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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  August 26, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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facing charges of fraud, theft and conspiracy. >> i assume that they saw an opportunity to make some money. >> reporter: school officials and district attorney says attorney jonathan dixtin and wife used their son to steal money from anthem blue cross and the school system. >> we estimate we paid out $100,000 and we are hoping we can recover those funds. >> reporter: prosecutors allege that between 2006 and 2008, dixtene and lynne ran a fake home care for their autistic son and double charged the school system and their insurer. >> those funds are not going to people who should receive them. >> reporter: a spoke woman told us dixtene resigned five months
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ago and said morrison and forester is name as one of the imply implicaters in the lawsuit. now neither attorneys for jonathan dixtene and barkly lynne responded to us. but this might be considered a misunderstanding. both of couples surrendered to authorities last night. they were taken to jail but then released on $100,000 bond. they have separate hearings here at the hall of justice next tuesday morning. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson. san francisco police have been looking for thieves that have been steeling cooper. some have caused power outages and damage to homes and business. the latest was yesterday at
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ucsf medical center at zion. thieves made out with coop -l wiring forcing the hospital into generators. the alameda county sheriff's department is working to identify a body found in nile's canyon today. investigators say the decomposed body was discovered in a hidden area along the side of nile canyon road about a mile east of hesperian boulevard. they will rely on dna and dental records to make an identification. the body is that of a victim of a cold case murder in the area. family and friends of a 13- year-old boy are planning a candlelight vigil tonight after the teen was shot and killed last night. the teen was a stand out student athlete getting ready to begin high school. ktvu's john sasaki joins joins us now in oakland with the
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story. >> reporter: in about two hour, people will gather for jamin clark, that is the spot where the 13-year-old died last night after being shot in the head. >> i heard people screaming. so i looked outside the window and the guy was like laying down. >> reporter: it was just before 9:30 that jamin was walking to get some gas for a friend's car. that's when someone opened fire. >> right know we don't have a motive for this shooting that's why we have to ask for the public's help to help solve this case any time we need to get information. especially a homicide case where we need the public's health. >> reporter: jamin still had all his possessions. jamin who had a twin brother named javon. he described a recent competition between the
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students and staff. >> he, his twin brother and three other kids were working on relay exchanges which might add why they beat the principal. >> reporter: jamin's father is devastated. >> basically people don't care. they think they can do whatever they want and it's sad. >> reporter: jamon's uncle told me he thought jamin may have been set up. he was supposed to start his first year at skyline and on monday he would have turned 14 years old. the roman catholic diosis at santa rosa is now filing a second charge of being molested
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as a kid. according to court documents, mccabe is accused of abusing the child almost daily. he is facing extradition to ireland where he is accused of sex abuse dating back to the 1970s. >> four people were hurt this afternoon when a jet blue airplane made a hard landing at sacramento international airport. the plane blew two tires and those two tires caught fire after that landing after 1:00 tonight. the force sent thousands of people down the emergency slide to evacuate the aircraft. 87 passengers and five crew members were on board the air bus. >> flight attendant was yelling, get out, get out. >> they finally said there's a fire, get off the plane. >> the fire attendant was freaking us out, get out, get out. because it might explode. >> the incident is being
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investigated by the national transportation board. maintenance crews are working tonight to clean up a sewage spill. it leaked into several garages and the near by lagoon. residents have been warned to not come in contact with the water until further notice. it is not clear when the break will be fully repaired. garbage workers in san mateo county wrapping up the final day of their two day strike. about a dozen workers at the ox mountain near half-moon bay are stalling negotiations. they were joined by hundreds of garbage collectors in a show of solidarity. trash collection will resume tomorrow. the strike has impacted 30,000 customers. hundreds of nurses came from across the state, including many from oakland who boarded the bus this morning to
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travel to the rally. it was organized by their union, the california nurses association which has been campaigning heavily for democrat jerry brown. five bay area women were honored today for their ground breaking service to the country. they were the first women trained to fly military aircraft and for at least one woman, aviation became a family tradition. ktvu's maureen naylor live in san jose with more on this. >> reporter: the women from this one south bay family made history twice by breaking news ground in aviation. in 1942, 21-year-old barbara lundon became one of the first women in the country to fly military planes. >> we weren't thinking about being women, we were pilots. the boys and girls were alike. >> reporter: she was one of wasps honored today in mountain view. >> she flew fighters, farmers, attack airplanes, i mean it was
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pretty impressive. and when i started flying it was a real hard act to follow. >> reporter: lundon's daughter paris followed in her mother's footsteps when she became the first female pilot for western airlines. today the three generations pose for pictures the together. >> we are actually paving the way for my job right now. and there's still some hurdles but you know everything is just so much smoother now. >> reporter: world war ii pilot elenor ward arrived wearing a replica of her old uniform. >> i flew all over the u.s., whatever they had going. you know we were supposed to be able to fly anything and we did most things. >> reporter: but the women were not considered military members until 30 years later. earlier this year, washington, d.c. each was awarded a congressional medal of honor for their service. >> i think women are taking the
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rightful place. if you're doing the job, who cares what sex you are. the plane doesn't know if i'm a boy or a girl, it doesn't care. >> reporter: with the former pilots now in their 80s and 90s, they are on their way to record their story. a coalition of women's groups gathered today in sacramento to mark the 9 0th anniversary of women getting to vote. the coalition says it plans to present the next governor with thousands of resumes from women all around the state for possible appointee positions. newly released housing figures show foreclosure filings for the first time in four years. but early delinquencies are on the rise. the mortgage bankers association says the percentage of loans entering foreclosure fell during the second quarter to 1.11%. that's down from 1-1/4%. for the number of homeowners
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one payment behind rose 3%. and weakly unemployment claims fell for the first time in a month. the number of people filing for unemployment benefits dropped last week. economists had predicted a smaller decline. stocks got an early lead but it was short lived. the dow lost 74 points, the nasdaq dropped almost 23. a major development tonight in the investigation of the nation's egg supply. the fda believes it has pinpointed how the salmonella got into the eggs in the first place. a major cool down today as much as 30 degrees in some inland locations, there's the fog, it will have an impact this weekend. .
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this this is video just in to the ktvu newsroom. firefighters appear to have the u upper hand on a fire.
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firefighters responded after a passer by spotted the flames. there are no reports of any injuries and no homes are threatened. fda investigators say they've identified the source of salmonella. chicken feed sold to right county egg and hillendale farms has tested positive to salmonella bacteria. salmonella poisoning has sickened more than 1,400 people so far. we have a list of recalled eggs, on toyota is now recalling more than a 100,000 vehicles.
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includes pontiac vibes. after being hit with lay offs this summer, san jose firefighters were stretched thin this morning battling three fires in less than three hours. the first incident was reported shortly after 4:00 a.m. then a about an hour later, crews reported to a house fire. then crews responded to another fire on del monte place. at that first fire, firefighters are crediting a dog for waking their owners. the man, his wife and their son escaped with minor injuries but the house was destroyed. crews arrived at the second fire, the home was engulfed. no people were hurt but two dogs died in the fire. it appears a gas leak may have sparked the fire. well bear troubles are getting bicker for visitors to
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yo -- getting bigger for visitors at yosemite park. more bears are being spotted, and even our camera didn't have a problem spotting a bear. >> reporter: there are a lot of sights you want to see up close, bears are definitely an attraction we are seeing but from a distance. there were about 530 bears roaming yosemite but now many visitors are actually seeing them. we saw this male about 250 pounds in this orchard. it was one of many spotted this week. >> what did it look like? >> a youngster. then about an hour later, mama came by, that was exciting. >> reporter: bears have caused thousands of dollars in losses because campers are not locking up food. >> it has lots of space.
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>> reporter: some bears are tagged, others have radio callers all for monitoring with a hand held radio monitoring device. >> this is a helpful tool for us because we know where the bears are, we know when they are entering campgrounds or parking lots. we can track them and then go to that area and chase the bear away before it gets any human food. >> reporter: many visitors want to see the bear before it gets chased away. >> we like the outdoor, we're kind of disappointed if i don't see them. >> i don't particularly want to see them in my camp. i prefer to see them out in the meadow or from the road. >> reporter: and drivers do present a problem, 16 bears have been hit by vehicles this year, six of those bears died. so with big crowds expected by the end of summer, rangers say enjoy the bears but take it slow and again keep your distance. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. firefighters have completely surrounded the wildfire burning near mount diablo. the so called curry fire was
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100% contained this afternoon. they expect to have it fully extinguished by this saturday. the curry fire broke out this tuesday. no buildings were damaged and the cooler temperatures and the fog coming in certainly helping firefighters out. also really bringing those temperatures down, bill. >> as you point out, with the firefighters getting a handle of that fire. there wasn't a lot of wind so it didn't turn into a blow torch situation. but if we had weather coming up with winds, they have to put that thing out. you want to hope you don't get big winds. we will see some winds by the time we get to the weekend. the most obvious factor for cooling, out toward the cliff out at san francisco. you can see it, it's foggy. it's going to be foggy in your neighborhood tonight. these are the highs for tonight as much as 30 degrees cooler
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than they were yesterday. 30degrees cooler in some places as much as 35 degrees cooler than a day before. the fog is everywhere when you wake up. it burns down to coast by lunchtime but temperatures stay cooler. it's nice, there's heat in the valley. there's red bluff, those places but there's that cool bite, that's the temperature forecast for tomorrow. greens represent 60s, so that's how it's going to be all summer. ill shoel i'll show you how that is too. because the same weather pattern that was with us in july and august is back. it increases the marine layer, increases the winds, the áf increedses the clouds and drops temperatures. in the redding, sacramento area, temperatures this weekend will be in the upper 80s, low 90s. that's still hot but for us we get the big cool down. temperatures tomorrow about the
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same as today, maybe a teeny bit cooler. then they trend down further as we head into the weekend. we'll see upper 70s in the warmest spots. a nice day, we've lost the spare the air day, we've lost the big fire. and we had the heat advisory, that was up for a couple of days. that's gone, temperatures trend down and we get a cooler weather pattern. drizzle possible, the system is powerful enough that it could produce drizzle along the coast. what do you do? >> what a difference a day makes. >> what a difference a couple of days make, for sure. a sunnyvale company makes solar sales, it uses new technology known as figs to make solar panels. hq solar reduces the cost of
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producing solar panels and helps cement california's role as a green innovator. san francisco is penalizing the maker of mafia wars $100,000 for a recent publicity stunt. it included 100-dollar bills glued to sidewalks to promote mafia wars. zinga will also cover all of the clean up costs. and coming up details on the team's lottery move to help raise money for local children.
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the san francisco 49erare teaming up with the state lottery. >> through our foundation and our program to keep kids safe on track and in school, this is a really great marriage for us to have a chance to work with our partner and a good student to give back to kids and
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education. >> the oakland raiders and san diego chargers are also partnering with the lottery to sell scratcher tickets. >> good idea. mark ibanez joins joins us now with sports. the giants didn't play. >> the giants if the season ended right now they would be involved in the postseason play offs, that's because one of the teams they are fighting with didn't win. holiday a perfect game commemoration before it all started. then it's all about the houston astros in philadelphia. carlos lee a big home run. first time the phillies have been swept at citizen's bank park in a four game series ever. 5-1 giants go up a half game in the wild card scenario. i don't know if it's just a crazy coincidence, but tiger announces his divorce is final. promptly goes out and shoots his best round of the year. he's in new jersey and a 6- under 65 on the way to that.
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nice shot right here. second shot, and 191 yards sitting pretty for a birdie which he converted here he is on 18 with a 12-foot birdie. he's tied for the lead with a 6- under 65. meantime battle of the bay this weekend, 49ers and raiders both undefeated in the preseason in a couple of games so something has to give. it's not a big sell out because the two teams play each other in the preseason, it's not really that big of a deal. >> whoever wins this game is all for nothing unless you get it done in the regular season. obviously you want to go out there and play well. but we all know the big one is coming a few weeks later. >> when the season comes, it's going to be a whole other story. we'll play to win. game playing a little bit more, get a little more serious. >> neither team will be giving much away when they meet this weekend as they just said clearly, it only matters when it's for real. that's the sporting life for
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right now. a's highlights tonight at 10:00. two bay area airports sit right near the top of the list when it comes to a dangerous distinction. coming up on tv 36, laser strikes from the ground are causing danger in the bay area skies and just this week two men were arrested for that very crime in the south bay. the full story in 30 minutes on tv 36. that is our report for now. i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. have a good night everyone. >> good night. u owi stgoth n csechkint al?ye cckhiou
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