i think. so very, very extreme heat.
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>> reporter: but those extreme temperatures were nowhere to be found today on the other side in oakland. >> today much cooler. a good time for a workout. >> reporter: russ abel skipped his walk yesterday. but the noticeable cooldown, 74 degrees at 5:00 this evening, brought him and others back out to exercise. >> the breeze came up. it's beautiful. love the weather. >> reporter: back out here live at walnut creek. and as you can see, the festival organizers are cleaning things up. everyone here considering this festival a success. and right now it's about 75 degrees. but i'm told that when this thing kicked off at 5:30 this evening, there was a mad rush to get a seat under one of those coveted umbrellas. well, that's when the temperatures here hovered around the century mark. reporting live here in walnut creek, i'm heather holmes, ktvu, channel 2 news. fire crews in contra costa
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county tonight now have the upper hand on that fire burning near mount diablo. the currie fire started on the eastern slope of mount diablo. and at this hour it is now 90% contained. the flames have burned 375- acres. no homes or other buildings have been damaged. three firefighters ve suffered minor injuries. right now there is no official cause, but firefighters say downed power line may be to blame. >> is the crime in oakland going up because of those recent layoffs involving 80 police officers? that's what the police department is saying and allie rasmussen is here with our report. >> the oakland police officer's service has calculated the impact those 80 police officer layoffs have had on the city. although some people have questions about the union's numbers. oakland resident tom taylor has felt the impact of fewer police officers. the park next to his home has become a favorite place for loud late night partyers.
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>> there is no police that are patrolling it to make sure that that's not happening at night. >> reporter: today the oakland police officer's association, the police union says since 80 officers were let go last month, the city's violent crime rates jump about 9%. a deputy chief at the oakland police department says he hasn't had a chance to verify the union's claims yet. >> i don't know if there is a spike. and i don't know if the reason is because of 80 officers were laid off. but that's certainly possible. >> reporter: the union says it came up with the 9% number using oakland police department crime statistics. they compared the past month's crime data with the same period last year. deputy chief israel says one month isn't long enough to draw conclusions. >> the span we are talking about 30 days isn't enough to look at a pattern and say whether that's the reason why. >> reporter: the oakland police department says according to its crime analysts violent crime has actually dropped by 20 percent overall. so far this year there have been 2200 reported violent
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crimes in oakland. 2600 reported by this time last year. the discrepancy makes some oakland residents question the union's claim of a 9% increase. >> somebody is pubbing those numbers to try to get what they want in the situation. and oakland police department historically has been very strong union focused, driven. >> it's going to be political. we are in a political season. >> reporter: but oakland city council member jay brewer says there may not be a conflict between the police department's numbers and the union's claim. >> both could be true and we have to look at those numbers very carefully. >> reporter: and council member brewer says she will meet with police chief anthony bat this week. they will do their own analysis in the last month to see if it has gone up. reporting live, ktvu, channel 2 news. california insurance regulators today gave the go ahead for stiff hikes in health insurance rates for some anthem blue cross and blue shield policy holders.
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anthem blue cross says about 800,000 individual california policy holders can expect an increase in october of between 14 and 20 percent. blue she would says about 250,000 of its individual policy holders will see their rates go up an average of 19% with a high of 29%. >> i just think the way the economy is going right now, to try to increase anything, especially like healthcare coverage for people in san jose, santa clara county is just kind of crazy. >> regulators say both blue she would and anthem blue cross satisfied the state law requiring 70% of healthcare premiums be used for healthcare. the increases come after a public outcry forced anthem to withdraw its proposal for bigger rate hikes last march. the nominee to be california's next chief justice sailed through a nomination hearing today.
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she is replacing chief justice ron george who is retiring. she'll be the first minority and the second woman to lead the state supreme court. voters will have the final say on her nomination in november. she is married to a police officer and has two daughters. just a day after a dismal report on existing home sales came out, the commerce department released its july survey of new home sales and it wasn't much better. the department reports that sales in july sank 12.4% from ju. it is the lowest number since the government began keeping records in 1963. sales are also down 32.4% compared to july of last year. all of this despite record low mortgage interest rates of 4.4%. on wall street, that housing report sent the dow into 100 point slide. but bargain hunters rallied in late trading and the dow ended finishing up 19 points while the nasdaq gained 17. curiously among the big winners today were home builders and the makers of home building
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materials. shares all finished 3% higher. developing news to tell you about right now. a sewage spill in redwood city. the spill occurred this evening at the redwood shores lagoon and anchor circle. ktvu's lloyd lacuesta just arrived on the scene and has a live report. lloyd? >> reporter: julie, you see behind me workers are trying to fix this break. it happened around 3:00 this afternoon. a valve broke on the sewage line and it sent raw sewage out into the street, out into the lagoon. it got into the garages of six homes that you see here. now, with me is marilyn harang the acting public works director of the city of redwood city. what are you doing to try and stop this spill here? >> well, it's a forced main rupture. and what they are doing now is covering it. so we have to dig up to expose the pipe so that we can see how much -- what kind of damage it is. and then tonight they will
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repair the pipe, which may -- it could involve anything, a replacement of a valve or a replacement of the section of pipe if ruptured. >> what is the public health danger if there is any? >> there could be a public health danger. we have sent out a code red notice to all of the residents in the vicinity of the -- of the overflow sewage to let them know not to have contact with the water in the lagoon, which is -- some sewage has gone into the lagoons. we are aware of that. we just don't know how much. >> this is the acting public works director for redwood city. now as you can see this is going to be here for a while over the night. one issue they have to look at tomorrow is whether or not the wildlife have been damaged by the spill of raw sewage. no problem with drinking water. just a little smelly here in redwood shores tonight. live this is lloyd lacuesta, ktvu, channel 2 news.
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an angry protest today because of what could happen on monday and how it would affect hundreds of children. also ahead the two candidates for governor are both in the bay area today. what each says about california's cash crisis. and how much cooler will we get tomorrow? our chief meteorologist bill martin will be back in less than ten minutes with tomorrow's forecast. the 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2 news. investigators in san francisco. >> dependable live coverage of breaking news. the bay area's major news of the day. and complete in depth coverage. plus the forecast for the area where you live. frank somerville, julie haener, the 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2 news. complete bay area news coverage.
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. oakland's board of education considered tonight whether to close seven child development centers because of
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budget problems. >> save our schools. save our schools. angry parents demonstrated outside oakland's school district headquarters before the board meeting started. they say closures would leave hundreds of students from low income families without before and after school care for their children. >> the politicians should be ashamed of themselves because here you are, you have working families. we are working families that are trying to go to work, eastern a live, earn our living, pay our taxes. now we are worried where are our children are going to be when school let's out. >> the school district says it is paid with state money. and without a budget they can't afford to keep them open. they are trying to place the affected students into other after school programs. but some parents say they are skeptical that that plan will work. [ music ] democratic candidate for governor jerry brown went on the offensive tonight attacking his republican rival megwhitman
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in a fundraiser. one of the few times brown has been out campaigning. what was also unusual tonight is what it cost to get in. ktvu's mike mibach live now in santa rosa with our report. >> reporter: frank, on a night he told us he want to keep the as in oakland 100 joined right here at the veteran's memorial auditorium to tell us they want jerry brown to be their next governor. tonight sonoma county democrats were on their feet. they chanted his name and jerry brown chanted back. >>nd the truth is, you know, ever since i left the governship we've been having trouble in this state. you know what things kind of went downhill. >> reporter: tonight's menu was no $1,000. a $20 donation at the door got you in. brown told supporters he will immediately attack the state's chronic budget problems. his opponent has not heard brown's plan to fix the budget or much of anything else.
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>> and a wind plan and a solar plan and an urban strategy plan and child care plan. plan is not it. what's in is action and leadership and vision and making stuff happen. >> whitman's campaign has been in high speed since she won the republican primary. she has traveled the airwaves spending more than $100 million of her own money. after his address tonight we asked jerry brown when he will start campaigning like his opponent. >> i have a real job. my opponent doesn't work. i also have to raise money. every day i have to spend an enormous amount of time raising the funds so that i can be on television just like the republican candidate. >> reporter: jerry brown added that he does not fear meg whitman and especially not her money. >> the polls show right now i am either ahead or in a dead heat and haven't put an ad up yet. >> and folks who attended said they like what they heard. >> he has seen change in california. that's what we need is someone who has experience of
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california today. >> not the business world. this is politics. and he has experience in politics. >> in all about 500 democrats came to hear brown speak inside the auditorium while outside a dozen or so whitman supporters came to hear brown or to see brown as he walked inside. brown said they were so nice and organized that he thought they were "paid protestors." reporting live in santa rosa, mike mibach, ktvu, channel 2 news. the republican candidate for governor meg whitman also hit the campaign trail today. released another new political ad this one dismissing sacramento as a city from another planet. she also stopped by ktvu for a one-on-one interview with our political editor randy shandobil. >> how are you? >> morning. >> reporter: at ktvu studios today meg whitman pointed out that california is now in it's 56th day without a budget. and she blamed her fellow republican governor schwarzenegger. if she were governor.
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>> well, we wouldn't be in the situation we are in because i would have started working on this in january of this year. >> reporter: didn't governor schwarzenegger at least try to get something done, get something started back in january? >> you know, it seemed to me not with enough energy and enthusiasm. you know, nothing really happened until he submitted his may revision of the budget. >> reporter: whitman, the former ceo of ebay talked on mornings on 2 about her new ad which characterizes sacramento as a steal place filled with career politicians. a place in need of fresh blood. >> you know, in silicone valley complex problems spur innovation and a whole new approach. in sacramento complex problems seem to create gridlock and an inability to get anything done. >> six years ago when governor schwarzenegger was running, first running, he said he was fresh blood. he said he had a business background. a hollywood business, a different business than silicone valley. but he said he had a business background and here we are. >> yes. well, governor schwarzenegger and i have entirely different
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backgrounds. i have led and managed very large organizations. he was a brilliant actor and an investor. >> reporter: the actor, she said, didn't know how 20 balance budgets but she does. as for the "career politicians." we pointed out that because of term limits only 19 of the 120 state legislatures in sacramento have served ten years or more. two-thirds have served five years or less. >> well, they may have only been in office for a shorter period of time historically, but most of them are career politicians. very few have run a business, have met a payroll, really understand what it takes to create good jobs. >> reporter: well, how do you define a career politician if they are there five years or less? >> well, they probably have run for other offices before that. most of the politicians there have not, you know, had jobs in the private sector during their careers. >> reporter: partially true. partially false. most legislature's buying graphs do list real world occupations, teachers, farmers,
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dentists. in another criticism of republican governor schwarzenegger, and her opponents, attorney general jerry brown, they accused them of not doing their constitutional duty because they refused to defend proposition 8, the same-sex marriage ban. >> it's not really a choice. they have to defend the constitution. >> if so if they are personally against it, should they say i oppose it but legally i am bound to defend it? >> yes, they can certainty say i oppose it. but it is not up to the attorney general to decide whether it is constitutional or not. that is up to the judicial process and the courts. >> reporter: her feelings on the issue, she is okay with cil unions but not same-sex marriage. political editor randy shandobil, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> in the california senate race, new poll numbers suggest that senator barbara boxer's lead over republican carly fiorina is diminishing. a rasmussen poll gives boxer a 1% margin over fiorina.
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boxer's led when undecided voters were asked who they were leaning towards? 48% of voters remain undecided. looking for tomorrow your thursday, the fog is back. temperatures are coming down rapidly. you will notice it tomorrow not just at the coast, but inland. daytime highs tomorrow much cooler. the avenues of san francisco, oceanbeach, golden gate park temperatures in the 80s the past few days. not tomorrow or the next day or the next day. fog is back. temperatures in the 50s. not a good beach day. a lot of fog. even some drizzle is possible. for the rest of us, we are still going to see heat in the big inland bay valleys. see those lights. but you see the cooling trend as we move into thursday. >> bay area baseball fans are getting a look at what as baseball in san jose might look like. as baseball or rather a baseball blog has released
10:21 pm
surrenderings of the stadiums the as would like to build there. it could be called sysco field. they are trying to get approval to build the stadium in san jose. the main stumbling blocks is the giants own the right to the san jose baseball diamond. we have posted the pictures on our website at look for the slide show tab. >> trash is now piling up on the peninsula. coming up next why hundreds of garbage collectors are refusing to work. >> and the new video game where the object is to kill american soldiers. how the bay area creators are responding tonight to some fears criticism., complete bay area news coverage.
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. hundreds of garbage workers are refusing to work, causing delays in trash pick-ups in san mateo county. a dozen workers at the ox
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mountain fill near half moon bay called a two day strike today after their contract negotiations stalled with allied. they set up a protest and hundreds of garbage collectors and sorters and drivers are joining them in a show of support. >> we have had enough criticism here already at the picket line. but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. and hotelly it's for the better of the people. >> allied waste told ktvu it is surprised and disappointed by the walk-out. the two-day strike means 36,000 residential trash pick-ups are delayed this week for two days. now, as a result, the trash isn't being checked in 11 communities in san mateo county. they are,. >> a federal proposal announced in san francisco today would prohibit crews and cargo ships
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from dumping sewage within three miles of california's coastline. the epa says the new rule would prevent 20 million-gallons of sewage from mixing with coastal waters each year. california's popular beaches often have harmful bacteria prompting frequent warnings and enclosures. the new rules could be in place by new year's day. the southern california suburban rail system metro link is now offering to pay $200 million to the victims of a deadly rail disaster. the proposal was filed today in federal court. it would be among the most costly rail catastrophe payouts in u.s. history. 24 people died and 135 passengers were injured in the 2008 rail accident in chatsworth. the court has to approve the settlement before the payments can go out. we have new information tonight about an alleged mortgage refinancing fraud case we've been reporting on. ktvu has learned that ali was arrested today at his offices in fremont. he is charged with multiple
10:26 pm
felony counts of grand theft, conspiracy and false advertising. prosecutors say ali's business called resin eight bilked customers looking to modify their home loans. two of his employees have been arrested. and investigators say they are looking for two others. going will end veiled a new service that enabled them to make phone calls from their g mail accounts. it allows calls to land lines and cell phones in the u.s. and canada for free. international calls start at rates as low as two cent per minute. those are similar to a rival calling service skype. >> what will apple do next after they sent out invitations scheduled for september 1st in san francisco. the company usually releases new ipod hardware in september. but there are also reports apple will introduce 99-cent t.v. show rentals. we will let you know next wednesday what apple decides to do. [ music ] >> i think it's just
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disrespectful to the members of the military and their families. >> anger tonight over a bay area company's video game in which players can simulate the killing of american soldiers. >> i'm rita williams at the oakland airport. more violence, less tourism. what it all means still ahead. [ music ] droiiiid. what this droid does will change how you do web connections. this creates a mobile 3g hotspot, powerful enough to fuel multiple devices at will. putting you at the center of your own world wide web.
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introducing the new droid x. the next generation of does.
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[ music ] your thursday forecast for mountain view includes quite a bit of cooling. look at the lunchtime temperature, 68 degrees. the daytime high is 76 degrees. that's down nearly 20 degrees from today. cooler tomorrow. governor schwarzenegger's office says he may call a special session of the legislature if it doesn't pass the budget by september 1st. that would be one day after the
10:30 pm
august 31st conclusion of the legislative year. the state started its fiscal year on july 1st without a budget and still has a pro corrected $19 billion budget gap. the latest california has gone without a budget was two years ago. the plan wasn't signed until september 23rd. there was a flurry of activity in sacramento unrelated to the budget impasse. the state senate passed a bill that would protect clergy members who refuse to sanction same-sex marriage. it also says religious institutions cannot be stripped of their tax exempt status for refusing to perform those marriages. the bill now heads to the governor's desk. >> the senate also passed a bill today limiting how much of metal cad mom can be used in children's jewelry. it is a known carcinogen. they are using it instead of led. led has been banned from childrens' jewelry. no word on whether the governor
10:31 pm
will sign the bill. and california's energy standards for television maybe delayed for six months. a bill sent to the governor would push the regulations back to july of next year. the california energy commission called for the new standards last year. it will give the federal trade commission time to develop its own energy efficiency rules for televisions. a bay area video game is under fire for a new game that enables players to take on the role of a virtual taliban fighter and simulate killing american troops. electronic arts or ea of redwood shores is one of the word's leading video game developers. ktvu's lloyd lacuesta reports. [ music ] >> reporter: it's called metal of honor. a so-called first person shooter game set in afghanistan. what's causing all of the buzz is that this game allows a player to take on the role of a taliban fighter and shoot and kill american soldiers. >> but i still want to play it. >> reporter: because? >> because it will be fun.
10:32 pm
that's it. i like shooting games. >> i like the blood and action. >> reporter: yes? >> yes. and i like killing not americans, other national its. >> i like the guns and the action and the blood because i want to be in the marines when i'm older. [ music ] >> i just think it's disrespectful to the members of the military and their family. >> reporter: karen meredith's son lieutenant ken ballard was killed in iraq ten years ago. >> war is not a game. and i don't think we should be playing games when these young men and women are putting their lives on the line for us. it's very disheartening and it's scary that people think that it's fun to shoot people. >> reporter: meredith has written to ea. she is not calling for them to pull the game. but says she wants them to do on their own what is right. ea did not return our call for comment. but ea games president yank
10:33 pm
jabot told a game developer publication that the company is taking a creative risk and he won't allow media outcry to "compromise our creative vision and what we want to do." karen meredith invites ea officials to come with her to arlington national cemetery. >> and they can stand in front of my son's grave and tell me why they think it's entertainment and it's a game. because those people are buried there for eternity. no do whenever over, no start- over, no replay. >> reporter: metal of honor is scheduled for release on october 12th. ea is already taking pre- orders. in redwood city, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu, channel 2 news. san francisco bay zinga gaming network is the subject over its game mafia wars. the san mateo company called digital chocolate says it owns the right to the name mafia war they use for their popular social networking game. zinga is in trouble for plastering fake bills on the
10:34 pm
sidewalk to advertise mafia wars. the city attorney said the company will have to pay for the cleanup and pay fines. two cultures came together tonight in san francisco to celebrate history and friendship. [ music ]  >> the westin st. francis hotel hosted the 20th america japan grassroots summit. it is a meeting of american and japanese citizens with the gel of strengthening the relationship between the two countries. this year's goal commemorates the arrival of the first japanese ship to come to america. that shipped docked in san francisco on march 17th, 1860. >> legendary sing and songwriter bob dylan performed tonight at a sold out show in san francisco. thousands of fans lineup on market street this afternoon for a chance to see the man who has been selling out shows since the 1960s. it was a cash only performance with one ticket per customer sold at the door.
10:35 pm
promoters said that saved fans $12 in tickets and fees and eliminated scalping the $60 ticket. >> the folk rock band the swell season has paid to provide counselling for hundreds of fans who saw a man commit suicide during the band's performance last week in saratoga. the band was performing at the mountain winery when michael pickle jumped to his death from the stage's room. he landed on the stage and died at the scene. the counselling center said the band agreed to help pay for free group counselling for audience members. about 1900 people attended that show. he was killed by a hit and run driver. coming up next, the show of support tonight for a german tourist. plus a half a billion eggs under recall. we are learning how some might end up back in stores. and there is a major u.s. airline facing a strike. why thousands of workers are threatening to walk off their jobs.
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. a candlelight vigil and walk was held in san francisco tonight to honor the german cyclist killed by a driver who police say was intoxicated. niles linka was struck on meson inning avenue on august 14th.
10:39 pm
organizers of tonight's event said they wanted to drive home the message that city streets should be made safe for everyone. his family asked for donations made for doctors without donors because linka donated to that organization before he died. >> vandals struck again in the golden gate park. gardeners today showed us the latest vandalism. three young redwood trees planted four months ago now cut down to tiny stumps. vandals recently have destroyed some 44 trees at golden gate park and at lincoln park and have cut rose bushes in the golden gate rose garden. the parks and rex department said what's puzzling is they are leaving the plant material in place. it is not as if they are stealing plants. some of the eggs recalled in the salmonella outbreak could wind up back in your food. cbs news is reporting tonight that some recalled eggs sent back to the wright county egg farm in iowa. one source of the contaminated eggs. then they were sent to a processing plant where they were cooked and pasteurized and
10:40 pm
used in food product. food safety experts say there is little risk to consumers. state health officials are reporting today an alarming jump in whooping cough cases. this comes as many students are heading back to school. the state said there were more than 200 new confirmed or suspected cases of whooping cough in california during the past week. and that brings the total this year to more than 3300. san francisco has warned parents that children without an updated vaccination will be sent home. in news of the world tonight, in iraq a series of co- ordinated bombings killed at least 55 iraqis today. militants carried out two dozen attacks across the country and targeted mostly security forces. the violence came on the same day the u.s. declared that troop levels are below 50,000, the lowest level since the war began seven years ago. in pakistan, floodwaters are receding in someplaces but disease is now spreading. many people are getting sick from contaminated water.
10:41 pm
the united nations says more than eight million people are in need of emergency aid. in the meantime the u.s. government warned pakistan it will have to show it is spending aid money properly if it wants help rebuilding. pakistan has a reputation for corruption. and in mexico, flooding is also a problem. tropical storm frank strengthened today and became a hurricane. although it's off the pacific coast, it is battering the state of oaxaca with strong wind and a lot of rain. at least four people have died. the mexican army and local police are trying to evacuate hundreds of people as the rivers rise. a new report indicates that bart spend almost $4 million in response to the killing of oscar grant. this is the first time bart has attempted to put a price tag on its cost physical grant's shooting on january 1, 2009 by former bart police officer mehserle. 9 -- the shooting resulted in
10:42 pm
lawsuits, demonstrations and an overhaul of police training. a jury convicted mehserle of involuntary manslaughter. >> american airline mechanics have rejected the contract setting the stapling for a possible strike. they said more than 6,000 workers voted against the contract. it offered higher wages but reduced retiree medical benefits. it authorized the strike but only after the 30-day cooling off period. american airlines is the country's second largest carrier. we have late word of a deadly shooting in the east bay. we will tell you what we know right after the break. plus why many travelers say they won't be going back to what was once a popular and easy destination. and there is fog back in the bay area tonight. but how long will the cooling last? chief meteorologist bill martin will be back with the five day forecast. [ music ]
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. >> this is new video into the channel 2 newsroom from a deadly shooting in oakland. it happened 9:20 at 61st and banktvu avenue. one person was fatally shot. the gender and name of the victim have not been released. the oakland police department has been called out to investigate. >> mexican marines acting on a tip have made a startling discovery. the massacred bodies of dozens of people at a ranch not far from the u.s. border. mexico's president said the massacre near the town said the drug cartel's brutality and therapy absolute lack of human scruples. as ktvu's rita williams reports the extreme violence has many americans, including bay area travelers staying away. >> reporter: at oakland airport today dick and anet gordon were
10:46 pm
returning home to washington state. now retired world travelers, they say they won't return to one of their favorite countries, not now. >> i wouldn't go to mexico
10:47 pm
right now. it's scary. >> not until they get in charge of their crime situation there. >> reporter: they are not alone and this is why. this man is the only survivor of what may be the biggest massacre so far in mexico's drug war. the body of 72 central american migrants found today at this ranch 100 miles south of the border, along with a cache of weapons. 28,000 people killed since the government crackdown on organized crime began four years ago. >> the violence is real. the warnings are substantive. but that doesn't mean that all of the country is suspect. >> this is the vacation i wanted. >> so mexico is advertising heavily hoping americans will visit. mexico, the place you thought you knew. >> reporter: the chair of uc berkeley's center for latin american studies says it is not just an american problem. that the drugs are coming to the u.s. and u.s. guns are going there. and when tourism drops. >> the unfortunate result is you have unemployed people who then become very ripe for the picking by some of the drug cartels. >> reporter: this couple from chicago says crime is bad in their city, too, and mexico is their intended winter
10:48 pm
destination. >> we're just careful. you just be careful. you're alert. you don't do stupid stuff. >> reporter: despite growing violence in mexico, u.s. government statistics show the biggest cause of unnatural death for americans visiting there is car accidents, not homicides. at oakland airport, rita williams, ktvu, channel 2 news. mexican drug cartels may be operating near lake tahoe. drug agents say they destroyed more than 20,000 marijuana plants this week in tahoe national forest. the two-day operation took place near the state park. officials say they raided three growing sites that appeared to be deserted. the sites were found in a remote area of the county 20 miles northeast of nevada city. the evidence indicates the pot gardens are linked to mexican drug organizations. the city of concord has told a new medical marijuana dispensary to stop providing marijuana within ten days or face a lawsuit. the order went to the business on clayton road called herbal he is end. concord bands the medical marijuana. they describe its business license as a holistic healing service. they hope to meet with the operators next week. >> california's secretary of state said today voters will get a chance to decide if tobacco taxes should be raised. a proposition calling for $1 a pack tax hike has qualified for the february 2012 ballot. the tax would raise an estimated 855 million each year
10:49 pm
for cancer research and stop smoking programs. [ music ] >> and the fog is back. the temperatures are trending down. you are going to sleep a lot better in your neighborhood tonight because it is going to be cooler and just a nicer evening. tomorrow is going to be a cool day along the coast. fog right now. it's all the way into the coast. it will probably get over to the oakland hills but that's about it. as we look at the area just outside of danville temperatures of 64 degrees out by concord. we've got 68. but that's a far cry from the 80s we saw last year at this time. the temperature trend is down. it cooled a bit today in most areas. some areas warm but some areas as much as 20 degrees. san francisco specifically. cooler on thursday. cooler on friday and saturday and sunday. not even going to get cold. it is just going to be cooler. so tomorrow's forecast you got your low 60s in the golden gate
10:50 pm
park and san francisco. low 70s over berkeley. and they start to come up. but notice the temperatures in the east bay valley t was 107 out here yesterday. 107 today. tomorrow looking at upper 80s, low 90s out towards the warmest parts of the bay area. temperatures are cooling off. as that high pressure shrinks, the heat advisory go away. the spare the air day goes away and this sets up offshore. you've seen this all summer. this one is stronger. this is a low pressure center. some cool air and more wind. it will cool our weather right into the bay area weekend. in fact, as we get into saturday night, sunday, maybe some drizzle. maybe a sprinkle up around hillsborrow. this is something i would expect to see this type and strength i would expect to see this late october but not in august. an interesting pattern. so we are flip flopping. record highs yesterday. boom into the weekend, much cooler. forecast highs tomorrow then. significantly cooler, a very different day for your
10:51 pm
thursday, right, instead of 105 in antioch, 88. 88 in livermore. cool on the coast. you will need jackets all day at the ocean beach in san francisco, pacifica, half moon bay, a nice couple of days at the beaches but no longer. temperatures coming right back down. we are looking for temperatures on the peninsula. redwood city not in the mid-90s but in the mid-70s. fire danger comes off or goes down. so no concerns there. and of course as mentioned the air quality is a lot, lot better. this next system coming in julie and frank for the weekend kind of unusual. we will watch it closely as we get closer to it. but maybe some sprinkles. maybe. >> parts of the north bay? >> parts of the north bay. >> all right. >> thank you, bill. >> thanks, bill. >> yes. >> a quiet town in spain turned into a red sloppy mess today. it was time for the annual tomato throwing festival called la tomatina they crowded into
10:52 pm
the town's narrow main street to toss tomatoes at each other. the festival started with a lunch-time food friends among friends back in the 1940s. >> i would hate to be stuck right in the middle of that. sports is next. we will be right back.
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
. >> well, it doesn't happen very
10:55 pm
often. an amazing comeback for the giants. but it just doesn't have quite enough after comeback. >> 37 runs scored against the reds in three games. the greatest comeback in the history of the san francisco giants. but one word is missing from that sentence. comeback victory, sensational game, no happy ending though for san francisco. as dusty's reds just pummel madison for seven runs. building a 10-1 lead. joey the first of two homeruns for him. the reds are off to a big-time lead. the giants come storming back. six run 8ing. juan uribe three run blast and down only 8--10. and andre torres is at the plate. >> and it's a base hit. here comes raj.
10:56 pm
here comes andre this game is tied. >> great call from dwayne kuiper. they took the 11 run lead in error in the 9th. helped score the tying run. and barry zito in for relief because the giants had no more help in the bullpen left. the base hit 12-11. the newcomer cody ross likes what he sees from the giants' spirit. >> it just shows the resilience of our team. you know, we never gave up. 1-9 and everybody on the bench just said, let's, you know, we're not quite out of it just yet out of this game. had a big 8th. and unfortunately it wasn't enough. as it turns out, you know really it's the as who have the pitching staff worth decreeing about. the lowest team era in the league. their starters have given up three or fewer runs in 17 straight games. that's the longest streak by an as team since 1927. that's a little bit of
10:57 pm
pitching. the ball boys in cleveland are the men in blue. pretty generous, too. five run first for the as. davis had a little something to do with it. hit to left. kind of an interesting play. kevin kusmanoff just misses the grand slam homerun. you think davis is a little bit fast. one run in and davis is running right up his back. i don't know why ellice was flying right there. they get a kick out of it. trevor cahill wins it 14 with strong pitching. own seven innings. squeeze a little soccer news in here. the quake like what they see of john doyle. the team's general manager gives him a contract extension that will take him through the 2011 season. that is the sporting life for wednesday night. i imagine a lot of giants fans just squirming about this game. >> so close. >> such a great game. but, you know, no happy ending.
10:58 pm
>> all right. >> can't win them all. mark, thanks. >> that is the 10:00 news for tonight. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. have a good one, everyone. >> good night. [ music ]
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