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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  August 26, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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i'm tara moyarti. police are following leads on the shooting of a track star. firefighters vote on whether or not to make concessions with the city after the lay off of 49 of their own. three fires are up within an hour and a half period. >> my son is walking up the street, and he was looking, he said, please tell me it's not -- that's not our house.
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the latest number on mortgage delinquency, shows the mortgage crisis is continuing. good afternoon i'm claudine wong, tory campbell has the day off. the death of a young track star gunned down in the streets of oakland. it happened on bancroft avenue not far from frick avenue where the teen was a student. tara moyarti has been following the story and she is now live. >> reporter: police may be zeroing in on the suspect at this hour. he is possibly a former student at frick middle school and also had some sort of fight with the victim who was also a student at that same school. the deadly shooting happened right here last night near the corner of 61st avenue and bancroft just blocks from the
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school. that is when witnesses say one shot jimon clark a couple of times. one of those bullets striking him in the back of his head. he died at the scene and police say the suspect ran off. >> right now our preliminary investigation revealed he was walking with another teenager when the suspect came up and started to shoot. luckily the other teenager was not hit. >> reporter: jimon has an identity cal twin brother jamon. both were on the track and field team. we talked to his coach who said he was well loved by fellow students. >> it tears me apart. we get to these those three years from the sixth through the eighth grade, those impressionable years as they go on to high school. when you see something like this happen, as i said before, will it ever end?
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>> reporter: if you will recall last october another student at frick middle school was struck by a car and killed on the crosswalk. classes have not begun at frick. the school will have counselors for students. he was supposed to attend skyland middle school next year. well this has been a busy morning in san jose at firefighters responded to multiple fires. this is a shot where two of those fires were happening. one happened on del monte place. the del monte fire advertise cause a gas line to rupture and did cause some evacuations. that's where jade hernandez is standing by with the very
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latest. good afternoon jade. >> reporter: good afternoon. in july, the fire department lost four engines and one truck due to budget cuts. this morning, three fires erupted within an hour and a half period. leaving firefighters scrambling and residents waiting. >> right across the street. i heard a big boom, boom. lucky i wasn't there. >> reporter: this morning as sherley furtado was walking her dog, she heard an explosion. her routine saved her life but took the life of three of her dogs. firefighters fear the next time multiple fires break out in san jose, firefighters will lose more than just the lives of dogs. >> it wasn't a maybe, it's, it will happen. it's already started to -p happen. it's going to get worse and
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worse and worse. >> reporter: the city favored firefighters lay offs in order to close a budget. >> it's no doubt that we continue to worry about our residents. we're working with the firefighter's union. >> reporter: constant lives very close to this fire, he discovered firefighters were battling several other fires when this one broke out. one only two miles away. forcing the department to call for mutual aid to staff the fire houses throughout the city. >> we were depleted, it took us a while to get here. our first engine that arrived here, which is way on the west side of town was engine three from the center of the city, downtown san jose. >> reporter: firefighters had to evacuate several near by homes because of a gas line that ruptured during the fire. i can bring you out live, pg &
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e crews are working right here. it'll take several days to make repairs. union voting will take place today and tomorrow. jade hernandez. >> this is a story we will continue to follow. thanks jade for that update. at this hour the investigation continues into a terrifying explosion at a cupertino home. 12 firefighters rushed to the home last night. neighbors say they heard a loud explosion before the home burst into flames. an elderly woman who lived at that home was able to get out, but firefighters were concerned because she is a diabetic. no one was hurt, however the home was destroyed. new jobless claims dropped for the first time in four weeks. the number of claims is much higher than we see in the
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economy. the number of claims dropped to roughly 473,000. that drop comes after a steep drop in jobless claims which put numbers at their highest levels in nine months. when it comes to finding a job, one bay area city is number two in the country. san jose is second only behind washington, d.c., as one of the best cities in the country to find work. job search site jud says california is number one in the country because of companies like yahoo and google. 9.9% had missed at least one payment. that is down slightly from a record high of more than 10% on april 30th. like so many americans, brenada brevard fell victim to a scam. this is what happened to her
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when the bank seized her home. she found all of her belongings dumped in front of her home. the trouble began when the her new adjustable mortgage went up and she could no longer pay the mortgage. one bright spot is the number of homes that fell into foreclosure is down slightly. but analysts say the crisis isn't over, and there are signs it could still get worse. well still to come on the noon news, one year ago today police finally rescued kidnapping victim jaycee dugard who had been kept in captivity for almost two decades. the latest on her case. and this is a live look outside, what you can expect
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for the weekend coming up. and the clean up effort continues after a pipe ruptured and leaked sewage into a local lake. that story, next. our real national pastime? saving money. and like baseball people love their stats. i started bringing my lunch to work -- 50 bucks a week in my pocket. here's a good one: state farm insures 40 million drivers. more than geico and progressive combined. i saved because i'm accident-free. of course, with so many ways to save including discounts of up to 40%, having that many customers shouldn't be a surprise. so ask a neighbor about state farm, then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online.
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well today is the first anniversary of a stunning break
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in the kidnapping case of jaycee dugard. last year dugard was found alive and the mystery of her 18 year disappearance began to unfold. phillip garrido and his wife nancy kidnapped her and kept her captive in their backyard of their own home. they also say garido fathered her children. jaycee and her daughters have been reunited with her mother. it has been a messy day in one peninsula neighborhood as crews continue to try to clean up a massive sewage spill, thousands of gallons of raw sewage spilled on anchor circle in redwood city. kraig debro has been monitoring the situation and joins us now from the scene. >> reporter: it sounds bad and it smells bad. this has been a mess literally and figuratively from the beginning. when they found out they had a
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rupture, they had to find where it was. then they had to get a crew together, all of this took hours. then they found they needed a coupling, then they had to find a coupling. they are looking down where this pipe ruptured. that's where the pipe is. there's still sewage coming into that pipe. it's been almost a day since that old pipe was ruptured and set 5,000 pounds of raw sewage into the redwood forest lagoon. it may not still flowing into the lagoon but it is still in the lagoon. residents have been warned not to have contact with the water. and as bad as it sounds, residents here didn't know there was a problem. >> pretty bad, it smells like
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sewage. >> reporter: some where under this sewage there's a ruptured 14-inch pipe. >> they pump it out into the tanker trucks and the tankers empty back into the system downstreams. >> reporter: the whole time that is happening, the sewage keeps flowing and the tankers move it downstream all over again. that process was impeded thousands of times over the night, but the city says it has already tackled its main concern. >> as long as we're removing the sewage from the ruptured well which is where it flows to first, and we keep the level down, we should not have any more overflow into the lagoon or the street or the driveway. >> reporter: it's too late for the people who are in possession of six driveways near by. that's not mud from a near by stream there. one resident told me he was moving tomorrow and most of the things were in the garage ready for pick up. the city had to robocall
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residents in the neighborhood. >> i don't really see many people using this lagoon for recreational purposes. but it's still, the odor is pretty bad. >> reporter: i talked to an insurance adjustor who on the scene here, he believes that not including the stuff in the garage, it's going to be tens of thousands of dollars to replace, to fix the garages. in terms of what the city is spending, i could not get an estimate on that. you have overtime hours, some of the city workers have contractors out here. it's been more than 24 hours, they have to replace most of the infrastructure. in terms of the lagoon, they are testing the lagoon and making sure it meets all standards before they pick up those signs and let people near again. bart has spent $6 million
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in the aftermath of the grant shooting. the controversial shooting resulted in lawsuits, demonstrations and the overhaul of the police department. last month a jury convicted mehserle of unvoluntary manslaughter. he is scheduled to be sentenced in early november. this morning the bart surplus was once again the topic. bart recently learned it had an unexpected surplus. one bart director says the money could be used to assist minority and women owned business who critics say have been passed over in bart contracts and projects. >> the goal would be to assist them in getting larger contracts which i feel that they deserve and they deserve. >> bart directors are also discussing the plan that would give some of that money back to riders by pushing back a fair increase, that's scheduled to
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take effect january of 2012. trash is piling up during the garbage strike. they started picketing yesterday and were joined by 250 garbage collectors in a show of support. workers say they've been without a contract since late last year. allied waste says it's surprised. the union supports democrat jerry brown for governor and has been targeting whitman. toyota is announcing a
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recall following a stepped up installation of an engine problem. that includes millions of the toyotas, sedan sold from 2005 to 2008. federal investigators have received 163 complaints and linked three accidents and one injury to that problem. they have been investigating they say since december but just intensified their probe earlier this week. wetlands and wildlife are returning to the northern end of san pablo bay and the tahoe. a breach was made in the levy. biologists say fish and waterfall will soon make the tidal home. the u.s. government agency in charge of cleaning up the moth ball fleet in sasoon bay is now showing off it's work.
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the maritime association has cleaned up the ships. those groups have sued saying the old ships were polluting the water ways an doing that for decades. this week the maritime association are providing tours to local political leaders. if you didn't like the heat wave and you were complaining and waiting for it to cool off, you have not gotten your wish. mark tamayo is joining us now with their much cooler forecast. >> the fog making a come back. so if you like the cooler temperature, you can just embrace the fog. here's a look from up above. santa rosa reporting overcast skies all evening long. partly cloudy skies in the airport which is right about there. also moving maps to the south. out toward oakland, and also san francisco still mostly cloudy skies. a look outside right now, we can show you this overlooking san francisco bay.
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there's the bay bridge currently only in the upper 50s. over all weather story is this, patchy fog, we had that this morning. and we will continue to cool off into the weekend. as far as the magnitude of the cool down for today. you can see the cool down for san jose and san francisco. santa rosa 103 degrees, today only 77: san francisco started to cool down yesterday and that trend will continue for today only forecasting 65. santa rosa right now 64. concord 95 degrees right now only 77. and san jose in the mid-70s at 75. this is weakening, it's going to move off to the east. low pressure moves in. so we started to cool off and will continue through the week edge. no 70s in the forecast, warmest locations only in the mid- to
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low 70s. still patchy fog for san francisco, this evening fog will be in the increase with clear skies and temperatures in the upper 50s to lower 70s. no more triple digits, warmest locations inland right around 80 degrees. san ma mateo tops out 74. notice temperatures increasing, pretty much the same story into saturday. we could have a few extra clouds by saturday. there's a slight chance of a remote sprinkle. the biggest impact cooling off in the mid-50s and upper 60s. we've gone from sweating to shivering. >> can we put a request for something in between. >> maybe next week. baseball pitcher clemens will be arraigned on 2:00 p.m.
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on monday. clemens will face a judge to be formally charged for perjury. he lied to congress when he never used steroids or performance enhancing drugs. the san francisco 49ers and the california lottery are teaming up to sell scratch off tickets with the team's logo on it. the 49ers are offering the opportunity to win tickets that don't have a winning combination. >> if they don't win, they can go online and check for prizes like road trips. chance to have a party at a suite with your friends, merchandise. not only a great opportunity to win cash but a second chance to have a second chance drawing. >> the oakland raiders and the
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san diego chargers are also taking part. the case is wrapping up of a presbyterian minister who was breaking with church rules by marrying same-sex couples. we'll be right back. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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in napa this morning, closing argumenting got under way in the church trial of a retired presbyterian minister. reverend jane rar is accused of marrying same-sex couple. a verdict is expected sometime today or tomorrow. san francisco police are looking for whoever is responsible for a rash of cooper wire thefts. the thefts usually take place between 2:00 and 6:00 a.m. and they have caused outages and damages to homes and business. police are asking anyone who sees anything suspicious in the area of those under ground vaults to call police. we do have a crew there and we'll have an update on that story coming up tonight at five
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-- at 5:00. in the meantime, ucsf is investigating a cooper theft. the outage did not interfere with hospital operations, there's no word on any arrests have been made in that case. >> well our next newscast is the ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. enjoy this cool weather, you're going to have a great day. it's going to be here to stay. it's a foggy look outside. have a great day everyone.
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